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In order to properly evaluate a Hate Sink candidate, the following questions must be answered.

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What is the work?

State the work and which medium it is a part of, as well as what the work is about.

Who is the character, and what do they do?

State who the character is, and what courses of action they take.

What makes them personally despicable?

State the specific reasons they are despicable, such as petty behaviour and personal villainy.

Evil Is Cool traits? Complexity? Freudian Excuse?

State whether or not the character has any traits which get in the way of them being despicable, and if so, whether said traits are de-emphasised in favour of their despicable behaviour.


State whether or not you believe the criteria are met.

In order for this trope to be in effect, the character in question must actually display detestable qualities, and be hated by other characters at least, or treated by the narrative like someone you are supposed to hate. The authorís declared intent cements an example, but is not needed if the narrative itself treats the character as someone who is supposed to be hated.

Haman the Agagite, for instance, displays qualities of ego, bigotry, and pettiness; additionally, there is a custom of jeering at his nameís mere mention. It goes without saying, according to this thread, that Haman was intended to be despised by the audience. Being a Draco in Leather Pants, like Draco Malfoy, or a character people Love to Hate, like Joffrey Baratheon, doesnít preclude being a Hate Sink; being a Complete Monster, like Haman, certainly doesn't preclude this trope either.

The main concern is whether the narrative treats the character as someone intended to be despised.

With regards to this trope, actions still generally speak louder than words. The format of editing which brings up characters who don't fit the bill, doesn't generally go into enough detail with regards to what makes these characters loathsome.

The entries for this trope should focus on who does qualify, not the characters who do not.

Admittedly, this trope is less complex, but, because a Hate Sink carries out loathsome actions the same way a Complete Monster carries out evil actions, and a Magnificent Bastard carries out clever actions, it is ostensibly necessary to write these entries with a similar structure, albeit usually with a shorter paragraph.

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SkyCat32 The Draftsman of Doom from The Zenith Theater Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
GeorgieEnkoom Emperor Enkoom Evulz II from Somewhere.
Emperor Enkoom Evulz II
Oct 8th 2019 at 8:14:11 AM

Sure to Shepherd and Kyubey. And a resounding yes to Ruth. Easy, easy keep.

Here's my Code Lyoko/Naruto fanfic.
Stellarvore Miss me? Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Miss me?
Oct 8th 2019 at 11:40:38 AM

Oh dear god, yes to Ruth. One of the absolute worst excuses for a human being I've ever seen in cinema. Though her eldest son made me even angrier.

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My writings
Oct 8th 2019 at 1:00:18 PM

[tup] Ruth.

Anyways, here is my new-and-improved Kyubey draft:

  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The seemingly harmless Kyubey, actually an alien Hive Mind that calls itself the Incubators, is the Overarching Villain of the series behind every individual Big Bad. An entity of unknown origin, Kyubey seeks to save the universe from impending heat death, but is willing to make whatever sacrifice it feels is necessary. To this end, Kyubey comes to Earth in search of energy, and finds it in the form of humanity. Kyubey thus establishes the Magical Girl system, in which it manipulates females into making contracts with it, granting them magical powers to fight creatures called witches, and any one wish they desire. What Kyubey doesn't say is that their wish is designed to backfire and ruin their lives in some way, and that their soul will darken until they themselves are turned into witches. Since humanity's beginnings, Kyubey has used this system to turn innocent girls into Child Soldiers who undergo psychological torture and eventually become mass-murdering monsters, in order to use humanity's despair as an energy source for the universe. In the main series, Kyubey makes a contract with Homura Akemi, a shy girl desperate to save Madoka Kaname, and grants her Time Travel powers, intending to use her tampering to transform Madoka into the most powerful witch of them all, and trying to bring their friends to despair to aid the process. In the timelines where it succeeds, it leaves humanity at her mercy while declaring that it no longer needs them. Within the last timeline, it manipulates Sayaka Miki into becoming a witch, forcing Kyoko Sakura to Mercy Kill her. Whenever Kyubey is confronted about their atrocities, they always resort to Victim Blaming to dodge responsibility. Even after being thwarted by Madoka, they refuse to give up. In Rebellion, Kyubey rejects Goddess Madoka's new, humane system, intending to restore the witch one because it is more efficient. Kyubey rebels against Madoka through an experiment to turn the lonely Homura into an unborn witch, using her to lure Madoka into a trap, and succeeding in transforming her into a demon that proceeds to overthrow Madoka. Finally, when this begins to backfire and the demon turns on them, they attempt to escape again. Despite having a noble goal, Kyubey mainly cares for self-benefit. Utterly sociopathic and stoic to the point of deriding individuality and emotion as diseases to be purged, Kyubey is completely uncaring of how many people, species, and planets are destroyed in the pursuit of their mission, and stands out as the series' only truly unsympathetic villain.

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CaptainPinkiePie from Equestria with love Relationship Status: Brony
Oct 8th 2019 at 1:41:06 PM

A late [tup] to Kyubey. Hated him then, definitely hate him now!

Anyway, has Eddie Brock from Spider-Man 3 been discussed? Thought I might ask because I've seen Spider-Man 3 and man, this version of him is a dick! Especially when the other bad guys have way more sympathetic moments than he does.

