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Hi, and welcome to the official reboot of the Hunger Games Simulation! Yeah, funny that the guy whose tributes and suggestions created a bit of a stir in the original HGS is making the reboot post, I know. Before we begin, here are the rules. And a link to the HGS wiki as that's where we do the editing.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the thread's moderators, Psychedelicate, Troper No. 9001, Vengeful Bale, and Zanreo, preferably through PMs. They're in charge of keeping the game running smoothly, including making critical decisions in regards to players who begin to show reprehensible behavior.

Here’s a link to a more updated list of rules here.

Old Rules

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    Thread Rules and Guidelines 
Thread Rules and Guidelines

In order for this forum game to run as smoothly as possible, all participants are expected to follow the rules and expectations laid out below. These rules are subject to change, so please check them periodically!

  1. No reserving a spot for yourself so you can edit your tributes in or nominate them in a new post. Same goes for nominating them, but providing the pictures later. Like posting nominations during an ongoing season, this is also unfair for the other players who haven't nominated yet. When nominating tributes, you must provide pictures of them in your initial post in order to join a season. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be disqualified.
    • However, new accounts who can't post external links are exempted from this rule. If you can't nominate tributes because of this, please let us know, and someone will be happy to provide them for you.
    • Tip: If you can't provide pictures right away, save the image links somewhere safe (such as a notes app or a PM to yourself) before you're ready to post. It's highly recommended to prepare your next set of tributes ahead of time.
  2. Do not switch tributes after the running process has begun. If you have changed your mind about what tribute/s you would like to nominate for the season, you may change them as long as the runner hasn’t already begun running the season. If you do change them after the running process has begun, the runner will not change them for you, and the tributes you have initially nominated will be locked in. If the runner(s) is/are struggling to get a good save for an extended period of time, you are allowed to swap out any of your watchlisted tributes with a "safer" one to ease the running process.
  3. Refrain from nominating the same tributes more than two seasons in a row (Battle Royales and Death Battles don’t count). Any and all tributes (including character variations) nominated by a troper will have a mandatory four-season cooldown before they can be nominated again by that particular troper, with the Battle Royale and the Death Battle as exceptions, as well as if a tribute is nominated within the cooldown by another player. Anyone caught breaking this new rule will be automatically disqualified. Additionally, a leniency for a tribute in cooldown will be given if they appear in, and only in, massive group tributes (such as cast tributes, the universe, etc). A "duo, trio, quartet, etc." type of tribute will not receive this leniency. Everyone is encouraged to make an effort to nominate a diverse range of tributes, although you can re-nominate tributes you have nominated previously time and time again. However, continuously nominating the exact same tributes several seasons in a row is not allowed, as other players will very quickly become sick of them. Those who break this rule will be automatically disqualified.
  4. The interval between seasons must be 24 hours long, at minimum. This is to give everyone a fair chance to nominate their tributes before the next season begins.
  5. Along with the 24-hour minimum interval for nominating tributes, there is also a 36-hour maximum interval for looking for a host. If no one volunteers to host the next season by the time the interval expires, then the last host will do so again to keep the thread going. Exceptions can be made if said host is unable to do so due to outside circumstances.
  6. Do not nominate your tributes while a season is underway. It is unfair to participants who nominate their tributes after the season has concluded, as it gives those who nominate them during a season a head start in the nomination process. Anyone who violates this rule will be disqualified from the next season.
  7. Refrain from nominating controversial figures. This includes high-profile politicians (e.g. Donald Trump) and any Real Life individual who is generally controversial (e.g. Harvey Weinstein). Certain tributes can be allowed back in after the controversies surrounding them have died down (usually several months, depending on how severe they are). However, some would be considered permabanned if they have been confirmed to have done something absolutely unforgivable (e. g. pedophilia).
  8. It is the runner’s responsibility to ensure that a high frequency of deaths early on in the season is not present, and that pedophilia or any other extremely Squicky events do not occur. If a save includes an Arena Event or a large quantity of deaths occurring before Day 3, and/or an underage tribute is involved in a sexual event, it should not be used for the season.
  9. Everyone is expected to follow the TV Tropes Text Formatting Rules. The two most important ones are outlined below.
  10. Please take note that we have an RP thread of this here, where players can roleplay as their tributes based on what happens in seasons. If you are hosting a season and an ASAS RPer doesn't go by your interpretation of events in the RP, it's okay. Accept the fact that they decided to go with their own interpretations of their tributes and events and move on.

