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MichaelDj54 Up on Melancholy Hill. from North of Normal, West of Weird
Up on Melancholy Hill.
Feb 13th 2021 at 7:00:08 AM

You see, what people don't realize is that scientific advancement can come from a lot of different, yet seemingly random ways, some ranging from the mundane to the absolute batshit insane.

For example, did you know penicillin was a complete accident? Yeah, Alexander Fleming didn't make from scratch, it developed in a contaminated petri dish while he was on a two week vacation.

Jack Parsons managed to make the rocket engine that would send the USA into Space and help them through WW 2...when he wasn't being bugfuck insane by practicing dark magics and declaring himself as the Anti-Christ. (Which, okay, around that time may have been teetering around the edges of when it became the Norm but...)

Advancement of life on this insane blue ball tends to come from equally insane minds, who behind all the crazy, zealous behaviors and peculiar habits wanted nothing more than to help those make a better life for themselves, seeing the various flaws in their systems and wanting to strive for better, happier, more pristine and perfect lives.

And what better way than to start borrowing some factors from some...neighboring locations?

Mason Bridges, Masked Hero Alpha Revelations, Self Declared Genius and Occasional Mad Scientist put the blow torch down and took a step away from the hulking machine that he had been working on for a better part of...oh, four months or so. Day in and day out, this was his passion project that he needed to focus on since the first iteration of MICAH resulted in an...attempted Patricide


And he found another project to focus on in the mean time. So, stepping away and looking up at it, he pulled out a tape recorder and pressed the big red button on the side.

"Mason Bridges, Date: April 13, 2023 at 5:34 AM. Beginning testing procedures for Alternate Reality Recreational Vehicle or ARRV...Pronounced "Are-Vee." he included that last point in there. "Testing start up procedure number 122. Hopefully this time it won't radiate the lab." He pressed a button on the console. "...again."

Blue lines of light shined across the console and began to fill up the screen, filling the room with a light, baby blue in color and giving everything a warm gentle color. Turning around, he watched as those same blue lines began to cover the entire machine he'd been working on, and he winced heavily as he prepared for the inevitable explosion...

When it didn't come. No, what happened was the light filled up the lines on the RV properly and after it was looking like an awesome prop from Tron, a rather uninspired engine starting up was heard, and then the roar.

Mason stopped bracing and looked up in surprise, moving his goggles up his face and staring up at his invention. With a grin slowly ebbing his way onto his face, he laughed, "I did it."

"I did it!"


Some of the technology in the background sparked violently, giving off the illusion of lightning. With the grin still on his face, he walked up to the ARRV and pressed a hand to the cold metal and chuckled.

"And now...the fun part."

But the fun part would have to wait, as the thrumming and whirring and humming never stopped, and with a confused blink, he turned-

Several portals had opened up on the wall of his lab, and a few of them had something coming through.

"...Uh oh." he mumbled. "This better now be how this place becomes the Zombie Universe."








"I probably could have made this sound less....Cult-y." Mason...well, a Mason mumbled as he looked down at the flier in his hands, hovering in the air in front of the said tarp that had been set up early in the morning. Wearing almost nothing but white clothes and a white undershirt, his hair more white than what it usually was and his eyes with a dull, white, you guessed it, sheen to to it, he shook his head and looked up.

"Alright!" ANOTHER Mason grunted as he jogged up to the other Mason floating there, grinning and crossing his arms in front of him. His hair was more slicked and his clothes were more dark, emphasized by the black leather jacket he was wearing and his eyes looking a shade darker than they usually did. He gestured to himself by jabbing his thumb into his chest. "Set up all the fliers!"

"Really." Light!Mason asked, eyebrow raised as he looked up from the flier HE was reading. "At all the points I told you to attach them to."

"Yep! Every single one."

"No you didn't."

" I didn't."

"You got lazy and threw them into the city from a roof top."

"I got lazy and threw them into the city from a roof top."

Light!Mason sighed and rubbed his face. "Well I suppose there are WORSE WAYS to start off a scientific discovery of the generation." he mumbled, pressing the heel of his hand to his left temple and applying pressure.

