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1.8 overhaul or why did the site just change on me?

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We've just pushed a large overhaul public. Please report complaints, comments and concerns here. When reporting bugs, please make sure you include which browser(s) and platform(s) you have encountered the issue with.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did we do this? This update has been in development for over a year. It replaces a vast amount of messy code on the back-end, gives us a new modernized design, updates us to https, and creates a platform that we can more easily build on for future updates.
  • Can we go back to the old design? This isn't happening. We'll make the new one work.
  • Why are there so many bugs? As with any major overhaul, some problems will occur. The developers are working full-time on fixing stuff.

Frequently Reported Issues

This isn't everything, just the most common problems.

Status Values 

    General Site Issues 
  • Being logged in as someone else, sort of. [FIXED]
  • Where'd the "Folders Open" toggle go? Not a bug, it's in your profile.
  • Multiple issues with the new site search feature. [Logged]
    • No sorting options.
    • Forum poster search is gone. [FIXED]
    • Can't search specifically by thread title, making results unhelpful.
    • Pagination doesn't work correctly — the last page displays as if there were no search results.
  • Line breaks don't work in some areas. (Ask The Tropers, Trope Launch Pad, forum previews) [Patched]
    • ATT, TLP, forum previews fixed. Some more line breaking issues were identified and are being worked on.
  • The Cut List does not work.
    • Cannot approve or deny requests. [FIXED]
    • Line breaks don't work. [FIXED]
    • Cut request reasons don't appear. [FIXED]
    • Additional cutlist issues noted here.
  • Note, subscript, and superscript formatting are broken in various places. [FIXED]
  • Night vision has significant readability problems. [Patched]
  • Namespace index is broken. [Logged]

    Wiki Issues 
  • Articles may become locked when edited, or when backing out of editing without clicking Cancel. Moderators can remove the locks but can't fix the underlying problem. [Patched]
    • Remaining issue: the lock system still doesn't distinguish between an article that's locked and one that's checked out for editing.
  • Edits won't save when "<" or ">" characters are present in the markup. [Patched]
    • HTML detection was disabled for the time being. We're working on a more robust system.
  • Edits won't save when the [norreallife] tag is present in the markup. [FIXED]
  • Redirects are broken. [Patched]
    • This is at least partially fixed. We need to know if there are any remaining problems.
  • Indexing is broken. [In Progress]
  • Images on wiki articles are rendered smaller than in the previous design. [Patched]
    • Resizing images with [quoteright] tags is still broken.
  • The "Following" list (formerly called the Watchlist) doesn't distinguish visually between viewed and unviewed articles. [In Progress]
  • Custom titles are no longer appearing in all places where they should. [FIXED]
  • In-line icons for Flame Bait, Trivia, and YMMV wicks are intended, but sometimes overlap preceding text. [Patched]
    • Trivia icons should not appear in-line. (Design issue, logged)
    • In second-level bullets, icons overlap preceding text. [Logged]
  • The [invoked] tag no longer suppresses the aforementioned icons. [Logged]

    Forum Issues 
  • [quoteblock] markup causes everything inside to appear italic and squashed together. [FIXED]
  • Line breaking for external links doesn't work correctly. [FIXED]
  • Post numbering is no longer visible, although you can retrieve it from the hard-link. [Logged]
  • "Delete all posts by user" mod feature now causes posts to be completely hidden instead of replaced with "Troll Post". [Logged]
  • "Mark all as read" forum feature doesn't work. [Logged]
  • "Save Draft" feature doesn't work as expected. [Logged]
  • Forum post preview doesn't show all markup. [FIXED]
  • Unread indicators on individual forums (topics.php) seem to have nothing to do with whether you actually have any unread posts. [Logged]

  • Avatar upload is broken. [In Progress]
  • Avatar galleries aren't formatted properly. [Logged]
  • Crowners are broken. [Logged]
  • Namespace configurator (mod tool) is missing some auto page type options, and the namespace locking feature doesn't work. [Logged]

Previously compiled lists of problems: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Edited by Fighteer on Jul 13th 2018 at 3:56:59 PM

Oceanstuck It's been too long, babe... from the handle says it all Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Jul 10th 2018 at 3:39:19 PM

On my ipad, I can't see the edit button or others on the top. I can still edit but it's like they are invisible. I see them fine on my phone.

