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Dec 7th 2018 at 5:06:06 PM

At the moment, the setting isn't really hooking me, though that could cahnge. [sic]

While I'll admit the setting didn't super interest me, it certainly didn't turn me off either. I just love first-person RPGs with dialogue and choice in general. I mean, I have a long list of everything that Fallout 4 did wrong (starting with a setting that just seemed kinda random), but I still played almost three hundred hours of it.

Unless this game is actively malware, I'm gonna love it.

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Dec 7th 2018 at 5:32:17 PM

Hearing some people thinking that if this game does well it could kill what's left of the Fallout franchise. While I don't think that'll happen, the image of Obsidian coming to kill their child and what Bethesda has made out of it sounds like something straight out of a schlocky action movie and I absolutely love it.

On the topic at hand, this game seems interesting. It doesn't seem like something that'll take the world by storm and be the best game ever, but it does look fun. If this follows the usual Obsidian way, it'll probably be a good RPG, but not one I'd placein my list of all-time favorites. Either way, I'm down for it.

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Dec 7th 2018 at 6:26:31 PM

I don't think this will challenge Fallout just yet, but I do feel like its a refreshing new comer to the RPG genre that, while I might not do anything new, just might do them well enough to establish itself as a popular new IP.

Even if it doesn't have a big massive story and instead sticks pretty small scale, that in of itself is a REALLY good start for a new IP as the sequels can then up the stakes. You don't want to empty your magazine on the first fire, if you catch my drift.

Plus, I'm willing to let the more basic elements of the setting slide as we've seen so little so far and I trust Obsidian enough that they're just establishing the most basic overview of their setting right now.

Like, the guard in the video has some line about "Don't buy rations from these guys, they're crap. This other place has better stuff". Is that a genuine suggestion? I don't think so. He says "I almost forgot". I think the guards might be being paid off to send people to different corperation's products.

I honestly feel like this world could be less 'I rally against the opressive government' and far more 'Everything is controlled by capitalist corperations and corperations ruling the world(s) SUCKS! Let's shoot some suit and tie people'.

...Huh, maybe I agree with the Borderlands comparisons, but maybe this is a series that will, while still be funny, more seriously examine the corperation takeover and question that kind of a setting. And I've never really seen an RPG seriously explore that.

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Dec 7th 2018 at 6:49:23 PM

Well, I love New Vegas (even if I've never finished it, but oh well), and I think it has a fun Western feel to it, so something like that, but IN SPACE is definitely right up my alley. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

Oh God! Natural light!
InkDagger Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Dec 7th 2018 at 7:03:33 PM

I never finished it either (Even though I wrote a lengthy (30 page?) analysis on the narrative and how it adapts certain narrative beats to an open-ended non-linear RPG) because my newer system just doesn't like it. It constantly runs out of memory a lot and I can't seem to fix the problem so I gave up.

KarkatTheDalek Not as angry as the name would suggest. from Somwhere in Time/Space Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Not as angry as the name would suggest.
Dec 7th 2018 at 7:14:39 PM

For me, I think it's just because it's so much of a time sink (especially when the DLC's included). I might have done better if I hadn't gotten stuck on "Old World Blues".

Ah well - this looks like fun, at least.

Oh God! Natural light!
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Herald of Endless Research.
Dec 8th 2018 at 4:24:31 AM

Is this the prommissed Borderlands 3 announcement? [lol]

This has piqued my intetest. Looking forward to more details.

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Dec 8th 2018 at 1:43:55 PM

While I'm rummaging through websites giving them clicks, some new info. From GameSpot, you apparently "dictate your characters' growth by investing in a stat system with categories dictated by a six-letter acronym, not unlike Fallout's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system", though we don't know the acronym. You also, apparently, can respec your character at any time — though you pointedly can't get rid of flaws.

On the companion side of things, you're allowed to explore with two at once, and they act depending on what weapons you've given them and what class you've assigned to them. From Polygon, they wanted to expand on how companions work in New Vegas. They can interject into conversations, and there's a cited example of Felix being able to Intimidate in your place in one instance. According to IGN, they mostly have three skills they excel in each, and you can choose which perks they get from their perk trees. There's also two 'leader' skills, skills which focus on buffing your companions rather than you personally, if that's the way you want to play it.

