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OmegaRadiance Relationship Status: All is for my lord
Mar 13th 2019 at 3:43:44 PM

I got Nyarly. want Curran though.

IniuriaTalis Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Mar 15th 2019 at 3:09:53 PM

Got Nyarly. What the fuck his dragon story is so disturbing.

MachThreeSlug Doin' stuff from Australia Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Doin' stuff
Mar 15th 2019 at 6:11:12 PM

So the game finally came out in my country last month and I've been playing it since then. I must say, it's been pretty fun so far.

I do lots of stuff. The real question is am I any good at that stuff.
DemonDamian Creating a new humanity Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Creating a new humanity
Mar 15th 2019 at 9:35:30 PM

[up][up] Quite the Mood Whiplash, isn't it? I guess they're being true to his Lovecraft origins but... jeez, the last 2 pages really did not go how I was expecting it to.

It also kind of confirms that he really is malevolent, and him being a neutral entity in the facility event was just because it would lead to his freedom and pleasing his dark god (and that will never be mentioned again because lol at giving these side-stories any continuity elsewhere)

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danime91 Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Mar 21st 2019 at 1:19:53 PM

So I just finished Chapter 5 and am working my way through Chapter 6, and I gotta say that my biggest complaint about the story is that all the people in the Empire are just so... blind? Fanatical? Unquestioning sheep? Their beloved, kind, just king turns into a tyrant overnight, renames their kingdom after an ancient, explicitly evil empire, and nobody so much as bats an eye. I can see this for the more assholish members of Euden's family, like his sixth brother, or that one smug I-wanna-punch-his-face-so-bad captain of the guard.

Then suddenly the Auspex, one who apparently wasn't even in the line of succession due to being the head of their religion or whatever, becomes evil and announces the death of the king, her father, in some very condescending terms, and declares herself empress. Nobody questions this, not even Euden's however many siblings, all of who are first through sixth in line for the throne, question why she just suddenly jumped the line. Even Euden's supposed upright, just fourth brother Valyx just... goes along with it, and has the gall to question Euden's motives, when he's the one on the side that's pillaging and burning. It's just... come on. Really? They couldn't get a better writer for all this nonsense?

And I can't really place the bad guy's motivations. So they already said they want to get rid of dragons so that man can rule mana. But they're planning on unleashing fiends all over the world, who will presumably rampage and attack people. And they claim that all this is necessary to "correct" the course of the world, which apparently the dragons have warped. Is it just a Dark Souls thing? Where the Age of Dark is gonna be shit, but at least mankind is at the top of the shit pile? Or is the Other just lying through their teeth, horribly wrong about everything, or what?

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OmegaRadiance Relationship Status: All is for my lord
Mar 21st 2019 at 1:27:10 PM

Unless its doing some pretty catastrophic on screen people will blindly follow. I saw that in Granblue alone wih Pommeryn, who only turns on the bad guys at the last second when he realized what the villains of the first arc would harm the empire, and Punch-Clock Villain or not, cared little for what the Erste Empire did so long as he thought it benefitted the nation.

For Dragalia we get whatever characters we can recruit from the empire or church, because the church is in on this as well.

Edited by OmegaRadiance on Mar 21st 2019 at 1:27:55 AM

Nouct Professional Lurker from No longer in the superior time zone Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
Professional Lurker
Mar 21st 2019 at 1:30:44 PM

I haven't finished chapter 7 but it seems like none of Alberia's infrastructure has explicitly changed that much after becoming the empire, and no one actually cares that much since it's an outward expansion.

and lbr Euden would seem sketchy from an outside perspective considering he just disappears, then the king announces he's kidnapped Zethia who is basically the fantasy pope, then the king dies and suddenly he's in possession of a halidom and contracts with the five Greatwyrms (one of which he technically took from Emile).

Edited by Nouct on Mar 21st 2019 at 1:34:46 AM

"This is tremendous content, where's my phone"
danime91 Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Mar 21st 2019 at 1:40:39 PM

No, see I can see why most of the people living in the cities wouldn't care too much, since most of the burning and pillaging is going on in outlying villages. But the army? The ones that are responsible for carrying out these atrocities? And the royal family, aka the ones who actually have a significant stake in how the kingdom is run, and the ones who would theoretically know the king and Zethia personally? Not a peep. I'm really hoping some of these future chapters will focus on the other siblings and what they think of all this mess, because so far, my only response would be Nuremberg them all.

Edited by danime91 on Mar 21st 2019 at 1:41:41 AM

OmegaRadiance Relationship Status: All is for my lord
Mar 21st 2019 at 1:59:24 PM

When their main religion is fine with it the military would be as well. Harle himself had been in on this since the beginning from what we've seen. To the point he instigated the Hypnos event.

Also Nouct I do suggest you get through the chapter right now. Theres more limited event awards for doing the latest void battles.

Edited by OmegaRadiance on Mar 21st 2019 at 2:04:28 AM

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