"Hey don't stress it! Long as we get our guys, it'll be a cake walk!" And he grinned, leaning against the tarp. "Now we just gotta wait!"

"Assuming we don't get fined for littering first."

There was a slight silence between the two of them, as the Dark!Mason looked off to the side, where some rather...unfortunate individuals that had found their way here.

"And how are we gonna explain...them?" He asked, jutting a finger over to them.

"...Unfortunate bystraders that got trapped in the waves of science." Light Mason brushed off. "we're helping them get home. Besides this would be good for making friendships with neighboring dimensions. Just make sure they're comfy and-Oh god don't go over there you idiot you'll make it worse-"

"Hey guys!" Dark Mason grinned with a wave at the Extra-dimensional-Tag a longs they'd accidently acquired. "Can I get ya anything before we get started on this big trip!?"

"They're not FIVE you idiot, don't be condescending."

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Enirboreh AKA Nixer from the domain of infinite floof. Relationship Status: Non-Canon
AKA Nixer
Feb 13th 2021 at 9:01:09 AM

Lucy Livingston

One of those who weren't accidental extradimensional tagalongs had regardless picked up on Mason's message, and the (oddly distinctive) sound of somebody swinging in on tendrils of ink became audible. Flipping gracefully out from the top of their arc as they neared the park, they landed with a slight impact on the ground—rolling to break their fall before slowing to a light jog and then a casual walk as they neared the tarp and the others nearby.

“Hey. This the right place...?” the decidedly feminine figure asked, quirking an eyebrow slightly as she looked between the two Masons before adjusting the bag that was over her shoulder. She'd decided to arrive in a casual t-shirt and jeans, as her identity was hardly secret and a superhero suit was a little stuffy to her. “Lucy Livingston. I saw your flyer? Some sorta... dimensional... thing? I'm familiar with that stuff...”

Who're those guys, though... she wondered, brushing her hair out of her face as she looked towards the apparent newcomers curiously. ...has there already been some dumb accident?

“...Tell me you guys wanted to be here, right...?”

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kagescorpionakki Lamb and Wolf from Runeterra Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Lamb and Wolf
Feb 13th 2021 at 9:13:38 AM


Those who knew Nariko might have almost thought that it was her, coming through the portal into Mason's lab. Akari did have a strong resemblance to her mother; but on closer inspection there were some differences. Her outfit was different, for one - she wore a bright crimson gi with the middle cut out to expose her midriff - but also her fur was lighter in color, and she was a bit bulkier, compared to her mother's more lean runner build.

Akari was also a good half a foot taller, something she teased her mom endlessly about.

The most notable difference, though, was a spike of hardened bone, at the end of her tail, in place of the blade Nariko always wore there. Said tail-spike was raised in a threatening manner, as Akari scanned around the room she'd suddenly found herself in, her muscles taut in preparation to punch something in the face if need be.

Then she saw it was Mason Bridges - both of him - and exhaled, rolling her eyes and lowering her guard. "Of course it's a Mason thing." She muttered. Then, more loudly: "It's fine Cass, just Mason doing something dumb again."

Akari turned to where the portal had been a second ago. "Cass?" Staring at what was now a blank wall, she exhaled again, turning back to Mason. "Heya. Gonna guess that you weren't actually trying to open a hellgate, which makes me wonder what you were trying to do, but to be honest, I kinda don't wanna know."

Pulling out her phone, she started texting, then stopped and frowned. "Hey, Mason, any chance you have Mikael or Ellie's number? 'Cause I'm trying to text Cass to pick me up, but I'm not getting service here."

Almost as an afterthought, she nodded at the weird tiny pale girl (who was kinda cute, if weirdly goth-looking).

