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Complete Monster Cleanup Thread

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions and Common Requests List before suggesting any new entries for this trope.

IMPORTANT: To avoid a holler to the mods, please see here for the earliest date a work can be discussed, (usually two weeks from the US release), as well as who's reserved discussion.

When voting, you must specify the candidate(s). No blanket votes (i.e. "[tup] to everyone I missed").

No plagiarism: It's fair to source things, but an effortpost must be your own work and not lifted wholesale from another source.

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What is the Work

Here you briefly describe the work in question and explain any important setting details. Don't assume that everyone is familiar with the work in question.

Who is the Candidate and What have they Done?

This will be the main portion of the Effort Post. Here you list all of the crimes committed by the candidate. For candidates with longer rap sheets, keep the list to their most important and heinous crimes, we don't need to hear about every time they decide to do something minor or petty.

Do they have any Mitigating Factors or Freudian Excuse?

Here you discuss any potential redeeming or sympathetic features the character has, the character's Freudian Excuse if they have one, as well as any other potential mitigating factors like Offscreen Villainy or questions of moral agency. Try to present these as objectively as possible by presenting any evidence that may support or refute the mitigating factors.

Do they meet the Heinousness Standard?

Here you compare the actions of the Candidate to other character actions in the story in order to determine if they stand out or not. Remember that all characters, not just other villains, contribute to the Heinousness Standard

Final Verdict?

Simply state whether or not you think the character counts or not.

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May 4th 2019 at 4:58:53 PM

Would work.

Also, will add the two to the draft page as soon as it's open.

ACW Unofficial Wiki Curator for Complete Monster from Arlington, VA (near Washington, D.C.)
May 4th 2019 at 4:59:05 PM


[down] Gotcha. We can probably mention him in Zeverin's entry anyway.

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CM Drafts; Pending CM Writeups
May 4th 2019 at 5:06:11 PM

The problem? Relem is a demon and lacks the personal touch. Agency is a little sketchy

G-Editor School During 2020 from America Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
School During 2020
May 4th 2019 at 5:10:01 PM

[tup] to Zeverin

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It's a Pandemic Special
erazor0707 The Unknown Unknown Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The Unknown Unknown
May 4th 2019 at 5:13:37 PM

[tup] Zeverin and Mother Brain.

Copyright? Plz, I'm a troper.
DemonDuckofDoom from Some Pond in Hell Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
TheMadCr0w from Insignificant Little Blue Planet Relationship Status: Every rose has its thorn
May 4th 2019 at 5:22:02 PM

[tup] Zeverin

Give me some sugar, baby.
KazuyaProta Porky from A Industrial Farm Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
May 4th 2019 at 5:53:12 PM

[tup]Gerald, Zereven

HamburgerTime The Merry Monarch of Darkness from Dark World, where we do sincerely have cookies Relationship Status: I know
The Merry Monarch of Darkness
May 4th 2019 at 6:01:55 PM

[tup] Zeverin.

The pig of Hufflepuff pulsed like a large bullfrog. Dumbledore smiled at it, and placed his hand on its head: "You are Hagrid now."
May 4th 2019 at 6:10:41 PM

Shadow Master from Double Dragon

The Show: Loosely based on the video game series, Double Dragon stars twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee, the prophesied Double Dragons and the proprietors of the Dragon Dojo. Together, they defend Metro City and the world from the Shadow Master, the nefarious leader of the Shadow Warriors. Assisting them are police officer Mariah Martin, and the Dragon Warriors (Kona Tsunami, Colonel Neil "Blaster" McReady, Mike "Chop" Pollard, Vortex, Kami, and Daj).