    Nominating Tributes 
Nominating Tributes

Each participant may submit 1 tribute, who shall be their main tribute, and they can submit 1 more as a reserve, which will be put in a list, where they will be randomized after the nomination period closes to fill in the remaining spots. We used to allow up to 2 main tributes, with 2 additional reserves, but since the seasons are quickly and consistently being filled up to the maximum number of tributes in this version of the sim (48), we had to halve them starting in Season 185. If you don't specify which of your two tributes is the reserve, we will assume that the second one is, so choose carefully. Also, reserves that do not make it in the season are not counted towards the Tribute Cooldown Rule. We are aware that the updated version of the sim allows up to 200 tributes, but we are still waiting for the Event Import/Export function to be implemented so we can easily transfer our massive backlog of events.

Nominating tributes is simple. Just provide your tributes’ names, as well as an accompanying image, preferably in this format:

[[(Image Link) (Tribute Name)]]

It is recommended that you specify each of your tributes’ gender, especially if there is a chance that the runner may mistake them for a member of the opposite gender, or they are nonbinary/genderqueer. You may also provide a “death picture” of each of your tributes if you wish. The minimum picture size that the simulator allows is 90x90 pixels, so please keep that in mind.

If you change your tributes after posting, you have to make a new post informing about this.

    The Watchlist 
The Watchlist

While we are lenient on what tributes you can nominate (except for controversial figures, as stated in Rule 5), you must state if any of them are underage by stating their age or their estimated age if unknown. Since different countries/states/jurisdictions have different laws on what the age of consent is, we will be going with 18, since the site is based in California. These tributes will be protected and put on the watchlist, and they will be flagged under the following colors:

  1. Light Green - tributes who are typically late teens (18-19 years old). They can be shipped with other adults as long as the age difference isn't disturbing.
  2. Yellow - tributes who are typically early to mid-teens (13-17 years old). They can be shipped with other yellows and also yellow-greens provided that the age difference isn't disturbing.
  3. Orange - tributes who are typically pre-teens (10-12 years old). They can be shipped only with other oranges, but they must not be involved in NSFW events.
  4. Red - tributes who are typically young children (<10 years old). They can be shipped only with other reds, but they must not be involved in NSFW events, or if shipped, overtly romantic events (e. g. making out).
  5. Black - tributes who are typically babies/toddlers. They are absolutely unshippable and must not be involved in NSFW events.

As a general rule, these tributes are allowed to have Precocious Crushes on the adults as long as the adult(s) doesn't/don't return their feelings. They are also allowed to be shipped only with other tributes within the same flag level. However, some tributes have very unusual cases (e. g. tributes who are Older or Younger Than They Look), so they might be flagged higher or lower on the watchlist. If any of your tributes fall under this, please say so.

The watchlist also applies to group tributes. If there's at least one member of the group who is flagged, then the entire group must be flagged as well. Because the resulting pairings are always disturbing, mixed-age group tributes that contain kids must be black flagged.

This is more of a guideline than a hard rule, but please specify your tribute's gender if it's not immediately obvious what gender they are, particularly with crossdressers and androgynous tributes. Non-binary tributes or those that are genderless or of Ambiguous Gender can be assigned either pronouns due to our sim's limitations (the updated version has them, but we're still waiting for Event Import/Export), but if you headcanon them to be of a specific gender, then please say so in your nomination post.

Tributes must be flagged according to their age at the end of their source material in question, unless you are specifically nominating a younger version of them. If that is the case, please make this clear in your nomination post. However, this rule is exempt for tributes who are better-known as their younger selves, e.g. Homestuck tributes.

Note that flagging rules also applies to things like character figurines, plushies, and similar/other representations of specific characters. Even if they're inanimate objects, they're still representations of the character in question, and will have to be flagged as such.

All players will be required to post flags for a flagged character every time they are nominated, no matter how many times they have been nominated before. This is done to make sure the runner knows that the tributes in question are part of the watchlist, so that there will be no uncomfortable pairings in retrospect.

    Special Flags 
Special Flags

In addition to the regular flagging system, certain tributes will need or can use additional conditions for who they can and can't be shipped with. Typical examples of these are:

Non-sapient animals: If an animal/non-human(oid) creature tribute is non-sapient (e.g. regular real-life animals), they will have to be flagged for this and can only be shipped with other non-sapient animals.

