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Complete Monster Cleanup Thread

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Apr 15th 2019 at 4:22:30 PM

[up] That are there, but they are very different from each other, some wouldn't even have villains in them, so I do think the number of monsters in these books would be reasonable.

Apr 15th 2019 at 4:25:22 PM

Last call for the CM Quote Cleanup Thread. I will start the thread in Short-Term Projects in one hour if nobody else volunteers.

Complete Monster quotes cleanup
Apr 15th 2019 at 4:32:17 PM

Take it away, Imperial. Should be prompt incentive for me to begin a proper overview (and maybe proposal of some formal criteria) like I keep telling myself I'll eventually get to.

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I'm above this, so I'm not gonna comment.
Apr 15th 2019 at 5:13:16 PM

Go for it Imperial, glad that someone is going to do a cleanup for the quote page.

I like him more than the others.
Apr 15th 2019 at 5:20:18 PM

Okay, two weeks are up, so here we go:

What's the work?

The 2019 Ultraman anime series released on Netflix. This series is a direct follow up to the original series, but ignores all others after it.

Who's Alien Adacic?

Alien Adacic is an alien Serial Killer Shinjiro is sent after in episode 3 and into four and the first real Monster of the Week. According to other sources, he's a smaller subspecies of Baltan.

What does Alien Adacic do?

Alien Adacic is introduced hauled up in a warehouse. When Shinjiro arrives, he discovers Adacic finishing his latest meal, having his bloodsucking tongue down a man's throat gruesomely sucking all the blood out of his body, surrounded by an entire room full of corpses of his victims. The expression on his victim's face (which we get a lovely up close look at) heavily implies he was alive and aware when Adacic started sucking. When asked why he did this, he gleefully states humans are tasty.

Leading Shinjiro into the city, the two continue to fight. Adacic stops the chase in the middle of a crowded street surrounded by innocent civilians. He explains that the room full of victims back at the warehouse were only his latest meal and he's been committing similar massacres the entire time The Masquerade has been in effect, and mocks Shinjiro for his inexperience. When the teenaged Rena tries to encourage Shinjiro, Adacic tried to shoot and kill her simply out of boredom.

When Shinjiro lands some blows on him, he realizes the Science Patrol is trying to make an example of him to other criminals like him, which he is disgusted by...because he considers it an insult to his pride and blows up a crowded section of road in a rage, paying no heed to the civilians around them as he attacks.

After Shinjuro's limiter is deactivated and he cuts off Adacic's arm off, Adacic goes completely berserk and threats to kill and eat every civilian in the entire area on top of him, creating an army of clones. Shinjiro manages to get above him and finally obliterates him with the Specium Ray.

Redeeming Qualities?

None. Adacic is a sadistic, man-eating Serial Killer. There's no implication that he needs to feed on humans for food, but every indication he simply likes how we taste and actively enjoys killing people.

Heinous Standard:

Separate universe where all series past the first never happened. So all the other C Ms are in other universes.

In terms of the series, there are other killers in this universe, as most of the aliens are criminals, but Adacic (and the other CM I'll get to later) stand out for three reasons:

Number of victims: Adacic is introduced surrounded by corpses who were his most recent victims. I counted at least a dozen. Adacic makes it clear this is far from the first time he's done this. This body count is only rivaled by the other CM I'll be getting to. Furthermore, his murder method (sucking the blood out of a person with the terrified, pained expression on the corpse we see up close implying while they're still alive) is the most gruesome and worst way to go (other ways are being instantly splattered on a wall, blown up, and impalement that all seemed to be instant death).

Second, Adacic is a complete sadist who is absolutely gleeful at doing so. The others with the exception of Ace Killer don't show the same sadism, the other most prominent being a hitman who doesn't seem to really be all that sadistic, more he's just doing a hit. Adacic's only real given motive is 'humans taste good and I like killing people'.

Third, when outmatched, his response is 'kill everyone in the immediate area', whereas the second most prominent serial killer's is 'beg for mercy and surrender' (Ace Killer isn't a serial killer, he's closer to Adacic in this regard).

Also, Adacic is explicitly an alien criminal acting against the wishes of his kind: the alien races outside of Earth signed a peace treaty and Adacic is in violation of that.

I will say Ace Killer and him are about on the same level of heinous, just with different factors, I'll get into this more with Ace Killer's entry, but both have a simular body count, are their own flavor of sadist, and spiteful in defeat. Their M Os and personalities are vastly different, but overall they're simular enough that I feel Ace Killer doesn't disqualify Adacic or vice versa, and if I had to choose one, it'd be Adacic anyway.

If Adad was being HONEST about his threat, he'd be a contender, but he was lying and never intended to actually go through with it.

Final Verdict?

I say [tup]. Sadistic serial killer with at a bare minimum 12 victims with many more offscreen, and intends to double that body count during his Villainous Breakdown. Doesn't compete with really anyone but Ace Killer.

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Apr 15th 2019 at 5:24:25 PM

I just walked out of Hellboy (2019). I don't know all that much critics complained about, I felt a little rocked.

[down] Auto correct.

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"Carmen, take Lyric home."
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Here comes Peter Slashing Tail...
Apr 15th 2019 at 5:25:50 PM

The credits were complaining about the quality of the movie?

Why you little-!
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"Maybe death could make this more interesting"
Apr 15th 2019 at 5:37:51 PM

I remember my dad watching this a few days ago.

[tup] to Adadic.

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Apr 15th 2019 at 5:52:52 PM

[tup] Adacic.