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kkhohoho Deranged X-Mas Figure from The Insanity Pole Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Deranged X-Mas Figure
Feb 13th 2021 at 9:37:23 AM


Sue wasn't sure what she'd been expecting when she woke up that morning. She did know she'd gotten her clothes mixed up with Izzy's and was trying to figure out which was which. By now they were so close, they were practically living in the same room. Wouldn't be surprised if she had a loin cloth or something sitting in Izzy's closet. But it was only after she'd spent about ten minutes puzzling it out that she remembered she could shapeshift and do shapechangey things and whip up something like ''that'. Would've slapped herself in the head if she wouldn't knock herself out by accident. Wouldn't be the first time she did, but hey, no pain, no gain!

But then she felt some weird portal thingy and everything went all pink and glowy and she thought maybe she was having a hangover or Izzy bit her too hard on the neck or something, which would actually be kind of cool cuz then she could do crazy cool vampire things and FOCUSSUEFOCUS

By the time she rubbed her brain cells together, she found herself in some kind of lab with a couple shady glowy scientist dudes and some fuzzy rat lady who was kinda hot?

And then there was Lucy standing there like an inky black rake. She didn't know anyone else (though she wouldn't mind getting to know some of them better,) but she knew Lucy. She hopped up, briefly hugging her tight before setting her back down on the ground.

"Mornin', Luce! So maybe this is me asking a stupid question cuz I ask a lot of stupid questions cuz they're not stupid you're stupid cept you're not stupid and do you know where in the Jade Emperor's anus we are cuz I've got no fukking clue?"

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LilyTheLitten Lord of All I Survey from Middle-of-Nowhere, Earth Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Lord of All I Survey
Feb 13th 2021 at 9:53:57 AM

Skye Rothach


There was a loud crash as a somewhat chubby teenager with pale skin and red hair came tumbling out of one of the portals, landing face-first on the floor.

"Ugh..." Skye Rothach groaned, rubbing his head in an attempt to ward off the pulsating headache. "What the heck...?" He'd just been relaxing in bed when...

The world slowly came into focus, and Skye saw that he was in a lab. Not too far away was man who looked very much like a mad scientist.

It didn't take him long to put two and two together.

"...I thought we killed this joke."

So now he, Sue (oh, yeah, Sue was here too) and a couple others he had no hope of recognizing were sitting in this...Mason Bridges's lab while he sent out fliers for a cult. Fun.

"What's your villain name?" Skye asked, sitting in the corner with his arms crossed. "The name the papers are gonna use when the others get here and kick your ass." Then the Mason dressed in darker colors—oh, yeah, there were now two of them—talked to them like they were preschoolers going on a fun road trip, which didn't help Skye's opinion of him much.

Then the door opened, and—

"LUCY!" Skye exclaimed, relief sweeping through him as he scrambled to his feet. "Thank god you got here so fast, this mad scientist guy—he kidnapped us! He even got Sue and...and..."

He stopped.

"...since when did you get taller?"

"Anything can be a weapon if you use it wrong enough!"
Enirboreh AKA Nixer from the domain of infinite floof. Relationship Status: Non-Canon
AKA Nixer
Feb 13th 2021 at 9:58:55 AM

Lucy Livingston

“Uhhhhhh–" Lucy froze as the... monkey girl and the other boy hugged her, staring at them with wide eyes as they seemed to rattle off in a way that suggested they knew her. With a gentle yet simultaneously firm shove, Lucy pushed both Sue and Skye off of her—the latter likely now able to pick up on the fact that A: Lucy looked a good few inches taller than the one she knew and B: she was most definitely not a rake in form, instead a full-figured young woman with a distinct muscularity to her.

“Uh... s-sorry, you... I don't know you two...? Not like– damn it, I hate this dimensional s***...” she sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose a moment before pointedly looking at Sue and Skye. ”Okay... look. You two know me, I can see that. But... I've never met anyone like you guys, s'far as I know...? So... what're your names? Sorry to be blunt about this, but... I seriously got nothing right now...”

She absentmindedly flicked her eyes over to Nariko upon detecting her glance, briefly looking the rat woman up and down before returning her attention to the pair in front of her. She had a feeling it was about to get a lot more complicated.

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Feb 13th 2021 at 10:47:16 AM

Cole - Speaking of...

Well, that was another day slept in.

