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TheGamechanger Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Myers from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Myers
May 11th 2019 at 11:13:57 PM

This is the lore (Role Playing) version of the Hunger Games Simulation. It co-exists directly with the canon seasons, so what happens in those seasons happens here.

If you think you can RP as one of the characters here, go ahead, just be sure to notify the original person RP-ing as them beforehand.

A recap of events so that you're up to speed:

Season 38: A scientist who works for the Hunger Games by the name of Dave (not to be confused with Dave the Assassin) experimented with some literal nightmare fuel, which escaped and caused a bunch of horrific mayhem in the arena as it got stronger by absorbing more nightmare fuel. Then a tribute did a ritual that used the magic of Grogar's body as a sacrifice, sparking the catalyst that made the monster, now known as Valecor, to have a standard physical form. As a result of all this, plans have been made for a max security prison built to house those with powers.

During that time, it's been mentioned that a cult by the name of the Gospel of Alchemy, Science, and Knowledge (GASK) is responsible for the games in the first place with an interdimensional portal they opened purely for the science of it. It's also been revealed that they were working on a project to make a physical personification of the Hunger Games themselves.

Season 39: Valecor begun recruiting tributes to his cause. He successfully recruited Cell, Bill Cipher, Scooter, Jason Voorhees, The Dark Lord, and Sombra.

Season 40: Dave the Assassin enters the game with a plan to stop Valecor, having a replica of himself made as a body double while a tape that contains something to use against Valecor is made. This is foiled when Valecor's allies has the tapes switched with a gag one. President Snow, who entered as a tribute himself to both teach others a lesson and to possibly find leads on GASK and Valecor, unknowingly was the one to give Valecor the gag tape he was given by the Dave replica and Valecor uses that opportunity to manipulate Snow into not trusting the nominators. Snow ended up winning the season.

During all of this, Valecor actually stayed at his lair while having shadow clones that split off from him be the ones that investigated the arena, knowing that a plot was against him. After obtaining the real tape after the tape switch and being told it's the weapon against him, he infiltrated the Hunger Games Database Library to find info on GASK, hoping GASK would help him take care of the weapon.

Season 41: Valecor recruits E.V.I.L. to his ranks. Later the leader of GASK, who goes by Mr. X, personally visits Valecor as Valecor was out looking for GASK, saying he was waiting for something like Valecor since the first season, hinting he's from another universe by saying "for 291 seasons." Valecor follows him through a portal to the dimension the GASK base is in. Meanwhile a large group tribute of various villains called the Legion of Doom is nominated, and Bill joins them to try to convince them to join Valecor. Then the legion gets much of their members killed by the arena force field thanks to a gravity warp, and it's only thanks to Valecor and Mr. X's intervention that any of them survived. They form an alliance with Valecor, who resurrects King K. Rool for them.

Then they enter the GASK base. There they learn that the Hunger Games personification has been finally made and that they're doing tests on her. They also learn that GASK is indeed from an parallel universe and that they survived the destructing of everything in OG!HGS Season 250 due the "everything" that was nominated being so full of contradictions that things actually survived due to the paradox, enabling GASK to escape into this universe. They're been experimenting with beings made of nightmares,which they call Exterrerians since Season 1, causing tributes nightmares. However, they all turned against GASK as the creatures weren't intelligent enough, so they gave up and went on to other projects. With Valecor and Nightmare being the first of such things they've seen that are smart enough to properly form an alliance with them, they ask Valecor what his plans are. Valecor reveals his plans is a world in which the villains can do whoever they want without heroes to stop them, saying that some heroes would be kept around for entertainment for the villains. Agreeing with that plan as long as it doesn't interfere with GASK's own, Mr. X solidifies GASK's alliance with Valecor. Valecor hands over the tape that's was to be used against him to GASK, saying that he wants to to run some tests with it using a new Exterrerian to see what it does.

Upon the villains returning to Valecor's base, Hexxus shows up and joins their group. After reviving both E.V.I.L. and Malware, the group starts plotting on what new members to add for the new tributes in the coming season. After telling E.V.I.L. to find some music to give the base some atmosphere, he literally explodes at them for not messing with a nominator, Detective Gamechanger, when they found his residence and just stole his CDs and left. Valecor then says they'll attack said nominator the coming morning.

