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Regarding the Trivia namespace (crowner switched 5th Jun 2016)

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Brainulator9 Regular garden-variety troper. from US Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
Regular garden-variety troper.
May 6th 2019 at 7:36:36 AM

It's in the crowner already. Mostly downvoted, admittedly, but it's there.

I voted up.

You don't mean no-nothing at all to me...
Pichu-kun ...
May 6th 2019 at 10:23:05 AM

I asked this in ATT but decided to bring it up here before continuing with the TLP that splits the trope: Should Urban Legends be Trivia?

Most non-gameplay examples from Urban Legend of Zelda examples were moved there, but one is under Trivia and the other is Main.

Edit: I'll bring it up in TRS.

Edited by Pichu-kun on May 8th 2019 at 7:21:41 AM

naturalironist from The Information Superhighway Relationship Status: TV Tropes ruined my love life
May 7th 2019 at 5:42:38 AM

Many urban legends exist within a work, or are themselves very short, tropeable folklore. So not trivia.

I did like your idea of creating a new trivia trope for urban legends about works.

"It's just a show; I should really just relax"
alnair20aug93 The Taste of Inktober from Furrypines Relationship Status: Chocolate!
The Taste of Inktober
May 28th 2019 at 12:57:42 AM

I've been told here and here that Divided for Adaptation is considered Trivia. I had crosswicked it some time ago, but stalled due to my uncertainty on whether it was a regular trope or it was Trivia.

The latter link told me that it's a Trope-Trope for the adaptation and a Trivia for the original work. So, can it be considered a Trivia trope nonetheless?

That's all there is. There isn't anymore. YOWZA!!!
May 28th 2019 at 4:51:15 AM

It's not anything for the original work. It's the adaptation that's been divided.

It's not Trivia either; it's part of the work, not external to it.

Edited by HighCrate on May 28th 2019 at 4:52:53 AM

naturalironist from The Information Superhighway Relationship Status: TV Tropes ruined my love life
May 28th 2019 at 5:19:41 AM

Adaptation tropes are sort of a grey area where they are about both the content in a work and content external to it (the original work). There has been discussion to the contrary, but they are generally not considered trivia. If I had my way these would be listed as trivia (or not at all) on the original work page, and in the main example section on the adaptation page.

"It's just a show; I should really just relax"
May 28th 2019 at 5:25:04 AM

[up] I would agree with that, leaning heavily toward not listing it at all on the original work.

crazysamaritan Could we just... not have Death anymore? from Lupin III
Could we just... not have Death anymore?
May 28th 2019 at 5:39:16 AM

Yes, the only reason for tropes for an (official) derivative work to appear in the original work page (or non-trope subpages) is that the official derivative work does not yet have its own wiki page. (Derivative works not authorized by the Creator/estate shouldn't be troped/wicked on the original work pages except for fanficrecs.)

Link to TRS threads in project mode here.
Primis from Nsburg
Jun 3rd 2019 at 9:25:03 AM

Why is Adaptational Context Change trivia? It's definitely something found within the work.

Also, is anything ever going to be done with this crowner? It's three years old.

Edited by Primis on Jun 3rd 2019 at 9:52:32 AM

Night Vision Image Quality Cleanup Thread
Jul 15th 2019 at 4:22:15 AM

[up]Agreed, most of the entries are done already (including Role Reprisal, which isn't marked as such), it needs a clean-up.

I would have added Character Outlives Actor to vote on already, but I'd rather see a cleared-up crowner first.

Edited by StFan on Jul 15th 2019 at 1:22:33 PM

Aug 21st 2019 at 7:20:21 PM

Dewey Defeats Truman and The Great Politics Mess-Up seems like trivia entries. The "tropes" here are that the author predicts something will happen in the future, and (surprise, surprise) said predicted thing doesn't actually happen. This isn't something the author intends on adding to their work, and it doesn't change the work if what they predicted actually does happen.

GastonRabbit A troper draws near! from Robinson, Illinois, USA Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
A troper draws near!
Sep 17th 2019 at 8:35:43 AM

In this TRS thread, Role Reprisal was renamed to Role Reprise due to word misuse in the old name, so the TRS thread involves listing it under the new name in addition to moving it to Trivia.

Edited by GastonRabbit on Sep 17th 2019 at 10:36:22 AM

"Guess what? You got it for free. Are you proud of yourself?"
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