The poorly slept Cole put on a black tank top, a denim jacket, jeans and his shoes as he called that a day's get up.

In part it was due to the fact Cole just wasn't sleeping unless he downed a large amount of booze purely to calm his nerves. He swore he'd stop with that back his old world, but he found that this just didn't feel like a victory even with Leon Leopold beaten.

"You may have won this time, but I've unleashed something that you can't deal with in a punch or a kick."

And he was right about that.

Cole may have been powerful enough to fight off many was it now? There had to be hundreds of these hateful organizations. Well, anyway. He could probably fight them off, but they had a habit these days of targeting people he knew by happenstance or knew as friends.

Cole had spent the last five weeks trying to make sure his friends were safe from these people who were...were angry and provoked toward him because he beat up Leopold in front of cameras, in front of the nation. My fault all this has been happening.

Cole saw a new message on his cellphone, marked as Missed Call from Stalwart.

He got the missed call running after accidentally clicking the wrong things due to his eyes still being bleary. "Hey Cole, it's Marcus. Just wanted to let you know I'd be joining the proposed "Defenders" group that'd be handling the upswing in domestic incidents after the Leopold campaign. It'll be a robust and powerful organization, with everyone necessary to investigate these issues, like Oculus to trace computer activity and Cy-Bug to go through phones. ...You know, you really should try and take a vacation. I think your powers may be getting worn down by the circuit you put yourself through."

"Mmm...bullshit, Marcus, I—-" Cole saw a portal opening up in his humble little apartment. Huh. Best see where this one goes.

Cole proceeded through the portal and found himself stepping out into Mason's lab, looking around and seeing that it looked like more than a few people had also been called here. Stuffing his hands into his pockets and figuring something was going on here, he looked over at Mason, "Hey buddy, what's all this about?"

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PossiblyQuiteInsane He of the questionable sanity from the other side of the mirror Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
He of the questionable sanity
Feb 13th 2021 at 2:14:12 PM


Iris was out on the town for once (usually she just portaled everywhere) when she spotted a poster. Or, well, more like barely dodged a flying poster. It was apparently an advertisement for some new cult. This wasn't particularly noteworthy. Iris had nothing against cults; after all, most would call her family's beliefs a cult. What did catch her attention was the name Mason Bridges. He... well, he wasn't a close friend, but he was someone she knew. Which meant this was worth checking out.

As Iris stepped out of a gate and into Mason's lab, she first noticed that there were two of him. This... unfortunately wasn't that unusual. Then she noticed the other gathered individuals...

She walked up to the nearest Mason and started whispering. "So... uh... Mason... two questions? Why.. why are you starting a cult? And, uh, who are these people...? Are they your cult...? "How did you convince Nariko?"

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Kingxana0 King among Xanas from Somewhere Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
King among Xanas
Feb 13th 2021 at 6:42:04 PM

"I wouldn't mind a greeting with a bit more grandeur," Gabriel stepped through one of the rifts that had been opened and slicked back his hair, a grin worthy only of one whom had absolute self confidence on his face as he glanced around toward the various others in the room. It seemed that he would have his work cut out carrying whatever little team was being put together, but that wasn't utterly unexpected. After all the strong had to ensure that the weak were taken care of. Only the wolf got to decide the fate of sheep after all.

"But lacking that I suppose things are fine for the moment. My name is Gabriel Mattiuza-Snow, Overlord for short. I suppose it will be an interesting experience working with you all."

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kagescorpionakki Lamb and Wolf from Runeterra Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Lamb and Wolf
Feb 13th 2021 at 8:01:58 PM


"He didn't kidnap you, dummy." Akari chided, looking at the panicking guy with some amusement. "He's a hero, not a villain. It's just that he builds crazy shit without thinking and sometimes shit like this-" She gestures to the random assortment of people, "-happens. Pretty sure that's why there's two of him. He split his soul in half or something."

Then her ears twitched, as a familiar name reached them. She turned to eye girl - Iris, if memory served, a hero who her mother had known but not really interacted with all that much - to explain that she was not her mother, but the words died in her throat as an unfortunately familiar voice made itself known.