Related tributes: If two tributes have a family relationship, whether biological or adopted - say, you nominate a pair of siblings - you can add a note to not have them shipped with each other. This also applies for if one person nominates one character and another nominates the other. Note that for siblings, cousins, ect. this is optional, but parent/child tributes will always need to be special case flagged for this.

Elderly tributes: Old tributes (typically tributes 65 years or older) should also get a special case flag, letting the runner know to be careful about who to potentially ship them with.

If your tribute doesn't fall under these three cases but still needs to be flagged this way, don't hesitate to ask the mods on how to flag them properly.

Additionally, please note that the image you use for your tribute will represent the incarnation of said tribute, including their age (specifically, how old they are by the end of their source material). For example, if you are nominating Naruto, and his image shows him as his Shippuden self, he must be flagged as yellow because his Shippuden self is a teen.

As stated in Rule 6, it's the runner's responsibility to make sure that none of these tributes get into any disturbing pairings such as pedophilia or extremely Squicky pairings in general. If you're not sure about a pairing during running, don't be afraid to ask.

While you are allowed to swap out any of your watchlisted tributes if running becomes too difficult, please be mindful if there are other watchlisted tributes already nominated. If you feel that your tributes would burden the runner further, consider swapping them out with "safer" ones.

    Suggesting Events 
Suggesting Events

During the intervals between seasons, players can suggest new events to be inputted in the save we use for all seasons. However, players must be very mindful about what events they suggest. Before suggesting an event, consider the following:

  • Is this event already included?
  • Is it too similar to another event already included? (Do a quick ctrl-F in the event list if you’re unsure.)
  • Does it make sense?
  • If it’s a fatal event, is it made clear that the tribute dies in this event, and is it clear who killed them?
  • If it references a specific work, will non-fans of said work still be able to understand the event?

When suggesting events to be inputted in the thread, other players are likely to notify you if the event fails to meet any of these criteria; nonetheless, you should double-check and make sure that the event you’re suggesting is good to go. If it needs to be worded a certain way, re-word it.

Additionally, when suggesting events, always make sure you surround them with [=this markup=]; otherwise, terms such as “(Player1)” and “(him/her3)” will show up incorrectly, which can create problems in the way events are coded and create more work for the runner.

You must also follow these guidelines:

  1. No events with slurs in it. While swear words are allowed, slurs are offensive and they violate the site rules.
  2. No gender-specific events. Since the sim randomizes the tributes involved, events that specify or imply their gender can easily make Unfortunate Implications if the wrong tribute is chosen (e. g. a cis or trans male tribute declaring that he "ain't no man" and killing another).
  3. If the event is questionable (i. e. overtly romantic or suggestive), please blacklist it for the Clean Save. This will be used in case of a big watchlist to ease running. This also includes unrequited/one-sided love events, starting in Season 184 because even these events have proven to slow down running using the Clean Save due to inappropriate crushes.
  4. No events that are blatant Take Thats against specific people, works, or companies. These can become potentially offensive in the long run and cause Flame Wars.
  5. If the event has two or more tributes dying, be mindful of who dies first. The sim kills off tributes from left to right, regardless of what the event says, i. e. in an event where P1 kills P2 before being killed themselves, P1 will end up dying first because of the sim. Events like these could easily mess up the placements and kill counts. However, multideath events where the death order isn't specified (which implies that the victims died within milliseconds of each other, or more or less at the same time) are allowed.
  6. To prevent too many events being suggested for each season, making them all take a long time to add and potentially causing delays, each player can suggest up to 15 events per season. If more than this are suggested, the remaining events after the first 15 will not be added. Arena events will each count as one event under this. You are allowed to exceed the limit by 1-5 events, but any more than that will require the excess events to be reserved for the next.

    Themed Seasons 
Themed Seasons

In the HGS, we often organize “themed seasons”, where everyone is encouraged to nominate tributes according to a specific theme. Although every participant is encouraged to do so, if you are having difficulties with coming up with tributes suiting the theme, or you simply don’t want to nominate tributes corresponding to the theme, you are allowed to nominate regular tributes instead. Ideas for possible future themed seasons can be suggested in the thread or, more ideally, on the official Discord server on the appropriate channel.

And that should be that. Here's a save of the simulation, just so you know what to expect. Now's start the nominations for the first season of the reboot!

