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Klavice As if! from Pacific Canada Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
As if!
Sep 23rd 2019 at 7:02:54 AM

Can you link his comment? If it's something like... "While this character wasn't meant to be sympathized with, people did regardless?" or something like that?

And yes I know WDOW overlaps with Jerkass Woobie but there are examples of a WDOW who aren't outright Jerkasses so I think it's fine.

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MasterJoseph Shipping FrolaytiaXQwenthur of Heavy Object. Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Shipping FrolaytiaXQwenthur of Heavy Object.
Sep 23rd 2019 at 10:06:31 AM

I'd say Gold seems to count thanks for the verification

Sep 23rd 2019 at 10:47:16 AM

Do we have to EP examples for Jerkass Woobie? Because I think I have someone who counts along with a straight Woobie.

"I'll show you the Dark Side." CM actors and kills
MasterJoseph Shipping FrolaytiaXQwenthur of Heavy Object. Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Shipping FrolaytiaXQwenthur of Heavy Object.
Sep 23rd 2019 at 2:07:07 PM

[up]Whenever you do wish to effort post that candidate or not, it's up to you.

Having to effort post is not technically required at the moment, but I'd like to hear the details if no one minds.

I'll be awaiting your answer.

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Woobie Slayer
Sep 23rd 2019 at 5:28:35 PM

Well, there's a Scream 4 fanfic called This is making a move, which has a starting premise of Kirby Reed surviving the stab wounds inflicted by Charlie Walker. Major spoilers!

The Jerkass Woobie is Charlie. We learn in the second half of the story is that he was an orphan who was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Walker a few years after their son Kris died. Another family moves into the Walker's house after the Walkers move away when Charlie is killed, and they find photos of Mr. Walker sexually abusing Charlie. This had gone on for years and Mr. Walker had done the same thing to Kris, and Kris committed suicide at the age of 13. Charlie had nearly gotten all the way to telling the Sheriff what was going on before his shame got the better of him and he left to go back home. Jill found him a willing accomplice when she decided she was going to kill for 15 Minutes of Fame, as a chance to not feel like a victim, and the rest is history.

The regular Woobie is Kirby. She wakes up after getting stabbed and, like Sidney after the first film, has to deal with the fact that two of the people she counted as friends enacted a killing spree that claimed 12 lives (Sidney acts as a mentor figure for Kirby about how to deal with being a Final Girl). Then it turns out that Kirby, who had sex with Charlie shortly before he stabbed her, (Trevor doesn't interrupt them alone together in this version) got pregnant with his child. She initially tries to abort but decides not to, then attempts to have the baby given up for adoption, but that falls through when one of the nurses gets into contact with the media and lets slip that Kirby is pregnant with Charlie's child, which causes the couple who wants to adopt to get cold feet. So Kirby keeps the child, who she names Jensen, and does her best to have a normal life. And she succeeds; the last chapter has Jensen graduating from college and Kirby has forgiven Charlie for what happened that night.

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"I'll show you the Dark Side." CM actors and kills
Sep 24th 2019 at 9:24:38 PM

@MasterJoseph: I remember seeing a comment on this thread that a Woobie post here has to get 5 upvotes before it becomes official or something... at least, that's what I CAN remember

also I did put these in the Drafts; are these too wordy?

