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aNinjaWithAIDS Her softness must be rated 9999 as well. from Royal Gyrdorea Adventurers' Academy Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Her softness must be rated 9999 as well.
Mar 14th 2019 at 8:17:20 AM

Why was Star Wolf's ship refueled with the wrong kind of fuel?

You're right. Perhaps you should get out there and do that for us.

I'll just put on some mood music for these two and their little moment here.
VengefulBale Postman, Director and Actor from Beach City Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
Postman, Director and Actor
Mar 14th 2019 at 8:26:43 AM

Can't any fucking idiot do something right? Am I the only useful person in this room or what?

You would've opened my Old Shame Metalucy fanfiction folder. That's what.

"To be human is to be flawed. A real hero must struggle!"
WilliamRadarStorm Made with this from [DATA CORRUPTED] Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Made with this
Mar 14th 2019 at 9:18:25 AM

Why did you just magnetize the hard drive ? What were you afraid I'd find?

Two bags of grass, 75 pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high powered blotter acid, and a whole galaxy of uppers, downers, screamers and laughers.

Hoi, chummers.
atimnie The Video Guy from Chicago Relationship Status: Can't buy me love
The Video Guy
Mar 14th 2019 at 3:29:36 PM

How did you manage to get life in prison?

First it's freezing, then it's boiling, then it gets cold again, then it warms up... it's all over the place, temperature wise.

And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking, and racing around to come up behind you again
Jaxfirebus Going to die from On the bus Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Going to die
Mar 14th 2019 at 9:20:18 PM

What's your opinions on the seasons?

Well it's really quite simple, we solve it through unleashing Dank Memes.

Crap... why'd i let HIM drive?!
Mar 14th 2019 at 9:39:57 PM

The Eldritch Abomination is here! What do we do?

Nice shot, jackass. Now you owe me a gallon of blood.

Edited by Miss_Desperado on Mar 14th 2019 at 9:42:44 AM

AgentKirin <REDACTED> Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Mar 15th 2019 at 6:21:33 PM

Hey, did you see where that paintball landed?

No, that's a pine cone.

Forget everything you think you know.
LikeAPie A Lonely Piece Of Pie from White Paper Plate, Glass Table Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
A Lonely Piece Of Pie
Mar 15th 2019 at 7:21:26 PM

Is that Chewbacca's dog?

At least Your Mom would fit that.

Just a piece of pie. Uh... Is anyone there? Iím delicious, promise!
WilliamRadarStorm Made with this from [DATA CORRUPTED] Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Made with this
Mar 16th 2019 at 3:21:12 PM

Who the fuck is going to wear a dress that's a mile in diameter? Why go for the world record when no one can use what you've done?!

The situation is the boss, man!

Hoi, chummers.
WhiteCheddaPikachu Fluffy Fox and Rugged Wolf from New York: What Even Are Seasons Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Fluffy Fox and Rugged Wolf
Mar 18th 2019 at 4:26:33 PM

Who the heck is in charge here?

Well the bees did ruin the camping trip for everyone.

Edited by WhiteCheddaPikachu on Mar 19th 2019 at 7:19:56 AM

The Red Link Remover gets scared when she sees those orange links!! (Mostly on Forum Games)
casioonaplasticbeach GIVE ME YOUR MONEY from Wojicki's twisted mind Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
Mar 19th 2019 at 5:27:36 AM

assuming "run is a typo for "ruin"

How did you get zits over the weekend?

A d100 and a talking journal.

Ad Server, please stop trying to make a third Google Incident with my ad spaces.
Spottedleaf Caitlin Frost? from S.T.A.R. Labs Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
Caitlin Frost?
Mar 19th 2019 at 6:49:22 AM

Alright, so The Sharks picked the weapons we're using for the rumble. What did they decide on?

Hey, Mr. English Guy! I think your egg is hatching!

"I'm not Caitlin anymore." "You're not Killer Frost." "I'm someone else. And I have to figure out who that is, on my own."
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