Team Powerful

Reserve: Team Public Service

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Justkong033 OC!Prairie from Nowhere Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Sep 13th 2021 at 3:47:02 AM

  • (player1) cut (player2) in half and throw (player2) upper body to (player3) and (player4).

  • After (player1) get cut in half by (player2), (player3), (player4) and (player5) start calling (player1) by cutting (his/her1) name in half. (example: Just/kong or Just kong)

  • (player1) list of things should keep in fridge is herb, coconut milk, and (player2).

  • (player1) uses (his/her1) remote control to mind controls (player2) and (player3), (he/she1) controls them to find some resource for (himself/herself1).

  • (player1) use (his/her1) remote control to mind controls (player2), (player3), (player4), (player5) and (player6), (he/she1) controls them to jump off the cliff.

Edited by Justkong033 on Sep 14th 2021 at 9:01:22 PM

SomeLibre violently sobbing* Relationship Status: -not set
violently sobbing*
Sep 13th 2021 at 3:51:13 AM

  • (Player1) makes salary cutting noises.
  • (Player1) sticks 25 juiceboxes into a straw. (also Feast)
  • (Player1) considers turning the earth into a giant pizza.
  • A million cellphones suddenly ring in (Player1)'s camp, causing (him/her1) to bleed (his/her1) ears to death.
  • (Player1) gets killed by (Player2) (in a cool way).
  • (Player1) bonks a mole with a baseball bat.
  • After turning (Player1) and (Player2) into cookies and eating them, (Player3) says "And that's how the cookie crumbles." (also Feast)
  • (Player1) unleashes a profanity-laden rant upon (Player2), but all of the swear words are replaced with the names of ice cream flavors.
  • (Player1) floods a continental area, drowning (Player2), (Player3), (Player4), (Player5), and (Player6).
  • After seeing (Player1) kill (Player2) happily, (Player3) breaks out in laughter and calls (Player1) a "funny asshole."
  • (Player1) locks (Player2) inside the Tribute Community Chest, leaving the latter to suffocate.
  • (Player1) stuffs (Player2) inside the Tribute Community Chest, but the latter escapes.
  • (Player1) stuffs (Player2) inside the Tribute Community Chest, but the latter gets out and locks (Player1) in return to die.
  • After saying something stupid to (Player1), (Player2) apologizes, saying that (he/she2) had rocks in (his/her2) head instead of a brain.
  • (Player1) suplexes (himself/herself1), dying in the process.

Cassie | he/him/they | "now it just looks like a baby crying oops"
MummyGaGa from A magical realm Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Sep 13th 2021 at 4:18:27 AM

Event Ideas-

    Fatal Events 
  • "Time for retribution!" (Player1) says to (Player2) before killing (him/her2) with a flaming sword.
  • (Player1) turns (Player2) into a diamond.
  • (Player1) lures (Player2) into a trap that has the latter be killed by a zombie witch.
  • Thinking a dragon can revive (his/her1) dead pals, (Player1) releases said dragon from captivity ​only for the dragon to kill (him/her1) soon after.

    Non-Fatal Events 
  • (Player1) informs (Player2) that another settlement needs their help.
  • (Player1) sees some things on (Player2)'s shopping list that makes the former believe that the latter is planning a murder.
  • (Player1) becomes a Fountain of Memes for this season.
  • (Player1) drinks some milk in a bag. (Feast)
  • (Player1) becomes a closet hamburger junkie. (Feast)

    Musical Episode Arena Event 
The musical episode of the Hunger Games is here!

Non-Fatal Event

  • (Player1) sings and survives.
Fatal Events
  • (Player1) sings about how (he/she1) will win this season right before (he/she1) dies by getting struck by lightning.
  • (Player1) sings a villain song about the evil things (he/she1) did this season (which includes killing (Player2)).
  • (Player1), (Player2), and (Player3) all perform "The Villain Sucks" Song before killing the villainous (Player4).
  • After (Player1) dies in the hands of (Player2), (Player3) sings about how much (he/she3) misses (Player1).
  • The ghost of (Player1) sings a song to (Player2) that warns (him/her2) about (Player3) (a.k.a. the tribute that killed (Player1))

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BTW, please call me Jake.
kablammin45 Fixing ready to start a Paldea journey! from Paldea Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Fixing ready to start a Paldea journey!
Sep 13th 2021 at 9:21:18 AM

Arena Event - Black Hole

The tributes enter a bizarre dimension through a black hole and must escape through a portal before the bizarre atmosphere irreversibly changes them.

