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A Game of Gods Season 3: Frontiers

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LittleMako Comes in peace from the Great Indoors
Comes in peace
Mar 2nd 2021 at 5:54:58 PM

Lappland - plains, ruins, murderers

"Hhaha~! You two have a thing going on?"

Lappland laughed as she nimbly alighted on the grass beside Sonia, long hair fluttering in the hot air-blast of the burning laser-scored trench.

"Want me to kill him for you?" She teased the vampire hunter with a shit-eating smirk and a chuckle, resting one of her blades casually over her shoulder. "I hear he's pretty tough, would you rather do it yourself?"

Formerly posted as Gaunt 88
Mar 2nd 2021 at 6:52:46 PM

Central City, Tucker Residence: Move Along, Nothing Unusual Here...

With his favorite photojournalist in tow, Wake followed the military escort into Amestris and through the very original and not lazily named Central City. No, please—hold your applause. The Chief Adviser wondered if they would be meeting the expert Alchemist in Northern University, or Left Laboratories. No. Wait. Seems the car was taking them to a residential area...maybe South-by-Southwest Suburbs?

Perhaps at the detriment of his plus one (and to the almost certain detriment of the Sergeant's first impression of Gothamites), Wake barely said a word during the entire trip. He just hopped into the back seat of the car set to take the trio to the residence, crossed his arms and legs, and did little more than people watch.

The architecture was more or less on point. Fashion, too. Overbearing military presence was also in sync. But no eye-catching armbands. No sunken cheeks, no starving children, not even much propaganda from the looks of things. A Berlin the real Führer would've wept to see...but that was part of the problem now, wasn't it? For all Wake knew, this was a nation that had already executed its Final Solution. Liquified all their Jews into oil or something grizzly like that.

Upon arrival, Wake listened to the Sergeant's summary of the State Alchemists and whistled his approval. "Glad to see the Führer appreciates folks who hit the books; this house is half the size of my first boarding school."

Stepping out of the car to help Miss Vale exit the vehicle, the Chief Adviser continued to follow their guide to the front door. Wake paused in the walkway to check his pocket watch and straighten one of his sleeves, then looked up at the mansion's many many windows as if he expected to see a pair of eyes staring straight back at him. He found some, though they weren't the sinister sort he imagined he'd find; just two black dots on a bear of a dog, and two brilliant sapphires belonging to a little girl.

Kids and dogs, this time.


He smiled at the mutt, and gave the brat a small wave before approaching the front door. When the man of the house answered the knock (and Wake prayed he'd answer), the Chief Adviser was ready with an introduction, a winning smile, and an offer to shake hands.

"Mr. Tucker, I presume? My name's Alan Wake, and this is my friend Vicki Vale. We're strangers to Amestris, but are new acquaintances of your Führer; the way he talked about the science of alchemy sounded absolutely fascinating, and before we parted ways he told me that you were the man to speak to if I wanted to learn more. If it's not too much trouble, I would love to pick your brain for a bit."

JustSomeGuy732 Just another guy from Somewhere Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Just another guy
Mar 2nd 2021 at 8:33:11 PM

Barry - Fantasia (Ground)

"Heya, Lappy! And a-yup, me and sweetcheeks here go way back! Been so since on my first day in Akihabara, in fact!"

The serial killer happily recalls and, at the Lupine's challenge, laughed all the more. "Gehahaha! Ya really should'da join us up on our murderin' cruise, missy! Got plenty of people to kill where we're goin!"

"Buuuuut if you're itching to have a-go at it, this old killer got time!" The sound of ensuing battle between the Ruin Grader and Wulfrik's ship got his attention back. "Well, 'nough time till my boss got done pulverizin' the wreck. Unless ya missies wanna take turns at the giant death machine too!"

Barry then sat on a nearby tree stump, looking mighty relaxed for all the world to see. "Always wondered how cleavin' a warrior woman like ya two ever feels like, but I ain't so ungentlemanly that I'm gonna interrupt your prey!"

Tucker Residence - Mr. Wake and Vicki

The Sergeant's job as a guide done, the man salutes before returning to his car, leaving both Wake and Mystique-turned-Vicki at the alchemy expert's home.

The pair of presence that Mr. Advisor saw at the window would then disappear after being noticed... though the sound of someone enthusiastically tapping along the floorboards and of huge paws traversing over the grassy backyard would make for a good indicator of where they are right now.

And who were to open the door but a worn bespectacled man with a slightly tired smile, greeting and beckoning the Advisor.

