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Critical Research Failure cleanup

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Brainulator9 Regular garden-variety troper. from US Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
Regular garden-variety troper.
Oct 10th 2019 at 10:30:44 AM

Continuing from a Trope Repair Shop thread, Critical Research Failure is prone to misuse. Given how many entries we have for the trope, on-page and off-page, as well as consensus reached in the TRS thread, entries should be sure that they fit the following criteria.

  • They are obvious to the layman according to contemporary standards.
    • If you are an expert on the subject at hand, check if a non-expert would know that fact. Ask here if you need help.
    • "Contemporary standards" refers to the time and place the work was made. Evaluating a work based on standards in a different time and/or place than it was made can and will lead to Values Dissonance, so the author(s) cannot be held accountable.
  • They are about facts regarding the real world.
  • They are not intentional decisions.

In-Universe examples are less problematic and thus do not need as much attention.

If you feel tempted to add a Justifying Edit explaining how the authors would not have known better, just delete the example.

Please ask if you have any questions. Answers may be posted here for reference.

Edited by Brainulator9 on Oct 10th 2019 at 1:32:49 PM

You don't mean no-nothing at all to me...
Oct 10th 2019 at 4:49:32 PM

Do any of the Emoji Movie examples count?

Oct 11th 2019 at 7:29:26 AM

Since itís a YMMV trope, it should probably be removed from non-YMMV pages.

Oct 11th 2019 at 8:23:35 AM

[up][up] Some of them do feel a bit nitpicky

  • The phone would not have been deleted, but given a factory reset. Even though it's not the most accurate word, it's not too unreasonable to use the term "deleting a phone" as shorthand for "deleting everything on a phone".
  • Most phones do not have "firewalls" in the traditional sense. Not sure about this one. It sounds like it could be intentional Artistic License, since the word "firewall" sounds kind of cool.
  • Trolls aren't malware like viruses or Trojan Horses. They're actual people. Keep
  • A factory reset can be performed by the user, using the phone itself, and it doesn't need to be taken to a repair shop for that to be done. Not sure, but I think it would make sense for a kid to not know how to do a factory reset, which could justify going to a store to have someone else do it
  • An emoji has no code; it's an image (which is internally stored as a Unicode character), therefore, it can't be reprogrammed. What can be reprogrammed is the code that puts the emojis in a text, but even then, it's already in the phone and there's no need to go to the cloud to change any code. In fact, the cloud wouldn't be housing any sort of code necessary for the use of emojis, as they already come pre-installed in phones as Unicode characters. Sounds a bit too obscure for a random person to know
  • Guessing random words until you get the correct password is not a form of hacking. You'd think that Sony would know this after their infamous hack. Probably too obscure

chasemaddigan Playing the world's smallest violin.
Playing the world's smallest violin.
Oct 11th 2019 at 8:37:30 AM

Yeah, the "trolls are represented as malware" seems to be the only real valid example to me. I haven't seen the movie, but that seems like a pretty bad screw-up on the filmmakers part.

Oct 11th 2019 at 9:57:03 AM

From YMMV.Steven Universe S 3 E 20 Bismuth:

  • Critical Research Failure: "The Breaking Point" is an In-Universe and possible Out-verse example: Extraordinarily powerful and able to One-Hit Kill any Gem, but any well-trained or seasoned combatant would reject it, even if they didn't care about morality. Why? Because on the battlefield, it might as well be a large hunk of scrap; think about it, it's got a really short range, needs at least a few seconds to charge back up after every single use and can only deliver on its One-Hit Kill promise if you hit one very small, specific area on your opponent's body, which could be located anywhere. And that's not even getting into the problems one would face due to the laws of physics (i.e. weight and recoil) or potential design flaws. It could potentially have use in executions, though, where most of the flaws would be negated.

I was kinda surprised when I first saw this, because I've used these exact arguments before. But I'm not sure if Critical Research Failure is the best way to describe it. I think one of the Artistic License tropes might be better, but I'm not sure which one would work.

Brainulator9 Regular garden-variety troper. from US Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
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