Iron Woobie

  • Codex Equus:
    • Crystal Prism was once a mortal unicorn colt named Page Wheel, who worked as a newspaper delivery boy in the town of Hornbridge, but that forever changed when he met Midnight Bell, an Earth pony filly who was then a newcomer. He teased Midnight Bell for being clumsy, unaware of the inferiority complex she had as an Earth pony, kicking off a series of events where, because of Midnight's actions, he got kidnapped and experimented on by morally bankrupt individuals who either wanted to discover the secrets of Ascension for themselves, or to find a way to help mortal Ponykind Ascend to Alicornhood. But instead of turning into an Alicorn, Page Wheel transformed into a magic-eating monster that rampaged throughout the Grittish Isles until he was killed by Luminiferous and the Equestrian Princesses, who all didn't know who the monster was until it was too late. Fortunately, the magic Page Wheel devoured would revive and heal him in a magical cocoon, ironically allowing him to Ascend, and he came out a physically older Alicorn demigod with hybrid pegasus-butterfly wings. Due to the traumatic circumstances of his Ascension, Page Wheel, now Crystal Prism, became withdrawn, melancholic, and depressed to the point of suffering nightmares of what would've happened if he simply died instead. He had "terrible rages" whenever he saw people forcing change on others for malicious ends, and at one point suffered from self-esteem issues over his new appearance, thinking his parents wouldn't love him anymore. He also felt understandably bitter over his "creators" still getting what they wanted despite their comeuppance, since the only life he has now is being the herald of a "new age" for Ponykind. However, he is gradually recovering thanks to receiving emotional support from his friends and family, as well as therapeutic help from Mentálne, the Bogolenya Deer goddess of Mental Healing, with Luminiferous expressing confidence that Crystal Prism will someday fully heal and grow into his inner potential.
    • Golden Scepter is a very powerful and ancient Alicorn god with a utterly hellish past. To put it simply, he had to fight in a ten Ages-long civil war that killed many of his friends and loved ones because one of his people wanted to satisfy his own ego. Choosing to stay behind to help the outside world rebuild led to the founding of the Imperium of Ponykind, but untreated trauma and psychological issues would gradually bring out his worst traits and deeply affect his judgement, resulting in a series of terrible mistakes that nearly got him killed and sealed away after trying to end a coup led by one of his own Generals. He would emerge in the Second Age, where he realized the sheer horror of his actions after being shown the ruins of his fallen Imperium by Luminiferous, and though he was successful in atoning for his crimes, he was still essentially a broken stallion who suffered from hallucinations and nightmares until the Fourth Age, where Mentálne's birth helped his emotional and mental recovery immensely. However, even after settling down, founding the Terran Empire, and having a family, Golden Scepter's struggles are still not over - his wife, a mortal pegasus mare named Blessed Skies, would die of old age despite his attempts to extend her life. Golden Scepter later accepted Blessed Skies' death and moved on, only to encounter new problems while raising his nineteen demi-divine sons alone, such as Prince Crimson Star being blinded in a carriage accident, Prince Fanged Paw taking his hatred of his blinded younger brother way too far, and Prince Written Word secretly joining the priesthood in a well-meaning attempt to help his subjects, despite public worship of Golden Scepter and his family being officially banned in the Terran Empire. To make things worse, all of his sons have started displaying certain behaviors and personality traits that caused him to wonder if his children are actually Reincarnations of his Generals from the Imperium era...

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MasterJoseph Shipping FrolaytiaXQwenthur of Heavy Object. Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
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Sep 24th 2019 at 9:49:50 PM

Haven't pulled out the word counter, but I'd recommend trying to go under 300 words, possibly even shorter.

Woobie Slayer
Sep 25th 2019 at 11:28:49 AM

@MasterJoseph: I made my entry drafts even shorter, IúkaSylvie helped trim them while I was sleeping, I think

Iron Woobie

  • Codex Equus:
    • Crystal Prism was once a unicorn colt named Page Wheel until a chance encounter with Midnight Bell later got him kidnapped and experimented on by morally bankrupt individuals, who wanted to turn him into an Alicorn of Change and Rebirth. He became a rampaging, magic-eating monster instead, but ironically, he would become an Alicorn demigod thanks to the magic he devoured after being killed by Luminiferous and the Equestrian Princesses. Understandably, Crystal Prism's experiences were so traumatic that his life afterward was a massive ordeal, and at one point, felt resigned to being the herald of a "new age" for Ponykind because it's the only life he has left post-Ascension. But thanks to therapeutic help from Mentálne and the encouragement from individuals like Golden Scepter to forge his own destiny, Crystal Prism instead chose to dedicate his life to promoting Change and Rebirth by helping others and doing other heroic deeds even as he recovers from his trauma.
    • Golden Scepter is a very powerful and ancient Alicorn god with an utterly Dark and Troubled Past. He is a Shell-Shocked Veteran from the "Twilight of the Alicorns", a brutal civil war that took away many of his friends and loved ones. However, Golden Scepter's PTSD and other issues didn't become apparent until he founded the Imperium of Ponykind, where they brought out many of his worst traits and deeply affected his judgment so much that a slew of terrible mistakes ultimately got him sealed away, while his Imperium crumbled and collapsed. When Golden Scepter reemerged in the Second Age, he was still essentially a broken stallion, but what prevented him from breaking completely was the influence of Luminiferous and Queen Dazzleglow and his desire to redeem himself for his sins and break free from his past. Even in the Fourth Age, after losing his mortal wife to old age and having to deal problems caused by the various flaws of his nineteen demi-divine sons, Golden Scepter still manages to be a highly beloved ruler and a good parent to his children because he desires to do right by those who love and care for him. Receiving therapeutic help from Mentálne helped, too.

