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Dreams of Revenge
Aug 3rd 2019 at 7:40:58 AM

World History Museum — Doppio

At first, Doppio was confident they had the little alien under control... until it turned out he was way stronger than he looked. Doppio let out a yelp as 626 launched not just the bench but him at the sarcophagus of King Huni. The stand user had been completely blindsided by the toss and ended up slamming into the sarcophagus, winding him and causing a dull ache in his side.

"How can something that small be so str-" Doppio never got to finish his sentence as a sudden blast of wind kicked up, forcing him to shield his face to avoid being sandblasted. A honest-to-goodness mummy had emerged from the tomb. He scarcely had time to consider the matter, however, before Reinhardt took immediate action. Thinking quickly, Doppio jumped up and away to hopefully give Reinhardt a completely free path towards the mummy. As he did so, his hair once more fell across his vision, hopefully giving him a warning of whatever would happen next. Or at least more warning than he had with 626.

Locking you up on radar since '09 Hand out the arms and ammo, We're gonna blast our way through here!
TailsDoll I have a plan.
I have a plan.
Aug 3rd 2019 at 7:55:04 AM

Outside Warehouse — Dr. Feeney

The Seed Family pharmacist started to panic, though his life was saved from... whatever was going on inside.

"I don't know what kind of superhero you are, but you really got to know this. I'm gonna be a dead man no matter what happens."

He groaned. "If you want me to talk, I'll do that. I never liked the Seed family much... Nothing but a bunch of Georgia hippie hillbillies."

Ironhouse District's Abandoned Warehouse #268 — Joseph and Jacob Seed

Jacob, in spite of all of his military training, just wasn't quite at the level of Black Cat's martial arts. His shot was disrupted by the shadow, he got a strike to the stomach, and his pistol was taken. Jacob Seed cursed under his breath as he fell to his knees.

But the chaos continued. Mr. Chun's bodyguard started defending his employer... then he witnessed the Howler burst right into the room.

A battle between Chun's man, a canid, and a cat ensued. Joseph smirked.

"God will not let you take me," Joseph said. "Jacob, take the money and use our getaway vehicle. Do not worry about me, I will find my own path out of this chaos."

Jacob took a second wind and got up, closing and stealing both money-filled briefcases from the table, heading for the nearest exit while everyone was occupied. If nobody stopped him, he'd try and make it for a white pickup truck that was parked outside.

Joseph slowly followed behind Jacob, but turned around and looked at everyone inside the warehouse one last time before he reached the exit.

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Walking failure.
Aug 3rd 2019 at 12:08:36 PM

Cheesecake Factory

"A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Knox!", spoke the shelled reptile, returning the handshake. His small hands seemed to lose themselves within the Cro-Magnon's massive palms. "Allow me to introduce myself", he continued. You might have heard of me before. I am the one and only Touché Turtle, world-renowned hero always ready to help those in need. At your service!" He finished his introduction by taking off his floppy hat and performing a chivalrous bow.

Having said that, he turned over once again to Nyaruko and Kiryu.

"Miss, this sort of behavior is absolutely unbecoming of a proper lady", he chided Nyaruko. "This man is clearly in distress, and I will not stand by it! I'm afraid I have to ask you to stop."

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"I like girls, but now, it's about justice."
Aug 3rd 2019 at 3:13:11 PM

World History Museum

Seeing that everything was coming to a stop, the grim-faced young man was just about to go on and help the others apprehend the blue space koala before his sharp senses revealed that here was something actually moving inside the sarcophagus... before promptly getting blasted by a wave of hot desert winds and sand as well.

Skipping back while blocking chest and face with crossed armored forearms, Kirin found that there was no damage other than sand getting in various places that he didn't want it to. Still, at the very least that was something he was used to during his tenure in the Middle East. Of particular concern though was the fact that there was now a deity that had prior been dead and inanimate now returning to the world of the living, filled to the brim with seeming vitality.

Yes, such an event made him remember those ungrateful betrayers from Teki who had sought to rip out his throat when he had least expected such. "The dead... should stay dead." Finally speaking for the first time on the job, the martial artist then began to charge ki on up inside of his navel in a half crouched stance, building up for a followup technique just in case that Reinhardt's hammer blow either missed or wasn't as effective as it should be.

Those who came back from the underworld always had tricks up their sleeves so there was a healthy amount of caution involved for the lone surviving Teki member, his gaze locked onto the risen ancient Egyptian while pondering what was the best manner to perform an assassination. Breathing in and then out while synced with nature, Kirin focused his concentration onto a razor's edge and go ready to go with mentally selected technique at the first sign of hostility.

HilarityEnsues Big League Memer Relationship Status: My own grandpa
Big League Memer
Aug 3rd 2019 at 9:57:49 PM

Godzilla, Ironhouse District

A rocket launcher! That was definitely powerful enough to do some serious damage to the Queen of the Monsters. Well, looks like it's time to pull off one of her signature moves. After taking a moment to charge up a bit of energy, she attempts to blast the rocket launcher away with her trademark Atomic Breath!