"Carmen, take Lyric home."
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Apr 15th 2019 at 6:06:54 PM

Okay, second one:

Who is Ace Killer?

Ace Killer is the leader of the Ace Killer Squad of mercenaries and the true destroyer of the air liner 12 years ago.

What does he do?

12 years ago, he blew up an entire plane of innocent civilians as part of a job, killing everyone but a handful saved by Bemular. This resulted in Seiji, Ultraman Ace, having to be turned into a cyborg to survive. We're introduced to him casually destroying an inhabited oil rig in pursuit of his contract. Ace Killer makes it clear this kinda thing is just an average day for him.

When Seiji finally tracks Ace Killer down, Ace Killer sets a trap to make the entire building his squad were hiding in explode. Moroboshi finds him instead and his badly injured in the explosion with the squad of troops brought with him wiped out. Ace Killer is more annoyed the Ultraman he'd been hired to deal with isn't there, with the dead soldiers being no real concern to him.

His right hand man Alien Nepenthes suggest just leaving Moroboshi and Shinjiro alone, as they're not being paid to do anything to them and it'd be more pragmatic. Ace Killer really doesn't care, deciding that since they killed Moroboshi's men already, might as well kill the other two for fun. He then shoots Shinjiro in the chest and knocks him to the ground with a cheap shot before grinding his heel into Shinjiro's injury while Nepenthes keeps Moroboshi from interfering with Ace Killer's 'fun times'.

He then shoots Shinjiro in the stomach repeatedly while he screams in agony, finding out that the armor can survive it...but hurts a lot, so he decides to spend about a minute straight torturing Shinjiro by shooting him over and over again, only stopping so he can use him and Morobushi for bait for Seiji, threating to kill Shinjiro and Morobush if he doesn't show up. Ace Killer is disappointed that he has to stop.

Seiji shows up and begins to fight them, with the deaths of his men meaning nothing to Ace Killer, and he even is directly responsible for several of their deaths to no real concern, at one point deflecting Ace's Ultra Guillotine into two of his men. With Nepenthes providing a cheapshot to get the upperhand, he interrogates Seiji about who saved him and the others from the plane explosion, having Ace Killer Squad's surviving members mass fire on Seiji from all angles while he screams in agony, and keeping going until Seiji is left spitting up blood.

Upon learning about Seiji's childhood best friend Yuko, Ace Killer decides to kill her too regardless of where he gets information or not, only that if Seiji cooperates he'll kill her less painfully. When Seiji manages to cut off his arm, Ace Killer breaks out his Super Speed and speed blitzs Seiji, sadistically cutting him dozens of times while laughing gleefully before finally deciding to end it by impaling him through the chest and saying he'll give Yuko his regards when he kills her.

After Seiji manages to blow a hole through his chest (temporally killing him), Ace Killer decides he's going to make a trophy out of the teenaged boy's skull and moving in to stab him to death despite him already being seemingly mortally wounded.

Shinjiro manages to release his limiter through force of will and beat down Ace Killer before atomizing him with the Specium Ray, but Ace Killer has one last trump card even in death: his weapon sends a signal to his ship in orbit to send a massive bomb in an attempted Taking You With Me that only fails when Bemular destroys it.

Freudian Excuse? Mitigating factors?

None. Ace Killer lacks the original version's backstory of being a living weapon. While he's a mercenary, he's a clear Psycho for Hire and Soft-Spoken Sadist who enjoys every second of it and is more than willing to murder people who have nothing to do with his current job for no other reason than his own sadistic pleasure. Nepenthes outright describes his actions as his 'fun times'.

He doesn't care at all for the lives of Nepenthes or the rest of Ace Killer Squad and doesn't even address any of their deaths, let alone care.

Heinous Standard

Only real competitor is Adacic. Both's onscreen kills amount to double digit fatalities, and both are more or less stated to be daily business for both of them. One is a murderous serial killer and the other is a sadistic mercenary, both love killing people for their sadistic kicks.

While explosion deaths aren't are gruesome as death by having your blood sucked out, Ace Killer makes up for it by basically torturing Shinjiro and Seiji for his own sadistic kicks on three separate occasions in the same fight, with Nepenthes more or less saying this is simply Ace Killer's idea of fun and thus business as usual for him. Both these torture sessions also go on for a bit as well.

While his Taking You with Me attempt doesn't endanger as many civilians as Adacic's rampage did, I'd say that's more due to locations being different than anything else. Ace Killer was fought in the middle of a forest, Adacic in the middle of a crowded city, so he didn't really have a chance, but likely would have if he had the chance. Even then, he killed Morobushi's Science Patrol squad and while accidental, didn't care about their deaths and his choice to kill Shinjiro and Morobushi for kicks makes it clear he likely would've just killed them himself anyway if he'd had the choice.

Final Verdict

I say a [tup] . The only real reason he wouldn't is if Adacic's heinous standard muscles him out, but I consider them about equal to one another, just different flavors and methods.

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"Maybe death could make this more interesting"
Apr 15th 2019 at 6:41:15 PM

[tup] to Ace.

They Deserve to be made perfect as I wished.
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I'm above this, so I'm not gonna comment.
Apr 15th 2019 at 6:50:28 PM

[tup] Adadic and Ace.

I like him more than the others.
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Apr 15th 2019 at 7:50:28 PM

Yes to Adadic and Ace.

If anyone is interested in covering Choose Your Own Adventure books, other ones Lighty and I are covering, I can try to find some interesting ones, there are 200 books from this series, so there is a lot of potential covers and I just do not want to handle all that myself. Anyone can send me a PM, if they are interested.

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