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Eredars Looks like a face to me Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Looks like a face to me
Nov 9th 2019 at 5:27:16 AM

The Sphere

After seeing Kai get his soul absorbed by Dark Dave, Runlina runs up to Dark Eldraseen and stabs him in the chest with her katana

   "Fools... You will die.... one day...."   

He then falls to the ground, dead

"And that's one less god wannabe the universe has to deal with."

The World of Infinite Creations

Upon hearing the fact that he's getting punished, AR! Dark Eldraseen responds with this

   "If that's the case, very well. Just know this: There are much bigger fish than us dark nominators. Beings beyond your wildest imaginations".   

He prepares for the punishment

Underground Residence

Regular Eldraseen lets out a sigh of relief upon seeing his dark counterpart finally dealt with.

"Go ahead and punish them. They deserve it"

He also gets news about Det.GC's funeral

"I'll attend this funeral once it's open. Even with his eccentricities, he was still a good person.''

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TabbyGirl4 Alright,Let's do this one last time. from The Nowhere Islands Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Alright,Let's do this one last time.
Nov 9th 2019 at 5:34:37 AM


   "Huh,Dark Eldraseen. Afraid that I don't know. I feel like we just lost against these guys. I feel paralyzed. "   

She then looks up and sees a deity and 5 hooded figures.


After saying that, she is then stripped of her ability to strip others' powers and is stuck in place.

   "Rrgh,damn you!"   

   "We all wanted to watch you suffer for what you did. So this is pretty much fair."   

   "That's how it feels for years of mental torture for me."   

She is then sentenced to the same fate as the others.

One Week Later

Tabby and Pecan start cleaning up the base with the others. The next episode of the games won't be on for a couple of hours so they are doing something to pass the time. Tabby suddenly gets something dropped in her mailbox.

   "Hold on, it must be something about Gamechanger so it must be more important than this mundane task.   

"Well, cleaning and decorations makes a person feel happier."


She receives the invite and it then asks for an RSVP.

   "So, I accepted the RSVP but who should I invite."   

"Well, we have the tributes who are closer to him like Andromeda go and have the rest draw straws and the ones with biggest 5 straws go. Clone! Nagisa and Parallel Pecan don't really want to go."

   "Heh,goood idea."   

"You said drawing straws, huh?"

Spiderham then gets a cup of 12 different sized straws out of the Hammer Space.

"We should do this later."

"I'm Mary Poppins, Y'all!" -Yondu,2017
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Nov 9th 2019 at 6:07:12 AM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

As he watches the Son and the Daughter's progress in the Games, he receives the invitation to GC's funeral and simply replies that he'll be attending.

Mhazard THE KING IN YELLOW from Hong Kong Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Nov 9th 2019 at 7:23:04 AM

Hassel's Quarters, Capitol Facility

"It's... all... over..."

Hassel observes the outcome of the coup from a skyscraper. As he loses President Snow, one of his earliest clients, the Quarters begins to suffer from a significant financial loss, forcing him to halt the development of several new cities. But at the same time, he seems to have a mixed feeling regarding Snow's downfall, and he feels contented with the result.

"We have a long history of working for Snow, even before the day I took over the Quarters. I only worked for him because I have to. If I don't, there wouldn't be any money to fund the agricultural sectors, and the people of Panem would suffer from perceptual hunger like I did when I was young. With the opportunity to work for Snow, I used every opportunity to study the art of science, hoping that one day I could become a scientist for real instead of... a magician posing as one."

"A magician... posing as one?"


Hassel takes off his lab coat and puts it on his chair, preparing to pack his belongings.

"I'm what people called a Dark Nominator, a relic of the Old World. My kind are born to be evil, gifted with the talent of dark magics and shunned by everyone because of what we are. I'm hated by everyone, even so, I used to be a human in the Old World, and as a human, helping people in need is what I'm supposed to do... and what I want to do."