Gacha Is A Lie.
Jul 10th 2018 at 3:48:15 PM

Also, I can't edit my forum post on my I Pad.

Gacha Is A Lie.
Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Jul 10th 2018 at 4:05:54 PM

Having the same problem with the Draft fuction as mentioned above.

rmctagg09 The Wanderer (he/him) from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer (he/him)
Jul 10th 2018 at 4:07:20 PM

Edited by rmctagg09 on Jul 10th 2018 at 7:11:07 AM

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite. "The wheel will turn ever more, but I see pain. I see victory, but pain.
Jul 10th 2018 at 4:18:07 PM

The bottom on mobile still lacks a followed thread button, requiring you to return to the top to go browse other threads.

Its very inconvenient when you are trying to see what your missing while your out.

Jul 10th 2018 at 5:36:20 PM

I've also noticed that on pages like the Super Sons funny moments page and the Izuku Midoriya character page, the images that were previously aligned with the text and folders are suddenly shoved to the top of the page while everything else is moved down.

This makes things look awkward compared to before.

Jul 10th 2018 at 6:36:15 PM

Not sure if this is new or not, but I've seen this little gas pump icon next to some links. Like on the Super Mario RPG page, down by the Skippable Boss entry.

Edited by WillKeaton on Jul 10th 2018 at 7:35:57 AM

Jul 10th 2018 at 6:37:43 PM

[up] That's intentional. It's for YMMV tropes.

rmctagg09 The Wanderer (he/him) from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer (he/him)
Jul 10th 2018 at 6:59:59 PM

We used to have a counter that said what things needed to be moved to YMMV or Trivia, but I think that's been broken from since the 1.3 update.

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite. "The wheel will turn ever more, but I see pain. I see victory, but pain.
Jul 10th 2018 at 7:02:20 PM

The problem is the icon shows up in the middle of sentences.

Rationalinsanity from Halifax, Canada Relationship Status: It's complicated
Jul 10th 2018 at 7:07:02 PM

On the latest version of Firefox, Windows 10, Laptop. Any news on the memory leak issue? Because I'm still getting massive memory use spikes if I keep TVT tabs open for too long. My computer has nearly locked up a few times due to this.

Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects.
Jul 10th 2018 at 7:20:04 PM

I get the memory problem on my end too, OSX and Seamonkey (firefox clone). It was fine for a little bit at the beginning, but the longer I go, the more it sucks up the free memory and turns it into active and inactive (mac's fancy talk for "used").

WaterBlap Blapper of Water Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Blapper of Water
Jul 10th 2018 at 7:58:32 PM

Will Keaton, it's intentional. Unless the icon is overlapping text or present despite the [invoked] markup, it's intentional. Please move inappropriate wicks to the correct page (or revise the sentence to remove incorrect wicks).

[witty saying]
Silasw A procrastination in of itself from a handcart heading to Hell Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
A procrastination in of itself
Jul 10th 2018 at 9:48:58 PM

For the forum a lot of the bolding doesn’t stick out like it used to, particularly when it comes to topics with new posts in a forum section, they used to stick out easily but now it’s difficult.

Also I miss the big “you have a PM” banner, it’s easy to miss the new symbol on a tablet, though I assume we’re not getting the big banner back until the issue of banned users seeing it gets fixed.

Also I still can’t use our markup system on Io S for forum posts, I try and bold stuff and it comes out like. ‘’’stuff’’’.