  • Winning event: (Player1) makes it to the portal and returns to the Arena.
  • Fatal #1: (Player1) doesn't have exact change to ride the portal and is left behind.
  • Fatal #2: (Player1) mutates out of control, and gets killed by a frightened (Player2) when (he/she2) sees (him/her1).
  • Fatal #3: (Player1) and (Player2) give up trying to escape and simply implode.
  • Fatal #4: (Player1) keels over from the stench of a pile of stinky left socks and doesn't get to the portal in time.
  • Fatal #5: (Player1) and (Player2) mutate so much their atoms break apart and are scattered across the universe.

Yinz saw that trainer turn into spaghetti for a split second, too, right?
dave_the_assassin Light and Hope from France, New World Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
Light and Hope
Sep 13th 2021 at 9:50:08 AM

Hope: "Let's go. We'll be together." Lightning: "I only know... that soon, we'll be together."
TheGamechanger from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Sep 13th 2021 at 10:51:47 AM

Another event that randomly popped into my head.

As for why Panem would do this, simple. It's the same reason real-life countries and companies are interested in space: the pursuit of resources. Plus tributes probably are seen as more expendable than their astronauts, so...

The League of Heroes
wingedcatgirl Relax, have some tea from Among the cubes of catnip Relationship Status: Oh my word! I'm gay!
Relax, have some tea
Sep 13th 2021 at 11:14:31 AM

Arena Event: The players are forced to play Mafia, but with real death!

  • (Player1) escapes the game alive.
  • (Player1) is executed during the "day" phase. (P1 dies without a killer)
  • (Player1) is killed by (Player2) during the "night" phase. (His/Her1) death remains unsolved. (P2 kills P1)
  • (Player1) is killed during the "night" phase. In the "day", (Player2) is found to be (his/her1) killer and executed. (P2 kills P1, P2 dies without a killer)
  • (Player1) is killed by (Player2) during the "night" phase... but the "town" ends up executing (Player3) instead. (P2 kills P1, P3 dies without a killer)
  • (Player1) sacrifices (his/her1) life to save (Player2) from being killed by (Player3) during the "night" phase. (P3 kills P1)

N.B. skimming the latest save we could find there does appear to already be a Danganronpa event, we'll leave it to you whether this is too similar

Writing things, read em if you want to. | Trouble Cube
jandn2014 Final Duet from somewhere in Connecticut Relationship Status: Hiding
Final Duet
Sep 13th 2021 at 11:17:59 AM

Some event ideas that I was too late to suggest last time:

  • (Player1) shoves an Iron Man Funko Pop down (Player2)'s throat, causing (Player2) to choke to death.
  • (Player1) tries to fire a gun, but it doesn't work. (He/she1) tries to look inside the barrel, only for it to fire into (his/her1) face.
  • (Player1) jumps into a lake, only to remember that (he/she1) doesn’t know how to swim.
  • (Player1) attempts to teleport, only to accidentally teleport into and merge with (Player2). (Player3) puts them out of their misery.


    Blacklisted Events 
  • (Player1) and (Player2) spread gossip about (Player3) and (Player4), claiming that they saw the two kiss.
  • (Player1) begs (Player2) to step on (him/her1).

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there's nobody here
TroperNo9001 Mass Murderer of HGS Reboot S248 from MACUSA Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
Mass Murderer of HGS Reboot S248
Sep 13th 2021 at 12:11:52 PM

[up]I don't think the last event should be blacklisted because it doesn't read as romantic.

"Mr. Scamander, do you know anything about the wizarding community in America? We don't like things loose."
wingedcatgirl Relax, have some tea from Among the cubes of catnip Relationship Status: Oh my word! I'm gay!
Relax, have some tea
Sep 13th 2021 at 12:22:56 PM

We don't really understand why, but "step on me" is very much a sexual thing.

Writing things, read em if you want to. | Trouble Cube
This 64th Successor of Hokuto Shinken. from Taiseiden Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
64th Successor of Hokuto Shinken.
Sep 13th 2021 at 12:33:58 PM

People are into stuff.

"You are already dead."
Psychedelicate She/Her Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Sep 13th 2021 at 6:28:26 PM

[up][up]It's a sexual sort of meme saying thing. Yeah. So yeah, blacklisted.

Anyway, putting that aside...


After some deliberation, the mod team has decided to implement a test run for a new potential nomination system. Specifically, we are looking to try out the previously-suggested system of allowing one main tribute per player, with an additional tribute as a reserve if the player wishes.

