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Aug 20th 2021 at 5:04:30 PM

A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away...

The Empire has fallen to ruin, after the destruction of the Second Death Star and multiple victories claimed by the Rebellion the once galaxy spanning Empire has become a husk of its former glory. However what finally brought it to ruin was not the defeats, but the financial destruction caused by the various defeats. Without the Emperor around to keep control the galactic banks lost faith in the Empire and began to withhold key supports from various important planets, allowing the Rebellion to finally reinstate the Republic and bring order to a galaxy once caught in the thrall of evil.

However with the death of the Empire comes concerns for the newly reborn Republic, not just of the various Empire holdouts but of the same banks pushing the Empire's own debts to the forefront and destabilizing things once more. In order to prevent this the Republic has put together a group of highly trained individuals to help deal with this burden by tracking down Imperial holdings and ships left behind after the Empire's fall and turning them over to Republic holding so they can be disassembled to their basic parts and resold in order to both boost legitimacy and repay their debts. These agents are dubbed members of the Republic Department of Reacquisition, less formally known as 'Scrappers'. Each one has authority to repossess any Imperial ship, holding, or officials, and in return a hefty commission. However they are held to a certain amount of suspicion by the recently liberated worlds, and always hunted by Imperial loyalists wherever they go.

Its a galaxies worth of adventure and danger for any who dare to go out, but the payout will be worth it in the end.


Quick Info

Jedi exist in a sort of weird area of the current era, with Luke Skywalker only recently opening an Academy and welcoming those Jedi scattered to the galactic winds by the Empire they are few and far between, either seen as heroes who will solve any issue, or treated with suspicion after the brutality of Vader and his Inquisitors.

For the purposes of the RP please have your characters have the ability to speak common, other languages are fine but that is a base requirement.

This story takes place in an alternate timeline following the sixth movie, and will not lead into the Sequel Series. Not out of any form of hatred toward the movies but in order to not be bogged down by canon anymore then needed.


Character Sheet

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Race: (Any canonical, sentient race from the Star Wars universe. Including Droid)
  • Profession: (From Bounty Hunter, Pilot, Smuggler, to Jedi. Who was your character before they were a Scrapper)
  • Skills:
  • Weapons:
  • Personality:
  • History:
  • Appearance:
  • Etc: (Everything else)