FergardStratoavis Caerbannog Represent from Leiston Fortress Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
Caerbannog Represent
Aug 4th 2019 at 11:57:31 AM

Kiryu Kazuma Just Wants A Quiet Life

Ironically, their effort to stop the alien before it got angry ended up being the thing that made it angry. There certainly was some poetry in this statement, but Kiryu couldn't dwell much on it at the time, too busy mirroring Hirasaka's movements to ensure the troublesome vandal would be apprehended in full. Thrown items were like Tuesday for him, even of this size, and so he didn't think much of the bench flying past his head.

But then both the alien and Kiryu's unlikely ally came to a sudden stop, looking towards the sarcophagus the thrown bench smashed. "'ve gotta be kidding me." He muttered as the ancient Egyptian lich emerged from its resting place to exact vengeance upon the world of the living - starting with Iowa Jones, currently cowering in a corner - at least until the superheroes on stage took to the threat with utmost seriousness.

Lowering his arm after shielding himself from the sand explosion, Kiryu focused on things closer within the reach - namely the little vandal. "I think that's a wrap-up of your vandalizing." He muttered, before realizing the contextual pun. "Either way, don't try to run now. You'll only going to be making things worse for yourself." Then he looked up at Hirasaka. "Good thinking with that whip."

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Bored_Man Relationship Status: Abstaining
Aug 4th 2019 at 3:05:24 PM

Tawna (Downtown Streets) - Target Practice

With her passenger's abrupt departure ensuring that the armored truck wouldn't fall apart upon landing, and with her own speed meaning that she was about to take the same flight, Tawna did the only thing that she could think of; she took her foot off the steering wheel, and as her car took to the air, instinct and months of practice kicked in as she made careful turns of the steering wheel. The end result was that when her car finally hit the ground again, she didn't go plowing right into (or worse, land on top of) the truck, and instead was able to keep going behind it, with practically no loss of speed. If this wasn't evidence enough of 'practice makes perfect', then the clincher was Coco being notably at a loss for words at this stunt. Which worked perfectly for Tawna, as she moved her finger to the button to launch off the electric weapon she had prepped before Coco could protest.

Upon pressing it, a hatch in her car opened up, and many electrical orbs emerged, each going after an unfortunate Bug Boy victim; while the voltage in each wasn't lethal by any means, it would still provide a disabling shock, that could force the boarders to lose their grip and abandon the truck.

It only took me 6 years.
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One Brunch Man
Aug 5th 2019 at 1:30:44 AM

Washington State World History Museum

“We can’t know when justice will call,” Hirasaka responded in kind to his impromptu assistant, out loud for the first time, while flashing a familiar thumbs-up and a thankful grin of his own, “we can only be ready to answer.” Hirasaka’s attentions visibly wavered, leaning past Kiryu’s muscled frame as if to see around him, while stretching out his other senses in order to properly take in the spectacle of Reinhardt doing what he does best—executing justice, as swiftly, bombastically, and in this case, vertically, all as Crusader-ly as possible. "...and at the moment, justice seems to be calling for a tactical retreat." He said, his head seemingly moving to trace the path of the honest-to-god mummy, before jerking in the opposite direction towards the museum doors. "Shall we?"

If the man across was willing, Hirasaka would attempt to guide himself, Kiryu, and the captive (for now) 626 through the supernaturally blowing sands. Attempting to use the cover, he would only stop long enough to find Iowa's crouching form, and further attempt to goad him into joining them with a fresh nod of his head, trying to remain silent to avoid attracting any unwanted attention. He would then make for the exit once more, the adventurer hopefully in tow.

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If I had that kind of power, I'd have dropped a meteor on your house ages ago~
Aug 6th 2019 at 6:16:28 PM

Downtown Heist

Pod's sweeping fire and Tawna's electro-balls managed to catch a number of the gangsters as they raced to meet the speeding van down below, making their numbers dwindle and leaving only a few of them left to witness the final chapter of the battle. The rest tumbled down the hill on their sides, down and out.

Medusa, for her part, found herself in the front seat with two aging men in security uniforms who were screaming their heads off in response to her warning. They said a lot of loud, repeated "A"s as she jammed her foot on the gas, a brief shimmer of light surging through the van and only confusing and terrifying them further.

Then, with far less of a slam than they expected, they touched ground.

It was still quite a jolt, and it would've been enough to send someone who wasn't as strong as Medusa flying out of the car - the way the guard in the driver's seat wildly slammed into her even as he was wearing a belt being evidence of the other outcome - and the thing threatened to fly again with another second of airtime right after it landed.

Then, with the car now fully on the ground after its second sojourn into aviation history, it was obvious that they had yet another hill to contend with just down the street.

It'd have to stop soon, or otherwise risk another flying escapade...and it just might...



Okay, it looks like it managed to stop with about a foot before it would've gone tumbling down once more. The car had finally ended its journey (hopefully).

