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1.8 overhaul or why did the site just change on me?

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We've just pushed a large overhaul public. Please report complaints, comments and concerns here. When reporting bugs, please make sure you include which browser(s) and platform(s) you have encountered the issue with.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did we do this? This update has been in development for over a year. It replaces a vast amount of messy code on the back-end, gives us a new modernized design, updates us to https, and creates a platform that we can more easily build on for future updates.
  • Can we go back to the old design? This isn't happening. We'll make the new one work.
  • Why are there so many bugs? As with any major overhaul, some problems will occur. The developers are working full-time on fixing stuff.

Frequently Reported Issues

This isn't everything, just the most common problems.

Status Values 

    General Site Issues 
  • Being logged in as someone else, sort of. [FIXED]
  • Where'd the "Folders Open" toggle go? Not a bug, it's in your profile.
  • Multiple issues with the new site search feature. [Logged]
    • No sorting options.
    • Forum poster search is gone. [FIXED]
    • Can't search specifically by thread title, making results unhelpful.
    • Pagination doesn't work correctly — the last page displays as if there were no search results.
  • Line breaks don't work in some areas. (Ask The Tropers, Trope Launch Pad, forum previews) [Patched]
    • ATT, TLP, forum previews fixed. Some more line breaking issues were identified and are being worked on.
  • The Cut List does not work.
    • Cannot approve or deny requests. [FIXED]
    • Line breaks don't work. [FIXED]
    • Cut request reasons don't appear. [FIXED]
    • Additional cutlist issues noted here.
  • Note, subscript, and superscript formatting are broken in various places. [FIXED]
  • Night vision has significant readability problems. [Patched]
  • Namespace index is broken. [Logged]

    Wiki Issues 
  • Articles may become locked when edited, or when backing out of editing without clicking Cancel. Moderators can remove the locks but can't fix the underlying problem. [Patched]
    • Remaining issue: the lock system still doesn't distinguish between an article that's locked and one that's checked out for editing.
  • Edits won't save when "<" or ">" characters are present in the markup. [Patched]
    • HTML detection was disabled for the time being. We're working on a more robust system.
  • Edits won't save when the [norreallife] tag is present in the markup. [FIXED]
  • Redirects are broken. [Patched]
    • This is at least partially fixed. We need to know if there are any remaining problems.
  • Indexing is broken. [In Progress]
  • Images on wiki articles are rendered smaller than in the previous design. [Patched]
    • Resizing images with [quoteright] tags is still broken.
  • The "Following" list (formerly called the Watchlist) doesn't distinguish visually between viewed and unviewed articles. [In Progress]
  • Custom titles are no longer appearing in all places where they should. [FIXED]
  • In-line icons for Flame Bait, Trivia, and YMMV wicks are intended, but sometimes overlap preceding text. [Patched]
    • Trivia icons should not appear in-line. (Design issue, logged)
    • In second-level bullets, icons overlap preceding text. [Logged]
  • The [invoked] tag no longer suppresses the aforementioned icons. [Logged]

    Forum Issues 
  • [quoteblock] markup causes everything inside to appear italic and squashed together. [FIXED]
  • Line breaking for external links doesn't work correctly. [FIXED]
  • Post numbering is no longer visible, although you can retrieve it from the hard-link. [Logged]
  • "Delete all posts by user" mod feature now causes posts to be completely hidden instead of replaced with "Troll Post". [Logged]
  • "Mark all as read" forum feature doesn't work. [Logged]
  • "Save Draft" feature doesn't work as expected. [Logged]
  • Forum post preview doesn't show all markup. [FIXED]
  • Unread indicators on individual forums (topics.php) seem to have nothing to do with whether you actually have any unread posts. [Logged]

  • Avatar upload is broken. [In Progress]
  • Avatar galleries aren't formatted properly. [Logged]
  • Crowners are broken. [Logged]
  • Namespace configurator (mod tool) is missing some auto page type options, and the namespace locking feature doesn't work. [Logged]

Previously compiled lists of problems: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Edited by Fighteer on Jul 13th 2018 at 3:56:59 PM

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:04:49 PM

I remember one time, a change was made to the folders, and there were some many complaints that it was changed back.

I hope this happens here.

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:05:26 PM

Anyone else have problems adding anything? I added one sentence to a Tropes page and I got kicked back to the editing page along with the heading "You are attempting to change too much of this article."

Edited by reppuzan on Jun 26th 2018 at 4:09:18 AM

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:05:28 PM

When I go to edit a page or type a post the cursor that tells you where you are typing is invisible. Also,I can go to my "Thread You Are Following" page, but it doesn't list when a thread has a new post in it, making the act of following them pointless.

[up]I tried to make an edit to a page, but clicking on the save, function didn't seem to do anything. I tried reloading the page and now it seems to have locked itself so none can edit it.

Edited by WillKeaton on Jun 26th 2018 at 2:09:19 AM

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:06:02 PM

The sidebars are too wide for my desktop.

Here's a rough comparison made in Paint cause the Internet Archive doesn't let me swap the left-right thing.

Also there's no line in typing messages to show where the cursor is.

DemonDuckofDoom from Some Pond in Hell Relationship Status: In my bunk
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:06:33 PM

The mobile browser is completely broken for me (Chrome on Android, for context). The website isn't showing any actual design, just black-and-white text and images if I'm lucky. It looks half-loaded. To add onto that, I can't log in to my account, I keep getting others' accounts instead.

However, I must say I like the new website design.

Edited by DemonDuckofDoom on Jun 26th 2018 at 1:06:42 AM

Ongoing Projects
TPPR10 I stare through your soul from Suomus Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I stare through your soul
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:07:05 PM

Also I don't really like how all the images are so tiny now in work pages. They are like, what 180 pixels wide instead of the previous max of 350?

