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Important Note: The page locking bug introduced in the 1.8 update has been mostly fixed, however, there are still some recurrences we are working on debugging.

You can get around a spurious page lock by going to If the page is still locked, it's likely checked out by another troper.

This thread is for requesting edits or unlocks to Locked Pages or for requesting locks. It can also be used for technical requests to moderators such as creating new pages in the Main/ and other restricted namespaces without going through YKTTW.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Check Locked Pages and Permanent Red Link Club first. They can provide guidance on what are good and bad requests.
  2. Include working links in your request to the page(s) in question.
  3. Pages cut a while ago were automatically locked. Before asking for an unlock, make sure that the article you want to create is in the proper Namespace, has gone through YKTTW if it's a trope, and otherwise fulfills our guidelines for Creating New Pages.
  4. If asking for edits, state your changes exactly as they should appear on the page, including proper Example Indentation, namespacing, and pothole and quote formatting. And make sure that what you want to add is actually a valid example.
  5. We do not edit archived articles, even to correct links.
  6. Main redirects are no longer being created for namespaced work pages. Don't ask for one.
  7. Some locked pages have ongoing cleanup threads, like Complete Monster (Thread), Five-Man Band (Thread), and Magnificent Bastard (Thread). Other than purely technical requests, edits to these pages ought to be discussed in these threads first.
  8. Work pages made in the wrong namespace, pages banned under The Content Policy and the 5P Circuit and subpages that are disallowed (like Headscratchers pages for tropes) are valid reasons for requesting page locks.

NOTE: Edited with OP's permission.

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nombretomado the formatting mod from just kind of around Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
the formatting mod
Jun 11th 2019 at 8:26:29 PM

Neither do I, but as Septimus noted Complete Monster (and Magnificent Bastard) take up a lot of requests here, and, to be honest, there simply has not been as much activity in clean-up to warrant an indefinite lock on all subpages. I locked under one premise, and it's bled into another. Finish the initial sweep (if it's still going), and then we can rediscuss.

Could have sworn that was about The Woobie, not FFVII. Ah well.

Edited by nombretomado on Jun 11th 2019 at 8:27:46 AM

Albert3105 Magikarp deterrence
Magikarp deterrence
Jun 11th 2019 at 8:30:33 PM

[up] I had miscounted the amount of arrows needed to reach High Crate's last post (which I initially wanted to respond to), leading me to edit it to respond to Fighteer's FF7R reply instead.

Jun 11th 2019 at 8:33:03 PM

Can't say I've seen any shipping wars nonsense, but now I know who to talk to if I do. (:

Edited by HighCrate on Jun 11th 2019 at 8:33:27 AM

ACW Unofficial Wiki Curator for Complete Monster from Arlington, VA (near Washington, D.C.)
Jun 12th 2019 at 12:32:00 AM

Cool, the Star Wars stuff is done now smile

EDIT: At DC Video Games, for Injustice!Darkseid, please wrap Multiversal Conqueror around "take control of the Multiverse"

Edited by ACW on Jun 12th 2019 at 7:15:40 AM

CM Drafts; Pending CM Writeups
Irene Drathe Perrywinkle from Friend Code: 1203-9265-8784 and 4571-1389-1915 Relationship Status: It's complicated
Drathe Perrywinkle
Jun 12th 2019 at 6:53:05 AM

Ignore this. I thought a page was locked.

Edited by Irene on Jun 12th 2019 at 9:29:31 AM

Omega Psycho Rangers Quest 64 Discord(very much safe for work)
ACW Unofficial Wiki Curator for Complete Monster from Arlington, VA (near Washington, D.C.)
Jun 12th 2019 at 7:42:28 AM

At DC Universe, for Libra, please change "first in live" to "first in line".

CM Drafts; Pending CM Writeups
Jun 12th 2019 at 10:04:46 AM

Excuse me, I followed a link from Administrivia.Creating New Redirects and ended up here. Is this the thread where I can ask whether specific redirects suggested for Fell Asleep Crying are a good or bad idea?

nombretomado the formatting mod from just kind of around Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
the formatting mod
Jun 12th 2019 at 6:46:14 PM

[up]Yes, it is.

Done to here aside.

Jun 12th 2019 at 6:53:31 PM

OK, so while Fell Asleep Crying was in development, it used to be known as Cried Himself to Sleep until someone pointed out that the title should be gender-neutral and suggested Cried Themself to Sleep. An argument started, and to make a long story short, when I adopted the draft, I settled the argument by saying the draft would be called Fell Asleep Crying and that I'd ask this thread about whether or not to make redirects out of all the "Cried (X)Self/Selves to Sleep" title suggestions.

Edited by Miss_Desperado on Jun 12th 2019 at 6:56:37 AM

dmysta3000 Big Smoky from New York and New Jersey Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Big Smoky
Jun 12th 2019 at 9:54:15 PM

Just wanted to add a few things to the Final Fantasy VII: Playable Characters page, specifically updating the "Voiced By" sections of specific character folders considering new information about the new english Voice cast came out

Also I wanted to update the following character folders of that page with new image notes concerning the updated Remake designs:

  • Cloud:
  • Tifa:
  • Aerith:
  • Barret:

Edited by dmysta3000 on Jun 12th 2019 at 12:55:05 PM

JRads47 Can't Win With These Cats from my point of view, the Jedi are evil!
Can't Win With These Cats
Jun 12th 2019 at 11:18:11 PM

I don't really like those images with the logo and watermark.