"And the Bunny nails it!" ~ Gabrael "If the UN can get through a day without everyone strangling everyone else so can we." ~ Cyran
HeraldAlberich from Ohio Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Jul 10th 2018 at 10:06:03 PM

[up] That’s the fault of iOS now using curved quote marks instead of straight ones by default, not anything to do with the wiki software. If you long-press the apostrophe key until the different options appear, then release, you’ll get a straight quote mark that the wiki uses for bold and italic markup.

[up][up] It’s intentional and correct for YMMV and Flame Bait, but as I noted back on page 91, the behavior may need to be changed for Trivia.

GastonRabbit D3 in 2D from Robinson, Illinois, USA Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
D3 in 2D
Jul 11th 2018 at 1:40:54 AM

My computer froze a bit ago and I had to force my computer to shut down and restart it while in the middle of editing. I turned my computer back on and my changes were kept in the editor; not sure if that's a Firefox feature or something added to the TV Tropes update, but it's nice either way because it means it's easier to avoid Data Vampires.

"Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!" —Youngster Ben
Jul 11th 2018 at 2:02:03 AM

If something invokes a YMMV trope how can I stop the icon appearing? On the old layout if an entry said 'invoked' or 'invokes' the icon wasn't red.

GastonRabbit D3 in 2D from Robinson, Illinois, USA Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
D3 in 2D
Jul 11th 2018 at 2:03:51 AM

[up]Putting the [[invoked]] tag in the page source still works.

Edited by GastonRabbit on Jul 11th 2018 at 4:04:00 AM

"Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!" —Youngster Ben
Zanreo the original this time from drawing game comic Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
the original this time
Jul 11th 2018 at 3:22:59 AM

So... is the avatar selector in your profile supposed to look like this , with two images "missing" at the end? (I mean, the avatars aren't actually missing since they show up on the next page, but still looks kinda weird)

Still a favorite after all these years
Jul 11th 2018 at 4:46:22 AM

I can't find the 'upload image' button on a page.

EDIT: Oh, it now appears when editing a page.

Edited by lalalei2001 on Jul 11th 2018 at 7:48:05 AM

Noaqiyeum The it-thingy from the October Country Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The it-thingy
Jul 11th 2018 at 5:00:54 AM

This isn’t really a bug, I think, but it is a complaint: all body text, on the forums and the wiki, is enormous when I read on my iPhone - like, two sentences are an entire screen, and I almost have to try to read and scroll at the same time. (The text I’m typing to post right now is a normal size.) Is there anything I can do to fix this? Do I have an accessible version of the site turned on by mistake or something?

Edit: Actually, I think the problem is that the mobile page is fixed-width, so when I hold my phone in “landscape” form like I’m accustomed to, it doesn’t put more characters on each line, it just makes the text bigger, which is highly inconvenient. (But it doesn’t do this with editable boxes or, for instance, the page buttons to go to the YMMV or WMG pages.)

Edited by Noaqiyeum on Jul 11th 2018 at 2:10:11 PM

Anyone who looks dangerous is dangerous. Anyone who doesn't look dangerous is dangerous and sneaky.
GastonRabbit D3 in 2D from Robinson, Illinois, USA Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
D3 in 2D
Jul 11th 2018 at 6:36:22 AM

I previously mentioned paragraphs not working in Ask the Tropers posts; they're working again. I didn't see that in Discar's list of fixed bugs, so I thought I'd mention it here.

As I've mentioned a few times already, I'm using Firefox 61.0.1 on Manjaro Linux, if that matters.

"Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!" —Youngster Ben
Fighteer Geronimo! from the Time Vortex Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Jul 11th 2018 at 6:41:39 AM

Fixes from Tuesday, July 10

  • Empty <p> tags used as line breaks now allowed within quote indents (to hopefully remedy the spacing on quotes subpages)
  • Namespaces "More" option switched to dropdown
  • Homepage activity lists "/" bug fixed
  • Links in bulletins fixed

Mod tools:

  • Review editing and deleting fixed
  • PM review function fixed, now also includes P Ms TO selected troper
  • Editing bulletins now pulls in bulletin title and text

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