Spottedleaf The Ice Queen of Central City from S.T.A.R. Labs Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
The Ice Queen of Central City
Sep 27th 2019 at 2:49:51 PM

Here's an EP for Nessarose from Wicked. Trying to decide if she's a Wheelchair Woobie, Jerkass Woobie, or...not a woobie at all.

Who is she (or he)?

Nessarose ‘Nessa’ Thropp is the younger sister of Elphaba (better known as the Wicked Witch of the West). Due to her weak legs, she is completely dependent on her wheelchair and needs the help of others just to get around. She later becomes the ruler of Munchkinland after the death of her father, and is dubbed ‘the Wicked Witch of the East’ due to her tyrannical nature.

What is their predicament?

Although Nessa is the favorite child, her life isn’t without sadness. For starters, because her mother didn’t want Nessa to come out green like Elphaba did, she took an herbal medicine in hopes that would prevent this from happening. Nessa came out a normal color, sure- but the ‘milkflowers’ that Nessa’s mother took during pregnancy also left her legs so damaged that she was completely dependent on her wheelchair. Nessa’s mother also died giving birth to her.

Later, Nessarose attends the prestigious Shiz university, accompanied by her older sister. She was absolutely floored when a munchkin named Boq asked her to the dance- in fact, she was absolutely certain he only asked her out because he felt sorry for her. He reassures her that his real reason for asking her on this date was because he thought she was beautiful.

Boq lied. He truly was in love with G(l)inda, and had asked her first. Glinda said that she was flattered, but would be even more pleased if Boq asked out “the tragically beautiful girl in the chair” as a way of deterring him. He obliged.

Nessa spent years living alongside Boq, and clearly loved him, even as she became more and more corrupt. But things began to change when her sister Elphaba flew back into town...

Sympathy standard

Although she becomes a corrupt public official and has definite Yandere tendencies toward Boq (they don’t call her the Wicked Witch of the East for nothing), it’s clear that she’s meant to be at least somewhat sympathetic. Her song, “Wicked Witch of the East” (which was cut from the soundtrack but is still present in the stage version) showcases that she hates being pitied and having to depend on others for help, and when Elphaba casts a spell on her shoes that allows her to walk, Boq is ready to abandon her because he believes she doesn’t need him anymore, and he states that he lost his heart to Glinda the moment he saw her. She becomes so distraught with this that she casts a spell to make him “lose his heart” to her. Elphaba has to turn him into the Tin Man to save his life. It seems Nessarose is, therefore, at least meant to be somewhat sympathetic.

Can They Defend Themselves Even when she uses Elphaba’s spellbook, she has no idea what she’s doing, making the casting process chaotic and random; and she spends most of her life in a wheelchair.

Willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause
Sep 28th 2019 at 7:54:08 AM

[up][up][up] What do you think of my explanations for Charlie and Kirby?

"I'll show you the Dark Side." CM actors and kills
MasterJoseph Shipping FrolaytiaXQwenthur of Heavy Object. Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Shipping FrolaytiaXQwenthur of Heavy Object.
Sep 28th 2019 at 9:04:43 AM

[up][up]Anyone have thought on this effort post?

I'm going wait for other people's opinions before voting.

Woobie Slayer
Sep 28th 2019 at 11:06:06 AM

Figure this would be the best place to put this: I think World of Warcraft should have it's own page for woobies since there are so many of all the different flavors listed.

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Oct 10th 2019 at 4:51:02 PM

I've never considered Nessa to be woobie material, personally. But... I also really dislike Wicked, so I don't know if my dislike of the story colours my perception. I'm also pretty picky about Woobies in general. I think I should abstain.

It feels so good to have no signature at last.
MasterJoseph Shipping FrolaytiaXQwenthur of Heavy Object. Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Shipping FrolaytiaXQwenthur of Heavy Object.
Oct 10th 2019 at 9:14:31 PM

I think I'd give Ness a [tdown].

Woobie Slayer
Oct 11th 2019 at 12:44:37 PM

@Spottedleaf: I haven't really seen Wicked, and my only exposure to it was when I had to sing one of its songs for choir back in high school. I'll have to abstain from deciding.

With that going, I have two Woobie EPs with me.

    Mitta, the Light of Everfree 
What's the work?

Codex Equus is an ongoing collaborative fanfiction project that takes place in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, but with a World Building twist. It is authored by BrutalityInc of Equestria: Across the Multiverse fame and Kendell2 (known as Godzillawolf) of the Pony POV Series fame, as well as many other writers.

