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Scipion3 "Title...? Title... That's a title." from "Somewhere... So much possibilities..." Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
"Title...? Title... That's a title."
Mar 2nd 2020 at 3:01:28 PM

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon World, Persephone's castle

Onox looked at the floor, visibly anxious.

   "...Hey Onox, are you deaf? We've asked you something."    Scipion asked, annoyed.

"... I don't want to."

   "Huh? What do you mean, you don't want to?"   

"I don't want to remember that, boss. I can't."

Scipion growled. He clearly had no patience for Onox's behavior.

   "You cant't? Are you kidding me? Did you lose some brain cells or something?"   

"Scipion, can't you see he's feeling bad right now?" Aaron said, noticing how sad Onox was with his aura.

   "That's not your problem Aaron. Open your mouth again, and I'll gladly slice your throat in half!!"    Scipion yelled angrily at his nemesis.

"I'm sorry boss..." Onox sighed. "I know you're thinking I'm worthless, but I can't help it..."

   "Worthless? Why would I think that?"    Scipion asked, somehow feeling bad for Onox.

"Well... from the beginning, I keep screwing things up..."


   "Eyahahahaha! Such a waste of time!"    Scipion laughed, proudly crushing an Infernape's head.

   "Yeah. It's not even that fun anymore."    Morgan complained, blood all over his body as he got out of a house.

   "Fortunately, that old Drampa told me where to locate that stupid artifact. But don't you find it weird?"   

   "Weird? What's weird?"   

Morgan crossed his arms.

   "Uggh... Use your brain, you idiot. Haven't you noticed there's no kids at all in this freaking village? Pretty weird if you ask me."   

   "Yeah, you're right. Guess the adults hide them somewhere. But I'm not against killing some brats, my mane is not red enough."    the Zoroark smirked, looking at his already bloody mane.

   "Hehehe!! Perfect!! Don't forget to share with me if you find them."    Morgan cackled. Both went on their own way to find the village's children.

Scipion cursed under his breath. Whoever hide those kids was a smart one. He couldn't find a single hint.

Suddenly, he heard something. A sound. A guitar sound. Scipion grinned. He and Morgan didn't killed everyone in this small village after all.

He searched for the sound's location, below the ground. He then kneeled before using a violent Night Slash, revealing a small cave housing a group of various children and teenagers inside.

One thing that caught the Zoroark's attention was a Toxtricity. Scipion clearly deduced that he just evolved now, giving that some childs also evolved. The Pokemon was clawing at itself, creating the guitar's sound. All of the other Pokemons were looking at him, either horrified and angry at him.

   "Well, well, well. Did you honestly think you could've escaped me that easily?"   

Next, Scipion started to slaughter them all. Some desesperatly tried to fight back while others were begging for their lives as Scipion painted his mane with their blood. Much to Scipion's surprise, the Toxtricity didn't react. He was watching the scene with extreme confusion and was sill playing his music.

After killing the last child, Scipion looked very intrigued by the Toxtricity's reaction. Not only was he responsible for his comrades's death, he seemed to be completely unaware of what was happening.


No answer.



The Toxtricity sticked his tongue out. Scipion clearly felt something was wrong with him.

"Hello. Have you noticed how I'm able to play music? I like my music. Do you like my music?"

   "...What the Distortion World..."   

"Oh? Do you like it? I mean, no one liked it before." the Toxtricity said, jumping happily. Scipion was dumbfounded.

   "Errrm.... Yes?"   

"REALLY??? THANK YOU!!!" the Toxtricity yelled before hugging Scipion despite not knowing him at all. Scipion lost his patience and viciously sliced the Pokemon's arm.

"Hey. That hurt. You're strong. Like some kinds of boss." he said, not noticing that his arm was bleeding, clearly ignored the pain.

   "... Are you normal?"    Scipion asked.

"Normal? Well... people use to call me "autist". Does that means normal?"

   "Autist? So you're basically mentally deficient then?"   


Scipion sighed. On one way, this Toxtricity seemed to be quite annoying. However, he seemed to be quite resistant. After all he didn't seemed to be bothered at all by his wound.

   "Hey! Why didn't you wait for me, you scum??"    Morgan shouted, angry at Scipion for ruining his fun.

   "Oh please. Like you would've wait for me if you found them first anyways!"    He then prepared to leave, only to look again at the Toxtricity. Scipion smirked

   "What you're waiting for , dumbass! Kill that idiot and let's leave!"   

   "Wait. I think he might be useful."   

   "Are you serious??!! He's a complete retard!!"   

   "Exactly. Wich means he'll be easy to manipulate. And he seems quite strong."   

Scipion turned back to the Toxtricity.

   "How about you follow me? I didn't met any other Toxtricity here, so I guess you didn't had any relatives here, am I wrong?"   

"No, boss. But why not, you seems to be nice!"

   "Eyahaha! Nice!! By the way, what's your name?"   

"A name? I don't really have one, no one ever gave me one..."

   "I see. How about... Onox then?"   

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon World, Persephone's castle

"Morgan told me that it was because of me that they died. And... you were pretty mad at me most of the time because I would screw up ambush or fall into traps. And then... No, I don't want to remember when you left. I... really care about you boss, even though you maybe don't. Just please... Don't leave us again! I-I know I'm worthless to you, but I'll try my best!! But please!!" Onox begged.

Scipion crossed his arms and thought about what Onox said. He remember that he really didn't cared about Onox before. But his reaction. His loyalty. It reminded him of various tributes's relationship with some nominators. At the time, he didn't knew it because just the thought of him befriending someone was ridiculous but now Scipion realised that Onox was considering him as a friend. His only friend.

   "Onox. Are you angry at me?"   


   "Are you angry at me for leaving you behind?"   

Onox looked at the floor.

"I was very sad boss. But not angry. How could I be angry at you? No. Never. I wass more angry at myself for being an idiot, and those nominators... I poisonned one of those bastards recently."

   "Excuse me? You've fought with one of the nominators?"    Scipion asked angrily.

"I-I shouldn't have...? Boss, I-I-I..."

Scipion quickly calmed down and sighed when he noticed how Onox was sorry.

   "Nevermind, forget it. I'm pretty sure it's Morgan who told you that. I forgive you for that one."   

Scipion got up, walked towards Onox and put his hand on his shoulder.

   "Onox. Will you forgive me for leaving you behind?"   

"You mean... You'll stay with me? You're not mad at me?"

   "Honestly, it should be you who should be angry at me. But I guess I'll try not backstabbing you like that."   

"Boss... Thank you!!"

Onox smiled and hugged Scipion. Scipion was happy that Onox forgave him for leaving him behind. But he knew that things will be completely different with Morgan. And...

   "Fort bien. Now let us continue. But first, Onox, I require you that you remove the poison link you have inflicted on the young Tabby."   


   "Do it. If Morgan get angry at you for this, he'll have to deal with me personally."   

Onox smiled and definitively cutted the link. Aaron sighed in relief. At least Tabby was definitively safe now.

Persephone raised one of her tendril, and in an instant, Onox was replaced with Morgan. Althought he was surprised at first, Morgan quickly glared at Scipion angrily.

   "So... What exactly do you have to say for your defence, you backstabbing asshole?"   

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"You're from the real world... Aren't you...? Hello."
VengefulBale Pythor from Unknown Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Mar 2nd 2020 at 3:59:56 PM

Beginning of Evil

Souls were heard all over the place, filled with thoughts of revenge and frustration. These were the souls of villains that were beaten, all of them were aching to escape, to have their revenge and win. But it was not a possibility, they had been beaten completely and were now being punished for their cruelty... Two particularly powerful villains were seen here.


Nightmare:    My death wasn't supposed to be permanent, why can't I return to the living world?!   

Just then, the duo felt pulled from the afterlife and back into the world of the living. They were greeted by a group of other powerful entities.

Grogar:    Welcome back to the world of the living.   

Nightmare turned to the group, confused.

Nightmare:    Who are you?!   

Aku:    Hey, who's the weird sheep?   

HIM:    Thanks for asking, Aku dear, but I'll let my friend introduce himself. Now, my name is: "h̷̭͌́̈i̵̥͓̚ͅs̷̥̀i̶̢̐̀̂n̴̠̪̹͐f̸̮͐é̴̥̟͚r̴̰̓͊͆n̸̡̛̮ắ̴̩̙̮̀l̴̞͑͛̒ṁ̸͙̽̏ā̶͇͛̕j̸̗̦̽e̶̜̬͍̿ṣ̵̬͂̋́t̸͚̔͘y̶̻̪̑̓̀y̴". But you can call me HIM.   

