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Mar 22nd 2020 at 6:32:44 PM

IV Part 14: Gas Mask Recommended

tfw the silly chapter name you thought up months ago to describe a video game hazard becomes depressingly relevant irl

Shin Megami Tensei IV Duology Liveblog (ongoing)
Nikkolas from Texas Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Mar 27th 2020 at 11:12:31 PM

I think Hordes have to be one of the lamest things about IV and IVA. i hope tehy aren't in SMTV when we get it in ten years.

I really don't remember much about SMTIV reading your review. Like, I recall the important story beats but now they all fit together. Black Samurai is cool lady though.

Mar 27th 2020 at 11:17:08 PM

Personally, I thought Hordes were okay so long as they didn't keep calling reinforcements. They weren't as annoying as the accident-only demons.

Mar 28th 2020 at 6:14:07 AM

Hordes in Apocalypse are more dangerous since their reinforcement rate is very very high. I'm entering the last third of the game now, an it's not uncommon to have to go through three or even four rounds of reinforcements before the battle's end. Good for grinding (especially if Toki's your partner since she can insta-kill them), but it can be very exhausting.

Shin Megami Tensei IV Duology Liveblog (ongoing)
Mar 28th 2020 at 6:16:13 AM

I thought Hordes were fun! They're a nice change of pace and it's satisfying to see area of effect attacks hit them multiple times.

CybranGeneralSturm Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Mar 28th 2020 at 6:16:29 AM

Hordes in SMT IV are also a good reason to get multi-target skills. Hordes can and will get hit multiple times by skills that hit all enemies despite being a single entity and will get torn down quickly by them.

And [nja]'d

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Mar 31st 2020 at 3:43:49 PM

IV Part 16: Intermission

A little interlude that works to set up the next chapter of the story, and I talk about the vagaries of IV's alignment system.

Shin Megami Tensei IV Duology Liveblog (ongoing)
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