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Feb 14th 2020 at 3:10:23 AM

I really want Charlie and Kylo Ren to interact.

Psychedelicate The sweetest pair of best friends from a galaxy far, far away
The sweetest pair of best friends
Feb 14th 2020 at 3:10:32 AM

I guess I should just accept the fact that the RNG is anti-Kuzusouda. tongue

You are my soulmate
TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Feb 14th 2020 at 3:21:48 AM

Colette didn't wash her hands?! I demand that she be fired!

Edited by TroperNo9001 on Feb 14th 2020 at 7:57:07 PM

dave_the_assassin The Hero of the Wild from Post-Calamity Hyrule Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance
The Hero of the Wild
Feb 14th 2020 at 6:29:23 AM


One of the strongest Links there is, and also a Pungeon Master
AHSVelocity The Ultimate Roleplayer from the City of Fate Relationship Status: Desperate
The Ultimate Roleplayer
Feb 14th 2020 at 6:32:55 AM

Personal opinion so far: Everyone's surprised about other deaths and all that, which I respect..

...but can we just talk about how Sojiro Sakura, a lowly barista at a cornerside coffee stop, found a Gundam suit?

Edited by AHSVelocity on Feb 14th 2020 at 8:33:03 AM

"As a roleplayer, I tend to think through a bunch of different scenarios to see what works. It's actually a useful strategy."
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Feb 14th 2020 at 6:34:31 AM

Rey, after noticing Charlie: Um... Ben? Why does that man look exactly like you?

Kylo: It's nothing to worry about.

arimothereindeer Shimmies in Super 8 (Side B) from 60s Japan Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
Shimmies in Super 8 (Side B)
Feb 14th 2020 at 7:50:39 AM

Hey, just to correct you, sorry if this is a nitpick but Shep is not a musician, he is a ship pilot. Stella is, she is a bass player.

Who is Cindy, and why is she so loud?
Billy5545 A NS nation from Surabaya, Indonesia
A NS nation
Feb 14th 2020 at 8:31:42 PM

Part 2

Battle Theme:

Touhou: Subterranean Animism - Green-Eyed Jealousy

Night 1

  • Sypha and Trevor have just learned a new transformation magic from a spellbook. As Sypha trains it and invites Trevor to join her, it turns out the magic she uses is one that transforms people into pickles. Immediately, she and Trevor get turned into living pickles like Rick did. They are then called "Pickle Sypha and Trevor".

  • Karkat is having a chat with Dave when he receives a knife from a gamemaker, who also gives him a paper containing the message after saying the gifts are from the sponsors. It says that it's brought to him by the sponsor gang.

  • The Gwent cards are moving by itself, when suddenly, it gets caught in a flood. The cards are soon drenched to the point they're broken and fall apart. Before that happens however, they are somehow able to look so sad in their death.

  • Juliet comes across Knight Cookie, who is polishing his armor now. Immediately, she asks him a question about knights and nobility considering her origins, but it's the one that is so harrowing to Knight Cookie, he can't answer it.

  • Colette is now trying to find new ingredients to cook another haute cuisine when she comes across oddly-colored eggs. As she is about crack them, they all hatch into vegetable-animal hybrids.

  • Touko and Komaru has recently caught a disease while trying to find their puzzle piece. After getting it, they meet with Bale's Navy I and Princess Daisy, accidentally spreading their diseases to them all.

  • The PS Vita tries to shake a tree to find more supplies. However rather than fruits, the tree drops a piece of furniture instead, more specifically a table. The console isn' t hit though fortunately.

  • Stella and Shep are curious about the blood type of other tributes. The musicians decide to ask Kazuichi about his blood type. Rather than saying it's A, he rants to them that they are harassing him, filling the whole screen with it.

  • Nicole meets Kirby and Ribbon while playing her favorite musical instrument. Immediately, she decides to teach them both how to play the instrument, which they both are able to do.

  • Rey and Kylo Ren have find out that Kefla apparently thinks they are inferior to her. Immediately, they run to where she is, with Kylo calling her a traitor first, followed by Rey. Kefla immediately tries to attack them with her Saiyan powers, but the two escape.

