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Roll To Dodge VI: Rolling Thunder, a Superhero RTD

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JTTWlover Blooming alone in the frigid weather from Chinese Heaven Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Blooming alone in the frigid weather
May 19th 2020 at 8:38:59 AM

(Night Patrol was considered as the subtitle but rejected as it didn't work)

Welcome to the sixth Roll to Dodge game in this forum. You probably have seen or played a RTD game before, but if you didn't, the premise is simple.

You create a character and roll a d6 (dice of 6, aka the classic dice) to perform (most of the) actions, which are submitted as ">" commands like ">I eat the dead squirrel" or ">I Groin Kick the bad guy".

As the title suggests, this version has a modern superhero setting, unlike the two previous fantasy roleplays like the still-active-as-I'm-writing-this RTD 5.

     The rules, please read 

The success of your rolls is determined by where they fall in the d6 blah blah blah. As stated in the page:

[1] - Epic Fail. The action was not performed, and backfired horribly.

[2] - Fail. Nothing happened.

[3] - Partial Success. The exact degree of success is established by the GM.

[4] - Success. The action was carried out adequately.

[5] - Epic Success. The action succeeded in the most positive way possible.

[6] - Overshot. Though the result was achieved, the action backfires horribly due to disproportionately large effort.

There will be "encounters" with a level of silliness controlled by a d6 (from gorillas attacking a bakery to A-list supervillains trying to destroy a city) until Turn 24 or somewhere similar, when the dice turns into a d8 and two more serious levels are unlocked.

  • 1. Some actions are Free Actions and you don't need to roll.

  • 2. Skills are an important part of this. Choose up to two Skills. The "Agility" Skill give you a +1 in actions requiring agility, and so does the "Animal Care" Skill. Skills might seem to overlap with some powers, but Skills are proficiency, not abilities.

  • 3. Superpowers are a given in this game, but you can also have a Badass Normal character. Choose up to two main powers or power sets and one lesser power. For example, you could have a Flying Brick with Green Thumb powers and Speaks Fluent Animal.

    • Lesser powers are those who are considered passive. Talking with animals is passive, controlling them, not so much.

    • If you choose to become a Badass Normal, you get a random extra Skill.

  • 4. Your profession and age play important parts in the story. If you are a reporter, you will be called to report the battle scenes and other stuff. If you are a Kid Hero in school, you might have a school trip to somewhere.

  • 5. You can also choose some hobbies for your character. It will give them some more personality and might give them some gadgets.

  • 6. Backstories are important here. You can't just say that you are an alien, you gotta specify how and why are you in Earth and where exactly are you from. And the reason you are a hero/villain/anti-hero/anti-villain, too. You can make it long, but include a TL;DR somewhere.

  • 7. Feel free when choosing species. You can be from a simple human, to aliens, demons, fantasy creatures, gods, and even a monkey that stole a warlock's amulet and got human-like intelligence that way.

  • 8. Please be serious. You can make joke characters like a literal rock, but please make it competent enough to defeat a man in a gorilla costume.

  • Notes: Base HP is 100 for most of you. If you die, there will be a chance to revive (everyone's way is different).

Quick Signup

  • Name: Please state both hero name and civilian name, and other names when necessary.

  • Hero or Villain?: Or Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain. You may also say your character's aligment.

  • Backstory: Very important, feel free to do any backstory, but make it make sense.

  • Species: Feel free to choose one. Any modifications like mutations or cybernetic parts have to be noted.

  • Skills: Choose up to two.

  • Superpowers: Choose up to two main powers or power sets and one lesser/passive power (set).

  • Hobbies: Necessary to give your characters some personality and some equipment.

  • Age and profession: You can also be a student, too.

Oh, by the way, the city you are in is Helios City.

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unfortunatezorua Elevator Operator from despacito spaghett ugandan chungus Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Elevator Operator
May 19th 2020 at 8:54:10 AM

  • Name: Steve the Rock aka "Avalanche"
  • Hero or Villain?: Hero
  • Backstory: Steve was once a humble rock until the day he was caught in the middle of a fight between mutantsóand gained powers when he was hit by one of their attacks. He was confused at his sudden sentience at first, but eventually resolved to use these newfound abilities for the greater good.
  • Species: Literal rock
  • Skills: Athletics, Acrobatics If you mean just in general uhhhh his skills are Speed and Charisma?
  • Superpowers: Telepathy (main), molecular psychokinesis (main), influencing people with awesomeness (passive)
  • Hobbies: Saving civilians, giving inspirational speeches, making cotton candynote 
  • Age and profession: A few million years old. Professional hero.

