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Just a Face and a Caption: Warrior Heaven

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Jun 29th 2020 at 5:12:28 PM

This does a terrible job of depicting the trope. The details are barely observable at this resolution, and even then, I just see a large hall large vats of presumably beer. Nothing to indicate eternal combat as someone's afterlife.

All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day. Put the pieces back together my way.
Jun 29th 2020 at 6:23:36 PM

Yeah, that's not good at all.

jandn2014 from Connecticut, United States
Jun 29th 2020 at 6:24:24 PM

Send it into Hell.

WarJay77 Just a Lynkser who likes Clay from Upstate New York Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Just a Lynkser who likes Clay
TheUnsquished Apparently unsquishable from Southern Limey Land Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Apparently unsquishable
Jun 29th 2020 at 10:41:29 PM


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Crossover-Enthusiast Stretch those shoulders! from somewhere doing something Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Stretch those shoulders!
Jun 29th 2020 at 11:03:48 PM

Pull. My immediate thought for a replacement went to Brawlhalla, which is entirely set in a Warrior Heaven, but I don't know if there are any images that actually portray a Warrior Heaven feel outside of Brawlhaven.

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petersohn from Earth, Solar System Relationship Status: Hiding
Jun 29th 2020 at 11:46:12 PM


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