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1.8 overhaul or why did the site just change on me?

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We've just pushed a large overhaul public. Please report complaints, comments and concerns here. When reporting bugs, please make sure you include which browser(s) and platform(s) you have encountered the issue with.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did we do this? This update has been in development for over a year. It replaces a vast amount of messy code on the back-end, gives us a new modernized design, updates us to https, and creates a platform that we can more easily build on for future updates.
  • Can we go back to the old design? This isn't happening. We'll make the new one work.
  • Why are there so many bugs? As with any major overhaul, some problems will occur. The developers are working full-time on fixing stuff.

Frequently Reported Issues

This isn't everything, just the most common problems.

Status Values 

    General Site Issues 
  • Being logged in as someone else, sort of. [FIXED]
  • Where'd the "Folders Open" toggle go? Not a bug, it's in your profile.
  • Multiple issues with the new site search feature. [Logged]
    • No sorting options.
    • Forum poster search is gone. [FIXED]
    • Can't search specifically by thread title, making results unhelpful.
    • Pagination doesn't work correctly — the last page displays as if there were no search results.
  • Line breaks don't work in some areas. (Ask The Tropers, Trope Launch Pad, forum previews) [Patched]
    • ATT, TLP, forum previews fixed. Some more line breaking issues were identified and are being worked on.
  • The Cut List does not work.
    • Cannot approve or deny requests. [FIXED]
    • Line breaks don't work. [FIXED]
    • Cut request reasons don't appear. [FIXED]
    • Additional cutlist issues noted here.
  • Note, subscript, and superscript formatting are broken in various places. [FIXED]
  • Night vision has significant readability problems. [Patched]
  • Namespace index is broken. [Logged]

    Wiki Issues 
  • Articles may become locked when edited, or when backing out of editing without clicking Cancel. Moderators can remove the locks but can't fix the underlying problem. [Patched]
    • Remaining issue: the lock system still doesn't distinguish between an article that's locked and one that's checked out for editing.
  • Edits won't save when "<" or ">" characters are present in the markup. [Patched]
    • HTML detection was disabled for the time being. We're working on a more robust system.
  • Edits won't save when the [norreallife] tag is present in the markup. [FIXED]
  • Redirects are broken. [Patched]
    • This is at least partially fixed. We need to know if there are any remaining problems.
  • Indexing is broken. [In Progress]
  • Images on wiki articles are rendered smaller than in the previous design. [Patched]
    • Resizing images with [quoteright] tags is still broken.
  • The "Following" list (formerly called the Watchlist) doesn't distinguish visually between viewed and unviewed articles. [In Progress]
  • Custom titles are no longer appearing in all places where they should. [FIXED]
  • In-line icons for Flame Bait, Trivia, and YMMV wicks are intended, but sometimes overlap preceding text. [Patched]
    • Trivia icons should not appear in-line. (Design issue, logged)
    • In second-level bullets, icons overlap preceding text. [Logged]
  • The [invoked] tag no longer suppresses the aforementioned icons. [Logged]

    Forum Issues 
  • [quoteblock] markup causes everything inside to appear italic and squashed together. [FIXED]
  • Line breaking for external links doesn't work correctly. [FIXED]
  • Post numbering is no longer visible, although you can retrieve it from the hard-link. [Logged]
  • "Delete all posts by user" mod feature now causes posts to be completely hidden instead of replaced with "Troll Post". [Logged]
  • "Mark all as read" forum feature doesn't work. [Logged]
  • "Save Draft" feature doesn't work as expected. [Logged]
  • Forum post preview doesn't show all markup. [FIXED]
  • Unread indicators on individual forums (topics.php) seem to have nothing to do with whether you actually have any unread posts. [Logged]

  • Avatar upload is broken. [In Progress]
  • Avatar galleries aren't formatted properly. [Logged]
  • Crowners are broken. [Logged]
  • Namespace configurator (mod tool) is missing some auto page type options, and the namespace locking feature doesn't work. [Logged]

Previously compiled lists of problems: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Edited by Fighteer on Jul 13th 2018 at 3:56:59 PM

bwburke94 My Ice Cream Waifu from Remnant Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
My Ice Cream Waifu
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:44:17 PM

[up][up][up] We even have a trope for that.

Edited by bwburke94 on Jun 26th 2018 at 4:44:17 AM

Misspelled trope names dealt with... for now. Moving back to the Understatement project soon?
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:44:22 PM

I am gonna agree and say there is literally no reason to "update" and make everything so abjectly worse than ever before.