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GoldenCityBird Day 150 from the UK
Day 150
May 19th 2020 at 9:22:57 AM

  • Name: Kenneth McRae (AKA "Dragon's Breath")

  • Hero or Villain?: Anti-Hero

  • Species: Human

  • Skills: Stealth, Agility

  • Superpowers: Playing with Fire, Super Speed (Main), Aura Vision (Passive)

  • Hobbies: reading folktales, creating "mascot costumes"

  • Age and profession: 24, bus driver

  • Backstory: Born in the suburbs, Kenneth gained his powers in after testing an experimental vaccine. Took to killing off white-collar criminals, remained relatively uncaught. Moved to this city after failing to kill Geras Grey, a tech company owner who was exploiting his workers.

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ArmoredFury Super Cute Weapon from the encroaching darkness
Super Cute Weapon
May 19th 2020 at 10:12:39 AM

Name: Budi "Buddy" Supratno

Hero or Villain: Villain.

Backstory: TL;DR: Martial arts man had his family killed, became evil, stole old books, killed the people who killed his family and a bunch of others so he can learn martial arts from the books. 

Species: Human

Skills: Athletics, Martial Arts

Superpowers: Ki Manipulation, manifesting as Physical Force Manipulation (i.e. focusing blunt force into a single point, increasing the strength of his blows, dampening an attack by spreading its impact across a wider area). Peak human physique. Combat Clairvoyance.

Hobbies: Gardening, cooking

Age and Profession: 33, Masseur.

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Afterwards the cake is an alternative fact from Where Nothing Gathers Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
the cake is an alternative fact
May 19th 2020 at 12:33:12 PM

  • Name: Alberto Perez, aka Necras the Summoner
  • Hero or Villain?: Anti-Hero (or Anti-Villian idk yet, but definitely an anti)
  • Backstory: He died young (the details don't matter), but the death goddess Katrina revived him and gave him bitch ass superpowers.
  • Species: Human (Undead)
  • Skills: What, like DND? Or just in general? idk he's good at uhhh Woodworking and uhhhhhhhh Painting. good with his hands
  • Superpowers: Necromancy and Beast Summoning (main), Truesight (passive)
  • Hobbies: The same as his skills. But he's also into video gaming, and an avid supporter of the gay rights movement
  • Age and profession: 21, Student of the Arts

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Baisteach ஆகூழ் from KÍr-Is Relationship Status: Cigarettes and Valentines
May 19th 2020 at 12:57:42 PM

Name: Yves Ahmad Joubert

Hero or Villian?: Anti-Villian (Chaotic Neutral)

Skills: Stealth & Religion

Superpowers: Hemokinesis (Blood manipulation) (main), Temperature manipulation (passive)

Hobbies: Calligraphy, supporting Palestine & LGBT rights, making cops drown in their own blood, street fighting (formerly), playing double bass

Age and Profession: 36, Vagrant (however, he did major in Philosophy and double minored in the arts & theology while in school)

TL;DR Backstory: An man experiences a life defined by pain and dejection. He has blood powers to make up for it, though.

     Full Backstory 
Backstory: Born to an Palestinian Arab father and African-American mother in Washington, D.C., Yves Ahmad Maroun (neť Joubert), experienced racism & alienation for his being openly Muslim (and non-white) in a predominantly white middle-class neighbourhood in the Northeast. He had a close relationship with father, considering him the first man he ever loved and the one who taught him how to love in the first place. So it was highly unfortunate when his father was brutally beaten by the police for cursing at a store employee in Arabic in front of him. Yves was so severely traumatized by the incident that he began to self-harm himself in ways that resembled the beating (i.e. banging his head into flat surfaces & cutting himself in places like his collarbone and neck) and began to rebel by fighting in school and in the street. His mother, not accepting of his newly erratic behavior, sent him to his grandmother's house in Tennessee where he developed a love for jazz due to running through her massive record collection. He even took up double bass, learning it by ear to Charles Mingus' records.