"F-from His Excellency himself?! Ah, I'm truly honored-"

"Daddy, look look! We have guests here!" next came in to interrupt Shou Tucker(and possibly Mr. Wake's own meticulously prepared greetings and groove) was an adorable little angel, looking over at the two of you with wide eyes, one that promptly got a pat on the head.

"Yes yes, Nina. These are- Wait, shouldn't you be looking over Alexan-"

No sooner had he finished those words that an impressively big white mutt swept over the courtyard and straight towards both Wake and Vicki, aiming to tackle either of you down and, if caught, would assault you with a mighty slobbering lick against your face!

Could the two of you defend against this foul menace?!

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Mar 2nd 2021 at 11:24:14 PM

Skies of Akihabara

"That isn't a bad thing. Just because you are different does not mean you do not belong - we all have our roles to play in this world."

She holds a hand out, gesturing over the horizon.

"It's a matter of perspective. There are very few who can see things the way we can. Fewer still who can help you be who you are meant to. There is... something about you that you need to learn how to control, and only then you will understand yourself. I take it you haven't found what you've been searching for in all this time?"

Akihabara Bay

"Preparations? Already complete - always be prepared, yes? I'll have some of my things brought over, but zat is such a minor thing."

Eugen's eyes widen, raising a hand to her cheek and slowly tapping it, her lips curling up into a smug grin.

"Oh my... it seems I should have thought of zis sooner. Well zen, if I have a whole day before I need worry about you bringing out ze leash and ze whip...."

She tapped on her lips, thinking long and hard for a moment.

"Vwaha! I know just ze thing!" She holds a finger up. "I have all ze things I need ready to go, but... perhaps you vould like to come with me and see if any of mine furniture tickles your fancy? And I'll even let you be in charge of ze radio in ze truck. It is quite ze responsibility, you know."

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
JustSomeGuy732 Just another guy from Somewhere Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Just another guy
Mar 2nd 2021 at 11:34:34 PM

Nightengale - Akihabara Bay

"I admit that I'm curious about your living space." replied Nightingale in kind to Prinz Eugen. "I can expect the kind of person you are just from your room. How tidy and organized it is, and if I need to expend extra effort getting you into shape." Already, the nurse got into the mindset of a busybody roomie. Looks like that's another responsibility added to her list, in addition to her Master's room.

In regards to the radio, the nurse nods. "Simple enough. Can tune in to the news too...." Oh, is that what Eugen meant? "Or background music, to while away our chatter."

With all of that said, the nurse is thus fully ready on whatever journey Eugen/M16 has in store for her.

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Mar 3rd 2021 at 1:43:43 AM

Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub - Akihabara

The former Sakura Empire train station had evolved quite a bit in the preceding decade. It had merged with the airfield nearby, the two areas coalescing into a central hub for all the 'manned' and autonomous traffic that it handled as part of trade with Akihabara. Pulling through security checkpoints and to a small building in the back, Eugen approached one of the doors, holding her hand out to the doorknob and pausing for a moment.

"I... I don't show this place to many people. Anyone, really. So don't be too judgmental, yes?...."

Taking in a breath, she unlocked the door, opening it to reveal... a relatively modest, studio-sized living area. While it was undoubtedly cluttered, and didn't leave much room for walking around, it wasn't particularly messy. If anything, it was well-organized, just more suited as a storage unit than as a living space.

There was also a red sofa with a tall occupant lounging on it, one who happened to have a bottle of wine opened on the table and a glass held out, offering it.

"I just have her keeping an eye on things. Security system, no? If you want to sit then by all means," Eugen gestured towards the sofa, even though her DSR body didn't seem to be leaving much free space on the couch itself.

Eugen herself went over to the closet, opening it up and holding up a half-white, half-black kimono with one hand, and a black cocktail dress in the other, making a face as she looked at them.

"I'll need to cut down on my closet... I never wear these anyway."

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
Chabal2 Fear me from Plains of Tolosa
Fear me
Mar 3rd 2021 at 1:47:35 AM

Wulfrik, Seafang

-Wulfrik throws himself from the ship, still clutching the rope, aiming for the robot's fist. In his other hand, he draws his light-saber, slicing at the construct's palm.-

LittleMako Comes in peace from the Great Indoors
Comes in peace
Mar 3rd 2021 at 2:21:11 AM

Lappland - Fantasia

At the Chopper's offer, Lappland chuckled again and shook her head, her eyes never leaving the reclining armour even as she nonchalantly bounced her sword on her shoulder.

"Hah, and put up with your captain's god-bothering? Thanks, but no thanks."