Black Hat:    Name's Lord Black Hat, Aku should already know that.   

Grogar:    And I am Emperor Grogar.   

Nightmare stood up and went up to the three villains somewhat skeptical.

Nightmare:    What is the purpose of our revival? Why'd you bring us here?   

Grogar:    As much as I'd boast of being a powerful sorcerer, even a soul like yours is beyond my current capacity to resurrect.   

HIM:    Some mysterious helper gathered us here.   

Just then they saw an orb floating in the air, with a dark energy coming from it.

   Welcome, fellow villains, I have finally gathered the great powers I desired to use as a powerful Legion of evil.   

Black Hat:    Do you think we'll work for you? Then think again, Black Hat serves no one.   

HIM:    I am a bit of a hater of following orders.   

Aku:    You? Bossing me? HAHAHA!   

Grogar:    Though you're our benefactor, I don't feel in the mood for subservience..   

   Oh, that is a mistaken thought. I don't want you to serve me, I have no interest in doing evil myself. But you 5 can, and you will be able to pull through anything together, even beating your old foes.   

The six villains were skeptical but after a while agreed to this deal.

Nightmare:    Fine, so as long as you stay out of our business it will be done.   

   Wonderful... That said, I would like it if you went by the name of the Legion of Doom.   

Black Hat:    Isn't that name copyrighted?   

HIM:    Not at all, turns out the bald guy who made the first Legion didn't register the name and now it's in the public domain... Wait, why would we even care about the law in the first place?   

An awkward silence followed.

Grogar:    Nevermind that. We are the Legion of Doom now, and we'll achieve our goals of conquering all worlds with our combined might! That said we must vote for a leader.   

   Nightmare will be my choice, unlike most of you he's a truly immortal being, an Exterrian of Darkness... Even if all else falls, he can always return as long as there's enough evil for him to exploit.   

Grogar:    Makes no difference to me...   

Black Hat:    Hey, this is unfair, Only I can-   

He was then cut off by Nightmare, who began to crush him in his hand.

Nightmare:    Silence miserable whelp.   

He only let go when Black Hat reluctantly yielded.

Nightmare:    It's time for actions, not for bickering, we must gather allies and find a base to go to.   

The entity then laughed a bit.

   Worry not, I already gathered you a big evil crew to serve as your assistants. But before anything you'll have to go and do me a favor at a contest.   

Before they could react they were warped to Panem, forcefully placed in the podium alongside their fellow villains.

Pythor's the best Ninjago villain and deserves more recognition outside of the series' fandom.
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Strawberry Delight
Mar 3rd 2020 at 8:04:43 AM

The Database Library, Entrance Hall

6k1 bears witness to the final battle between the Chosen One and the Dark Lord. She simply nods since she saw this coming a mile away. Once the season ends with Water Bottle literally backstabbing ♀ . and the Chosen One getting a heart attack after unknowingly logging his dream in the Death Note, she calls the Necromancy Department for the usual aftercare for her tributes.

For Sans, however, she gives them special instructions on how to retrieve his remains, since she wasn't expecting him to die from just food poisoning. She also thinks hard on whether or not to give Vriska the same treatment, even if she was her tribute in the OT. One one hand, the troll kept insulting Sans to no end, but on the other, John Egbert wouldn't take it well if she didn't come back to her home universe alive...

After giving it some thought, 6k1 delivers her orders:

"Take Vriska to the Resurrection Theater also. The group tribute barrier has been broken, so you should be able to operate on her separately. Once you have resurrected her, restrain her and remove her God Tier powers before she could fight back, and suppress her psychic powers so that they can't affect others across universes. Additionally, have the Travel/Communication Department confiscate her computer and reprogram Trollian so she can't harass Sans through it. Make sure that Sollux can't hack it, either."

"And we're assuming you're not going to revive Andonuts, is it not?" asks Dr. Phoenix.

"Correct. He was never my tribute, so it's up to his nominator... whoever it was, on whether or not he'll be resurrected."

6k1 finishes her call and emails Claire to nominate Fibber and Nidoran-M. She still contemplates if she did the right thing with her orders. Her preventive measures may not work as intended since troll technology is way more advanced than human tech, but hopefully they should at least keep Vriska away from Sans for a long time.

She sighs, wondering if it was Cel who nominated the Bad Time Squad in the first place. If he did, then he'd come running to the Library to say sorry for how Vriska and Andonuts treated Sans that season. She may have had partially forgiven him for throwing in a copy of the entire Multiverse in Season 45, but since she hasn't heard from him since the Nominator Games, well...

6k1 informs Link that Sans is on his way to recovery, but the process is going to take a while. She then asks Billy and Dave if there's anything else they want from her, because if none, then she'll go back to the basement to prepare for her training.

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Mar 3rd 2020 at 9:58:40 AM

Obnoxious New Tributes

Jamie was in Bale's room when he saw the Season started, he began to think on what to nominate.

Jamie: Huh, Season's over, guess it's time to select the new pair of tributes.

Before he could use the sorting machine, Charlie then entered the room. As she had recently seen "The Thief and the Cobbler".

Charlie: Oh, let me choose, please!

Jamie: Sure, why not?

She then chose to send both of the villains from the film.

The True Villains

Flashback Time: Bale's Base, May 5th 2019

After sending away the newly formed Legion, the "Entity" revealed his true form... Bale, of course. Bale was in his base, a bit ecstatic about what he did.

Bale: Man, that was fun, oh I cannot wait for this Season to start!

MG: Hey Bale, I don't tend to criticize ye, but isn't this idea a little too dangerous?

Bale: It's not, I can assure you that.

MD: Hell yeah, I am all in for this Season now.

Bale: Alright, let's hope the heroes win this one. If anything bad happens I'll be sure to be ready for it.


Two figures were seen spying on all ongoing events in a hidden dimension.

Mr. Mind:    Did you find him?   

???:    I've done so, master. I've finally found Bale. Seems like he's gathered a Legion of Villains for this Season resurrecting several who were already deceased for that purpose, and apparently Valecor's own villain Legion is seeking an alliance.   

Mr. Mind:    How unoriginal of him, copying our style, but that was to be expected of you both.   

???:    I doubt, however, that he's truly gathering them for conquest. He does not have the will yet to do so.   

Mr. Mind:    Perhaps all he wanted was some fun... Or for the villains to lose... Whatever happens we'll see later.   

They got notification from one of their servants.

BCK:    My lord, we've located a planet with valuable resources for our cause, sadly it is currently under siege, so perhaps it will be a good idea to go there and snatch something from the planet.   

???:    Not bad, I'll do that myself.   

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Pythor's the best Ninjago villain and deserves more recognition outside of the series' fandom.
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Mar 3rd 2020 at 3:53:24 PM

the fifth vessel

Elliot groaned a bit as he woke up in his quarters. After a quick, stretchy yawn, he hopped off his bed and onto the floor. The first thing he went to was the hull of the ship.
The nominations were full. Of course they were.

Elliot looked out of the cockpit to notice a strange ring in the distance, with a star at least an astronomical unit away. After a couple moments, he heard a ping from the ship's radar, denoting a Dragon Ball in the premises. However, the radar soon started to pick up more and more signals as more and more ships came into the scene around the ring, some feeling more like giant hulls, some slick and purple in color. The next thing he noticed was the fact that the two factions seemed to be occupied with fighting each other.

Elliot then called Billy and Eredars, specifically, about what he's seeing.

what if shes a US government agent sent to disable the pakistanian government so they can launch a """"peacekeeping mission"""" smh
Eredars Viva la rabbit hero or somethin Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Viva la rabbit hero or somethin
Mar 3rd 2020 at 4:00:08 PM

Underground Residence

Eredars answers Elliot's call

"That ring you see? That's none other than Halo itself. As for the warring ships... Find a way to not get caught in the crossfire between the UNSC and the Covenant, alright? I'm sure that ship of yours has some stealth field or some shit."

"At first, I was like "hmmm, yeah, buff choccy bunny." But bro: I don't think it's a joke anymore..."
Billy5545 W from Somewhere in Terra
Mar 4th 2020 at 5:35:08 AM

The Arena

Over the following days, Dr. Andonuts kept following the squad, delivering more loud profanities on every events while doing evil stuffs. Meanwhile Satori and Koishi got killed, and Billy, who saw it, ordered their retrievals following their deaths. Of course the process wasn't televised at all, but 6k1 and Dave could now know that Billy did revivals immediately after his tributes died.

Dr. Andonuts also reacted negatively to the scene in the mansion, though for a different reason than Sans or Vriska. He's also a bit interested in the Troll romance statement.

