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Oct 20th 2021 at 3:59:47 PM


Upon realizing who Miss Fortune is referring to, Marie's hands are engulfed in pure light. She raised her left index finger on the barrel, while her other hand is aiming at Fortune's second gun.

"Tell me, why do you need to find her in the first place?" She said with a stern expression, ready to protect Christie and the inn manager.

Full Disclaimer: She's actually not a goddess, just dressed up as one lol
ZodanTheUnbounceable "YOSHAAA!" from Everywhere, Nowhere, Somewhere Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Oct 20th 2021 at 4:19:49 PM

Swamp - Ilulu's Cave (Ilulu)

"...Suuuuuure you weren't. I only have this form 'cuz there's a town nearby. Humans kinda get defensive when they see a dragon in the area, and I didn't really feel like dealing with a mob right now...gotta take a break in-between mass destruction, after all!"

The way she's talking sounds...weird.

"Stupid humans would probably set the swamp on fire to get me, they can't help but destroy everything they touch..."

Like she's...rehearsed this or something.

"...Wish I had something I could give you but I kinda ate what I've hunted already...and gave the rest to the cats...but Mister Bludnik's real helpful, too!"

Oddly enough, that sounded sincere, like she just thought to say it on her own.

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"As my mother would say, 'I'm not mad. I'm quite drunk.'"
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Oct 20th 2021 at 4:35:49 PM

Razputin – The Swamp

“Wait, there is a town nearby...?” Raz's eyes boggles, and he promptly facepalmed. “Ugh, I must've passed it! I'm so dumb. Look, if you wanna go to the town, I can help you! I'm uh... acquainted with escorting. I can make sure none of those... potentially angry humans don't hurt you.”

Meanwhile, this guy...

“Mr. Bludnik? You remind me of someone. The way you talk, and how weird you are,” Raz bluntly stated. “That someone turned out to be a man who brainwashed a murderer into joining an unknowing, innocent family who didn't deserve it. Just to protect her. I don't know if you're that kind of man, but since you see me as a vegetable...”

He flicked his eyes over to Ilulu.

“...and the dragon lady over there as a pawn, I just think I'm gonna go...”

He promptly turned on his heel, aiming to leave.

“C'mon, lady. This guy just thinks we're tools.”

Dezmo WOAH
Oct 20th 2021 at 5:14:02 PM

Spyro and Sparx-Pluck

"Hah! Got it!" Spyro exclaimed with a satisfied nod, picking up the scent of stray cats heading out of town.

Now that he had the scent, he turned his head back to Jake and shrugged. "Yeah, I don't exactly see someone like Ilulu opening up some kind of cat sanctuary from what I've heard of her either, but if my sources are correct, following the town's stray cats are how we'll find her."

Spyro figured it would probably be a good idea to elaborate on that point, so elaborate he did. "Sparx and I ran into a group of kids when I got into town who looked pretty shaken up, and I was able to get their story. Apparently, the town's stray cats have been disappearing into the nearby woods for a while now, so the kids decided to follow them, find out where they're all going. They followed the cats, and what do they start to find deep in the woods? Charred trees and melted boulders," And here Spyro tilts his head forward a smidge and gives Jake a look that seemed to say See where I'm going with this?

Spyro then continues on. "They follow the cats even deeper into woods, and that's where they found a cave. A big cave, from the sound of it, surrounded by all the cats from town. At that point, the kids say they heard a loud roar, and a blast of fire burst out of the cave's entrance, so it was that point that the kids decided to get out of there. I'd bet all my gems that it was Ilulu in there, licking her wounds after getting her butt kicked by Tohru, he finishs, hands on his hips a smirk on his face.

"So then all we have to do is follow the scent of those cats, and it should lead us right to her." With that, Spyro confidently turns to exit the alley. "If she's still recovering, bringing her in will be a breeze."

Before he could even take a step though, a flower fell directly in Spyro's path, it's petals it's color fluctuating from teal to navy and back again...a lot like Alice's dress, actually. Sparx zipped over to it and picked it up, bringing it back to Spyro and Jake so they could get closer look. Taking the petal in hand, Spyro looked over for a few good seconds. "Huh. I guess Alica decided to send us off with a momento?" he stated confusedly, offering the flower over to Jake. She was his friend, it only felt right that Jake be the one to take flower.