"Now that Snow is gone for good, I have lost an important backer of my projects and I'll soon be outed as a fool who has no real talent in science, but at the same time, I'm welcome for a change of leadership as long as the people in Panem have a better life. At the meantime, I'm hereby to apologize for putting both of you to a huge trouble. I've been a useless fool, and yet you still choose to work alongside me, words cannot express my gratitude and I'm thankful for everything you've done for me. Once you're ready, I'd like to take a leave until I've complete my studies. When I'm back, I'm no longer Lordimark Hassel the Dark Nominator, I'm Scientist Mark Hassel, a true scientist who helps people in need with real science."

Cute girls are cute.
dave_the_assassin Darkseid, THE God of Evil from Apokolips Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Nov 9th 2019 at 7:32:37 AM

Radiant Garden, Castle Town

Dave takes a look as they walk, astonished at how the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee's work is completed in only less than two years. They then arrive at Merlin's house. Suddenly, Dave remembers something.

"Merlin, if you wouldn't mind, I wish to buy something first."

"It is alright, just make sure you'll be back in a jiffy, young Dave."

"I'll try. As to where I'm going, it's a secret, but I'll be right back."

He then departs, heading into the Castle Town Marketplace.

"Well, then, do you wish to wait for him here or go inside ahead?" the wizard asks 6k1.

Radiant Garden, Castle Town Marketplace

Soon enough, Dave is finished with doing his thing. He then receives a message from Advisor Fira on Detective Gamechanger's funeral. He tells her to send an RSVP to Billy as well, and to prepare for several tributes. He then walks back to Merlin's House.

The World of Infinite Creations

"Well, yes. That's a saying of you who hail from the mortal world. For you see: WE are one of the biggest fishes there ever was. There is SO MUCH MORE to existence than you all know. Than even Xiamos knows. We are many, you are but a few. And besides, your existences threatens the balance of creation. And thus.... you already know this, but you shall receive the same judgment cast upon Timewrecker: eternal torment."

Nomnus and the Overseers then opens a portal to the Corridor of Time. The leader of the Overseers then creates something from the palm of his hand: a time stone, much like Terminus' and Timewrecker's own. Nomnus then hits the Dark Nominators with another gray beam much like the one Genesis cast upon Timewrecker. Sure enough, the Dark Nominators are dragged into the portal and into the Corridor of Time. The leader of the Overseers then throws the stone into the Corridor, and soon enough, it shines. The leader has rigged the stone to attempt to cast time magic, to the exact same results as the Dark Nominator's doomed master. The Corridor splits, and another Ring of Time is formed, trapping them in it for eternity. Then, the Ring, thanks to the stone's resonance, converges with Timewrecker's own Ring, completely ensuring that there will be no further convergences, entries, nor exits from the Ring of Time with the addition of a third seal. The Dark Nominators then begins to suffer the same eternal cycle of death and suffering as their master.

With their work done, the Overseers disappear. Nomnus stays for a while longer. "Again I remind you all, so you can understand this as much as you can: existence, planes, and creations.... there is so much more to it than meets the eye. You have only seen the beginning. Not even Xiamos knows just how far creation truly stretches," he warns before disappearing.

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"What I cannot control, I must destroy. [...] You will BEG for the sweet release of Death!"
Eredars Looks like a face to me Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Looks like a face to me
Nov 9th 2019 at 7:36:05 AM

The Veranxus

Upon seeing the real Dark Eldraseen getting killed and AR! Dark Eldraseen preparing to get timewrecked, the ship's crew end up releasing all of his captivated animals, which in turn kills them all and destroys the ship.

A Mysterious Planet

As Dark Galis exits out of the escape pod, she comes across a massive creature, bigger than anything she has seen before.

   "Well, let's get this ov-"   

A few tentacles immediately grab her and pull her to the creature's eye.

   "Well, well, well. A dark tribute. Pains me to say this, but I will have to erase you from existence."   

   "Since when did you ta-"   

The creature fires a laser from its eyes, vaporizing her.

The World of Infinite Creations

Dark Eldraseen soon finds himself in the same realm Timewrecker's in.

   "Well, well, well, if it ain't the old fo-"   

He gets his head chopped off by a sword. It then grows back.

   "Let's make this quick before something else kills me: You are a utter moron."   