This will work in much the same way as our old reserves system, where players can nominate a reserve alongside their main tribute if they wish, and all reserves will be randomised to determine which ones will fill the remaining spots.

This test run will be implemented 5 seasons from the time this announcement is posted (S185). As this is simply a trial to determine the merits of the new system, please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that this system will become standardised. We have decided to at least give this system a try due to considerable player demand for a more relaxed nomination period where nobody has to miss a season simply due to being unable to nominate on time. Any and all feedback during and after the test run is strongly appreciated; the point of this trial is to determine how you guys feel about the system after trying it out.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask myself, Troper No. 9001, Zanreo or Vengeful Bale. Thank you.

SomeLibre violently sobbing* Relationship Status: -not set
violently sobbing*
Sep 13th 2021 at 6:29:05 PM

[up][up][up][up][up] You submitted 20 events, which is exceeding the 15-event limit.

Edited by SomeLibre on Sep 13th 2021 at 8:29:16 PM

Cassie | he/him/they | "now it just looks like a baby crying oops"
Bluethorn It's tail time! from Alligator New York City Relationship Status: Star-crossed
It's tail time!
Sep 13th 2021 at 6:35:47 PM

That sounds like a good new system. [tup]

I haven't really played his games, but I hope the series gets a remaster or something someday.
jandn2014 Final Duet from somewhere in Connecticut Relationship Status: Hiding
Final Duet
Sep 13th 2021 at 6:37:37 PM

[up][up] My bad; misremembered how many you could suggest per season. I just cut five of them.

Edited by jandn2014 on Sep 13th 2021 at 9:42:59 AM

there's nobody here
Billy5545 Monsoon from Somewhere in the world Relationship Status: -not set
Sep 14th 2021 at 2:21:59 AM

There's 15 events

Edited by Billy5545 on Sep 16th 2021 at 11:26:52 PM

From Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
TroperNo9001 Mass Murderer of HGS Reboot S248 from MACUSA Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
Mass Murderer of HGS Reboot S248
Sep 14th 2021 at 10:29:22 AM

Kaf will run.

    open/close all folders 

     Events That Need Splitting for Fatality Clarity 
Note: Put "nonfatally" before "clobbers"/"suplexes" for nonfatal variants and "fatally" for fatal variants, which should be added as new events.

  • (Player1) tries saving (Player2) from choking by doing the Heimlich maneuver, but ends up suplexing (him/her2) by accident. (FD1960, FN1965; originally fatal in Hiveswap Friendsim)
  • (Player1), (Player2), and (Player3) bully (Player4). (Player5) shows up and suplexes (him/her4). (FD2219, FN2223; ambiguously fatal in the meme but originally intended as fatal by yours truly)
  • A boulder suplexes (Player1), just because it can. (FD3136, FN3147; originally intended as fatal. Maybe cut for being a Russian Reversal?note )
  • (Player1) tearfully hugs (Player2) goodbye... before performing a flying suplex on (him/her2). (FD4769, FN4803; originally fatal as intended by yours truly)
  • (Player1) suplexes (Player2), (Player3), (Player4), and a deer to prevent them from seeing (his/her1) doujinshi manga. (FD5297, FN5337; originally nonfatal in Nichijou)
  • (Player1) suplexes (Player2), (Player3), (Player4) and a deer to stop them from seeing (Player1) at the same time. (FD5335, FN5375; a snowclone of the above event and was originally fatal as intended by Billy)
  • (Player1) clobbers (Player2) in the face because of the former being put off by the latter's tone-deaf attempt to serenade (him/her1). (CD12750, CN12875; originally nonfatal as intended by GC and correctly inputted as such, so my mistake for thinking it was inputted as fatal)

     Existing Event Variants (2) 
  • (Player1) comes across a herd of dinosaurs. (He/She1) yells "Birds!" in response.
  • (Player1) screams "Mamma mia!" when (he/she1) witnesses (Player2) getting fatally shot by (Player3).

     Puns (3) 

     Web Videos (2) 

     Incorrect Quotes Generator (6) 
  • (Player1) impulsively buys a snake and wonders what to name it. (Player2) is shocked while (Player3) suggests "(Player4)".
  • (Player1) has a black belt, not in karate, but from Gucci.
  • (Player1) gets banned from a chicken shack's All You Can Eat buffet for eating a chair.
  • (Player1) wonders how (Player2) came back from the dead. (Player2) says that death is a social construct.
  • (Player1) tapes a knife to a stick and calls it a knife stick. (Player2) says it's a spear but (Player1) kills (him/her2) with it.
  • (Player1) distracts (Player2) by being good at jumping up and down and making weird noises.