Then came the Feast. As he saw the cockroach, he screamed and yelled profanities at it before dying of heart attack. He then got obliterated by the Dark Lord.


Cirno meanwhile watched the whole season and got concerned for Sans after watching his "teammates's" actions throughout the season. She also cringed alongside everyone in the Hakurei Shrine when Sans got destroyed by the Dark Lord in that way.

Database Library

Billy just follows through the conversations. He also says that he's sorry for Sans after seeing his death, and then when he's about to finish the talk with 6k1 after Arcturus has finished playing with Mimi, he decides to deliver one final talk to 6k1 when the season ends. He says, "If you are interested, I plan to go into the Voidlands again after the second Nominator Game, but I want to visit it with my fellow nominators."

Talking about Arcturus, he actually heard about the Troll romance talk as he's pretty perceptive, though he didn't understand it well as he's still young. Billy then continues,

"As for Dr. Andonuts, I think I will revive him despite him not being my tribute and a villain. In fact, my usual policy for other nominators' tributes are not to revive them personally but leave them for their nominators or Panem to do so even if I want to revive them all. That Dr. Andonuts will be imprisoned in my Villain's prison after his revival though."

Billy then nominates his tributes through a holographic screen, which are Spectre and Unconscious 514, two combat robots. After hearing 6k1's order for the tributes, he then says, "For how I nominate inanimate objects, as you can see from Vantablack and Spectralon back in Season 70, I use the advanced technology and magic thag I have to give then alternate human forms, as well as relevant abilities."

Billy soon responds to Elliot, "Interesting. I will send my force there to take it, though I cannot go myself as I have not recovered from my fight with Scipion yet. On another topic to you and everyone here, the time dissonance between the Library, the Arena, and the planet where my mansion is in is slowing my healing as it is just hours for me here."

Soon, the tributes that Billy sent to the Undeground has arrived, including Tsubakura. As George is still waiting in the Library, the tributes greet everyone in it, including Sancaka. After its done, they all decide to continue for George's mission rather than returning first. Sancaka also decides to join and asks permission to go into the Business School first, so he can change into Gundala in secret. George soon makes a portal into the location of his mission, with him sending the four tributes first, then going into where Gundala is to send him.

Unknown Place

The group soon arrives in the place that they have to investigate. Immediately, they get to work, carefully perceiving the environment and watching out for anything suspicious. They are also prepared to attack and defend themselves in case they get suddenly ambushed.

Billy's Mansion

The nomination is then done. As Aiden, Desmond, Jason, and Marston are returned after their time in another alternate Game, Spectre and Unconscious 514 are brought after permission from their owners. The two machines are then taken and transformed into personification, with Spectre looking like a handsome man with long hair, while Unconscious 514 looks a bit like Koishi, but at the same time having differences in appearance from her. This is because Unconscious 514 is based on Koishi.

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Mar 4th 2020 at 7:04:15 AM


Tabby wakes up from a nap in her bed and looks at her bandaged wounds. She remembers that the doctors put her under some anesthesia to look thoroughly at them. She feels much better right now but she does have to stay in for a couple of days before she is discharged. Suddenly, a familiar cheery voice fills into her wing.

"Hello there Tabby! We've come to visit you!"

   "Oh hey there. I'm glad you got through this. Good news, I'm getting discharged in a couple of days."   

   "Did you managed to nominate the tributes I emailed you about?"   

"Yeah, but you shouldn't have done that at 2 in the morning."

   "Yeah, sorry on my part. Thanks for visiting me."   

"No problem! I'm also glad you followed my advice and got the care you needed!"

   "See ya!"   

Tabby waves goodbye as Pecan leaves the wing. She then stares at the ceiling to ponder her thoughts.

   "Now Akumo, wherever he is. I won't give up on defeating him even if he does something scummy as killing my loved ones. I hope that Morgan will pay for whatever he and Onox have done to me. I got people supporting me all across the multiverse."   

   "I won't be some pawn for evil! I won't let despair consume me!"   


Akumo watches from his lair through a screen on the wall surveilling multiple parts of Panem.

   "Strange,we haven't heard from Tabby in a while. She might be plotting something against us."   

   "I know where she is."   

A slender looking woman with black skin and long blue hair walks into Akumo's room. She is wearing a teal-colored cocktail dress with ruffles.

   "Noire? What are you doing here? I told you,I'm through with you!"   

   "I'm not just here to rekindle our relationship. She's currently at the same hospital you spied on Billy back then."   

   "Ah,really? What did she get in this time that landed her in there?"   

   "She has gotten into a fight with some Pokemon. A Morgrem and a Toxtricity to be precise. Apparently they stole the Dragonball from her. That Morgrem seems like a good ally."   

   " I do have a favor to ask of you. I want to join you as your loyal second command. My psychic abilities reach out much further than you. That's how I know how Tabby got into the hospital. Take your time..."   

   "So my crazed ex wants to join me? Huh, maybe if you didn't act like a cunt to me I would say yes."   

Noire gets a shocked look on her face.


   "You know what, I lied. I did come here to rekindle our relationship and get back together. I also want to see that little bitch get whatever she deserved to get in our way!"   

   "I may take some time to think about getting back together with you. But I accept your favor."   

   "It's a deal then."   

   "Alright, I'll tell you everything soon. I'm glad you share our hatred for Tabby."   

Noire passionately lends in for a kiss with Akumo. He puts his hand in front of her.

   "Not quite yet, you filthy whore."   

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Strawberry Delight
Mar 4th 2020 at 7:36:02 AM

MTT Resort

Alphys sees Billy's tributes finish their meal and wishes them luck as they head to the portal outside for their mission. She also answers Undyne's call that the latter's on her way there, too, before turning to the Delta Warriors.

"Well then, I should be going back to the lab now. I've summoned two more portals back home for you, unless you want to help them, too."

"Thanks Alphys," says Ralsei, "but I'll go back to the Dark World now. That was quite an adventure, and I bet Lancer would like to hear about it as much as Power!"

He tells Alphys, Kris, and Susie about his best friend back in the Fillyppines, then gets up and hugs them goodbye.

The Database Library, Entrance Hall

"The... Voidlands?" 6k1 asks. "I'm also planning to go there after the Nominator Games to find out what happened to the old Database, but I won't go there right after since there'll be tons of preparations and other tasks I have to accomplish. Also, I was planning to go there with just my tributes, but you, Dave, and your tributes are also invited. Safety in numbers, after all."

Mimi then nuzzles Arcturus and waves goodbye to him before going back to her owner.

"Mommy... please don't go there... I don't wanna lose you!" she says while clinging to 6k1's leg.

The DM picks her up and strokes her. "Don't worry little one, I'll do my best to make it out safe."

Billy then explains more about his revival and nomination process.

"Interesting," says 6k1. "As you've seen earlier, I have to wait until the end of the season before my scientists can revive my tributes. It's a safety precaution since the others are still running around, but sometimes they have to be deployed immediately for certain deaths such as cannibalism. It's a huge risk, but they have cloaking devices to hide themselves from the other tributes, and they wipe the cannibal's memories of their extraction before sending them back.

"As for reviving my tributes who were stole— I mean nominated by others, I just hope that the other party doesn't mind. I also have to admit that I didn't do the same for some of them like Jade Harley back in Season 52 because I kept my status as an OT nominator and time traveler a secret at the time. Even after I was outed by Timewrecker, there are still some 'proxies' that I missed, so hopefully they're okay..."

6k1 sees Billy nominating his tributes and watches hers go to their podiums. She then groans at literally all the money and treasures in the world flooding the entire Arena. The resulting pile would be bigger than the Twin Towers if the bills were stacked neatly, and that's not even counting all the precious gemstones, long-lost paintings, and ancient artifacts buried in there, too.

"Great... who summoned them all here? I just hope they're from another Earth and not this one because the economy will collapse if they're destroyed!"

She also greets Billy's tributes and wishes them luck in their latest mission.

Panem, Abandoned Building

Undyne, clad in her armor, steps out of the portal and in front of the entrance to the abandoned building. The portal closes behind her after she enters the doors, and she searches the place with Billy's tributes, standing guard as always.

"God... Where could those Pokémon and shadow figures be? Alphys said that the Rescue Squad needed my help, but they're not here!"

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Mar 4th 2020 at 8:03:41 PM

The Time Travelers

A train was seen running along some tracks in a deserted area. The train was far outside of time and space itself, it was the Den-O Liner a train that traveled through time. Inside of it, a group of colorful beings, the Imagin, were seen bickering over a small pudding cup.

Momotaros: Hey, that's my pudding you bastard, let go of it!

Kintaros: Finders keepers, you left it in the fridge and it's now mine.