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Aug 20th 2021 at 5:58:29 PM

  • Name: Oeya Claži (original form: Oeyac'laži)
  • Age: 23
  • Race: Twi'lek
  • Profession: Jedi
  • Skills:
    • Force-Sensitivity: Naturally attuned to the all-encompassing Force, Oeya has become moderately adept with precision telekinesis and life-force sensing, able to detect living beings for up to a mile's radius when meditating and 200 metres when merely concentrating. She is capable of lifting a fully armoured man with relative ease using nothing but her will, and can push, pull, and manipulate objects of similar weight and size with about the same amount of effort. She struggles somewhat with moving larger objects around, but comparatively excels in precise and difficult manoeuvres with smaller objects. She is also able to enhance her own physical feats and acrobatics as an extension of her telekinesis, but this is considered a necessity for learning proper lightsaber technique to begin with.
    • Fighting Style – Form III “Soresu” / Trŕkata Hybrid: In lightsaber combat, Oeya favours a more passive and defensive fighting style, similar to that of her idol Obi-Wan Kenobi. Inspired by the teachings of Luke Skywalker in reminiscence of his late mentor, Oeya has also chosen to fuse this style with the more tricksy Trŕkata style—a somewhat controversial practice due to its reliance on deceptive manoeuvres. Nonetheless, this enables her to skillfully switch off and reignite her lightsaber blade at calculated moments during a battle, which can throw off her opponent or allow her to perform swift and elaborate manoeuvres otherwise impossible with a constantly lit blade.
  • Weapons:
    • Lightsaber: A standard, single-blade lightsaber with a green-tinted blade, with a funnel-tipped black hilt decorated with thin golden patterns across its metal. It is very rarely seen ignited outside of active combat due to Oeya's personal philosophy, and its relative lack of use can be seen in its near-immaculate condition. Oeya keeps it holstered in a simple leather loop hooked onto her belt.
  • Personality: Oeya is a serene, peaceable type who emphasizes spirituality over any form of conflict, and prefers to meditate amongst the hidden quiet spots of any given location rather than seek out excitement. Still, she possesses a strong urge to assist others and a heart perhaps too big for her sense of composure to keep a hold of, and she so despises conflict to the point of becoming increasingly distressed the longer a fight drags on. It is for this reason she tries to keep her battles as swift and painless for her opponent as possible, both psychologically and physically, and often cradles those in their final moments as best she can whenever she has the opportunity to. Though perhaps not as collected as an ideal Jedi should be, and vulnerable to her own despair, Oeya undoubtedly has the heart and courage that can fuel her to greater feats of goodwill in the future.
  • History: Born on Ryloth to the Laži clan of Twi'leks, Oeya was taught to attune herself with nature from an early age and allow the environment to guide her over any other calling. Unwittingly drawn towards the will of the Force during her meditations, the young Oeya was compelled to follow the path of joining the newly reestablished Jedi under Luke's tutelage, and soon began preparing herself in order to head offworld once she was of age enough to do so. Having undergone training enough to be considered a worthy Knight, the freshly-promoted Oeya has turned her attention towards the needs of scrappers amongst the Republic, and has elected to join their specialist group in an effort to widen her net of assistance throughout the galaxy. That, and she is incredibly eager to use this opportunity as an excuse to explore said galaxy with her new colleagues.
  • Appearance: A young Twi'lek woman of around 5'8" in height, in good shape thanks to her training and active lifestyle and often preferring to dress in lightweight, traditional attire from her clan instead of the usual Jedi robes. Pink/purplish skin and with eyes to match, difficult to miss in a crowd. Possesses a vestigial third lek tucked between her larger lekku; a birth defect that renders them even more sensitive as a whole.
  • Etc: May or may not have scoured the Republic records for information on the relatively obscure Trŕkata techniques. She also may or may not (if she may have done) told any of her masters about it, which may or may not be still a source of guilt to her today. Maybe. Or maybe not.

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Tell Me, Have You Seen the Yellow Sign?
Aug 20th 2021 at 11:13:06 PM

  • Name: Cahryera Nim'ail
  • Age: ~31 note 
  • Race: Anzat
  • Profession: Bounty Hunter
  • Skills:
    • Handy Skills: Cahryera is a decent slicer and, by necessity, handy with patching up machinery, including ships and droids. That is patching up, not necessarily repairing anything back to 100%. She communicates in Anzat, Galactic Basic, Huttese, and Binary. Naturally, she has a knack for hunting from tracking to bushcraft.
    • Force Sensitivity: Cahryera is naturally attuned to the force and practices but was never formally trained. She is very mobile, the force enhancing her abilities, especially acrobatics, and enabling her to walk up walls, ceilings, etc. and, briefly, to phase through objects.note  Cahryera has her people's knack for telepathy but mostly uses it to pass subtle messages. She lacks the experience to powerfully affect minds. Her heightened senses mean that she can react to blaster fire, but she hasn't been trained to deflect shots. She trained herself in breath control. note 
    • Sword And Gun in Accord: Cahryera does not prefer to duel. She'd much rather ambush opponents and finish them before they can react. Naturally, her attitude and her talents lent themselves to her developing a fast-passed, high-maneuver style vaguely resembling Form IV: Ataru. Even then, she certainly hasn't formally trained in the style, and her trying it head-to-head with a jedi knight in a fair fight would be a terrible idea.
    • Soup Drain: Not a skill as much as a compulsion with benefits. Cahryera can eat normally. She has a plain mouth for this. She also has two tentacle-like proboscises that curl and extend out from her cheeks to extract 'soup' from brains. This is an excellent way for Cahryera to gain a boost in force strength and extra knowledge... and satisfy her appetite for awhile. Cahryera knows the story of Volfe Karkko and avoids indulging in this.
  • Weapons: Cahryera wields a techblade and a blaster pistol. Her techblade is a light metal weapon with a thick blunt edge opposite a cutting edge that resembles glass. It has a prominent safety grip. Her light blaster pistol is her primary weapon and comes with a scope and detachable stock. She declines heavier versions because she dual wields often. ...Also, alot of the Galactic Alliance used these kind of pistols, so they were cheap. She's happy to use grenades and mines when she gets her hands on them but those things are expensive. She technically carries a plasma cutter and a vibroknife but they're both for bushcraft and maintenance.
  • Personality: Cahryera is a whimsical, boisterous nomad without much in the way of attachments. She's can be very bubbly and friendly even to enemies. She has no qualms putting up a friendly face and then backstabbing a target. Between the cost of repairs and liking being alive, she has no sense of fair play. If Cahryera can take a target out by sniping them from orbit, she will. That said, she also seems to have a special talent for getting into big trouble. Telling Cahryera something is impossible is an excellent way to get her to try it and making a mark (and so interfering in whatever she can) in the galaxy is her raison d'etre.
  • History: Cahryera took her first bounty hunting job simply to get off planet and with a vague idea of making an impact on the galaxy. She joined suitable crews and jobs to stay involved in things and to learn. Cahryera's quality of life took a downturn when she finally went out on her own with her own ship. Technically, bounty hunting was supposed to pay the bills. But her hunts rarely paid the bills. Cahryera gravitated towards clients who couldn't help themselves and that often meant her clients rarely could pay much beyond offering a room and a meal for the night. She still might have stayed solo if not for the fact that her lack of funds finally caught up to her ship. Joining the scrappers sounded great when her own ship stopped starting. And when the engine flew off by itself when she finally did start it. The ship itself was her first scrapper haul.
  • Appearance: A near-human alien with pink tipped black hair and a metal implant/cheap stitching job over her right eye. Very often seen with a cocky smile. She carries alot of belts and straps to hold alot of tools, and wears light gloves. She's followed around by a bright green remote with a happy face painted on it. Her clothes tend to be covered in and smelling of oil. All in all, Cahryera looks like a maintenance technician at first glance.
  • Etc: (Everything else) Cahryera collects knick knacks, bones, teeth, and texts whenever able. She studies them in her spare time.