The purpose of Codex Equus is to expand on Friendship is Magic as well as the previous "generations" of My Little Pony but give them a dose of Reality Ensues. Thus, the project deconstructs, subverts, reconstructs, and plays with several tropes to make both the setting and certain things more believable. For example, there are more to Changelingkind in general than just Chrysalis and her hive, and the various threats that the Mane Six face are just a drop of water in the bucket compared to other things such as "Fallen" deities, Eldritch Abominations, and brutal and domineering Giants.

Who is s/he?

Mitta (her profile here) is one of two heroic Guardians of the Everfree Forest, the other one being Zecora, Mitta's friend and the local zebra shamare of Ponyville. Mitta is known by the public as "The Light of Everfree" and for good reason - many dangers lurk in Everfree, and she has a deeply intertwined history with them that is full of fear, hatred, grief, and pain.

What is their predicament?

Mitta was once a normal Earth pony mare who grew up in Sunnytown, a large hamlet. While a laidback and carefree pony, she's fairly respected for her levelheadedness and intuition, which she developed in order to look after her younger sister, Ruby Heart. Like her family and neighbors, she was never allowed to develop a Cutie Mark because of a rule made in light of a devastating bout of Cutie Pox that nearly obliterated Sunnytown. She developed a suspicion that there's something "off" about one of her neighbors, Grey Hoof, but was unable to discern why he seemed untrustworthy because he appeared so affable and fun-loving that it made her assume she was being paranoid.

She would receive a brutal wake-up call when during a huge party, Ruby Heart earned her Cutie Mark after finding a lost ruby for a neighbor, Roneo, who intended to give it to his crush, Starlet. Grey Hoof turned the Sunnytowners into a lynch mob and had Ruby Heart burn to death in her family's own fireplace, believing it would be a Mercy Kill when it was actually a cruel and senseless act. Mitta and her parents had tried protecting Ruby Heart, but Grey Hoof successfully talked them into letting her die. By sheer coincidence, Pakak, the Draconequus god of Karma and Mischief, had been attending the party disguised as a pony, but when he saw Ruby Heart's charred bones, he cursed Sunnytown in his rage and turned everyone into zombies to reflect their monstrous actions and beliefs. But the curse included a way out - every year, they would go through a magical simulation of the day they were cursed, where they would choose too options: Either they take responsibility for their actions and accept Ruby Heart's Cutie Mark, or they kill her and repeat everything the next year, and so on.

Mitta felt so guilty over her failure to save her sister that she fell into a severe depression, which Grey Hoof and his followers took advantage of by browbeating and abusing her back into compliance whenever she tried going against them. In addition, whenever Pakak's curse would repeat that fateful day, she and her parents would be locked up so they wouldn't interfere while the zombified Sunnytowners preyed on the magical image of "Ruby Heart" as well as innocent ponies, Cutie Mark or no. Ruby Heart, having decided to stay behind as a ghost instead of going to the afterlife so she could redeem Sunnytown, had little success in getting to Mitta because she believed that everything was her fault, so her sister should hate her, too.

Mitta's turning point would arrive in the form of Apple Bloom, who wandered into Sunnytown thanks to Ruby Heart unwittingly leading her to it. Because Apple Bloom treated her kindly, Mitta would finally gather the courage to defy her tormentors and intervene on Apple Bloom's behalf when she heard the filly screaming for help shortly after their meeting, culminating in unleashing her long-suppressed talent for plant magic onto Grey Hoof and his followers. She would do the same thing a year later when Pakak's curse repeated itself, allowing her to break free from the curse and be restored to normal. Her act of defiance would later inspire both her parents and her more repentant neighbors to do the same, as they realized the toxic influence Grey Hoof had over them.

Mitta's actions were eventually rewarded when she caught the attention of Princesses Celestia and Luna, as well as Pakak himself. After hearing her story, Pakak forgave her and held an impromptu "award ceremony" where Celestia and Luna made Mitta their divine champion and gave her the position as Guardian of the Everfree Forest. Since then, she has performed admirably, rightly earning her the reputation of a benevolent hero who guides lost ponies and protects them from the dangers of Everfree. The Apple family is also grateful to her for saving Apple Bloom and considers her to be a dear friend, even inviting her over for dinner.

But because Mitta still harbors centuries worth of psychological abuse, she would be frequently plagued by self-doubt and self-deprecation, and constantly worried about her own physical and mental shortcomings since in her eyes, any moment she faltered is a victory for Grey Hoof. The fact that she was once pursued and almost severely punished by a group of Poenan deities who assumed she's a Karma Houdini - not caring that she already atoned for her sins - didn't help either. Thankfully, the goddesses Amour-De-Soi and Mentálne would help her recover from her trauma and bolster her self-confidence so she could appreciate all the good things she had done, rather than focus on the bad. Prince Clear Voice and his younger brother, Prince Steel Barricade would also befriend and teach Mitta how to fortify herself against psychological abuse in general, as both of them had been on the giving/receiving ends of it themselves.