Now, with 2B and Tawna protecting the rear end of the car, it seemed that even the previously-endless bravado of the Bug Gang seemed to run out. They stood around the van, with their now obviously woefully inadequate baseball bats and grappling hooks seeming like nothing compared to the fact that they'd have to fight someone with an edged weapon and a freaking car.

They...kind of seemed like they wanted to continue, was obviously wavering. UNTIL!

"GWAHAHAH," a booming, gravelly voice sounded from behind the bug boys, "WATCH OUT! IT'S THE BOMBARDIER BEETLE!"

It was a fat guy who was also in roller skates, with full body kevlar and a plastic shell on his back. His homemade insectoid helmet only showed his bulging, gleefully aggressive eyes, and in his hands he held a grenade launcher!

Regardless of whether or not 2B was fast enough to intercept it, he shot a round into the back of the van that quickly dispersed out a potent tear gas, enveloping the rear end in a white cloud...

...though...2B was a robot, and Tawna was in a car, so...the continued evil laughter of the Bombardier Beetle seemed to be falling on deaf ears.

Fremont's Catch the Rainbow Music Festival

The bread, the bow-sent arrow and the blob of biological matter all managed to collide in a terrific non-explosion. The spores gave out in mid-air, briefly forming an iridescent cloud overhead, which was quickly contained by the telekinetic marvel that was Espeon. It was safely contained, and the earthen ring that Toph had quickly erected beneath it made sure that no one was in danger if her concentration would break.

The crowd was saved by both bulwarks physical and immaterial, but the poor croissant managed to get speared and smeared by the ensuing reaction of spore and arrow. It simply had too much force behind it to safely contain, so it left the telekinetic bubble and sailed off into the distance, uneaten, inedible and unloved.

"I'm not trying to make people smell them, I'm trying to make people inhale them, silly!" Puff-Puff Patty the Phantastic Phungi Pal waved an scolding finger down at Ryo. "There's a difference, but I already told you why I decided to swing on by tonight! I just wanted to spice things up a little...and you must not think I'm really that bright, if you want me to monologue about OW"

Akali's kunai sunk deep into her supple thigh, and Patty was quick to pull it out with a terribly annoyed look on her face. Her exclamation sounded more like someone who was stung by a bee than a woman who had just had a knife cut into her leg, though.

She looked over in the direction the dart had come from, and whether Akali was still there or not, she wagged the blade in her hand and said "Whoever just did that, I want you to know you're a real jerk! How rude can you get?!"

There was now a deep hole in her leg, but it didn't seem to bleed. Instead, it was the same milk-white flesh down in there like her skin.

The crowd took Junna's broadcasted warning to heart, and the bowl drained faster of people than a can of caffeinated energy drink in the middle of a dudebro's late night gaming sesh. Our locally sourced security personnel were far too used to this kind of thing to perform their job any way except efficiently, and soon the arena only had the four supers and one fungal fiend to keep them company.

Several people hung around the edges, behind fences that once served to keep people out of the show, seemingly eager to see something go down here. A lot of phones were already up and recording the fight about to ensue.

"You know, I was hoping that this'd be place full of positive energy and friendship, for once. Don't take this personally," Patty said, as the mushroom she had been twirling around on started to morph into something like a thin, long staff, "but you guys seem like you really need something to take the edge off before you're fun to be around. This is the part where I beat y'all up, okay?"

She had descended from the skies and stood on the roof of the stage, and sized up the now-empty concrete arena below her for a moment.

"Don't worry. I'll make it so it feels like the best fight of your lives!"

Underneath her feet a red cap grew in the blink of an eye, and she jumped off of it like a springboard, taking a swan dive directly at Espeon and Junna! The same spores from before hung around her body and trailed past her in a thick, golden cloud. It was obvious that being close to her wasn't the soundest option, but Patty's surprisingly aerodynamic self came in with her staff and tried to swing it in a wide arc at both of the supers on stage!

Ironhouse District

The guy with the anti-tank weapon, and the two guys behind him, almost evaporated under the torrent of atomic energy headed in their direction. What's more, the rocket loaded into the tube was live! The blast caused it to detonate, in a huge explosion!

The entire building shook heavily in the inferno, which left a burning hole in the side wall of the warehouse. If they hadn't heard the gunshots, the entire neighborhood had probably heard that.

Now Godzilla was all but alone. In the sudden stillness of the interior, she could hear three things. One, a mass of shuffling feet from behind her, and the clattering of metallic things in their wake. Two, the sound of cars peeling away from the site as fast as they could, burning rubber in their haste. Three, the one guy who was left was breathing heavily in front of her, and didn't seem to find the strength in him to run away like the rest. Whatever thoughts were going through his head right now, he seemed to scared to say them.

Blake's strikes managed to find flesh once, but it seemed to be harder to find it after that. The first staff blow broke against his arm, eliciting him to give out a sharp, inhaled grunt. However, the second one barely slid off of his tonfa as it only just managed to move into place, and then the third and on were caught quickly and blocked solidly.

He was overtaken just briefly by the sudden interception of the shadow, but he picked up very quickly once that had left. If only there was something to break his...oh yeah, Warwick.