Meanwhile, another nominator, a Zoroark named Scipion, is currently forming a plan against Valecor.

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ITT: World of Supers
dave_the_assassin Vigilante!Hawkeye from the Avengers Compound Relationship Status: Desperate
May 12th 2019 at 5:19:42 AM

I need to repeat my PM to you, Gamechanger: the tape replica!me was only a harmless tape with a message; there's literally nothing that could be used against Valecor in that tape. As for what the message actually says, however.... that will be up to me to disclose in the future.

In another world, far away in both space and time

Three hooded beings watches over recaps of previous seasons. One of them smiles mysteriously.

Dave the Assassin's home base

Dave is sitting upon a throne, watching the preparations with great interest. He suddenly snaps his fingers, summoning his allies. He says something to them, to which they nodded. He then snaps his fingers again, signaling them to go.

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"You survived. Half the planet didn't. They got Thanos....You get me."
TheGamechanger Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Myers from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Myers
May 12th 2019 at 12:13:47 PM

[up]I've already seen your PM and read it, best to post reminders via P Ms and Discord rather than on the thread as I don't want reminders to clutter it up. Brought the issue you raised on Discord, so check it out when you have the chance. If you want to edit your post so that it has actual lore (i.e., rp-ing), go ahead.

GASK Base - Labs - Night

In one of the white hallways, the scientists we carefully handling a cart with a small box on it that reads "nightmare fuel - handle with care". One of the scientists turns to the other.

GASK Scientist A: Ugh, this took forever to find in our huge storage!

GASK Scientist B: Not surprised, it's been years since we've abandoned the use of nightmare fuel for our experiments. Think the last season we done so was the time Freddy Krueger got the Necronomicon?

The other scientist shudders from the memories.

Brrr, yeah that sounds just about right. It was a nightmare trying to clean that mess up! Our saving grace was that weird collector guy paid handsomely to take the problem off our hands for his collection!

Scientist B nods in agreement.

Yep. Now c'mon, let's get this thing to the lab where we used to make Exterrerians. Hopefully they still remember the procedure...

ITT: World of Supers
Oggy123 from Jakarta, Indonesia
May 12th 2019 at 5:42:08 PM

High in the skies of the arena...

As young Kirby took his first steps in the games, something odd flies by.

From within a large shiplike vessel, watches a strange, floating, egg-shaped being. It has an odd brown coloration, covered in blue-yellow clothing and having a telltale pair of horns.

Watching intently at Kirby, as well as the other tributes, he suddenly senses a dark presence. He warns this to the others.

The other inhabitants of this ship are equally as eccentric as himself, including a trio of an hamster, a fish and an owl, a crosseyed blob of darkness, a young girl in artist attire, a large mouse in thieflike clothing, a spiderlike being with six hands, a secretary with pink hair, and a trio of magical nuns. Discussing intently with their leader, they seem to have reached a conclusion, and continue circling above the arena.

Down there, as the sun starts to set, Kirby senses a dark presence. Sensing dark times in the future, he prepares his combat skills.

A faint, distant laugh, one that recalls someone Kirby faced in the past, echoes from the skies...

Warmaster23rat Getaway from My mom's basement Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
May 12th 2019 at 7:50:54 PM

(How do you do those gray block things at the top.)

Please. Send some help.
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May 12th 2019 at 7:58:09 PM

Like this: !!Example or !!!Example

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TroperNo9001 Don't get cozy with her from Grogar's Lair Relationship Status: Brony
Don't get cozy with her
May 12th 2019 at 8:21:50 PM

ATTENTION: Please use spoiler text for OOC posts. Thank you.

"Hey troper! Wanna be friends?"
unfortunatezorua This meme costed everything from despacito spaghett ugandan chungus Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
This meme costed everything
May 12th 2019 at 10:01:56 PM

Meanwhile, somewhere not too far from the arena

A hooded figure is seen viewing a replay of The Bloodbath.

The camera zooms in on Infinite hiding in The Cornucopia—where a tribute soon approaches, is knocked out by the jackal, and shot. This scene is rewound a couple times, all the while being observed in earnest.

Ah, looks like it was just my luck acting up again...kinda put a stop in the plans, huh?

