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1st Feb, 2012 11:17:01 AM

Bump because it's about to disappear off the page.

1st Feb, 2012 12:40:56 PM

Could this have been an episode of Big John, Little John (produced by Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwarz)?

16th Feb, 2012 08:50:24 AM

Well, possibly, but I don't think so.

16th Feb, 2012 10:39:39 AM

There was also two episodes of an early 80's sitcom called Joanie Loves Chachi starring Scott Baio (Charles In Charge), that guest starred Ross and Bosley, as it was a Spinoff of Happy Days.

1st Mar, 2012 09:52:57 PM

No, this was filmed way before the 80s. Definitely had an early/mid 70s vibe, besides the fact that Ross & Bosley looked younger than they did even in the early seasons of Happy Days. I think it may have been an Industrial film made before any of them were famous.

Edited by randomsurfer
2nd Sep, 2012 01:04:33 AM

6-month bump. I keep posting to YKTS and forgetting about my posts.

3rd Sep, 2012 03:01:22 AM

Happy Days itself was a Spin-Off of Love American Style, maybe an episode of that?

3rd Sep, 2012 03:09:02 AM

Oh, according to the "Credited With" section of I Md B, Bosley and Ross didn't appear in anything together before Happy Days in 1974. And it seems the only other 70s option is The Love Boat.

4th Sep, 2012 08:01:20 AM

You seem to be pretty certain of your memory—given that you saw this about 20 years ago, and only seem to have caught a brief glimpse of it through the window of a conference room when you were almost certainly thinking about something else. I think it is very possible that you have one or more details wrong.

Brady Bunch first aired in 1969, I'm sure the set didn't exist before it was shot. So if you are correct that it was shot on the Brady Bunch set, it can't have been before 1969. Robbie Rist was born in 1964, and wasn't added to the Brady Bunch cast until 1974, the same year Happy Days went on the air.

However, Robbie Rist, Tom Bosley, and Marion Cunningham all made appearances on "Love American Style". I can't verify if there was ever an episode with all three of them.

I kindof doubt it would be an "industrial", why would such a thing be set in a house and have a "family" and an anti-smoking message?

4th Sep, 2012 01:52:08 PM

You are correct - I am pretty certain of my memory. Which is not to say I'm 100% correct, but things like "an episode of Joanie Loves Chachi" are so obviously wrong I don't even know where to begin. I'd already looked at IMDB and seen that before Happy Days Bosely & Ross aren't credited with being in anything together, but IMDB is known to have some incorrect and/or missing stuff. I'd think that some obscure industrial film would be likely to fly under the radar of anyone posting there.

Being an industrial was just a guess. What I do know for a stone cold fact (the problem with eyewitness testiomony notwithstanding) is that (a) it took place on The Brady Bunch set, (b) both Tom Bosely and Marian Ross were in it as major characters, if not the stars, and (c) it looked to be filmed in the early 1970s - which is when the Brady set would be available for use. I think (1) it was an anti-smoking film, or anti-smoking related and (2) Robbie Rist was in it. Maybe I'm wrong about Rist - perhaps it was Mike Lookinland and/or Susan Olsen (Bobby & Cindy from the Bunch).

Edited by randomsurfer
5th Sep, 2012 06:40:18 AM

This is what I have discovered. Neither Ross nor Bosley were in the segment of Love American Style that Robbie Rist was in. Bosley did NOT play Mr. Cunningham on Love American Style, although Ross did play Mrs. Cunningham. (I still don't know what Bosley did on Love American Style). It doesn't look like they used the Brady Bunch set for the "Love and the Happy Days" segments of Love American Style. I'm very much thinking that what you are looking for is NOT a "Love and the Happy Days" segment from "Love American Style", (Could it just possibly be a different segment of "Love American Style")

But there would have been a brief period where both Brady Bunch and Happy Days were in production. And both were ABC shows. It is possible that ABC could have had two of their stars make an anti-smoking PSA (or some other PSA, or even just an ad for ABC), using a set from another show. This would need to have been when they were shooting the 1974 tv season (Brady Bunch's last season, and Happy Days' first). So if Ross and Bosley were in it, they would have looked rather young if you had only seen them in later episodes of Happy Days.

Another possibility, could it have been a screen test? Since Bosley was not in the "Happy Days" segments of "Love American Style", they may have called him in to see how he worked on screen with Ross, and they would have just used any set they had available.

Just some thoughts.


Edited by KEVP
5th Sep, 2012 06:46:02 AM

I've discovered a little more. Bosley's role on "Love American Style" was a voice for an animated segment that eventually became the animated series "Wait 'til Your Father Gets Home". An article on Wikipedia says that there was only ever ONE episode of "Love American Style" that had "Love and the Happy Days". I think it is becoming clearer that "Love American Style" is a dead end for this question.

8th Sep, 2012 05:05:05 PM

I'm sorry if your search never turns up, but that is some fascinating bits of history right there. =)

21st Nov, 2013 09:56:02 PM

Let this lie fallow for a year plus, so I'm goona bump it up.

22nd Nov, 2013 12:23:02 AM

Look up "Let's Call It Quits", it was made in 1974.

22nd Nov, 2013 04:49:06 AM

That HAS to be it! Marion Ross and Tom Bosley in an anti-smoking piece!

I think that's amazing that you were able to find this!

22nd Nov, 2013 09:55:13 AM

That's gotta be it. Thank you. Now I've just got to track it down...

24th Nov, 2013 12:10:21 AM

Oh yeah, I'm a mere 1,400 miles from the only vhs copy in the interlibrary loan system. That'll be easy.

But seriously, I already was planning to talk to my local library to see if they can find it anywhere.

Edited by randomsurfer
26th Nov, 2013 11:05:25 AM

I did find it on e-bay, but only as a projector video, and the condition as described was not exact in 100% condition. Tried Amazon, nothing. Your local library might (and) hopefully will know, good luck in trying to find it, and anytime, glad I could help.

29th Nov, 2013 12:03:05 PM

Heard from the library - it'd cost me $5 for a VHS loan because it's out of state. Not sure I care $5 woth to see it.

2nd Sep, 2019 07:23:37 PM

I know this thread is a number of years old, but I was wondering if you ever found a copy of Letís Call It Quits?Ē Do you recall the library that had a copy? Iíve been searching for over a decade for a copy with no luck. The libraries I contacted donít have any VHS copyís anymore. They got rid of all their VHS tapes. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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