The short monologue was something he had heard way too many times for it to matter to him. The wrinkled man immediately struck the moment he first could, both trying to block the incoming pounce of paws meeting weapon, and punching Warwick in the snout with a fast, solidly placed fist.

Warwick's claws dug into his arm, already drawing blood. His strength was great, but not enough to keep him back for much longer. Mr. Chun was already scrambling for a crate at the other side of the room, screaming something in the direction of the Seeds...who had already left.

Aside from the glances of a couple of the just barely fleeing Triads, both members of the Seed family didn't have much reason to stop once they left the building.

The two of them had been in this business long enough to recognize the low, distant whine of an approaching police siren, though. One that was still a couple of minutes out.

The Cheesecake Factory

The waitress brought out their various fried appetizers, some water with too much ice in it for its own good, and a notepad that was begging for an overly sizeable order to be written down upon it. She grabbed her pen and flipped over a new page, marking a new era of superheroic cuisine.

"So, have you all decided on what you're having? Need some more time?"

She was entirely cognizant about how much of a horndog the weird gray-haired girl was acting the part of right now, but she was polite and didn't let it on.

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Aug 6th 2019 at 7:12:44 PM

The Howler- Ironhouse District Warehouse- Consumed by the Beast

Warwick was restrained by the shadow clones of Blake, though judging by his face, he seemed more incovenienced. His glare turned to the hero. "It's not the beast you should be afraid of, little cat. The ones you should beware are the humans here. Go away, as I don't intent to harm you." He seemed as if...he truly didn't wanted to hurt her.

With a snarl, he quickly aimed a bite to the head of the shadow clone in his left restraining him, freeing him, allowing him to cut the other shadow restraining his right side with his free claw. Then, his opponent, the bodyguard made himself known to him. He found himself surprised by the quick blow to his snoot, making him stagger for a bit and causing it to spill a small amount of blood.


The wolfman struggled with the bodyguard for a few seconds, as he blocked some of his attempts to cut him apart with his claws. Until...they sank on one of his arms. And he smellled it. Both outside and inside here. His nose...his body. So much blood.

It was a wonderful smell.

His glare turned to Blake immediately, his face seemed to show...fear and panic to Blake. "Hero, run away NOW!"


That enchanting smell.


He needs more.







Mr Chun, his bodyguard and Blake would notice as the tube-like machine implanted in his back started to glow red and letted out a large amounts of steam, as the spike-like contraption inside it started to spin and rise up....and then impaled Warwick's spine.

The beast howled in pain and agony, struggling to hold on to the bodguard despite the pain. They would notice as both his augmented claw, the machinery in his back and his chest glowed a bright red. His eyes changed from green to a blood red, after seconds of pain, the beast glare turned to his wounded victim.

The chains were broken. The beast is free.

It attempted to overpower the bodguard to the ground with its bloodlust enhanced strenght and agility. If it was successful, it would immediately take a bite of the bodyguard's jugular, intending to rip it out and let him bleed to death.

"ALL IS ANGER!" It yelled, as it then notice the cowardly triad leader attempting to hide near a box.

He can't hide his smell from him.

If it wasn't interrupted by Blake, the beast would then make his path to the triad leader, his insticts demanding his blood.

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eh ahm teh dergenburn
Aug 7th 2019 at 7:11:02 AM

2B (Van)-Weirdos

As the enemy fell and started to falter, Pod spoke.

Enemy force moral is reaching dangerously low levels. It will not be long until-

And then the "Commander", for lack of a better word appeared, and.....2B just stared in total confusion.

"What is with these people? Why bugs, of all things?"

And then the commander fired a grenade that 2B was just a little too slow to stop. She blinked behind her blindfold as the guy started laughing, wasting his tactical advantage. She walked over to Tawna, who would probably notice the apparantly blind woman was having no trouble walking in the smoke, and in fact was looking directly at her.

Hypothsis: Defeating the enemy commander will break the moral of the enemy force and cause a retreat. Marking position of target on map.

"Stay behind and defend the truck from anyone who tries to break through, Pod."


Pod floated away as 2B turned her attention to Tawna.

"I'm going to advance, strike, and then send him at you. Be ready to follow up when I do."

She didn't sound open to negotiation or discussion about this, and she started running off the second she finshed.

Thus, Mr Bombardier Beetle would see 2B rushing out of the smoke. Whenever he decided that some apparantly blind woman was a threat, or realized she was running pretty fucking fast for a human was up in the air. She would wait until she was 10 feet from him, doing cardwheels if he tried to strike with any ranged attacks to evade.

One she was in range, she leaped into the air, flying over his head. As she did this, she summoned her giant greatsword, and then used her telekenesis power to slam it, flat end down, on top of the guy's head. If there was any sensitive electronics in that helmet, there's a pretty good chance those are gonna get pretty fucked from the impact. Then, she followed up by delivering a swift kick to his back, aiming to send him suddenly rolling down toward the smoke, where hopefully Tawna was about to come out of with a follow up.