Upon saying that, he ends up getting caught in a fighting game character's combo, killing him again. He then gets resurrected and killed over and over again with no end in sight.

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Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
Nov 9th 2019 at 7:46:40 AM

Star Whale Palace

As Mr. Star is monitoring the progress of his surprise to Kirby, he receives his invitation to GC's funeral. He then sends a reply to Billy.

"I'd like to, but i'm preparing a surprise for Kirby for now. I'll tell you when there's some progress. I'm almost done!"

Dedede's Base

King Dedede is watching a live feed of the Games from the monitor in his base alongside his robot assistant Trope-9000.

"Hahaha! Did you see him beating up that weird girl!?"

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Best Nintendo character.
TroperNo9001 Adorable, Nerdy Little Belle of the Ball from Billy's Party Relationship Status: Brony
Adorable, Nerdy Little Belle of the Ball
Nov 9th 2019 at 8:27:24 AM

Radiant Garden, Merlin's House

"I'll wait for him here," says 6k1 as she patiently waits by the doorway.

Power's Home

Power changes to her mourning dress and continues watching. She says "oww..." upon seeing Lunatone being beaten up by SMT!Lucifer, especially after it got inked by Vantablack. And now that it was just used as a tug-of-war rope between Tattersail and Spectralon, she could only wonder if the paint beings would continue messing with it...

"We took the long road coming here, but we've finally made it!"
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Nov 9th 2019 at 9:24:48 AM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

Having changed into his black suit, formal coat and hat in preparation, he continues watching the games and chuckles at the Son's antics.

Zanreo hungry birb
hungry birb
Nov 9th 2019 at 9:45:03 AM

The Sphere

Zanreo and her tributes just watch as the Dark Nominators get timewrecked, some of them looking away from the horrible sight. "So... looks like we beat them in the end... That's a pretty extreme punishment, though" she comments. "So... guess it's time to go back now?"

Later, Zanreo's Secret Base

Zanreo says goodbye to her tributes as they all leave for their own worlds. Soon after, she gets the message about the funeral... she thinks she'll go there by herself. She changes into a black suit, and watches some more of the Games before leaving... only to see her remaining tribute, Bayonetta, being strapped to a rocket lawnchair and launched into the forcefield. "Dammit, again? Wonder when my luck will return?"

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I played the Pyoro minigame in Warioware so much as a kid...
Eredars Looks like a face to me Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Looks like a face to me
Nov 9th 2019 at 11:04:47 AM

Billy's Flagship

A few seconds after the dark tributes die and their alternate reality versions get timewrecked, the sphere dissipates, landing everyone back on Billy's flagship.

"Well... I'm going to need a break after that. Glad the multiverse has been saved for the time being. I'll see you guys later."

She then pops open another telepipe, gets on her campship, and returns to Ur.

The Arena

Galis stabs Ammy's ketchup packet, making the audience believe that she's killed. Ammy then pretends to be dead. Meanwhile, Emet-Selch overhears Ghirahim telling a few tributes to don't get near him.

"Smart move."

The sun shines brightly as Galis is unimpressed at Dark Star's rage over a simple action figure.

"Really, mate?"

While Emet-Selch isn't looking, the PC Principal decides to write down something on paper. It reads: "This Garlean Empire crap is now a school or something."

The moon steals the sun's spot yet again. Ganondorf forces Galis to make out with him

"Let... go of me, you... fucking freak!"

She activates the Omnitrix and turns into a small alien rat, allowing her to escape Ganondorf's clutches. Just in time, too, as a Lunatone showed up, looking at a furious Ganondorf. Meanwhile, Emet-Selch gives Lucifer's flames a dark aura, causing his fire to burn through Madoka faster.

"She stood no chance against any of us..."

The sun returns. Emet-Selch forms a band of pirates with three other tributes.

"I never believed in pirates, but... yar-har, I guess."

Meanwhile, Galis recieves a banana phone. She decides to call Eldraseen with it.

"Hey. Ever since some really crazy shit happened... I decided that I'm not going to be assed to make you pay. Just don't do that shit again, okay?"