  • Kaguya is relaxing when she decides to drink a green energy drink for some reason. Immediately, she mutates into a mutant dragon with radioactive powers, but she eventually returns to normal after 10 minutes.

  • Zenigata and Lupin have heard that Sans Giovanna is a gangstar. Zenigata wants to catch him, even though his desire for it is far less than catching Lupin, and Lupin is interested in the gangstar. However when they reach him, he talks in so many puns, as he had a mix of Sans and Giorno's personalities, that they are annoyed and knock him out. They then sell him to Ciri, who accepts him as a powerful bodyguard for her.

  • Bale's Navy II all meet Gwen and Trent. As they set down to talk and chat about stuffs, the former all mention the number 69. Gwen and Trent, knowing what it means, burst laughing. The Navy too also laugh hard too. They laugh so hard for few minutes straight that their lungs end up bursting, causing them to die in agony with blood around them.

  • After Linguini beats Marinette and Luka in an election, he offers them to do an art collab. Marinette, being a fashion designer, accepts his request. They are joined by the box of chocolates. Linguini will do the sketch, the box of chocolates the outline, and Marinette and Luka the colors.

  • Charlie has recently received a new super suit based on sound. However, he finds its missing. Immediately, he goes searching for it and asks Mako Tsunami where it is. Mako too, doesn't know the location.

  • The Ocean, Yu and Yosuke, and Dave decide to chat in their own chatroom. There, they decide to entertain themselves by spelling not Shane's name with emoji, only to mess up the ordering and fail.

  • American Beaver and Prairie Dog have just finished slaying enough endermen to craft enough Ender eyes. They soon find a stronghold underground with one of the eyes and manage to locate the End portal inside. Once they activate it, they hop down into the End. Unfortunately, they don't have any armor with them and their weapon is just Prairie Dog's spear. While the latter fights valiantly against the Ender Dragon as the former is too anxious, she fails to destroy the healing crystals, causing the Ender Dragon to kill her. As American Beaver screams at the death of her partner, she too gets quickly killed by the dragon.

  • Ness and Paula have just befriended Divine Windy. When they can't find her, they witness Movie Sonic coming near ttem. Immediately they call out to Divine Windy if she is in Movie Sonic, then suddenly transforms into a more powerful form. They call it Gods of Superfriends.

  • Sojiro manages to find his way into one of the control rooms for the Arena speakers during the night. Immediately, he decides to try commentating the events of the night.

  • Princess Cookie is impressed by Garnet's shoulder width. When the former asks the latter if she is some kind of a cookie like her, Garnet says she is a monster rather than Gems.

  • After waking up from being tranquilized by the PS Vita, Snout and Meeps are still confused due to the aftereffect. They get so much confusion, that they can't get no relief somehow.

Day 2

  • Juliet has just heard that Colette didn't actually wash her hands when making the ratatouille. She soon sends a message over Colette's new Facebook account, as Colette is from 2004 and thus just discovered Facebook. However, Colette doesn't react well to it and blocks her. Juloet, enraged, soon heads over to where Colette's camp is, and then fights her in a hand-to-hand combat, eventually delivering a killing blow to her.

  • Karkat is traveling when he finds the mutilated corpses of Marinette and Luka, who are left in six pieces each, which are their limbs, head, and torso. As Karkat flies into rage over the dead body, he sees a message in blood, saying that box of chocolates was there. It turns out that shortly after finishing the art collab, the box of chocolates grew murderous and managed to somehow kill both Marinette and Luka with a knife and some chocolate before they could use their Miraculous, then dismembered them with it.

  • Linguini has just heard of Colette's death, as well as Marinette and Luka's. As he is desperate to revive the dead tributes, he comes across yet another spell book, showing how to cast the Reraise spell from the Final Fantasy world. After some time, he learns how to use it and tries to use it to revive dead tributes, but he's too late.

  • Kazuichi has just finished doing what he does best, mechanic work. As he laments on the death of Fuyuhiko, he comments that at least it's not raining. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm immediately starts up.

  • Garnet, after saying that she's a monster, seems to have grow more murderous. As she spots Ciri trying to make Sans Giovanna obey her, Garnet uses her future vision to watch a scenario where she is able to take Ciri by surprise before she can get overwhelmed by her magical powers, then kills her. She soon carries that out successfully, leaving Ciri dead and Sans Giovanna escaping. Garnet then decides to taunt Ciri's nominator, Eredars, about the kill.

