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Do they have any Mitigating Factors or Freudian Excuse?

Here you discuss any potential redeeming or sympathetic features the character has, the character's Freudian Excuse if they have one, as well as any other potential mitigating factors like Offscreen Villainy or questions of moral agency. Try to present these as objectively as possible by presenting any evidence that may support or refute the mitigating factors.

Do they meet the Heinousness Standard?

Here you compare the actions of the Candidate to other character actions in the story in order to determine if they stand out or not. Remember that all characters, not just other villains, contribute to the Heinousness Standard

Final Verdict?

Simply state whether or not you think the character counts or not.

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Jan 25th 2020 at 7:07:18 PM

Alright, I have a fun one now...Unicron didn't keep, and neither does Shockwave, but there's one more Transformers IDW and in my opinion, one of the best for last. I give you...Bludgeon.

Who is Bludgeon?

Once a ruthless Decepticon and one of the most feared criminals from the great war. Bludgeon became infamous for leading an army of 'deviants' as one of the worst events in the war and vicious war crimes, such as trying to send a hostage in a shuttle to crash into a settlement....or in one instant, finding a moon was inhabited by aliens and initiating orbital bombardment.

Forming a group later, Bludgeon essentially crafted a cult that believed the way to spread the glory of Cybertron was murder and destruction...finding the remains of the mighty Decepticon Thunderwing, Bludgeon tried to revive him to start the apocalypse, intending on a mass sacrifice of worlds, and to send Thunderwing from planet to planet to exterminate all life to create a reborn Cybertron from the ashes, and to satisfy his craving for suffering. Bludgeon was defeated, mind seemingly destroyed....Bludgeon's body was used by another villain for a while until he regained himself. Bludgeon served Shockwave's mentor Jhiaxus, but was defeated and killed...only to return for his own purposes.

Learning a region in the Sea of Rust was teeming with unborn sparks, he became performing horrible experiments on them and captured Transformers, twisting them into agonized monsters. When the Dinobots investigated, he murdered the Transformer Barricade, attempting toe xperiment on the rest, tossing the warrior Strafe into corrupted Energon just to see what it did. Bludgeon escaped and returned to take the dormant Titan Trypticon...think a mountain-sized T-rex monster, to go on a killing and conquering spree for Cybertron. Killing and capturing other Transformers, extracting and experimenting on their Sparks to control the others? He used Trypticon's energies to corrupt them, intending to send Trypticon out and annihilate a lot, only to be defeated again and blasted before an enraged Trypticon who vaporized him...

Except he survived again when recovered by his old boss Starscream who eventually made him an agent, thinking he was under control and using him to get information on Unicron...issue here, of course...well, being a monstrous apocalypse junkie? Bludgeon switched allegiances to Unicron and tried to lure all sides into a trap to wipe them out and unleash Unicron. Trying to help Unicron's forces to wipe out Cybertron and multiple worlds, Bludgeon led their forces and tried to wipe out the US's east coast ebfore the Dinobots confronted him. Killing several of them, Slug, his nemesis, engaged him in a duel and sent their ship crashing to earth by the White House, saying they had to both leave the board to end things, both dying in the resulting explosion.


For all villains? Bludgeon is a war criminal with a huge body count who tries to wipe out planets constantly. He tries to go full Omnicidal Maniac with Unicron and oh yeah, he's a twisted mad scientist who performs horrific experiments on countless Sparks. He's one of the worst villains in all Transformes' canons, a sadistic killer and a chaos junkie out for the apocalypse over and over. Pass.

Mitigating Qualities?

Originally, you could argue Bludgeon is in it for the good of Cybertron. His apocalypse Cult is all in on that, thinking the way to honor Cybertron is violence, death and rebirth...until he reveals he's just a chaos junkie who joins Unicron because he wants to annihilate everything, abandoning any shred of what might have once been redeeming.


A keeper.

IukaSylvie from Kyoto, Japan Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
Jan 25th 2020 at 7:08:06 PM

[tup] the images.