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I did a DMC fanfic thing
Aug 7th 2019 at 7:36:45 AM


As the man with a giant hammer charged, the mummy turned, sand gathering around one of his arms into a giant fist. He was confident that he could repel this man.

Then modern technology kicked in with the boosters, and the munmy went flying across the room, slamming into the wall and falling to the ground. It pulled itself to its feet.

   You are but a distraction. Justice must be exterted. Bring me the one known as Doctor Oliver!   

There's a monent of silence before a nameless civilian yells.

"Who the fuck is that?"

Meanwhile, Iwoa Jones, who had been moving for the exit with his heroic escort, froze.

"Oh shit." He whispered.

   Doctor Oliver is the one who entered my tomb and defiled it by stealing my treasures from it! He must be brought to account!   

"What about Iwoa Jones?" Someone else yelled. "I thought he was the one who found it?"


"That guy!"

Some overly helpful civilain pointed directly at Iwoa Jones, and he stared at Iwoa.

   What? No. He didn't steal my treasures.   

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I did a DMC fanfic thing
Aug 7th 2019 at 11:51:52 AM


Well, at the very least this pharaoh was mostly a grandstander instead of someone with actual skills to their name. Probably someone who rode off of their lineage in lieu of any competence as was the wont of most royals or societies in which nepotism allowed those without the required capabilities to be in charge of a vast array of resources they would all but squander even as they sought conflict that brought devastation to the people. Such were those that Kirin had personally seen upon his travels.

Mind moving quickly, the youth then put two and two together as he noted sand manipulation was a thing the pharaoh had going for him before deciding to put his plan into motion. "We know not what this Doctor Oliver looks like. If you make a semblance of his countenance with your sand, we might have something to go off on. Also, what are you going to do to this Doctor Oliver once you have him in grasp?"

It was a bit of a long shot but he knew that there were those out in the world who loved to hear themselves speak and this man in question had a somewhat inflated sense of self-worth so there might be use trying to use words here to either buy time or look for an opening. "Also, after your vengeance is sated what will you do now that you are back in the land of the living? Will you finally find peace after exacting justice?"

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Vampire Hunter
Aug 7th 2019 at 1:42:29 PM

Espeon, 'Catch the Rainbow' Music Festival

That poor croissant that she couldn't contain will probably end up mutating some frog into a Frenchman, but Espeon and Toph were able to minimize the damage that Puff-Puff Patty did and allowed all the innocent people to escape. And the Phantastic Phungi Pal was not their pals given she was about to charge at Junna and her.

We need to find some way to contain her, a telepathic thought went through the minds of the other three people there as Espeon was forced to release the contained spores to create a psychic Barrier in front of her to try to block Puff-Puff Patty's attack and get away from her spores... either because of the released spores or because of the spores around Puff-Puff Patty, this fight was going to get... funky. But at the very least, the innocent people are at a safe distance now.

Wizard Needs Food Badly
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Just another guy
Aug 7th 2019 at 1:42:39 PM

World History Museum - Reinhardt - The Plot Thickens

When his strike hits true, Reinhardt let out a hearty laugh and called out.

"Buuyah! .... T-that's how you younglings say it nowadays, right?"

Just when the mummy got back up, Reinhardt was all but prepared for a retaliation and charging in while having another go... then a most curious exchange happened between the pharoah and a random civilian, revealing further mystery. Once his co-worker quickly got to work, extracting information and diplomatically settle things with the bygone lord of Egypt.

... Wait, does that mean that this explorer, whom the museum's collection is attributed to, is a hack?

Seeing as there was no more JUSTICE to be exacted(for now), the giant briefly stood down, but not before positioning himself between the pharoah and the rest of the civilians behind him. 'Course, there's the matter of him being curious about what Jones' role in all of this(and the whole affair regarding the vandal-loving koala) but for now, ensuring civilian safety comes first.

... Oh hey, the pink-suited man was here. Doppio would later find a metallic hand gently giving a slight pat at his shoulder.

"Stay behind me for now, friend! Fine work you did with the Koala by the way, but can I leave it to you to keep an eye on the nasty roden- oh wait, there's our little friend!" He waves mightily at the group carrying away the vandal in question, no doubt having the situation contained.

Once this whole thing is done and over with, he's gonna approach one of them and see if they're interested in Hero work. They certainly seem to have an aptitude for it!

"A post per day keeps the GMs away!"
Bored_Man Relationship Status: Abstaining
Aug 7th 2019 at 5:27:11 PM

Tawna (Downtown) - Putting the T in TKO

Her satisfaction at getting to zap some idiots quickly fading into 'oh crap I need to slow down', Tawna quickly started pumping the brakes, echoing Medusa's own efforts to get the van to stop. With only a scant few seconds to spare, Tawna finally got her car to come to a stop at the back of the van, having had to pull a 90 degree spin to bleed off some excess momentum.

Catching her breath and eyeing the remaining gang with disinterest, Tawna was about ready to step out and start 'encouraging' them to stand down...but then their boss had to make an appearance. Grateful she hadn't stepped out just yet, since it gave her an opportunity to put on a pink racing helmet to protect against the smoke, she saw the running woman from earlier approach her car and tell her in no uncertain terms that she was going to open him up to attack; before Tawna could respond, the woman had already proceeded to advance into the smoke, leaving her no choice but to step out of the car.