"You got it."

After hanging up, she eats the phone.

Night falls. Galis enters Dharkon's Pensieve to relieve its memories. She comes out laughing.

"You seriously got your ass kicked by a fucking dog and a bird, as well as a few little kids? You are easily the worst primal ever!"

   "I'm not a primal, Ms...."   

"That'd be Galis Jan-fuckin-Belle Runkals to you, eyeball monster!"

   "Alright. Now please leave."   

She does just that. Meanwhile, Emet-Selch's nightmares about Galeem's death wakes up him, causing him to shout "mint chocolate chip" for no reason. This confuses Jack Black.

"Dunno what horrid nightmares had him screaming those words, but okay."

The sun comes back. Galis sees a spirit of... herself flying towards Lucifer? This confuses her. Lucifer than explains what has happened to her.

   "Ever played the video game "Super Smash Bros Ultimate"?"   

"Can't say I have."

   "Well, here's a quick explanation: That spirit of you? it's not your actual spirit. Instead, it's an artificial construct of your real spirit used to buff those who have it in their possession. Think of it like armor in a RPG."   

Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Nov 9th 2019 at 1:23:52 PM

Distortion World

The Dark Star watched the misadventures of it's counterpart in the Arena. Despite it's indifference, it secretly hoped that it, or at least someone representing the darkness would won this special season.

Not far away, Giegue was building a computer for Scipion, to use it for better contact with other nominators. The Zoroark had an hard time with it but managed to use the computer correctly.

As he was beginning to go on Internet, he saw a mail, noticing him of Gamechanger's funerals coming soon.    "Hmph. I guess I will have to attend to them. Who else want to join?"   

   "I will."    said Giratina.    "I didn't exactly knew the detective personally, but it is important to pay respect to the fallen."   

   "I will as well, althought I am doing this only for the master, I couldn't care less about the death of this mortal."    sighed the Dark Star, clearly hating public ceremonies. Ridley growled as well, but accepted to join as well, certainly for messing with others.

"Why not? As long as it's not 100% depressive. After all, funerals are considered as parties in the Demon realm" chuckled Firebrand.

   "Count me in. Althought I hate humans, I have some respect for the detective as well."    said Giegue. Zarblin nodded, although the Bokoblin was in fact more interested by the potential food.

"Well, since everyone's going to his funerals, I guess I have no choice but to follow you guys." replied Pharynx, not really enthusiasmed by it.

"Same here. besides, it might a good occasion to become friends with some nominators and their tributes! Right Pharynx?" said Thorax to his brother who rolled his eyes "Ugh, you're making me sick everytime you're speaking of friendship."

Legion of doom's lair

Just like the High Commands's other members, Medusa accepted Shiva's proposition to join them.    "As long as you behave, we will be happy to have you within our ranks."   

As soon as the goddess heard of Shiva's arrival, she sent some villains, including Drawcia to greet her and her troops.

"Heeheeheee! A beautiful colorful cast of evil indeed! It's always a pleasure to meet other villains, their stories are so... inspiring to me! But I disgress, I'm Drawcia, the sorceress. You are lucky, Valecor created some empty rooms before disappearing. You can choose one of them and transform it into the artistic lair of your dream!"

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Billy5545 A NS nation from Surabaya, Indonesia
A NS nation
Nov 9th 2019 at 7:11:24 PM

The Time Ring

Dark Billy and his dark tributes alongside his allies find themselves inside the Arena. They look around, and then see Timewrecker and his allies getting a brief respite. They all look cowardly and scared of what will happen, begging and screaming for anyone to stay away from them, like Diavolo did. Then, it happens. In this scenario, the whole planet is obliterated with a Death Star. Whilst others are destroyed quickly, Timewrecker, Dark Billy, and Dark Eirin are all forced to regenerate repeatedly when the laser is fired, until it's gone.

Everyone will then find themselves in different nominator's school. This time it's nonfatal, but they fail their courses and get kicked out. It's then back to a random fatal event, before a nonfatal one, and so forth.