In one touch that really does remind me of Borderlands, though does tie into the faction elements of NV and such, most of the corporate weapons, items, etc. tend to have their own style and elements. One corp focuses on food and drugs, Spacers covers everything but their weapons are cheap and break all the time, etc.

The skills I can see confirmed so far:

  • Dialogue: Persuade, Intimidate, Lie
  • Techy stuff: Science, Medical, Engineering
  • Leader: Inspiration (companions do more damage), Determination (they take less damage)
  • Stealth, assumedly there are something like weapon skills

20 points in a skill give a new perk for it, and apparently dialogue skills have some effect on combat. "[Perhaps] you kill a creature and that intimidates the rest of the creatures, and they all flee. We wanted to make sure that players who choose dialogue aren't just focused solely on talking, but that they have advantages in combat and the other gameplay we have as well." I notice one of the phobias affects Willpower, Temperance and Endurance, so those might some of the stats (and I think Strength is cofirmed). Using this I will be sure to crack the code and figure out the SPECIAL acronym in advance.

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Dec 8th 2018 at 3:24:37 PM

I hope that, like other Obsidian RP Gs, they still have LGBT characetrs even if we can't romance companions and stuff. This was true of the first Pillars, but the second one opened the door to it. Plus New Vegas was more nuanced about representation, even if we couldn't find romance ourselves.

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Dec 8th 2018 at 3:30:35 PM

I would argue that diversity is orthogonal to how much romance a game does or doesn't have.

Still, I completely agree that Obsidian should make Outer Worlds properly diverse.

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Dec 8th 2018 at 3:37:28 PM

It is, but the point is that LGBT representation specifically can be harder to represent unless you have a plot that specifically addresses it. Like, yes, you can have other characters be gay and in a relationship, but sometimes that won't work for one reason or another or you end up having a side-quest character with ten lines of dialogue off-handedly mention it which, while that's not bad on its own, its bad if its the only time its ever mentioned in the script.

Meanwhile, giving players the option means that the player is technically in control of how prevelent the representation is and you can make it core to the story in stories that otherwise wouldn't feature it heavily; The protagonist is gay so its important by virtue alone.

Dec 8th 2018 at 3:48:55 PM

I think that 2011's Dungeon Siege III was the last Obisidian game without any LGBT characters, so there will probably be representation. IIRC, Tim Cain, one of the project leads is gay, and while that doesn't guarantee representation, it probably means that he is aware of its importance.

Anyway, I am hyped for this. Mass Effect: New Vegas is the game that I never knew I needed.

p0nypanda Avatar from Northern Air Temple Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Dec 9th 2018 at 1:34:01 PM

I'm incredibly suspicious due to the publisher being Private Division, whose owned by Take-Two, the guys who said they weren't doing enough microtransactions before RDR 2.

Fourthspartan56 from Georgia, US Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Dec 9th 2018 at 1:45:32 PM

That's good enough for me.

If there continues to be no evidence of gross monetization then I'm not going to view it as a major cause for concern.

"Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies." -Robert Kennedy
Dec 9th 2018 at 1:51:36 PM

Just removed this from YMMV.The Outer Worlds:

* Overshadowed by Controversy: Despite having details and gameplay footage publicly available on the day of the announcement, much of the discussion revolves around the Internet Backdraft against Bethesda's Fallout 76 (see: My Real Daddy). Many Obsidian fans are tired of seeing The Outer Worlds being used as a means to bludgeon Bethesda and would rather just discuss that game itself.

Decided to mention it here, just in case.

Dec 9th 2018 at 2:46:46 PM

I quite like the fact that your companions can pick up the slack if you don't have the skills. It was always an annoyance in a few RP Gs that if your main can't do something then that's it. Why wouldn't I get my chatty party member to negotiate on my behalf? Or the one with good lockpicking to try the door. It's when the conversation options funnel you in is the issue.