     And the Rest (2) 

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  • (Player1) takes a peek inside (Player2) camp while (he/she2) is away and is horrified from what (he/she1) sees.
  • (Player1) manages to take a look through the computers of Panem leaders and is disturbed by their search histories.
  • (Player1) strikes (Player2) in the groin, but it doesn't exactly take as (he/she1) hoped as (Player2)'s been hit there enough to actually be used to it.

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The League of Heroes
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I don't think so.

"Mr. Scamander, do you know anything about the wizarding community in America? We don't like things loose."
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Apologies for the double post, but Billy and Kaf have set up the Clean Save for the latter.

EDIT: And Kaf has sent it to Billy!

EDIT 2: The season will start tomorrow morning in West Indonesia Time since Billy has to sleep. He's already halfway done writing the first update.

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Welcome to the 180th Season of the Hunger Games. In this Fire and Ice season, the Arena has been modified to feature a landscape that combines the aspect of the two, with fire and brimstone in some areas, and ice and snow in others. There's about 23 fire tributes, 21 ice tributes and four non-themes in this season. Who will win? Let's find out now! May the odds ever be in your favor.

The Reaping (Backup)

Battle Theme:

House of The Dead 2 - Magician (Type-0)'s Theme

The Bloodbath (Backup)

  • Tahu is the first to make a move... and wait, when did his creator shrink him during production?

  • Pyro Jack aids a fellow fire tribute, Fire Cirno overcome her unusual nervousness for how normally confident she is. By the way, today is 9 days since Cirno Day.

  • Eula Lawrence runs like in a typical anime. This will serve her well in the Inazuma region if she manages to survive this season.

  • Splodyhead blasts off from the Cornucopia.

  • Kopaka is lucky not to be tiny like Tahu.

  • Duh, of course a predator like Glacial Agnaktor would be bloodthirsty. After all, Glacial Agnaktor is a monster but a predator.

  • And again. Cinder Fall is a villain but evil.

  • Is someone like Chandra a good idea though?

  • I can forgive Agnaktor because it's from a different universe, but what the hell Sitonai! Or rather, Illya. You're literally from the same work as Jeanne Alter, or as fans often call her, Jalter.

  • Diluc Ragnvindr forgoes his trusty Monstadt weapons to try out a pair of exotic Inazuman weapons.

  • Lilina praises Diluc's skill as "Scavenging 100".

  • Wow, this dumpster fire can talk. And strangely it wants peace instead of destruction.

  • Slushy also escapes like his rival, using his ice powers to do so.

  • Jace is a reasonable option as a MGT representative, but Fred really? Hope he doesn't break his legs all the time.

  • Larvesta instinctively flies away.

  • Heeko doesn't want to participate in the Mockingbird Project, but he must as a tribute.

  • Delilah Immediately gives in to her pyromaniac tendencies as she incinerates Chill Penguin. This is our first death folks! Fire melts ice. Is this a sign? Stay tuned for more!

  • This Lapras chooses to run away as well.

  • Do you somehow use your wind magic, Ram?

  • Ninian wisely stays out of the violence.

  • Snom is just a regular Pokémon after all. But what if an insurance existed for this game? Would death by smothering be one of those covered situations?

  • Posset tries to dissolve Springtrap with bleach, but the undead animatronic's stomach is somehow still functional enough to survive the ordeal.

  • Firefly, who is specifically from Arkham Origins this season, bides his time rather than incinerating everyone immediately.

  • Magician (Type-0) is surprisingly adept at writing stories.

  • Maybe Blaze is advised by his kwami to take the safe route for now.

  • What jacket, Jack Frost? And do you even need it?

  • Eliwood tries to score a kill, but Kaeya Albricht proves the reason why he is a Cavalry Captain.

  • What about your Myrtenaster, Weiss?

  • The World (Type-β) is surprisingly concerned with self-preservation over proving his superiority against other tributes.

  • Mindy from a RP called Acting Supernatural seems to be affected by her outings in her previous TVT HGS season, her performance in the recently concluded TC HGS season and her fight in the TC Tournament Arc.

  • That's an embarrassing fail, Froslass.