The figure seems satisfied by this answer. They pause the recap and pull down the hood of their red jersey, revealing a rather abnormally clean bullet hole in the side of their head.

The jackal bastard. It's a shame that I—heh, died so soon, I kinda wanted to witness the Games for myself. After pondering this, the nominator eventually gives a shrug, turning to look over their shoulder.

Hey, Nova, what's the status of our tribute friend?

A strange, animal-like machine sitting on the floor nearby responds.

Élise de la Serre is currently alive. She has eliminated the Profaned God and attempted unsuccessful murder on the Devourer of Gods.

Jeez, the fucking nerve of that Templar. Tell her not to get ahead of herself with punching out the gods, okay? And as for Bill?

The empty-eyed metal Pokémon cocks its head curiously, revealing a strip of painted text reading N0V-4 under its neck. Another screen pulls up beside the first, indicating the whereabouts of the villains.

The data we have says he is allied with "Valecor": a highly dangerous experiment made solely out of nightmare fuel. "Valecor" has many followers. He seems to be plotting for something.

Interesting, interesting...

Say, Nova, would it kill me to get in cahoots with this guy?

According to my statistics, there is a 98% chance of it.

Good. Now go out and find him.

Zorua grins as the robotic creature teleports away.

thamura shigaraki is coming to dust you
TheGamechanger Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Myers from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Myers
May 13th 2019 at 12:59:07 AM

Valecor's Lair - Morning

The assembled villains are grumbling at the latest news.

Valecor:   Yes yes, settle down now, I feel just as disappointed we had to cancel our plans of attacking Gamechanger this morning as the season began before we were ready, but on the plus side we can still mess with the tributes!   

Bill comes flying back to the lair in a hurry!

   You are not going to believe this, but...   

One of the villains whispers to another one "Egyptian Nacho looking to double-dip up the ranks", causing the other nearby villains to snicker. Bill turns red as he hears the nickname and angrily yells at them.

   SHUT UP!   

Bill turns back to Valecor and continues. I was about to say, Infinite beat us to killing one of the nominators.   

Valecor pauses for a few moments, then smiles.

   Well then, this is certainly an interesting turn of events. We could certainly use someone with his talents.   

After a brief moment he resumes.

   Well, take for us to go and recruit more allies. Bill, go and try to recruit Infinite. I'll go and try to recruit the Shadow Queen myself as I'm a fellow being of shadows.    He turns to Jason Voorhees.    Jason, I'd like you to find Freddy and recruit him. since you have a bit of a history with him I say you're perfect for the job.   

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ITT: World of Supers
VengefulBale Tom and Janna from Earth-ni Relationship Status: Noddin' my head like yeah
Tom and Janna
May 13th 2019 at 9:52:56 AM

The Legion's Amusing Day

The Legion of Doom watched the events unfold with amusement

Tirek: Would you look at that? Celestia killed someone over a mere coin collection, let's just say that she is ironically worse than Discord now.

Chrysalis: I don't know whether to be afraid or amused.

Cozy Glow: It's always amusing to see that. So much for being "the good princess".

Alastor: My alternate self amuses me with his actions, what is he even planning?

Aku:    I'm starting to think we should recruit that Celestia into our group, she oculd be helpful to our cause.   

Grogar: I'd suggest for us to wait and see if she will continue this path of destruction an evil or if she changes her mind about it.

Tom Lucitor is a good boy, and that's a fact!
TheGamechanger Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Myers from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Myers
May 13th 2019 at 12:56:07 PM

Valecor's Lair - Before Freddy meets Jason

Valecor claps his hands together excitedly.

   Well team, I think it's about time we did some actual evil for once as a team instead of just merely picking off tributes. How about we finally conquer a world together? All I need is for the strongest members of our group to accompany me! As for what world, none other than the world the Mario Bros. hail from as a gift to the Shadow Queen!   

Cell:   Sweet, but just how are we going to get there?   

Valecor grins.

   Oh, I met up with Mr. X again and asked if he can open a secret portal to that universe away from the public eye.   

Soon enough the strongest villains follow after Valecor and enter the portal to the Mario universe at GASK base.

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ITT: World of Supers
Oggy123 from Jakarta, Indonesia
May 14th 2019 at 3:47:26 AM

Up in the skies...