Can they defend themselves/Are they a Jerkass?

Unlike her original incarnation in Story of the Blanks, Mitta has been given the Adaptational Badass treatment upon being adopted into Codex Equus, as did many other characters from various media.

When Mitta was cursed by Pakak, she turned into an immortal zombie and thus didn't need to eat, sleep, or even breathe. This allowed her to oppose Grey Hoof unhindered, but she lost this perk when she redeemed herself and broke free of Pakak's curse, being turned back into a normal Earth pony mare.

Mitta is an incredibly talented user of plant magic, having developed an affinity for it when she was younger. While she had standard powers like summoning plants and accelerated growth, she gained more powers in her quest to oppose Grey Hoof and his followers, such as bringing trees to life and letting them attack, shaping battering logs from existing sources of wood, and plant Telepathy which allows her to communicate with plants and keep track of her enemies' locations. The last ability also allows her to control packs of timberwolves; this would impress Prince Fanged Paw, the Alicorn demigod of Animals, so much that he shared with Mitta a friendly "hoof-bump".

After she came into the public eye, she became a divine champion of Equestrian Princesses Celestia and Luna, giving her new abilities like light magic, psychic immunity, and the power to enhance herself with lunar energy. In addition, Mitta is a competent warrior, skilled in both swordsmanship and archery, and has a sharpened intuition that allows her to recognize insidiousness, fanaticism, and psychological manipulation in people's behavior, all which she combines with her intimate knowledge of Everfree's territory. Finally, her standard Earth pony attributes, such as increased natural stamina and speed, were increased after she was blessed by Celestia and Luna, increasing her physical height above that of the average Earth pony mare in the process.

In terms of Jerkass standards, Mitta doesn't have a single mean bone in her body, even before her curse.

Pre-Curse, she was carefree, laid-back, and friendly yet mature, and the worst she had been is that she was a bit of a Horrible Judge of Character, ignoring the growing signs that Grey Hoof is a dangerous pony to be around until it was too late, leading to Ruby Hoof's death. She (and her parents) also let herself be talked into letting her own sister die by Grey Hoof himself. However, in this case, her inability to catch Grey Hoof's true colors or save her loved ones from him is not entirely her fault, as it shows how insidiously malicious Grey Hoof is in personality, having enough charisma to deflect any concerns about him back onto those who doubt him as well as turn the entire town against Mitta and her surviving family, too, if they don't comply with his demands. And since Mitta and her parents were the minority, speaking up would have gotten them killed.

After Sunnytown was cursed, Mitta would wallow in grief and blame herself for her failure to protect Ruby Heart, seeing her situation as a well-deserved punishment. At this point, she is so broken that whenever she wants to do something, she would easily be browbeaten back into compliance, which allowed Grey Hoof and his followers to prey on innocent ponies uninterrupted for centuries. While her suffering is very understandable, Mitta essentially kept immersing herself in her own torment as a form of penance, enabling Grey Hoof's behavior instead of taking action. She also closed herself off to Ruby Heart's attempts to redeem her, having known guilt and despair for so long that she believed her younger sister should hate her, not forgive her. Thus, it took the arrival of young Apple Bloom to finally snap Mitta out of it, and only after standing up and retaliating against her sister's killers was she rewarded in the end.

She does become more stern after becoming the Guardian of Everfree, but that's because of her new responsibilities. She's not the carefree and laidback mare she was centuries ago anymore, and has taken her role as a protector and Grey Hoof's Arch-Enemy very seriously.

Sympathy Standard?

While Mitta's got nothing on Golden Scepter, an ancient Alicorn god who went through hell for longer by possibly millions of years, her situation is no less horrifying. She lost her younger sister to a charismatic yet insane stallion because she wasn't observant enough to catch the warning signs in his behavior, and she ended up sharing her neighbors' divine curse of zombification because of her complicity in Ruby Heart's murder, even though the circumstances were understandable. And she essentially became her neighbors' prisoner and scapegoat for centuries, all because in there eyes, she and her parents dared to protect a supposedly infected filly without care for Sunnytown's well-being. And because the curse includes a magical simulation of the day her sister died, she had to watch Ruby Heart (or rather, a magical image of her created by Pakak's curse) being murdered by Grey Hoof and his followers over and over again until she finally decided that enough's enough, and fight back.