Ryutaros: No fair, I told you where it was, at least share it!

Urataros: Guys, I believe we can reach a diplomatic solution here.

Momotaros: No we can, this piece of crap took my food for the last time. I can't afford losing it again, I'll enjoy my pudding no matter what!

Their bickering continued until a door opened to reveal their boss, an old japanese man whose name was Owner.

Owner: Quite the interesting discussion you four have here.

Momotaros: Boss, uh we were just... Oh forget that.

Before they could all continue their day, they got an unexpected call from Kamen Rider Decade.

Momotaros: What does that Decade guy want from us?

They went to where he was, as it seemed Decade had something important to tell them. As they found him, Momotaros went up to meet him in person.

Momotaros: What is it that you want?

Decade: Just a small note for later, I am helping some people in a heroic quest and they'll need your Den-O Liner to help them at it. Do you mind letting them in once?

Momotaros: Not at all, if they need help, I will provide it... As long as I'm allowed to be the real hero of that story!

Decade: Sure, I'll give you the credit if I recap it.

Momotaros then went back after Decade explained who'll be boarding.

Momotaros: That's a big crowd, but surely they won't be messy.

Owner: Hopefully they won't, seems like they're not in need of our help right now. We must make sure to keep ourselves unknown to most people, we don't want a repeat of the time you accidentally let Shocker re-emerge stronger.

Momotaros: Hey, that was the fault of the weird arm pretty boy and his homeless bum boyfriend. I had to fix their crap.

Pythor's the best Ninjago villain and deserves more recognition outside of the series' fandom.
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Mar 5th 2020 at 1:14:28 AM

Power's Home

While waiting for the next season to begin, Power watches the news. The reporter says that Total Drama has made a comeback like the other Multiversal reality shows after getting canned midseason due to technical difficulties. They also have an interview with the producer, who says that preventive measures have been taken to ensure that the pilot season will be able to make it to the finale, despite the process being tedious.

Intrigued by this, Power changes the channel and sees a hooded figure introducing the two teams, Screaming Gophers and Killer Bass, all while making a familiar Evil Laugh.

"C-Could that be an alternate version of Valecor?!"

She ignores the new host and watches Toriel and Asgore bond with their respective teammates, something that they didn't do in the cancelled pilot. Toriel takes Nemo in as her foster child and has a friendly conversation with Dino Goody, while Asgore has a quarrel with Peanut Butter when the fomer lets slip of what he did in the war. Asgore weeps on a bed of golden flowers after Peanut storms off, but Kokichi comforts the king, prompting him to invite him to a tea party.

After the teams bond, it's time for the first challenge. The teams have to jump into shark-infested waters, move to dry land and open some crates with their teeth, then use the supplies to build a hot tub. Toriel and Bubba are afraid of the mutant sharks and refuse to jump, so they're forced to wear a chicken hat for the rest of the day. Mordecai also wears a hat because he thinks he's above such a challenge. Everyone else takes the plunge, with Asgore's team winning wagons to their advantage.

Then, the teams build their hot tubs. Nemo refuses to help his team, the Screaming Gophers, fearing that they might boil him in the tub, so Toriel abandons her post to comfort him. Killer Bass, on the other hand, struggle with making it due to the mixed skills among the members and Mordecai sabotaging them at the last moment. Despite all of this, Asgore motivates the team to finish the tub, and the host declares it better than the other team's, granting Killer Bass invincibility.

Power claps her hooves for Asgore's team since they had a good start, unlike in the cancelled pilot. She then watches the teams take a break and bond with each other. Toriel gets into a fight with Bubba over her decision to leave Asgore, then continues bonding with Nemo and forms an alliance with him and Pyoro after helping the bird fight off some bugs in their camp.

"I wonder if she'll also take Pyoro in since he's almost the same color as Nemo..."

And now it's time for the Campfire Ceremony. Like in Survivor, the team that didn't win the challenge must vote one member off. The Screaming Gophers gather around the campfire with the host, and he gives them marshmallows one by one to tell them that they're safe. One by one, the members enjoy their rewards... but Bubba, Moby, Nemo, and Toriel haven't received theirs.

Power's teeth chatter as the host pauses each time he gives out the mallows. He gives them to Moby... and then Nemo... and with a drumroll in the background... he finally gives the last one to Toriel. The mother goat sighs in relief as she goes back to her team while Bubba hangs his head low as he goes to the Dock of Shame to board the Boat of Losers.

The behind-the-scenes tape then rolls, showing who voted for who. Bubba and Toriel's fight didn't sit well with the others, so they voted for them to leave, with Bubba receiving more since Toriel's motherliness earned her respect from them and they were convinced by her points against him.

"Only natural for the two to try voting each other out, though..."

Power basks in the excitement of the first episode, then notices her crystal ball glowing.

"Hey there, Ral! How's the battle?"

"It was a tough one, but they gave us the Ball back! It was a good thing that I stepped in at the last moment, otherwise those mean Pokémon would've taken me out first!"

"That's what I thought. Now tell me more about your adventure!"

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Billy5545 W from Somewhere in Terra
Mar 5th 2020 at 2:59:21 AM

Kayla's Flashback

Kayla remembers to her origins. It was three years prior to her employment by Billy, whom she has worked with for two years. As she is 29 now, it was back when she was 24. Then, she was working for an influential industrialist and magic user named Reston Excer, who ran a company named Magi-excavation, which dealt in mining magical minerals and other mined goods for Kendor's magic. The company is now a subsidiary of Eagle's Hawk Corporation, but before that it was influential on its own.

"Let's see, who is coming to my job interview today?" Reston asked. He was recently starting a recruitment drive, and there was already a lot of applicants. He soon saw a name: Kayla Farway. Reston decided to interview her first after checking her data, which showed among other things, that her special ability was dimensional manipulation, though she noted that she was still a beginner at it.

Reston soon went to the waiting room, where Kayla was sitting with other applicants. The blond-haired and blue-eyed woman, who was wearing glasses, soon greeted Reston, saying, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Excer." Reston soon directed Kayla to the interview room.

"Tell me more about your life story and your powers." Reston said. Kayla soon responded, "I am the oldest child out of three siblings, born to parents of teachers. They educated me extensively in magic, the enviroment, and space. I also attended a university and got a degree in Magical Theory from my time there. As for my power to manipulate dimensions, it manifested since I was little, and it is different from the powers that my family members have. In fact, they think my power is potentially the strongest."

"I want to join your company as your personal assistant because I want to gain more work experience from doing favors for other people, as well as getting close to someone who also knows magic well so they can teach me stuffs about it too, and I see you as the perfect person for me as I heard stories about how you possess great magical powers yourself despite being a CEO, and how you treat your workers well." Kayla explained.

After hearing her story, Reston said while pointing at a clock, "Interesting. You are hired Ms. Farway. You will start working for me tomorrow, at this time. I'll also give you the work uniform for the position." Kayla soon felt happy at it and smiled, before following Reston into where the uniform, which was a maid uniform, stored.

As Kayla looked forward to working, she never expected that she would later awaken great powers when her boss suffered from a crisis few months in.

Present Day, Abandoned Building

George and his group are now in the building when Undyne appears. When she asks where the enemies are, George quietly says, "They must be hiding somewhere. We should be as quiet as possible so we can go around stealthily." He soon instructs the group to follow him using a hand signal. During the search, George thinks of using the two powers pertaining to his eyes that he hasn't used much due to their sheer powers, before deciding against it. While it can increase his detection ability significantly as one of the many benefits, he only reserve the eyes for hard battles when they're needed.

George immediately order the group to split up into two. He says, "I am going to go with Patchouli and Tsubakura. Undyne, you will go with Nitori, Sandy, and Gundala." George's group soon go their own way and eventually, the servant finds a ghostly signature, which seems to be familiar with Clyde's as he encountered him back then in the Library. He eventually follows the signature carefully with his group, being ready to make contact with Clyde.

Database Library

As Billy responds to 6k1 by saying that he's interested at her explanation, he sees the money suddenly stacking at the Arena out of nowhere too. He also expresses the same concern as 6k1. After doing so, it's time to finish the meeting once he sees the pilot of Total Drama after its revival, though the alternate Giorno isn't there anymore, which he points out.

He says to 6k1 and Dave, "I am now going to go back to my home. Goodbye and thanks for the meeting 6k1. I enjoyed the talk I had, as well as Arcturus' time with his playmate, Mimi. I hope we meet again during your training." He soon pauses a bit, then continues for Dave, "Goodbye Dave. It was a pleasant surprise that you came here. I wish you a good day." Billy soon orders Kayla, who has finished reminiscing one part of her past, to bring him back home, which she obliges. The servant soon wheels Billy to the Business School and back to the Mansion.