  • Rem takes her time so she can properly wield her flail. Sadly, this is not meant to be as Karna ignores the meditation to kill Rem.

  • Chie is hungry, so she grabs something labelled "EAT ME" instead of a meat bowl. She comes to regret this as she shrinks to nothingness. But hey, the male tributes are safe from a critical hit to the nads for now.

  • Artemis's kwami also advises Artemis to retreat like her teammate, Blaze, did.

  • For his return in the game after more than 100 seasons, "This is Fine" Dog takes after one of Spongebob's secrets. This is fine.

  • Not before Captain Cold (as his Injustice 2 incarnation) freezes and shatters the spooky scary skeleton

  • Avdol runs away like he's performing the Joestar Secret Technique.

  • This Fire Piranha Plant is surprisingly calm as ice.

  • Roy becomes a merchant.

  • Finally, Anastasia is able to avoid the fate that befell her when she was still alive.

Day 1 (Backup)

  • Apparently a president of Panem is strong enough to hold a powerful mutant hostage. However, the authorities are able to secure Magician's release, but not before he kills some of his rescuers after being released.

  • Kopaka blesses a fellow ice tribute. Now Snom can always nom plenty of food all day.

  • Posset is surprisingly a bookwarm. Too bad those books are lost.

  • The remains inside of Springtrap can feel pain from the fall, much to Springtrap's displeasure. Meanwhile, Captain Cold makes fun of this situation.

  • I worry about what the monkey kwami, Xuppu, thinks of this...

  • Speaking of monkeys, Kaeya leaves many bananas on the ground.

  • So Glacial Agnaktors have good relationship with their parents.

  • Larvesta doesn't mind it, unlike Squidward. And Avdol doesn't drink the mayonnaise like Harold does.

  • This is Fine Dog is fine with throwing away spoiled beets, but Firefly somehow hates it.

  • So not really a final battle. Anyway, the two ice tributes' fight ends with a draw, and Agnaktor misses its chance to prey on them. The mockingbird watches over Heeko indeed.

  • Another same element fight! Unfortunately for Mindy, riding a motorized scooter is not included in all of her experiences as she dies in an accident. What a letdown.

  • Fire Cirno arrogantly assigns Weiss to slay a yōkai for her. Unfortunately, Weiss convinces the being to aid her with the help of her Semblance. Pichun! Weiss and her ally don't want to deal with a danmaku battle. Fire Cirno really is as baka as the regular Cirno after all.

  • We have a wo... Err, I mean Cinder at the door. And she's picked up a wind ability.

  • Weird threat, but ok.

  • Considering the World is malicious, good choice on Lapras. You never know if it's poisoned or not.

  • Nice for Slushy to adopt hamsters. And which cult? Gundham Tanaka's?

  • The Dumpster Fire immediately betrays its vow and seemingly worfs a powerful servant... Except Karna has managed to fool the Dumpster Fire.

  • Jalter enjoys some pizza.

  • Ninian notifies Illya of her whereabout.

  • A tragic misunderstanding! Pyro Jack, unfamiliar with guns, thinks a real gun is a "friendship blaster". Fred then tries to befriend him, but this is a real-ass gun, not a friendship blaster or an Evoker. Oh, and the recoil hurts Fred again. My legs!

  • It turns out Lilina plans to utilize the "friendship blaster" to fool other tributes, presumably to kill them. Fred's loud scream unfortunately reveal the gun's nature, so Lilina has to plan again.

  • At least Tahu doesn't date Jace, considering how this event was mistakenly inputted early on. But anyway, Jace is subjected to the burning feeling of corrosion by Tahu's dare, and I bet the collection is already broken. Not sure how it goes in BFDI though.

  • Meanwhile, Jack Frost has a deal with Diluc and the wine industry he controls, but Chandra and Froslass think it's something else.

  • That's an unpleasantable nickname.

  • Artemis quickly tries to use her miraculous abilities for evil, but Splodyhead's fire is strong enough to prevent this evilization in the Arena. He also spares Artemis, so she can live another day.

  • Fire Piranha Plant needs that Scavenging 100 skill now.

Fallen Tributes (Backup): Chill Penguin, Rem, Chie, Mindy, Fire Cirno, Pyro Jack and Jace

Remaining Tributes: 41 (20 fire tributes, 18 ice tributes and 3 non-themes)

From Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
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RIP Rem. I'm bummed that she died so early.

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