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Smiley100P My fren drew me this 0w0
My fren drew me this 0w0
Jun 29th 2019 at 9:52:25 AM

The interversal void

"Who the hell are you and how are you accessing this line?"
"There's gonna be a pre-season party for the troper games?"
"Alright. I'll come to it."

Elliot sighed and put down his phone. He knew he was going to be invited regardless of whether he was going to save his friend's child, so he decided putting it to good use was a good idea. He put the scroll of resurrection in his Bag of Holding for Key Items and waited.

TroperNo9001 2nd placeholder for human!6k1 from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
2nd placeholder for human!6k1
Jun 29th 2019 at 10:47:18 AM

The Database Library, Basement

6k1 tells Dave about the tributes she'll be sending and that they'll meet at the conference room like last time. She also considers bringing Mikey along if he does exceptionally well this season, but given Snow's track record with kids, it's best for him to go home after this. After all, Snow might not allow him to bring his jetpack to the party and force him back into his wheelchair.

"And yeah, while Ralsei can do magic, he's still a kid in both senses of the word, so I suggest that you bring at least one adult to watch over him."

"Anything else? If not, then I'll see you there!"

She ends the call and continues watching the Games. She witnesses Mikey face off Jolyne in a golden hallway not unlike the Last Corridor, and cups her hands to her mouth upon seeing him take down the Stand user all on his own.

"You really do take after your dad and brother, huh?"

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"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 29th 2019 at 3:22:14 PM

Det. GC's Base

The detective responds to Dave's call.

No Dave, I do not. The last one I had was destroyed in a previous case I had and it's not exactly easy to build.

He looks at the letter Snow sent. He already finished making the calls for the materials needed for the current set of upgrades to Valecor's base, so the trucks should be on their way.

He then gets up and starts heading back to Valecor's lair just to be on the safe side.

The Capitol

Keeping up his end of the bargain with Valecor, Snow has indeed been searching for villains to send his way. He decided to put them to good use by helping set up the party.

He goes to the port that's within view of the seating area for the nominators and walks up to a weathered, tattered old pirate ship that looks like it's been underwater for quite some time.

   As per our agreement Mr. Jones, if the nominators die in open waters in the nominator games you can have them. When I give the signal, you can start firing your cannons to signify the nominator games are about to begin.   

Some Peacekeepers arrive and deliver a report to Snow.

   So you found the bones then? Good, put them in the tank for the nominators to see.   

Then some food trucks with the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria logo show up.

   Ah, that's more pizza than I expected. Mr. Afton wasn't kidding when he told me over the phone that he's making a killing in the business.   

Snow then walks back up to where the nominators will be seating, taking a glance at the red balloons at all of the tables. He didn't know why one of the two clowns he hired liked red balloons, but he chalked it up to a weird preference.

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ITT: World of Supers
KLS2097 Thirteen Time Hunger Games Champion from Sydney Relationship Status: What's love got to do with it?
Thirteen Time Hunger Games Champion
Jun 29th 2019 at 4:38:03 PM

    New Mayor in Town 

KLS is sitting near a podium, with Myne sitting next to him. The audience is murmuring loudly over her, as she tilts her head down. KLS pats her left shoulder in an attempt to reassure her, before he eventually gets on the podium and taps the mic to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen, with the Troper Games deciding the fate of our current Mayor in Myne Sophia, we will be picking a new Mayor in place of her. However, instead of the electoral way, we will personally hand pick our future Mayor.”

The audience murmurs, as KLS takes out an envelope and opens it.

“And the Mayor we have picked… is one tribute who has been with us through the start of our history in the Hunger Games… Ernie the Giant Chicken!”

The audience claps, as Ernie, dressed in a business suit, enters and shakes KLS’s hand. Ernie heads to the podium, waiting for the clapping to subside.

“Thank you, everyone. It’s an honour to become a Mayor for KLS’s district. And I promise that I’ll give you only the best that we should offer.”

The audience cheers in delight, as Ernie takes his seat. KLS then gets up, with the audience subsiding.

“I would like to point out that for all the flaws she had, Myne did give us a Podium Finisher in Mitsurugi. While everyone would be more than willing to call her derogatory names for all she did, her tenure as Mayor was the only time where she didn’t do anything uncouth. Despite all the negative publicity she had to shoulder, Myne did her best to keep her mind on the job. As the leader, it’s all one could ask for her.”

The audience stays silent for a long moment. Suddenly a slow clap begins, which the audience begrudgingly and slowly join in. Myne slowly gets up and hugs KLS and the future Mayor.