Billy's Flagship and Detective Gamechanger's Base

As the light sphere dissipates, Billy and his tributes find themselves back in the flagship, their immortality having run out. He first tries to comprehend what the beings said about reality, before deciding to research later and focus on current happenings. Billy then sees the battle reports, and discover that he has five casualties in terms of ship on his side. He then plans to arrange a public funeral in Kendor to pay respect for the fallen soldiers, then has his surviving fleet send the remains of the battle back to the universe with tech and magic. They do, and soon the fleet leaves after the deed is done.

The fleet is then back in the base, with Billy saying to everyone that they can make their choice on wether to attend the funeral or not. Giorno and his gang, Marinette and her friends, Gloria, Jolyne, Nidorohan, Judy, Ray, Michael, Kirk and his crews, Hat Kid, Kiko, Pak Somat, Scolippi, Spongebob and his friends, and Reimu, Marisa and Sanae all agree to join.

Everyone soon leaves back to their respective worlds first to prepare, while Billy himself returns to his mansion in a teleporter to change his clothing. Once he's back, he cleans himself before changing to a classic funeral suit. He soon walks to see his clone there too, holding Detective Gamechanger's casket alongside his workers. Billy soon helps while walking to the teleporter into the base. While this is happening, he sees everyone who has approved going, and says the funeral will start soon, and that he is delivering the casket there now.

The Arena

In the night, Spectralon is possessed by something, driving her to team up with five other tributes. She soon finds Madoka Kaname and sprays her with Spectralon paint, before exerting her power alongside others to burn Madoka alive. Meanwhile Vantablack is also possessed and decides to kill the Helghast Sniper with a missile toe and missile fist, but they both miss.

Then in the morning, Vantablack decides to become a pirate alongside three other tributes, plundering a random camp for supplies. He fires Vantablack paint to help. Meanwhile Tattersail and Spectralon decide to play tug of war with Lunatone, but the former pulls the opponent away.

In the next night, Spectralon claims she is the real Lucifer, causing her to be killed in the same way like Super Buu did to Eika. As she dies, she dissolves back to a patch of Spectralon paint. As for Vantablack, he decides to read Jack White's future with tarot cards.

In the next day, Vantablack sees Lucifer wanting to power himself. He decides to voluntarily lend Lucifer his soul temporarily alongside three other tributes for powering up.

Meanwhile, Julius sees what happens to the former leaders with interest. President Snow is currently being preserved in a secret facility for resurrection in next season, while President Coin decides to make a speech where she declares, "I will kill Katniss and Peeta. They are traitors of Panem!" A tribute then tries to kill her, but she dodges the hit, before pulling out a gun she secretly found, killing her would be assassin dead.

Eredars Looks like a face to me Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Looks like a face to me
Nov 9th 2019 at 7:20:12 PM

Underground Residence

Eldraseen gets a text message that the funeral is about to start. He gets there as fast as he can, dressed in a fancy suit.

The Legion Of Doom's base

   "Thanks, Drawcia. I'll make myself comfortable."   

She then finds a room to reside in and resign. After choosing one, she makes a few Radilugos redesign the room, turning it from a rather basic room into a brightly colored, abstract room, resembling the Luminmech ships.

   "This'll do."   

TroperNo9001 Adorable, Nerdy Little Belle of the Ball from Billy's Party Relationship Status: Brony
Adorable, Nerdy Little Belle of the Ball
Nov 9th 2019 at 8:42:32 PM

Power's Home

Miranda enters the room in a similar dress as Power's. She's also wearing a small pair of earrings and a little bit of makeup.

"Alright, are we ready to go?"

"Not yet, I'm still brushing my mane and waiting for the season to continue."

"You better hurry because the other guests might be there already!"

"What?!" Power finishes brushing and packs her things.

"I know you'll be missing the rest of the season, but we need to go now."

Power looks back at the cauldron's flames and sighs as she uses her magic to deactivate it.

"Since 6k1's still busy with her training, we'll meet with Ichi first, and from there we'll all go to GC's."

"Alright, dear."

They both do a security check of the house, and Power calls Ichi to teleport them to his bunker once outside.

