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Rotpar FUCKING COUCH BARD! from California Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Mar 14th 2019 at 11:14:39 AM

Can't decide between a male or female zandalari paladin.

"But don't give up hope. Everyone is cured sooner or later. In the end we shall shoot you." - O'Brien, 1984
NaraNumas Pun Dragon
Pun Dragon
Mar 15th 2019 at 12:05:35 PM

I feel like my impulse control is to blame for anything, in spite of not planning to resub and my gifted Dreadwake sub running out this month, I still race changed 3 character to Zandalari and KTH.

I can't help it, I told myself I'd love and a Zanda paladin if they happened, and I wasn't lying.

Falrinn Random Internet Person from A location definable in 4 dimensional terms
Random Internet Person
Mar 15th 2019 at 9:01:45 PM

Oh, I did the Zandalari unlock scenario finally.

Pretty cool questchain. I was surprised by how much pushback Talanji has due to the whole Bwomsamdi thing. I liked how all the Loa were present, even if only a few actually interacted with Talanji.

Spotted Vol'jin a couple times observing the events. Have to say I'm a little surprised he didn't have a bigger role, but I'm glad he did pop up. At one point I actually had the grand reveal of exactly what he has become pegged for the Zandalari recruitment scenario, but I guess it's not time for that yet. I'm starting to think it might not be until 8.3 before all is revealed on that frontnote .

But my favorite part has to be that once you complete the scenario, it pushes the Great Seal into a "Queen Talanji" phase where she replaces Rastakhan on the throne and her new Zanchuli Council members are milling about both the throne area and the Great Seal, and most importantly the dead Zanchuli betrayers are finally cleaned up.

This phase applies to all characters, not just the one you unlocked the Zandalari on, though I'm not certain what the exact rules are. My Troll Rogue is also phased to see Queen Talanji even though I did the scenario on my Nightborne, but he had both the War Campaign and Zandalar Forever completed already.

I like liking things
Mar 15th 2019 at 9:29:28 PM

RE: Rotpar

Personally I find the male Zandalari more unique, but it also depends if you have a female troll already?

NaraNumas Pun Dragon
Pun Dragon
Mar 15th 2019 at 11:30:08 PM

The Kul'Tiran recruitment chain I'm not sure how to feel about, building the ship was cool, but there was so... much... footwork. Compared to the ZT one that took place in one consolidated area, the travel time alone made it three times as long, which a lot less content, and the story of it felt kinda weak.

Getting to name the ship at the end was cool though.

Something else I've noticed, though I'm not sure if this is just for KT and ZT or if it's a general change, but if you choose the "I've heard this story before" option, it skips you right to the war table and choosing which zone to explore. I caught that with the KT one, your response to Jaina is actually, "Let's go home." So presumably the story kinda picks and chooses when things are relevantly phased out of the story for them where it's possible, like Zandalari meeting a king that's supposed to be dead and claiming allegiance to a Horde they're already part of, or Kul'Tirans watching their Grand Admiral hauled off for treason.

Edited by NaraNumas on Mar 15th 2019 at 1:30:59 PM

Falrinn Random Internet Person from A location definable in 4 dimensional terms
Random Internet Person
Mar 16th 2019 at 7:08:01 AM

[up] Not sure on how it's set up for K Ts, but there is precedent for Allied Races starting with certain quests already completed. Nightborne actually start with the entire Suramar Campaign through the recovery of the Eye of Aman'thul already finished. The only quests that are available in Suramar are the small side chains like the one in the Vrykul village in the eastern side of the zone.

I like liking things
Mar 16th 2019 at 7:17:27 AM

People are already starting to claim that, if we do end up getting a dungeon/raid where we go against Sylvanas, Geyarah and/or Crommush will be among the bosses.

Crommush, maybe I can see, since he really hasn't done much since Cataclysm. Geyarah though? Not a chance. While her comments after Baine's arrest are top tier asshole, I really doubt Blizzard would introduce a new racial leader just to kill her off in the same expansion she debuted in. Hell, even Cairne lasted for about half a decade.

Shamelessly plugging my comics, Oh yes.
Falrinn Random Internet Person from A location definable in 4 dimensional terms
Random Internet Person
Mar 16th 2019 at 7:23:29 AM

[up] In order to avoid an MoP 2.0, if Sylvanas appears as a raid boss for all players she can't nominally still be Warchief or command a meaningful portion of the Horde's military. Which basically rules everyone out except maybe Nathanos, and even he might be a stretch once all is truly revealed.

As for Geya'rah, I expect her story to ultimately parallel the "Sylvanas loyalist" player story. And since the Sylvanas loyalist player will still have to be part of the Horde when the dust settles, so will she.

Edited by Falrinn on Mar 16th 2019 at 10:23:42 AM

I like liking things
Mar 16th 2019 at 7:30:13 AM

That...That could actually work. Have Geya'rah serve as the representative of "Team Sylvanas" while...I dunno, Zekhan represents "Team Saurfang/Baine".

Shamelessly plugging my comics, Oh yes.
Mar 16th 2019 at 7:51:41 AM

We already saw them throw Zaela under the bus in MOP, considering all the other parallels.

Cromush in particular has long been characterized as a Sylvanas supporter.

As for Baine, he is not popular. The writers really mishandled that character.

When you get down to it, getting rid of Sylvans won't change thing other then get a bunch of the already shrinking cast of the Horde killed.