“You did your best, Myne. It’s all I could ask for.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Myne closes her eyes, as the trio slowly leave the PR room. The audience begins to murmur.


As Ernie tries to find the boardroom, KLS turns to Myne.

“Follow me.”

Myne follows KLS, and they enter an elevator.

“W…where are we going?”

“It’s time I revealed my little secret to you.”

KLS presses a button, and the elevator moves down to the basement.

KLS and Myne enter what appears to be a science room, filled with a series of items, the most prominent one being cloning pods, keeping a series of potential future tributes. The one that is in front resembles a lot like Myne, and is sleeping unconsciously.

Myne walks over to the clone and looks at it, which suddenly opens its eyes menacingly and pounces at her. Even though the clone touches only the glass, Myne jumps back with a shocked look on her face, before looking at KLS.

“While I’m amazed that your science department has the power to clone tributes, why do they come off as bloodthirsty?”

“You know, I’ve been wondering the same thing ever since Aya was a deadly tribute.”

KLS moves closer to the clone, which is banging its hands on the chamber pod it rests in.

“She may be a doppelganger, but she will serve as the tribute, while you get a secret new lease on life. Just like our clone for Nate River.”

Myne blinks in stunned amazement, as KLS turns to her.

“What, did you actually think I would’ve killed you for good? Most people would’ve pulled out all the stops to get rid of you. But I’m not most people. Ever since I’ve started the ‘Resolutional Scrappies’ program, I’ve been giving every possible tribute a chance to redeem themselves since last year. Naoka Ueno, Kirino Kousaka, TamashiiHiroka, Adam Taurus, Jon Jafari and even Nate River are my standouts. You may not have been any of them, but I was willing to give you a chance.”

KLS tilts his head down briefly, before looking back up at Myne.

“I never thought I’d actually say this, but I’ll miss you as a Mayor for our district, Myne.”

KLS holds his hand out, and Myne shakes his hand.

“I promise not to screw up again like all the other times.”

“Good. Sayonara, and stay out of trouble, Myne.”

Myne nods and leaves the room, as KLS turns to the clone and smirks.

“You’re gonna have some fun for your first game, Malty…”

KLS chuckles as Malty smiles menacingly.

"Good evening."
VengefulBale Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn from Earth Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn
Jun 29th 2019 at 8:58:41 PM

Lilithmon and Lucemon

Lilithmon was fearfully awaiting Lucemon's words, she had just incapacitated Metalseadramon andher moments of weakness were unlikely to have impressed Lucemon.

Lilithmon: Lord Lucemon, if I'm kindly allowed to ask, what is the purpose of this talk?

Lucemon:    I called you here to address your actions in the previous Hunger Games Season, right after my temporary demise. You became sensitive, you mourned me, you even made a memorial for me. And you know what Demon Lords like you and I think of that. And you also incapacitated Metalseadramon, which was the opposite of what I wanted.   

Lilithmon started to panic, as she believed that Lucemon would terminate her there and then.

Lucemon:    But on the other hand, you've proven to be more ruthless than I thought you were. And your loyalty and devotion to me are flattering, to say the least. Therefore you shouldn't be afraid, I allow you to walk off unscathed from here. And also... I return your feelings. You are dismissed.   

Lilithmon: Lord Lucemon, is that true? Am I really forgiven?

Lucemon:    Yes, you are my dear, now leave.   

Lilithmon left satisfied and even happy, as she realized Lucemon was keeping her around for more than just power.

Thanos makes some allies

Thanos realized that if he wanted to achieve his goal, he would have to recruit assistants, he first decided to talk to Entrapta and Hordak as he heard they were the leaders of a conquering force and had an army to provide him with. He entered their room after asking permission for it.

Entrapta: Hey, Thanos! What do you need help with?

Thanos: I came here to offer a proposal to Hordak.


In a corner of the room, in Hordak's section, the leader of the Horde was seen getting his armor put on by a machine Entrapta made, she had worked day and night on his suit and the room to change it to her liking, with the help of her robot assistant "Emily".

Hordak: What is the purpose of our talk, Thanos? Entrapta and I were about to experiment with a new version of my suit, so I need this to be over with quickly.

Thanos: I wanted to recruit you, for a noble crusade.

Hordak: And what is that crusade about?

Thanos: Balance. The Universe has finite resources, limited space, life has only borrowed time for it's survival, if we are to ensure life will thrive in the coming ears of crisis, we require a solution that helps to control the populations, a culling of 50% of all lifeforms in the Multiverse, whatever you desire to conquer won't be affected too badly by this, so, do you accept my offer?