Below, Kirby, the most famous person on Planet Popstar, has bit the dust.

As the sun sets again, Magolor, who has watched Kirby's exploits from the Lor, bears the bad news to his partners, all of which react with disbelief and sadness.

Without warning, inhuman laughing echoes through the ship.


"What, who-"

Magolor and his friends look out the window to see a purple, spherical being. It bears golden wings, and a telltale jester's hat.


"That's right! Now that the Hero of Stars is gone, nothing's stopping me now! Now i can do anything!"

"Not on our watch, mate!" said the hamster.

"Get them!" yelled the secretary.

With a zoom, Marx fled towards the sky as the Lor chases after him, disappearing into the heavens.

Meanwhile, a small, pink fairy, bearing similar colors to the Hero of Stars, flies above the arena. Apparently either being pursued by unknown forces, or trying to chase Marx herself, she flies rapidly and in a hurry. She barely manages to catch a glimpse of a ghostly woman wearing a red dress and having an elegant, long brown hair as she zooms past...

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TroperNo9001 Don't get cozy with her from Grogar's Lair Relationship Status: Brony
Don't get cozy with her
May 14th 2019 at 5:40:02 AM

The HGS Database Library, Basement, moments before Kirby's death

TRP-6001 steps out of her time machine, her lab coat riddled with bullet holes and reeking of egg yolks. The trip back to Season 13 was a fun one, what with the fart party on the second day and Azmuth and Malware reconciling and working together the day before. On the other hand, she nearly got crushed by a giant Fuyuhiko... twice: once when he started growing bigger in the Bloodbath, and once when he threw a house-sized barrel down Evil Eye Sigma in the finale. She's glad he didn't notice her, though, as there could've been a rift in the timeline if he did.

6001 quickly glances at her smartwatch, and she's only been out for... a few weeks?! She swears it only took her a few hours to gather as much data as she could, and now she missed out the previous season, along with some parts of the current one.

6001 takes a quick shower and changes her clothes before updating the Database. As soon as she updates it to v0.13, a large alert message flashes on the screen as the alarms blare across the room.


"Looks like I'll have to call the technician to increase security..." says 6001 as she sips her mug of hot cocoa. "These tributes always find ways..."

She looks at the Arena feed on one side of the room and sees the large horde of past tributes ganging up on the pink puffball. Large being an understatement, since she can spot some of the new ones. She squints her eyes and notices something unusual in the crowd. "Wait a minute, is that..." she says as she zooms in on the peculiar tribute. "Past!Kirby?!"

She continues watching the carnage with her jaw dropped until the copies vanish into thin air, leaving the bloodied body behind. She then sees a muscled man in a pink karate gi looking over the body with a smile on his face.

"Dan Hibiki? Honestly, I'm not surprised. He might even have a chance to make it to the Hall of Fame, like in the alternate timeline."

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"Hey troper! Wanna be friends?"
TheGamechanger Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Myers from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Myers
May 14th 2019 at 6:01:07 AM

Valecor's Lair - 4 days later.

Valecor returns after having his group take control of Mario's world. Bill greets him at the lair.

   Welcome back! So did it go as planned?   

   Yep, they were unprepared for beings with our powers. What's the latest news since we've gone?   

   The Shadow Queen took over Hell with her stand and seeks to be rid of you.   

   Ah yes, power. I know very much that power corrupts, and it seems that this queen let it get all to her head. Well, time to finally use my secret weapon.   

Valecor goes to a locker and unlocks it, revealing an Infinity Gauntlet.

   They had copies of them in storage. I only took one as I figured they were monitoring the inventory of them due to how powerful they are and didn't want to raise suspicion. Decided to take it in case I'd have to deal with a threat that's more powerful than me since I'm not at full power yet. I'm typically not one to use artifacts to boost my own power as i'd rather use my own natural abilities, but I'll make an exception in this case.   

ITT: World of Supers
dave_the_assassin Vigilante!Hawkeye from the Avengers Compound Relationship Status: Desperate
May 14th 2019 at 6:55:06 AM

The Faraway World

Desolate wasteland stretches across the horizon as the hooded unknown beings secretly spies upon the season, especially Valecor's plans.

"An Infinity Gauntlet, huh?" says one of them.