Who They Are: Shadow Master is the older half-brother of Billy and Jimmy's mother, Marika. As a young man, he joined the Dragon Dojo, though only for the prestige and knowledge that he could gain from it, and not because he respected or cared about its traditions and beliefs. Sensing the evil in Shadow Master's heart, the proprietor of the Dragon Dojo, Oldest Dragon, passed him over as his successor, instead choosing John Lee to become the new Dragon Master. Enraged by this, Shadow Master acquired supernatural powers from the Black Flame—a mystical fire that was somehow created by the abandoned electromagnetic grid buried beneath Metro City—and founded the Shadow Dojo, an organization that would help him Take Over the World. The Shadow Dojo houses the Shadow Warriors, soldiers made up mostly of mutants and homeless people recruited from the slums, and trained via brutal gladiator matches that the unscrupulous spectate and bet on. The main Shadow Warriors are Icepick, Sickle, Trigger Happy, Countdown, and Jawbreaker. Any minion who displeases Shadow Master is magically added to the Shadow Mural, a tapestry that is covered in dozens of victims, all of them frozen mid-scream (whether or not the victims are conscious and aware in this state is never made clear).

When the legendary Double Dragons, his nephews Billy and Jimmy, were born, Shadow Master tried to abduct them from the hospital, but he only managed to get Jimmy and Marika. John escaped with Billy, and left him with Oldest Dragon before disappearing while trying to rescue his wife and other son from the Shadow Dojo. Shadow Master was fully prepared to kill the infant Jimmy, but promised to spare him if Marika willingly allowed herself to be imprisoned in the Abyss, a monster-filled pocket dimension accessed through a mystical gate within the Shadow Dojo. Shadow Master spent the next twenty years raising Jimmy as his son and apprentice, giving him the moniker Shadow Boss. Billy, meanwhile, was raised to be the new Dragon Master by Oldest Dragon.

What They Do:

  • 2. After rebuilding the Shadow Dojo, which was destroyed in the first episode, Shadow Master meets with Jimmy, and his henchmen Abobo and Wild Willy. Finding Wild Willy annoying, Shadow Master traps him in the Shadow Mural, and then does the same to Abobo. Shadow Master then muses on subjecting Jimmy to some terrible fate, informing him that as his "son" he deserves to be punished far more severely than his minions for his failings, but then he decides to give Jimmy a second chance, ordering him to reverse the polarity of a newly opened fusion plant (so that it sucks in all of the city's power) and to bring him Billy. Jimmy gets Billy, but since he failed to procure Billy's sword, Shadow Master orders that Jimmy be executed alongside Billy. Billy and Jimmy escape, team-up, and prevent the fusion plant from being taken over by Shadow Master.
  • 3. Becoming aware of a chi master named Su Lien, Shadow Master feigns repentance to lure her to him, and then attempts to "consume" her knowledge and destroy her mind using a device called the Virtual Reality Scanner. Su Lien temporarily banishes Shadow Master to a tundra with the help of Billy, Jimmy, and the new Dragon Warrior Kona Tsunami.
  • 4. Shadow Master has begun flooding the streets of Metro City with a highly addictive designer drug called Oblivion. Shadow Master sees the money that the drug brings in as merely a bonus, what he really enjoys is the death (two users are shown dying in a car crash) and chaos that it causes, his plan being to get enough people hooked on it to turn Metro City into a crime-ridden Hellhole that will be easy pickings for the Shadow Warriors. After his minions take a child hostage to get away from the Lee Brothers, Shadow Master decides to use the boy as the test subject for Super Oblivion, a new version of Oblivion designed to make its users suggestible and obedient by permanently crippling their higher brain functions. Before Shadow Master can give the boy a glorified lobotomy, the child is saved by the Lee Brothers, who destroy the Oblivion lab with the help of the new Dragon Warrior Colonel Neil "Blaster" McReady.
  • 5. After their gladiator ring is raided by the police, Shadow Master orders Sickle to deal with the informant responsible, a homeless man named Vortex, and drives the point home by trapping a rat in the Shadow Mural. Developing an interest in Vortex due to his fighting style, Shadow Master has the homeless children that Vortex looks after abducted, and threatens to kill them unless Vortex wins twelve consecutive matches against in-training Shadow Warriors. When Vortex makes it to the seventh round, Shadow Master decides to just kill the children by blowing up a damn, flooding the riverbed where the children are being held; they are saved by the Lee Brothers, and it turns out that their father was the one trained Vortex. A flashback reveals that Shadow Master, in his search for John Lee, murdered Vortex's parents, and then tried to kill the young Vortex. The Lee Brothers save Vortex, and he becomes the newest Dragon Warrior.
  • 6. Wanting to increase the power of the Black Flame, Shadow Master attacks the station that monitors Metro City's ancient electromagnetic power grid, and causes Billy to lose his memory by knocking him into an EMF. After abducting him from the hospital, Shadow Master convinces Billy that he is his son, and turns him into the new Shadow Boss by exposing him to the Black Flame. Shadow Master takes Billy with him during a second attack on the EMF station, where Billy's memory is restored by another EMF.
  • 7. Wanting to upgrade his arsenal, Shadow Master disguises himself as a businessman and approaches prodigy mechanic Mike "Chop" Pollard, who he manipulates into building new attack vehicles for him. Shadow Master uses the vehicles to take over an oil refinery, which he threatens to blow up—destroying all of Metro City—unless the Dragon Dojo surrenders to the Shadow Dojo. When Chop realizes that he was tricked and confronts Shadow Master, Shadow Master rips off the high-tech prosthetic arm that he gave Chop and takes what's left of it as a memento, only leaving Chop alive to taunt him, seeing no point in wasting any further time and effort dealing with a "useless weakling" (i.e. a cripple) like him. Chop is able to help the Lee Brothers and Tsunami liberate the refinery, and becomes a Dragon Warrior.
  • 8. A corrupt police officer and a fake judge (a disguised Sickle) get Jimmy sent to a Hellhole Prison on trumped up charges at the behest of Shadow Master. Shadow Master proceeds to put a contract out on Jimmy's life, and arranges for all of the guards at the prison to be pulled from the exercise yard, so that the convicts can attack Jimmy uninterrupted while Shadow Master watches. With the help of a sympathetic inmate named Fireball, Jimmy is able to survive long enough to be saved by Billy, and Shadow Master retreats, abandoning his crooked officer ally.
  • 9. Using a holographic projector invented by Icepick, Shadow Master frames the Lee Brothers for a string of bank robberies, so the police commissioner sics a robot called C.L.U. on them. C.L.U. is not particularly stable, and Shadow Master is amused by the fact that it might end up trashing Metro City in its overzealous pursuit of the Lees.