Hordak: Hmmm, interesting. I'll think about it now.

Hordak was somewhat doubtful of Thanos' words, all he needed was to open a portal to find his homeplanet and dimension, he wanted to return "home" to fix his decaying body, but perhaps he'll have to be rid of the Princesses of Etheria to achieve his goal, and Thanos gave him more than enough tools for that.

Entrapta: A randomly chosen culling of only half of all life? That sounds interesting for an experiment!

Hordak: Fine, Thanos, I accept your offer. My troops will be ready to assist you in your conquests.

Thanos smirked as he recruited two valuable allies for his cause.

The Oncoming Season

VengefulBale was sitting quietly on a chair in his house, looking at all the ongoing events with Valecor and the other tropers, he usually would interfere to ruin everything, but he wasn't in the mood for it, he saw Snow as nothing more than a creepy old man, and Valecor as an all bark and no bite entity, but still, the Troper Season sounded fun, but he wanted to be safe, so he summoned Crimson Gale to go in his place.

Bale: Right, Gale, soon you'll have the honor of entering the Games, there will be a fun party before the fact, so get ready for a good time!

He will make you Beware the Superman.
TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 29th 2019 at 9:51:54 PM

Valecor's Lair

The detective arrives at Valecor's lair just as Valecor was speaking to bill about possibly taking him with him to the OG world.

Wait, what's this about plans for going to the world that Scipion ruined?

Valecor turns around, surprised.

   Oh, didn't expect ya to be back so soon. GASK said there may be more nightmare fuel or some equivalent to it to help me at least in the world Scipion ruined and I wish to explore it just to be sure of it.   

The detective takes a look at Grogar's bedroom plans before noticing another design plans.

Well good thing I thought ahead and bought plenty of extra materials in case of new additions like that bedroom plan. And what's that?

Valecor picks up the plans the detective was eyeing.

   Oh this? I was saving this for last until all the essential things for the base was built. It's the actual designs for the decorations of the main parts of the base itself, including furniture.   

Well by my estimates I've brought enough supplies for you to do that and then some, so I guess my work here is done as you now have the supplies to do upgrades yourself. The supply trucks are almost here, so I got to get going, Snow said he'd kill any nominator that doesn't show up at the nominator party he's hosting at the Capitol.

   Really now? That's what Snow's up to? Well thanks for the info and your help.   

And with that the detective leaves for the Capitol.

Valecor then turns to Chrysalis.

   Say, want to go with me to the Capitol just to see what Snow is up to? Picking you as I don't think we've done anything together yet that's not part of a group, have we?   

On the way to the Capitol

Once the detective is far enough away from the Capital, he calls Dave.

Hello Dave? My work on upgrading Valecor's lair is done and I learned something interesting. Did you know that Valecor is planning to go to the world that Scipion ruined? Because I'm willing to go there myself.

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ITT: World of Supers
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Jun 30th 2019 at 12:59:53 AM

"Pfah ! Disgusting !" exclaimed Flowey as he saw the 2 Digimons in a portal in the Distortion world. "Now they love each other ?! They're not villains ! What a bunch of idiots..."

   "You shouldn't underestimate the power of love."    said Maleficent.    "That is what I did in the past and it led to my doom. Love is a great strenght but..."    the mistress of all evil smirked.    "It is also a great weakness. We could use it to fulfill our own goals."    the flower shared her smile, approving the idea. "By the way, where the hell is Giratina ?"    "He certainly left this realm without telling us. I am sure he is plotting something bigger than anticipated. After all, we still haven't met his partner."   

With that, Maleficent took her leave, leaving Flowey and the villains who wanted it watching the party

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Billy5545 A NS nation from Surabaya, Indonesia
A NS nation
Jun 30th 2019 at 7:31:49 AM

Nominator's Hotel, The Capitol, Panem

And the season has finished. Billy, watching the whole season, did root a bit for that Genie, and he even admits in his mind that he's proud to see him survive and win. Now to preparing for the Party which will happen soon. During the time between the deaths and revival of Gloria and Jolyne, and the end of the season, they both had been assigned their residences in Tribute's Village, as well as knowing the terms. Billy had also called them, and despite the chat being heated with both of them, especially concerning Gloria due to her rough Galarian accent and personalities, he somehow managed to convince both to come to the Party alongside the rest of his tributes, except Cioccorrita

As for Billy's clone, it was finished right as Genie was forced to stop his initial battle with the Clay Dunestrider beast, and Billy spent hours quickly copying and uploading his memories externally after that, up to this day, to his clone. He accomplished that with a special helmet, that he was given before Day 7, from one if his servants sending it to his room with a portal, that touched deep to Billy's brain and memory center.