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Oct 20th 2021 at 6:33:02 PM

Jake-Realm of Chaos

Jake grumbled and muttered in annoyance in response to Tetra's sass, crossing his arms while he was still hovering with the rest of the group. "Come ooooooonn, not a parlour trick...." UGH, does she really have to rub salt in the wound? Hopefully she atleast keeps it a secret...and well, guess there's NIGHTS he has to explain why Tetra's calling him Jake.

Jake rubs the back of his scaly neck, and would then glance towards the Nightmaren. "She's...right, actually." He would sigh. "Jake is my real name. The whole 'Glaurung' thing was a cover since I kind of have to keep my human identity a secret. I'm sorry if-"

Oh. A farm. He was taking in his surroundings until a sudden pun aggresively attacked his dragon ears. He letted out both a groan and an amused grin towards NIGHTS pun-ishing joke. Got to liven up the mood, especially in this place!

Doppelganger Jake-Pluck

Huh. So it did turned out that their target is an actual cat lover! Hey, he can't complain considering they're leading them to her, after all! Beat up bad dragon, bring her in, return to the tavern, and it's like nothing happened! Bet Gramps would be proud to hear that he stopped a threat both sides of the war didn't liked whatsoever.

"Alrighty!" He grinned, as he would then crack his knuckles. "With you and I working together, we'll show this Ilulu one heck of a lesson in manners and common sense!" Though his boasting would then cease as soon as Spyro and Sparx noticed a rather unique flower. Did she planned to leave all along or was that flower a side effect of her whole...thing? Either way, atleast it was nice she left this for him.

"Looks like she did. Hope she'll remember us for a while, then." He would take the flower Spyro offered towards him with a nod, looking at it's shifting with curiosity. Eventually, he would then put it in his pockets safely. "Alright. Let's not keep our scaly cat lover waiting."

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Oct 20th 2021 at 8:51:31 PM


Damar groaned and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Can't we go two hours in this forest without running across SOME new problem?" the Cardassian asked rhetorically. "Is Morrslieb doing something weird that I don't know about?" He groaned again, readied his pistol just in case, and headed down to join Bardock, Shoto, and the others who had gone to investigate this latest development.

Realm of Chaos

Ahriman glared at Ni GHTS.

"You just had to make that pun, didn't you?"

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ZodanTheUnbounceable "YOSHAAA!" from Everywhere, Nowhere, Somewhere Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Oct 21st 2021 at 4:05:49 AM

Swamp - Ilulu’s Cave (Ilulu)

“…Huh? Hey, where are you-?”

Ilulu runs ahead a bit to get in front of Raz, the cat waking up and leaping off her shoulder.

“Oh, sorry!”

The dragon stops directly in Raz’s path, intercepting him.

“I…look, I can’t go into town. I don’t know what history your species has with them, but humans kill dragons…well, they try to. It’s just in their nature, we’re enemies! If I went into town with you, it’d…just cause trouble…”

Weird, she’s switched between her “rehearsed” and “natural” tones of voice in that diatribe…

“Mr. Bludnik’s been helping me, though! He hasn’t let any of those human savages in town know where I am, but he could’ve! I don’t…THINK he’s doing anything bad…why do you think he sees me as a pawn?”

"As my mother would say, 'I'm not mad. I'm quite drunk.'"
Enirboreh AKA Nixer from the domain of infinite floof. Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Oct 21st 2021 at 4:32:03 AM

Razputin – The Swamp

“My family's been acquainted with normal people since... forever. One of the reasons I ran away from them was because they couldn't accept me for who I was. It was always ‘Raz the snotty little brother’ or ‘Raz the pushover’ or ‘Raz the ungrateful boy who doesn't love his family because he doesn't want to be in the circus,’” Raz rattled off, before sighing and shaking his head. “...Truth is, dragon lady, I'm a psychic. I've been it my whole life! So I ran away, so I could prove I'm not just a kid. I'm Raz, the Psychonaut.”