Here's the tally for the Enmu quote:

  • [tup]: PureGrainAlkaSeltzer, MasterN, GeorgieEnkoom, ImperialMajestyXO
  • [tdown]: Lightysnake, Libraryseraph, papyru30

If anyone wants to weigh in, the original quote is here, and MasterN's modifications are here and here. I'm posting this because nobody responded when I first brought it up.

Edited by IukaSylvie on Jan 26th 2020 at 2:46:22 AM

The Woobie Drafts; Pending Woobie Writeups
SkyCat32 The Draftsman of Doom from Nakatomi Plaza Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
DemonDuckofDoom from Some Pond in Hell Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Jan 25th 2020 at 7:36:13 PM

[tup] Albert Fish, Doom, Godwin, and Bludgeon.

So I finish watching Pumpkin Scissors a week or two ago and I think I got two candidates to offer, so here we are. Let's start with the one I was super certain he was going to make the list, Albert Mion the antagonist of the Waterwork Drug Ring arc.

Who is he what does he do?

Albert Mion is the president of Mion Waterworks Company, an important client of the army, and a drug kingpin. Seeking membership to his benefactors The Silver Wheel, an Illuminati-esque group with highly advance technology and top position in government, Mion heads the drug ring in the waterway. Taking advantage of the refugees there who lost everything from the war, Mion has his men sell Himmel, to turn them into drug addicts and exploit them for profit. When the Pumpkin Scissor Brigade learned of his operation when conducting an investigation there, Mion bribed the release of his men in hopes the brigade will eventually give up in stopping him. When the brigade continued persisting, Mion decide to take matters in his own hand.

Mion with his connections manage to acquire advance weapons and ordered his men to kill the group, however he was hiding his actual scheme. Having full control over Hans, a super soldier and pyromaniac entrusted to him by the Silver Wheel who he has use before to eliminate anyone investigating him, he ordered Hans to eliminate the Pumpkin Scissor Brigade and his own men and in case Hans couldn't get it done, had the waterway flooded to drown everyone. When his men returned after being saved by Pumpkin Scissors, Mion was able to convince them that he had nothing to do with it and pinned on his benefactors. Thinking he had the advantage, Mion had his men who hold a representative of the Silver Wheel at gunpoint to threaten him into having him be part of the main circle of the Silver Wheel, but when they were outclass by him and Claymore, an elite military squad sent to capture him, Mion tried to escape with Hans, burning anyone trying to stop him. He ultimately meets his end when losses Hans to Olan and Claymore and gets executed by an agent of the Silver Wheel within Claymore, who made it look like it was an accident via a stray bullet.


Mion is a drug lord that exploits victims of war and poverty, and isn't afraid to incinerate anyone who gets in his way to death using a mentally tormented pyromaniac.

Mitigating Factor:

Nothing. While we have a lot of asshole nobles, Mion is the only one involve with drugs and who try to directly kill his opposition, even letting his men die if it benefits him. Also while he did save his men from starvation before the events of the arc, Mion himself had no problem letting them die when dealing with the Pumpkin Scissor Brigade.

Final Verdict:


Edited by TheImmortalAngelNewton on Jan 25th 2020 at 7:36:50 AM

Scraggle from Calgary Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Jan 25th 2020 at 7:48:30 PM

Sure to Mion. Easy yes to Bludgeon.

2015!Doom...okay, does it technically matter if the villain is a Generic Doomsday Villain (which TBH anyway I think is an overly vague and decayed trope that floats around nowadays with no clear or consistent meaning anymore whatsoever) if their motivation is completely incoherent? Yes, Doom technically has a personality. What he does not have is a clear reason to want to destroy the Earth or even become evil in the first place. I think he goes from an already two-dimensional character into a living Diabolus ex Machina: a living plot force just to give the team something to punch up.

It's the fault of the movie's writing more than anything, but I'm saying "no" to 2015!Doom. No attempt is made to establish any kind of coherent motive for his apocalyptic plan—if a character can be DQ'd for degenerating into a GDV, I'd argue this is as close a case as any.