"What does the word 'government' mean to you?" -an Actual Genius
ACW Unofficial Wiki Curator for Complete Monster from Arlington, VA (near Washington, D.C.)
Jun 13th 2019 at 12:35:48 AM

Please merge the examples at Cartoon Network with the series group at Western Animation; please then have the former redirect to the latter and removed from the latter's group of works with their own examples.

EDIT: Actually, correction. For Scooby Doo, ignore the header, and add the Zombie Island one to films and Mystery Inc to series, as follows:

  • Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island: Jacques stands out as a stark contrast with his two co-conspirators. While his partners had no idea that praying to their cat god for help in their pursuit of vengeance would lead to their transformation into monsters, Jacques was a normal man who willingly became a monster to make himself immortal. For years he's been using his ferry to escort people to Moonscar Island, only for him and his partners to drain the life from them. Afterwards their victims are left to wander the island as zombies, aware but unable to move on to the afterlife.
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: The Nibiru Entity is a member of a normally benevolent inter-dimensional alien race called the Anunnaki, which considers him the most evil member of their entire species. He's spent untold centuries corrupting and manipulating everyone around him, especially the team pets of mystery solving teams, by perverting his species' ability to use animals as mediums to communicate, all working towards freeing him from his prison. In the process he's ruined and ended countless lives through his pawns, including Professor Pericles, who the Entity turned into a murderous psychopath. When he's finally released in the finale, he proceeds to gleefully eat his loyal minions alive, along with Mr. E. He follows this by turning Crystal Cove into Hell on Earth and devouring the entire town with sadistic glee, planning to move on to the rest of the universe when he's done, all for the sake of power. When Mystery Inc. finally kill him, erasing him from time in the process, we see what Crystal Cove would've been like without his influence: a normal town with everyone living good, happy lives, showing just how much pain and misery he was truly responsible for.

Please add the following to Complete Monster (Western Animation):

"There is only darkness for you, and only death for your people. These ancients are just the beginning. I will command a great and terrible army... and we will sail to a billion worlds. We will sail until every light has been extinguished. You are strong, child. But I am beyond strength. I am the end."

"So come now... Children of Nibiru! Be strong, and set your master free, so that I may bathe this world... in fire!"

And to Complete Monster (Western Animation):

Also at Western Animation, please group the Voltron entries as follows:

  • Voltron franchise:
    • Voltron Force:
      • Maahox, King Lotor's second-in-command, is a cyborg occultist and Mad Scientist who was exiled from his home planet of Calum for Playing with Syringes. After he and his partner Kala resurrect Lotor using Haggarium, Maahox betrays Kala by transforming her into a Robeast. While Maahox ostensibly serves Lotor, he is the one pulling the strings in their partnership and is the brains behind operations like draining the minds of the Baltons, nearly eradicating all life on Arus, and attempting to ignite a massive amount of volatile Haggarium just to see what would happen. When Sven gives him the Blue Lion in exchange for a cure for his and his infant son's Haggarium poisoning, Maahox reveals that there is no cure and that he intends to raise Sven's son as a test subject and Tyke Bomb. Eventually growing weary of Lotor, Maahox murders him and turns his castle into a massive Robeast whose power he tests by having it blow up Planet Doom. Declaring his intent to spread chaos and death throughout the universe simply for the sake of it, Maahox begins his rampage on Earth, leveling an entire city just to draw out the Voltron Force.
      • Sky Marshal Herbert Wade wanted nothing more than to be a member of the Voltron Force, but when the Lions rejected him due to sensing evil in his heart, Wade snapped and developed a pathological hatred of Voltron. After the Voltron Force toppled the Drule Empire, Wade forced the Lions to go berserk during a victory celebration, which turned everyone against them and caused them to be sealed away on the planet Arus. When the Voltron Force reassembles to combat the resurrected King Lotor, Wade usurps control of the Galaxy Alliance; while Wade publicly claims to have the Galaxy Alliance's best interests at heart, he privately confesses that he really only cares about money, power, and eliminating Voltron. Anyone who opposes Wade is condemned to the Void, a gulag whose inmates are routinely jettisoned into space for Wade's amusement. Along with enslaving, plundering, and razing worlds, Wade at one point hijacks Voltron, using it to try and destroy one of Earth's metropolises while ranting that its citizens all deserve to die for their veneration of Voltron. After being arrested, Wade is sprung from custody by the Kala Robeast, with which he willingly merges to create a monstrosity that poisons Daniel with Haggarium before nearly assimilating Voltron.
    • Voltron: Legendary Defender: Commander Sendak, ever a ruthless Galra commander, truly came into his own after the death of his sovereign Zarkon. After Prince Lotor takes the throne, Sendak becomes the leader of his own splinter faction, the Fires of Purification. He leads an attack on a Galra shield base to expose an entire colony to lethal radiation out of pure spite for being passed over for the throne. Later locating Earth, Sendak kills the soldiers sent against him and begins bombing and razing cities until the world surrenders to him, whereupon the citizens are enslaved and forced into work camps to create new weapons. Obsessed with finding Voltron and punishing the Lions' Paladins, Sendak makes a deal to spare Earth in exchange for the Lions, only to double back on it, and forcing the Paladins and the treacherous Admiral Sanda to watch as he intends to exterminate Earth and the billions who live there. When Voltron finally arrives to oppose him, Sendak ruthlessly kills entire ships full of his own men to get at the Paladins, and refuses to let any of his own crew get to safety, consumed with his own ambition and spite and taking the worst excesses of Galra to their natural conclusion.