He proudly posed with his hands on his hips, flipping his oversized goggles down and smiling smugly as he proudly presented his Psychonaut badge that was pinned to his chest. It would've been impressive if it weren't for how adorably childish he looked.

“So that's how I know. I used Clairvoyance to see how you two saw me! You saw me as an imp, right...?” he grinned, tapping the side of his bulbous head with a finger before turning to point at Mr. Bludnik. “And you saw me as a veggie ready to get stuffed in the ground! And you saw dragon lady as a... weird... army cadet thing! With a shovel! A SHOVEL!”

He cleared his throat, turning back to Ilulu again.

”Anyways. The people you see on the outside aren't actually real. They're like blankets, or masks. Robes, even! Ooh... I could wear a robe. Anyway, the important thing is that a lot of people act angry or hateful because they're scared, or... or stupid. But if you're acting scared...” he paused, sighing dramatically in the way he'd seen adults like Milla do whenever reluctantly admonishing someone, “...or yes, even stupid, then nobody's getting anywhere, are they? Think about all the cool people you're missing out on! Or the maybe-cool person they're missing out on in you!”

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Dezmo WOAH
Oct 21st 2021 at 4:13:58 PM

Spyro and Sparx-Into the Woods

"Right!" Spyro agreed. "We've definitely kept Ilulu waiting long enough. C'mon, guys! We've got a fugitive to bring in!"

With that exclamation, Spyro led Sparx and Jake out of the alley, following the scent of stray cats out of town. As the two entered the woods, Spyro was once more engulfed in flames, reverting to his dragon form. If he was going to fight Ilulu, he'd prefer to do it in his natural form, thank you very much!

Spyro led Jake deeper and deeper into the woods, which soon made way for a dense swamp. This would never deter Spyro though. It honestly kind of reminded him of the Beast Maker's swamp, so it kind of felt a little homey, even if he much prefered the rolling green hills of the Arisan home world.

Partway into the swamp, Spyro caught a new scent-this one distinctly draconic. "Stay on your toes, Jake. We're getting close!"

Spyro followed the smell right up until the edge of the swamp. Emerging from the foliage, it would put the dragons (and dragonfly) right in sight of the cave the kids had mentioned-as well as in sight of three figures, all of them really short. One was a little mud gnome in a sheet, one was a short looking guy with a big head wearing a coat and some flashy goggles, and the third-wow, what even is that physique-was undoubtedly the dragon they were after. She fit the description Telne and Damocles had given him-though they had neglected to mention how short she was and her...*ehem* questionable proportions.

Chances are that Ilulu had probably smelled the three of them coming. Figuring there was no real way that stealth was gonna factor in here Spyro decided to announce their presence the old fashioned way. "So, you're Ilulu? I'm not gonna lie-for an extremist of your reputation, I was expecting someone taller. And less...proportionally challenged. And definitely more dangerous looking." Boy, Spyro sure was one to talk, wasn't he?

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Oct 21st 2021 at 4:38:12 PM

Alabama - The Glades

Following Amy along the path Alabama kept a close eye on the ground to help the group follow the trail left by Raz as he rushed off to where he'd thought the town was. As the group travelled Alabama said, "Hopefully we'll catch up with him soon, I think he'll need help to get to town just judging by how he didn't even think to ask us which way was town before he ran off"

Darkomega245 from The Zone Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Oct 21st 2021 at 4:41:31 PM

Doppelganger Jake- Woods

"Dragon Up!" Following Spyro's lead, Jake also changed to his draconic form. Doppelganger or not, he wants to make sure to be ready as well for the ass kicking of a bad dragon!

Eventually after some walking, flying and whatever kind of thing that went around, they went from some woods to a swamp. Hopefully he doesn't catch any nasty smell or that sort when they get out of here. "You bet I will be at the ready! Nasty swamp or not, it won't stop the Atlantean Dragon!" They finally ended outside a cave, and with people there! Some gnomey dude, a kid with some pretty fancy googles, and- whaaaaaaat the.