  • Knight Cookie seems to be affected by the question Juliet asked earlier. As he reflects on himself, he finally decides to be tougher. He calls himself the Goddamn Knight Cookie, like that one Batman did.

  • Kirby and Ribbon decide to play a game. As it's the Valentine's Day, they end up finding a dating game, made specifically for kids rather than the more mature audience. It's set in an elementary school, with Puppy Love and childhood crushes being common. Unfortunately for them, one of the dates end up going Yandere on them, coming to life and controlling the game ala Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club, though this being a kid's game, the SO acts more like a bully.

  • Rey and Kylo Ren manage to learn a new power that the Force can't do, which is breathe of freezing. As Kefla is a traitor to them, they decide to test the new power on her when she isn't noticing, freezing her temporarily. However, Kaguya is also caught on the path and gets frozen too.

  • Not Shane has just heard of a song called "I Love Beijing Tiananmen". Hearing what Komaru and Touko did, he decides to capture and torture them, doing so easily before Touko can transform into her killer self. They are then tortured by not Shane with the song looped, while they are tied and forced to wear amplifying headphones. Once it's over, they end up being rendered deaf like J-Hope did long ago.

  • Princess Daisy is walking when she sees a sapling blocking her path. However, she decides to open the path the Pokémon way, by simply cutting down the sapling and continuing once it's done.

  • Divine Windy, who Paula and Ness didn't see yesterday, turns out to be in Coin's base then. She was there because she works for Alma Coin, and she is briefed about a mission to help her kill Snow and take over Panem for her.

  • Dave is walking when a gamemaker gives him a Smash invitation in the form of a mail, saying that Dave has become the first character from Homestuck to make it in the game. As he is happy at it however, he reads further and discovers he's too big for Smash, much to his disappointment.

  • Sypha and Trevor manage to recover after becoming living pickles. They soon decide to take a rest in the morning, where they have huge recursive dreams.

  • Princess Cookie meanwhile also seems to be affected by Garnet's statement too, as she follows her footsteps earlier. Finding an empty syringe, she fills it with air, before finding Yu and Yosuke playing games. She knocks them out, and then ties them up. When they wake up, Yosuke is the first to be injected, followed by Yu. She soon leaves them to die an agonizing death from embolysm.

  • Stella and Shep decide to make the former's musical instrument, which can function as ranged weapon somehow, stronger. They find a forge and reforge the instrument there, only for the instrument to become worse due to getting the Awful modifier.

  • Snout and Mepps have recovered, and decide to entertain other people by a comedy routine. As Sonic, the first Bale's Navy, Sojiro, and the escaping Sans Giovanna appear to watch it, the duo make a joke about Fat Cat. It's so funny the audience all burst to laughter until they run out of breath. For the navy in particular, it's like what happened to the second one.

  • Charlie wants to become a wizard so he can be more powerful. Mako, catching wind of this, decides to grant his wish, finding a spell. Once he's done with the transformation however, Charlie has become a Windows Installation wizard.

  • Ness and Paula are still in their Gods of Superfriends form when a gamemaker approaches them and informs that they have been given a supply from a sponsor. They open it to reveal prototyped sprites of them.

  • Nicole decides to make her camp more secure by buying several security cameras in a store. She soon installs them around her camp.

  • Zenigata and Lupin had nightmares about a cursed version of the Ocean yesterday, where it's so heavily polluted it's unbelievably disgusting . They then visit a psychologist, who tries to reassure them it isn't real. Unfortunately, the cursed Ocean then shows up in front of them all.

  • The PS Vita decides to check what is happening back home in its company, PlayStation. It boots itself and browses the internet to see news.

Fallen Tributes: Gwent, Bale's Navy II, Gwen and Trent, American Beaver and Prairie Dog, Colette, Marinette and Luka, Ciri, Yu and Yosuke, Movie Sonic, Bale's Navy I, Sojiro Sakura, and Sans Giovanna

Feb 14th 2020 at 8:33:34 PM

Charlie has taken a real liking to Mako.