Sign on for this After The End Fantasy RP.
TPPR10 What are you even saying from Suomus Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
What are you even saying
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:45:01 PM

I noticed that in the new edits page, Discussion links aren't coloured differently from other things as an example. Not sure what I feel about that. Like I don't know what to say about the new Discussion page format.

Standing by
Bolded1 put quote here from somewhere Relationship Status: My elf kissing days are over
put quote here
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:45:10 PM

Could we go back to the older layout ? This one is pretty bad.

And yeah the "show spoilers" toggle missing is really irritating.

Edited by Bolded1 on Jun 26th 2018 at 1:45:31 AM

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:45:11 PM

It's saying i've joined much earlier than I actually did, it keeps logging me into other people's accounts and it barley works on my kindle.

Who's idea was this?

Edited by Kaiseror on Jun 26th 2018 at 3:46:49 AM

Ghilz Fight It Out! from The Moon, Or Canada Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Fight It Out!
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:45:16 PM

The bulletin about the new overhaul has a link inviting users to post here for feedback.

That link is in fact broken.

The preview post button sometimes doesn't work, and doesn't appear when editing posts.

Edited by Ghilz on Jun 26th 2018 at 4:47:20 AM

catmuto Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:45:31 PM

I'm viewing this page on PC via the Opera browers.

1) Guess I was lucky because I did not log into another user's account, but managed to log into mine immediately.

2) The colors are... okay. The top is too dark and keeps distracting me from trying to read the page itself; I keep looking up and thinking something's happening, but nope. It's just a dark header. (The pink for heartwarming is also too noticeable...)

3.1) What happened to the format? The folders for, say, Character Sheets are now... just plain boring. Just an image of a bog-standard folder with the folder name next to it. I'm browsing TV Tropes here, and not checking out my old Windows 98 folders, right?

3.2) Speaking of format, a second bullet-point seems to have a bigger space next to the point than the original and wraps around the bullet-point, rather than be one nice block within a 'frame' away from said point.

3.3) The noticeable linebreaks between each trope example is distracting. there a way to at least offer the old style back? I much prefer the folders being the bars in yellow.

Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:45:42 PM

The forum looks terrible, it's like a white wasteland with zero contrast between posts. A bit more color and such would be greatly appreciated.

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:45:47 PM

So I've been poking around the pages I've written to experiment, and the most I've been able to add to an article without getting the "You are attempting to change too much of this article" message is exactly one letter.

phantom1 Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:46:03 PM

I can't seem to see the video if the video is linked in the forums, it's just blank black space for me (I'm in night mode).

Also had the logged in as random user bug earlier, and am having the editing issue.

TheTropper from Allentown, Pennsylvania Relationship Status: On the fine, fine line
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:46:23 PM

For some reason the post I made on this forum didn't show up: So this is another issue needed to be fix.

The previous look felt more easy to navigate around.

The open/close folder button is shrunk.

The (**) paragraphs are too close to each other, they need to be split further.

There's no cancel button during editing and no image upload button

There's a white box that surrounds images for some reason.

These either be fixed or we go back to the previous version.

Edited by TheTropper on Jun 26th 2018 at 4:51:55 AM

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:46:25 PM

I can't edit. It just gives me some HTTP 5000 error page.

lakingsif Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:46:52 PM

The spaces between lines in bulleted lists is way too long: ugly, hard to read, looks like separate things instead of list. The gap is even worse with some indented quotes (in lists, not page quotes, as far as I've seen). However, when there's a header underneath the list the last item and the header overlap, instead (e.g. BlackMirror.Series Four).

Also, the colors are gone from crowners, so [tup] and [tdown] are both in blue and it makes both the ratio and where it is less obvious, as it blends into the page.

Edited by lakingsif on Jun 26th 2018 at 2:14:41 AM

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:46:55 PM

Oh hey, I found posts comparing the old old layout and the current old one before any improvements had been made.

A lot improved since those bright blue days!

The Protomen enhanced my life.
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:47:24 PM

Second-level (**) bulleted list items that are long enough to wrap down to a second and subsequent lines now have such lines start underneath the bullet instead of underneath the first line of text.