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King among Xanas
Aug 21st 2021 at 7:21:58 PM


@Century Eye

Both accepted.

Two more players and we can start this show.

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Sep 4th 2021 at 2:30:22 PM

Name: NL-Z-13-“Nails”

Age: 17

Race: ET-74 communications droid

Profession: Construction Foreman/Security/Troubleshooter

Skills: Nails is a very good shot, having been equipped with a targeting reticule and firearm programs, as well as a rough high-capacity melee program. It’s also very experienced in communications systems, data transmission and reception systems, and computer systems and networks. It can speak and understand Galactic Basic Standard, binary, and up to five other user-selected languages and is familiar with several industries. It is also stronger, faster, and tougher than a normal biped.

Weapons: A FC-1 flechette launcher, two SS-410 Police Specials (don’t ask), a EC-17 hold-out blaster pistol installed in a special flip-out space in one arm, chem-sprayer (think of mace), and a 9118 heavy carbine (all attached by magnetic clamps). Also carries a large cleaver as a melee weapon. It has refitted one pinky finger as a welding torch, another as a flashlight, and a large toolkit in a concealed compartment.

Personality: NL-Z is overall a pretty sedate individual. Its battle programming mixed with that of a droid overseer has caused it to consider itself “better” than most other droids and enjoys ordering them around. “Prides” itself on acting like a “professional.” Calm, amiable, but always tending to the direct and simple approach, it sometimes has trouble with subtle and sneaky approaches unless convinced. A worrying interest in military hardware and weapons. When not working NL-Z is amiable, used to working alongside organics and droids alike. Somewhere along the line a “personality” from an old mystery holo-film got mixed in, causing it to favor looking for “mysteries” and wanting to help others as well as a rougher code of “ethics” than it originally possessed.

History: Manger Shivan was an ambitious if somewhat cheap Devaronian. He specialized in refitting and salvaging old houses and buildings which could be very lucrative, particularly if the place had been sold as collateral for a gambling debt or the person had “suddenly” left town/died, often accepting additional fees to search the locations for special items to sell/save as directed. While he was never involved in anything *illegal*, Manger often brushed shoulders with people involved with shady enterprises.