Captain Pinkie Pie! Nah, just Pinkie Pie.
Oct 8th 2019 at 2:35:08 PM

He has an entry for Hate Sink in his entry on the character page.


"I'll show you the Dark Side." CM actors and kills
Riley1sCool How... dramatic. from On the planet. In space. Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
How... dramatic.
Oct 8th 2019 at 4:56:04 PM

[tup] Kyubey, although I gotta say, I don't really hate him too much.

Writeups for the Warhammer characters.

  • Warhammer:
    • Mannfred von Carstein is the cowardly and treacherous son of Vlad von Carstein. Similar to his brother Konrad, Mannfred is a brutal and ruthless Vampire Count, ruler of Sylvania. Betraying everyone he allies with and works under, Mannfred thinks nothing of murdering his own family and eventually sells the entire world out to Chaos to save his own skin, only to finally meet his end at the hands of Tyrion after murdering his crippled brother Teclis, but not before his cowardice directly ends the world.
    • Sigvald the Magnificent is the narcissistic Geld-Prince of Slaanesh. Murdering his own father after being exiled for cannibalism, Sigvald eventually made a deal with the God Slaanesh to gain great power and sword skill. Sigvald goes on a brutal rampage against anyone he does not consider attractive enough for his tastes, nailing porcelain masks to the faces of two of his wives, and abandoning the third to die. Sigvald also goes after the High Elves out of jealousy, and refuses to allow his own soldiers to retreat, growing a massive bodycount of his own men. In the end, after being forced to retreat, he bullies the troll Throgg, and dies in humiliating fashion.

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Dwight, are you my Stalin?
Beast Credit to Trent Duncan from Ontario, Canada Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
Credit to Trent Duncan
Oct 8th 2019 at 6:38:34 PM

So here's a duo of bullies for the halloween season, even though the story takes place in late winter

So Let the Right One In, its film adaptation, and Americanized adaptation Let Me In is a dark horror romance about a young meek bullied boy named Oskar/Owen who befriends and falls for a new girl named Eli/Abby (or castrated boy in the original novel, but in both cases are Adapted Out) who moved into his apartment complex, who turns out to be a centuries old vampire, who ends up helping him with his bullying problems - while a series of murders occur in their neighbourhood to satiate the vampires hunger.

Now to keep things simple, I'm going for the American version Let Me In because from what I gather the differences are minimal between the two film versions; mainly Abby's backstory being different than Eli's, some character names being different, two subplots being composited, and the nature of the vampires caretaker and their relationship; but Let Me In is the version I am most familiar with. I am planning to see the Swedish film though.

So onto the characters.

Who are they what do they do ?

Kenny is one of those kids who like to be an asshole and is a pretty Barbaric Bully who relentlessly and sadistically attack Owen every chance he gets, with attacks including giving Owen such a painful wedgie that he wets himself or beating him with an antenna rod. He is also seen trying to pull of the bathing suit of a girl during a pool class. This goes on for some time before Owen is encouraged by Abby to stand up for himself - during an ice hockey field trip, Kenny and his friends corner Owen and threaten to Ass Shove him with a hockey stick and throw him through the ice, before Owen finally stands up for himself and splits Kenny's ear open with a stick of his own.

It's here were we are introduced to Jimmy, Kenny's older brother and the source of his problems as we see Jimmy picking on Kenny too. Despite this, Jimmy is willing to help Kenny get payback on Owen, and turns out to be just as sadistic as Kenny, if not more so. During a after school fitness program, Jimmy, Kenny and their friends set dumpsters outside the building on fire to lure and lock their teacher outside. Jimmy scares off the other kids and drags Owen back to the pool while threatening him with a knife. Jimmy makes a "bet" with Owen; if Owen can hold his breath under water for three minutes, he will give him a cut on the cheek; if not, Jimmy will cut out one of Owen's eyes. Jimmy holds Owen underwater for a minute as Kenny begins to say she had enough...but what none of the bullies counted on was Owen having a violently protective vampire girlfriend who bursts in through the room and slaughters the terrified bullies, starting by decapitating Jimmy and finishes with Kenny.

Authors intent, complexity ?

Okay, so despite the dark morality in the books and film, Kenny (or Conny who he is based off of) is the main Asshole Victim along with his brother. Kenny in the American film at least has something of an excuse of being picked on by Jimmy, and hesitating actually killing Owen, but that's about it; Conny and Jimmy have slight more complexity than the films in that they reason they try to drown Oskar is because of a series of escalating retaliations (that are Adpated Out of both film versions) which culminates in Oskar burning a picture of Conny and Jimmy's father, which is all they have of him. But once again that aspect is dropped in favour of having this group of bullies try to drown a kid because he split one of their ears (same goes with the Swedish film).

As for Jimmy's complexity...yeah, not too much here. He's just a bigger sadist than Kenny. He isn't given any more depth than Kenny (in fact he has less), nor discernible redeeming qualities. It has been stated by the actors that Jimmy has a soft spot for Kenny despite bullying him, but that really doesn't come of that in the movie. Jimmy at least is a more one dimensional sadist here.