"Who's to say that's the real deal? Maybe it's the one Hela dismissed as a fake," another spoke up.

"Worry not, my siblings. Time and space works differently here. The Infinity Stones' power cannot bypass our realm. Nothing except our power can trespass this realm without us knowing, which removes the possibility of any eavesdropper or moles," a third being spoke with a feminine voice.

"Still, that Valecor.... He's gaining threat. Should he destroy Panem, doublessly other worlds will be on the list," a fourth being replied, concern in her voice.

Suddenly, their leader raises his hand, silencing them.

"Fear not, my siblings. I already have a plan to prepare for the worst. However, I will need you to prepare several things for me. I need you all to come here tomorrow morning. Also, I will need a mole for what's to come. Fortunately, I already have an idea...."

The leader smirks to himself mysteriously.

Dave's Home Base

Dave looks on the proceedings with a blank face, having missed out on the season. Of particular interests to him, however, are Discord, Celestia and Infinite. Perhaps they could prove useful. But the former two would be a risky move, especially with the Lord of Chaos' cousin Eris already on the group; he knew she loathes them both.

"This is a big risk you're taking, my friend," Dave's loyal advisor and friend said.

"I know. But we need to do something soon. If I were to brought Discord and Celestia, I'm going to need something to rein Eris in; we know she hates them."

"I wouldn't worry too much for now. Let's just wait until the season is over."

Dave smiles knowingly; her tough love is certainly appreciated. Oh well, there's always a backup plan, anyway.

His thoughts went back to the tape cassette that his replica had, which was somehow swapped by one of Valecor's followers. If he were to take a guess, it would be Bill Cipher; that foolish Egyptian nacho wannabe god. But then again, that message was always meant to be given to Valecor to begin with anyway, so there's no use in complaining.

His eyes briefly drifted towards a picture of a Sierpinski triangle, a stylised heart symbol, and a painting of three gods.

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"You survived. Half the planet didn't. They got Thanos....You get me."
TroperNo9001 Don't get cozy with her from Grogar's Lair Relationship Status: Brony
Don't get cozy with her
May 14th 2019 at 3:23:27 PM

The Hunger Games Database Library, Basement

6001 watches Dan slowly rot away on Mr. Bones' Wild Ride. It's no Euthanasia Coaster, but a neverending ride's just as effective in murder.

"Oh well, at least he made it this far."

Seeing the number of tributes dwindle, she gets her Upcoming Tributes list, which rolls down and covers the entire floor. She looks at the first two names on top of the list and smirks.

"Okay, you two with plant powers are next..."

"Hey troper! Wanna be friends?"
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May 14th 2019 at 8:17:41 PM

Above the Arena

A Zorua-like robot perches on a ledge high up in the Arena, observantly watching the events below it transpire. Not before long, a short beeping noise is brought to its attention. NOV-4 answers the call.

How's it going for us right now? comes the voice on the other end, a disguised distortion that sounded as if it was spoken in pixels.

Élise de la Serre is dead, unfortunately. it answers.

Ahhh man, that sucks! Already? How?

NOV-4 shifts as it looks down into the Arena. There had been some kind of roller coaster built in the middle. Zooming in then only revealed its creator's remaining tribute being forced to ride it—and as anyone would expect, biting the dust after one too many loop-the-loops.

By the means of a "Euthanasia Coaster". Reznov was responsible.

If that isn't a stupid way to die, I don't know what is. Zorua grumbles in defeat. A brief pause ensues on the other end of the line. Have you got any updates on the villains, at least?

Valecor has obtained an Infinity Gauntlet. Possibly multiple. The source of it is unknown.

Daaamn. Better hope he doesn't go around snapping his fingers any time soon. Keep gunning for information—and don't get caught when you're in their lair, alright? Who're our next tributes, anyway?

I am not sure.

You're not SURE?! NOV-4 tilts its head to the side to negate the staticky increase in volume leaking out of its speakers. Directing its gaze downwards, it notices the cannon shots signaling the deaths of more participants, Infinite among them.

To be only fair, Master, you never inform me beforehand. It almost seems like you are merely writing them off the seat of your—

Alright! Alright! I get it. I'll have them ready before next season, I swear. ...Just let me know if you have anything else to say.