"Of course. Of fucking course it'd be Gabe." Akari muttered, slowly turning to give Gabriel the side-eye. But then his actual words registered, and that made her reconsider what one of the Masons had said. "Mason. What the hell is actually going on here?"

Never one... Without the other.
kkhohoho Deranged X-Mas Figure from The Insanity Pole Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Deranged X-Mas Figure
Feb 13th 2021 at 8:41:07 PM


"Uh, you sure you didn't your head or something, Luce? It's Sue! Been living in the same dorm for the last year! Sure someone didn't give your brain a fucky-wucky?

Seriously, how could she not know them?! They'd spend the whole last year together! Like, she couldn't have gone and forgotten them, right? Right?

Then again, she was a bit... off. Like, she could count the number of time she said a naughty word on her hands. And she was always so soft-spoken. Never raised her voice once. And she sure as hell wasn't so fucking ''built.'

...but maybe that wasn't such a bad thing?

"Gotta say though, something seems different about ya. You get a growth-spurt or somethin'?"

Doctor Who — Long Way Around:
Feb 13th 2021 at 9:25:02 PM


Ah shit, forgot the stubble.

Cole promptly gave himself a shave via his powers, realizing he probably looked like he hadn't exactly been doing well lately. Well, because he hadn't.

"Wait," he said, looking at the new people. One of them was a really nervous looking guy, seemed kind of nebbish. Another was well, Gabriel - evidently the son of Mahvash and Martin. And then there was...Marcus' daughter? With Nariko?

Well, that was something.

Cole waved his hand in the air and scanned them, and a few of these people gave off some odd dimensional energy signature. Seemed they were, like him, not exactly native here. "Hey, new folks, so..." he pointed at Skye, Sue, Akari and Gabriel, "It seems something weird happened. My scan's showing you guys are from different time periods...different worlds, even. Something must've happened. My name's Cole, I—-uh, I travel universes."

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Enirboreh AKA Nixer from the domain of infinite floof. Relationship Status: Non-Canon
AKA Nixer
Feb 14th 2021 at 2:12:42 AM

Lucy Livingston

“...What... uh, Cole said...” Lucy eyed him for a moment, before sighing as she looked over at Sue again. Either she was in denial for some reason, or legitimately couldn't comprehend this idea. Perhaps she or her home universe didn't have much experience with this...?

“...I come from this world, Sue. My name is Lucy Livingston, but... I guess I must be a little older than the one you know. I'm 23 years old, here...”

She looked between everyone now, assessing them quietly. In fact, to the likes of Sue and Skye, there was a certain quality to her that looked particularly... like Melanie. A distinct glint in her eye, a languorous expression on her face—serene, more confident, and perhaps a little dangerous.

Of course, there was worry and that familiar kindness in her countenance as well. But it was muted, as a strength seemed to overcome it more than that of her teenage self. Especially as Gabriel entered through, to which she seemed to recognize his names straightening her back and nodding towards him severely.

...In one form or another. Hello again, Mattiuza.

UndyingPhoenix Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Feb 14th 2021 at 5:26:42 AM


Iona had shown up this early to watch her disciple and friend's attempts with one of his new gadgets, much to her chagrin. Yes, he was her friend and all, but 6 AM was just a bit to early to be out of bed for for something like this. A cursory mental reach for Bellpepper only answered her with snores, it was that early. Who knew even spirits needed sleep?

"You know Mason, not only is it a bit cult-like, it's also really over the top."

Aaaand then portals started appearing out of nowhere, with strange people tumbling through them and acting as if they knew some of the others while some were clearly left confused. Once again, one of her student's experiments had gone horribly awry, and all she could muster was a sigh and pinching her forehead.

"Mason, what did I tell you about using the power of infinite possibility to mess around with different universes and timelines? The power of dark is not something to be trifled with, or have we learnt nothing from the last incident?"

Now they would have to do something about this, because she most certainly couldn't, not without some lengthy escapade to find some ancient ritual or artifact and a giant source of Dark Elemental Energy.