Edited by Beast on Oct 8th 2019 at 8:39:00 AM

Billy: Oh my God! Michael! I'm a huge fan! You're such a big influence on my- Michael: I'm sorry, your name is Loomis ?
DemonDuckofDoom Keep away from Pumpkinhead from Some Pond in Hell Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Keep away from Pumpkinhead
Oct 8th 2019 at 6:57:34 PM

[tup] Conny and Jimmy. I'm using the Swedish name (Jimmy didn't get an Adaptational Name Change) because I've seen that version, and based on the EP there is no real difference.

Ongoing Projects
Shadao Surprised Satoshi
Surprised Satoshi
Oct 8th 2019 at 8:09:06 PM

This batch is up:

  • Akame ga Kill!:
    • Prime Minister Honest is a horrible, unforgivable scumbag who runs the Empire from behind the scenes, introducing himself by encouraging the child emperor's torturous execution of a man while mocking him with his intentions towards his wife. He gleefully promotes mass murder, rape and torture be carried out throughout the Empire, and even allows his son a band of evil criminals to carry out heinous atrocities disguised as "justice". When facing Leone, Honest even reveals himself to be a cannibal with a predilection for beautiful young girls. Once things stop going his way, Honest is quick to abandon the emperor and attempt to flee, only to meet a well-deserved Undignified Death when the rebels capture himself and proceed to slowly cut him to pieces, Honest sobbing and frantically screaming for his life to the very end. The very embodiment of the corruption within the empire, Honest greatly contrasts his partner General Esdeath, completely lacking her sympathetic qualities and moments of kindness.
    • Syura, Honest's son, proves to be just as vile as his father. He leads his secret police force, the Wild Hunt, in brutal attacks upon the populace, ostensibly to lure out Night Raid, but really just for fun. He even treats the Jaegers, an allied faction, like garbage, raping and killing the late Jaeger Bols' wife and child and following up by trying to rape Kurome, stopped only by Wave beating him unconscious. Upon capturing a Night Raid member, Lubbock, Syura subjects him to horrific torture to extract information, including crushing one of his testicles with a pair of pliers.
    • Champ, a member of the aforementioned Wild Hunt, is a child rapist and murderer who kills children after having his way with them to prevent them from becoming "filthy adults", having inflicted this fate upon a class taught by Run, which led to him joining the Jaegers to exact revenge. He even rapes and kills Bols' daughter on top of her father's grave while Syura does the same to his wife. He also proves to be a coward and idiot, easily lured into a trap set by Run with the promise of children captured for him, and is quickly reduced to begging pathetically for his life when he's at Run's mercy. When he momentarily gains the upper hand, Champ mocks Run with the knowledge that his students screamed for him to save them as they were killed, seconds before meeting a well-deserved death when his flame orb is redirected back at him.
The Loud House
  • Cruel Summer: This fic's portrayal of Chandler is of a vicious bully and wannabe ladies man who thinks himself above other men and from such has an Irrational Hatred of Lincoln for being "weak" and nerdy. Wanting to take away Lincoln's girlfriend Nikki on that principle alone, he tries spreading rumors about Lincoln being a pervert to woo her over. Failing that, Chandler lets his hate for the happy couple get the better of him and plans to lure them into the woods and kill them; during the attempt, he tortures Lincoln with a swarm of bees and tries to force himself on Nikki while trying to kill her.
  • Obsession: In this Teacher/Student Romance story, Maya's ex-husband Norman Derringer is a cruel abuser and sexual deviant who enjoyed humiliating and controlling Maya, even causing her to lose their baby because he thought it wasn't his. His inner thoughts show him to be a raving racist, narcissist, misogynist, and homophobe, who makes it a point to silently dehumanize everyone around him, even killing his previous partner on the police force - a Hispanic who shown more authority than him. On top of that, Norman is a Serial Killer and Serial Rapist dubbed "The LA Ripper" who targets and brutalizes prostitutes who remotely remind him of Maya. Later he decides to track Maya down; stalks her sister Elena before torturing her for Maya's location, and attempts to execute a teenage Lincoln when he finds out about Maya's secret relationship with him.
  • Regrets: Nick Lambert is the primary source of Leni's problems in this story. A popular student and trusted friend of Lori's, Nick sexually assaulted Leni at a party on camera, forcing her to give a "consenting statement" on camera by threatening to harm Lori, to edit a "sex tape" and hold it over Leni's head. Leni never revealed the truth to anyone, with seemingly no one to turn to and the incident left Leni with a Pregnancy Scare, which led to her initial attempt at suicide. When Carol saves Leni and tries to repair her wounds in their relationship, Nick continuously stalks and harasses Leni, simply because he hates seeing her happy and loves seeing her miserable. Nick's thought process elaborates this further; he thinks of himself as some sort of twisted author and wanted to write a tragedy out of Leni's life, and wanted her suicide to be a tragic end. Simply put, Nick is a human representation of how some wounds of depression refuse to heal, constantly haunting Leni as she tries to get her life back together.
  • What is a Person Worth?: In a story where a constant theme is that people aren't perfect and make mistakes, but that doesn't make them bad people, Chandler, the essential antagonist of the fic, is the only main character to be an exception. Portrayed as a smug and cruel bully, Chandler initially just picked on Lincoln over his situation, but later crosses a line when he physically attacks Lincoln's six-year-old sister Lana by throwing her into a pond. After this and Chandler's subsequent beatdown goes viral, rather than learn his lesson, Chandler's ego is so wounded he plans to ruin Lincoln's reputation and relationships by framing him for cheating on Ronnie Anne. Failing that, he simply hires out a group of jocks to beat up Lincoln out of spite; he also hires them to attack his former partner Connor to tie up loose ends.
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Whereas the Titan leaders Jamitov and Paptimus are a pair of genuine Well Intentioned Extremists, and Haman Used to Be a Sweet Kid, these three subordinates are far more detestable:
    • Bask Om, the second-in-command of the Titans, is introduced beating war-hero Bright Noah for opposing a dangerous order. Favoring brutality in his army, Bask takes Kamille Bidan's mother as a hostage to retrieve the Gundam MK-II before lying to his soldier to get him to shoot at her capsule, killing her in front of her son. Using the Titans to commit multiple atrocities against them, the Titans use nerve gas against whole space colonies—killing all of their inhabitants—and experiment on teenagers to create Cyber Newtypes, unstable soldiers in semi-perpetual agony. Murderous, hateful and violent, Bask's brutality makes him stand out as the worst of the leadership of the Titans, leading to their being outlawed and eventual downfall.
    • Yazan Gable is a sadistic warmonger who joined the Titans to be able to kill people legally. Uncaring about the rules of war, he participates in an attempted Colony Drop on a populated city and later, Yazan arranges the death of an officer trying to prevent unnecessary bloodshed. Joining Paptimus Scirocco after he takes over the Titans, Yazan kills many heroes from the Anti Earth Union Group—whom he considers "made of woman and children"—and even kills his own ally while showing no concern at the deaths of his most friendly subordinates. Defeated by Kamille, Yazan survives the battle and several days later, he persuades a group of poor teenagers to infiltrate the Argama to steal the Zeta Gundam, taking the opportunity to kill another AEUG soldier before failing. Pathetically trying several attempts to steal the Zeta Gundam, Yazan joins Neo Zeon's soldiers, betraying the very purpose of the Titans. A beast in the skin of a man, Yazan earns the hatred of both Kamille and Judeau.
    • Kamille's father Franklin Bidan is a negligent and abusive workaholic who cheats on his wife. Taken as a hostage by the Titans and saved by the AEUG, Franklin betrays them and tries to escape back to the Titans even after they killed his own wife, wanting to continue his work creating Mobile Suits and being willing to shoot at his own son. A man without concern for anything or anyone but his work, his only passion in life, Franklin is the main reason behind Kamille's notorious anger issues.
  • Madame Macabre's "Only Monika": Monika, lacking her canon counterpart's redeeming qualities, becomes envious that the player spends time with her "friends", Sayori, Yuri, and Natsuki. After failing to make them look unappealing by enhancing their negative traits, Monika mind rapes Sayori and Yuri, amplifying their mental disorders, climaxing in their suicides. A far more sadistic Big Bad than her original self, Monika makes it apparent throughout the song that she takes great pleasure in destroying her friends' minds.