The call then cuts off.

NOV-4 shrugs. Perhaps they'll learn sooner or later. But for now, to wait for the finale...

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TheGamechanger Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Myers from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Myers
May 14th 2019 at 8:30:52 PM

Valecor's Lair - During the Feast

Valecor has a shadow clone of himself split off from him and wear the Infinity Gauntlet. The gauntlet erupts with sparks as the clone puts it on, scarring the arm. Once it stops sparking, the clone does the fingersnap with the gauntlet, unleashing its powers. Once the deed has been done the gauntlet disintegrates from the damages of using it, leaving the Infinity Stones behind. The clone merges back with Valecor, his arm showing no damage in spite of what the Infinity Gauntlet did to his clone's arm.

Bill:   What did you do?   

   I destroyed the Shadow Queen and her forces, setting everything she took over back to normal in the process.   

ITT: World of Supers
dave_the_assassin Vigilante!Hawkeye from the Avengers Compound Relationship Status: Desperate
May 14th 2019 at 8:52:50 PM

The Faraway World

The hooded beings continue to watch the events.

"Ah, the Gauntlet disintegrates in one use. Just as I thought; a far inferior copy."

"Indeed. But the Stones are still a threat in his hands."

"Not to mention the fact that Valecor may have access to multiple Gauntlet copies. Who's to say he won't try again?"

"Hold the thought for now. Let's see what our leader has to say."

"For now, let us do nothing. However, I need you all to go across time and space, and collect the artifacts I've listed in the paper I've placed in your private quarters. Those papers also contains the coordinates of when and where you will go. Our traveling devices have already been prepared. I will not tolerate failure, is that understood?"

The other beings nodded in confirmation before departing. The leader, now by himself, remains in thought before whispering something.

Dave's Home Base

Dave looks on in pity at Discord and Celestia's deaths. Those just have to be painful. His loyal advisor steps in.

"Sir, I've received a call from our benefactor. You are needed."

"Very well. I will depart immediately."

Dave summons an Organization XIII black coat and opens a Corridor of Darkness. He snaps his fingers, and in a flash of light, he now wears the black coat. Closing the hood over his face, obscuring it completely, he enters the Corridor. As soon as he did, the Corridor closes up and disappears.

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"You survived. Half the planet didn't. They got Thanos....You get me."
TroperNo9001 Don't get cozy with her from Grogar's Lair Relationship Status: Brony
Don't get cozy with her
May 15th 2019 at 1:55:37 AM

The Science Center

Claire looks over the copy of the list of tributes that 6001 plans to nominate. On top of the list are two teams that have been crossed out. As she goes over the future teams, Claire wonders if 6001 would finally send in the next team herself.

Suddenly, the phone rings. Claire answers it.

"So, how did my tributes of last season do?" asks 6001.

"Not very well," says Claire, "Calhoun was put out of her misery by Yamcha in the Bloodbath while Undyne was fragged with flower power by Geralt of Rivia the next day."

6001 sighs. "Tell me more about what happened last season."

Claire spends the next hour recapping the events. She hears 6001 gasp after telling her how Michigan and all 10 million of its people managed to win.

"I was expecting Undyne to kill them in one fell swoop!"

"And what makes you think that?"

"Well... she hates humanity because they sealed her and her kind underground."

"Oh... that makes sense." There is a slight pause. "But why her in particular? Anyone could've tried killing them if they had the chance!"

Another pause.

"Anyway, what about my tributes this season? Did they do better than the last?"

"Nah, Sarabi had her house blown down on her by Manny Heffley on the first night while Sarafina was forced to ride the Euthanasia Coaster by Reznov on the next."

"That kid sure had the Big Bad Wolf in him." 6001 laughs.

Claire laughs along with her before controlling herself. "By the way, one of the newer nominators sent in Toriel. Isn't she your favorite?"

"Heehee, yep! I even keep a picture of her by my side!"

Claire then relates to 6001 what the mother goat did. She can hear her giggling at almost every moment.

"...and tell you what, she's actually allergic to humans!"

6001's giggling quickly turns into a concerned "wait, what?"

"Yeah, she kept sneezing all over Gyoubu and Commander Paylor. That doesn't sound good for her since she takes care of Frisk."


