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Feb 3rd 2019 at 9:45:45 AM

Except for y'know, Shadowbringers is suggesting its happening. Whuch would not make Zodiark a biased opinion.

All it takes is just one person who is too strong in either for the scales to mad. Just as the Warriors of Darkness became too strong and obliterated the Dark in their world, and Elidibus fear of Wo L growing power was to bring in the Wo D to counter it. The Ascians, conflict makers that they are, don't try to become ridiculously powerful themselves to keep balance either. They use other techniques for tenporary power boosts as Igeryohem and Lahabrea showed.

So iit really does take one person becoming too strong to ruin everything when they are the Champuon of Light or Dark. Lahabrea, fuckup that he is, even made it easier for it to happen in Heavensward by setting up the emergence of the Knights of the Round.

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RedSavant Demon
Feb 3rd 2019 at 9:54:48 AM

Again, I guess it's just how unbalanced the tipping point must be, because otherwise it really just doesn't make sense. If Darkness has any redeeming qualities of accepting differences and imperfections, allowing for growth and evolution via happy accidents, and so on, rather than the stifling order and perfection of too much Light, that's exactly what Nanamo outlines in her speech to Varis - imperfect people supporting each other and making up for each other's differences. That's what Eorzea is, or at least, that's the ideal. meanwhile, the "nation built for chaos" is a fascistic empire that seeks to unify mankind. Sure, maybe that's Varis's personal goal and he's slipped Solus's chain a little bit, but.

I guess maybe it's just that those qualities are related to Darkness and Light, but aren't the only things that make up the forces. Like I said, it's laughable to think that the world will end because people are too nice to each other.

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Feb 3rd 2019 at 9:58:26 AM

They really only mean causing conflict with others to breed chaos. The facist stuff is just the motivation to make the Garleans inknowingly act. The Ascians don't believe in any of that stuff, but the extremism makes instigating conflicts easier, and conflict breeds chaos as much as anything.

Remember Solus death even started a bloody civil war by design.

RedSavant Demon
Feb 3rd 2019 at 10:12:43 AM

I guess I would just be more in favor of this plot direction if Solus wasn't a strutting cartoon caricature and one of the more overused villain types in Japanese media. The Ascians have never once come off as well-intentioned extremists or as people who could conceivably be fighting an uphill battle against the tide; they're a maniacal death cult. No one seems interested in explaining why an Ascian claims to be interested in maintaining balance, either.

If the idea is that the Ascians themselves are basically accomplishing a good thing (keeping balance) more or less by accident while attempting to bring about a complete fall to Darkness, I guess that's understandable. But in that case, it's a good thing that a Light army will be showing up (after all the fighting against Darkness is over, naturally) so we can beat it up.

Feb 3rd 2019 at 10:24:43 AM

I mean Elidibus has done more things to keep Balance than engage in cartoonish villainy 24/7. Like the young boy he taught to combat the Warring Triad whose name is a star in Ophiuchus. He even saved him from the XIII when he would have orherwise perished.

He also makes sure when he does use someone he eliminates them afterwards so they aren't allowed to continue engaging in cartoonish yandereness like Asahi.

Theyd also been setting up for awhile a disaster was coming, which is why he tried ro get Urianger on his side by informing him of the disaster soon to come.

The rest are cartoonish though.

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Feb 4th 2019 at 2:20:55 PM

Got to the point of meeting up with the Doman resistance.

Yotsuru continues to be dumb and Zenos arguably even more so from what we hear secondhand of him.

If we do get a nonhuman race they're probably going to be like the wolf dudes in Namai - a base human skeleton with an animal head, hands, and tail since it looks like they can wear standard gear just fine without too much extra work.

Susano's fight is pretty rad. I'm glad we're getting more neutral to friendly primals in the lore.

Speaking of Namai, that just means "name". Weird thing to call a village unless it has some other meaning I don't know.

Steven from The Room Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Feb 4th 2019 at 3:05:05 PM

We are not getting a non human race.

Something something thoughts and prayers
RedSavant Demon
Feb 4th 2019 at 4:11:43 PM

Namae means name. Namai doesn't mean anything on its own in Japanese but could probably be written a few different ways; wiki says it's an in-universe name for a local plant.

