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Unclear Description: Everything Is Better With Princesses

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Aug 22nd 2019 at 9:27:56 PM

So this began with a discussion in the Laconic Description Improvement, and ended up in confusion as to what this trope is actually about.

There seems to be two conflicting ideas written on the description: one is that the princess's royal lineage and upbringing is a plot relevant aspect of the character, the other is that the princess's title is completely irrelevant, but it's just tacked-on to the character to add her "specialness".

In practice, it seems to be used as "Princesses exist".

Wick check

  1. Adaptational Wealth — Pothole on the word princess. Context of the sentence seems to be describing Rags to Royalty.
  2. Broken Base — Pothole on a character's name.
  3. Consequence Combo — Pothole on the word princess.
  4. Cute Witch — Pothole on the word princess, followed up by Magical Girl Queenliness Test.
  5. Engagement Challenge — Pothole on the word princess (sort of; it's linked in a dialogue given by a hypothetical king referring to his daughter).
  6. Free-Love Future — Pothole on the word princess
  7. Hufflepuff House — Princesses as an irrelevant title. Main characters are identified as princesses, but their kingdoms are Doomed Hometown, and are mostly irrelevant to the plot.
  8. Inventional Wisdom — Pothole on the word princess. It's apparently a setting on a potion-making device.
  9. Law of Chromatic Superiority — Pothole on the word princess.
  10. Magikarp Power — Pothole on the word princess.
  11. No Badass to His Valet — Pothole on a character's name.
  12. Playing with Fire — Pothole on a character's name.
  13. Raised by Dudes — Pothole on a character's name.
  14. Spy Fiction — No context.
  15. The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask — Pothole on the word princess.
  16. Two Girls to a Team — Pothole on the word princess.
  17. Winter Royal Lady — Pothole on the word princess.
  18. ActionGirl.Anime And Manga — Pothole on a character's name.
  19. AdaptationalBadass.Live Action Films — Pothole on a character's name. Context says nothing about her being a princess, and more about her being a Damsel in Distress and Proud Warrior Race Girl.
  20. Animation.Sweets Fairy — No context.
  21. Anime.Arabian Nights Adventures Of Sinbad'' — A princess exist.
  22. Anime.El Hazard The Magnificent World — No context.
  23. Anime.Mahou No Mako Chan — A princess exist.
  24. Anime.The Wings Of Rean — A princess exist.
  25. Awesome.Video Game Levels G To M — Pothole on a character's name.
  26. BetterThanItSounds.Anime And Manga D To G — Pothole on the word princess.
  27. CallingYourAttacks.Video Games — Pothole on a character's name.
  28. Characters.Artemis Academy And Apollo Academy — Contextless weblink.
  29. Characters.Homestuck Trolls Three — Character is a princess and heir to the throne.
  30. Characters.Lunar Chronicles — Character is a (long-lost) princess and heir to the throne.
  31. Characters.Nine Eleven Ten — Character is (dubiously) a princess.
  32. Characters.The LEGO Movie — Character is a princess.
  33. Characters.The Witch And The Hundred Knight — No context.
  34. Characters.UFO Robo Grendizer — Character is a princess and likes to flaunt her status.
  35. Characters.Wild Arms 1 — Character is a princess.
  36. Characters.Ys Memories Of Celceta — Pothole on a character's name.
  37. Comic Book.Bunty — Main character is a princess.
  38. Mandrake the Magician — Hero's Love Interest is a princess.
  39. Creator.Matthew Reilly — A princess exist.
  40. Fanfic.Soldiers Of Love — A character who isn't a princess in canon is written as one in the fic.
  41. Fanfic.Celestial Warrior Moon — A character is a princess.
  42. Fanfic.Skyhold Academy Yearbook — Two of the central characters are princesses.
  43. Film.Dragonslayer — Character is good, but not special.
  44. Film.The Great Yokai War — A princess exist.
  45. Franchise.Touhou — Pothole on the word princess.
  46. Literature.Elantris — Work features a prince and a princess who are Royals Who Actually Do Something.
  47. Literature.The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus — Adaptational princess.
  48. Literature.Why Polly — A princess exist.
  49. Music.Nami TamakiIs called "princess" by fans.
  50. Pantheon.Power Levels And Appearance — Pothole on the word princess.
  51. PlayingWith.Naked In Mink — Pothole on the word princess.
  52. Roleplay.Shifting Worlds Anathemus Mythos — A princess exist.
  53. Series.Are You Afraid Of The Dark — Characters become a princess in a game.
  54. Series.Sabrina The Teenage Witch — Pothole on the word princess.
  55. SugarWiki.Eversion — No context
  56. TabletopGame.Unstable Unicorns — A princess exist.
  57. Theatre.Disney On Ice — Princesses exist.
  58. Toys.Ever After High — Princess status used as a leverage.
  59. VideoGame.Abadox — Pothole on the word princess.
  60. VideoGame.Chrono Trigger — A character is revealed to be a princess.
  61. VideoGame.Endless Frontier — Princesses exist.
  62. VideoGame.Karateka — Superfluous princess status.
  63. VideoGame.Motor Toon Grand Prix — A princess exist.
  64. VideoGame.Rayman Legends — Princesses exist.
  65. VideoGame.The Magic Of Scheherazade — Princesses exist.
  66. VideoGame.Yggdra Union — Princesses are good. The game is an aversion to the trope because Princess character is apparently a Villain Protagonist
  67. WMG.Glitter Force — Pothole on the word princess.
  68. Web Comic./Junior Squad — Princesses exist.
  69. Webcomic.Blind Springs — No context.
  70. Webcomic.Pacificators — A princess exist.
  71. Webcomic.The Princess — A princess exist.
  72. WesternAnimation.Barbie And The Secret Door — Princesses are good.
  73. WesternAnimation.Fire And Ice — A princess exist.
  74. WesternAnimation.Princess Natasha — A princess exist.
  75. WesternAnimation.Sym Bionic Titan — A princess exist.
  76. WesternAnimation.Unikitty — No context.

As you can see, the trope is mostly used as a pothole magnet. And many of the ones that give "context" to the example doesn't actually touch on the character's royal status and makes irrelevant tangents about their other traits instead.

There are some examples that at least attempt to give some sort of definition to the trope, but they're really few and far in between, and most of them are covered by other tropes anyway.

  • A princess is expected to be good, gentle and kindhearted. Princess characters who deviate from this expected personality trait (e.g. being Hot-Blooded, evil, or even anti heroic are listed as subversions). Princess Classic covers this.
  • A character who starts out as normal is suddenly revealed to be a princess, and this is treated as an important plot point. This is basically Really Royalty Reveal.

I don't really see anything worth salvaging from this "trope" so the only proposition I can think of (outside of outright cutting it) is to turn it into a redirect to Royalty and Nobility Tropes, since this is basically an index for Princesses tropes.

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