She'd been invited on the murder-cruise way back in... why, it must have been year two or three. It hadn't taken her long to realize why it wasn't the life for her. In hindsight, if she had accepted, she'd probably have been tossed overboard when she relapsed two years later.

Funny how things work out sometimes.

Back in the present, she flicked one ear towards the titanic golem, a wry smirk spreading across her face as she cocked her head. It was just a robot. Robots never really tried. Maybe the old Lappland might have gone for it for the pure rush. Part of her still felt that itch, but it wouldn't be the same.

Ignoring the crash of stone feet, she shot Barry the same sharp smirk she'd given Sonia, flicking her sword down, spinning in in her fingers, and returning it to her shoulder.

"Eh-heheh, how polite of you! Ah, but I don't see you cleaving much besides rock today! I didn't think you liked it when your meat chopped back."

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Formerly posted as Gaunt 88
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Just another guy
Mar 3rd 2021 at 3:51:28 AM

Nightingale - Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub

"You've chosen to share the room and lie on the same bed with me. A bit late, to admit that now." if anything, Eugen's words only makes Nightingale's inner cleaner self to be more pronounced, keeping a careful eye out for any and all details.

And that was the state of the Head Nurse when she entered, looking about the... not quite mess, but it definitely could've been better. Her eyes and expression bearing the look of an overbearing mother looking upon her girl's untidy bedroom.

Immediately, she opted out of seating on the sofa and began... tidying and stacking the already well-organized things up a bit despite Eugen saying that she's just here to grab her stuff, slightly wishing that she'd brought her cleaning equipment. Old habits die damn hard, for this nurse, it seems. She'd also taken notice on the souvenirs along the way, her gaze lingering particularly longer onto the liquor cabinet and teddy bear.

It's only when Prinz next spoke that she got out of her Cleaner Mode long enough to reply. "My room is spacious enough and the hospital has their own spare storerooms that you can use. Keep that in mind."

Barry - Fantasia (Ground)

"Sharp eye, missus!" Barry exclaimed. "Ain't gonna lie, though I get the taste of, it ain't the thrill of the fight that gets me going. For me, it's the chase, feelin' their reaction, seein' the piggies dead in the eye..." his beady white eyes at the helmet glints, remembering the sensation he felt when he murdered those victims back at Central long before his expulsion to the Frontier. "Then chopping them juuuuust right, reducing them to nothin' more but a pile of miserable meatsacks! That's the thrill that I get off to, hahah!"

"BUT!" he points his other sharp dagger at Lappy. "Don't mean I can't appreciate people like ya, heh. I'm into strong-willed folks like that, 'specially if they're easy on the eyes~ Just thinking of turning ya into chopped meat makes any fight worth it!"

"... I ain't dumb, though." the dagger then points towards Sonia. "If we're doin' this, I want it to be a one-on-one thing, least till the boss is done with his business. Heck, I'll stop short of cleaving and killin' ya, I know that's a definite no-no to sweetcheeks over there." the living automail grins happily and knowingly. "Just wanted to see if I ever have a chance to grind my cleaver against ya bod, if we're ever serious."

"And no funny business about ya going back on your deal, or capturin' me!" now he points the dagger up at the Seafang. "Not unless ya two are feelin' bold, to take on Wulfy, his entire crew and Dessy up on the teleporting warship once they're done with the robot and Naga."

"So!" having placed his terms, Barry put both hands on his knee before standing up, looking at the Lupine in anticipation. "Whaddaya say, Lappy? Yer feeling up for it?"

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Mar 3rd 2021 at 3:52:49 PM

Near the Seafang

The Ruin Grader roared and bellowed as the pounded its hands, trying to swat Wulfrik out of the sky, only to have him land a blow on one such hand.

Its massive finger fell to the floor with a thunk, followed soon after by a much louder THONK as the rest of the hand fell down alongside it.

Still, it had no time for concepts like 'pain' like a creature of flesh and blood would, and got straight to using its remaining arm to throw out a haymaker at the angry little man that was bothering it.

Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub - Akihabara

"Hey, ne, it's not zat bad. Especially when it was not for... entertaining. Right?" Eugen's eyebrow twitched slightly, half-frowning and half-pouting at the sight. She set her clothes back in the closet and went over to where Gale was cleaning, waving a hand. Then noticing the teddy bear, she grimaces and picks it up, tucking it behind her back.