Edited by ACW on Jun 13th 2019 at 5:06:16 AM

CM Drafts; Pending CM Writeups
Jun 13th 2019 at 8:41:30 AM

[up][up][up] I don't think adding the new images is necessary, but regardless, that request should go in the Image Pickin' Discussion thread first.

Night Vision Image Quality Cleanup Thread
DEIDATVM from East Fishkill, New York
ACW Unofficial Wiki Curator for Complete Monster from Arlington, VA (near Washington, D.C.)
Jun 13th 2019 at 12:47:27 PM

The numbered films (everything before Above the Law) at Film A to C are weird. Let's go with this order:

  • 7 Women: In the final film directed by John Ford, Tunga Khan is a Mongolian Raider attacking villages in rural China, along with the British missions in the area. Once his forces sack a mission, Tunga Khan has everyone in the area slaughtered, with women raped en masse. When he comes to the local village near which one mission is located near, Tunga Khan has all the villagers rounded up and executed via firing squad. When the local priest is executed for trying to save a woman, Tunga Khan refuses to let the local doctor treat the priest's newborn baby unless the doctor sleeps with him. Forced to agree, he agrees to trade the freedom of her friends in return for her becoming his concubine. Tunga Khan later murders one of his own men who proves himself a talented fighter, simply to brook no competition, revealing himself as little more than a murderous, raping brute.
  • 8mm: Machine, who turns out to be a bald, bespectacled, harmless-looking man named George Anthony Higgins, is a thug who works for Dino Velvet. When commissioned to make a Snuff Film, Machine willingly rapes and brutally murders a woman while Dino records, much to the disgust of a fellow henchman. When protagonist Tom Welles investigates the tape's veracity, Machine, on Dino's behalf, captures a smut clerk who had assisted Welles, in order to convince the latter to give them the tape, before killing the hostage anyway. In his final confrontation with Welles, Machine taunts the latter by explaining that he enjoys killing and that he is sexually aroused by violence. Furthermore, Machine admits with pride that he commits atrocities of his own volition, rather than because of any suffering he may have endured.
  • 009-1: The End of the Beginning (2013): Mylene's supposed "mother" figure, Dr. Klein, is a cruel Mad Scientist responsible for creating the 009 program and turning girls into cyborgs, which resulted in a number of casualties on the way. Using Mylene as an assassin, Klein is also involved with criminals who pursue human trafficking and organ trading, showing her darker colors when Mylene rescues her from a kidnapping by executing the kidnappers herself. Revealed as a traitor later, Klein admits everything she does is to satisfy her intellectual curiosity and shows she has something "better" than cyborgs: undead mutants made from people she's used as guinea pigs kept as servants in a state of agonized living death.
  • 10 to Midnight: Warren Stacy is a handsome young Serial Killer with an intense hatred for women. He murders Betty, a co-worker he had gone out with once in the past, along with her boyfriend, by stabbing them both to death in the woods. Later, while breaking into Betty’s apartment to steal her diary, he kills her roommate when she comes home. Finally, he stalks and makes obscene phone calls to Detective Leo Kessler’s daughter Laurie, and at the film’s climax, murders all three of her roommates before chasing her down the street with a knife, all while in the nude. When confronted, Warren shows no remorse and promises Kessler that he'll come back.
  • 12 Rounds: Miles Jackson is a vicious Irish terrorist whose arms dealing and savagery has lead to countless deaths at his hands, notably selling missiles to terrorists who used them to down a jumbo plane filled with people. In his latest scheme, Miles manipulates an informant into turning on his FBI handlers in exchange for Miles returning his brother to him, then kills the man when he outlives his usefulness. Seeming to want revenge on Detective Danny Fisher for the accidental killing of Miles's girlfriend, Miles kills his way out of a prison, ditching his partners in the process, and begins the self-created game of "12 Rounds" with Fisher. Forcing Fisher to perform various challenges to save dozens of people across the city while holding Fisher's girlfriend, Molly Porter, hostage, Miles takes sick glee in outsmarting Fisher at every turn and endangering entire busloads of innocent people. It is soon revealed that Miles in fact isn't even seeking revenge; he's using the motive as a distraction to cover up his true goal of robbing the city mint. After murdering several security guards standing in his way, Miles confronts Molly and Danny one final time, attempting to blow them all to pieces as a final spiteful move.
  • 12 Years a Slave: Edwin Epps is a chilling, living example of the utter horrors of slavery and all that it entails. Epps runs his plantation with an iron fist and any slave who picks less than 200 pounds of cotton a day get the lash. Succeeding is no guarantee of safety, as Epps is liable to fly into violent furies when he's drunk, or just because he wants to hurt someone. Epps forces the slaves out of needed sleep to force them to dance for his amusement in a parody of a Gentleman's Ball and focuses especially on a beautiful slave named Patsey who he calls his Queen Of The Field for her talent with cotton-picking. Epps repeatedly rapes her, saying he can do what he wants with his property. He also flies into jealous furies over Patsey and later in the film forces Solomon Northup to whip her by holding a gun to Solomon's head. Losing patience, Epps simply takes the whip from Solomon and lashes into Patsey until her back is cut to bloody shreds. When Solomon is revealed a free man, he can only think of the monetary loss this means to him.
  • 13 Assassins: Lord Naritsugu Matsudaira is the Shogun's half brother, and a firm believer that his connections will maintain his impunity His very first scene has him raping the daughter-in-law of a lord who's hosting him for the night, and then killing her husband for good measure. This isn't an isolated incident, either. Naritsugu has been doing this for so long, he threatens the very stability of the nation. Later, we see him tie up a family for target practice—including a little girl—and hear how he massacred a peasant revolt, taking the leader's daughter, after cutting out her tongue and chopping off her limbs, for his use as a Sex Slave. His only reaction to seeing the titular assassins mow down his loyal soldiers who die in defense of him is to contemplate how amazing the era of war must have been while deciding to return to such days when he becomes Shogun.