Edited by darkemyst on Jun 26th 2018 at 1:50:41 AM

Spinosegnosaurus77 Troy & Abed in the morning! from Ontario, Canada Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Troy & Abed in the morning!
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:47:31 PM

Also not here for the new design. [tdown]

More seriously, I was somehow logged into Silverblade 2’s account immediately after the update (I logged out immediately once I noticed what happened).

Cool. Coolcoolcool.
KarkatTheDalek Not as angry as the name would suggest. from Somwhere in Time/Space Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Not as angry as the name would suggest.
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:48:24 PM

I think other people have said something similar, but when I logged out on my phone, it instead put me on another person’a account. I was able to fix it by closing the window, but this happened a few times prior - seems like it could be a security risk.

Oh God! Natural light!
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:48:49 PM

Is there a mod monitoring this forum who wouldn't mind me P Ming a bug to them. I'll explain in the PM why I don't want to post it publicly.

It feels so good to have no signature at last.
Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:48:49 PM

I also just got logged in to some moderator's account.

This update is a database security nightmare. Someone ought to be fired...

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:49:40 PM

The cutesy message that shows up when you write a post ("watch [NAME] work those keys!") now appears in the text box itself.

Also it frequently tells me that I can't post in a discussion (including this one) because it's private.

Edited by Locoman on Jun 26th 2018 at 4:51:24 AM

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:50:06 PM

Good thing I haven't attempted to edit anything today, geez.

GameGuruGG Vampire Hunter from Castlevania Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Vampire Hunter
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:50:15 PM

First, the Profile Picture on my Profile Page is broken. It should be showing me my Profile Picture but instead it is showing up as a broken image. That should definitely be fixed.

Second, I would like the option to have the unread messages at the top of the Following/Thread Watchlist. It would make discovering which threads I have yet to read easier.

Wizard Needs Food Badly
SeptimusHeap MOD Token Good Teammate from Bern, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:51:14 PM

Second list of issues, first one is here:

  • ATT and other Query anything threads cannot be uncollapsed by default.
  • on Funny.The Runaway Guys Mario Party, the image causes the "open/close all folders" button to move down over the Mario Party 3 folder and if you try to click it, it only opens the Mario Party 3 folder
  • link in the Bulletin is borked.
  • a limit on the amount of new data we can add to articles is problematic.
  • sub-bulleting currently works isn't the most readable
  • spacing down doesn't work in signatures.
  • A different user is having a problem with the site where the adblock-detection system redirects her to a fullpage error message that can't be turned off, not the popup (by Locoman)
  • Flame Bait items aren't flagged with a little flame on YMMV articles, see YMMV.Wiki Sandbox (the Fan Dumb entry at the bottom).
  • iPhone 6's Safari browser, the main page has no search bar.
  • can't upload new avatars to my profile at all
  • can no longer see the edit page button when in the pages history section, which is oft how I find what needs editing and thus an inconvenience.
  • When editing a post in the TPL the cancel and save buttons overlap with the text box.
  • In Night Vision mode, the WMG, and YMMV, Series, Webcomic and basically any of the namespace icon who are black or grey are almost impossible to make out.
  • In regular "White Mode", the same grey/black icons are even MORE impossible to see if they are the namespace you currently are in as the currently selected namespace icon turns dark grey.
  • Also in Night Vision Mode, when editing or writing a new post in the forum, the thread title remains blue on white.
  • The image Uploader is broken. I drop an image, I get a progress bad, then never get a formatting markup to link to my uploaded image.
  • slight data bug for me: my profile says I've been a part of TV Tropes since 2012.
  • the colors are gone from crowners, so [tup] and [tdown] are both in blue and it makes both the ratio and where it is less obvious, as it blends into the page.
  • Second-level bulleted list items that are long enough to wrap down to a second and subsequent lines now have such lines start underneath the bullet instead of underneath the first line of text.
  • The cutesy message that shows up when you write a post ("watch [NAME} work those keys!") now appears in the text box itself.
  • Putting the forum post buttons in a drop down that isn't very obvious might hide them a little too much.
  • ban system still has the vague ban messages on non-edit bans.

~Wyldchyld: Send it to me.

catmuto Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:52:46 PM

Got another complaint... uncovered spoilers are now only noticeable by having a dotted line underneath, and not being an uncovered 'box' of spoilers. This makes it difficult to tell what is an uncovered spoiler and what is a trope/link.

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:52:48 PM

Editing works fine for me, but red links on the preview appear blue, making it harder to verify if they're written correctly.

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