  • 10. When a new gun control law is enacted, Shadow Master takes advantage of it by selling heavy ordinance to criminals, and then to panicked citizens, causing widespread violence. After Jimmy is captured by the Shadow Warriors, Shadow Master lets them use him for target practice, and instructs a youth gang to attack the Dragon Dojo for him, convincing them to do it by promising them a massive reward, and by telling them that their age means that they will only get a slap on the wrist if they are caught. Chop successfully fends off the gang, and Jimmy is saved by Billy.
  • 11. Shadow Master is revealed to have murdered the parents and younger sister of Kami, the current leader of the Komodo Dojo. Recruiting Michael, a Junior Dragon, to her side, Kami equips him with magic armor based on her own, and together the two invade the Shadow Dojo. Kami is forced out by Shadow Master, who, wanting Michael's armor, tries to "burn it off" him using the Black Flame. At the last minute, Shadow Master decides to put off killing Michael, to use him as bait for the Lee Brothers. Billy and Jimmy manage to save Michael with the help of Kami.
  • 12. Shadow Master purposely leaves behind the key to the Abyss after retreating from a battle with the Lee Brothers. When the Lee Brothers use the key to open the gate to the Abyss, Shadow Master blasts them into it, and then imprisons the captured Dragon Warriors in the Shadow Mural. The Lee Brothers meet their mother, Marika, in the Abyss, and together they escape back to the Shadow Dojo. Shadow Master reveals to them that he has taken over the EMF monitoring station, and that he has increased the power of the Black Flame. Marika agrees not to use her own powers against Shadow Master in exchange for Shadow Master letting her sons go; Shadow Master initially appears to agree to the bargain, but then he has the Shadow Warriors ambush Billy and Jimmy. Marika releases the Dragon Warriors and has them save Billy and Jimmy while she willingly reenters the Abyss, having realized that her presence there weakened the Black Flame. The Lee Brothers and the Dragon Warriors are able to prevent Shadow Master from blowing up the EMF station in the expectation that doing so would make the Black Flame powerful enough to engulf and corrupt the entire Earth.
  • 13. Shadow Master gets a hold of the Eye of the Dragon, a gem that can give its wielder the ability to spy on anything or anyone anywhere on Earth. Shadow Master lets Jimmy steal the Eye of the Dragon, knowing that it will corrupt and destroy him, and then tries to publicly execute a traitorous young Shadow Warrior named Daryl as an example to the other Shadow Warriors. Daryl and a captured Billy are saved by the Dragon Warriors, and Jimmy is able to summon the strength to relinquish the Eye of the Dragon, placing it in its rightful place in the Dragon Dojo, which, energized by the gem, blasts away Shadow Master and the Shadow Warriors, who had managed to breach the Dragon Dojo.
  • 14. An ancient, trap-filled Dragon Temple is discovered beneath Metro City. It contains the Dragon Claws—artifacts which were used to seal Shadow Khan in a shield—which are found by an archaeologist named Doctor Linquist. Shadow Khan brainwashes Linquist into bringing him to Shadow Master, who falsely promises to release Shadow Khan in exchange for enhanced armor and weapons to use against the Lee Brothers. Billy and Jimmy manage to overpower Shadow Master and Shadow Khan using the power of the Dragon Claws, but Shadow Master escapes by using Linquist as a Human Shield.
  • 15. After attacking the Dragon Dojo, Shadow Master gets a hold of the Dragon Claws, as well as Billy's pet dog, which he traps in cyberspace using a machine called the Reality Simulator. Billy and Jimmy are also transported to cyberspace, and Shadow Master lets his minions torment them and their dog there while he works on stealing a weapon called the Positron Cannon. Billy and Jimmy escape from cyberspace, and trash the Shadow Dojo, but they are unable to reclaim the Dragon Claws, Shadow Master having forced Jimmy to choose between saving them or Billy's dog.
  • 16. Shadow Master, who has been hacking and stealing from banks all over the world, kidnaps Tsunami's girlfriend, Sashiko, who is an agent of Interpol investigating Shadow Master's thefts. Shadow Master forces Sashiko to accompany him into cyberspace, planning to kill two birds with one stone; she'll be bait for Tsunami and the Lee Brothers, who he'll kill after killing Sashiko in front of them. Tsunami and the Lee Brothers enter cyberspace and save Sashiko with the help of a Boxed Crook hacker nicknamed Megabyte.
  • 17. Shadow Master forces Shadow Khan to upgrade the Shadow Dojo by threatening him with the Dragon Claws. He then captures the Lee Brothers, Blaster, and Vortex, and begins terrorizing Metro City with illusions of its citizens' worst fears produced by Shadow Khan. As Shadow Master is being given the keys to the EMF station, the city's arsenal, etc., Shadow Khan, enraged by Shadow Master continuing to delay releasing him, begins indiscriminately blasting everyone and everything around him in a desperate attempt to knock the Dragon Claws (whose destruction will free him) into the Black Flame. In the chaos, the Lee Brothers escape and reclaim the Dragon Claws, which they use in conjunction with a weapon designed by Chop to dispel Shadow Khan's illusions.