"And then... she got Rider Kicked by the Shadow Queen."

"Ouch. Oh well, at least she had a decent run!"

Claire smiles. "Well then, anything else you need to know?"

"Yeah, tell me about the others."

Claire recaps the events that happened up until the fifth day. Once 6001 is satisfied with the info, Claire bids her goodbye before continuing her work.

The Hunger Games Database Library, Basement

6001 dodged a bullet there. As she goes over the notes she took while talking with Claire, 6001 thinks about what she said to the scientist about Undyne. While 6001 was right about the humanity-hating part, she couldn't tell her that Undyne once killed every last woman on earth, all for killing her father. 6001 can't let anyone know how she remembers this, lest they use this knowledge against her...

"Hey troper! Wanna be friends?"
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
May 15th 2019 at 3:04:35 AM

Scipion wasn't in the mood. As he resurrected Infinite and sent him back to his homeworld, he could have sensed that the jackal just had an existential crisis, because of what Celestia did to him and the fact that his ego was crushed because of that living sock.

As he tried to sleep, he suddenly got a call. It was Risotto.

   "So..."   , hissed the Zoroark.    "Why are you calling me right now? You know that I hate being disturbed in my sleep. So you better ha-"   

   "I got what seems to be Valecor's essence."    replied the assassin, ignoring the nominator's remarks.    "It seems the mercenaries camp we've invaded earlier had some contact with him. I retrieved some mysterious purple liquid from the corpse of one of them during Cerberus's attack.   

   "So that would explain why they succesfully repelled the dog... Very well, send it to me. I'll verify if it is indeed Valecor's essence. Meanwhile, I want you to win this season. Not just being a podium finisher or having the 4th place curse. Understood?"   

The assassin hanged up the call in response, clearly annoyed by his nominator. Althought Risotto's attitude bothered him, Scipion immediately received the precious liquid. He quietly laughed in his bed, excited at the thought of him tearing apart Valecor, and maybe even Snow, with his future powers...

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   Isn't that just… precious?   
Zanreo Nanashi - literal Paper-Thin Disguise Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Nanashi - literal Paper-Thin Disguise
May 15th 2019 at 3:52:42 AM

Zanreo's Secret Base

As the new update was ready to be shown, Zanreo heard the second alarm regarding the death of one of her tributes. Roku had just been executed after being revealed as the murderer in a class trial... oh well, 5th place was certainly not bad. And with her getting a podium finisher just a few seasons ago and a mass murderer right after that, her luck couldn't last forever...
She looked over her next tributes again, ready to submit them whenever this season was over... which shouldn't be in too long. "Time for some more game personifications!" she said to herself. "Though of a different kind than I usually submit... oh, and gotta remember to send in the fix for that one event." She then leant back, waiting for the next update.

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VengefulBale Tom and Janna from Earth-ni Relationship Status: Noddin' my head like yeah
Tom and Janna
May 15th 2019 at 4:31:46 AM

Grogar's Legion gets a new member

Grogar began drawing a circle in the ground, making strange inscriptions, soon he finished it and from it emerged Celestia, reborn

Grogar: Hello, princess, I see you tried and failed to remain alive in these games, well, since you have nowhere to go, I guess you'll have no choice but to join me.

Celestia: You're insane if you think I'll ever join you! I know who you are, and I know of your atrocities, I'd rather die than join you!

Grogar: I knew you'd say that, but perhaps... Your alternate self will.

Celestia: Wait, what?!

Before Celestia could react, the other members of Grogar's legion got the drop on her holding her down as Sombra attempted to use his mind control on her

Sombra:    We managed to hold her down now do your thing Grogar.   

Celestia: You... Won't... Defeat me like this

Before Celestia could break free, Grogar then pulled out from his collar the Rainbow of Darkness, which he snatched from G1 Tirek before the latter's death and unleashed it on Celestia, who was transformed by it into Daybreaker

Daybreaker: Hahahaha. At last I am free, soon every pony in the world will bow to me.

Grogar smirked as his plan was coming closer and closer to fruition

Meanwhile with Thanos

Thanos watched the multiple Infinity Gauntlets with horror

Thanos: That power is now in the wrong hands... Something must be done about it

Thanos knew, however that acting to stop this at the moment would get him killed, he'll have to wait until he can call his army to help him

Meanwhile somewhere else

???: Discord is still alive and if he finds out what just happened to Celestia he is not going to like it

???: Could this be too dangerous for us, Master?