Here's the Sink: Hate Sink Drafts | Hate Sink Dates | Hate Sink To Do Lists | Pending Write-Ups
Stellarvore Miss me? Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
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Oct 8th 2019 at 9:18:17 PM

And yes to Conny and Jimmy. Though their book counterparts have a redeeming quality, which is that they love their dad, and Conny is livid when Oscar burns his desk with all the photos of his dad in it.

EDIT: Oops. Didn't see that in the EP.

Edited by Stellarvore on Oct 9th 2019 at 2:41:19 PM

My writings
AustinDR Smile and the whole world smiles. from Fresh and ready for life.
Smile and the whole world smiles.
Oct 8th 2019 at 10:01:52 PM

Okay, some odd example I want to discuss.

What is the work?

Poppy is a songwriter/singer known for....uh...her music, but especially her bizarre videos. The videos mostly consist of her every day life like...talking to a potted plant, or talking about random things like deleting your Facebook account, or talking to a mannequin named Charlotte. Speaking of which.

Who is the candidate?

Charlotte (I've seen the Poppy Wiki claim her full name was Charlotte Quinn. Ha) was a mannequin who started off as a reporter who would interview Poppy. She would later devolve to becoming envious of Poppy to the point where she once tried to kickstart her own singing career (I'm not making that up). So that's one thing, but then it comes out that she was addicted to some drugs to the point that she neglected her son named Child Quin whom in one episode, she slaps him when he kept referring to her as "Mommy?" in the appropriately named "Mommy No." There was another time where she berates him for going through her bag, telling him that she needed her "medicine." Her addiction gets to the point where she tries to manipulate the talking plant into turning against Poppy, and to give her money so she could further indulge in her drug habit. Don't question why a plant would even need money.