("Wait for it...") Tawna thought, getting into an attack stance and prepping for an inevitable man-sized sandbag to come flying her way. ("Waiiiiit for iiiiit...") Another second, and Tawna heard one impact, followed by another, and she knew that was her cue. ("3, 2, 1, dirt nap.") Charging up energy in her fist, a glowing aura surrounding it, Tawna threw it forward, and right at the apex of the punch, her fist connected with the now-regretting-life-choices Bombadier Beetle, sending him on a collision course either for the street, or right back at 2B.

It only took me 6 years.
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Dreams of Revenge
Aug 8th 2019 at 9:46:23 AM

World History Museum — Doppio

Doppio had settled into a fighting stance as soon as he had landed... but it seemed like the pharaoh was trying to look for someone in particular - a certain Dr. Oliver. He was so distracted by the conversation playing out between the pharaoh and Kirin that he was startled by Reinhardt's pat. Realising that he wasn't in (immediate) danger, he relaxed.

"T-thanks, I will. I think things are finally calming down," said Doppio, perhaps projecting his hopes for the outcome of the discussion just a little. Taking the big man's advice, he shuffled behind Reinhardt, keeping an eye on proceedings.

Locking you up on radar since '09 Hand out the arms and ammo, We're gonna blast our way through here!
Stratofarius ive been here since 2011, jesus
ive been here since 2011, jesus
Aug 8th 2019 at 3:21:15 PM

The Cheesecake Factory

Even as the seats around him were filled up by an assortment of strange figures, the Doctor remained in a staring match with the fresh strawberry cheesecake. Even an alien tongue didn't spur him out of that trance. His fingers remained locked around the fork, his eyes remained tied to the strawberry, his lips remained pursed and ready to frown.

Wait. Alien tongue?

Suddenly, the Doctor blinked. His eyes snapped towards Nyaruko, and he pointed the fork at her. "You—" He stopped, blinking again and turning towards Curtis Knox. "Don't I know you?" He muttered, before raising a hand, shushing everyone and turning back to his cake. "It's getting warm." With the lack of lucidity of a much older man, the Doctor stabbed the cake gently, eating up a few bites before pointing at Nyaruko again.

"You. Tongue. Different. Haven't heard it before, and I've heard everything before." He explained inbetween mouthfuls of cake. "I've seen everything too, and I've seen this before, but not heard, which makes it weirder for me. I like weird. Before that, stop touching the man." The Doctor swallowed the cake, cleared his throat, and said the next sentence in a perfect replica of Nyaruko's original language: "B͙̥̺̥͘e̟͖̥̙̹̜i̬̤ń̖g҉͉̮̞̦͇ ͓̮͞d͠i̖̖̪̱̺f͢f̢̖̤͚̥e̤͢r̖̭͙̫̜̰̖͟e͙̣̺n̯̺̩̤̳t̳̺̳͔̬́ͅ ̡̲̟d̴͓̯̞̣̙̙o̜ͅé̺̞̜͚͓̹̣s̝̺n̯̘͕͈͈'̣̗̠̤̬̭͉ṭ̶͔ ̺̝̳̥̜̖͠m̶̻̭͍̬̬̗̠e̹͙a̹̰͇̹̤͍̣n̢̰̯̘͎̦̜̻ ͍̘̗̳̰͇̩y̗̯̬̕o͝u͕͚̮͈̩̪ ͏̪̹c̭̝̬a̭͠n̤̗̻͕̻͝ ̳̥̲͓d͉o̡͎̭ ͈̭t҉̬̩̫̗̯͕͙h̶̖̻̫a͏̼̮t͉̭̹͖̺̠.̥̣̠̲"

nman Nailed It! from USA Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
Nailed It!
Aug 8th 2019 at 6:03:24 PM

Mean Streets of Downtown - Medusa

The armored car came to a stop, alright. Just long enough for Medusa to push the guard who had slammed into her down into the passenger's side of the cabin alongside his companion.

"Stay down, and don't look out the windows," Medusa ordered the two guards as she hopped out.

"You don't want to do this," she 'looked' at the miscellaneous miscreants armed with their pitiful array of baseball bats and other paraphernalia. She spun the nail in her hand, lengthening the chain to a meter's length and twirling it like a propeller in front of her. "Put your weapons on the ground, or I'm putting mine in you."

To emphasize her point, she snapped the nail in front of her like a whip, along with the accompanying thunderclap, cracking it a couple of feet to the side of the nearest thug, then yanking it back and resuming the propeller.


E pur si muove... and yet it moves. Unofficial Game of Gods Data Compendium
Aug 8th 2019 at 8:16:45 PM

The Cheesecake Factory

Nyaruko gave Curtis' hand an unenthused, half-interested shake. "Yeah, nice to meet you too, I guess."