"Didn't your dragon teacher helped you out on the 'human disguise' part or something?" Jake commented as he glanced at their 'bad guy', eyebrows raised. "That's like...I mean, even I didn't messed it up that much on my first days." Okay, maybe it was practicing with his dragon form instead of his human form, but the point still stands. Still, he kept a wary eye towards the extremist dragon on this showdown.

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Oct 21st 2021 at 5:36:45 PM

Ch Ao S Re ALM

"Why yes, I had to seize the most fun pun!" NiGHTS stated with a grin that showed confidence in their sense of humor, along with a mild sense of... to put it straight, not completely caring if Ahriman found it funny or not.

She also sneaked in a thumbs up towards Glaurung... or rather, Jake. Huh, so he was a dragon with a human name. It was something she never heard before but was interested in knowing that it existed.

The jester's focus was quick to switch back to the Coincidence and his peculiar farm. "By the way, this guy's got interestingly fluffy beings!" NiGHTS said, eager to find out if touching the wool of the creatures would get them stuck on her body.

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Oct 22nd 2021 at 11:24:28 AM

Team A

The Hidden Midden

Pushing through the underbrush, the first thing to hit the crew was an overpowering stench. They found themself at the foot of a great big pile of refuse and filth, much of it oyster shells, game-animal bones and stinking compost. Stood at the top of this small hill of garbage was a stocky woman with frizzy grey hair and a tattered apron, who was currently doing something troubling to a small baby. First, she held it up by the leg and whipped its bottom with a birch twig, then she'd set it down, pour water from a jug into an eggshell, and then pour that water all over the baby. Then she'd repeat from the start, all the while calling out that same chant loud enough that it could be heard over the baby crying: "Take yours, give mine back. Take yours, give mine back!"

Team B

Kocsma Tavern

"Now, I don't believe that's any of your concern." The Captain turned her second pistol over to Marie (much to the managers' relief) and her smug smirk soured into a scowl. "And if you think your pretty little light show is gonna be a match for Shock and Awe here, you've got another thing coming."

Cave by the Swamp

"Oh, no no NO, you've got it all wrong now. I don't see either o' you and tools, and I certainly don't see you as a vegetable, boy!" Bludnik put a hand on Raz's shoulder, and clutched it ever tighter as enough menace crept into his tone to flood it entirely. "I see you as a most valuable piece of gardening, that'll look just LOVELY planted by the reeds with the rest of them hapless corpses! Ilulu, this boy is a human! I'll bet my bedsheet on it!"

Just then, two more dragons entered the scene and acquainted themselves with Ilulu. Seeing as he was outnumbered, the Bludnik quickly let go of the boy and chortled like a giddy old man. "Welp, it's gettin' a mite bit crowded here, so I'd best be on my way." He put the rotten basket of slightly fresh fish down by the cave entrance. "You boys go have fun now. Ilulu sweetie, if things get physicals, make sure you keep there fire away from them gas spots I showed ya. [—Maybe, ah, show these fellers the sights by Topielec Pond.—" He gave her a sly little wink at that, then said "'scuse me!" as he scurried away.


The Coincidence tipped up his cap and sat up to give NiGHTS a look. "If yer 'ere for the Dilemma Rides, we don't open 'til Eighty past Twinge. You folks got someplace else t'be roight now?"

"Let me give you a piece of advice... don't circumcise the Mad Hatter."
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Oct 22nd 2021 at 11:38:03 AM

Razputin – The Swamp

Raz visibly froze upon being grabbed, and grit his teeth until he was sure the freaky swamp man was well and truly gone—shuddering and shaking his head as he was grateful his goggles his disgusted expression.

“Ew, ew, ew! Ugh... is that guy trying to be a creep...?!”

The two dragons soon got his attention once the icky feeling had faded, and he pursed his lips indecisively before raising a finger and interjecting in the conversation.

“Y'know, if you guys are gonna have a big bloody battle, just know I'm kind of ten years old? I-I'm just saying, I don't think seeing three fire-breathing reptiles rip each other apart is good for my mental health...”

Skooter910 Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
Oct 22nd 2021 at 11:42:20 AM

The Woods

Shoto had anticipated a lot when walking through these woods, but this was more than he could've ever predicted. The sheer bewildering sight caused him to stop in his tracks just to stare blankly at it before managing a choked, "what."