  • 22 Bullets: Pascal Vasetto is a Professional Killer in the employment of Tony Zacchia. We first see him leading a hit squad to try and assassinate Charly Mattei, shooting him 22 times and killing his dog. Later, he captures an informant for Charly, kills the guy who snitched on him, cuts his finger off and feeds him to vicious dogs. After being ordered to execute Charly's son, he murders a guard who refuses to help him off a kid before preparing to do so himself.
  • 22 July: Anders Behring Breivik bombs the Norwegian seat of government before traveling to the youth camp at Utoya. Pretending to be a policeman to gain access, Breivik proceeds to gun down the directors before stalking through the camp, systematically slaughtering and gunning down every teenager he finds, ending up with dozens of victims before being taken into custody. Breivik proceeds to demonstrate zero remorse, even trying to torture his victims' families as much as he can during his trial by trying to garner as much publicity for himself and inspire a white nationalist uprising to lead to more attacks like his own.
  • 24 Hours to Live: Wetzler is the ruthless CEO of Red Mountain, and a man obsessed with "changing the face of warfare". In order to perfect a procedure where a dead person can be brought Back from the Dead, Wetzler routinely has innocent villagers kidnapped and subjected to cruel experiments, killing at least 70 men, women, and children in the name of science. When one of his men sells him out to Interpol, Wetzler orders him killed, and when Travis Conrad fails to kill the witness, Wetzler attempts to kill him as well. Instigating an attack that kills the witness, cops, and civilians alike, Wetzler has Interpol agent Lin's young son kidnapped, and when confronted by Conrad, he reveals that he was the one that had Conrad's wife and child murdered, as he believes "a man with no family has nothing to lose". A callous psychopath with no sense of loyalty to anyone, Wetzler admits his only code is doing whatever he wants.
  • 30 Days of Night: Dark Days: Lilith is the vampire queen responsible for the attack on Barrow. She tortures a couple who saw the remains of a vampire, tearing out the man's tooth and lapping up the blood pouring from his mouth. Later on, she orders Norris to murder the woman by ripping her throat out before turning him. On board her ship, she keeps many humans captive—including children—and has them slowly drained of blood. When Lilith ambushes Stella and Paul, she orders Norris to bleed them out before chasing Stella across the ship when they escape, taunting her about the death of her husband.
  • The 36th Chamber of Shaolin:
    • Tien Ta is a brutal Manchu general who rules over his province with an iron fist, regularly subjecting the people to torture and public execution. Upon discovering possible dissidents in a school, Tien Ta enacts a brutal purge, massacring and torturing them by the dozens. When the hero San Te returns, Tien Ta continues the public executions and eventually orders the arrest, torture and death of anyone even suspected to associate with the rebels before he engages San Te personally.
    • Tien Ta's Co-Dragons, Lords Tang and Cheng, are just as vile as their master. Lord Tang leads Tien Ta's squads to abduct and torture those who catch their eye, with Tang leading the attack on the school and massacre of the students. When San Te's father attempts to save his son, Tang kills him without a second thought. Cheng functions as the Manchu regime's chief torturer, with one scene showing him enjoying torturing his victims as another helpless group of captives await their own turn. Both men are focused only on their own power as well as brutalizing those beneath them.
  • 48 Hrs.: Albert Ganz is a violent and homicidal criminal who loves nothing but money and killing cops. In the movie's beginning he escapes from prison with the help of his henchman Billy Bear, killing some guards in the process. He kidnaps the girlfriend of his former partner Luther in order to force him to give him some hidden money from a former robbery, threatening to “put holes in her you never even thought of” if he should fail. During a shootout with the Jack Cates and two other cops Ganz kills one of them and injures the remaining one. He takes a woman hostage and orders Cates to hand him his own gun. Once Cates obliges, Ganz uses the gun to kill the wounded cop and then tries to kill Cates as well. Even after Luther brings him the money Ganz kills him for having asked his girlfriennd if she's all right (he said "I told you I wouldn't have hurted her). In the final showdown, even when he got the chance to escape with the money he uses his ex-accomplice Reggie Hammond, who helped Cates all the time, as a Human Shield, clearly willing to kill him along with Cates, just for personal satisfaction.
  • 100 Bloody Acres: Lindsay Morgan runs a fertilizer business that uses people as a secret ingredient. When, in a panic, his brother Reg brings a few hitchhikers who found them out to the farm, Lindsay chokes him to near-unconsciousness and prepares to kill the hitchhikers. Everything goes wrong, and he ends up killing a cop and an old lady to hide his crimes. When Reg turns goof, Lindsay prepares to make him into fertilizer too.
  • 976-EVIL 2: The Astral Factor: Stephen Grubeck is a Serial Killer who uses the titular haunted phone line to exploit the power of Astral Projection to indulge in thrill-killing. A college dean who develops an lustful fixation on a girl named Robin, Grubeck pursues her for his own desires after being arrested for a series of murders. In the meanwhile, Grubeck uses his powers to murder everyone who impedes his freedom, forcing the college janitor into the way of an oncoming truck; crashing the car of a lawyer, causing a series of destructive accidents along the way; and slitting the throat of an officer who insults him. Grubeck implicates Robin in the murder of her own friend, whom Grubeck killed himself, and forces her to choose between him and her own life in the climax.
  • 2020 Texas Gladiators: Black One is a fascistic warlord in post-apocalyptic Texas, who leads a gang of marauders to instill his oppressive order upon the world. Taking his gang to a peaceful settlement, Black One has his troops overrun the place, letting them rape, rob and kill as they please. Enslaving the surviving settlers and imposing cruel conditions, such as letting them only drink water once per day, Black One has a man beaten for calling him out as a tyrant. Despising anyone not under his command for being "primitive", Black One is an iron-fisted despot.