"Vhat? I found it in Gotham on a trip. But it's my responsibility to not just hand it out, you'll have to earn it." She hmmphed, face turning red as she grit her teeth. "Fine! Organize away. Clean what you wish - but if you clean it, it means I am taking it with us! Unless... talking about how much space you have is your way of saying you'll take it all, eh?"

She huffed, and sat down on the sofa, the DSR body curling out of the way and transferring the wine glass to her.

"But so be it, if you vant to spend your day off cleaning, fine, fine, knock yourself out. I vill be right here."

She smugly swirled the wine in her glass once, and then took a sip. Doing this all while the teddy bear was on her lap, clutched firmly in her other hand.

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
Mar 3rd 2021 at 4:46:53 PM

Reiko, Daud Haus

Daud's door was firmly knocked upon.

Arriving a bit later than they had hoped, as one of the two had insisted upon stopping by her hovel of an apartment to feed her cats, Daud was soon intruded upon by a familiar face and one less familiar...but perhaps she had stuck in his memory like a stubborn thorn.

Reiko looked at his aged face, having not changed anything beyond her apparel since that day in Gotham 10 years ago. She waited a second or two to let the realization set in.

"I'm alive," Reiko plainly stated. "We have things we need to discuss."

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Mar 3rd 2021 at 8:48:54 PM

Nightingale - Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub

Even if she were to not give permission, the nurse would have continued to done so regardless. Such was her dedication to the tidiness and sterilization of one's personal abode(of which her Master was an unfortunate victim to).

"I didn't say anything." was her reply when Eugen got shy about the teddy bear. She's normally the one initiating the tease, so seeing her on the backpedal was a surprise. Almost makes her look cute.

"And yes. It'll be more efficient and easier, if you have trouble choosing." A pause. "... And noted. If we're going by that logic, might as well take most of everything out of this room."

Ouch. Such is the comment from the cleaning freak known as Florence Nightingale.

Given her way and after asking around for a mop, dusters and other cleaning supplies from the other staff/droids/etc. living around the area, Eugen would bear witness on Nightingale getting to work on making the whole place efficiently less cluttered and clean; with not a speck of dust nor harmful bacteria to see, if she can help it.

After some time and only after making sure that there's actual comfortable space to walk in the room, with stacks of objects neatly arranged in their respective side, making the bed, the walls, floors, fans and even the ceiling wiped, did she pause and look up at her handiwork.

". . . Not enough."

Such is the perfectionist streak of the Head Nurse.

Daud - Fantasia (Hamlet)

Those who knocked on the door did not have to wait long, for the door opens soon after with a familiar visage of a man, now caked with age and gray hair. In truth, the moment the two came anywhere near and specifically towards his door, he had already reached into his hand-crossbow and trap mechanisms in place; his Outsider powers already noting the presence. Neighbours? Strangers? One was a person he doesn't recognize, the other however bears a visage that's he's quite familiar with...

The detective.

The door opens partially, allowing Daud to see to his uninvited guests and vice versa. To Reiko, he did gave a look of shock, his memory stirring something fierce before ending with... a subdued sigh? To Yue, he gave very pointed glances to. There can be no doubt about it that you lot don't feel very welcomed here.

He had half a mind to turn you away.

... Instead, he opened the door wider this time before swiftly moving deeper towards his abode, silently beckoning them in even as he disabled all of his traps with but a wave and gesture of his hand, glowing with the familiar touch of the Outsider tattoo. "Close the damn door."

Inside, the room itself was modest, with the sun still streaking through the closed window as the man of the hour sat at his chair by the fireplace and looked at you two.

"How?" a simple question, to Reiko.

"And why should I get involved?" another question this time, directed to the both of you.

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Mar 4th 2021 at 12:09:48 AM

Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub - Akihabara

"I didn't say zat you said anything," Eugen said with a wink and another hmmph. "But if that is your desire, so be it. I suppose this will be a good chance for me to observe you showing me ze proper technique you expect of me, no?"

She calmly took a sip from her glass, watching with great interest as the esteemed nurse got to work. Excluding the brief interludes of helping her find supplies, she mostly remained seated there, leaning in and out depending on certain proximities and angles, patiently waiting until some sort of sign that she was finally completed. Or, well, close enough for her to pause.

"Well zen. I was always thinking of just using zis space for storing deliveries since I use it so little anyway, and now I have even less reason. So, now that you've run your body over every square centimeter of zis place and felt up every last furnishing, vich ones do you think you'd like to see every day, and vich ones will be condemned to a store room in ze hospital? I mean really, it would just all be going to waste here, and I vouldn't want to have you making trip all the time, knowing zat this is all here."