Sarkaz mercenary and huge fangirl of Theresa.
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The Neon Quarters, Capitol Facility

After spending a whole day to prepare for a construction proposal, Markus mails it to the Panem government:

"I'm Earl Markus Hasselhoff, or just Mark Hassel, the person in charge of an independent science center and a former pastor of District 1. After spending a few months to invest on Panem's infrastructures, I have finally set up social centers, schools and farmlands all over the land of Panem, which would provide basic needs for the poor. However, just because they have no worries of basic needs doesn't mean their spiritual life would be fruitful, therefore, I have a small request: I need the permission to build cathedrals on each district. A church is more than just a gathering place for religious individuals, it provides education, healthcare and social healthcare. With the spiritual life of the Panemites being fulfilled, they'll be more cultured and happier than before. Therefore, whether as a long-overdue reward of me refusing to supply Snow weapons back then or for the spiritual lives of the Panemites, I wish I can establish churches throughout Panem. Thank you."

He then sends the mail to the Panem government... as the first step of his own ambition.

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"Title...? Title... That's a title."
Mar 5th 2020 at 5:18:01 AM

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon World, Persephone's castle

Scipion sighed. Of course, Morgan wouldn't be that easy to deal with.

   "Listen Morgan. I know that you're thinking that I tried to replace you with the nominators. But..."   

   "That's basically what you did. Don't take me for a fool!!"    Morgan interrupted violently, slamming his fist to the table.

   "You left us rot alone while you were having fun with those Hunger Shits! Not only that, but you were trying to befriend people that hate killing, that hate torturing. And now, they abandonned you like trash. But me? ME? I was here from the beginning, I was always at your side!!"   


It was raining a lot. A young Zorua wearing a long cloak was making his way to a small camp, where he was supposed to kill a infamous Garchomp and his gang, known for disrespecting gods and terrorising the region, much to his father's displeasure. At the time, Scipion's pride was far less important giving his small size and his lack of powerful abilities. Instead, he was more of a trickster, using his talents as an actor and his illusions to kill opponents that were stronger than him.

The Zorua reached the camp and carefully explored the area. He clearly felt something was wrong as he encountered no guards at all. He then stumbled across a body. Scipion carefully inspected the corpse's wound and deduced that, for some reasons, the Garchomp was responsible for this.

As he progressed, Scipion met with other corpses and came with the same conclusion.

   "That's weird... Why would he kill every member of his own gang? Something's fishy here."   

Then, he heard some voices coming from one tent. Scipion used his illusion abilities to sneak inside and saw the Garchomp inside. He was desesperate, on his knees and was talking to a Morgrem, sitting on a sort of wooden throne that was far too big for him. Visibly it was the Garchomp's one.

   "I've done it! I've killed them all!! Hehehe... And now..."   

To Scipion's shock, the gang's leader decapitated himself. The Morgrem was smirking viciously at the sight.

   "They're so predictable..."    Morgan thought to himself loudly.

   "And you, the little brat over there. I wonder, why are you here?"   

Scipion was surprised. How did this guy knew he was here? Whatever, he had to defend himself. The young Zorua prepared to jump at the smug Morgrem.

   "Wow kid. You don't seem to be affected by the death of that guy."   

   "Why would I? I deal with that every day. I even killed some people myself."   

   "Ohohohooo!! Really? That's quite the rare thing. Usually brats like you would pee themselves at that sight."    Morgan laughed mockingly. Overconfident, he didn't had the time to react when Scipion jumped at him and bite him in the face. Scipion dodged Morgan's hairs and smirked.

   "You'd better not underestimate me, you freak. I don't get how you managed to find me or why you killed the Garchomp and his lackeys but-"   

Scipion frowned when Morgan suddenly cackled.

   "You're clearly better than I thought, kid. I didn't killed anyone, that imbecile disposed of his own gang himself before killing himself. All I had to do was to told him so lies about immortality and shit and that was done! It was delightful to see as his loyal comrades were killed by him!!"   

To Morgan's surprise, Scipion smiled, amazed.    "Wait. You've manipulated that guy into killing his own gang? THAT'S AWESOME!!"   

   "What? You like to do evil stuff?"   

   "Yeah! Especially when it comes to murder people. I mean, just look at my mane!"    Scipion anwsered produly, showing his bloody mane to Morgrem.

   "...Well, I'm impressed, little Zorua. I never expected to meet someone almost as psychotic as me. I like that. Maybe we could become allies?"   

   "Allies? Well... I've to see with my dad, but that would be interesting. Why not?"    Scipion said as he raised one of his legs for Morgan to shake it. Instead, Morgan viciously stabbed Scipion's leg, causing him to cry in pain.

   "The name's Morgan. We may be allies, but don't expect me to be kind to you. You're quite the tough guy, are you? We'll see if that's true, you little shit."   

Scipion grunted in pain before smiling.    "My name's Scipion. And I assure you that I won't disappoint."   

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon World, Persephone's castle

   "We've done so many things together. You could say I actually considered you as a friend. And Onox? He thought of you as his big bro, the parental figure he never had. Never I, or Onox, even thought about betraying you, we've done our best. But you? You did just that."   


   "DAMNIT ONOX!! WHAT DID I TOLD YOU ABOUT CHARGING LIKE AN IDIOT WITHOUT PERMISSION??"    Scipion roared furiously at Onox as they were recovering from a battle.

"But-But boss-"

   "SHUT UP!! BECAUSE OF YOU, THEY ESCAPED!! BECAUSE OF YOU, AARON AND HIS SIDEKICKS GOT IN OUR WAY AGAIN!! YOU'RE USELESS!!"    the Zoroark shouted, enraged at yet another battle lost against the Rescue Squad. Onox was trying his best not to cry in front of his boss. The last time he did, Scipion violently insulted him.

   "Will you stop blaming people for your weaknesses, Scips? Onox may have them spotting us, but Aaron did defeated you again."    Morgan growled, trying to heal his arm, clearly annoyed by Scipion's behavior.

   "Shut your godamn trap Morgan. I don't have time for your sneaky remarks. We've also lost because of you! If you didn't get hit by that stupid leaf-head, I wouldn't have waste my time protecting your ass."   

   "I didn't asked you anything! You're the one who wanted to help me!"   

   "You guys are so worthless..."    Scipion growled as he summoned a portal, avoiding Morgan's remark.


   "Friend? We were never friends to begin with."   

"What? Boss?! But... But I thought-"

   "We're partners in crime, nothing more. And giving how much I've lost against them because of you, I'm sure I'll be better off without you."   

Onox felt his heart sinking.

"You-You're leaving us?? Boss, wait!!"

   "Are you serious? After everything we've done for you?!"   

Scipion didn't answered. He had to find another way to finally defeat Aaron and his crew. Besides, he had no friend, and he was sure he will never have some one day. Frustrated, he entered the portal, without taking a look at his acolytes.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon World, Persephone's castle

   "And after all this time... I've finally found you, trying to replace us with little shits. I'll tell you something. I almost killed one of your precious ex-friend and I intent to kill every single one of them for what they did to me!!"   

Scipion didn't answered. Enraged, Morgan used his hair and violently stabbed him, pinning him against the wall. Aaron tried to interfere, only for Persephone to prevent him to do so.

"What are you doing?"

   "Your kindness is entertaining, young Aaron. But you should let them settle their little argument. And must I remind you that they are not exactly the kind of mortals you wish to help."    the witch answred, still smiling maliciously.


   "...I have none."    Scipion sighed. To Morgan and Aaron's shock, the Zoroark sheded some tears.

   "I keep screwing things up. First, I had to leave you behind despite both of you being so loyal to me. Only now that you've shown up I'm realising... that I was wrong back then. But that's not all. I made a promise. A promise to never harm the nominators again. You know, Morgan, that I never break promises. It's something that matters to me. But I did just that when I attacked one of them. And... just like you, that was because of my ego, because of my hatred for him."    Scipion said, looking angrily at Aaron.

   "I didn't want to see you guys again because, just like you said, I wanted to do efforts for them. I already struggled a lot to limitate my killing tendencies, and I knew you would try to harm them because of what I did... I... What can I say? I'm so worthless, I can't even hold my promises anymore... I would like to say that I'm sorry. But why would I do that when I know I will fail you or the nominators again?"   

Morgan said nothing, still frowning. He eventually let go of Scipion before violently kicking him on the chest. Distressed, the Zoroark didn't fought back.

   "You're pathetic! I don't know what those fools told you, but look at you!! Where's the proud, evil Zoroark I knew? Huh?"   