When he went to college, he started studying post-structralist philosophy and Islamic theology. The latter meant to "repair his relationship to Allah, after years of fuckery on my (Yves) part", however his studies would be sidetracked by his relationship with Robert "Bobby" Iyengar (first gen Indian-American) and LuŪs Diaz-Hťrnandez (Mexican-born American). They bonded over their shared immigrant heritage and, eventually, fell in love with each other wholly. Sadly, this relationship wouldn't last because just as they were about to prove their love to each other LuŪs passed out pre-coitus and Bobby was rendered so nauseous he threw up on the way to the hospital.

When they got to the hospital, they were told that his body's blood had somehow overheated to the point of giving him a heat stroke from the inside out. LuŪs survived and jokes were made in his room, but, for Yves the sadness had yet to end as when he and Bobby left for home they were pulled over by cops who were called because of a disturbance. Although Yves remained cool, Bobby was snide with the officer understanding that the "cunt" only pulled them over because "we look like terrorists to you". This prompted the officer to then take him out of the car and beat him in a fashion harkening back to Yves' father's murder in that corner store years ago.Yves tried to stop him but the cop threw him back opening awound in his head. This would prove the officers folly as the blood from the wound flow freely and slash his throat as if it were a bladed weapon. The event was very shocking for the two of three lovers as Bobby fainted from the sight. Yves would then drive Bobby back to their dorm and left never to return after witnessing the fear in his eyes in the aftermath of the murder. Yves would soon realize he had full mental control over blood and over bodily fluids and their temperature and soon decided to become what he refers to as a "wrought-iron avenger" of those wronged by his home country. In doing so he drops his father's name and his religion in order to dissociate his mortal and his eternal fathers from what he understands will be a "lineage of blood".

Miscellanous: Yves' appearance can be nearly described as that of what the gays call a "bear" being the tallest (6'0) and largest of his (past) triad relationship. He looks almost identical to his late father with golden eyes, curly hair and a thick beard. He isn't fluent in his father's dialect of Arabic because he was barely taught it by him, however he takes upon himself to learn it in his free time. His favorite song to play on double bass is "Freedom" by Charles Mingus.

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Myskywarm Random Avatar Month Day 1: Rodolfo from Ee-arth Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Random Avatar Month Day 1: Rodolfo
May 20th 2020 at 1:34:54 AM

Name: Allen(Civilian Name) AKA The Beast Of Shadow(Hero Name)

Hero or Villain?: Chaotic Good Hero

Species: Half Human/Werewolf hybrid

Skills: Acrobatic, Strength

Superpowers: Werewolf Transformation(Active), Weapon Mastery(Passive)

Hobbies: Collecting weapons in his spare time and taking odd jobs around town

Age and profession: 21, Mercenary

Backstory: Around the age of 12 where he first discovered his powers, in a fit of Power Incontinence and Horror Hunger, he killed and ate several people(including his family). He caught the interest of a man who takes him under his wing and taught him to control his werewolf side and urges. But most important of all, he taught him to not think of his abilities as a curse. Influenced and inspired by the man's kind but rather reckless nature and desire to do good no matter the cost, he sets out on a journey of finding his purpose in life and helping those in need, whatever it is.

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Tre super good from the front to the back, thatís where I was at Relationship Status: Singularity
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May 20th 2020 at 5:04:20 AM

  • Name: Roland C. Wilkins, a.k.a. The Projector
  • Hero or Villain?: Hero (Neutral Good)
  • Species: Human with a side of Virtual Ghost (more on that in a bit)
  • Skills: either Intelligence/Wisdom by D&D standards, or just being highly perceptive and good at investigation
  • Superpowers: Ro can summon Hard Light constructs in battle (or for mundane purposes), can take control of non-sentient machines (active), and has a knack for applying complex thinking in demanding situations (passive).
  • Hobbies: Loving little known media, listening to an eclectic selection of electronic music, flying (and breaking) RC planes
  • Age/profession: 22-year-old grad student, formerly a ďsoftwareĒ tester at Geras Greyís company
  • Backstory (in a nutshell): Kind-hearted, autistic guy becomes a digital version of himself after a test at his job goes sideways.