We've seen the current writing insists on faction conflict, yet refuses to ever do any version of it other then Horde goes evil and attacks saintly Alliance which can never do wrong. Sylvanas isn't the problem, the writing is.

Edited by Monsund on Mar 16th 2019 at 7:57:06 AM

Mar 16th 2019 at 8:21:28 AM

I just had a funny thought.

What if the final, final raid of the expansion is a Post-Final Boss taking place after Sylvanas, Azshara and N'Zoth have all been dealt with, that serves as a prelude to the antagonists of the next expansion, ala Obsidion in Wrath?

If that happens, my bet is that it will invovle Yrel and her Lightbound.

Shamelessly plugging my comics, Oh yes.
Mar 16th 2019 at 12:29:57 PM

How about a better idea?

If Sylvanas goes out as a raid boss, let have Rogers and Halford Wyrmbane go evil as well and become raid bosses as well. Better yet, have Baine kill them.

Mar 16th 2019 at 1:52:44 PM

You say that like Rogers isnt already evil, just given official sanction to do what she wants even when it endangers alliance lives in the name of personal grudges.

Mar 16th 2019 at 2:11:47 PM

RE: Midgetsnowman

Exactly, those Alliance characters I mentioned are allowed to awful things, yet be ignored by the narrative under the Tautological Templar-ish style of the writers that "they are Alliance so they are good."

Its about the time their Karma Houdini Warranty comes in.

Mar 16th 2019 at 2:24:01 PM

...Okay, Rogers I get, since she's been a genocidal bitch since Mists, but leave Wrymbane out of this, he's one of the few Alliance leaders outside of Anduin with their head on straight.

Shamelessly plugging my comics, Oh yes.
Mar 16th 2019 at 2:30:01 PM

RE: Some New Guy

You missed the part where Wyrmbane massacred unarmed Zandalar ambassadors, including murdering the last remaining Dark Troll, who was not only the Last of Her Kind and an unarmed civilian, but had helped the Alliance at the battle of mount Hyjal.

Wyrmbane deserves a coward's death for that pointless warcrime.

Edited by Monsund on Mar 16th 2019 at 2:31:02 AM

StormKnight from Denmark
Mar 16th 2019 at 2:43:52 PM

It's a random world quest in Zandalar, so I wouldn't put too much stock in it. But he basically sends you to assassinate 12 random troll ambassadors, not any specific ones. Pretty sure they aren't defenseless either.

Edited by StormKnight on Mar 16th 2019 at 10:44:15 AM

Mar 16th 2019 at 2:46:17 PM

RE: Storm Knight

They have no abilities, have no weapons and ask "why we are being attacked", "I thought we were safe", ETC. They were civilians, Halford himself says he's doing this to make the trolls feel they have no-where safe.

And yes, Wyrmbane sends the player to kill the Drakkari and Shadowtooth ambassador who are literally in the house of lost tribes.

Halford easily crossed the Moral Event Horizon with that pointless act of cruelty and it invalidates that the Alliance's invasion of Zandalar was merciful. But the writers will probably continue to play Tautological Templar.

Edited by Monsund on Mar 16th 2019 at 3:05:03 AM

Kiefen MINE! from Germany Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
Mar 16th 2019 at 3:15:49 PM

Mekkatorque also spurts some really racist stuff towards horde players which makes him loose quite some sympathy in my eyes.

StormKnight from Denmark
Mar 16th 2019 at 3:28:30 PM

I thought you guys wanted some more moral greyness?

While that does make the world quest a lot more darker, it being a random world quest still means I don't put too much stock in it. The story probably won't ever address it either for the same reason, so I imagine canonically only a bunch of random speakers died, if any. Since as far as I am aware, you do not target specific speakers, but 12 random ones. If this had happened while questing through the story, this might be different.

Mar 16th 2019 at 3:29:54 PM

RE: Storm Knight

We do, but the problem is the writers pretend those characters did no wrong and we get Baine rudely claiming to Talanji's face, at her father's funeral, no less that the Alliance was completely merciful to the Zandalar.

Halford's actions were a warcrime and not merciful at all, so the writers shouldn't pretend otherwise.

Also the named speakers are part of the quota.

Again the problem is the writers have done this over and over again, like acting like a dwarf who murders goblin prostitues and cites manifest destiny while doing a Final Solution on Tauren natives is an innocent victim of the Horde when he appears in the next expansion.

Alliance characters do bad stuff, but the writers look the other way like a Tautological Templar.

Edited by Monsund on Mar 16th 2019 at 3:31:54 AM

StormKnight from Denmark
Mar 16th 2019 at 3:30:26 PM

Again. Random world quest. The writers probably don't assume it's canon.

Edited by StormKnight on Mar 16th 2019 at 11:30:42 AM

Mar 16th 2019 at 3:32:50 PM

RE: Storm Knight

If its not canon the writers should say it.

Again, they've done this for years. Like forcing the Horde to work with the Explorer's league who have continually wronged the tauren and orcs, same with Magni Bronzebeard.

Resileafs I actually wanted to be Resileaf
I actually wanted to be Resileaf
Mar 16th 2019 at 4:16:08 PM

I'm rather confused as to where those genocide accusations for Rogers come from.

Mar 16th 2019 at 4:18:40 PM

RE: Resileafs

More of a dishonorable tactic, but yeah, Horde characters have been killed for far less, including simply defending their lands.

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