VengefulBale Oma Zi-O from The Future Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Oma Zi-O
Feb 14th 2020 at 8:36:38 PM

Fuck this bullshit man.

Fuck, of course my tributes have to fucking die unceremoniously in the second update.

The Demon King of Time.
Psychedelicate The sweetest pair of best friends from a galaxy far, far away
The sweetest pair of best friends
TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Feb 14th 2020 at 8:55:20 PM

You know what they say Colette, the customer's always right!

Mhazard . . . . . . from Hong Kong Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
. . . . . .
Feb 14th 2020 at 10:44:02 PM

Is the event with Kazuichi and Stella and Shep a Homestuck reference?

TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Feb 14th 2020 at 10:56:59 PM

[up]Nope, a Saiki K reference.

Billy5545 A NS nation from Surabaya, Indonesia
A NS nation
Feb 15th 2020 at 12:57:48 AM

Part 3

Battle Theme:

Emforay - Love (Remix)

Night 2

  • Juliet somehow comes across not Shane, who has just finished drinking milk. For some reason, she decides to call him out on being a milk drinker, causing him to respond by threatening her.

  • Garnet continues her killing spree. Seeing the future, she witnesses one where Divine Windy is killed in a fight with her, after Garnet manages to overcome Divine Windy's wind powers. It soon happens as foreseen when Garnet attacks, with Garnet delivering a killing blow using her fist. But Divine Windy puts up a valiant fight, so the gods decides to turn her into a constellation to honor her memory, with the constellation having the latin name of Windy. In the meantime, Coin is disappointed at Divine Windy's failure.

  • Charlie decides to follow Nicole's footsteps, but offensively instead. He tries to install an aimbot in his camp after purchasing one online. Once he has finished programming it however, it turns rogue on him when activated due to a flaw in its programming that causes it to think Charlie is an enemy. The aimbot immediately kills him with a precise shot to the head.

  • Kefla gets into a fight with Sypha and Trevor after hearing of their feat, thinking they are worthy opponents for her. After a fight, the Saiyan is able to defeat the couple and stabs them both. Thinking they are dead, she left, disappointed it was an easy fight. But it turns out the two have survived, swearing revenge on her. Soon, she gets ambushed by the two, who manage to kill her after a hard fight.

  • Kaguya ends up feeling the same as Ness and Paula did to Divine Windy, this time to Linguini for Kaguya. As she comes across Maki, she thinks Linguini is inside of him somehow, causing her to transform with the residual energy she got from the drink into a goddess.

  • Dave, hearing of how Rey and Kylo think of Kefla, decides to get more favor from them. He finds a butler's outfit and dresses up as one, before cooking food in a kitchen. He then serves it to Rey and Kylo, who enjoy it.

  • Ness and Paula, now back to regular humans, try to find a kitchen sink in Dave's kitchen. After failing to find one, they complain about the lack of it. Immediately, a kitchen sink magically falls from the sky and crushes their heads.

  • Kirby and Ribbon decide to act on the threat of Princess Cookie after her action. Kirby decides to eat some stuffs to power up, then teams up with Ribbon to use a combination attack on Princess Cookie. However, their effort is useless because the latter's defense is too powerful for them to break in. Princess Cookie then runs away from them.

  • Kazuichi continues working by himself when he is visited by a gamemaker in his camp, who gives him a box, before saying its from a sponsor. Kazuichi opens it to reveal rare coins inside, which he then adds to his collection.

  • It turns out that the PS Vita has planned its activities carefully, executing them carefully too. It keeps it in a note application somewhere in itself.

  • Karkat meets Knight Cookie and the nearby Zenigata and Lupin. As he talks with them, he suddenly flies into rage like he usually does and rants to them, before getting serious. Using his crab claw, he rips out Knight Cookie's spine somehow alongside another from his horse, then chases down Zenigata and Lupin to behead and kill them with the spines.

  • Mepps and Snout decide to access their favorite site on a computer, only to see it's down for maintenance. Thinking the site has died, they nearly get heart attacks from it, but fortunately they don't die.

  • The Ocean catches wind of Nicole discovering about its cursed self and her opinion on it. It visits Nicole and accuses her of declaring war against it. But Nicole says it's pest control, before heating the sea using a device, causing it to evaporate and die.