Scipion didn't reacted. Morgan sighed, kneeled and put his hand on the Zoroark's cheek.

   "Seriously, stop behaving like a baby, you're pissing me off like that. But... the fact that you're actually crying proves that you're sorry for what you did. I won't lie. I may be a complete jerk, but I've come to appreciate you. That's why I'm so angry at you for leaving us behind. But I'll be more than happy if you would left them behind and go back to what we were before."   

   "It's not that simple, Morgan. Even now, I also care about them."   

Morgan rolled his eyes.    "Don't make me laugh! I'm sure they think lowly of you now!! I mean, Aaron, of all people is on their side! They're worthless!!"   

   "Yeah, I know that most of them think that. But I have to see that for one nominator. She forgave me once when I almost killed every nominators. I want to see what she thinks about this."   

Morgan cursed under his breath, clearly hating these pestful nominators.    "Hey, don't worry. I mean, now that you're here, I'll stick with you guys, that's for sure."   

   "I hope so. Should you ever do that again, I'll dedicate my whole life into killing you, you backtabbing crybaby."    Morgan smiled back, helping Scipion to get up.

   "And if, by some miracle, they accept you again, don't except me to behave nicely. Unlike you, I'm not an hypocrite."   

Scipion sighed, but accepted. Morgan glared angrily at Aaron, before leaving the room, leaving only the Lucario, Scipion and Persephone inside.

   "You are indeed lucky to be surrounded by such loyal companions. There is now one last thing we have to see. Your relationship with Aaron."   

Back at the large room, Alex and Tokage were observing the environment.

"I seriously wondering how's father doing. It's been a while since we left." Tokage muttered, a bit worried about his step father. He then noticed Clyde's eyes flashing. The young ghost sighed. It seems that one of the human he saw before was able to locate his signature before communicating with George.

   "What is it, human?"    he asked loudly, thelepatically speaking to George like if he was holding a phone.

"You're from the real world... Aren't you...? Hello."
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Mar 5th 2020 at 7:58:40 AM

Abandoned Building

Undyne nods at George and leads her assigned group down the tunnels, trying not to make too much noise with her armor. She takes out a glowing purple crystal and explains to them that the monsters use them as lanterns to guide them Home.

She then comes across the section that caved in.

"Crap... this path is blocked. We must go the other way!"

The Database Library, Entrance Hall

6k1 also sees Billy watching Total Drama and points out that Asgore and Toriel are there, clarifying that they must be from an alternate Underground since Toriel's still distancing herself from her ex-husband. She then says goodbye to him and waits for Dave and Link if they have anything else to say before they say goodbye as well.

Power's Home

Power eagerly listens to Ralsei's Hotland adventure, including the blow-by-blow account of the battle against Morgan and Onox.

"That Toxtricity poisoned Tabby?!"

Ralsei sighs. "Yes, apparently because he hated the nominators for taking Scipion away from him."

"Oh Celestia, we didn't do anything to him! I'm sure he joined us because he wanted to participate in the Games, too!"

"Yeah... and I also wish Tabby for her speedy recovery. My magic might not have removed all the poison..."

"I wish for her health, too. And don't worry about not being able to fully heal her, at least you still tried your best to help."

Ralsei nods, then tells her about the shadow hands that attacked him, and that Alphys sent Undyne to the tunnels to investigate them and help the Rescue Squad out.

"Your guess is as good as mine, Ral. Hopefully Undyne and the others will get to the bottom of this."

He nods again and tells her that he hung out with his friends at the hotel, and Power simply goes, "awww!" He blushes.

"I know this is old news already, but Psyche's back safe and sound and 6k1's okay after her encounter with Scipion, but the DM's going to keep away from him in the meantime."

"Good to hear. I still don't understand why 6k1 forgave such a ruthless killer, but again, here's hoping that she'll be able resolve this."


"By the way, is Sans alright? I didn't get to watch him because of that battle!"

Power tells him about the skeleton's performance and his rivalry with Vriska and Andonuts.

"Gosh... Susie's mean to me sometimes, but she's not like that!"

"Yeah... and don't worry, 6k1 will take care of him. Hopefully that Vriska won't troll him anymore, if she was revived, too."

"Heh," says Ralsei before raising an eyebrow, "but why would she want to revive her?"

"Because she was her tribute in the OT, and she still cares."

Ralsei shakes his head and sighs. "6k1 can be a bit... too forgiving sometimes."

"I know, but if she did revive Vriska, then I'm sure she gave her the proper punishment before sending her back to Alternia."


"Anyway, I'm so glad you had fun, and I hope you enjoy your next outing!"

Ralsei smiles and waves goodbye to Power before she tells Ichi about his adventure.

"Sorry if you got dizzy evolving me!"
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Underground Bunker

"Happy to hear that everything went well for Lil Gandalf and his amigos. Well, besides Tabby being poisoned by Scipion's obsessed fanboy, but I reckon a tough cookie like her oughta bounce back sooner than later."

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Mar 5th 2020 at 9:05:49 AM

Power's Home

"Yeah, and speaking of Tabby, I hope Pecan's okay after her traumatic death four seasons ago. I bet Tabby has a lot to tell her!"

She also tells him about Total Drama.

"I guess that just leaves Big Brother. It's been ages since my alt self was evicted for her bad behavior!"

"Sorry if you got dizzy evolving me!"
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Mar 5th 2020 at 9:24:01 AM

"Total Drama, huh? Damn, there really is a multiversal reality show for everything, isn't there, Pow-Pow? As for Big Brother, I'm hoping this one doesn't, y'know, get canceled halfway through."

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Strawberry Delight
Mar 5th 2020 at 10:05:32 AM

"Well, I heard that Other Me's taking one more shot at it," she says, recalling one of the headlines that she saw in the news. "She's a persistent one, huh?"

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Mar 5th 2020 at 10:47:06 AM

"She must be a really huge fan of this show, if she's coming back despite last season's accident. Methinks she might've taken those same lessons you did to avoid repeating what happened."

He turns into the Big Brother channel.

"Pity Kylo didn't return with her, but at least there's Harley."

VengefulBale Pythor from Unknown Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
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Worlds in Merging

As ???'s Legion observed the merging of the worlds due to the Legion of Doom's actions they began to talk about it's ramifications.

BCK:    When the worlds start merging and the villains are beaten, we will be able to start our plans. Once all the worlds' gateways are easy to access.   

Great Leader:    When that happens, our armies will move freely to take over the weakened worlds. That said, expect time and space themselves to warp beyond recognition, some worlds might not have a flow of time equal to others'.   

Brajira:    May I ask, Great Leaders, how are we organizing our takeover?   

Great Leader:    We'll send generals with their subdivisions to subjugate every world. Once done, we'll gather our forces for the final step of our plan. You will be assigned to the World of Digimon, Brajira.   

BCK:    Shadow Moon, you will be assigned to the World of Pokemon. As for our other generals, that will be seen later.   

Pythor's the best Ninjago villain and deserves more recognition outside of the series' fandom.
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Mar 5th 2020 at 6:13:43 PM

Power's Home

"Who knows?" She briefly switches to Big Brother to see who else is competing. "I hope she gets along with Human!Rarity and Applejack and that alt GC! Anyway, I'll go see what Asgore and Toriel are up to in Total Drama. See ya!"

She signs off and switches back to it. Toriel gets along with Moby and strengthens her bond with her alliance, while Asgore bonds with Kokichi but still refuses to talk to Peanut.

"I'm not sure if Asgore should team up with Kokichi since the latter's a liar..."

And it's time for the next challenge. The campers have to run around the lake, then try to keep themselves awake while listening to the host telling boring bedtime stories. The Screaming Gophers outrun Killer Bass and are treated to a grand feast, and Toriel enjoys her snail pie and shares it with the others. But when it's time for the third part, the host subjects the campers to nightmares as they succumb to a deep slumber from the food.

Power shakes in her bed as the campers fall asleep one by one. The hours tick by, and Killer Bass wins invincibility again as soon as Nemo falls asleep and has nightmares about being kidnapped again.

The others soon wake up and have bonding time again. Toriel and Moby recruit Maki and Vividria into their new alliance while Sou, whose Hunger Games counterpart's also competing this season, targets Toriel for elimination, remembering what Bubba said about her. Kokichi, meanwhile, impresses Asgore and the others with his Supreme Leader skills.

The Campfire Ceremony is held, with Nemo, Sou, Toriel, and Vera Misham being the last ones to receive marshmallows. Power braces herself for the clincher round... and Toriel and Nemo are spared again while Sou is forced to leave.