Outside the Underground Bunker

Power knocks on the door.

"Ich, Miranda and I are ready to go to the funeral!"

"We took the long road coming here, but we've finally made it!"
VengefulBale Metalucy from The Halberd Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
Nov 9th 2019 at 10:07:52 PM

Preparing for the Funeral

Bale used his base's systems to make him a suit appropriate for GC's funeral, he didn't want to disrespect his old friend now that he was gone.

Bale: Mr. Godzilla, Mini-Deadpool. I'll be going away to attend GC's funeral, and you two will no longer watch over the base.

MD: B-But why?!

Mr. Godzilla: Yeah, why?

Bale: You two idiots almost used the HEB!

MD: We aren't watching over the base because we went to a supermarket?

Bale then put an annoyed face before clarifying his statement.

Bale: NO! You two almost used the History Erasing Button! It wasn't necessary to beat Timewrecker, and you could've destroyed reality itself!

Mr. Godzilla: Hey, we've said we're sorry already!

Bale: Yeah, but that still won't fly with me, allow me to introduce your caretaker.

He then opened a portal, from which a blonde demon woman in a red suit came out of, Princess Charlotte Magne, whom Bale had previously crossed paths with and helped out, this was a minor one-time job.

Bale: Charlie, I am gonna need you to watch over my base, look out for intruders or technical problems, don't worry about fixing them, just notify Xochi about it and he'll do all the work... Just keep my assistants from destroying existence, ok?

Charlie: Of course!

He then smirked before sending Ichi a message, in which he wrote that he was going to GC's funeral too and wanted to meet up with him and the others.

This month will have Metalucy only avvies
Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
Nov 9th 2019 at 10:14:53 PM

Dedede's Base

King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee are changing into all-black outfits as they prepare for GC's funeral. They then leave the base and took a bus to GC's base.

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Best Nintendo character.
Psychedelicate We're in this season as one. from a galaxy far, far away
We're in this season as one.
Nov 9th 2019 at 11:26:15 PM

Psyche's Fanfic School

Psyche, Ms. May and all of the staff and students dress in black, ready to go to the funeral.

Before they leave, Psyche suddenly realises that she hasn't invited any of her tributes to the party yet, so she hurries off to the Tribute Transportation Room and sends invitations to multiple universes. Specifically, she invites the entirety of BTS (although she's not expecting them to respond), Felix (as the rest of Stray Kids haven't been nominated yet), Kaito, Maki, Fuyuhiko and Kazuichi. Included in each invitation is a set of directions to respond to her.

She waits a couple of minutes and is surprised when she gets a couple of responses back - a couple of letters shoot through the portal she'd sent the invitations in and landed on her lap. She reads each of them in turn:

Yeah, alright, I'll go. I don't think we have any promotions or practise that day. Make sure everyone's following my dress code, yeah?

Yay! A party! The Great Ninja Maki would love to attend!

(Psyche giggles at that one, because man, that has to be an alternate universe version of Maki of some sort. It's not like her at all!)

A party? Will there be cola? Is there a karaoke machine I can fix?

Muahahahaha! I'd love to come gatecrash that party of yours! I mean, dance at the party. Yeah. That's what I meant.

With a smile on her face, Psyche returns downstairs and rejoins the staff and students.

It's time for the Murderers' Death Battle.
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Nov 10th 2019 at 12:04:00 AM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

After commanding a droid to teleport Power and Miranda to his bunker's entrance, he answers Bale's message.

Alright. I'll be bringing Power and her aunt with me, so keep an eye out for the guy accompanied by two unicorns. See ya there shortly.

He heads to the entrance, opens the door and welcomes the two ponies inside, then tousles Power's mane.

"So, you two wanna take my jet to GC's place, find another way there, or just skip the scenic route and teleport?"