It's no wonder that despite earning her happy ending, she still carries some leftover scars, even with various deities and demi-deities helping her heal.


Strongly considering Woobie because she still carries obvious signs of trauma in the present day, though Iron Woobie probably fits, too.

    Silver Bane, the Dark Hunter 
What's the work?

Codex Equus is an ongoing collaborative fanfiction project that takes place in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, but with a World Building twist. It is authored by BrutalityInc of Equestria: Across the Multiverse fame and Kendell2 (known as Godzillawolf) of the Pony POV Series fame, as well as many other writers.

The purpose of Codex Equus is to expand on Friendship is Magic as well as the previous "generations" of My Little Pony but give them a dose of Reality Ensues. Thus, the project deconstructs, subverts, reconstructs, and plays with several tropes to make both the setting and certain things more believable. For example, there are more to Changelingkind in general than just Chrysalis and her hive, and the various threats that the Mane Six face are just a drop of water in the bucket compared to other things such as "Fallen" deities, Eldritch Abominations, and brutal and domineering Giants.

Who is s/he?

Silver Bane (his profile here) is a former servant and champion of the Poenan Pantheon, a group of divine Knight Templars founded by the hardline and puristic goddess of Punishment, Poena. Throughout his life, he would struggle in dealing with his existence as a dhampir and the moral conflict presented by the Poenan Pantheon - should he pursue Justice without mercy or pity, or should he go after those who are truly unrepentant and evil while sparing those who are actually innocent?

What is their predicament?

Silver Bane was born a dhampir due to the love his Pony mother had for his father, an immortal yet benevolent and heroic vampire lord. However, the vampire lord was murdered by prejudiced townsfolk before he got to see his son grow up, while Silver Bane's mother willingly became an outcast to protect her son. However, Silver Bane's hybrid heritage got him bullied until he eventually snapped, and he transformed into a vampiric monster that not only destroyed his hometown, but ended up killing his mother. The experience left him extremely traumatized to the point where he lost almost all recollection of the event, only remembering that "Dark Ones" came to his town and left him the Sole Survivor. As a side-effect, he also forgot his own name.

The Poenan Pantheon found and adopted him, even giving him a name of their own. Despite his shortcomings, Silver Bane more than made up for it with his extreme efficiency, his magical and psychic talent, and his burning hatred of Evil, especially the "Dark Ones". One day, during a particularly stressful fight with an evil vampire lord, Silver Bane transformed, causing his peers and superiors to assume that he had been cursed by the "Dark Ones" in addition to losing his home and family. Many advocated for his death, if only to spare him the pain of becoming a monster in the future, but others argued that he could still serve a purpose as long as he could suppress or even cure his vampiric side, as one Poenan champion, the "Scourge of Hell", had continued hunting demons for eons despite countless millennia of exposure to demonic energies. Poena sided with the latter in a rare act of mercy, sympathizing with Silver Bane's plight and seeing an opportunity for him to punish the "Dark Ones" who cursed him.

Silver Bane faithfully continued serving the Poenan cause, and unsurprisingly, his extreme ruthlessness and inflexibility towards "Evil" individuals/factions brought him many enemies, including Prince Night Shade, the fifteenth demi-divine son of Emperor Golden Scepter. A former ally of the Poenan Pantheon, Night Shade tried making Silver Bane see the Poenans who raised him as the hypocritical, murderous, and self-righteous extremists they really are, but his words fell on deaf ears... until Silver Bane decided to adopt Friede, an orphaned Griffon chick with immense Psychic Powers. Raising Friede as his daughter made Silver Bane finally see the ugly side of the Poenan pursuit of Justice that Night Shade had been trying to warn him about, making him regain his long-suppressed sense of empathy. This ultimately led to him defying his peers and elders in order to protect a benevolent orphanage headmistress and the orphans under her care after they were marked for "punishment".

He would be taken to trial for his actions, but it quickly got out of hand when his more fanatical peers either tried killing him to "finish what they started", or tried harming Friede to get rid of "a bad influence". Silver Bane transformed again in stress and anger, only to end up fleeing and taking Friede with him after he was confronted by Poena and her divine allies. He would go on the run, and while he befriended a few people during his adventures, Silver Bane would experience high stress from fleeing his Poenan pursuers, protecting Friede from them, and containing his "cursed" blood. While helping Rushing Wind and Gentle Wind, twin Kirin sisters and undead monster hunters, hunt down the demon that killed their mother, Silver Bane gave in to his negative emotions and transformed again, a move that got him severely injured. He would have died if Night Shade had not unexpectedly saved him and his group from certain doom.