"Please, everyone who's new here, remain calm. You've all been dragged out of whatever universe you're from by Mason over here messing around with forces he really, really shouldn't be."

LilyTheLitten Lord of All I Survey from Middle-of-Nowhere, Earth Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Lord of All I Survey
Feb 14th 2021 at 12:34:15 PM


Skye stared at Lucy for a few moments, wondering if one or both of them was going crazy. "Uh...Skye Rothach? Your boyfriend? We go to Saint Academy? Do you have amnesia, Lucy—"

And then came the bombshell.

"...different worlds?" Skye said, eyes widening. "Wait. You mean...alternate dimensions exist, and this is one of them, and Sue and I fell through portals to this world?" It sounded so incredibly unbelievable...and yet, part of him wasn't surprised.

He looked over at Lucy—who was apparently twenty-three in this universe. "Yep, definitely older," he said. "The Lucy I know is still a teenager." Not quite as...Melanie-esque either.

"Anything can be a weapon if you use it wrong enough!"
Akkun_K Goshujin-sama Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
Feb 14th 2021 at 1:13:19 PM


Groggily stumbling their way down the hall in a fuzzy dressing gown came Mason's roommate Gita, wiping signs of sleep from their face and shaking their curls from their sleep bonnet. As they pushed open the door to the lab, they grumbled, "Mace, it is six in the morning, what the actual fu--" As soon as the door was open enough for them to see how many people were in the room, they hurriedly shut it, retreating to make themself more presentable.

Gee came back a few minutes later, freshened up and sporting their favorite Hawaiian shirt. "Okay, none of you saw that. Anyway, Mason, what's going on here? Why are there so many people in your lab at this ungodly hour?"

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kkhohoho Deranged X-Mas Figure from The Insanity Pole Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Deranged X-Mas Figure
Feb 14th 2021 at 1:27:18 PM


"Wait, you're not... but she... but you...!"

Sue was gobsmacked. She almost couldn't believe it, but it was staring her right in the face. This wasn't her Lucy. But that left the question of what Lucy she was. She kinda zoned out on everything else, but somewhere in there was something other universes and dimensions and how they needed to get home and...

...and then everything clicked.

"Wait, I got it! This is some crazy ass version of Sliders, ain't it? Skye's the fat scientist dude, rat lady's the hot chick, and mystery kid is the sweet little fuckup! Don't know what that makes me though."

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Doctor Who — Long Way Around:
Enirboreh AKA Nixer from the domain of infinite floof. Relationship Status: Non-Canon
AKA Nixer
Feb 14th 2021 at 1:39:14 PM

Lucy Livingston

“A-Ah–" Lucy paled at Skye's words, instinctively stepping back a little as he revealed he was in fact the boyfriend of his version of Lucy. Which naturally made her feel extremely uncomfortable by extension. “...Right. Okay, um... w-well, timelines don't always sync I guess. I must've been born in a different year... or maybe this timeline's a little behind. Either way... g-good luck, kid. Happy for you...”

She exhaled a little at this, pinching the bridge of her nose again only to find herself blankly staring at Sue upon hearing her string of words. Blinking twice in rapid succession, she nodded hesitantly—only to immediately shake her head in a confused fashion.

“...Yeah. No. What? What're you... Sliders?”

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Feb 14th 2021 at 1:57:56 PM


"Sliders...?" nope, not how anything works. "Trust me, I've been around the multiversal block, and what you're dealing with isn't anything like...whatever Sliders is."

Maybe that was something he missed out on. Hm, though it seemed these two were really not used to the whole situation. Maybe they had a lot more of a down to earth experience in their time at whatever hero school they went to.

"Basically, I think something happened to you guys' universe or timeline. Whichever. Now you're here, and even though a few people here seem like who you know, they're not." Cole crossed his arms in front of his chest and walked over to Skye and Sue.

"Meaning most likely the other people you know are either elsewhere on this Earth, or on some other Earth somewhere. Hopefully a plenty nice Earth..." Cole looked down, "...Because some of the other Earths out there can get a little hostile."