One of her recent actions involved one episode where Poppy told her that she would always be there for her. Charlotte asks her clarity on it, only to become enraged when she realizes that Poppy was referring to her situation with her son. She then suddenly chokes Poppy, demanding that she tell her who Computer Boy was (the name of one of her songs). Later on in a video called "But You Choked Me," Charlotte tries to deflect from her actions in the previous video by faking feeling remorse for it, only to then accuse Poppy of being selfish and insisting that she never choked her.

What makes her personally despicable?

A drug-addicted child abuser/neglecter. She appeared to be on good terms with Poppy in the beginning, but later, she became jealous of her popularity; talked behind her back frequently; tries to manipulate her other friends into dropping Poppy; and outright chokes her despite Poppy innocently asking about her son out of concern.

Evil Is Cool? Complexity? Mitigating factors?

Fans give many different theories on what Charlotte represents such as how the negative side of the media where she doesn't truly care about Poppy herself, more so she is willing to ask all the right questions to get a good story. Her turning on Poppy would then be her attempt at trying to differentiate herself as being better than her. Alternate Character Interpretation aside, there is nothing cool about her. As I have said, she is a child abuser who constantly tries to pay for her drugs and is offended to being rightfully called a bad mother.

Authorial intent

Given how every video paints Charlotte and her actions in a negative light, I would be tempted to say yes, but the videos amount to severe cases of Mind Screw.

Why you little-!
DemonDuckofDoom Keep away from Pumpkinhead from Some Pond in Hell Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Keep away from Pumpkinhead
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Oct 9th 2019 at 11:36:54 AM

Yes to Charlotte. The fuck did I just read?

I've been sitting on this one for a while now.

Now, if you could just go ahead and describe the work, that would be TERRIFIC. M'kay?

Office Space is a 1999 comedy from Mike Judge, about a disgruntled office worker named Peter Gibbons, unhappy with his job and his love life, until one day, he is brought in to a hypnotherapist who drops dead midsession before he can snap him out of his trance. Now he's gone back to work and is prepared to rip his company off big time.

Who is Bill Lumbergh? What has he done?

William "Bill" Lumbergh is the vice president of Initech and the most insufferable of the eight different bosses. He regularly wears one of the most infuriating wardrobes ever, notably including a pair of suspenders and glasses that take up most of the sides of his face. Besides being an obnoxious jackass who draws his words out for as long as he can, he makes a routine out of abusing one of his employees, an awkward manchild named Milton Waddams, constantly forcing him to change desks and stealing his red Swingline stapler. Later on in the movie, he brings in a couple of consultants to weed out certain employees, among them two of Peter's friends, Samir Nagheenanajar (Naga ... naga ... notgonnaworkhereanymoreanyway!) and Michael Bolton, as well as the constantly on-edge Tom Smykowski. When Lumbergh meets with the Bobs, it's revealed that he fired Milton a few years back, but never told him, and Milton still gets paychecks due to a glitch in the system. Now how does he handle that? By telling him to his face, of course!

In all seriousness, the Bobs fix the glitch, hoping that Milton will get the message, and Lumbergh still doesn't tell him that he's been fired, and continues to passive-aggressively torment him. For instance, he's told to keep passing down the slices of Lumbergh's birthday cake so everyone gets a piece ... only he doesn't. Then he has Milton moved down to the basement to take care of the building's roach problem, and there's no electricity. Eventually, Milton realizes that he's not receiving paychecks, and finally makes good on his repeated threats to burn down Initech, supposedly with Lumbergh inside.

What makes him personally despicable?

He's a bully, making a hobby out of picking on one employee in particular. And he's also utterly incompetent when it comes to motivating his employees. Oh yeah, and when Peter parks in the space reserved for him, he parks in the handicapped space.

Evil Is Cool traits? Freudian Excuse? Complexity?

1. Ha. Ha. Ha. Absolutely not. He's meant to be as banal and frustrating as possible.

2. From the character sheet:

"Whenever you might start to think that Lumbergh is just a guy trying to do his job in a company that happens to be bogged down with stupid and inane policies, he starts kicking Milton around for no apparent reason other than because he can.

3. See 2.

Authorial intent?

Obviously, it's a comedy, and he's meant to be seen as Laughably Evil on some level, but otherwise, he's intended to be every bit the soulless monster that everyone makes him out to be. He's often compared In-Universe to the devil ("Their children would have hooves!"), and given his absurdly dull Faux Affably Evil demeanor and how he drove three of his employees to embezzlement and one to arson, that's probably not far off.



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My writings
Beast Credit to Trent Duncan from Ontario, Canada Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
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Oct 9th 2019 at 12:18:35 PM

[tup] Charlotte.

Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah I'm gonna give a [tup] to Bill Lumbergh, and if I can get anymore votes or thoughts on Kenny/Conny and Jimmy ? That'd be great.

