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MisterAlways Go away. from The Netherlands.
Go away.
Mar 7th 2010 at 5:21:59 AM

Just saying, somebody should run a Minecraft server for Tv Tropes. See what you crazy people get up to.

Always touching and looking. Piss off.
ArcanGenth Geekling from Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Mar 8th 2010 at 6:05:02 PM

Ok, allow me to be the first to ask:

What the hell is Minecraft?

Tzetze DUMB from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Thnikkafan ? from Faroe Islands (not really) Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
Mar 10th 2010 at 4:53:14 AM

I like Minecraft.

Advice: If you have the "indev" version, make a Huge, Deep, Floating map. Then be awed.

Anyone who assigns themselves loads of character tropes is someone to be worried about.
Worlder What?
Mar 15th 2010 at 4:46:43 PM

I only know how to destroy an entire level into an ocean.

Mar 29th 2010 at 3:25:50 PM

I've been screwing around in Minecraft as of late. It's fun, although I'd like to actually play it with someone else one of these days.

Mar 29th 2010 at 5:03:09 PM

The new infdev terrain generator is pretty cool.

I'm hoping Notch starts working on multiplayer indev soon, though.

Xiphoniii Cheeky son of a.... from Florida
Cheeky son of a....
Mar 29th 2010 at 5:15:47 PM

Interesting. As soon as I can download again, I'll check it out...

Mar 29th 2010 at 5:17:23 PM

It's a Java game at the moment. No download required until Notch finishes it. cool

Mar 29th 2010 at 5:49:46 PM

Just pre-purchased it. Now things are getting interesting. :3

Mar 29th 2010 at 7:08:40 PM

I can't get it to work. It keeps spitting out the following error message: org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated

Mar 29th 2010 at 8:38:10 PM

Ok, after updating my graphics card (thank you, Miijhal), I appear to have entombed myself in lava. Send help. tongue

Mar 29th 2010 at 8:51:11 PM

Set up a server. Curious if it actually works.

I emailed you the link, EI.

edited 29th Mar '10 8:51:24 PM by Miijhal

Mar 29th 2010 at 8:53:46 PM

Failed to connect

You failed to connect to the server. It's probably down!

Mar 29th 2010 at 8:56:09 PM


Edit: Bah. Looks like I'm going to have to install quite a bit more than I feel comfortable doing to set up a server...

edited 29th Mar '10 8:59:42 PM by Miijhal

Xiphoniii Cheeky son of a.... from Florida
Cheeky son of a....
Mar 30th 2010 at 4:16:13 AM

Yeah...just got killed by zombie do I use stuff?

Mar 30th 2010 at 4:26:22 AM

Left click is attack, right click is use, tab is fire arrow, provided you're not playing the indev version.

Xiphoniii Cheeky son of a.... from Florida
Cheeky son of a....
Mar 30th 2010 at 5:16:08 AM I was wondering about that...and I can't seem to connect to the server for multiplaer, though that's likely a problem on my times. Flooded myself in with lava...I had a barrel of laughs over the sight of standing on exactly one block, the only one not covered in lava...

Mar 30th 2010 at 9:12:40 AM

I'm currently making a tower surrounded by a pit that reaches the very bottom of the map.

Do not attempt this if you don't have a lot of time on your hands. Four hours and I only finished two 1 block wide sides and half finished another. Dying a lot didn't help.

And this weekend I think I'll look further into making a server. I want to know what exactly some of the programs I need do.

edited 30th Mar '10 9:13:51 AM by Miijhal

Mar 30th 2010 at 9:14:06 AM

Are you playing in Survival, or Creative mode?

Mar 30th 2010 at 9:18:21 AM

Indev, which is essentially a more complex version of survival. Item crafting, farming, etc. I'll take a screenshot when I'm done. :3

edited 30th Mar '10 9:20:13 AM by Miijhal

Mar 30th 2010 at 9:25:14 AM

been trying the games but the trolls on multiplayer creative oh god THE TROLLS. Its been fun really finding caves and developing them building an underground city complete with a ballroom and then I want to make a fortress.

No im not addicted! really I'm not... right guys... guys?...

Apocalypse: Dirge Of Swans.
Mar 30th 2010 at 9:56:53 AM

Why can't there be more than ten explosive packs from the start? Why? Why? Whyyyyy?

Mar 30th 2010 at 10:44:32 AM

Better than indev. You get none. You have to make them from parts dropped by monsters.

Also, finished the first part of all four walls. Now for the fun part: Finishing the second part of the wall when even a single hit will send me flying into my own lava pit.

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