I do hope even if WE can't romance, maybe we can help party members out with THEIRS - I know New Vegas didn't let you, but it'd be less work than having to write out tonnes of player aligned stuff.

Dec 9th 2018 at 3:10:33 PM

[up][up] We're technically not supposed to have YMMV pages for unreleased works at all, but they're allowed on sufferance. So yeah, you did the right thing.

[up] YES. Like I said, I love these games, but I end up feeling like so many skills are mandatory because you need to be able to pick locks and hack computers to get everywhere.

InkDagger Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Dec 9th 2018 at 4:46:04 PM

Or in general that the PC must be PERFECT AT EVERYTHING. Which I don't like. I suppose it on a slideing RPG scale of if the PC is a power fantasy character or a character you're more meant to develop on your own with flaws and charm on their own.

I like the idea that, sure, the PC might not be good at hacking, but their resident Smart Guy is and can help the story in a pinch. Plus, for that particular player, it gives that companion more resonsnace with the plot as it couldn't continue without their help and keep them from feeling too isolated from the plot that they happen to be witnessing for some reason.

Dec 10th 2018 at 12:29:20 PM

Exactly. They touched on it in Mass Effect 2 when your squad members could do things. But only in that ONE mission. It is also a good way of ensuring you don't lock off parts of the game (yeah we know - replayability. but sometimes you don't WANT to be a sneaking character type).

And it encourages you to mix and match your party if you know you could run into specific problems. It does mean balancing to ensure you maybe don't just stick with the same 2 all the time, but it means MORE options at least.

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Dec 10th 2018 at 1:11:41 PM

Arcanum had the best solution for not locking off stuff: Every problem could, in principle, be solved through application of enough violence, and yet it didn't obviate other approaches because violence isn't always the smart solution (it usually closes off nonviolent solutions, isn't very stealthy, and won't usually get you a good ending).

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Dec 10th 2018 at 2:49:55 PM

Yeah, that was something that the isometric Fallouts/Arcanum did rather well, even compared to other 2D RP Gs of the time, which is something that tended not to survive the jump to 3D all that well. Mass Effect is more of shooter with tactics-based squad RPG elements, which isn't meant as a criticism, but isn't really comparable, and in Bethesda's TES and Fallout companions are just pack mules who can fight. But there was no real reason they had to be — implementing the ability to tell X character to lockpick/hack/medicine Y door/console/patient couldn't have been that hard, especially if you limited a lot of it to dialogue options like they seem to be doing here. I look forward to it — non-action NP Cs are fun.

Dec 10th 2018 at 2:56:44 PM

I love the fact they can comment on you being dumb. So you can have an idiot savant captain with his long suffering crew. We truly can RP as Zapp Brannigan! Without the sexy times with Leela.

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Dec 10th 2018 at 3:51:23 PM

"You see, I suffer from a very sexy learning-disability..."

Feb 6th 2019 at 11:06:50 AM

The Outer Worlds is Game Informer's March cover story, so there might be some new details floating around the web. Over this month they're going to show off some exclusive coverage on the website. First thing revealed, there will be a physical release of the game.

Second thing they posted was a rapid fire interview. Not all of it was new info, but for anyone curious without the time to watch the full thing, I jotted down some of the notable info as I watched. So:

  • No third-person, no Fallout-esque radio. There is a day/night cycle.
  • When asked about New Game+, Cain gives a fairly non-committal 'We're talking about it'.
  • They'd 'love for our players to be able to mod', and will look into it what sort of support they can offer for it after shipping the game. But right now it seems no guarantees on anything like the GECK or other modding tools.
  • No morality system, just a reputation system.
  • You can kill everyone, you can probably avoid killing anyone. Maybe coincidentally, there are no children in the game.
  • No minigame for hacking or lockpicking.
  • On companions: they each have a sidequest, completing it improves their combat ability. On the very hardest difficulty (called 'Supernova'), they can die during combat. They can't blow your stealth.
  • There's about two dozen flaws in the game, but you can only get three (four on Hard, five on Supernova).

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