???: As long as we play it safe it won't be, let them continue to believe they're safe

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Tom Lucitor is a good boy, and that's a fact!
dave_the_assassin Vigilante!Hawkeye from the Avengers Compound Relationship Status: Desperate
May 15th 2019 at 6:00:32 AM

The Faraway World

The leader of the hooded beings continues to watch the season with interest. He suddenly opens his palm, revealing a green glow.

"One down.... A lot more to go."

Dave the Assassin's Home Base

Out of nowhere, a portal of light appears, and Dave steps out of it before it disappears. He enters his quarters soon after; his quarters has always been his safe haven, where nobody would be able to eavesdrop or spy on him without him knowing. His trusted advisor was already waiting for him there.

"Well, I had a feeling you'd be here in my quarters, dear."

"You did, huh? That means that you trust me, I presume?"

"Well, I don't usually allow anyone to go in, but you're the major exception. I know some people may think we're dating or something, but they can think whatever they want, for now. Anyway, I digress. What's the current status?"

"It's almost the finale. You already know who's on your list?"

"Yep. The Benefactor made a request during our meeting earlier for tribute nominations, so I think that's in the clear. Also, what of Loki?"

"The God of Mischief's certainly.... an interesting character."

"I do not know whether or not he has another copy of the Tessaract with him, but his help would be a great boost to us."

"Can we really trust him? We know Loki's infamous for his many betrayals."

"True, but I believe he'd want to avenge his brother, Thor. That, and Thanos is in the League of Doom, which should be enough reason for him to help us. Anything else?"

"This just came in, but.... The Legion of Doom's gotten to Celestia before us. Grogar found a way to turn her into Daybreaker; we suspect it's the Rainbow of Darkness."

".... Dammit. Oh well, at least I already have a backup plan. You recall Cia and Lana? The corrupted overseer of the Triforce and her archnemesis?"

"Yes. What of them?"

"According to sources that I've contacted, Lana was actually Cia's good side, made alive when the sorceress was corrupted by Ganondorf's soul."

"What are you implying, sir?"

Dave smiles. "Let's do just that. And I assume nothing came out of Discord?"

"No, sir."

"Good. The Benefactor has need of Eris; we can secure Discord's help now. Chrysalis and Sombra are in the Legion of Doom, and after those two fiascos involving them, I doubt he's not going to take that chance to beat them. But for now, we'll see the next step ready. Let's go to our tribunal preparations room to oversee our next tributes."

With that said, the two departs from Dave's quarters.

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"You survived. Half the planet didn't. They got Thanos....You get me."
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
May 15th 2019 at 10:09:44 AM

As he looked at Risotto's defeat, Scipion sighed:    "Ugh. I can't believe he actually lost to something like that. Oh well, at least the job is done..."    He then proudly looked at the purple liquid.

   "Yes... This is not some random nightmare fuel. It is indeed Valecor's essence. Time to use the device and train myself. I must be ready for the nominator's season. Until then..."   

He then looked up at what seemed to be the Grim Reaper himself.    "Tell me, Death. Are you sure about the list of idiots who actually joined forces with Valecor?"       "Yes. Most of them are from the fallen legion of Doom. I also noticed that Cell's soul as well is absent from Hell."       "So that bastard dared to betray me? I'll remember that once I will put an end to this bug myself. As for you and Elizabeth, are you sure you won't betray me just like he did?"   

Death cackled.    "Foolish mortal. Neither me or Elizabeth pledged our allegiance to you or your pathetic friends. However I assure you that we won't join forces with Valecor, unless the count decides to join him."   

   "If your master dare to join him, I will ensure that he'll regret it. Besides, he is currently dead since the eleventh season. I'll envisage resurrecting him, unless if you'll turn your back on us..."       "Very well. This season will also be an occasion to take the souls of those who dared escape me, like Valecor's resurrected allies... We will meet again."   

As Death disappeared, Scipion began to place the liquid into the device and entered it. He have to master that nightmarish power in order to be ready to take on Valecor.

   Isn't that just… precious?   

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