     Roís Origins 
Roland Wilkins: a typical atypical teenage boy on the spectrum, with a deep love for electronic music, RC cars/planes, and weird media that he mostly enjoyed by himself. Ro moved to Helios as a 17-year-old for college, and had a scholarship to cover about half of his tuition at Urquhart University (go Ursines). To cover the rest, he got a job at [whatever Greyís company ends up being called], and what he thought was going to be the perfect side gig ended up becoming a nightmare when an experiment to reverse-engineer human brain activity into an AI went awry, effectively switching out Roís mind and body for a digital reconstruction of itself.

Reborn as a partially virtual version of himself, he escaped from his job and tried to go back to a normal life, but soon discovered that every cell phone, television, video game console, and digital billboard around him had a kind of pulse, a digital heartbeat ó and that his own was perhaps the strongest of all, a blank waveform to be shaped at his will.

Ro spent the rest of his undergrad days keeping his new abilities under wraps, but slowly gains control over his resonance with machines. He could use his phone and computer entirely hands-free one year in. By two, his own head was a personal radio. What originally was a disconcerting situation actually became pretty damn cool.

He was content to just leave it there, but Weird Stuff started happening in Helios a few years after his own incident. Lacking experience but having a wealth of knowledge, Ro decides to take a secret identity for a spin...

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DubhKafkaesque Kerosene! from Scotland Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
May 20th 2020 at 5:37:44 PM

Name: The Sun King. He'd tell you his true name, but sadly humans cannot pronounce it. Anyone telling you his name is, or was at any point "Herbert Ballantyne" is a filthy liar seeking to undermine him.

Hero or Villain?: Hero

Backstory: The planet Jupiter is far, far beyond our own in every conceivable way. Technology has advanced to the point where the Jupiterians can cross whole galaxies as easily as we walk down the street. Society has abandoned all war and hate and greed, and become a true utopia. But with such luxury comes a certain boredom - when your world is perfect, what is there to do for those with a do-gooder's spirit? The Jupiterian leader known only as the Sun King has a solution. Donning a suit of glorious golden armour, he travels to worlds where civilisation has not yet reached Jupiter's high point, spreading a message of peace and fighting injustice wherever he may find it. With his help, perhaps these humans may one day live in harmony as his kind do.

Of course, the authorities will tell you a different story. They would have you believe "The Sun King" is in fact one Herbert Ballantyne, an ordinary African-American man from inner Helios City, who has spent his life in and out of mental institutions for delusional tendencies. His superpowers are just that - superpowers, the same as certain humans in this world have, and certainly no alien ability. But since when were they trustworthy? Come! Follow the Sun King, and embrace a brighter future!

Species: Jupiterian. They simply look identical to humans, honest.

Skills: Acrobatics, Flair

Superpowers: Sun King's primary (aka active) power is control over light. He can't make it solid or turn it into sci-fi lasers or anything like that, but he can make it bright enough to stun foes and focused enough to generate intense heat. His passive "power" is extensive, albeit self-taught, combat trainingnote 

Age and profession: Older than human civilisation and a messenger to our planet, to hear him say it. To hear the census say it, he's 32 and unemployed, largely due to his mental health record.

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May 20th 2020 at 5:41:18 PM

  • Name: Radley Raccoon.
  • Hero or Villain?: Hero. Trying to be Neutral Good, but tending to fall into Chaotic Good.
  • Backstory:

Radley was created as an animatronic character in 1991 for the local pizzeria Bunyan's Diner. Due to tough competition and low sales, the diner was closed in 1993. About 25 years later, an eccentric scientist named Gina Woods bought Radley, the only surviving animatronic, in an auction and rebuilt him into a sentient, crime-fighting robot by giving him robotic legs so that he can walk around, adding mini-rockets in his feet so he can fly, and reinforcing all his inner mechanisms with military-grade metals to vastly increase his strength and durability.

Radley is well aware of the negative stereotypes surrounding animatronics these days, and wants to prove he's nothing like that.

  • Species: Animatronic raccoon.
  • Skills: I have minimal knowledge of D&D, so I'll sum these up as best as I can. Charisma (gets along great with most people, especially kids. However, some people still find him creepy) and musical talent (has an excellent singing voice)
  • Superpowers: Super Strength, and Rocket Boots.
  • Hobbies: Video games, giving and receiving hugs, and acting like it's still the 90's.
  • Age and profession: 29 if you count the year he was built, 2 if you count the year he was made sentient. Acts like a young adult. Unemployed, though he doesn't have a secret identity anyway. He just lives with Gina and does stuff around the city.