CM Drafts; Pending CM Writeups
Jun 13th 2019 at 3:58:05 PM

Per this and this, it looks like all the edits, and all there is to talk about at this point, for YMMV.Pokemon Sword And Shield is back and forth over current controversies. They're requesting a lock on the page.

Edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught on Jun 13th 2019 at 7:25:57 AM

ACW Unofficial Wiki Curator for Complete Monster from Arlington, VA (near Washington, D.C.)
Jun 13th 2019 at 4:33:16 PM

Live-Action Films, by release date
  • Return to Oz: Princess Mombi is a deranged, tyrannical sorceress who usurped control of the Emerald City by trapping the true ruler inside an enchanted mirror. A narcissist whose looks are fading with age, Mombi collects the heads of beautiful women and swaps her own head for one of theirs every so often. When not in use, the heads are kept alive and conscious. When Dorothy arrives in the Emerald City, Mombi has her imprisoned with the intention of adding her head to her collection once she becomes an adult.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Judge Doom is the sadistic and merciless high judge of Toontown, and a staunch anti-toon bigot. Since toons can't be killed in any way, Doom invented a solution called the Dip and is introduced demonstrating its effects by melting an innocent toon shoe. When Roger Rabbit is accused of murder Doom, starts a ruthless hunt, reveling in the thought of melting him in the Dip—regardless if he's guilty or not—and fully willing to harm or kill anyone who stands in his way, either by himself or by letting his brutal weasel henchmen do it. Doom himself was the mind behind the murder, along with RK Maroon's who tried to report him. His ultimate goal is to commit a massive toon genocide by spraying Dip over Toontown in order to build a freeway and owning all the profits. The worst part, however, is that Doom is a toon himself and the one responsible for the hate of private investigator Eddie Valiant towards the toons since he's the one who killed his brother long ago by smashing him with a piano. During the final battle, Doom attempts to kill Eddie, along with Roger and his wife Jessica, by cutting him in half with a buzzsaw, grinning evilly all the time. Despite the lighthearted nature of the movie, Doom is a shockingly dark and frightening villain.
  • Dick Tracy: Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice is a mob boss seeking to control the city. After having a rival gang shot to death while playing cards, he strong-arms Lips Manlis into turning over control of his nightclub, territory and girlfriend Breathless Mahoney—who Big Boy threatens and mistreats—to him, before having Lips killed in a cement bath. Part of Big Boy's plan is to unite all the remaining gangs, and when one rejects him, Big Boy has their car bombed as they're leaving. Trying to get Dick Tracy out of his way, Big Boy bribes him, and when this fails, tries to kill Tracy. Upon discovering his new club has been bugged by Tracy, Big Boy has the cop informing on him almost given the same cement bath as Lips and then takes part in killing Fletcher, the DA in his pocket, to frame Tracy. Framed for the abduction of Tracy's girlfriend Tess Trueheart by rival gangster The Blank—really Breathless—Big Boy abandons his men and runs off with her, nearly letting her head get crushed by a clockwork. He also shoots and morally wounds Blank as well.
  • Mighty Joe Young: Andrei Strasser is a poacher who establishes his ruthlessness by killing the titular ape's mother as well as mortally wounding Dr. Ruth Young. Twelve years later, Andrei runs a supposed wildlife preserve wherein he sells organs of the animals he's harnessed over the black market. When he recognizes Joe as the ape that bit his fingers off years prior, Andrei—intent on selling the primate's body parts for a profit—goads Jill Young—Ruth's daughter—into giving him Joe, claiming he would be safe at his refuge. Strasser demonstrates his indifference towards the lives of others when a missed shot intended for Jill causes a deadly fire to spread throughout the carnival, endangering a child trapped in a Ferris wheel. Believing that he won, Strasser gloats whilst preparing to finish what he started with Jill's mother by murdering her. Valuing monetary gain above all else, Strasser exemplifies everything wrong with illegal hunting.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean series:
    • Dead Man's Chest & At World's End: Lord Cutler Beckett is the Chairman of the East India Trading Company. Upon his arrival at Port Royale, Beckett assumes illegal control and has the governor's messenger to the king murdered. Beckett later enslaves Davy Jones, forcing him to kill his pet Kraken and making Jones his personal attack dog of the seas. Governor Swann himself is later murdered when Beckett decides he's of no further use. It is made abundantly clear that Beckett's prime motivation is power and control, and as piracy is a threat to that, Beckett initiates a purge of anyone even vaguely associated with piracy, with all legal proceedings suspended. The result is a massive line of people, many of whom aren't even pirates, taken to the gallows to be hanged. Not even children are safe, as a little boy is shown being hanged as Beckett looks on without remorse or emotion.
    • On Stranger Tides: Captain Edward Teach, the infamous Blackbeard, prides himself on being one of the most feared men on the high seas. Blackbeard abuses and murders members of his own crew on the basis of "if I don't kill a man every now and then, they forget who I am". He incinerates his ship's cook to demonstrate this and resurrecting some of his own slain crew members as mindlessly obedient zombies. On his quest to the Fountain of Youth to avert his prophesied death at the hands of a one-legged man, Blackbeard puts a mermaid named Syrena through hideous treatment for the purpose of gaining her tear, first showing her the remains of her own fellow mermaids and then ordering Phillip, the single man who displays compassion to her, killed in front of her. Blackbeard claims to love his daughter, but undersells even this through a risky game of Russian Roulette with his own daughter's life and ultimately trying to sacrifice her life for his own at the Fountain of Youth. Blackbeard admits he feels closest to God in moments of pain and anguish and calmly tortured and murdered anyone who dared to stand against him.
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: Nizam, the uncle of Dastan, chafed at being in the shadow of his elder brother, the King. To remove himself from under the King's shadow, Nizam set his sights on the Dagger of Time and the Sands of Time, not caring of the horrors and chaos he could unleash on the world. Nizam brought about a battle with an innocent city, not remotely caring of the deaths of innocents, and arranged the death of his own brother while attempting to have his sons murdered. Revealing an utter contempt for the adopted low-born Dastan, Nizam revealed his true goal was to rewind time so he could undo his greatest error: once saving his brother's life when they were children.
  • The Lone Ranger: Butch Cavendish is one of the darkest villains to ever appear in a Disney film. Rumored to be a Wendigo for his unusual habits, Butch shows why when after gunning down the hero, Reid's brother, Butch cuts out his heart and eats it. Butch uses fear to oppress any hint of rebellion and will kill at any hint of complaint At one point, he even kills a laborer for nothing more than saying the entrance of a cave he wanted entry to was blocked. Butch conspires to start a war with, and wipe out the Comanche people for the silver in the mines by leading attacks on innocent people in settlements, framing the Comanche. In the past, when the Comanche saved Butch's life, he repaid them by slaughtering them, earning Tonto's undying hatred. With his evil and his dark habits, it's easy to see why Tonto sees Butch as a flesh-eating monster of myth.
  • Aladdin (2019): Grand Vizier Jafar is much worse here than his animated incarnation. Seeking the Genie's lamp, Jafar attempts to send several prisoners into the Cave of Wonders to retrieve it, resulting in one of the prisoners being killed. Jafar then kills one of his own guards for calling him "second". When Aladdin retrieves the lamp for Jafar, the latter coldly leaves the former to die in the cave, and later throws him into the ocean when he returns as Prince Ali. Upon retrieving the lamp, Jafar becomes Sultan and a powerful Sorcerer, sending Aladdin to a wasteland to die a slow and painful death. He then painfully tortures the Sultan and Jasmine's friend Dalia to force Jasmine to marry him just to spite her and the Sultan. When Jasmine and Aladdin steal the lamp from him he attacks them with a giant Iago and a twister, endangering civilians and destroying the Magic Carpet in the process. Upon retrieving the lamp, Jafar declares his intent to conquer several neighboring kingdoms in order to build himself a mighty empire. Upon transforming into a Genie he attempts to destroy Shirabad and spitefully drags Iago into the lamp with him when imprisoned.