I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
Cutegirl920fire Angelic Goddess from The Story Kingdom Relationship Status: I know
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Oct 22nd 2021 at 11:54:15 AM


Marie sighs. She really doesn't feel like fighting, but it seems she has no choice but to do so. She considered singing as her voice has the ability to calm others but she wasn't sure if it would work on a rather stubborn person like Miss Fortune.

Using the light she created, shining bluish crystals covered her hands. She swipes away Miss Fortune's guns.

"Oh dear, unless you either leave or explain why you're looking for that woman, we'll have to fight. My apologies."

By then, Marie instantly switched from her hood into her battle outfit, big floopy hat and all.

Full Disclaimer: She's actually not a goddess, just dressed up as one lol
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Oct 22nd 2021 at 12:04:13 PM

Koushiro & Tentomon - The Hidden Midden

Koushiro hadn't commented on the resurgence of Caitlin's loved one- first because he was so new to the group, with barely an idea of who Caitlin was, and second because he was busy matching Shaggy's map to his mental image of the area. It was only when most of the group suddenly broke into a sprint that he focused back on the real world, with Tentomon filling him in on what had transpired as they hurried to catch up.

The site that awaited them at the midden froze the young boy to the spot. It was, of course, natural to be mortified by such flagrant abuse towards an infant, but it was when the woman's words hit him that Koushiro truly felt horror seep in. It would take him a little longer, with perhaps a perusal of his codex, to remember the finer points of the folklore, but at the moment he remembered just enough to understand what was happening.

After all, he had a very good reason to remember stories about fake children.

In an unusually bold move, Koushiro stepped past Shoto and jabbed a finger at the woman and her victim. "Tentomon!"

"Already on it!" There was an almost imperceptible whine in the air as Tentomon's exoskeletal wings suddenly beat with twice the speed, and the insect shot forward with the intent not to attack the woman, but to snatch the baby from her grasp. Whether that move would be to protect the child, or to protect the woman, they could figure out after they were separated.

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Oct 22nd 2021 at 2:21:39 PM

The Woods (Master Chief and Cortana)

Chief, much like the others, is confused by the sudden display of apparent insanity and child abuse, and aims his rifle at the woman before Tentomon jumps into action.

"Wait!" he calls out to Tentomon, before refocusing his aim at the weird old woman.

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Oct 22nd 2021 at 4:17:21 PM

Rexy (Woods)

Now that she could see what was going on, even if she didn't quite understand it, the sight of such only made the woman's growl that much more potent, as she looked very unimpressed with what she saw, and was contemplating stepping in in a more physical manner.

Amy (Swamp)

As fast as Amy could be and as nimble as she could be...a swamp was still a swamp, and she didn't much fancy getting her shoes, or the rest of her body, wet with mud and who knows what else. Thus, circumstances made it so that she had to slow down in crossing the swamp, even as she hopped from safe ground to safe ground. Still, with her progress, a cave was slowly coming into view. "Wherever that kid went, that's probably our best bet!"

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Oct 22nd 2021 at 8:01:35 PM

The Hidden Midden (Bardock)

Even the local Saiyan looks disturbed by this, though he seems aware that things might not be as they appear.

{Bug's gonna want some covering fire, at least...}

"Hey, lady!"

Bardock pulls an arm back, hand glowing with a sphere of blue ki.

"Dodge this!"

The Saiyan launches a whitish-blue energy wave off to the lady's side. While it isn't close enough to hit her, it is definitely close enough for her to feel the shockwave as the beam of ki shoots through the empty air. At first, it just looks like a warning shot, but closer inspection by his teammates might reveal Bardock's real strategy. The energy wave has been fired to the opposite side from the one Tentomon is approaching from. If the woman was planning to evade the Psyomon's charge, Bardock's energy wave has cut off the easiest escape route.

Swamp - Ilulu's Cave (Ilulu)

Ilulu sniffs the air again, her eyes locking onto Jake and Spyro before the purple dragon can even announce their presence.