It's then revealed that Toriel and Sou voted each other out, the former voting against the latter for personal reasons and vice versa because of Bubba. Nemo, on the other hand, was nearly voted out for giving Kirby indigestion and not liking humans, particularly Moby.

"Well, that nightmare sure gave him flashbacks..."

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The Plan

   "Good, perhaps that I could spy on her for you."   

   "You can shapeshift, right?"   

   "Yes, I think you know this right now especially all of the fun times we used to have."   

She smiles at him creepily.

   "Yeah,I know. Don't remind me."   

Noire shapeshifts into a young maiden with red hair.

   "How do I look?"   

   "You look...Passable."   

   "Arlight,see ya later. Toodles!"   

She teleports away with the snap of her fingers.

   "Ugh, she looked absolutely horrible like that."   


A disguised Noire arrives the middle of Panem's Capital City where the Hospital is located. She speaks to Akumo through telepathy.

   "Alright,I arrived at the core of Capitol. Dunno where's that damn hospital is."   

   "Try asking a random passerby. Those humans are stupid enough to give it away."   

   "I don't want to give our cover away so I'm going to check that huge map that is posted over there."   

   "My goodness, why didn't I think of that."   

   "Man,please shut up."   

Noire stops communicating him and read the map. She looks for the big H icon and sees it that it's located west of the core of the Capitol.

   "Alright, I found it, It's located in the west."   


Noire walks in the west corridor of buildings until she finally comes across the hospital.She enters through the glass sliding doors. She runs to the receptionist,a different one than the one Tabby talked to.

   "Hello,madam. I've come here as a visitor to see a patient here."   

"Alright,who will you be seeing today? A reminder that some won't be open to visitation today."

   "Oh,I'm coming to see the famous nominator Tabby to show her my gratitude for recovering the Dragonball!"   

"Famous,huh? I never heard of her until she checked into here. I guess you really admire her to put her high on a pedestal."

   "Yep! I loved seeing her tributes in action! It was always a pain to see them so close to getting a podium yet dying at the last minute."   

"Alright,her ward is on the 2nd floor and is the 5th door to the right."

   "Thank you so much!"   

   "My plan will finally be set in motion..."   

She takes the elevator to the second floor and finds the door she's staying at. She opens the door to see Tabby half-asleep with needles stuck in her arm connected to a plasma bag.

   "Ahh, she looks so helpless. Good enough to strike her right now."   

   "Who's there?"   

   "Oh,hi! I'm a huge fan of yours. My name is Nyx and I've come here to share my congrats of your recovering the 5th Dragonball!"   

   "Not sure how you know that. You must be a psychic just like me and besides,Kayla was the one to give the Dragonball to Billy, not me."   

   "Oh, my prediction may be off. What's that bag over there?"   

   "Oh,that. I lost a lot of blood during that battle so this bag over there is to replace that lost blood. I'm a O- so it was hard to find a bag that was compatible with mine."   

   "Yikes,that was bad."   

Noire comes close to Tabby's bed, grabs the plasma bag and throws it on the ground.

   "What the hell did you just do? What are you planning?"   

   "Oops,how clumsy of me."   

Noire bats her eyes innocently.

   "I can see through your facade, you little lying bitch."   

   "Why are you being so mean to your biggest fan?! No idol should act like that."   

   "Because a fan would never be this delusional to their idol! Maybe this is act you're pulling to get me at my lowest! Now get out!!"   

She presses the call button for the nurse repeatedly until Noire pulls her hand away from it. The door to the room slams shut with her telekinesis. Noire reverts to her original form.

   "I never you knew you weren't very naive. Maybe I should punish you for your assholeness."   

   "Dude, I'm 16 and that is illegal in this country."   

   "I'm not punishing you sexually, you creep. It's just plain vanilla torture."   

Tabby gets up from her bed as weak as ever and punches Noire in the face weakly .

   "Ow,you little bitch!"   

   "Nyx,if that's your real name, What are you and who are you planning with? Why do you have the urge to murder me and finding out where I am? Are you a stalker?"   

   "Maybe,maybe not. And the name is Noire..."   

Noire releases an electric current across the floor and shocks Tabby violently.

   "Ugh,electricity. I guess you're working with him."   

   Ding-Ding! Correct! It was that quick to catch on."   

   "Okay,it's my turn."   

Tabby shoots small flames from the fingers which catch the room on fire. They surround themselves around Noire who suffocates on the smoke. The fire alarm goes off

   "Ugh,you win this time. Let this be a warning to you."   

Noire teleports away and the flames die down. Tabby sees that her sheets are lightly charred and the blood bag is nothing but ash right now. Multiple staff members burst into her room.

"Are you okay, miss?"

   "Yeah, that visitor you let in tried to kill me."   

"Really? She seemed so nice and looked up to you."

   "That's what she wanted you to think of her. It's nothing but an act, she's a professional liar."   

   "I know this because I had people in my life who were like this."   

"So this is what she did to this room? Yikes."

   "Acutally I did-   

"The best thing we'll do is to move you to a new ward so we can clean this up."

   "Thank you."   

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The Database Library, Basement

After saying goodbye to Dave, 6k1 goes back to the basement to prepare for her training. While doing so, she watches her tributes do their thing, as usual, but feels sorry for Nidoran-M being unable to save Marley from Shiteyanyo's fish army.

"I guess that's why he ratted out at Catra for saving him... besides her being a villain, of course."

She then does a double take when the Dog Squad somehow manages to destroy the enormous pile of money and treasures with just forks. Panicking, she checks her wallet and her bank account, and sighs in relief that she didn't instantly go bankrupt after that kill.

"I'm gonna have to convert my money to Kendorian Dollars in case there's something I want to buy there..."

She continues researching about Billy's home nation and receives an email from the Science Center that Sans has safely returned to the Underground. For Vriska, however, the doctors struggled with keeping her down, and at least one of them was put to a deep sleep by her. On the upside, they were able to carry out 6k1's instructions, and Vriska was sent back to Alternia without a hitch.

6k1 calls Sans to check if he's okay.

"of course i am! and papy was huggin' and shakin' me as soon as i arrived home!"

"Aww, he missed you so much! Anyway, what are you doing?"

"watchin' the season, cuz chara brought some company and is in the arena right now... or rather was."

"I know, but how did they end up there?"

"either their nominator rezzed and cloned 'em, or chara used the sheer power of their DETERMINATION to wake up thanks to all the murder goin' on in the arena... and somehow clone themself in the process."

"The latter's a likely theory. And they all fried themselves in the Forcefield with those Fizzy Lifting Drinks, am I right?"

"yep... i guess they just needed a lift."

6k1 bursts out laughing. "Nice one! And speaking of puns... someone would like to join your club!"


"Link, the Hero of the Wild! Not only is he a wilderness survivalist, his puns are sealiously good!"

"really? if so... then he must be the missing link we're lookin' for!"

"Pfft, alright! I'll let Dave know about your new recruit!"

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    Part 1 

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon World, Persephone's castle

Scipion and Aaron were both surprised by Persephone's statement.

   "My relationship with him? Isn't it obvious?"   

And you still didn't explained me why and how you're still alive."

   "Why yes, I suppose I should indeed explain it to you."   

She took a sip of wine, before inviting Aaron to sit down.

   "You must be thirsty, both of you. How about some wine? Surely you are refined enough to appreciate this."   

"No, thank you." Aaron politely declines, not sure if he could trust her.

   "Hell no. I hate alcohol, you should know that."    Scipion grunted.

   "Such a shame."    The old Mismagius chuckled.

   "I served lord Giratina as one of his most devoted priestess since eons, childs. So naturally, I came to know his adoptive son very early. I have witnessed every moments of his life, prior to my false defeat."   

"So, you truly are his adoptive mother, then."

   "Indeed. He may not have been as close with me as he was with his father, but I still mattered in his life."    Scipion reluctantly nodded in front of his worst ennemy.

   "As for my false defeat, I considered that you had learn everything you needed with me, and that it was necessary that we cut our bounds, in order to ensure that you will be more... ruthless. That didn't prevented me from watching over your progress."   

   "Seriously? You couldn't just have told me?"   

   "No. Because I wanted to see how you would behave if I got "murdered" by others. And as I have foreseen, you tried to avenge me. But... something unexpected happened. In the end, you have developped a great hatred for this Young Lucario."   

   ""Hatred" doesn't even describe how I feel towards him. I may have some responsabilities in this story, but he's the reason why I got so mad at Onox and Morgan. He's the reason why I broke my promises in the first place."   

"Why? Because you just lost to me once? You've been so obsessed with me that you turned against your own friends!"