TroperNo9001 Adorable, Nerdy Little Belle of the Ball from Billy's Party Relationship Status: Brony
Adorable, Nerdy Little Belle of the Ball
Nov 10th 2019 at 12:46:09 AM

Radiant Garden, Merlin's House

While waiting for Dave, 6k1 remembers that there's still the party after the funeral. She calls Ally via watch to prepare the handwritten invites to Twilight, Toriel, Sans, Ralsei, the Ramon Family, and Dorothy Ann. Power's already a given, while Ralsei and D. A. requested to join many seasons ago. 6k1 also hopes that Toriel will bring Frisk along, even if they're not her tribute in this timeline. She'd also find it amusing if Sans, Power, and Carlos challenged each other to a pun-off during the party, or even in the meeting before that.

Speaking of Carlos, 6k1 plans to have him and his family meet up with BTS before the Death Battle, provided that it doesn't cause a schedule conflict with the party. And as for Dupe and Baymax... she changed her mind about them. Maybe in the next?

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

The two unicorns enter the bunker and greet Ichi.

"So this is where your friend lives, Pow-Pow?"

"Yep," she says while Ichi pets her, "he's got all sorts of gadgets and gizmos here. I'd show you around, but right now..." she turns to Ichi, "we'll take the jet."

"We took the long road coming here, but we've finally made it!"
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Nov 10th 2019 at 3:11:27 AM

Underground Bunker

"Jet, it is, then. Right this way."

He leads the two ponies to his garage, sending a quick text to Kabal about the party after the funeral along the way. He then boards the jet with his passengers, starts it up, and begins the flight towards GC's base, setting it on autopilot upon liftoff.

Eredars Looks like a face to me Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Looks like a face to me
Nov 10th 2019 at 5:52:12 AM

The Arena

Emet-Selch overhears him being called worse than Kirby

"Not a high bar, as far as I'm concerned."

Meanwhile, Galis reads "Jack White's Kooky Misadventures" She hates it.

"I read better stories from goddamn monument descriptions!"

Here comes the sun. Emet-Selch gets into a group selfie with a few other tributes. Meanwhile, Kirby attempts to teach hipster values to Galis. She simply brushes it off.

"I don't do that hipster shit. Now fuck off before I run this katana up your ass."

TroperNo9001 Adorable, Nerdy Little Belle of the Ball from Billy's Party Relationship Status: Brony
Adorable, Nerdy Little Belle of the Ball
Nov 10th 2019 at 7:21:31 AM

Ichi's Jet

The two ponies settle down. Power looks around if there's a computer where she can watch the Games while flying. Miranda, meanwhile, just gazes at the view out the window.

Radiant Garden, Merlin's House

6k1 receives another call and excuses herself from Merlin for a while.

"My child, Asgore has returned from battle, so I'm back at Home now."

"How did he do?"

"It was a long, grueling fight, but he was able to lead Billy's tributes in the war."

Toriel also tells her about the superweapon being used and the final judgment of the Dark Nominators.

"Whoa... having them killed off and their alternate selves timewrecked? While I'm relieved that they'll never harm us again, that's... overdoing it, honestly."

"I agree you, my child, and so does Asgore."

"I'd be fine with just having them killed off for good. Only Timewrecker deserved to be timewrecked."

A pause.

"Anyway, I'll be attending GC's funeral after my training."

"And the party after that, right?"

"Yes, and I invited Sans, too!"

"Really? That's great! And Frisk would like to come, too! I told them all about the first party!"

"Aww! Wait... you didn't tell them about Valecor, did you?"

"Actually I did, but do not be afraid, he's gone for good."

"I know. And will Asgore be there, too?"

"Hmm... That's up for Billy to decide, but it'd be great if Asriel's there as well!"

"I wish... Anyway, see you there!"

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"We took the long road coming here, but we've finally made it!"
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Nov 10th 2019 at 7:48:52 AM

Ichigo's Jet

There is, indeed, a screen with which to watch the Games or any other in-flight movie.

Ichigo, meanwhile, leans back in the pilot's chair as he watches the Games play out on his tablet.

Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
Nov 10th 2019 at 7:57:09 AM

Near the Arena

After getting hit, Kirby gets knocked unconscious and nearly dying. Thankfully, a fish-like vehicle appears to rescue him! The fish carries Kirby in it and uses a strange beam to heal him, and leaves the arena.

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Best Nintendo character.

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