"...Harmony scum. You're one to talk about being intimidating. They really sent two children after me! You're infants! Even with that fancy title of yours, do you actually think I'm scared of-"

Bludnik's statement refocuses Ilulu's gaze on Raz. If Clairvoyance is still working, the young psychic will see Ilulu's perception of him shift radically. The imp-like vision of Raz is gone, replaced for the most fleeting of instants by an innocent-looking, smiling version of the Psychonaut. Just as soon as it appeared, the image flickers, Raz's perception drawing a knife and gaining a sinister look in his eyes. The image shifts between these uneasily, finally settling on the image of Raz as an assailant rather than an innocent. Ilulu's facial expression undergoes a radical change as well, going from a smug smirk to a look of absolute betrayal in mere second.

" lied to me! And you two!"

She looks back to Jake and Spyro, claw outstretched in an accusing gesture.

"This was all your ploy, wasn't it?! Send your little human pet to keep me busy while you catch up! Does the Harmony Faction have no shame?!"

Ilulu's betrayed expression contorts into a discomforting grin, the look of somebody who has known only one solution to any problem all their life.

Unspeakable violence.

"You want to see 'dangerous-looking,' you...human lapdogs?! I can show you 'dangerous!'"

A storm of pink flames forms around the petit dragon girl, quickly engulfing her entire body in a raging inferno. The storm of fire grows in size, looking like she'd simply set the area around her on fire.

...Until a pair of large yellow eyes, each bigger than your average human male, appear on the fire's surface and glare at the two dragons.

This dragon terrorist is...probably bigger than you two expected.

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Oct 22nd 2021 at 10:49:22 PM

Spyro and Sparx-the Cave

"Boy, you're one to talk about scum, Ilulu. Threatening to wipe out an entire town just because you didn't agree with someone else's lifestyle? Pretty sad stuff." And here Spyro simple shook his head.

As Ilulu then engulfed herself in pink flames and grew to giant size, Spyro stood his ground, Sparx hovering at his side. Even as she reached her full height and glared down at them, Spyro maintained unflinching eye contact. In fact, Spyro was now grinning. " I'll admit, you do look a little more dangerous now," Spyro taunted. "But that's not gonna be nearly enough to beat us. All you've done is make yourself a bigger target, lady" Spyro said, expanding his wings out so he'd be ready to take to the skies at a moment's notice. Ilulu wanted to engulf herself in flame? No problem. Spyro had the perfect counter for that. "You might as well do the honorable thing here and accept defeat now, Pinky. Because whether we have to kick your tail or not, we're bringing you back to stand before Telne and Damocles." Anyone listening would notice the first name was said with far more respect than the last name.

There was one last piece of Ilulu's accusations he wanted to address during their pre battle taunts, though. "And hey, leave the kid out of it. We found you by following your cat friends, lady."

Speaking of the kid, Spyro then turned his head to Sparx, and motioned over to Razputin. The Dragonfly in question took a moment to look at Spyro, quirking an eye at him in question, but when Spyro nodded, Sparx bobbed his whole body in the affirmative, and zipped over to Razputin's side. "Hey kid, if you were ever gonna get out of here, now'd probably be a good time. Sparx there'll show the way to the nearest town, if you let him." Sparx responded with an affirmative buzz that might have been mostly indecipherable to the regular ear. But to someone with mental power's like Raz, the intention behind those buzzes might become a whole lot clearer with some slight mental probing. That buzz meant, "Follow me, kid! She won't be able to lay a claw on you as long as I'm with you!"

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Oct 22nd 2021 at 11:15:53 PM

Doppelganger Jake- Swamp

"I mean, I'm like, fourteen here dude. Still, might be best to leave now so you don't get hurt! Who kno-" He quieted down on his response towards Raz as the weird dragon lady...well, was not so weird anymore and was a big ball of angry, flaming stuff that wasn't very pleased to sell them at all. Not at all.

Uh oh. This is a bad threat, but he's not gonna budge to some intimidation like this. The town, Spyro, and the rest depends on him. If he stood his ground against the Dark Dragon and the Huntsman, then this is gonna be a piece of cake!