I want my MTV
Jan 25th 2020 at 7:51:11 PM

I'm kinda inclined to agree on Doom

Jan 25th 2020 at 7:55:47 PM

What was the final tally on Ghirahim? I noticed a lot of nos and abstains during the voting on him.

Think you're tough because you made it through Lord of the Rings? Real men survive The Silmarillion.
SkyCat32 The Draftsman of Doom from Nakatomi Plaza Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
The Draftsman of Doom
Jan 25th 2020 at 7:56:10 PM

[tup] Mion.

Abstaining on Doom upon reconsideration.

[up] I don’t remember, but [tup] far outweighed [tdown].

Edited by SkyCat32 on Jan 25th 2020 at 10:59:29 AM

Do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?!
Kylotrope Barb(Its a thread joke you wouldn't get it) from Honolulu Hawaii
Barb(Its a thread joke you wouldn't get it)
Jan 25th 2020 at 8:01:08 PM

I recall He says that his motivation is because he didn't want humanity ruining "His" world like they ruined there own.

It seems to have been a weird attempt at making him sympathetic....Wich is yet another display at how awful the writing is, that the writers didn't realize how Egotistical that is.

Edited by Kylotrope on Jan 25th 2020 at 6:09:40 AM

Things are really about to get Fun around here
PureGrainAlkaSeltzer The Lord Of Walruses from 1200 Pennsylvania Ave Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
The Lord Of Walruses
Jan 25th 2020 at 8:03:45 PM

[tup] to Fish, Blugeon, and Mion. Gonna give a [tup] to Crash Test Doomy, too.

So anyway, here is the final CM for Johnny Socko, and probably the weakest CM here, but I still think he warrants a effortpost nonetheless.

What’s the work?

Johnny Socko And His Flying Robot is the American dub of the Tokusatsu series of the same name, which was an adaptation of the manga Giant Robo. For more plot details, see the previous CM effortposts.

Who is Drakulon? What has he done?

Drakulon, appearing in the episode “Drakulon, Creature Of Doom” is a space vampire who works for Guillotine. He turns a town full of people into vampires, which he has been using to try and trick Johnny, Jerry, and other Unicorn agents into entering to turn them into vampires, which happens to one luckless Unicorn agent in the prologue.

When Johnny and Jerry investigate, Drakulon surrounds them with vampirized townsfolk, which are now his slaves. Most of them are unable to do anything other than chase the duo and moan about how they need blood (They can’t just call Giant Robot because Johnny's wristwatch controls fell off). Drakulon is able to get them to surrender after he captured and threatens to kill Mari unless Johnny orders Giant Robot to attack Unicorn. (Johnny is able to get the robot to not obey the whole”fly into the sun” order due to saying “Do not obey order” backwards into the watch, under the guise of testing the watch). After Drakulon is satisfied, he ties up all three, places them into coffins, and prepares to vaporize them, but gets stopped due to Giant Robot flying to Johnny's location. They escape, Drakulon grows big, and gets killed.

Mitigating factors?



Not gonna bullshit to you guys, when compared to Guillotine, Botanus, Harlequin, or even Snake, his rap sheet is pathetic. He only destroys on town and fails in his mission, nor does he try for anything grander.

However, the vampire slaves Drakulon has are in clear agony, and are only able to respond to his commands. Ergo, he puts a town of people in agonizing torment just to get mooks. Such actions are rare in this show, and as such I believe that he fulfills a unique niche. Not to mention, he has no problem with causing children to suffer this fate, either, and he tries to vamperize Johnny and Mari before a Robot comes in. As such, in spite of his more low key acts, I believe he crosses the standard.


I think he could be a keep, but I understand if you guys don’t agree.

I have no idea what I am doing
G-Editor School During 2020 from America Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
School During 2020
Jan 25th 2020 at 8:19:22 PM

[tup] to Bludgeon and Mion.