"Okay~! It's a date!♥" She finally released Sento's arm after the geriatric man's prompting, looking giddy at the prospect of having dinner with her beloved. "...But I'm only letting go because you asked, not him." She cut her eyes at the old man stuffing himself with cheesecake, then addressed him directly. "D̜o̧̺͔e̞̤̤s̻͠ṉ̤͔̯'̨̠̤t͚͙̙̙͇͖̠ ̦̟̫̠̭m͍̭̯͙̫̻̺͜e̞an͏̹̣̩͕̪ ̠̘̥͘I̩̲̩̯̲̱͚͢ ̻̥̥c͙̝̠̠͕͔a͏̞̞̫̱͚n̨̹̥͎̺̮ d̰̜͝o̰͘ͅ ̫̱̣̗͡w͈̹̻͈h͉̙̙̣ͅą͔͎̣͔t̼̪?̖͔̫̗ ̳̙͖͍̰̬̀ ̬̮͕͍Ḙ̸̲x̲̦̯͖pre̫̗s̷̠͎̟̯s̷͙̭ ̯̼m̭̩͓̞͕̤̲̀y̮̪̖̭̫ ̷͉̗͔l̦̻͈̳̰̞̜ov̨̪͙̻̥͔e ̶̳̖͙̻͓̘p̼͕̣͟r̙̝̼͔o̗̗̫ͅp̲͈̯ȩ͕͈̱̰͕r̙l̲̱y?̯͕̹̲͞ ̯̼̰͎̺̹̮͜ W͙h͏̦̳a͕͝t̴'̬͖̪s̳̰̭͙ ̦̩̤͚̤̟ͅw͏͓̺r̟͝o̗͈͔̹̰͕̮n͕̤̱̫̖͕g̦̤͈͈ ̻͙̝ͅw҉̲̹̠͖̺͍i̶ţh͙̫̥̱̫͈̼͟ ́t̠̻̀h̗̬̯̩̝̳a̫̲͇t̲͘?̶̗̼̯̮͕ͅ"

The cowlick-crowned woman briefly crossed her arms at the other gray-haired alien and harrumphed, then relented and cut herself a large bite of chocolate cake. Before she brought it to her mouth, she quirked an eyebrow. "W̺̭͍̻̮̕ͅh̞̭̝͇̜̠̙a̧̘ͅt̫̺̩͓̰̤ ͔̳s̘̹͈t̝a͏̙̮͖̪ͅr͢ ̴̬̤̻̗s̸̲̲̠̳̻̘̗y͙͞s̲t̝̯̭e̴̻̱m̸̺̼͙̣̜ ̘à̰̝̥̜r̞̬̟e̯̪̤̣ ̺y̬̱͓̲͍̲̱o̬̦͍̯u͉̖̜̝͇͜ ̭͖̦́f̱̣͖r͙̗̩̹̘̮̤o̦͉̥͚m͈̩͇̠̩̭,͏̰͔͔͇̲̜̯ ̠̮̥͕͜a͈̝n̻̳͇͖y̼͍̦͚͙͠ẉ̡̰̯̻͖̭̮a̢y̞͎͔ͅ,͚̣̠̯̠̤͇ ̖͟O̵̺͍̦̺͓̠l͎̖͍̞̹͉͜d҉͕̹-͇̯̻̜T̶̪̠̠̱i̞̳̲̠̝m̗̬̖e͕̰r̘͎?̶̠̳̙ ̧̹̖̹͖ Y̳o̝̜u̷ ͕̦ḵ̖n̛͍ow͖͉̠̘ ̭o̰̙̤̝̻͕͟u͏̮̮̞̲͔͕r̴̦ ̺̯̘͖̤̫̺͞t̛̯̰̦̣̬o̘̣̻͍̤̲n͔͖̟g͏͈͔̤̫u̗͔͟e̯͞,̭ ̳̜͖̞̭̻͢b͓̤͟ù͔̝̮͚͙̯t̴̺͓̯̪̣̤̖ ̠͎̝̪̬͜ỳ̠̦͉̭͍o͇̼͎̜u͇̺̥ ̵͖̦̩̳ͅd͏̰o͎̯n̞'̹̦ţ̦͙̦ ͙͇̝͖̜̝͕ḷ̰͕͖̺o̳͈̲̙o͚̻̙̞̮͉̠͞k̤̭̠͜ ̨͕̞̭͔̤͚ͅli̳k̝̥͈ę̰̯̻̰ ͠o͜ņ̠̲̭̬ͅe̪̙̹͔͈ͅ ͔̟͕̬̱̼of̪̱̱̝̺̹̤͠ ҉͙̪͔o̩͎͓u̫r̥ ͔̹̜̞͎͠s̜̖̗̪͙p̖̼̰̹e̫̺̟͖͍ͅc̨̟i̵͕̜̯͕͉e͇̟̟̟̹͍̘͡s͏͇̗.͎̗"

Before she got an answer, she tasted her own dessert, and... "Mmmmmmm~!♥" One could swear her eyes had literal stars in them. "Sentooooo~! You gotta try this! It's soooo goooood~! Aaaaaaaah~!♥" she prompted for him to open his mouth, lifting a forkful of cake toward him and beaming.

LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
Toa of Anarchy
Aug 9th 2019 at 7:36:39 AM

Cheesecake Factory

The word uncomfortable does not begin to describe Dexter's current emotional state. Here he sits, stuck at a table with a strangely compelling intellectual brute, and a grey haired girl committing sexual harassment, now having a 'conversation' with an old scotsman in a language that sounds like it needs nine tongues and a mouth over six feet wide. Clearly the young man is in over his head. To counter this madness now, he'd be better off changing into something more...

But no, the nibbles have arrived, so he can't leave the table just yet. Paralysed by hunger and anxiety, young Dexter sinks further into his seat, mumbling to the waitress "Just a chicken parmesan sandwich, please..." before meekly nibbling his crab bites.

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"Let me give you a piece of advice... don't circumcise the Mad Hatter."
josh6243 Morph Moth HL (Art by Ushiji Draws) from Whereever Relationship Status: Married to the job
Morph Moth HL (Art by Ushiji Draws)
Aug 9th 2019 at 10:44:39 PM

Curtis Knox - Cheesecake Factory

Look at those disgusting appetizers. So unhealthy. These appetizers must have been soaked in countless amounts of grease. It just makes Curtis's stomach turn, but the others are mere commoners. It makes perfect sense that they would pick fried foods. Fried foods are the lowest common denominator in Curtis's opinion.

Luckily, Curtis ordered the bread. Bread has been a lot longer than fried food. It's the perfect food for any occasion. It can be made with any kind of grain and water. You could add a few ingredients to fluff it up and fluff it up, but that's about it. In fact, Curtis will probably show these guys how to make better bread, but he doesn't want to put the hard-working chefs out of a job. They need the money more than him.

After sampling the excellent bread at the Cheesecake Factory for a bit, Curtis Knox finally places his order. “May I have the Beyond Meat glamburger?”

Seeing the man casually speak Nyaruko's native tongue simply unnerved Curtis to his core. Was he not human like her? That cannot be. He looks 100% human. However, Curtis will not falter! Even when the man claims to recognize him from somewhere!

In response, Curtis adjusts his suit and jokes, “Did you? Do you remember seeing me in the Ottoman Empire, Ceylon, or perhaps Prussia?”

If he can recognize these fallen countries in his travels, that should be the lynchpin evidence that Curtis can prove that this man is not human! Curtis theorizes that he is some kind of otherworldly immortal. A demon like Nyaruko, perhaps?

God, this lovely-dovey crap between the two tourists is making Curtis puke. If it weren't for this amazing bread, he'd leave the table in a heartbeat. In fact, Curtis went through half of the bread without noticing. Curse that couple! In fact, he should order some more right now.

Curtis adds, “In addition to my order, I'd like more bread, please.”

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Chabal2 Fear me from Plains of Tolosa
Fear me
Aug 9th 2019 at 11:39:24 PM

Toph, Fremont

-A voice suddenly rings in Toph's mind, urging them to contain the madwoman. As Toph concentrates, a wall of earth encircling the entire stage begins to emerge from the ground.-

Alecoene Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Aug 10th 2019 at 12:05:46 AM

Ryo Saeba - Fremont

Okay, judging by the cut in her thigh, Puff-Puff Patty was in fact not human despite the attractive appearance. Tough this didn't really change anything for Ryo, he just hoped she had the necessary equipment down there. Now that the bystanders had fled, the biggest problem *was the obviously lethal weapons that someone was throwing at the fungus woman. He followed the kunai's trajectory to see that it was thrown by a woman sitting in a tree who was very sexy in her own right.

He heard the telepathic message and turned to see an old woman trying to contain the spore-spreading girl and another attractive woman created some sort of barrier. So that was being taken care of. So Ryo made his move as he walked toward the tree Akali was in. and greeted her.

"Hi, good-looking! I couldn't help but notice that you were throwing those nasty-looking things at the fungus gal. Now, I may not known much about the superhero business, but isn't that a little bit excessive?" There it goes, he was both distracting her and getting into position to shot down any projectiles that the ninja would throw.

FergardStratoavis Caerbannog Represent from Leiston Fortress Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
Caerbannog Represent
Aug 10th 2019 at 2:55:06 AM

Sounds Like A Substory

Running - or tactical retreat, sure, let's call it that - wasn't what the Dragon of Dojima was fond of practicing, but the argument was sound: it was probably better to let the actual people with superpowers and superweapons handle a superthreat. Well, at least until the pharaoh let loose a revelation that Iowa Jones over there wasn't the one who actually raided his tomb. Something told Kiryu that whoever "Doctor Olivier" was, he might not have been around anymore.

"Oi." It was fortunate Hirasaka led them to the good explorer already, so that the ex-yakuza would have no problem lifting him from his pose of supplication by the collar and bringing him up to the eye level. "Do you want to explain this, Jones-san?" Judging by the stern look Kiryu was giving him, it was probably wise not to try and talk your way out of this blunder.

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