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Warner Bros., Universal form home entertainment joint venture

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Mario1995 from Atlanta Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Jan 15th 2020 at 9:56:06 AM

In what is surely set to reignite the debate on whether or not physical media is "dying," Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment announced Wednesday a 10-year agreement that effectively combines their North American home entertainment arms under one umbrella. The venture will distribute Universal and Warner Bros. movie and TV titles (library and new) for DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD Blu-ray formats and combine the units' sales, retail marketing and distribution operations. The agreement, subject to regulatory approval, will commence in Q1 2021.

The digital distribution arms of both entities will remain separate.

Seperately, the two companies have inked home distribution agreements for each other's titles in certain territories. Warner Bros. will handle distribution of Universal titles in the UK, Benelux and Italy while Universal will distribute WB titles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan.

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The12thDoctor Chief of Recap season pictures from The Doctor's Confession Dial
Chief of Recap season pictures
Jan 16th 2020 at 6:07:35 PM

Let's hope it leads to better DVD menus, because those two examples have admittedly been lacking in that department. Cases in point. I mean, it says a lot when Lionsgate makes better ones!

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