The last time I did the tally it was 29 [tup] to 9 [tdown], but I think more [tup] soon came. Either way the number of [tup] Far outweighed the number of [tdown]

Edited by G-Editor on Jan 25th 2020 at 6:20:41 AM

It's a Pandemic Special
Forenperser Foreign Troper from Germany
Foreign Troper
Jan 25th 2020 at 8:21:19 PM

I honestly agree in [tdown] on Doom. He didn't really seem to have any consistent motivation.

Belief Makes You Stupid indeed.
Jan 25th 2020 at 8:21:44 PM

Based on the EP, [tup] to Bludgeon.

DemonDuckofDoom from Some Pond in Hell Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
HamburgerTime The Merry Monarch of Darkness from Dark World, where we do sincerely have cookies Relationship Status: I know
The Merry Monarch of Darkness
Jan 25th 2020 at 8:58:11 PM

[tup] Bludgeon.

The pig of Hufflepuff pulsed like a large bullfrog. Dumbledore smiled at it, and placed his hand on its head: "You are Hagrid now."
Awesomekid42 Relationship Status: It was only a kiss
Jan 25th 2020 at 9:09:36 PM

I'll give a [tdown] to 2015 Doom

SkyCat32 The Draftsman of Doom from Nakatomi Plaza Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
The Draftsman of Doom
Scraggle from Calgary Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Jan 25th 2020 at 9:59:20 PM

Something about Drakulon strikes me as off. Maybe it's the lack of a body count compared to the other villains attempting mass murder, maybe it's the vague definition of "agony" the EP posits, but I'm saying "no."

I want my MTV
MasterN The Plasma King from Florida- I mean Unova Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
The Plasma King
Jan 25th 2020 at 10:12:27 PM

[tup] to Bludgeon and Mion Sonozaki

[tdown] to 2015!Doom and Drakulon.

Edited by MasterN on Jan 25th 2020 at 10:12:42 AM

One of these days, all of you will accept me as your supreme overlord.
VeryVileVillian Judge Death from Russia Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
Judge Death
Jan 25th 2020 at 10:32:50 PM


"The Crime isss Life. The Sentence isss Death."
IukaSylvie from Kyoto, Japan Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
Jan 25th 2020 at 10:33:39 PM

[tup] Bludgeon, Mion, and Drakulon.

With this effort post, I wish to correct the past mistake of proposing my second candidate while I could not recall everything needed.

What is the work?

Tweeny Witches is a spiritual predecessor to Little Witch Academia produced by Studio 4°C from the early to mid-2000s.

Arusu is an ordinary girl who finds herself Trapped in Another World named the Magical Realm. She begins her new life as an apprentice witch with her native peers, Sheila and Eva, who have been cursed for failing to stop her. Things get even darker when the warlocks wage war on the witches in search of the needed resources to cast dark magic. Grande, the Big Bad, plans to evacuate the warlocks from the dying Magical Realm at the expense of the Human Realm, meaning Arusu has to save both worlds.

The series spawned an episodic OVA spin-off titled Tweeny Witches: The Adventures. Some episodes reveal previously unknown backstories of characters, and in "The Secret of Dragon House", we meet the worst of the warlocks outside the main enemy faction.

Who is Jestor? What has he done?

Jestor was Magica's father and the best scientist in the Warlock Realm. The police arrested him for treason in an unspecified incident, much to his resentment. He escaped several years later but went so mad with revenge that he had become unrecognizable in personality by the time Magica found his underground base. He failed to recognize Magica as his own son at first before telling the boy his plan: to remind the world of his rejected existence, he would destroy the Witch Realm first and the Warlock Realm next. His death left Magica alone with kind robot Gigi (spelled as Jiji in the subtitle and the credits for the Japanese staff) and the program against the Witch Realm.

This leads to the episode in question. Gigi prompted Eva, the only witch still awake on the Day of Sleeping, to stop Jestor's computer program from taking the Witch Realm by surprise. Dragon tried to destroy the mother computer as a last resort, only for Gigi to stop him because it would only activate the program automatically. It was only after the program began that the heroes were able to prevent destruction.