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TacoBadger Well, itís a badger, thatís for sure from either behind you or Albuquerque Relationship Status: The Skitty to my Wailord
Well, itís a badger, thatís for sure
May 20th 2020 at 6:34:49 PM

  • Name: Trevor Stearns Piersen, you can just call him Trevor
  • Hero or Villain?: Anti-Hero, but closer to a Hero than a Villain
  • Backstory: Upon graduating out of high school, his parents, whom possessed a great loathing for Trevor, kicked him out. He was able to move in with his cousin in the city, and gained online work. His cousin, far more powerful yet far more lazy than Trevor, taught Trevor in the ways of utilizing Ki, a hidden art present within certain people. Since then, he uses Ki when he has to, but otherwise tries to go about his life.
  • Skills: Agility, Durability
  • Superpowers: Manipulation of Fire and Flight, as well as the ability to write a really good movie review. But these powers only come when his Ki is awakened, but you can drop that part if you want, West.
  • Hobbies: Watching Movies, Debates, Reading Classic Russian Literature
  • Age and profession: 20, Film Reviewer on the Website ''

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johannes4123 Nomming kitten from The southern parts of Norway Relationship Status: In denial
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May 21st 2020 at 4:39:53 AM

Name: Diniel Aphaeleon

Hero or Villain: Anti-Villain

Backstory: For millenniums the forces of Heaven has been at war with the forces of Hell, but recently the forces of Heaven have begun losing more and more. In desperation, many of their soldiers have been sent of to raid other worlds for treasures like the rare metals and gemstones needed to enchant their weapons and armor. While Diniel has been sent to Earth to plunder as much treasure and riches as possible, he still sees it as his duty to protect those in need from evil and will do what he can to prevent the death of civilians caught in the crossfire

Species: Angel

Skills: Is an excellent metalworker and is proficient with a lot of different weapons

Powers: He can fly and his enchanted weapons can produce large amounts fire and light that is particularly effective against demons and the undead, plus he can summon and desummon these weapons whenever he wants

Hobbies: He loves traveling around the world to witness its natural beauty

Age and profession: Is a 35 year old knight serving the forces of Heaven

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JTTWlover Blooming alone in the frigid weather from Chinese Heaven Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Blooming alone in the frigid weather
May 21st 2020 at 5:17:12 AM

Character Profile Pages Part 1 (Since we have ten characters here. The introductory line will be in the second next post.)

Steve the Rock, AKA Avalanche (unfortunatezorua), you have these Skills:

  • Speed: Despite you being a literal rock and having no Super Speed, you are quite quick when floating with your Telekinesis/Psychokinesis. +1 to actions needing speed.
  • Charisma: Being a millions of years old classic cape hero, you have lots of fans and are beloved almost in the entire planet and beyond. +1 to actions needing charisma.

And you have these powers, too:

  • Telepathy: The power that lets you communicate with everyone, except the people shielded from it. Without this, you would be just a flying rock.

  • Molecular Telekinesis/Psychokinesis: You can manipulate things with your mind to a molecular level, which gives you a wild array of things you can do with this, including flying. This means you can reform yourself if broken, but if your HP drops down to 0, you can't do anything until someone heals you. Side effects from getting hit with the mutant power blast.

  • Inspiration Inducement: Let's face it, you inspire people with your awesomeness. When using this power, you get a +1 to actions using charisma for the next two turns.

  • Not technically a power, but since you are a rock, you are quite sturdy, and that means that everyone who tries to hit you will get hurt. -1 to the other PCs attacking you by hits, kicks and other stuff.


  • You have no objects to carry, as you are only a rock, but you have a cotton candy machine in the Hero Hall, where your fellow heroes the Awesome Super Team hangs out.

Kenneth McRae, AKA Dragon's Breath (GoldenCityBird), you have these Skills:

  • Stealth: Crucial to killing people without them knowing and other important stuff, you are quite stealthy. +1 to actions needing stealth.
  • Agility: Also needed to killing people and dodging attacks. +1 to actions needing agility and dodging.

And you have the following powers:

  • Super Speed: You are what people call a speedster, a person with a speed way faster than anyone's. Your current speed rivals a high-speed train, with 160 mph (around 250 km/h).

    • Tornado Move: You can use your speed to make a tornado that, while not as quick as other speedsters' tornadoes, does plenty of damage.