Edited by Beast on Oct 9th 2019 at 2:20:00 PM

Billy: Oh my God! Michael! I'm a huge fan! You're such a big influence on my- Michael: I'm sorry, your name is Loomis ?
AustinDR Smile and the whole world smiles. from Fresh and ready for life.
Smile and the whole world smiles.
Oct 9th 2019 at 1:54:42 PM

  • Books of Kings: Jezebel was the manipulative wife of King Ahab who ordered the deaths of Yahweh's prophets, becoming fierce enemies with Elijah when he in turn killed her prophets of Baal. Her worst deed, however, was orchestrating a Kangaroo Court by accusing Naboth of a crime, sentencing him to be stoned to death solely so her husband could acquire his vineyard.
  • Ashigei Shoujo Komurasan: Lulue Hanabira is a rich dancer who becomes the self-proclaimed rival of Komurai Komura. Upon accidentally kicking her foot into Tsukinaga's mouth, Lulue vows to "remove every taste of Komura" from it. As an attempt to learn if Komura had any weaknesses, she holds Tsukinaga hostage threatening to pelt him with tennis balls if he did not disclose them.
  • The Shining: Jack Torrance, unlike his literary counterpart, is reimagined as a self-centered, abusive father and husband. He views his wife as only being good enough to have his child, and he was also dismissive towards his son Danny. When the hotel starts to corrupt him, Jack destroys the radio to strand his family in the hotel before trying to kill them.
  • Poppy: Charlotte was formerly a news reporter who interviewed Poppy before concluding that she could be better than her. Becoming addicted to drugs, she tried to bribe the plant into giving her money to further fuel her habits to the point she neglected and abused her son Child Quin. When asked about her son, Charlotte grows furious and chokes Poppy. Instead of apologizing, Charlotte instead denies the incident, accusing Poppy of being selfish.

Why you little-!
MatthewLMayfield Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Oct 9th 2019 at 3:26:18 PM

I gave this a try on the Complete Monster page, but it appears that won't be happening. However, I was suggested to give this a try here, so here goes.

What's the work?

Survival Quest is a 1989 film about a group of people who go on a camping trip, called Survival Quest, who learn the basics of outdoor survival. Meanwhile, a rival paramilitary group called the Blue Legion are also in the area and seen harassing Survival Quest.

Who's the candidate?

One of the Blue Legion members that goes by the name of Raider. While the rest of the Blue Legion members as well as leader Jake Cannon are at worst Jerkass bullies, Raider takes things further by showing himself to be a Sociopathic Soldier. While one of the Blue Legion soldiers just fire upon one of the Survival Questers with paintballs, Raider takes it another step forward by approaching one of them with his paintball pistol and holds it to his face, stating at this close range, he could blow out an eye. But manages to back off, when one of the Questers, the convict Gray, scares him off with a knife. Later on, Raider gets a gun with live ammo and threatens Gray with it by forcing him to get on his knees with the intention to kill him, maybe even torturing him first. But the Survival Quest leader, Hank, attempts to sneak up on him, but when Raider catches on, he shoots him, giving Gray a chance to escape. Right after, Jake discovers him and horrified to discover he shot Hank (who is really Not Quite Dead, just unconscious) and beats him up. Raider reacts by stabbing him. He then leaves the knife at Hank's hand and when the other Blue Legion members show up wondering what's going on, Raider frames Hank for killing Jake and coaxes the others to join him to kill the Survival Questers for "revenge". Along the way, a couple of the Blue Legion gets horrified by Raider's psychotic nature and run away to join the Questers. Raider kills the two turncoats later on in the film. One when he tries to talk Raider out of killing everyone, which he has none of, and the other later on when he tries to radio for help at the tower, which he uses to set up a trap for the Questers.

Why he's despicable?

The fact he wants to torture and kill the Questers shows him to be a bit unbalanced in the head. And the few he does manage to kill, he has no remorse for doing it and simply enjoys it. He frames Hank for Jake's death, so he can convince the rest of the Blue Legion to kill the Questers. Even before then, you can tell he's something of The Starscream when he holds his rifle at Jake's head. His bloodthirsty nature even leads a couple of them to join the Questers and he has no qualms about killing them later on. He's also something of a Bad Boss after one of them dies when trying to climb a rope over the river that Gray cut, sending him plummeting to his death and scolds them when they try to look for him, concerned about getting "revenge".

Redeeming traits? Sympathy?

Despite his psychotic tendencies, he might get an ounce of sympathy to to Jake's extreme training methods, where he has no qualms about physically hurting him, so when Raider finally kills him, the audience won't bat an eyelash considering he's something of an Asshole Victim. But when he frames Hank for his death and convinces the Blue Legion to go after him for "revenge", all sympathy goes out the window. And for the ones he kills, he has no regrets doing so. No redeeming traits at all, just a soldier with a bloodthirst he's wanting to satisfy.


Easy yes. Raider is easily the most depraved member of the Blue Legion, who just make the others who were simple bullies look like simple pests.

GeorgieEnkoom Emperor Enkoom Evulz II from Somewhere.
Emperor Enkoom Evulz II
Oct 9th 2019 at 3:53:51 PM

Still have a few entries to deal with before getting to the many writeups waiting for me. Let's deal with one of them :

What's the work?

FINDING HOPE is a script written by our friend therealjackieboy and released on DevianrtArt on 2016. In our friend's words, it's a "screenplay I wrote for my high school senior English class. Script was very well received, so I decided to post this on DeviantArt because why not."

