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Dead Rising: Design a department!

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Oct 3rd 2010 at 5:59:01 AM

Wasn't sure if this was best here or in Just for Fun, but here goes.

If you could design an expansion area to a Dead Rising type game, what would it be? Name a shop, plaza or department, and the kind of equipment that would be included.

For some reason I've been thinking of these all the time lately. My favourite ideas so far:

The Winchester Pub: Jukebox (feat. Don't Stop Me Now, natch), with throwable vinyl records inside if you break it open, darts, a deactivated antique rifle, pool cue, cricket bat...

Omri's Cupboard Toy Shop: Standard toy shop, with teddy bears, laser swords, that kind of thing, but with an unlockable (as in, the key is hidden somewhere else) cupboard at the back that turns any toy into it's real life equivalent. A Mega Buster into a Real Mega Buster, toy lightsabre into real lightsabre...

Wyld Stallyns Plaza: Costume shop featuring all the Historical Domain Characters from Bill and Ted (imagine an Abe Lincoln hat-and-beard photo op), sports shop with baseball bats, skateboards and football helmets...

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