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Starbug Dwar of Helium from Variable Relationship Status: Remembering what Mama said
Dwar of Helium
Jul 23rd 2018 at 12:21:49 PM

We all know that, thanks to movies/TV shows/cartoons/etc., there are certain voices that come to mind when we read a character's dialogue. For instance, I always hear Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy whenever I read Mister J and the Bat's dialogue. But what about characters who haven't gotten an adaptation? What voices do you hear?

For instance, I've recently finished working my way through Tom Strong. Whenever I read any of Paul Saveen's dialogue, I imagined the legendary Vincent Price. Similarly, in Savage Dragon, old Greenskin sounds like Bruce Willis to me (probably because he's a cop, and SD's always had that Working-Class Hero feel to me, just like John McClain).

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I have ever been prone to seek adventure and to investigate and experiment where wiser men would have left well enough alone. - John Carter
Jul 23rd 2018 at 12:26:35 PM

Susan Eisenberg is the voice I hear when I read Wonder Woman.

Christopher Daniel-Barnes' voice is who I hear when I read Spider-Man.

Jul 23rd 2018 at 6:44:50 PM

When I read Ultimate Captain America, I imagine the voice of Bruce Willis

Ultimate Marvel: the best comics of all time
Jul 25th 2018 at 2:30:43 PM

To me, Spider-Man forever sounds like Dan Gilvezan, his VA from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

Jul 25th 2018 at 2:52:36 PM

I'm not sure whether or not I remembered that he also voiced (Hank Pym) Ant-Man in Earths Mightiest Heroes, but Wally Wingert as the voice of Kotetsu in the dub of Tiger & Bunny is how I "heard" the voice of Scott Lang in Nick Spencer's Ant-Man comic. It's that unique combination of being a Deadpan Snarker while also being kind of dense.

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Supporting the right to arm bears
Aug 26th 2018 at 9:52:10 PM

Until the movies, I always envisioned J Jonah Jameson sounding like Mr. Spacely.

Dr.XXX The Mad Doctor
The Mad Doctor
Aug 27th 2018 at 6:49:56 AM

I doubt I can read Hela without hearing Cate Blanchett

Sep 27th 2018 at 1:42:02 PM

I also have a tendency of assigning actors' voices to characters while reading. Usually with established characters, its the actor I'm most familiar with or from the lasted incarnation I heard.

Reading Ultimate Spider-Man feels weird, I don't find Drake Bell's voice fitting but I keep hearing it over actors. Now after playing Spider-Man on the PS 4, he sounds like Yuri Lowenthal and it sounds too old.

Two voices I am fond of are Clancy Brown as Old Hob and Kirby Morrow as Rodimus Prime.

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Invincibleasshole fuckANN from Not here Relationship Status: TV Tropes ruined my love life
Dec 26th 2018 at 6:59:17 PM

Pretty much the entire DCAU. Seriously the casting for each show was near perfect

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BigMadDraco Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Dec 30th 2018 at 8:48:50 PM

CD Barnes is still the voice I hear for Spider-Man. Likewise Rosco Lee Brown's voice is still the one I hear for the Kingpin.

J Johna Jameson waffles between Ed Asner and JK Simmons depending on how he's portrayed with more nuanced portrayals leaning toward the former and more ridiculous ones toward the latter.

Starbug Dwar of Helium from Variable Relationship Status: Remembering what Mama said
Dwar of Helium
Apr 10th 2019 at 8:37:06 AM

Another one: I always pictured Deadman sounding like Moe from The Simpsons.

I have ever been prone to seek adventure and to investigate and experiment where wiser men would have left well enough alone. - John Carter
Apr 14th 2019 at 4:24:24 PM

David Kaye as Optimus Prime, Warpath and Grimlock.

Corey Burton as Megatron, Shockwave, Brawn and Ratchet.

Judd Nelson as Rodimus Prime.

Jeff Bennett as Prowl and Ultra Magnus.

Bumper Robinson as Bumblebee.

Bill Fagerbakke as Bulkhead (whenever Bulkhead appears in a comic).

Phil LaMarr as Jazz.

Nolan North as Cliffjumper.

Keith Szarabajka as Ironhide.

Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man. But now I can also alternatively hear Yuri Lowenthal.

Mary Jane is either Kirsten Dunst or Laura Bailey.

Miles Morales is Shameik Moore.

Harry is James Franco.

Aunt May is Rosemary Harris.

Green Goblin is Willem Dafoe.

Doc Ock is Alfred Molina.

Brian Tochi is Leonardo.

Josh Pais is Raphael.

Corey Feldman is Donatello.

Robbie Rist is Michelangelo.

Kevin Clash is Splinter.

Judith Hoag is April O'Neil.

Elias Koteas is Casey Jones.

David McCharen is Shredder.

I hear Chris Evans as Captain America.

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Small_Mess I like noises. from Orenburg, Russia Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
I like noises.
Apr 19th 2019 at 11:10:03 PM

When I was reading Garth Ennis' The Boys, I for some reason gave Billy Butcher the male protagonist voice #3 from Saints Row 3 (the growling Cockney one, by Robert Atkin Downes). Just seemed to fit perfectly. And The Homelander sounded like Patrick Warburton in my head.

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Spottedleaf Popsicle Hands from S.T.A.R. Labs Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
Popsicle Hands
Apr 24th 2019 at 2:27:28 PM

Batman will never not sound like Christian Bale, and the Caitlin Snow incarnation of Killer Frost will never not sound like Danielle Panabaker.

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