While Silver Bane healed physically, he fell into a coma that he couldn't wake from no matter what his friends did, necessitating a trip to a mountainous monastery occupied by monks/disciples of Satori, the Mother Goddess of Llamakind. A kindly Llama monk discovered that Silver Bane's coma was purely psychosomatic - years of suppressing his vampiric side and his emotions gave birth to his "dark half", a powerful yet emotional, hateful, and violent entity that sought to take control of his body out of spite for being constantly suppressed for existing and desperation to free itself, leading to a Battle in the Center of the Mind for dominance. However, Silver Bane would be saved again when, under the guidance of the Llama monk, his friends helped uncover his long-forgotten childhood memories, causing him to remember the nature of his "cursed" blood and who was really behind both the destruction of his town and the death of his mother.

Silver Bane suffered an emotional breakdown as almost everything he believed about himself turned out to be lies influenced by both Trauma-Induced Amnesia and teachings of the Poenan Pantheon. To his "dark half"'s surprise, instead of continuing his pursuit to purge his "cursed" blood, Silver Bane apologized to the entity and gave it an offer to start over as equals so they could both make up for what they had done. His "dark half" accepted and they mentally fused together, causing Silver Bane to physically transform in the real world as his long-suppressed heritage finally manifested itself. This turned him into a balanced individual with a stabler, healthier mindset and greater power than he ever had before.

Now fully healed and finally free from the Poenan Pantheon's influence, Silver Bane chose to study under Satori's disciples before he started traveling the world with Friede, atoning for his past misdeeds as an ex-Poenan follower. His current feelings towards his former peers and superiors are quite mutual - while he acknowledges the fact that they were his caretakers once upon a time, he now sees their methods and beliefs as cruel, insidious, deluded, and toxic to both themselves and others. Meanwhile, the Poenans are furious over his betrayal and have been trying to resolve the issue, especially since, in their eyes, Silver Bane had great potential to become a god of Justice but has decided to turn his back on them and throw everything away.

Can they defend themselves/Are they a Jerkass?

Silver Bane, being an ex-Poenan servant and champion, is fully capable of defending himself.

His dhampir heritage gives him natural physical abilities such as enhanced strength, speed, endurance, as well as enhanced senses like hearing. In addition, he is technically immortal so long as he drinks blood, and he can fly through a pair of large feathered bat wings (this is what caused Princess Twilight Sparkle to classify him as a "pseudo-Alicorn" - as a unicorn dhampir, he looks like an Alicorn superficially but lacks the divinity and all three Pony tribe magics). He bears immunity to most vampire weaknesses such as garlic (which he enjoys eating) and sunlight, but can still be killed by holy magic and getting staked through the heart.

He is a talented mage and psychic, possessing far-reaching Telepathy and telekinesis, and being able to wield fire, ice, and lightning magic, with one of his most powerful techniques consisting of manifesting his elemental magic as large spirits that can attack on their own. After studying under Satori's disciples, he learned new things like limited shapeshifting, "telepathic calming", and the ability to perceive people's integrity through their souls - the more evil they are, the more dim and tarnished their souls look.

He is also a powerful fighter who's very knowledgeable in many combat styles and weapons, especially bladed ones, his specialty. His entry notes that the Poenan Pantheon made it a requirement among their mortal followers, servants, and champions that they should learn how to use everything at their disposal in order to smite Evil. Silver Bane used to wield Mercy, a large divine sword that can cut through dark spells and negate healing factors. But after leaving the Poenan Pantheon and accepting his vampiric heritage, he took up a "softer" weapon, a meteor hammer named Forgiveness as a symbolic way of leaving his extremist behavior and teachings behind. However, Silver Bane has another reason for discarding Mercy - while on the run, his sword somehow gained sentience and learned how to talk, causing him to realize the potential dangers of a sentient weapon if possessed by the Poenan Pantheon. Because of this, he left Mercy in the care of Golden Scepter and his sons, knowing that their great collective power and divinity would ensure its protection.

Silver Bane's entry notes that he has so much power and potential that the Poenan Pantheon, including Poena, the pantheon's leading goddess, expected him to become a god one day, preferably of Justice, Purity, and Retribution. His defection and acceptance of his vampiric heritage makes this extremely unlikely now, though Luminiferous, one of many Big Good individuals in Codex Equus, believes that Silver Bane could still Ascend and even has more potential to do so now that he defected from the Poenan Pantheon.

In terms of Jerkass standards, much of Silver Bane's personality is based on Donovan Baine's characterization in the Darkstalkers games, where he's a Knight Templar obsessed with cleansing himself of his vampiric blood. Though given the realistic tone of Codex Equus, Reality Ensues.