Feb 4th 2019 at 4:48:47 PM

Shows how good my Japanese is

man they love their weird obscure old school FF enemies in these games. Do they explain what the deal is with the brass heads?

NaraNumas Pun Dragon
Pun Dragon
Feb 4th 2019 at 4:53:17 PM

They were an enemy you'd find somewhere in VI, they look a lot more horrifying with the jump from 2d to 3d though

As for the deal with them, a lot of the weird monsters in Doma are roaming Shikigami that had gone masterless since the Garleans purged Doma's Onmyedo for having what was akin to summon magic.

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Hobgoblin Cool Blue Magic from Jylland Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
Cool Blue Magic
Feb 4th 2019 at 4:53:36 PM

Magically created mud golems.

Every argument with Shantotto will eventually become a rap battle.
lycropath Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
Feb 4th 2019 at 5:31:43 PM

And like most of them, they are based on a yokai.

Feb 4th 2019 at 6:03:11 PM

Yeah, I recognized them from VI. It's nice getting context on some of the more esoteric enemies from older FF's here.

Kinda hope they use V and VII's Unknowns somewhere.

Steven from The Room Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Feb 5th 2019 at 9:30:13 AM

I love how everyone is throwing salt over the car mount breaking "muh immersion/lore", but no one seemed to give a fuck about Cloud's bike, or a flying Behemoth, or a flying T-Rex, or a flying Gobbue, or Yo-kai Watch elements being a thing in Eorzea, or the Final Fantasy XIII crossover.

Something something thoughts and prayers
NaraNumas Pun Dragon
Pun Dragon
Feb 5th 2019 at 12:31:18 PM

I can't wait to go to Garlemald and it turns out cars are an in-universe invention for civilian travel to make up for them not being able to use aetherytes

Reflextion Cheerful Misanthrope from Nowhere Relationship Status: What's love got to do with it?
Cheerful Misanthrope
Feb 5th 2019 at 1:50:46 PM

[up] No, that's not EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL enough for Garlemald. They have magitek hovering rickshaws pulled around by slaves workers from conquered provinces

Never attribute to stupidity what can be explained by malice. Never attribute to stupidity OR malice, what can be explained by both.
Steven from The Room Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Feb 5th 2019 at 2:01:33 PM

Isn't the empire emulating the Allagans? They'd have their shit automated instead of using weakling savages.

Something something thoughts and prayers
Feb 6th 2019 at 12:38:36 PM

Wouldnt be shocked if it wasn't FFXII Empire inspired.

RedSavant Demon
Feb 7th 2019 at 5:39:45 PM

Can anyone give me a hand remembering which song this is? It's a part of Tsukuyomi's boss theme, and I can vaguely remember some of the lyrics, but it's not the Ala Mhigan or Garlean anthems and I can't seem to find the Doman anthem on Youtube.

Timestamp here.

LittleMako The red twin from the Great Indoors
The red twin
Feb 7th 2019 at 5:42:47 PM

I think it's a rearrangement of part of Revolutions, the lyrical theme from Stormblood.

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Formerly known as Gaunt 88
LordVatek Not really a lord of anything
Not really a lord of anything
Feb 7th 2019 at 5:43:13 PM

[up][up]That's Revolutions.


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This song needs more love.
LittleMako The red twin from the Great Indoors
The red twin
Feb 7th 2019 at 5:47:25 PM

You can hear the melody start in Revolutions at about 0:27

Formerly known as Gaunt 88
RedSavant Demon
Feb 7th 2019 at 6:01:50 PM

Aha, I knew it! Thanks, folks.

NaraNumas Pun Dragon
Pun Dragon
Feb 7th 2019 at 9:34:45 PM

Also, some people still mad about the Nier raid not making sense I managed to shut up by pointing out how Omega's origins come from a planet an impossible, impossible distance away from Hydaelyn, and XIV's take on Omega's classical design wouldn't have been entirely out of place in Nier itself.

Coincidence or had they had this crossover in the works since Alphascape? Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out Omega is from Nier's earth.

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Feb 7th 2019 at 9:39:11 PM

There's also an Hive Mind machine God made from old human robots that is traveling space in Nier seeking to teach the univrse the wonders of humanity and being human.

Also te Alien Machines Ark traversing space as well depending on the route.

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