  • Please replace the contents of Pokémon with the contents inside the following folder:
"Stop right there, Zoroark! One step closer and this little one is no more!"

Grings Kodai: I've thoroughly enjoyed playing our little game of tag. However, I already knew it would end this way.
Ash Ketchum: Stop, Kodai! All the trees and flowers will die!
Kodai: What do I care?! As long as my visionary powers grow, it's all worth it!
Ash: So you don't care what happens to Crown City?!
Kodai: It's true that twenty years ago when I touched the Time Ripple, Crown City withered, but no one knows a thing about that, just as no one will know what I've done today. All anyone knows is that I'm doing my level-best to capture the "evil" Pokémon Zoroark. (cackles evilly) VICTORY IS MINE!! (cackles even louder)

Pokémon has several especially heinous villains.

Character names are from the English dub.

Entries in each group are by original release date.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • XD: Gale of Darkness: Ardos, one of the sons and Co-Dragons of Cipher's leader Greevil, shows himself to be the most vicious and fanatical member within an already monstrous organization. Ardos is fully involved and supportive of Cipher's worst atrocities, involving the mass corruption of Pokémon into becoming unfeeling Shadow Pokémon—whereupon they'll be rendered unable to be purified and massed into an army through which Cipher will control the world. When Greevil is defeated, Ardos, in a last moment of desperation, attempts to cajole his father into killing the child protagonist by wiping out their base on Citadark Isle—-taking all his subordinates in the building with it, to which Ardos merely scoffs "such things can be replaced". Even in the post-game, Ardos is as dedicated to the Cipher agenda as ever even when his father has surrendered himself, coldly informing the protagonist they are now Ardos's top target.
  • Mystery Dungeon: Explorers: Darkrai serves as the true Big Bad. He was responsible for the collapsing of Temporal Tower that lead to the Bad Future, tortures an innocent child with violent nightmares to lure out the Player Character and their partner, and makes several attempts to assassinate them so he can try his plans again. One of his most heinous acts involves trying to have the heroes willingly commit suicide by tricking them into thinking their existence is threatening the space-time continuum due to time travel shenanigans. A Manipulative Bastard par excellence, he has no regrets for his crimes and wishes nothing more than the complete and utter destruction of the world, just so he can rule the tattered remains.
  • Ranger: Guardian Signs: Purple Eyes is the nefarious leader of the Pokémon Pinchers and a true sociopath who eclipses even the Societea in cruel ambition. Kidnapping and brutalizing Rand before the plot and pulling the strings behind Red Eyes and Blue Eyes, Purple Eyes debuts in the midst of holding Rand's family hostage and torturing his young daughter Nema. After he's sold as a lost cause by Dr. Edward, Purple Eyes raids the parts of the Golden Armor from the other Societea members, usurping Dr. Edward's position and controlling Mewtwo into finishing him off—gleefully brushing off Rand's apparent sacrifice once he takes the bullet. Once he's defeated, Purple Eyes allows himself to die with the full knowledge that without the Golden Armor's power, the fortress he and the Rangers are on will plummet into the ocean and create a tsunami powerful enough to wipe out Oblivia and everyone in it. Purple Eyes truly comes into his own in the story's last extra mission; after repeated interrogation, Purple Eyes snaps and decides the only logical course of action is to exterminate all humanity and recreate it as its supreme god, attempting to goad Arceus into killing off all humans whilst leaving himself as their sole survivor.


  • Diamond and Pearl:
    • Cyrus lacks any of the sympathetic qualities his game counterpart had, becoming pure evil in the process. The leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus poses as a business mogul, while secretly organizing destructive raids around the Sinnoh region, with little care as to gets hurt in the process, all for the purpose of summoning Dialga and Palkia to create a perfect new world. Cyrus steps on anything and anyone to get his way, apathetic to the harm of Pokémon and humans in general, demonstrated when he utilizes a machine that sends out sound waves that cause Steel Pokémon immense pain and drives them into hostile frenzies. He coldly orders Commander Mars to utterly obliterate Iron Island and everything on it for the simple purpose of ridding himself of Ash and his friends, something he demonstrates little hesitance in doing. Cyrus is perfectly willing to employ the below-mentioned Hunter J to his cause as well, despite knowing the hunter's brutal ways, and in the end, ultimately dooms the entire universe—as well as his own loyal allies—to destruction to rule his perfect new world alone. Psychopathic and with a total Lack of Empathy, Cyrus ends up as possibly the most vile team leader to ever grace the anime.
    • Pokémon Hunter J is a remorseless poacher of Pokémon who hunts rare Pokémon to sell on the black market, with little compunction or restraint in stealing them from other trainers. To do this, J petrifies the Pokémon and leaves it as a statue she keeps in storage, and is perfectly willing to petrify other humans and leave them petrified. Not only does she mistreat any and all Pokémon and people that work for her, but her callous Lack of Empathy for humans and Pokémon alike is shown when J drops a section of her airship—containing several of her own men—for the purpose of ridding herself of ten-year-old protagonist Ash in her first appearance, as well as several Pokémon, and also later during attempts to directly kill him and his friends several times, including having her Salamence set fire to a densely-populated forest for this purpose. Brutal, sadistic, sociopathic, and unfettered, J ultimately ends up complicit in a scheme which will result in the ultimate destruction of the universe.
  • Zoroark: Master of Illusions: The Big Bad, Grings Kodai, is a powerful businessman who discovered one of Celebi's Time Ripples. Gaining its power at the price of annihilating the nearby city's plant life, Kodai used this power for his own greed. In the present, Kodai kidnapped a Zoroark's baby Zorua, importing the baby into another region and using blackmail to force Zoroark to terrorize innocents to make himself look good. He intended to renew his abilities by touching the Time Ripple again, at the threat of once again devastating the ecosystem solely for the money. Once Zoroark tracks Kodai down, Kodai threatens Zorua's life, electrocuting it with his gauntlet to almost fatal extents to prove he was serious. Upon being tricked by Zoroark, Kodai loses it and instead electrocutes Zoroark to death in his fury, just as the two were finally being reunited.
  • Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel: Cabinet Minister Alva is a cruel, scheming man who seeks to usurp control of the Azoth Kingdom through force. Alva devised a technique known as the Mega Wave, forcefully and painfully trapping Pokémon in their Mega Forms, using them in his attempt to take the power of Magearna. Alva assures Magearna's compliance by torturing Ash and his friends, before tearing out Magearna's mechanical heart, forcing Racel to watch. Using Magearna's heart to empower his flying fortress, Alva attacks the Nebel Plateau, forcing Magearna to ravage its own home, and spitefully tries to destroy the plateau and everything on it by letting his fortress plunge into it.