  • 18. Shadow Master's latest cyberspace plot involves draining the minds of scientists, generals, scholars, martial arts masters, etc. through their computers in order to increase his own intellect and become the most brilliant mind on Earth. One of the victims is Su Lien, and Shadow Master demonstrates some of what he learned from her on Icepick. While Shadow Master works on stealing information pertaining to a new stealth jet that is being developed, Su Lien's mind (which is trapped in Shadow Master's cyberspace "brain bank" with the minds of all of the other victims) is able to get a message for help to Chop. The Lee Brothers, Tsunami, and Sashiko reenter cyberspace with the help of Megabyte and confront Shadow Master who, when the tide of the battle begins turning against him, decides to simply destroy the brain bank, erasing all of the minds held captive within it. Sashiko is able to wrest control of the brain bank, force Shadow Master out of cyberspace, and release all of the captured minds, which return to their bodies.
  • 19. Shadow Master has built a weapons factory beneath Metro City, and staffed it with mutants. While the mutants believe that Shadow Master will turn them into regular humans and give them better lives in exchange for their services, these are just lies that Shadow Master has told them; they are little more than slaves, kept in line with shock collars and fed to a giant, man-eating plant when they become too sick or weak to work. The Lee Brothers liberate the slaves and shut the factory down with the help of a mutant named Daj.
  • 20. An ancient sword is unearthed in the subterranean Dragon Temple, and Shadow Master tries to steal it from Linquist. When the Lee Brothers get in the way, Shadow Master tries to distract them by attacking Linquist, and when that fails, he resorts to melting the sword so that no one will have it, unaware that it houses the spirit of a warrior named Dao Lung, who possesses the Dragon Chopper when the scrap metal is integrated into the vehicle by Chop. Shadow Master proceeds to take over a massive community center so that he can use its factory to produce fighter jets, whose weapons he will test on the hostages, but they are saved by the Lee Brothers, the Dragon Warriors, and Dao Lung.
  • 21. After Countdown screws up a mission, Shadow Master angrily blasts him around the Shadow Dojo. Shadow Khan witnesses this, and convinces the disgruntled Countdown to help him destroy the Dragon Claws. Once free, Shadow Khan smacks around and demeans Shadow Master (to the barely concealed amusement of the Shadow Warriors) and takes control of the Shadow Dojo. Shortly after they take the Dragon Dojo, Shadow Master and Shadow Khan succumb to infighting, and end up being driven off by the Lee Brothers and the Dragon Warriors. Upon returning to the Shadow Dojo, Shadow Master imprisons Countdown in Shadow Khan's old shield prison.
  • 22. Shadow Master begins exacerbating dissent between mutants and humans, first by having Shadow Warriors attack mutants while disguised as anti-mutant protesters, and later by framing the mutants for the abduction of the police commissioner's blind daughter, Samantha. As race riots break out, Samantha gradually befriends her jailer, Jawbreaker, who pulls a HeelĖFace Turn and defends her when Icepick is sent to kill her at the behest of Shadow Master. As the mutants and humans reconcile, Shadow Master tries to bomb the mutants' underground settlement, but the bomb is diffused by Billy.
  • 23. As Shadow Khan begins terrorizing Metro City with his Terror Warriors, the Lee Brothers convince Kami to help them forge new armor and weapons for use against the nigh-unstoppable Terror Warriors. The equipment needs to be tempered in the Black Flame, and Shadow Master steals some of it when the Lee Brothers and Kami break into the Shadow Dojo.
  • 24. Breaking into an ancient Shadow Temple, Shadow Master awakens and takes control of a creature known as the Shadowmonster. Shadow Master rampages through Metro City with the Shadowmonster, which the Lee Brothers manage to re-freeze with the help of Dao Lung's old master, Chen Long.
  • 26. Shadow Master has gone the drug route again, producing a new, steroid-like one called RPM. He has gotten numerous mutants addicted to it, and they now slave away in his factory and steal for him in order to get more RPM. Shadow Master captures Billy and gives him an overdose of RPM, turning him into a berserk addict who he keeps giving more and more of the drug, always making him beg for it first. Impressed by how psychotically strong Billy (who gets rescued by Jimmy) has become as a result of the druggings, Shadow Master decides to use the RPM to turn all of the Shadow Warriors into berserkers like him, but Jimmy and a recovered Billy incinerate all of the fungus that the RPM is derived from, and destroy the RPM factory.