   "You've humiliated me back then! Not only that, but you've constantly been in my way again and again!!! I hate you so much!!"   

   "Wich is all the more surprising coming from former allies."    Persephone added, interrupting the conversation.

   "Yeah! And that's... wait, what?"   

"Former allies? Are you insane? I would never work with someone as vile as him! We didn't even met before our first fight!!"

Persephone bursted into laughter while the 2 Pokemons were watching her with confusion.

   "You did met before. It is just that none of you were aware of the other's true identity. Scipion, do you remember when you encountered a wild Tyrantrum as a frail Zorua?"   

   "Hmm... I do remember that. But why would-"   

"Wait. I do remember as well." Aaron interrupted.


"Isn't it a bit dangerous, Aaron?" asked Lucian, a young Rockruff as he and Aaron, still a young Riolu, entered a small cave. "My parents always said that we should not approach that cavern."

"Don't worry. It'll be fine!" The brave Riolu said, wanting to explore the area. Lucian gulped and stayed very close to Aaron as they entered the dark cave. A the other side of it, Scipion, as a lone Zorua entered the other entrance of the cave, hoping to find a place to rest.

"Oh gosh... I wish I stayed at home." Lucian whispered, intimidated by the size of the cavern. Suddenly, the floor started to shake violently.

"WHAT WAS THAT??" Lucian yelled, hugging Aaron.

"I don't know. Stay close to me." Aaron said. Scipion also noticed it and stood on his guard.

Out of nowhere, the floor under Aaron and Scipion collapsed. Lucian cried his friend's name and tried to save him but it was too late. Both Scipion and Aaron could only scream as they fell.

Both Pokemon regained consciousness at the same time. Scipion was surprised to see another Pokemon and prepared to eventually fight him. But before Aaron could notice Scipion's hostile intentions, a powerful and scary roar could be heard.

"What was that...?"

   "No idea. But that doesn't seem good..."   

Suddenly one of the wall exploded, revealing a savage Tyrantrum. The creature screamed at them and ran towards the duo, seemingly ready to eat them.

   "HOLY SHIT!!"   

"OH SWEET ARCEUS!!" both Scipion and Aaron yelled

Giving their lack of power, Scipion and Aaron had no choice but to run as fast as they could.

As they tried to escape the Tyrantrum, Scipion accidentally got stuck, one of his leg trapped by a vine.

   "DAMNIT, DAMNIT, DAMNIT!"    he yelled, panicking as he failed to cut them because of his stress. Instinctively, Aaron turned back to him and freed him, losing precious seconds. This act intrigated Scipion. This guy didn't even knew him so why did he helped him?

Scipion didn't had the time to think about that as the Tyrantrum was catching up.

"OVER THERE! QUICKLY!!" Aaaron shouted as he noticed a small hole that could maybe protect them from the monster. It was faster than them so they had no choice anyways.

The duo reached the hole just in time and did their best to get as far away from the entrance as possible. Enraged, the Tyrantrum tried to eat them, but his head was too big and he could only roared in rage as the 2 terrified Pokemons were instinctively hugging each other. Yes, even Scipion. Both screamed and closed their eyes as the monster was about to use Hyper Beam on them.

By luck, the monster's rage shook the cave, and one giant boulder fell on him as he was about to unleash the Hyper Beam on them, killing it on spot.

   "We... We're alive??"    the Zorua said in shock, trying to calm himself down.

"Y-Yeah..." Aaron replied. His relief however was short-lived as he realised that he left Lucian behind.

"Oh no! Lucian, are you here? Where are you?" Aaron shouted as he reluctantly got out of the hole, stepping on the savage Pokemon's remains.

   "You didn't came here alone?"   

"No. I came with a Rockruff. He's my friend, and I don't know if he's in danger or not." Aaron explained, worried.

Normally, Scipion wouldn't care. But he felt he owned something to that guy, he saved him after all.

   "I'll help you find him."    he reluctantly said.


   "Yeah. Follow me."    Scipion said.

Scipion used his developped smell to locate the exit as well as Lucian's location.

   "Your friend didn't moved away from where you fell. He's shaking like a leaf from what I see."    Scipion said, hidden.

"Thank you for your help. Maybe you can come with us?"

   "Thanks for the offer, but I rather not."   

"Oh... Can you at least tell me your name?"

   "Sorry I can't. And... thanks for saving me earlier."    Scipion said, before running away. Unlike Morgan later, Scipion knew that this Riolu wouldn't appreciate learning that he was evil. Aaron wondered who that mysterious Zorua was before hearing Lucian's cries.

"I'm here, Lucian!" Aaron shouted as he reunited with his friend.

    Part 2 

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon World, Persephone's castle

   "SO IT WAS YOU?!"    Scipion yelled, shocked by the revelation.

"I can't believe it... To think that you and that mysterious Zorua were one and the same..."

   "And why did you tell us this? You know I won't forget everything he did to me, even if he did saved me."   

   "Ohohohoho! Of course not. But, as you can see, you did work together before."   

"But that was before I knew he was a murderer!"

   "But this does not change the fact that you were able to work together, am I wrong? And you do share a friend, in the form of the young 6001."   

Both Pokemmon reluctantly nodded. Aaron and the rest of the Rescue Sqaud weren't familiar with the other nominators asides from Tabby and 6k1, but they thought they were people worth defending. As for Scipion, he still cared about them, despite his violent outbursts.

   "Please! At this point, I'm sure she'll not forgive me. And why would I promise to her that I won't harm her when I know I will fail that promise again?"   

   "Simple. By almost killing 6001 again, you have proven yourself to be far too... different to be truly friends with them. However, that doesn't mean that you are and will be rejected as a nominator. I advise that you simply distance yourself from them."   

   "And how do you know they didn't rejected me yet? Scrooge guy had Paylor tracking me down if I even step a single foot in Panem. This'll end up with me killing her pathetic soldiers and everyone turning their back on me."   

   "Yet, your tributes were still able to nominate in your name after this unfortunate event, am I wrong?"   

   "...I guess not. That's kinda weird, now that you've mentionned it."   

   "Indeed. You can still prove your good intentions towards them, even though you will never be as close as you were from them before. You also need to work on your own feelings, especially on your hatred for Aaron. Making you friends is impossible, but I am certain you can work together to protect what matters to you both. Fortunately, I will be here for everything."   

"Wait. You're going to visit the nominators?"

   "Eventually. After all, I need to see how exactly they behave. After all, it will be quite shameful to learn that my adoptive son have been frequenting mere peasants unable to show some basical manners fitting to their social ranks."    Persephone stated. Both Aaron and Scipion cringed at this.

   "Are you serious? Did you tried to do the same with Morgan and Onox?"   

   "Of course not. I apologise for being so rude, but I speak the truth when I say that they are already savages to begin with. Nominators however, from what lord Giratina said... Ohohoho!!"    the old witch laughed.

   "Fine. Dad was never really the best one to take care of that anyways. Thanks. And... I'm glad you're actually alive."    Scipion said smiling as he hugged his adoptive mother.

   "You are welcome, my dear child."   

   "Know this Aaron. I may try to do some efforts for mom and them, but I still despise you."   

"Same here. I can't forgive you for everything you did... Persephone-"

   "Lady Persephone. Maybe Dame Persephone if you wish, but we do not know each other enough for you to simply call me by my forename."   

"...Right. Lady Persephone. How can I make sure that Scipion wouldn't turn against the nominators or try to kill us again?"

   "I swear it on my own soul. Of course, this only means that you shall not kill each other as long as I say so. But you are free to fight between each other from time to time like good little boys."   

Scipion and Aaron looked at each others and nodded.

   "Excellent. I believe that your role is done here, young Aaron. As a reward for your time..."   

A portal appeared out of nowhere under Aaron's feet and the Lucario fell inside.

   "Wait, where did you send him?"   

   "He and his companions will be alright. Now, come."   

Pokemon Mysery Dungeon World

When Aaron gained back consciousness, he saw 2 other portals and the screams of his 2 friends as they fell off the portals.

"Alex! Tokage!" he cried, relieved that everyone was okay.

"I'm glad we're out of this place. What did that witch told you?"

Aaron then explained everything. While Alex was dumbfounded, Tokage shook his head.

"I honestly don't know what to think. Let's just told 6k1 everything that has happened her. Also, warn her about Scipion's allies, especially Persephone and Morgan."

Aaron nodded. Morgan made it clear the will not hesistate to harm nominators as long as Scipion wouldn't find it too violent. And Persephone... She was unpredictable and maybe more powerful than Scipion himself. Aaron wrote his long message before noticing that the place was familliar.

"Wait, is this... the Expedition Society's headquarters?"

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