  • The box of chocolates and Princess Daisy are visiting a magic convention when suddenly, they feel very thirsty. They fortunately manage to locate a regular water booth, saving their lives.

  • Stella and Shep for some reason decide to kill another tribute. Spotting Touko and Komaru, who are sick and resting after contracting the illness earlier, they splash corrosive water on them after finding one. This causes them all to die as they painfully melt into puddle.

Day 3

  • Despite of what happened earlier, the PS Vita decides to shake another tree for supplies. This time, money falls out of it rather than another piece of furniture.

  • After hearing of what Stella and Shep did, Nicole, Sypha and Trevor, Rey and Kylo, Julie, and the box of chocolates all decide to face them. Running into them however, Stella and Shep's theme suddenly plays, empowering them like Giorno. They then manage to beat all their attackers somehow and spare them.

  • Kaguya, seeing Princess Daisy, decides to attack her for some reason, using a lightsaber to do so. Daisy is then caught and held at lightsaber-point while Kaguya says that sentence from Backstroke.

  • Kazuichi decides to learn if Mako is good or evil. He builds a device called Detect Evil and points it toward Mako. It then shows GOOD.

  • Princess Cookie suddenly thinks about the word podium finisher in another way. Finding explosives, she throws them all towards her podium, destroying it. She then claims she is a podium finisher.

  • Mepps and Snout decide to try playing a song from Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers on the Arena speakers. However before they can reach the structure Sojiro was in, they are stopped by Karkat.

  • Linguini tries to make some gum, but being a bad cook, he ends up making a giant, dirty one. As he thinks about Colette and Rčmy, he sees Kirby and Ribbon visiting him, before asking for the gum. Surprised, he gives it to them, and then Kirby proceeds to eat and blow it up, causing the gum to pop and cover everyone in it.

  • Not Shane decides to confiscate Dave's tamagotchi for some reason when he plays it. After outrunning Dave due to the gum popping, not Shane tries to play it, but he fails as the tamagotchi dies. When he eventually returns it to Dave, he is enraged and kills not Shane in retaliation by using his skills and weapon.

  • Garnet decides to relax after her kills and then being caught in the gum. Finding a recently cleaned goldfish stall, she decides to play it's game, catching a goldfish very well and winning it.

Fallen Tributes: Divine Windy, Charlie, Kefla, Ness and Paula, Knight Cookie, Zenigata and Lupin, The Ocean, Touko and Komaru, and Not Shane

TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Feb 15th 2020 at 1:07:43 AM

That's the second Asriel-style transformation this season. Also, I bet Garnet called her new pet "Goldfish Steven".

IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Feb 15th 2020 at 1:47:10 AM

Now I'm remembering the time Tonks killed the ocean way back in the first Valentine's Day season.

[down] OG.

Edited by IchigoMontoya on Feb 15th 2020 at 1:55:03 AM

Billy5545 A NS nation from Surabaya, Indonesia
A NS nation
Zanreo another glitch
another glitch
Feb 15th 2020 at 1:56:47 AM

That Vita really likes shaking trees...

she just wants to sing for you (loudness warning at start)
Billy5545 A NS nation from Surabaya, Indonesia
A NS nation
Feb 15th 2020 at 4:37:52 AM

Part 4

Battle Theme:

CEPHEI - Road to a Dream

Night 3

  • Dave sees a footage of Sypha and Trevor killing Kefla, as well as their adventures back in their world. Immediately, he thinks that they need to be 20 percent cooler.

  • The box of chocolates approach Rey and Kylo, who are suspicious after hearing about its actions. However, the box surprisingly offers them piggyback rides, which the two accept.

  • Garnet decides to entertain herself further by performing a ventriloquist act. After finding dummies of Kirby and Ribbon, she uses them for her act, while Kirby and Ribbon themselves watch it.

  • Mako Tsunami comes across Girls' Frontline and decides to play it for some reason. After getting further into the game, he decides to advance further by spending his diamonds to buy labors, bullets, cogs, and canned foods.

  • The PS Vita decides to guard its camp. It installs giant fans around its camp to protect itself. However, Nicole arrives and raids the camp, eventually disabling the fans after some time and gaining access to the camp. By this time though, the PS Vita has escaped.