Because of the extreme psychological trauma he suffered as a colt, Silver Bane became a stoic and silent individual whose good intentions are offset by the fact that he had No Social Skills. Though he got better with social interactions over time, he was still a stallion of few words, only speaking when necessary. But the fact that he gained Trauma-Induced Amnesia from his devastating loss essentially turned him into a living "clean slate", which in turn made him emotionally and mentally vulnerable to the hardlined and puristic teachings of the Poenan Pantheon. He was encouraged to suppress his emotions so he wouldn't sympathize with "Evil" individuals/factions, and when his vampiric side showed up during a fight with an evil vampire lord, Silver Bane was taught to believe that he could still serve the Poenan cause as long as he could suppress or even cure his "cursed" blood; the other option proposed by the more fanatical Poenans was to give him a Mercy Kill to prevent him from becoming a monster later. This caused Silver Bane to develop self-loathing towards his entire existence, and for years he felt the only way to achieve inner peace with himself was to smite Evil.

So not only did he develop the same ruthless extremism and inflexibility that is shared by his fellow Poenans, he also nursed an undying grudge against those he calls the "Dark Ones", which includes vampires, were-creatures, demons, and even Tulpas. Because of this grudge, he is extremely brutal when dealing with the "Dark Ones" and holds absolutely no mercy towards them even when they turned out to be innocent, giving him many enemies such as Prince Night Shade, Golden Scepter's fifteenth son and a former ally of the Poenan Pantheon before he left in disgust. There's also the fact that Silver Bane initially chose to ignore the warnings about the Poenans' extremism from more benevolent and merciful people, at least until he adopted Friede as his daughter. Silver Bane himself later came to see his refusal to listen as foolish since so much heartbreak and death could've been avoided, but it demonstrates the power of psychological conditioning. Even after leaving the Poenan Pantheon, its influence on him is so great that he still kept suppressing his vampiric side because it's all he knew in regards to how to deal with it. This would backfire on him enormously, as it only created an Enemy Within that represented everything Silver Bane hated about himself and was also taught to shun.

Ironically, what would ultimately save Silver Bane's life is his friendships/associations with individuals who would've been deemed "Evil" by the Poenans, such as Prince Night Shade, the twin monster hunters Rushing Wind and Gentle Wind, and even Friede. Their compassion and mercy in accepting and redeeming him despite his hybrid heritage would get him out of a bad spot when he nearly died and subsequently fell into a coma - instead of encouraging him to fight his "dark half" and conquer it, Silver Bane's friends helped him remember his forgotten origins, fully restoring his own sense of compassion and allowing Silver Bane to accept his heritage and fuse with the mental manifestation of it. Now as a balanced individual, he now tries to redeem himself in the eyes of others by showing them the mercy and forgiveness that he previously never showed anyone. He does acknowledge that the Poenans did their best to raise him, but has since cut ties with them and even verbally disowned them during an argument with a Poenan deity, stating that he would rather save people as a "bloodsucker" than Ascend to godhood by being hypocritical and self-righteous.

Sympathy Standard?

Much like Mitta, Silver Bane is a product of murderous fanaticism. While Mitta was broken and abused by her cruel and insane neighbors, Silver Bane was raised and taught by judicial extremists who tried to mold him into fitting their standards. The core similarity, however, lies in the fact that they were both taught to shun what their peers and elders didn't like, such as Cutie Marks and "Evil" things/people in general, and they both suffered for it. Both of their turning points would also come in being shown kindness and mercy by those who would be targeted by said fanaticism, motivating them to finally turn away from their peers' harmful teachings and become true heroes. Silver Bane's entry even notes that their similarities would cause him to see Mitta as a kindred spirit.

In terms of backstory, Silver Bane's upbringing is similar to Crystal Prism's in that certain factions/individuals tried molding them according to their standards, with the end goal being them becoming gods that would benefit mortal sapientkind. While the Poenans expected Silver Bane to become a god of Justice, Purity, and Retribution, Crystal Prism was expected by his "creators" to become an Alicorn god of Rebirth, Change, and Transformation so he could be the herald of a "new age" for Ponykind. The difference is that Crystal Prism was forced into this role as a young colt and was encouraged to approach his divine status and role in a different way, while Silver Bane was subtly molded and strongly encouraged to follow the Poenan philosophy of ruthless, pitiless Justice, only to leave everything behind on his own free will once he was shown why the Poenans' teachings were wrong.


Probably Jerkass Woobie or Iron Woobie.

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