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Demongodofchaos2 Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
Jul 7th 2018 at 7:22:15 AM

Also depending on how well it does and what the game is like, Babaylons Fall (a new Platinum Games collab) could also be in the realm of darkness, given how dark the teaser trailer is.

Weirdguy149 The Dead Man from The Flying Dutchman Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
The Dead Man
Jul 7th 2018 at 11:15:16 AM

I wanted someone from Brother Bear to appear as a summon at least, but Simba can already do the things Kenai does as a bear.

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ZeroDozer Incinerate! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!! from Santo André, SP, Brazil Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
Jul 7th 2018 at 11:28:52 AM

Kenai can't turn into KH's equivalent of Ifrit, don't you think? Maybe make an Ice summon for Kenai?

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alekos23 Spook from Spook
Jul 7th 2018 at 11:31:16 AM

considering Princesses tend to not be playable, that means Rapunzel isn't one right? so we have only one confirmed so far. Elsa and Anna being possible candidates.

That kinda leaves us with quite a few worlds to go doesn't it? Unless we go the KH 1 route and leave most of them off screen of course.

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Draghinazzo My love, has dressed me like a clown Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
My love, has dressed me like a clown
Jul 7th 2018 at 11:43:17 AM

I'm not entirely sure how Nomura perceived the project from the beginning, but it's kind of natural that people would miss the FF characters if the mixture is what drew them to the game to begin with. Even beyond the FF characters proper the series lifts heavily from that franchise in a number of ways, from character archetypes and visual motifs to the spell and Nobody names, so it is more or less part of the series' DNA. I don't necessarily blame Nomura too much either if it's his reverence for other people's creations that's stopping him. I just think the series would be more fun if we could have stuff like Hades playing off the FF characters more often.

Also, if we're humoring this further I think stuff from Nie R Gestalt would fit better into the game aesthetically and thematically. I still think the Shadowlord being a Bonus Boss would be one of the better things they could do.

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WolfThunder Before the storm closes in, the wolf howls at th
Before the storm closes in, the wolf howls at th
Jul 7th 2018 at 11:46:15 AM

[up][up] Rapunzel has been shown to be a Party Member of The Kingdom of Corona for quite a while now.

The storm has now resided, the wolf now rests.
alekos23 Spook from Spook
Jul 7th 2018 at 11:49:16 AM

Exactly. Hence she can't be a Princess.

Weirdguy149 The Dead Man from The Flying Dutchman Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
The Dead Man
Jul 7th 2018 at 11:51:43 AM

Kenai as an ice summon Ifrit would be pretty cool if I didn't think we were gonna get a Frozen summon.

Do you fear death?
WolfThunder Before the storm closes in, the wolf howls at th
Before the storm closes in, the wolf howls at th
Jul 7th 2018 at 11:55:34 AM

[up][up] Oh, I misunderstood your comment. Sorry.

The storm has now resided, the wolf now rests.
rikalous World's Cutest Direwolf from Upscale Mordor Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
World's Cutest Direwolf
Jul 7th 2018 at 8:36:44 PM

> Princesses of Heart can't be playable

> Kairi is a Princess of Heart

You watch yer fucking tongue, friendo. tongue

But seriously, there's no reason to assume that we can't have playable Princesses in KHIII. They couldn't be playable in KHI because the kidnapping plot point would take away your party member, and I think we can all agree that would be bullshit. They couldn't be playable in BBS because guest party members weren't a thing. They couldn't be playable in KHII because the only ones who showed, Jasmine and Belle, clearly wouldn't be as fun to play as Aladdin and Beast, and of course you get at most one guest per world oh wait that's not gonna be a rule anymore so the precedent for cardiac royalty unplayability can join the precedent for party size caps in taking a running jump so far as I'm concerned.

Edited by rikalous on Jul 7th 2018 at 11:21:24 AM

Ookamikun Wolves, wolves, wolves! from the lupine den
Wolves, wolves, wolves!
Jul 7th 2018 at 11:03:46 PM

pretty sure they took away donald and goofy in kh1 and leaving you with beast

Lone wolf? Hah! "Lone" wolves die out of hunger and loneliness. The wolf needs the pack, and the pack needs the wolf.
rikalous World's Cutest Direwolf from Upscale Mordor Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
World's Cutest Direwolf
Jul 7th 2018 at 11:22:36 PM

For a temporary sequence where you also don't have a weapon that can kill things, not Lost Forever.

alekos23 Spook from Spook
Jul 8th 2018 at 12:02:54 AM

The fact you get Marshmallow instead of Elsa is pretty telling tho

OmegaRadiance Relationship Status: All is for my lord
Jul 8th 2018 at 1:48:38 AM

Marshmallow is a cute giant monster snowman.

rikalous World's Cutest Direwolf from Upscale Mordor Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
World's Cutest Direwolf
Jul 8th 2018 at 1:58:55 AM

It tells us that we're fighting alongside the giant snow monster and not the chick who's got serious issues about using her own powers. No more, no less. Certainly not that there's an ironclad rule against playable princesses.