Consequently, security was a high priority, making droids the preferred choice for workers since they could be trusted with expensive or questionable items and orders. He’d ordered a set of construction droids and somehow received two Mark II ET-74 communications droids instead of one. This was seen as an opportunity, and Mangar cashed in a favor with one of his less reputable friends to have the spare refitted as a patrol/security droid by means of grafting the programing of a GU-series "Guardian" police droid into its existing systems. This proved so successful thanks to its ability to multitask and coordinate with the smaller swarm of drones already on the scene for protection that he considered buying more and making a side business of selling the hybrids to other businessmen. Manger’s side business failed when the Wookie techspert he’d used for the initial refit vanished, ensuring that NL-Z13 was unique and it served well over the next decade without a memory wipe by its very cheap owner. At the same time, the droid became enchanted with a cache of weapons it had found on a patrol, and made the logical jump that if it reported them, it would lose the items, thus impairing its ability to protect the assigned area. Also, it had thus far been unable to use its weapon subroutines (Manger didn’t know about these, having assured himself that the droid would reliably call/direct for assistance and record any instances). The sudden and inexplicable death of Manger Shivan solved all of these problems neatly. None of the droids noticed anything unusual.

Out on the street, Nails was able to parlay its experience in dealing with Manger’s clients and friends into a new position, first as an overseer of other droids, then low level organic grunts. One or two objected to working for a “clanker,” but after it had demonstrated sufficient skill these concerns faded. However, it again felt that working for criminals might hinder its drive to explore its own capabilities. To this end it began applying for jobs with the Republic as a communications expert and occasional freelance merc/”detective”, seeing a legitimate employer as a safe way to employ its programs without fear of interference. And if it came across some interesting new tech or a new weapon, why not?

Appearance: Average human-sized (about 5 feet tall) and made of dull gray metal. Nails was painted with bright orange stripes and small daubs of light that glow under UV light so that Manger could tell it apart from the other. After his death, it has picked up a habit of wearing a set of anonymous worker’s clothes under a long coat and a hat-leading plenty to look right past it.

Etc: (Everything else)

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Sep 4th 2021 at 11:32:19 PM

  • Name: Caerrle
  • Age: Young Adult (just approaching her second century)
  • Race: Wookiee
  • Profession: Engineer
  • Skills: Caerrle is a skilled inventor who has successfully modified droids, weapons, and many miscellaneous devices. She has also learned how to fly certain ships in order to meet with prospective clients on various planets.
  • Weapons: Caerrle carries a repeating bowcaster that she made herself. While highly effective, it runs out of quarrels quickly.
  • Personality: Deadpan and sardonic, but exciteable when it comes to new ideas for projects. While she may seem a bit detached from other people, she does very much treasure any friendships and relationships that she may end up in, even if her work makes it difficult to maintain them.
  • History:
    • Born on the planet Kashyyyk, Caerrle had always possessed a knack for machinery and tech from a young age, often tinkering with and modifying whatever she could get her hands on. This gift is what got accepted into a prestigious university of engineering off-world. However, while she was there, she had gotten word of Kashyyyk being annexed by the Galactic Empire, ensuring that she would not be able to go home without being forced into slavery. Upon graduating, Caerrle would do various bits of freelance work in various parts of the galaxy before being commissioned by the Rebellion to provide her expertise for their cause.
    • Eventually, she was called in to upgrade weapons and equipment for the Wookiee rebels leading up to the Liberation of Kashyyyk and its aftermath. She would later end up joining the Scrappers, reuniting with a communications droid she refitted for Manger Shivan, a friend of hers from years ago. She hopes that by doing so she could atone for not being there for Manger before he died while still continuing to serve for the Republic that gave her back her home.
  • Appearance: 6'2", sandy brown fur (typically tied back), and green eyes. Wears a jumpsuit and gloves to prevent fur-related workplace injuries and a pair of goggles resting on her forehead when not in use.
  • Etc:
    • Has amassed a decent-sized snack stockpile.
    • Uses Galactic Sign Language (GSL) when NL-Z isn't present or for private conversations.

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Kingxana0 King among Xanas from Somewhere Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
King among Xanas
Sep 5th 2021 at 6:32:45 PM

All players accepted, we will start this Tuesday, or failing that by at least Friday.

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Kingxana0 King among Xanas from Somewhere Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
King among Xanas
Sep 10th 2021 at 11:02:06 PM

For the Discord, please join and there will be a pinned link to the game.

