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Changed w/o discussion: Manga.A Brides Story

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TheBigBopper Curator of Berserk from Essex County, NJ Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Curator of Berserk
Dec 6th 2018 at 5:53:36 PM

I am actually the culprit, here. The original manga page pic was 1. I thought that it was unecessarily small, and since it just shows Amir alone on a blank background, I thought it looks more like a characters page portrait than one that could represent the work. So without consulting anybody, I just changed it to the cover of volume ten (2) because I thought a couple shot of Amir and Karluk would be more illustrative of a romance manga, and it has a background. A troper messaged me and made me realize I broke the rules (I really should know better), so I come groveling to the community asking whether you want to revert it back to number 1 or keep number 2.

Edited by TheBigBopper on Dec 6th 2018 at 8:55:13 AM

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Willbyr Anime-ted from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Dec 6th 2018 at 7:51:54 PM

I'm fine with the current pic.

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rjd1922 Ultimate Memelord from Illinois Relationship Status: Love is for the living, Sal
Ultimate Memelord
Dec 6th 2018 at 8:58:19 PM

Current is a definite improvement.

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TheUnsquished Apparently unsquishable from Southern Limey Land Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Apparently unsquishable
Dec 7th 2018 at 6:14:37 AM


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Karxrida Grassy Dragon from Darkness within Darkness
Dec 7th 2018 at 12:23:25 PM


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Willbyr MOD Anime-ted from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Dec 9th 2018 at 7:55:20 PM

I'm gonna go ahead and call this. Locking up.

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