As Billy is preparing himself, wearing a tuxedo rather than business suit, but still the same color as his suit, except with a red tie instead, he uses his portable quantum supercomputer to see how his tributes are doing. They have prepared for the party too, wearing formal clothing fit for the occasion, with a bit of personalized twist. Giorno is wearing a pink tuxedo with the ladybug decorations from his clothing on the chest part and hearts on the sleeve, Marinette wears a pink, sleeveless dress, Nidorohan, being a Rohan in the form on a Nidoran, wears a specially tailored tuxedo, while still keeping his hat, Jolyne wears a dark blue, knee length dress with spiderweb motif, and Gloria wears a kneww length dress like Jolyne too, but it's traditionally Galarian in motif instead. She doesn't keep her hat though.

Satisfied with their preparations, Billy start a final briefing in a secured chat to them (Billy has done all of his chats to them all along, starting from few days ago when he first did it, in a secured network, knowing how Panem could hack and tap it). He briefs them about how they should prepare themselves in case of something wrong due to President Snow pulling tricks on the guests, knowing how he acts. He has Giorno, Nidorohan, and Jolyne to be prepared to act with Hold Experience, Heaven's Door, and Stone Free respectively, Marinette to turn to Ladybug in a safe place, and Gloria to bring her Pokémon in her pokeball, Scorbunny, all in case he needs their abilities or when anything goes wrong. Also for Giorno only, Billy said how he should be prepared to reenter the Game again in case President Snow has deemed that there's not enough tributes for this Season.

After this is all said and done, they are sent immediately to Billy's Room by Billy's trusted and loyal servant, George, through a portal. Greeting his tributes, they immediately go to the place of the Party, arriving first to it. They now await for what will happen next, as well as guarding and watching out on their minds if the President really does pull a trick on them

TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 30th 2019 at 8:40:39 AM

The Capitol

fitting music

Snow walks over to the clowns he brought over. One is dressed in white with red hair, salivating about the yummy underage nominators Snow told him about. The other is a blond-haired clown with an assortment of multicolored clothing. The blond one starts laughing maniacally.

Kefka:   The nominators call me "Ax-Crazy"...   

He then brandishes a large axe.

   I think I'd like to live up to that. Uwee-hee-hee!   

   Relax Kefka, you can act like that tot he nominators once they're sent tot he arena.   

He then sees Billy arrive and greets him.

   Welcome Billy, let me take you to the seating area.   

He takes Billy to a large platform with a glass floor revealing disco lights underneath it. In the center of the platform is an aquarium full of piranhas, with a mockup of a pirate skeleton next to a sunken boat. A sign inside the tank next to the skeleton reads "Still waiting for my dental insurance. The platform itself was spacious enough to hold all the nominators and whatever tributes they brought.

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ITT: World of Supers
TroperNo9001 2nd placeholder for human!6k1 from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
2nd placeholder for human!6k1
Jun 30th 2019 at 9:49:38 AM

The Database Library, Basement

"2nd Place?! I bet your family is proud!"

As usual, 6k1 calls her scientists to revive Mikey and return him to his home in preparation for the Battle Royale. She then changes to her head librarian outfit and goes to the conference room to wait for Dave and the guests. Along the way, she calls him.

"Dave, we have to make this meeting short since the last time we had one, you were all terribly late for the party."

The Database Library, Conference Room

6k1's tributes are already there by the time she enters the room. Power Stroke is wearing the same clothes she wore to the first party while Ralsei is still in his green wizard robes. A medium-sized chocolate cake is in the center of the table, and they already took a slice each.

"Why didn't you change, Ralsei?" asks 6k1.

The goat wizard tips his hat forward and covers his face with it, mumbling.

6k1 just smiles. "Understandable."

"It's okay," adds Power, "I already know what your face looks like!"

Ralsei puts his hat back up and blushes.

The unicorn turns to 6k1. "What took you so long? I thought you were never late for meetings!"

"Sorry about that," she replies, "but I had to send Mikey home and then make a call on the way here."

"Want some cake?" asks Ralsei, holding up a slice. "I baked it myself."

"Sure, thanks!" says 6k1 as she takes the slice.

Ralsei blushes again.