  • Playing with Fire: You can control fire and shape it in many ways. You can burn things and attack with flamewaves. And if you will it enough, float and glide a little. And you have the Required Secondary Powers to survive both your active powers.

    • Fire Tornado: By your powers combined, I am Fire Twister! Just kidding, but you can combine both your powers and create a tornado made with fire that lasts enough to burn several people.

  • Aura Vision: You can see people's auras and see if they are evil or not so you don't accidentally kill innocent people. You have seen your own aura, and it's neutral but tending to good with some violence stains.


  • Thread and needle: For the ahem, "mascot costume" making. You can also sew your own fire-proof costume with it.

Budi "Buddy" Supratno (ArmoredFury), you have the following abilities:

  • Athletics: You were trained by the Martial Arts school to be a supreme fighter. +1 to actions needing your athletics.
  • Martial Arts: You were heavily trained on all Martial Arts known in the school. +1 to actions involving fighting.

And you have these powers:

  • Ki Manipulation: You can control the flow of latent life force energy, which can be used in several ways.

    • Physical Force Manipulation/Force Control: You can put all the force in a single point, or spread it around; like putting all your strength in your fist or spreading the power of a kick around your face so your nose isn't broken.

    • Ki Healing: You don't use it a lot, but you can heal between 1 to 10 HP by using your Ki. You can heal yourself or others. Aside of this, there is also the Ki Transfer Technique, which allows for healings above 10 HP. When used, you transfer part of your HP to another person, but the virtue of giving heals you too. The opposite is also possible, but the sheer evilness of stealing life force hurts you. note 

  • Peak Human Physique: A result of the training, you are stronger, quicker and more agile than the average human.

  • Combat Clairvoyance: You can predict how will other people attack, giving you a +1 to dodging and a little proficiency at attacking.


  • Simple Staff: You may not use weapons usually despite being trained with them, but you still have this staff you carry around.

  • The Martial Scrolls: You still don't know all the secrets of them, but you still have them.

Alberto Pťrez, AKA Necras the Summoner (Afterwards), you have these Skills:

  • Woodworking: You like woodworking a lot, and any action that needs woodworking has a +1.
  • Painting: Same with painting, and you are a great artist. +1 to art stuff.

You also have these powers:

  • Necromancy: You can summon souls and/or dead people to help you. You are also kind-of dead yourself, so bloodbending doesn't affect you.

  • Beast Summoning: You can summon beasts you made as Alebrijes because Katrina is a kind goddess and she lets you get the spirits too. The only thing limiting this is your capacity of carrying them.

  • True Sight: You can see through illusions, disguises, invisible things, possessions and other stuff.


  • Staff (of the Dead): Katrina didn't actually give you this. You found a piece of wood and made this staff yourself to appear more badass, and you do, actually.

  • Alebrijes: You carry around two of them, a [insert name here] and a [insert name here].

  • Woodcarving and Painting Sets: Basic stuff for both, small sets you carry around. You also have a piece of wood to make a quick Alebrije if you can't find your other ones or they are already fighting.

Next post in a few hours.

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JTTWlover Blooming alone in the frigid weather from Chinese Heaven Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Blooming alone in the frigid weather
May 21st 2020 at 8:40:04 AM

Character Profile Pages Part 2

Yves Ahmad Joubert (Baisteach), you have the following Skills:

  • Stealth: Like Kenneth, you also have stealth to aid you in killing people. +1 to Stealth actions.
  • Religion: You are faithful to your religion, and have a great knowledge of it. +1 to any action related to it.

You also have these powers:

  • Blood Control: You can control blood, but you've noticed that you aren't as powerful as you were when you discovered your powers. You can still fight well though.

    • Bloodrush: You give a bloodrush to someone, which messes up with the victim's mind and makes them be dizzy and stop for one turn or two if they're a NPC, but is like a regular attack towards other PCs which can be dodged somehow.

    • Nosebleed: You make nosebleeds happen, this deals between 3 to 5 HP damage (the dudes also stop either for a few seconds or just stop).

    • Minor Bloodbending: A pretty flexible power that lets you make blood constructs, but you need to have blood ready from some place that doesn't involve ripping it off someone else (you may use your own blood though, but it still needs to be from a cut or something).