Ultimatum ◕_ ◕ Disasturbator from England Relationship Status: Holding out for a hero
◕_ ◕ Disasturbator
Jul 8th 2018 at 2:34:36 AM

Still hoping for olaf as a summon

🌟 I truly don't know the answer but the question however..
WolfThunder Before the storm closes in, the wolf howls at th
Before the storm closes in, the wolf howls at th
Jul 8th 2018 at 4:23:01 AM

I've thought of an interesting idea for a new Kingdom Hearts world based off of a movie I just found; The Legend Of Lobo!

The story for the world would take place after the movie, where (apologies for the unmarked spoiler) Lobo and his pack look for a new home. However alongside Lobo, Sora, Donald and Goofy are joined by a Final Fantasy character; Y'shtola Rhul! In fact, she's the reason they come to this world. See, Y'shtola learned that there was magic surging in a world where it shouldn't exist, so she went there to check the situation and hopefully resolve the issue. But once she got there, she found that the whole world was being ransacked by Nobodies (Maybe Heartless would make more sense here, but I wanted something different). She found Lobo fighting and losing to a group of Nobodies, and so she rescues him. Recognizing his worry about his pack and friends, great fighting skills, and strong will, Y'shtola tries to ask Lobo for his cooperation to fight against the Nobodies. Unfortunately, due to Y'shtola's human-like appearance, he lashes out at her instead. Y'shtola realizes from his behavior that Lobo distrusts and hates humans, so she turns herself into a cat-like creature in order to reason with him. They agree to team up, and Y'shtola grants Lobo magical abilities, giving an explanation as to how he can be a Party Member and fight against the Nobodies when he lives in a world where magic isn't supposed to exist. They hold their own against the Nobodies, but it's not enough, so Y'shtola sends out a distress call to any keyblade wielders (She later admits to Sora that she had no idea if there were any keyblade wielders left, but she figured and hoped that there was at least one because who else could handle creatures like the Nobodies?) to assist them in the battle, with the request that they change themselves into animals when they enter the world. The rest of the story from there focuses on Sora and Lobo's growing friendship, as they and the others work together to save Lobo's pack and friends and drive the Nobodies out of Lobo's territory.

Now on to aesthetics; First off the Party Members for this world would be Lobo and Y'shtola. Sora, Donald, Goofy and Y'shtola would all get unique forms specifically for their appearance in this world, being based on realistic animals. Sora would become a Hokkaido Wolf, Donald would become a Platypus, and Goofy would become an Armadillo. Y'shtola would have the least realistic looking design, being more a fantastical-looking feline creature, but still given the textures so that it wouldn't look too out-of-place with the world. Both Sora and Y'shtola's forms would be designed by Tetsuya Nomura, so while they would look like realistic animals, they'd still have some Animesque elements to them, like suggestions of their hairstyles on their heads. Both Donald and Goofy would have the same cartoony heads on their realistic animal bodies, to the point of wearing the same headgear that's recolored to match their hides. In fact, Sora, Donald, and Goofy's weapons would also be recolored to match their hides, while Y'shtola's stays the same. No humans appear in this world, so all of the characters that do appear besides our heroes are animals like the tortoise and antelope that Lobo made friends with, Sombra, buffalo, the badger his father fought, etc. An interesting idea I thought up for this world is that Sora, Donald, Goofy and Y'shtola are the only ones that have dialogue, while all the other animals instead make sounds you would expect real animals to make. The notable case would be Lobo, who would make typical wolf sounds while fighting, but in most cutscenes would be absolutely quiet. Sora would still be able to understand what the animals are saying, though, through the power of his heart, because that's more conve-I mean, because friends are his power and they're his! Since the Nobodies are the major enemies of this world, I figured that it would be a hard-difficulty world about near the end of a game. The battle against the boss of this world, "Parasite Predator", would start with Sora, Donald, Goofy and Y'shtola being kidnapped by the boss with you temporarily playing as Lobo to rescue them, similar to a moment in the final battle against Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II where Sora gets choke-held by Xemnas and you temporarily have to play as Riku to save him. The field and battle music would of course be done by Yoko Shimomura, with it sounding foreboding and tense, and being based off of some of the music she did for Final Fantasy XV. And finally, the name of this world would be "Wildlife Territory", with the font of the logo being based off of the font used for Lobo's name in the movie's old logo.

Now I'm sure you're all wondering why I picked Y'shtola of all characters. I was thinking of who could be a second Party Member for the world, and since no interesting characters other than Lobo came from what I was looking up, I thought a Final Fantasy character would be a good idea since an FF character as a Party Member in a Disney world hasn't been done since Auron in Hercules' world. I considered the predictable choices to be Red XIII and Chocobo, but I wanted someone more surprising. My two other considerations were Black Waltz (As in, a combination off all three of the Black Waltz's), whose story would've been that he came to the world in search of something, and Shadow Lord, whose story would've been he was exiled to a mundane, magic-less world as punishment for his actions. Ultimately though, I went with Y'shtola.