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UndyingPhoenix Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Sep 11th 2021 at 10:53:47 AM

  • Name: Arnasson Ernu (Arnie for short)

  • Age: 22

  • Race: Human

  • Profession: Former Jedi Sentinel-turned-vigilante

  • Skills:

    • Arnie is decently good at droid repair in particular, as well as hacking into computers.

    • His preferred form of lightsaber combat is Form IV: Ataru, using it with his guard shoto for rapid, mobile strikes when he decides to bring out the blades.

    • As a former Jedi, he's obviously trained in how to use the Force. Given the tight, urban areas he works in, he focuses mostly on his physical speed, agility, mobility and telekinesis abilities such as Lift and Push.

    • He's no stranger to acting more clandestine, and is a decent sneak.

    • He's able to speak Galactic Basic Standard and can understand droidspeak and a smattering of other languages often associated with criminal syndicates.

  • Weapons:

    • His twin guard shotos, green blades, which can connect on the short ends to become a saberstaff

    • An old DC-17m he appropriated from an old armory, with blaster rifle attachment.

  • Personality: Arnasson is a compassionate man, stirred to action through the injustices he sees in the world. Having lived his youth through the Empire's rule in Corellia, where anti-Galactic Empire sentiments were in no short supply, he has a burning hatred for them and all they stood for. The passion and vigor which he carries himself with made him a poor fit for the strict regimen of being a Jedi, and he's had several close encounters with the Dark Side, driven by his own sense of what's right and good, rather than keeping to some sort of code. But if one thing is certain, he's not one to leave good people in their time of need.

  • History: Born on Corellia, Arnasson never directly partook in the criminal underground of smuggling or piracy, but the overarching theme of "the Galactic Empire is a menace" certainly rang clear with him, and he often did small errands on the side for smugglers and other criminals acting against the Empire, for some extra credits, often wondering why he always seemed to be a bit luckier than any other runner. This was of course the boy being Force-sensitive, the Force guiding and protecting him in small, subtle ways. By the time the Empire fell and Luke started up the Jedi once again, Arnasson decided it was worth a shot to learn how to be like the heroes who had installed the new Republic.

    • Things did...not go well. Arnasson's wilder, passionate urges often drove him to odds with the Jedi code, as did his desire to deal with things in a direct manner. He was not necessarily violent or bloodthirsty, but easily moved to such things in his passion to help others. He became a Jedi Knight after completing his trials, subscribing to the Sentinel school of thought. The silent watcher over the world beyond the Force, the shadowy figure in the dark corners of the urban underground.

    • Eventually, his growing resentment and disillusionment with what being a Jedi actually meant caused him to leave the order, deciding to strike out on his own. This eventually led to him meeting a droid by the name of A2-L3, or "Ashley" whom he helped repair. The two quickly became fast friends and partners in crime, a former Imperial-droid-turned-pirate-turned-bounty-hunter and a former Jedi-turned-vigilante hunting down the real scum of Corellia and the nearby systems. When the Scrapper initiative was formed to hunt down remnants of the Empire, Arnie signed on without a second thought.

  • Appearance: He's often wearing Jedi robes over his outfit.

  • Etc:

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Sep 11th 2021 at 11:20:01 AM