Edited by TPPR10 on Jun 26th 2018 at 11:09:08 AM

The Witch of Deep Staring
NesClassic Meh-meh!? from Flyover Country Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:07:08 PM

Will echo that the sidebar text is way too big, at least on mobile. Actual forum threads look fine in portrait mode, but landscape's got that same problem where text feels a tad too big (though I'm willing to suck it up and stay in portrait so, that's not important).

The Save Draft button is broken, too, clicking it takes you to a white screen that says no thread with that ID can be found. Oddly enough, it still manages to save the draft anyways so that aspect's working at least.

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:07:45 PM

You know what they say: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

TenEight born in a graveyard, raised in a garage from Ohio Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
born in a graveyard, raised in a garage
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:07:48 PM

Hey uh I can't help but notice that the clickable footnotes now blend into/look the same as the surrounding text?

OldBen from the Middle of Nowhere Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:07:53 PM

Gimme a few days to rate the changes, that's a bit hard to swallow ATM.

Outside of aestethic changes - labelnotes doesn't seem to be superscripted properly THIS IS A NOTE , and long hyperlinks aren't line broken, if link is too long it gets dumped to the next line as a whole.

Forgotten 11th Commandment: THOU SHALT NOT SPOIL!
MorningStar1337 Does this look like the face of Mercy? from 🤔
Does this look like the face of Mercy?
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:08:00 PM

The header colors look awesome. I've been thinking that a little contrast was needed on the site.

That said, now I can say that contrast is now needed in Night Vision's highlighted posts.

Edited by MorningStar1337 on Jun 26th 2018 at 1:10:00 AM

"We're TV Tropes. We don't need bots to ruin people's lives.". -nightwyrm_zero
Tsukiyomaru0 Just fixing things left and right Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Just fixing things left and right
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:08:28 PM

Do us a favor: revert to the previous design. It worked, it looked good and had better display options in the sidebar.

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:09:37 PM

I tried to edit my post, and while I was able to make alterations to the content of said post in the editor window, the actual post refuses to change.

Edit: Apparently I can edit posts now.

Edited by WillKeaton on Jun 26th 2018 at 2:10:12 AM

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:09:51 PM

the removal of Show Spoilers from the Display

Oh yeah, that's actually very important. That feature basically ended spoiler debates; we definitely can't do without it.

DarkChirano Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:10:27 PM

I also got the "logged in as someone else entirely" glitch. In this case, the wiki thought I was someone named Silverblade 2, so I logged out of that account ASAP.

Edited by DarkChirano on Jun 26th 2018 at 1:12:15 AM

Nothin' much, just cookin'.
Dirtyblue929 Armchair Developer from A Very Deep Hole Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Armchair Developer
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:10:43 PM

Every time I refresh the page I'm logged in to a different account. I'm Dirty Blue 929, in case this posts as someone else.

I'm not sure how this is even possible but it's the most horribly broken account security I've ever seen.

"Oh no, I'm not brave enough for politics."
Idungoofed19 Grapefruit Hater from The Bone Zone Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
Grapefruit Hater
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:10:59 PM

The "more" option not being a dropdown anymore is gonna cause some pages to be a mess.

Case in point:

Edited by Idungoofed19 on Jun 26th 2018 at 5:41:07 AM

Does your God know insects grow in my pome?
Reflextion Cheerful Misanthrope from Nowhere Relationship Status: What's love got to do with it?
Cheerful Misanthrope
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:11:19 PM

"Remember me" doesn't seem to be working, I have to log in every time I restart Firefox (haven't tried Chrome yet)

It's assholes all the way down. —CharlesPhipps
ACW Unofficial Wiki Curator for Complete Monster from Arlington, VA (near Washington, D.C.)
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:11:22 PM

The wide load isn't as wide as previously.

CM Drafts; Pending CM Writeups
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:12:06 PM

Aye, aye, aye, what the hell is up with this drastically new layout? The previous one was just fine the way it was and easy to navigate. This new setup is not only completely unnecessary, but a total bitch to navigate through, especially where the forums are concerned. Not to mention it takes way too long to load for me. Like... whose bright idea was this?

As the old saying goes: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Edited by IchigoMontoya on Jun 26th 2018 at 1:13:38 AM

TPPR10 I stare through your soul from Suomus Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I stare through your soul
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:12:10 PM

A follow-up on image thing, images seem to have regular ratio if they are posted on the forums, but are centered to the middle of the post instead of left or right.

The Witch of Deep Staring
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:12:30 PM

Also, why is there no option to go back to the thread watchlist from the bottom of a given thread? Very annoying when I'm in gigantic threads that are 50+ pages long

I did a DMC fanfic thing
AqueousBunnies Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:12:33 PM

I think I'm getting hit with a particularly severe variant of the account bug, where I can't log out of the randomized accounts even after I've pressed Log Out several times. Clicking something in the main tab that isn't Forums does randomize it again. I'm also not fond of the font for draft posts and the speech bubble style where posts are displayed.

Zanreo Nanashi - literal Paper-Thin Disguise Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Nanashi - literal Paper-Thin Disguise
Jun 26th 2018 at 1:12:47 PM

Also why is the avatar gallery now just one long line instead of the old rows and columns (unless this is just an issue with mobile desktop view) page navigation at bottom also looks broken

(and when I first tried posting this I got the "this discussion is private" message after clicking post btw)

Edited by Zanreo on Jun 26th 2018 at 10:21:36 AM

Jun 26th 2018 at 1:13:06 PM

@Mr Media Guy 2, usually site-wide changes like this aren't reverted completely, but altered to address complaints. The original form of the old layout was way different compared to the finalized one.

Also this posting font is weird to me.

Edited by lalalei2001 on Jun 26th 2018 at 4:18:18 AM

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