They then have a nice chitchat while waiting for Dave.

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"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
Smiley100P My fren drew me this 0w0
My fren drew me this 0w0
Jun 30th 2019 at 10:30:31 AM

The conference room/party/something or another idl

the place seemed to be quite peaceful, with a bit of chatter and food and whatnot- at least until a Great Dane jumped through a portal that just opened, with an orange tabby shouting with enthusiasm riding on his back like a horse.
"WHOOOOOOOO!!" said the tabby, "Fuck yeah!!"
The dog the tabby was riding just sighed, clearly discontent as the cat got off.
"That was some cool shit, Ebony!" The tabby said.
The dog the tabby was referring to just blinked.

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TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 30th 2019 at 11:02:15 AM

The Capitol

Snow greets the tabby and leads him to one of the tables.

On the tables, pizza and salad can be seen... along with some bowls of M&Ms candy.

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ITT: World of Supers
ArmoredFury pat the botes from the once-vanished moon
pat the botes
Jun 30th 2019 at 11:08:37 AM

At the Nominator's banquet

The relative peace of the party is shattered even further by a thunderous sound. A portal with extremely rough edges appeared, as if the very fabric of reality was shot by an unfathomable force. A faint aroma of gunpowder began to permeate the hall. From it, two figures emerged. One is a slender man of average height, wearing a white dress uniform and a curiously opaque faceplate. The other is a large, musclebound man, clad in gas mask and coat. The figure in white stepped forward.

"Apologies for the interruption. The Multiversal Borecannon is still in early stages of testing, you see. In any case, I am High Armorer Furias, here to nominate on the behalf of the Leaden Church."

The High Armorer bowed, giving his companion a sharp glance.

"Oi! That's your cue!"

"Right. Name's G. I'm his nominated tribute. My specialties include hand-to-hand combat and wilderness survival. That's... about it, I guess."

"Oh, no! That is not all! G is widely known for incredible bloodlust and staggering brutality. I bet my derringer that every fight he's in will end in a gory mess!

"Actually, it'll be neat if I can go through this without killing anyone."

"A self-imposed challenge! Splendid! This concludes our brief introduction. I do hope that you will support him through the event!

The High Armorer bowed again, followed shortly by G. He whispered to his tribute.

"Do as you will. Scout the competition or partake in the feast. Try not to hit anyone before the games start. I will be back shortly.

The High Armorer hurriedly approached the President

"President Snow! Please, a moment of your time!"

Drink your fill. Grow fat from strength.
Smiley100P My fren drew me this 0w0
My fren drew me this 0w0
Jun 30th 2019 at 11:10:22 AM


"Yo, thanks for the food!" The tabby delightfully said to Snow, "Though, if I was a normal Tabby, those M&Ms would probably kill me. You're lucky as heck you're not, however.
The tabby takes a bowl of M&Ms and two slices of pizza and starts eating, offering his canine companion a third slice. "You can eat this, right?" he asked.
"I'm lactose intolerant," Ebony replied.

Zanreo powerful drum
powerful drum
Jun 30th 2019 at 11:15:24 AM

Zanreo's Secret Base

"Alright..." Season 49 was over, and it was almost time for the party. Zanreo had changed into a black suit with a blue shirt underneath, purple tie, and a purple cloak. Almost a colorswap of my last outfit... she thought to herself. "...Aw man, I'm late!" She rushed out the door and left for the party, sending a message to a few of her tributes that they could feel free to join if they wanted.

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"Everything about this being is a mystery. All we know for sure is that they're always in battle with something."
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Jun 30th 2019 at 11:34:48 AM

It was pretty easy for Pharynx to find the party. The changeling didn't bothered to even wearing a dress. Once arrived, he gave his usual angry glare at everyone, muttering an annoyed greeting at Snow before sitting back on a corner. Not only did the changeling hated parties, he also didn't really liked Snow himself. It's not like the rest of the guard did though. After all, Scipion himself considered the president as a mere nuisance, a weakling unable to fight by himself that the Zoroark publicly disrespected on numerous occasions like he did with Gamechanger. It was even worst than with the detective since Snow wasn't one of the nominators. Once, Scipion was that close to actually killing the real Snow if it wasn't for Dave to actually calm his friend.

As he watched the first guests with disgust, he kept being worried about Scipion. How will he look like? What kind of powers did he possessed? He just hoped that he won't appear at the party and start to destroy everything.

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TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 30th 2019 at 11:40:55 AM

The Capitol

Snow nods at the High Armorer.

   Very well then.   