  • Name: Ashley (nickname, given by her former crewmates - model designation A2-L3)
  • Age: Unknown, but extremely old (physical age of chassis), late twenties (time since last memory wipe)
  • Race: Droid, Class 4
  • Profession: Mercenary
  • Skills:
    • Combat Protocols: As might be expected from a Class 4 droid, Ashley is a pretty solid shot with a blaster. Though nowhere near comparable to a skilled organic marksman, she's capable of putting shots in a target, any day of the week. She's also proficient with her broadsaber, though not in any contemporary lightsaber forms - rather, she's much more… Simple, so to speak, in her technique, relying on wide sweeping swings and thrusts, not to mention using it to deflect enemy lightsaber users.
    • Novice Engineer: Ashley's been in more than a few scraps, as one would expect, and so, has developed a skill for making quick repairs to herself. This extends to other stuff as well, of course - she can patch up and repair most mechanical things, given time and tools. Just don't expect innovation and creativity - her skill is in repair, not invention.
  • Weapons:
    • Rotary Heavy Blaster Cannon: This triple-barrelled beast of a blaster cannon invokes the image of a gunship, or perhaps a tripod-mounted gun, more than it does weaponry one might mount on a droid, and perhaps says a lot about the maniac of an imperial engineer who decided to actually, you know, mount it on a droid. It's similar, in its appearance, to a stripped-down F-Web repeating blaster, though mostly on account of its triangular rotating barrel - its actual construction doesn't correspond to any mass production model out there. Despite its capability for relatively rapid sustained fire, doing so would drain Ashley's generous supply of green-tinged plasma extremely quickly, so it's used in short, though still devastating, bursts of fire. It's permanently attached to Ashley's body, kept on her back when not in use and folding out on a stabilizing arm to attach to her forearm when needed.
    • Twin Broadsaber: This is one weapon that not even Ashley knows the origin of, and seemingly the only one that was originally part of her, rather than being bodged onto her down the line. While there are a lot of questions to be raised about it, not least of all the ones it raises about her origins, there's not a question about its effectiveness: Despite being in the hands of - or, well, mounted on the right forearm of - someone who most certainly is not force sensitive, it's every bit as effective as any other lightsaber of its kind. That said, it's saddled with a few disadvantages - namely, its power draw isn't anything to scoff at, and its age and the number of repairs made on it has made it fickle, and prone to shorting out if the projector itself is given a good whack. It can also be detached and used by someone else, though it tends to be rather unwieldy due to its large frame - and the fact that it needs a power supply when removed.
    • E-11 Blaster Rifle: This is perhaps the newest addition to Ashley's arsenal, strapped onto her by the pirate crew she was running with for a bit. It's rather standard, as blaster weapons go - excellent ammo economy, decent stopping power, accuracy… Maybe needs a little work, particularly after the modifications made to it. Namely, it's been stripped of all functions for human comfort, and integrated into an arm sticking off Ashley's right shoulder, letting it aim and fire independently of whatever it is her arms are doing.
  • Personality: Ashley isn't exactly what one would call a quiet sort - she's loud and outgoing, the sort who you're never in doubt on what their opinion is. Even more so than that, though, she's got enough snark in her for three people, largely a product of her time on a pirate crew. Given this outgoing personality, she's often the life of the party, so to speak - ironically so, given that she's, well, not alive. She's not one to be readily friendly, though - in fact, should one observe how she publicly interacts with the very Jedi that fixed her up, one might come to the conclusion that she hates his guts - but in the end, it's all taken in stride, and if someone finds themselves at the business end of her wrath, they'll find that the sarcastic ribbing and irony is most certainly reserved for those who she counts among her friends.
  • History: Most of the history of the droid that would become Ashley is lost to the ages - even her original model, and any trace of why she was made, is lost. Her first memories are right around the early days of the Imperial era, when her last memory wipe occurred - in those days, she served as just another droid providing fire support to stormtroopers who needed it. But after a mission gone awry, leaving her for scrap, she was picked up by a pirate crew and patched up to work with them. This time, she wasn't subjected to a memory wipe, and began developing her own personality quirks - namely, a fierce independent streak that eventually led her to strike out on her own again. In the later days of the empire, she served as a gun for hire and bounty hunter in the outer rim, providing her firepower to all who would pay - including, eventually, one Arnasson Ernu, with whom she developed a fire-forged friendship with, leading them to become partners in crime - and eventually, to become scrappers together.
  • Appearance: A rather unconventional design for a droid, Ashley resembles no widely known model, though she's no less dangerous-looking for it. She stands at a theoretical 6'8", though her permanent hunch puts her at more of a 6'6". Every bit of her body shows clear signs of repair and refit, having been rebuild and patched up over the years - in places, her current red and grey paint is flaking off a bit, showing the original stark black imperial livery beneath it. The lights scattered about her body seem to serve little practical purpose beyond making her look more 'high tech' - and making it pretty damn hard to be sneaky.
  • Etc: no

Kingxana0 King among Xanas from Somewhere Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
King among Xanas
Sep 11th 2021 at 12:36:06 PM

All character sheets above this post have been accepted. Happy Scrapping

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