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An idea for making a movie based off Dungeons and Dragons

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Ultimatum Disasturbator from an Amiga Forest somewhere Relationship Status: I know
Feb 27th 2021 at 4:10:55 PM

Listen,I know there's already been a movie based off dungeons and dragons,the one with Jeremy Irons so you don't need to remind me

My idea is inspired by the Lego movie,in that the movie takes place in the theatre of mind,ergo fully acknowledging it's a tabletop game,however,the difference here is that characters see themselves as actors so they know it's all roleplay,you can get plenty of gags in about being professionals so no corpsing please,there's also plenty of opptunity for meta humour too,maybe add in some drama with the tabletop players that winds up influencing the game

I feel like dungeons and dragons movie that acknowledges the tabletop and roleplaying aspects would in my opinion make a welcome change from the attempts to make a movie set in a literal fantasy world

Chat with me on this thing!Also, I make art, look!
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