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Misused: My Real Daddy

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Dec 22nd 2018 at 6:57:58 AM

It seems that My Real Daddy has been used to praise any creator who does anything good for a property, e.g. Ed Brubaker's Daredevil run was good, rather than when a creator contributes something that comes to define a character, such as Frank Miller introducing the noir tone to Daredevil. The main page itself has tons of Zero Context Examples or just poorly defined examples. Examples:

  • Animal Man isn't much talked about where Grant Morrison isn't involved.

  • Richard Garriott rightly gets a lot of credit and respect for creating the Ultima series, but many fans consider the games to have been at their peak when Warren Spector was working alongside Garriott, starting with Ultima VI and encompassing Ultima VII and Ultima VII Part II, the two Worlds of Ultima games, and both Ultima Underworld entries. Plus, Spector has the advantage of not being involved in Ultima VIII or IX, which are widely considered the series' Dork Age.

  • The creator of Silent Hill is Keiichiro Toyama, but he left Konami immediately after finishing the first game, and has not worked on the series since. For most fans, the real papa of the franchise is Akira Yamaoka, who composed the music for every game in the series - in addition to producing a number of them - and was the only member of the games' staff to be involved with the movie, as executive producer and co-composer.

A lot of it might come down to people really using "define" as hyperbole, but I think it definitely requires some cleanup. As it is, a decent mount of it is just people saying a creator did a good thing for the thing.

Dec 28th 2018 at 3:24:51 PM

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think this goes in the Trope Repair Shop.

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