The story is set in 1866, in Texas. The Peck family (Lee Peck, 40, his 42-year old wife Maude and their 12-year old son Gerald) was about to have a nice meal, praying to God before starting to eat, and then a visitor comes in. Knowing the rules of hospitality, they were about to share their meal with him.

Sadly, the person wasn't there for eating.

Who's Jack Angel? What has he done?

Jack Angel is an omnicidal Knight Templar on "a mission from God" to slaughter anyone on Earth. Sounds nice, huh? When entering the Peck house, Jack pulls out a revolver and a Motive Rant. When Maude calls him out on it, Jack instantly kills her, and shoots Lee when he tries to intervene. When the dying Lee mentions that killing Maude was useless, Jack merely smirks sadiscially, replies "I know", and kills Lee. Oh, and because Gerald saw the whole thing, Jack was about to kill him as well. But because of Infant Immortality, nobody stops Jack from carrying his deed.

Seriously, I mean "Nobody". Like, a 30-year old called "Nobody".

When Nobody defeats him on a gunfight, Jack Angel has no problem using Gerald as a human shield to keep Nobody from offing him. Nobody challenges him to a duel. Whoever wins gets to decide Gerald's fate. Jack accepts.

Before the duel, when Nobody asks Jack where did he got his priest hat, Jack shows how Christian he has by stating that he shot dead a priest for... Calling him a man of sin. When the gunfight starts, both are wounded, but Jack is in a better shape and plans to kill both Nobody and Gerald in spite of the previous agreement. However, Gerald hid... And when Jack tries to find him? Turns out Gerald found a rifle, and promptly shoots Jack with it. He's finished off by Nobody.

When Nobody's past is revealed, turns out Jack had also previously killed Nobody's sister.

What makes him personally despicable?

Slaughter a family, Would Hurt a Child, sadistic and hypocritical Knight Templar.

Freudian Excuse? Redeeming qualities? Complexity?

None of the above. At one moment, he says to Gerald that he would hurt a child... But it's only Pragmatic Villainy, the whole thing is said in a Faux Affably Evil tone and since Gerald heard the whole thing? Jack has no problem offing him as well.


Easy keeper. Not sure if he could make it as a CM, though.

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Here's my Code Lyoko/Naruto fanfic.
Oct 9th 2019 at 6:13:24 PM

[tup]Jack Angel.

I have a new EP:

What is the Work?

Robb Returns is a A Song of Ice and Fire Peggy Sue fanfic where, after the Red Wedding, Robb Stark's consciousness is sent back to several months before A Game of Thrones and sets in motion events to prepare Westeros for the Long Night.

Who is the Candidate?

Ser Willem Bootle is a knight from the Riverlands and a cousin of Lord Torgen Surestone, who is himself a cousin to the Starks. He is known throughout three kingdoms (the North, Riverlands and the Westerlands) that he is a spendthrift, ne'er-do-well and general idiot who alienated all his neighbors.

What Does He Do?

In debt to a man named Collyns, Bootle travels north to Surestone, the keep of his cousin Lord Torgen Surestone. The night after his visit, Lord Surestone takes ill with apoplexy and dies the following night. Bootle proceeds to loot Surestone of all valuables that he needs, forces Lord Surestone's daughter Dacey, who is the rightful heir, out of her home after she refuses to marry him, and flees southward. When he is captured a number of chapters later, we learn that he ordered the landlord of an inn where Dacey was staying to keep her there until she accepted to whore herself to him to pay for the rent and medicine for an elderly servant. A jar is found on him and this is revealed to contain a poison that would induce the effects of apoplexy. At his trial, Ned Stark reveals via Lord Surestone's will (unopened until this point) that Dacey is his heir and has him try and declare his innocence on the Fist of Winter, for any oath made in vain will kill the oathbreaker (or in this case liar). Bootle swears his innocence, but he is judged guilty and struck dead by whatever power is in the Fist.

What makes him personally despicable?

He's a kinslayer, usurper, thief and anti-intellectualist (he complains that Dacey is a bookish girl), and tried to force his cousin Dacey into prostitution.

Freudian Excuse? Evil Is Cool? Mitigating Circumstances?

None. He may be trying to pay back a debt, but from what we hear of him, his own extravagance is his own fault and what he tried to do to Dacey is way too far.


He fits in my view. There's also a Fridge Horror element explained on the Fridge page; since Dacey's fate is unknown in the original timeline (the canon one), Bootle might have succeeded in forcing her into prostitution or she might have died on the road, as the only reason she got out is because Tywin sent Tyrion northward to investigate what's going on.

Also, I might have another one from the same story.

Edited by k410ren on Oct 9th 2019 at 9:19:20 AM

"I'll show you the Dark Side." CM actors and kills
SkyCat32 The Draftsman of Doom from The Zenith Theater Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The Draftsman of Doom
Oct 9th 2019 at 8:11:47 PM

[tup] Angel, Raider, Charlotte, Lumburgh, and Kenny.

Taking Lumburgh off of my to do list, mm-kay?