  • It turns out that Stella and Shep act like that as they apparently hate light and soft things now, liking dark and edgy stuffs instead. They decide to approach Daisy to reveal that fact to her, boasting about it.

  • Juliet is walking when she finds the 50's style jukebox that was used days ago. Immediately, she puts a disc containing What's New Pussycat and plays it 21 times.

  • Kazuichi decides to fight Kaguya. Knowing how weak he is compared to her, especially with her goddess form, he manages to find a source of power that makes him as strong as a super Saiyan. He soon fights and beats her in the battle, boasting like in that one fanfic. However, Kaguya manages to escape before Kazuichi can kill her.

  • Mepps and Snout decide to invite Linguini to their camp. As they spend time there, they are notified that a giant block of concrete is dropped on the camp. They manage to escape quickly before the camp is crushed by the block.

  • Princess Cookie has just read about trolls and then Karkat. After finishing it, she's still confused about how it works and wonders if the power just works.

Day 4

  • Kirby and Ribbon are now hungry. They decide to learn a spell that allow them to transform anyone into food, and Kirby uses it on a rat. He then eats the food like he always does.

  • Juliet seems to be depressed after recent events. As she is very sad, it's commented that she looks so dead, a bit opposite of the Gwent cards.

  • The box of chocolates continue its killing spree. Seeing Sypha and Trevor together, the box sneaks up on them and uses its own body to knock them, then proceeds to release a special spell on them that sends their souls to Hell. There, their souls end up being obliterated alongside their body, meaning they die to the death.

  • Linguini and Daisy are walking when someone knock them out. They soon wake up inside a spiked cage, with the figure saying that they must wrestle and kill each other if they want to survive. Intiially, Linguini gets repeatedly knocked by Daisy's attack, considering she's a tomboy while Linguini is weak. Surprisingly however, Linguini is eventually able to push Daisy off into the spikes, impaling her on them and killing her.

  • Kaguya browses the internet and comes across an article about Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Immediately, she reads it and instantly realizes she's a "fictional" character. She transforms into her goddess form and smashes the computer, before going into some kind of an identity crisis.

  • The PS Vita releases its next plan to other tributes about winning the Game. It declares to all tributes, that tonight they will dine in Hell.

  • Mako has just heard that the Ocean, who he loves very much, was killed by Nicole. Immediately, he is driven to despair and bemoans that he's such an idiot for not saying his love to the Ocean and letting it die.

  • Meanwhile, Nicole comes across Dave, who does something negative that he typically does. Immediately, she calls him out by saying, "classic Dave."

  • Karkat is traveling when he finds an electric bell. Immediately, he presses the button and it beeps loudly, causing him to yell beep.

  • Stella and Shep decide to spend time with each other by going skiing. While doing so however, the yeti has awakened and is chasing them now. They both end up failing to skii fast enough to escape the yeti, causing it to capture and eat them alive.

  • Garnet meanwhile decides to make a pun to Rey and Kylo after she comes across them. Unfortunately it's so awful, that the two decide to kill her. Kylo uses his lightsaber to slash Garnet, proofing her. Then the duo, realizing the actual life is contained in Garnet's gemstones, decide to shatter them with the Force for good measure, leaving both the Ruby and Sapphire gems in pieces.

  • Kazuichi decides to train on how to speak a new language. After spending time, he learns how to use the Italian accent.

  • Mepps and Snout decide to get a weapon that can set stuffs on fire, by asking Princess Cookie to get them a torch. However, she comes with a useless flashlight instead, upsetting the two.

Fallen Tributes: Sypha and Trevor, Princess Daisy, Stella and Shep, and Garnet

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Feb 15th 2020 at 4:51:09 AM

Karkat is still in-character.

TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Feb 15th 2020 at 4:52:12 AM

You two are a real gem. (lightsaber'd and shattered)

IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Feb 15th 2020 at 6:22:00 AM

Trevor and Sypha, I am disappoint.

arimothereindeer Shimmies in Super 8 (Side B) from 60s Japan Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
Shimmies in Super 8 (Side B)
Feb 15th 2020 at 7:53:24 AM

Damn, rip my tributes

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