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MichaelDj54 Up on Melancholy Hill. from North of Normal, West of Weird
Up on Melancholy Hill.
Feb 15th 2021 at 6:13:45 AM

"IT IS NOT A CULT." The Masons hissed indignantly at each accusation of it being anything other than scientific advancement. Though again, both of them could see how it could be misconstrued as that and Light!Mason continued to regret not wording it better. That being said, both parties were very, very thankful at least four familiar faces were here so at least SOME level of acknowledgement to his skill...

...Or as they began to question how it was his fault, notoriety.

Alright so it looked like there was some mounting confusion and they needed some kind of answers, guide and someone who knew what they were talking about...and unfortunately Mason was the best in those departments at this current time. So as the Dark!Mason backed away from the Dimensional Refugee group after being called a "villain" (wow that happened quite a bit) and as the Light!Mason dealt with the stinging, if not accurate remarks of his dimension bound allies, both of them held up their wrists and twisted the dials on the wrist mounted devices pointing upward, then with a flash of light, both Masons became one Mason again.

So he cleared his throat and stepped up, holding his hands up to try to get some semblance of peace and quiet again.

"Everyone, everyone please! I understand there's a lot of confusion here and it's only gonna get worse unless I set some things straight! I want everyone to know the following things: You're not in danger, you're not being held hostage, I'm not a villain, you're among friends, or varieties of friends!"

"This can all be explained in a few moments..." He cleared his throat, took a step back and gestured, speaking almost a mile a minute. "A fair amount of you are not from this earth as my colleague Lucy has explained but rather from neighboring Earths, where there may be those who look like someone you know but are notably not who you know. Why did this happen? Why because I created something ground breaking and wonderful and it broke the time space continuum due to no fault of my own." He added that last little bit in there. "And opened portals across the dimensions, some of which you fell into, stepped through, or were grabbed by...something, it's hard to tell but you find yourselves displaced from your home."

"So this is somewhat of a two parter! I wish to correct my mistake and return everyone who is not from this dimension back to their original home-" He gestured to the refugees. "But I figured at the exact same time we could make scientific advances and discoveries, and exploring the dimensions looking for their homes would be quite a bit of an exciting adventure! Just think of it like..." he paused and snapped his fingers and grinned. "A vacation! A roadtrip! Through the dimensional planes stretching further than the mind can even fathom and all the possibilities for us to discover those worlds, those universes, the differences, and what makes them tick!"

"I intend full heartedly to make this right by you lot." He nodded to Skye and Sue. "And I'd like this kind of one of a kind adventure to be alongside my old allies-" He gestured to Iris, "-My best friends-" He gestured to Cole and Gita, "-My mentor-" He gestured to Iona, "And new faces I'd like to help grow as heroes, know, not so much grow in Lucy's case know what I mean!" He gestured to Gabe, Akari and Lucy.

"So it's...Part me making a mistake and wanting to make it right, and part wanting to piggy back off the idea as an excuse to go to different dimensions and find cool shit on them."

A pause.

"But it's not a cult."

Another pause.

"So...are you guys in...?" He asked, hopefully.

Enirboreh AKA Nixer from the domain of infinite floof. Relationship Status: Non-Canon
AKA Nixer
Feb 15th 2021 at 6:28:21 AM

Lucy Livingston

“I don't know whether to take that as a compliment towards my career, an insult towards my height, or an insult towards me being a f$&%ing depressive mess,” Lucy dryly responds to Mason, giving him an unamused half-lidded stare before rolling her eyes and smirking a little. “If these folk are on board, sure. Could use a good break. What better company than this band of weirdos, huh...?”

There was a slight glint of excitement in her eyes, though it wasn't as strong as her genuine, soft smile—which she directed towards each of the others (even the Mattiuza) without fail.

“We don't all know each other, but we got each others' backs, right? 'Til we get some of you guys home. I know I won't let s*** happen to any of you if I can help it. Cross my heart.”

She ruffled Skye's hair at this, partially as he was still the closest standing next to her but also because she couldn't resist the idea of teasing him. She wondered what the other Lucy would think.