Jake kept his composure, as he stared down at the big angry dragon girl that towered over all of them. "It is a fancy title, sis!" Jake crossed his arms. "If a neutral party like the Atlantean Dragon has to get involved in a situation like this, you bet your tail that means you done a big mistake here! A big mistake!"

Jake was glad that Sparx and Spyro were making sure that this kid was was out of this fight that was definetely going to happen! Atleast this fight won't happen in a populated area. He's got a feeling people are definetely going to get hurt, knowing from what he heard about her.

"There's no need to make this painful, sis." He tried to be as professional and zen as Gramps would tell him to be, but he just has this feeling this party is gonna get crazy, as he clenched his fists as if preparing to go into punching times. "Just give up quietly, and I'm sure they'll let this issue go calmy. Especially if they were personally told by the Atlantean Dragon you behaved nice!"

If she shoots first when he tried to be a good and nice neutral dragon? Well, it's her fault. His wings were also at the ready, ready to take off for any conflict that will happen.

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Oct 23rd 2021 at 12:46:36 AM

Razputin –The Swamp

“Uhhhhhhhh—” Razputin gulped upon witnessing things take a turn for the worst, paling considerably as Ilulu's perception of him rapidly changed and soon feeling hemmed in by the fighting spirit from all three dragons around him. With them looming in a manner that made him feel small, he couldn't help but feel a panic attack manifesting—before he shook his head, charged up a PSI-Blast and performed a triple-shot into the sky as a momentary distraction and warning.

It was a shot laced with panic, an attempt at showing courage, slight confusion, and also a frightful young rage that actually formed the majority of the shot.

“Y-Yeah, I'm not leaving...” Raz told Sparx, making sure his goggles were fit securely to his head as he carefully reached for his PSI-Portal. “You might think this is dragon business, but I think you've pretty much turned it into Psychonauts business...”

Taking a deep breath, he tried to extend a hand of courtesy for the last time, remembering his lessons with Hollis and Sasha about the consequences of invading and changing minds without permission.

“Excuse me, Ms. Angry Dragon? I'm an aspiring young circus therapist? Could I please enter your mind and see what's going on in there? It won't take a second, really.”

Of course, he wasn't stupid. He knew it probably wouldn't work, and as such was ready to dive away and retaliate with a PSI-Blast if she lashed out at him.

This dragon lady feels familiar. Just when I'm done with Maligula, another manifestation of primal survival instincts shows up...

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Alabama - The Glades>Swamp

Once the group reached the swamp Alabama's eyes lit up at seeing the water and her stride lengthened and she was soon standing on the water, the surface barely reaching above the soles of her footwear. Skimming along atop the water's surface Alabama happily hummed a song to herself, walking was fun and all but feeling water rushing beneath her feet was something she'd missed since the last river she'd crossed and that had been for only a few seconds.

As the group caught sight of a cave Alabama saw a massive wave of flame erupt just outside of it. She could see three figures backlit by the pink flames (which was quite weird as fire in her experience was supposed to be yellow or orange), one of which looked a bit like the kid that her group had been following the trail of. Turning to the group Alabama says, "I think I see the kid up ahead with two others, but there's a massive ball of pink flames quite close to him"

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The Hidden Midden (Karre)

Karre's eyes widen a bit when he sees the scene before him, the old woman performing... some kind of strange ritual with that baby. He's not sure how to feel, frankly, seeing her hit the baby with a branch like that. It's not good... wrong, even.

However, he thinks back to his teachings, and he realizes quickly enough that not all is as it seems.

"Wait a minute!"

With that, he raises a hand, focusing. The target is not the woman or the baby... but the woman's birch twig, which she might even be holding at this second. Aiming to get it away from her, at least long enough for them to get to the bottom of this, the twig may begin to be tugged on by the Force— or rather, yanked away quickly towards Karre's hand (assuming it works).

Disrupting her pattern of performing these acts may not be as major as Tentomon or Bardock's actions, but it could still put a wrench in things for the old woman long enough to sort things out. Deprives her of a potential weapon at least.

And as you take that first step, upon a path that's all your own... You see it all so clearly, the best way to survive is all alone.

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