Heinousness: Bad Boss, slaver, multiple murderer, peddler of drugs and weapons, mind eater, trapped his sister in the Abyss, ordered his nephew/adopted son killed when he failed him, attempted mass murderer and child killer, etc. and all because he got passed over as the leader of a Dojo that he didn't even care all that much about to begin with.

He was the Big Bad and all of the show's other villains were subservient to him, with the sole exception being Shadow Khan, who was something of a Generic Doomsday Villain in that we never learned his backstory or motives. Compared to Shadow Master, Shadow Khan's actions once he was freed from the shield were relatively small-time; he terrorized children in order to get the fear energy needed to manifest the Terror Warriors, and enslaved mutants to build a lair for him, attacking their settlement with the Terror Warriors and toxic waste after the Lee Brothers and Daj liberated the slaves.

Mitigating Factors: All of his mercies were cruel, and he broke pretty much every promise and vow that he made. He imprisoned his sister in the Abyss, which indicated that he may have been unable to bring himself to kill her even though she "betrayed" him by siding with his rival John Lee, but even if that was the case, he shows no concern for her life when they reunite some twenty years later.|
Michealthehero21 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
May 4th 2019 at 6:11:20 PM

[tup] to Gerald and Zeverin.

Also guys, I think I found another candidate, and itís from an Disney film called: Treasure Planet. The villain in question is Scroop. But before I even consider Effort posting him, I need to ask one question, has he been discussed before?

emperors Messenger from another dimension. Relationship Status: It's complicated
Messenger from another dimension.
May 4th 2019 at 6:16:54 PM

[up] I just google searched he has. He was disqualified for his behavior being standard for a pirate.

Yes to Gerald and Zeverin by the way.

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Michealthehero21 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
May 4th 2019 at 6:21:30 PM

[up] Welp, so much for having an first candidate from Disney. Ah well, no heavy loss.

IukaSylvie from Kyoto, Japan Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
May 4th 2019 at 6:57:58 PM

[tup] Zeverin. By the way, I got a tricky candidate.

What's the work?

Tweeny Witches: The Adventures is an OVA spin-off of Tweeny Witches. In "The Secret of Dragon House", Eva meets a sapient robot named Gigi, also spelled as Jiji, who asks her to stop a computer program from destroying the Witch Realm on the Day of Sleeping. Together, they go to an underground base in the Warlock Realm that contains the mother computer. Eva's Dragon confronts a young warlock named Magica upon mistaking him for the creator of the program until Gigi reveals that it is the boy's father that created the program.

Who is Jestor?

Jestor is a Posthumous Character, so I'm going to discuss his actions in the past tense. He was the best scientist in the Warlock Realm and the Disappeared Dad of Magica. Years ago, the warlock police arrested him for treason because of a Noodle Incident. He eventually escaped prison, but by the time Magica found him, he had become so insane that he couldn't recognize his own son, being no longer the father the boy knew. He created a computer program to destroy the Witch and Warlock Realms in an attempt to get revenge on the society that cast him out, as well as to be well-known in the Magical Realm. In the end, he died of illness before he could complete his work, leaving the program to target only the Witch Realm.


Grande only appears in the original series, leaving him as the only villain in the OVA to attempt mass genocide. He acted independently from the military government of the warlocks, which had much more resources in the form of police officers, soldiers, cavalrymen, etc. But the issue is that the OVA shares its setting with the original series. In this light, he didn't do much to compete with Grande, who continued a long-running ethnic cleansing campaign, attempted a dimensional genocide, killed his Honest Advisor in front of the latter's young son, and manipulated an innocent girl into driving many of his species to despair with dark magic under the pretense of helping her.

Mitigating qualities?

