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Questions about making strategic forum games

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May 14th 2019 at 6:23:21 PM

So, there's this other forum I want to run a strategic forum game on. By that I mean a forum game where players sign up, and the game goes by in rounds where each player performs certain actions in order to achieve a certain goal, more like a board game or video game than a roleplay. Mafia/Werewolf is the most well-known game of this type, but there are lots of others.

I've played this kind of game before and enjoyed it a lot, but I've never run one before, so I tried to find discussion about what works and what doesn't for this kind of game.

I couldn't find any, though to be fair it is a very specific topic and it doesn't take to search engines very well (the "strategy" and "game" terms tend to drown out the "forum" term).

So that's basically what I'm asking here. What makes a good strategic forum game? What kind of things are cool put in it? How complicated is too complicated?

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May 14th 2019 at 7:01:51 PM

There used to be a Werewolf game on here. Dunno where it went, but we definitely had one. And there are quite a few other strategic games, like Ready, Aim, Fire, although they aren't as common.

To be honest probably the best way to go about it is make a thread for signups, PM the players their roles, and start the game there as well, repeating the cycle for new games.

You should probably have a time constraint if there are different phases (e.g 48 real life hours for Day 1 in Mafia). It's kinda hard to coordinate everyone being online at once, a deadline tends to be easier.

But yeah that's just what I think.

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1011686 Archive Trawler
Archive Trawler
May 15th 2019 at 12:49:26 AM

Oh the game isnt mafia, I was just using that as an example most people would know about. The game I have in mind is basically, you're a god and each round you get 'creation points' that you spend on certain actions. You start off with limited abilities, but you can unlock more by spending your points on certain things. Some actions interfere with other players, and eventually one player meets a win condition and the game ends.

This is a game of that type that I really liked playing I want to try to create that emergent complexity that comes from lots of players choosing their own actions that affect each other, while being simple enough for each individual player to understand. Does anyone have any tips on that?

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