He takes him to some gardens filled with white roses.

   Now what is it?   

ITT: World of Supers
ArmoredFury pat the botes from the once-vanished moon
pat the botes
Jun 30th 2019 at 11:48:12 AM

In the Gardens

"I do hope I am not being too hasty, considering that this is our first ever meeting, but I would like to request a simple favor: the establishment of a Leaden Church chapter among your Peacekeepers."

Furias snaps his fingers. The deafening shot of the Multiversal Borecannon can be heard again, transporting a large, gilded coffer next to him.

"Of course, I am not so tactless as to let you leave empty handed."

Drink your fill. Grow fat from strength.
TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 30th 2019 at 11:52:53 AM

The Capitol

Snow is surprised by the sudden appearance but nods.

   Fine. It will be done.   

ITT: World of Supers
ArmoredFury pat the botes from the once-vanished moon
pat the botes
Jun 30th 2019 at 12:11:27 PM

"...That's it? I-I mean, very well. I shall notify my Gun-Priests. Do expect their arrival in a week's time, President. In the meantime, I shall leave you with a small sampling of our armory. I must let you know that I didn't obtain the title of High Armorer for nothing."

As the High Armorer returns to the party, the coffer spontaneously bursts open, spilling its contents all over the gardens. Guns. All of them. Yet none of the pieces bear resemblance to modern-day firearm. A number of them, branded with the Maliwan logo, are sleek and elegant; their construction suggests that they are energy weapons. One particular rifle seems to generate small wind currents on its own. Another weapon — a literal barrel with a pistol grip — can even be barely considered a "gun".

Drink your fill. Grow fat from strength.
TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Jun 30th 2019 at 12:39:28 PM

The Capitol

Snow turns to his Peacekeepers.

   Send these guns to that Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Wily we recruited, tell them to find a way to mass produce these things.   

Snow returns to the party.

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ITT: World of Supers
InfinityRyujin Royal Court's Youkai Exterminator from Devanagara Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Royal Court's Youkai Exterminator
Jun 30th 2019 at 12:56:21 PM

Infinity's Bunker

After a brief interlude in which Infinity and Ras finished capturing the remaining monsters on Infinity's list, Infinity looks at the results of the seasons he had missed.

...Of course I couldn't get a tribute in the top three. Fuckin' fourth place curse...

It seems like luck just isn't on your side...

Infinity then remembers that the next season is Season 50.

...Lock the bunker down, Ras. I've gotta go make some corpses.

...Are you sure about this?

I don't really have much of a choice here.

If you say so...

Infinity then checks his e-mail and notices an invitation.

...Another party? And it's being held by President Snow, of all people?

He keeps reading.

I mean, I ain't afraid of death, but I guess I'd better head over there, since it's my ticket to the arena.

Infinity walks to the bunker's entrance and snaps his fingers, summoning a hovercraft, before inputting the party's coordinates in the hovercraft's autopilot.

Again, lock the bunker down. I don't want anyone getting in or out.

After he says this, the hovercraft begins to float to the Capitol, and Ras closes the bunker's door before locking everything down.

I hope he doesn't get himself killed...

The hovercraft

Infinity quickly changes into the same green suit and tie that he wore to Detective Gamechanger's party.

That should do it.

The Capitol

Infinity jumps off the hovercraft before snapping his fingers, sending it back to his bunker's hangar.

Sorry for the wait.

He then heads straight for the booze and pours himself a drink.

"There's nothing quite as humiliating as pity from your opponent..."
Zanreo powerful drum
powerful drum
Jun 30th 2019 at 1:14:53 PM

The Capitol

Zanreo bursts into the room. "Sorry for the wait... heh... but I'm here now." She goes over to the table and grabs herself some snacks. "Nice to see you all again..."

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"Everything about this being is a mystery. All we know for sure is that they're always in battle with something."
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The Capitol

fitting music

The sound of drums can be heard as a large viking ship with a snowflake motif rolls into port, dropping a big load of fish onto the port. Snow has his kitchen staff bring the fish into the kitchen for cooking.

   Seems like Lord Fredrick and his Snowmads are here, just in time. The rest oft he food should arrive on the tables shortly by my estimate.   

ITT: World of Supers
Smiley100P My fren drew me this 0w0
My fren drew me this 0w0
Jun 30th 2019 at 2:44:52 PM

the party

"Ah, hello!!" A small orange tabby cat says, greeting the new guests as he sips a glass of milk, "My name's Elliot! Nice to meet you both, it's my first time here!"

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