His Freudian Excuse only serves as an explanation for his actions and he's portrayed as an Omnicidal Maniac scientist with no redeeming qualities. That said, I doubt his moral agency because he didn't have much screen time enough to show a full understanding of good, not to mention the fact that he was so out of touch with reality that he couldn't recognize his own son.


I'm unsure about this one, so I leave you to judge him.

Edited by IukaSylvie on May 4th 2019 at 11:53:44 PM

The Woobie Drafts; Pending Woobie Writeups
SkyCat32 The Draftsman of Doom from Systems Corp Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
The Draftsman of Doom
May 4th 2019 at 7:32:23 PM

[tup] Zeverin, Shadow Master

[tdown] Jestor

Edited by SkyCat32 on May 4th 2019 at 10:39:00 AM

Why did it have to be me who was created for this?
Libraryseraph World's Strongest Woman from Canada Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
World's Strongest Woman
May 4th 2019 at 7:36:17 PM

[tdown]to Jestor for agency reasons and to Royce for heinousness and indirect crimes

[tup] to Zeverin

Edited by Libraryseraph on May 4th 2019 at 10:38:35 AM

Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination
Bullman Relationship Status: Abstaining
May 4th 2019 at 7:36:25 PM

Yes to Shadow Master, but no to Jestor.

" ...I guess...some people might say...that...from certain're...pretty."
G-Editor School During 2020 from America Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
School During 2020
May 4th 2019 at 7:46:58 PM

[tup] to the Shadow Master

[tdown] to Jestor

It's a Pandemic Special
May 4th 2019 at 8:09:35 PM

@Library I forgot to mention that the info Royce and Barrows sold resulted in an American mission being compromised overseas. Again, he knew the assassination caused the plane crash and Chen was in constant contact with the two.

I'll report more on U.S. Marshals once I'm done with the re-watch on that tonight. I'm at the credits of The Fugitive, so I can confirm pretty much everything I said about Nichols was true.

Lentz's death was offscreen and half the samples that Nichols approved under his name were done the day Lentz was killed. That's not a coincidence. It also doesn't compromise everything else Nichols did even if it's not spelled out. Also, Kudrow from Mercury Rising didn't care if he put FBI in danger in the climax even though he didn't explicitly say to kill any of them. Nichols has clear knowledge of the danger Provasic can cause and doesn't care. Whether or not anyone else is involved is not spelled out, but Nichols is the one with the final say and is getting the credit for it all. Also, Kimble hit him with a pipe.

Edited by futuremoviewriter on May 4th 2019 at 8:16:09 AM

AustinDR from Fresh and ready for life.
May 4th 2019 at 8:19:11 PM

Today was pretty good. I officially am a college graduate, so I went out to eat with my parents afterward. As for everything else...[tup] to Lighty's candidates, [tdown] to the U.S. Marshall and Jestor.

And I had completely forgotten this, but for The Curse of La Llorona, no one counts. La Llorona's backstory is pretty much the same as the myth goes with her being remorseful for having drowned her two sons 500 years ago. The film was also not promoted as being a part of the Conjuring Universe series initially, but because of this, La Llorona is not heinous enough either as she only killed four characters in the film. There was also a minor antagonist that being a vengeful mother who made a deal with La Llorona to take the kids of a social worker in return for the sons that La Llorona killed previously. She of course has a change of heart and was motivated by genuinely loving her kids.

So, Lighty and I made an agreement; for 2020, he would take Conjuring 3, and as for myself, I'll reserve Annabelle Comes Home. There was also talk of The Crooked Man getting written up, but there is no official release date yet.

Why you little-!
KazuyaProta Porky from A Industrial Farm Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
43110 You should start singing for yourself now. from Mars Relationship Status: Abstaining
You should start singing for yourself now.
May 4th 2019 at 8:23:38 PM

I'll say yee to Zeverin and Shadow Master and no to Royce and Jester.

Seeing Lelouch of the Resurrection next week and will report back come its discussion date.

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