    • Instant Blood Kill: A Dangerous Forbidden Technique now that you used several times in the past. Can kill someone directly, but may make you lose between 10 and 50 HP depending if you manage to do it or you botch it up.

  • Temperature Control: You can control temperature in a few ways:

    • Coldwave and Heatwave: You can send waves of hot and cold. They can somehow hit someone and knock them out.

    • Cool Down and Heat Up: Raises or lowers the temperature of a room. Perfect when you want to kill/preserve someone who can only live in cold.


  • Double Bass: I honestly don't know where exactly you got this, because unlike a certain person named Aust, you had no way to steal this. I guess you have this from your life before being a vagrant.

  • Pen: A neat fountain pen you have and can use to practice your calligraphy. You also have a notepad.

Allen (no surname), AKA The Beast of Shadow (Myskywarm), you have these Skills:

  • Acrobatics: You are quite the acrobat. +1 to actions needing acrobatics.
  • Strength: You don't have superstrength like the Flying Brick heroes, but you are stronger than the average human. +1 to strength actions.

You also have these powers:

  • Werewolf Transformation: You transform into a werewolf in full-moon nights/at any point (please post in the Anti-Necro thread to specify). This gives you a +1 in strength, agility, speed and durability (aka pain away) actions. However, it gets a -1 to dodging and thinking. You also have strong teeth and a tracking ability with your nose.

  • Weapon Mastery: You know everything about weapons are a good fighter using all weapons known on Earth. +1 to fighting when using a weapon. Obviously only usable when not a werewolf.


  • Sword: Actually, it's a machete. You got it from your mentor. It's a good weapon.

  • Baseball Bat: You got this from a baseball player that dropped this when you suddenly transformed in the middle of a baseball match. Sturdy enough to hit several people.

Roland C. Wilkins, AKA The Projector (Tre), you have these Skills:

  • Intelligence: You are quite intelligent and have some generic knowledge of stuff. +1 to Intelligence actions.
  • Wisdom: You are also a wise person. +1 to actions needing Wisdom.

You also have these powers:

  • Hard Light: You can control solid light, which you can make into weapons or traps. And to reach the remote when you are too lazy to even use your other power.

  • Technopathy: You can control and hack any machine that isn't sentient.

  • Awesomeness by Analysis: This is either a side effect of the accident, or a prolongation of your intelligence skill. Any way, you are smart and can do a swell quick thinking. +1 to actions in situations requiring quick thinking.


  • iPod Portable Music Player: For listening to music when you're too tired to radio in your head.

  • Synthesizer: Around the size of a 14' laptop, this synthesizer helps you to make some electronic music by yourself.

The Sun King, AKA Herbert Ballantyne (DubhKafkaesque), you have these skills:

  • Acrobatics: Like Allen, you are quite an acrobat. +1 Acrobat actions.
  • Flair: AKA, charisma. +1 to Charisma actions.

And these powers:

  • Light Manipulation: You can blind people with it, although you can't shape it into something solid like Ro. You can also control heat with it.

  • Combat Training: You are quite good fighting. +1 to fighting.


  • Sun Staff: You have this accordingly to your golden armor. Nobody except the villains question you for it.

  • Metal Gloves: They are actually just gloves with some metal filaments on it. They help a little in fighting.

Next Character Profile Page Part as soon I can write it

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Blooming alone in the frigid weather
May 21st 2020 at 10:09:22 AM

Character Profile Page Part 3 (Final Part, hopefully)

Radley Racoon (DrNoPuma), you have the following Skills:

  • Charisma: Read above. +1 Charisma actions.
  • Musical Talent: You are good in any music thing. +1 to Music actions.

And powers:

  • Super Strength: You're really strong. Since I don't know how much you can lift, you get a +1 in Strength actions.

  • Rocket Boots: And you can fly! Together with being (a bit) sturdy make up a Flying Brick!


  • Game Console: To play games all time. You can play games with other people together in this console.

Trevor Stearns Piersen (TacoBadger, you have the following Skills:

  • Agility: See above. Again. +1 Agility actions (and dodging, I forgot to say that).
  • Durability: You are quite durable. +1 in durability ("pain away" rolls).

And powers:

  • Ki Manipulation: You can control Ki in many ways. (It also helps you with the review thing)

    • Ki Healing: You can heal people and yourself with this from 1 to 15 HP.