As you know, the standard of Tweeny Witches is high. Grande is A Nazi by Any Other Name, Sigma has a Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Lennon is a murderous pirate who later attempts harm on his own mother, and the Ice Witch is a power-hungry cannibal who Would Hurt a Child.

But if the Warlord doesn't disqualify every other example from Echoes, I don't see why this should disqualify Jestor. He attempted Disproportionate Retribution against the entirety of his own species for his imprisonment, even ensuring that the destruction of the mother computer would trigger a surprise attack on the Witch Realm anyway.

He was the only warlock whose villainy was independent of the military and thus the conspiracy that drives the plot of the main series for the second half. For a character with limited resources, he's got a unique niche and left an impact.

Mitigating factors?

This is the tricky part.

I once argued that Jestor had moral agency issues because he was said to be insane and failed to recognize Magica as his own son. However, watching the episode again made me doubt this because I don't think a villain would reveal their plan afterward while still unable to recognize a close person.

It's unknown what Jestor was like before turning into a vengeful madman bent on destruction and whether he had a good reason for resenting his imprisonment. The government and police of the warlocks are far from innocent either, as shown by Grande's cannibalism of his Honest Advisor and how Sigma is casually discarded for failing his superiors.

However, no one alive — not even Magica or Gigi — expressed sympathy for his cause. It also doesn't help that Jidan, the Stoic Woobie father of Lennon and Arusu, remains decent and sane despite having been wrongfully imprisoned by the warlocks twice, the second time for the last 6 years.

Lastly, I quote his sole appearance from the subtitle just for your information:

Gigi: Please stop! The young master is not the one who made this base!
Eva: What?
Gigi: The great Jestor, who was once hailed as the best scientist in the Warlock Realm, made this base. Master Magica's father.
Dragon: Then where is his father?
Magica: He's dead. But even after he died, his spirit still lives on like this.
Warlock Police: Get up!
Jestor: Why do I have to be arrested for treason? Let go! Let me go! Stop!
Magica: My father was the best scientist in the Warlock Realm. But he was arrested for treason for a certain incident. Several years later, he escaped from an asylum. I searched everywhere for my father. But when I found my father's base in the Desert of Extinction…
Jestor: Who the hell are you?
Magica: My father was like a different person. My father tried to retaliate against the society that banished him.
Jestor: I'm going to let the entire world know of my existence! First, I'll destroy the Witch Realm and then the Warlock Realm…
Magica: [...] My father died, unable to get his revenge on society. He was insane. But he was a genius and left behind something that is frighteningly negative.


I can't think of anything definitely mitigating about Jestor, but I understand if you disagree with keeping him.

Edited by IukaSylvie on Jan 26th 2020 at 4:38:30 AM

The Woobie Drafts; Pending Woobie Writeups
VeryVileVillian Judge Death from Russia Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
Judge Death
Jan 25th 2020 at 10:35:14 PM

What he does not have is a clear reason to want to destroy the Earth or even become evil in the first place. I think he goes from an already two-dimensional character into a living Diabolus ex Machina: a living plot force just to give the team something to punch up.

Well, he previously stated that humanity probably should die (while he was still human) and he didn't want humans to "ruin his world", then he states that he wants to create his own world on Planet Zero, where he rules everything. So motivation is there, just rushed and badly written. And even in his Doom form, he has enough of a dialogue to establish just enough personality for his Doom persona.

Edited by VeryVileVillian on Jan 25th 2020 at 9:37:57 PM

"The Crime isss Life. The Sentence isss Death."
papyru30 The Powerfu Popula Prestigiou Papyru from Colorado Relationship Status: I want you to want me
The Powerfu Popula Prestigiou Papyru
Jan 25th 2020 at 10:55:58 PM

I'm with Vile on this one, we've ad villains go up with less personality and no clear motivation.

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