So, what do you guys think?

Edited by WolfThunder on Jul 8th 2018 at 4:59:57 AM

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Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Jul 8th 2018 at 4:32:06 AM

They're visiting his world, I'm sure Olaf will be a lot more than just a summon.

And yeah, its a shame you can't have any princesses as a companion. Ariel was great. Maybe one of the best in the first games, even.

WolfThunder Before the storm closes in, the wolf howls at th
Before the storm closes in, the wolf howls at th
Jul 8th 2018 at 5:15:38 AM

[up] You should add two up arrows to your reply.

The storm has now resided, the wolf now rests.
DokemonStudios Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Jul 8th 2018 at 8:36:51 AM

[up][up][up] It would blow my mind if Disney and Square Enix surprised us with something so obscure. The most that Disney has to recognize obscurity would be Epic Mickey, and even then they forgot that aspect in Epic Mickey 2.

InkDagger Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Jul 8th 2018 at 5:42:49 PM


Its a shame. And I'd argue it would be USEFUL since it would help us develop out what 'Princess of Heart' means to the universe. Yeah, its a thing, but most of our information is from other people telling us or it being written down somewhere. We haven't seen much of their abilities in practice.

Let alone how they're supposedly so important but... really only come up in the first of over ten games.

Emperordaein Grant us eyes from Australia Relationship Status: Hugging my pillow
Grant us eyes
Jul 9th 2018 at 1:50:16 AM

A few days ago I went to the Kingdom Hearts World Tour Concert in the Sydney Opera House. I picked up the Orchestra CD, and my friend got that and the program guide. But there's something interesting in it. I looked into it, and it's a conversation between Terra and Namine from the Japanese concert run that never made it over here, and is considered canon. And it could have big ramifications for III. I'll transcribe it here. To note, this info dates back to 2016. I posted this in the spoiler thread, but I feel that due to it's status, it's fine to post in the main thread.

Namine: Don't worry. You may forget about me... but with our promise I can come back. Yes. One day the fight- it will be ours. And it will bring us together by then - It'll be in your heart.

Sora: Right. Forgotten - but not lost.

Lingering Will: Aqua... Ven...
A Keyblade? Who are you?
I know you. We've met before. Way back when. No, that wasn't you. You're not the one I chose. Where is he? Xe... Ha... Nort... Is that you? Xeha...Nort.

Lingering Will: That's it. Your power.
That's what I felt within you.
The power that connects to Aqua.
And to Ven's heart.
Terra: Where am I?

Namine: In your memories. Traces of you were lost, so I found you through memories belonging to those you've met in the past.

Terra: Who are you?

Namine: I'm Namine. It's nice to meet you.
I'm a witch who can control people's memories.

Terra: A witch?

Namine: Right now, you're bound to two memories. One belongs to you, the other belongs to an unspeakable darkness-

Terra: ... Master Xehanort.

Namine: Your heart will soon encounter a familiar light. You must make sure she isn't lost to darkness. You must guide her.

Terra: Her? You mean Aqua? I'm sure sure what I can do to help, not like this.

Namine: You must fight Terra. Like the others. You mustn't let your heart melt into darkness: follow your true memories, and you'll reach the light. She's headed there too - to the same place. You must believe in your promise just as she continues to believe in you.

Terra: Aqua. Ven. One day i'll - I've never forgotten our promise. Never. I will keep fighting.

Edited by Emperordaein on Jul 9th 2018 at 6:52:07 PM

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unnoun Everybody's Aunt Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Everybody's Aunt
Jul 9th 2018 at 4:32:51 AM

Right, I remember that thing.

And it did appear here when the concerts started a year or so ago.

Apparently concerts are story-relevant now.

...Did Jason Dohring and. Whoever of Nams' three or four English V As is sticking around act out the skit before the concert? Because that was apparently part of it in Japan.

"unnoun" has three "n"s and zero capital letters!
Emperordaein Grant us eyes from Australia Relationship Status: Hugging my pillow
Grant us eyes
Jul 9th 2018 at 4:54:21 AM

[up]Nah. Hell, the game footage shown during the concert used the Japanese dub rather than the English dub. To see that conversation, you would have to buy the Program Guide. The AU $55 Program Guide.

A corpse should be left well enough alone...
LewisLiddel Lucem Ferto Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Lucem Ferto
Jul 9th 2018 at 6:33:30 AM

[up][up] Naminé had only two voice actors and Brittany Snow only for KHII. Every other time it was Meaghan Jette Martin.

Funnily enough, in a recent interview, Nomura confirmed that (some of) these scenes will be in KHIII. He specifically talked about the Kairi and Lea scene, but I am sure that the others will probably too.

Edited by LewisLiddel on Jul 9th 2018 at 3:33:17 PM

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