    • Ki Blast: You can concentrate your Ki into an attack that deals variable damage. (It's made of fire most times, by the way.)

    • Ki Flight: You can fly with this.

    • Ki Detection: You can detect people by using your Ki. +1 to detection when using this power.


  • Laptop: To make the reviews and watch those movies.

  • A copy of Maxim Gorky's My Childhood: It's not technically literature, but the other books are at home and you grabbed the first thing you saw.

Diniel Aphaeleon (johhanes4123), you have these Skills:

  • Metallurgy: You are a skilled smith, and can do several stuff with an anvil and a hammer. +1 to smithing stuff.
  • Weapon Proficiency: I am beginning to not distinguish the power with this skill. Anyways, +1 to weapon handling.

And these powers (I am becoming very tired):

  • Flying: You're an angel. Duh.

  • Magic weapon summoning: Your weapons are magic with fire and light and good against demons and the undead. You can also summon and desummon them.


  • Spear: A magic fire and light spear.

  • War Hammer: A magic fire and light war hammer.

Okay, the character profiles are done.


It's 11:30 AM at Helios City. In Urquhart University, it's Science Class for Ro's class, by Professor Raymond. For Alberto, it's Professor Caron's Art Class. In the streets, Yves is wandering, Kenneth is driving his bus, and Radley is following Gina to a friend's house. Budi is being a masseur in the Nereid Spa. Allen is sitting in a bench. The Sun King is perching in a slide. Trevor is at a Internet Cafe writing a review. Diniel is hovering next to P.R.O.W.L. (Power Research Organization, Welfare Logistics) Industries (Geras Grey's Company, unless you want it to be another thing). Steve is in the Hero Hall making cotton candy while his fellow Awesome Super Team members Glimmer and Darkness are watching.

So, what are you doing next?

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If thereís a book you want to read, but it hasnít been written yet, then you must write it. Toni Morrison
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>I'm working on my final project, my magnum opus. It's currently in the early stages, so I'm dragging a large block of lumber into the workshop to prepare for carving.

A full course meal on the Holy Night! The last supper, Ultima Cena!
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> I have begun busking pulling my double bass out of it's case playing downtempo music on a summer day.

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May 21st 2020 at 10:25:45 AM

>I still think it's going to be a normal day. I drive to the next stop along my route (I'll let you choose a plot-relevant place).

...Were you suddenly aware...
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May 21st 2020 at 10:28:02 AM

Hope it's okay for me to post a sign-up real quick.

Name: Felicity Leander, aka Panthera

Hero or Villain?: Hero, though she started off as a petty thief.

Backstory: Small-time crook Felicity Leander was aiming to purrloin some artifacts from the local museum's archives, including an odd-looking cat statue with gemstones for eyes. What she didn't know was that the statue carried a curse that would make the next woman to touch it with her bare hands an avatar of the goddess Bastet. After picking the statue up and finding herself transformed, with slit pupils, pointed ears, a tail, fangs, and retractable claws, she narrowly escaped the museum uncaught- only making it out due to her newfound cat-like reflexes.

She took her narrow escape as a sign that maybe stealing wasn't the right career for her, and now tries to use her abilities to do some good.

Species: Human with feline features. So a Cat Girl, basically.

Skills: Agility and Stealth. Excellent for a heist, really.

Superpowers: Feline Reflexes and Physique (Main). Night vision, retractable claws, that kind of thing.

Hobbies: Funnily enough, before her encounter with the statue of Bastet, she was actually pretty active in the furry fandom. She's no longer a thief but does enjoy collecting shiny things- which she now obtains legally, mind you.

Age and profession: 30 years old, Former thief; now she works at a gas station. Getting a decent job is tough when you're a cat hybrid with a criminal record.

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> I'm half-listening to Prof. Raymond talking about autotrophic organisms

please don't pull the PLUG
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>Order a Frappuccino from the cafe

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May 21st 2020 at 10:40:26 AM

>Patrol the area looking for trouble or shinies

sample text
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> Move aside and start patrolling the city. The human children clearly want to use this slide.

I can be your baby in real life, sugar / I can live in your dreams
May 21st 2020 at 11:48:41 AM

>Look around to see if there's anyone I can help out, or just say hi to.

Send in the clowns.
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>Give my customers the best goddamn massage they'll ever have.

Leaving this world is not as scary as it sounds.

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