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May 13th 2019 at 1:56:43 AM

This is the sign-up thread for a light hearted RPG about a group of people who suddenly find themselves transformed into magical girls.

Discussion thread with Story and RPG details located here.

Roleplay thread: -NOT YET STARTED-

My intent is to use a slightly modified version of the Maid the RPG system. You don't need to know much about the system to use it, and I will try to include all needed details in the discussion thread.

You can use this character generator to create a character. Set the Special Qualities to three, and make sure the weapon table is enabled. After rolling, you may drop one special quality but must keep at least two. You may use the generator multiple times when trying to create your character, but are asked not to just spam the generator until you generate a Mary Sue level character. You will probably want to reroll a character that has a low starting will or low cunning, but the choice is up to you.

All characters subject to GM (me) approval.

'''Character name, before transformation: '''

'''Character name, for new body: '''

'''Player name: '''

'''Link to saved character sheet: ''' (optional)

'''Athletics = '''

'''Affection = '''

'''Skill = '''

'''Cunning = '''

'''Luck = '''

'''Will = '''

'''Starting Spirit:''' (Will times 10)

'''Outfit color: '''

'''Hair color: '''

'''Eye Color: '''

'''Maid types: '''

'''Special Qualities:''' (At least two, may choose to keep all three)

'''Favored Attribute: '''

'''Maid Power: '''

'''Maid Weapon: '''

'''Stress Explosion:''' (Optional, this might not be used in game.)

'''In story character description:''' You may copy the generator description and/or put in details of your own. Feel free to mention any difference between your character's base description and how she appears while 'transformed', or how your special weapon looks / functions.

'''Special powers:''' These must be approved by me before using, so please avoid anything game-breaking. I am more likely to explain things that had a 'flavor' or explanation of how your special power works.

'''Before game history:''' List any special skills or training you want your character to retain.

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Paranoia - The Most Fun You Can Have With Deadly Lasers!
May 15th 2019 at 12:39:32 PM

Sign-Up example:

Character name before transformation: Dawn Lowed aka 'D@wnload'

Character name, for new body: Villianess

Player name: The GM

Saved link to character sheet

Athletics = 2

Affection = 2

Skill = 2

Cunning = 1

Luck = 2

Will = 5

Starting Spirit: (Will times 10) 50

Outfit color: black

Hair color: silver

Eye Color: silver

Maid types: Heroine & Pure

Special Qualities: Hacker, Former Killer, Wanted

Favored Attribute: Will

Maid Power: Persistence

Maid Weapon: Chain / Rope

Stress Explosion: Shopping

In story character description:

Your name is Villianess. You are 22 years old. You have silver eyes and silver hair, and wear a black uniform. You are heroic and pure; others describe you as clean, maidenly and indominable.

Aside from being a maid, you are an expert hacker, breaking into computer systems for profit and knowledge. You used to be an assassin; your skills have not dulled with time. The police want you for questioning about a very serious crime.

You were born into a family that has served the mansion for generations. In combat, you attack with a chain or rope. When you are extremely upset, you go on a mad shopping spree. Due to your notable Will, you have the ability Persistence; Whenever you take Stress, automatically reduce the amount by 1 point.

When not transformed, Villianess's hair is jet black and she wears sunglasses to hide her silver eyes. When transformed, her hair turns silver and she wears a black cat-suit wrapped in silver chains. She uses magical silver chains in combat that can immobilize normal people (this ability does not work on the heroes, regardless of whether the heroes are transformed or not, as long as the heroes have any spirit) and can deliver electrical damage (this does work on the heroes).

GM Approved Special Ability: When she has time, Villianess may use WILL instead of CUNNING to hack into computer systems. This requires her to take more time then someone using cunning would use, since it represents Villianess using brute-force / multiple attempts to gain access rather then intelligence.

Before game history: Dawn was the child of wealthy but negligent parents, who bought young Dawn extravagant gifts (including top of the line computers) but never really showed her any affection. She created an online persona of 'D@wnload', performing numerous cyber-crimes for either her amusement or for payment. When she turned eighteen, Dawn used her skills at computer hacking to create fake evidence to frame her parents and had them arrested. Their wealth was then transferred to Dawn, most of which Dawn has managed to waste on frivolous spending and a constant desire to own the latest computer technology.

Impressed by Dawn's actions and greed, the Dark Shard empire made an alliance with Dawn. In return for Dawn using her wealth and computer knowledge to create false identities for the Dark Shard agents, the Dark Shard empire gave Dawn magical energy that allows her to wield magic chains in combat and to be able to survive massive amounts of damage.

Several government agencies are trying to track down the cyber-criminal 'D@wnload' while other agencies are trying to deal with the Dark Shard invasion and the Dark Shard General Villianess. None of the agencies know the two identities are the same person or that the person is wealthy heiress Dawn Lowed.

Dawn Lowed maintains a cover job as the Computer Science teacher at the private school Morning Star Academy, which the heroes attend. They are aware of Dawn Load's identities, both as D@wnload and Villianess, but she is not yet aware of the heroes being the magical girls working to stop the Dark Shard invasion.

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Paranoia - The Most Fun You Can Have With Deadly Lasers!
Bixen Now what? Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Now what?
May 15th 2019 at 1:24:54 PM

On second thought I won't be joining this campaign. Sorry.

hmmm... interesting...
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