Either she'd do the exact same, or f$&%ing murder me.

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Iris wanted no part of this. She had only come out of curiosity, and now that curiosity was sated. There were far too many new people around. She didn't like being around new people.

Hell, even when it came to familiar faces, there was nobody here she knew well. Iris had been one of the worst at inter-squad interaction back it the day, and even now, mostly spoke with the former Iridium Wonders to the exclusion of everyone else. Which meant she mostly knew her old allies by reputation.

Mason was, as far as she knew, a mad scientist with 0 impulse control. He certainly seemed to fit that bill right now. Cole was walking collateral damage. Iona was gloomy and didn't get along with anyone. Gita... she didn't know anything about, but they hung out with Mason, so...

Ahl'kuur. She couldn't trust them with this job, could she? This wasn't any of her business, Ahl'kuur-dammit!

"Fine... I'll come..."

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So from what she was getting, A)this Lucy definitionally wasn't her Lucy, way too forward even if she kinda liked it, B)they were on some crazy multidimensional roller-coaster for some reason, maybe cuz something happened to their Earth or maybe cuz this crazy cult leader had a hiccup, and C) if they wanted to go home, they'd have to buy whatever Mr.Cultleader was selling, get on the RV thingy, and drink the kool-aid.

But honestly? If this was some weird-ass dimensional road trip, then she wanted in. Didn't matter she was stuck here or not. She loved Izzy, and the whole school was like one big family to her. So she couldn't just leave them. Plus Skye was here too. Chances were he was gonna get kidnapped again if he wasn't already, and she couldn't up and leave him to this fate, could she?

But at the end of the day, Izzy and the others the only things keeping her from going back where she came from. She wanted thrills! Chills! And whatever else rhymed with thrills! But the fact was, snogging her girlfriend wasn't enough to stave off the crushing boredom, and this looked a good as way as any to fix that.

"Count me in, Mr.Cultleader! So do we all get nametags or something? I mean, this is supposed to be a road trip or something, right? I mean, might help to have 'em if we all go the beach or somethiOOO, maybe we can go to a crazy cosmic beach with purple sand and green oceans and build sandcastles and flex our muscles and do all that cool beach stuff!" She briefly flexed her own muscles in excitement, which were nothing to sneeze at.

"Or maybe we'll all get stranded on rainbow road and have to stop at Space Wendy's or something. Either one works."

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Well, fuck.

Being in another Earth didn't surprise her. Akari knew they existed, her mother had told her as much, plus there'd been that mirror universe invasion way back when. But to actually be in one, far from home, from her friends and family? That would take some getting used to.

Taking a deep breath, closing her eyes a few moments to clear her head, she hummed in thought. Then she opened her eyes and nodded. "Fuck it, I'm in. Someone's gotta keep Gabe from being an asshole."

She pressed her hands together and bowed, in the manner her mother taught her. Akari wasn't one for formalities, but she also didn't want to start things off on the wrong foot. Rising, she gave Iris a look.

"Just so we're clear, I'm Akari. Nariko's my mom. I'm guessing some of you are from worlds where I'm not born yet. Mason does kinda look younger than I remember." She looked over at Sue. "And some of you I don't know at all, so, uh, hi?"

She pointedly ignored the monkey girl's ramblings. Mostly because the monkey girl was hot, and clearly built. Akari could definitely deal with a little ditziness, especially coming from an obvious bombshell.

Never one... Without the other.
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Before Sue could go off on another tangent, she spun around, turning to meet the hot ratgirl and shaking her hand profusely. "OH HAI! I'm Sue, how do you do?" She gave it another shake before letting loose, leaning forward on her staff as she finally settled down.

"So! Akari, huh? Never heard of Nariko or Mason or anyone like that, least before we all got stuck here. Guess this one's got a Nariko too, huh? But hey, if she's anything like you, I'm sure she's great! I mean, sure, most of us have only just met, but it's not like you're trying to kill us anything, right? So chances are, you're probably A-okay! So she's gotta be too! Only makes sense, yeah?"

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