  • Phantom Thief Pokémon 7: Team Galactic member Io is depicted as a cold, ruthless woman who won't hesitate to eliminate anyone, even her own subordinates, standing between her and what she wants. Five years prior to the story, she kidnapped Hiori's twin sister Lily, when both kids were only five years old; registered her into Team Galactic; and conducted experiments on her mind that wiped her memory of her old life, her family, and even having ever been kidnapped. She also had Lily routinely brainwashed via her Misamagius's powers. When Lily gets her memory back and turns against Team Galactic, Io takes her frustration out of her Number Two by having her Pokémon attack him, calling him worthless before attempting to kill both Lily and her brother. Io showed no loyalty to her organization's cause and sought to usurp control within it and then Take Over the World by exploiting the powers of the Pokémon Darkrai, whose Hypnosis technique would enslave the minds of every living being so that they'd all do her bidding. When warned that this could also ravage the planet and cover it in darkness, Io doesn't care so long as she can reign supreme. She is also shown to treat Pokémon as little more than weapons that she can hurt and use to hurt, even forcibly enhancing them to make them serve her purposes better. When Darkrai breaks free from the special Poké Ball she tries to catch it in, she tries to force it under her control.
  • Diamond and Pearl Adventure!: Charon, while bad in Pokémon Platinum, is worse here. He introduces himself by ordering his agents to suicide bomb a crowded stadium, the explosion potentially destroying the whole town were it to spread. He holds no regard for the lives of others and plans to control the world with money made from selling legendary Pokémon, as well as to extort more money from the masses by threatening them with the power of Giratina. He also conducts nasty experiments on Pokémon that shuts off their hearts and essentially turns them into living weapons, Koya's Growlithe being among his victims, and we see him use a bunch of Skuntank under Mind Control as explosive weapons against the opposing trainers. Charon doesn't even treat his colleagues within Team Galactic well, as he captures the organization's previous leader, Cyrus, and tries to kill two of his top officers when they leave to find him. Cyrus goes on to rally the remaining agents against Charon, despite he himself previously trying to destroy the universe. Thinking only of himself the whole way through, Charon ends the series the sole character to reject The Power of Friendship as a concept and thus ends up thoroughly irredeemable.
  • Arceus and the Jewel of Life manga retelling, by Makoto Mizobuchi: Marcus/Markus lacks the good intentions of his anime counterpart, resulting in a power-hungry monster. Upon learning of Damos acquiring the Jewel of Life from Arceus, Marcus decides to steal it for himself. He plans to do so by using his Bronzong to hypnotize Damos and lure Arceus into a trap, then have all of his Electric-type Pokémon—all of whom, most prominently Heatran, are under his control due to special armor, with those who try to rebel subject to beatings—electrocute it to death. The initial plan failed, with Arceus retaliating by obliterating everyone in the temple, Marcus included. When the heroes of the present travel to this era to prevent the event from taking place, Marcus decides to manipulate them into helping him and improve on his trap. He would pour Silver Water onto Arceus, while his Pokémon would carry out their usual commands. When the heroes learn of this, they tried to warn Marcus that his action will damage the space-time continuum, only for him to say he doesn't care, that he's even glad even to see this happen as it would make him him feel like a god, and has his Pokémon and soldiers kill them when they try to stop him. When they manage to foil his plan, he kills himself, activating a mechanism which upon his death would collapse the temple and kill everyone inside it, meaning his last act would cause the deaths of, at the very least, possibly hundreds of Pokémon and human alike.

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