Whoever did this is trying to control us, and it might be a game to him, but to us it's life or death!
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Keep away from Pumpkinhead
Oct 9th 2019 at 9:11:19 PM

[tup] Bill, Jack and Bootle

  • The Girl Next Door: Ruth Chandler is a woman who has taken her nieces Meg and Susan in after their parents died. Believing that all women are whores until proven otherwise, Rith starts starving and emotionally abusing Meg, escalating to physical when she fights back. Threatening to turn her wrath on Susan if Meg resists, Ruth has her sons lock her in their basement and regularly torture her. As Ruth and her sons convince other neighbourhood kids to join in on the violence, she starts allowing the boys to rape Meg. After a young boy naked David tries to stop Ruth, she has him thrown in the basement so she can kill him later, after which he learns that Ruth has been molesting Susan. David escapes, kills Ruth and alerts the police, but Meg dies of her injuries before paramedics can arrive.

Ongoing Projects
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Oct 10th 2019 at 12:28:34 PM

Refresh my memory; has Paranorman been properly discussed ? I saw an entry for it on its page and the Animated Film page and when I skimmed this thread, I couldn't find it being brought up. If not I could EP, although I find the example questionable; I doubt a villain(s) who ultimately learn their lesson can really be a Hate Sink.

The current entry reads as such.

  • Hate Sink: Whereas the Puritans carried out their execution of Aggie, an 11-year-old girl, out of fear and desire to protect the town, they were shown making amends for their actions ever since. However, the current citizens of Blithe Hollow were quite cruel to what they thought was a mentally ill boy for no good reason and couldn't even claim they were truly lead by fear.

Once again, the townspeople learn their lesson and pull a collective Heel Realization in the movie proper, so I doubt the authors intent is to give us characters the audience can really hate.

Edited by Beast on Oct 10th 2019 at 2:30:29 PM

Billy: Oh my God! Michael! I'm a huge fan! You're such a big influence on my- Michael: I'm sorry, your name is Loomis ?
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Oct 10th 2019 at 12:47:08 PM

It's time to discuss probably my most controversial character yet! (Yes to everyone I missed)

Who is phantom?

Phantom in all lowercase letters, is the Big Bad of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies. Similar to Dickson he starts out pretty likable. This is because he is impersonating the deceased Detective that it's heavily implied he killed. But don't see the fact he's an impersonator of a pretty amusing detective as a redeeming quality. He's a monster through and through.

What has he done that makes him so despicable?

Like I said, for the majority of the game you see him in his Detective Fulbright disguise and is helpful to the point you literally think something is up from day one. But as the cases progress, your suspicion on him wavers to the point when it's revealed he's the one responsible for giving honorable Prosecutor Simon Blackquill the death penalty for a murder he took the heat for assuming it was then 11 year old Athena Cykes. It turns out "Fulbright" is an international spy and textbook example of a sociopath. And he easily convinces the court that the present day 18 year old Athena is not only responsible for the murder of her own mother, but also of Apollo Justice's best friend Clay Terran. In the trial leading up to this accusation, phantom injures Apollo using a deadly bomb he placed inside a stuffed animal and when his cohort tries to evacuate everyone, Apollo and Juniper Woods are nearly killed by the blast. Had his cohort not turned rogue, Phantom would have a body count in the literal hundreds. Yeah he does a lot for his screen time. And what, pray tell, did he cause this potentially fatal to hundreds of people "accidental courtroom bombing" for? To get rid of a 7 year old Moon Rock that had his blood on it from when Athena accidentally stabbed him as a kid. Yeah... He's a terrorist of the highest regard. Then as if traumatizing the girl who's mother he killed and getting an innocent young man guilty of his own murder wasn't bad enough, the incident makes Prosecutor Blackquill's sister hate the courts as she feels Athena was responsible. And thus we come to the present day where Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth is unnecessarily crueler than usual in an attempt to acquit his subordinate. Again prior to that, he planted a bomb on the Hat-1 rocket giving the astronaut in charge a miraculous escape and extreme phobia of space. Before the first trial began he planted two more bombs at the GYAXA Cosmos Space Center where he murdered one of the astronauts and framed the already suffering from PTSD astronaut for the crime. Yeah he's done a ton especially for an Ace Attorney villain.

Any redeeming/Evil Is Cool or other mitigating qualities?

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

But Klavice, you might say, wouldn't the fact he's a spy and has access to cool gadgets make him at least somewhat EIS? The answer? Aside from a one off line involving Phoenix asking where he can get cool spy gadgets, and a few funny lines here and there before he literally tears off his Fulbright disguise, phantom never strays from being one of the most vile antagonists in the series.

His goal was to frame a then 11 year old girl for a crime she didn't commit and when Blackquill went Papa Wolf he decided to get Blackquill the death sentence as a detective he killed. Despite being on death row, Blackquill tried to find out what he could about phantom and coincidentally the phantom was assigned to him as his handler. All of his emotions show up blank on Athena's mood matrix but that's because he's so used to acting as someone else he forgot "how to feel" but when the trial is held inside the destroyed courtroom and the Wright Anything Agency corners him, he feels one feeling: fear. Fear of the sniper who would assassinate him for his knowledge of country secrets. So yeah easy pass there.


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