Handing the glass to the DSR body and standing up, still clutching the bear in her left hand, tightly pressed against her side, Eugen leisurely strolled over towards the liquor cabinet, running a finger across the surface. After lifting her finger up slowly to inspect it carefully, and then tapping it against her lips briefly, she nodded.

"Well, it is no doubt ze cleanest it has been in however many years it has seen. I am sure zat even when it was on a showroom floor in a New York Macy's dozens of years ago, it did not shine with ze luster and ze splendor it now shows. I would truly be a waste to let such a magnificent piece go unused for countless months, especially after you've put so much effort into making it perfect. I think this would be a nice fixture in your office, no?"

Leaning back against the countertop of the liquor cabinet, she caressed her chin with her finger as she thought.

"If it helps, consider it my donation to the hospital. I am generous, am I not?"

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
JustSomeGuy732 Just another guy from Somewhere Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Just another guy
Mar 4th 2021 at 1:21:59 AM

Nightingale - Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub

"Generosity will not help you when you join my workforce. It simply reminded me of how much you like to drink." Still, she voice no complaints about adding it to her room.

"I do not have much in my room beyond the souvenirs you gave me over the years. And the few things my Master gifted to me." scanning about, she pondered over the question... before choosing the French bed(would replace her plain one), the Jack Daniels corner table with its Model Ship, tasteful ad posters and given Prinz a few choice of guns to select and mount while the rest would be kept in storage. Since M16/Eugen will be working with her for the forseable future, she has to keep her partner's comfort and sense of decor in mind.

"These are what I recommend. It's ultimately your choice,"

She made no effort to discuss nor judge Eugen's library of literotica. Woman is already a walking, talking tease magnet and just oozes healthy adult appeal, so that's to be expected(it did gave the nurse some idea of her taste). Neither did she talk about the teddy bear, with how much Prinz Eugen is clutching onto it.

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Mar 4th 2021 at 2:03:20 AM

Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub - Akihabara

"Up up up, but zat is, as you mentioned, tomorrow, yes? Until then, I believe I am still a free woman?" Eugen teased. "Still, zat is a shame. Both as a woman and as a life-saver, to not receive gifts from thankful patients and distant admirers. Unless of course, zat is you trying to butter me up so that I award you with Herr Bär."

She held up the bear for a moment, shaking its head so that it was 'talking' for her next words.

"Zere is more to winning me zan simply schlafen with ze judge."

She tossed her head back in a laugh, and then set the bear safely inside the liquor cabinet.

"Vell, only a fool goes against her doctor's orders, yes? I shall go with your selections. The rest, I vas not joking about donations. I am sure your staff or recovering patients will be able to appreciate such items far more than either of us would enjoy them in a closet. Except, of course, for these. I will keep the remainder which you do not find attractive here on my wall."

She half-turned towards the wall, resting a hand on one of the pistols on the pegs. An M1911A1, specifically, one hand-polished and with premium wooden grips, easily identifiable as something valuable both for performance and cosmetics.

"These are tools of death as much as zey are for protection. Not something that belongs in ze room of a patient. You are more than free to use any of mine when we must travel to battlefields, but I will do vhat I can so your charges need not feel they must rely upon one for their safety while under our watch."

She nods, looking the room over solemnly....

"Of course... ze book shelf should not go to your pediatric wing."

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
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Just another guy
Mar 4th 2021 at 6:33:28 AM

Nightingale - Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub

"Didn't feel the need. They were all stored elsewhere, otherwise they'll clutter my office quickly." admitted the nurse in regards to gifts sent by grateful patients over the years. Much less is said to those brave enough to get through her cold exterior. "... I'm sure I have a mug with similar enough descriptions to your bear somewhere. Don't think I'll play to your tune."

Her gaze settles and locks onto the plushie still as she says that.

"Appreciated. I can endure multiple hardships and had trained my staff to get acquainted to survival techniques and administering treatment in battlefield conditions." she shakes her head. "Can't beat raw experience. Your expertise and weapons will be put to good use when needed."

"... And if you really must live with your written smut, do it in your own private time. It's perfectly healthy to think about, but I would not have this distraction spread to my staff like wildfire and affecting their performance."

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Mar 4th 2021 at 4:24:05 PM

Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub - Akihabara

"Probably a shit mug given by some idiot dummkopf can't spell and gives zem out to everyone." Eugen grumbled and muttered. "Hmmph, it simply means I have to find a superior mug to use as motivation in ze future. And not just bears and mugs- water bottles, t-shirts, sunglasses, unmentionables, blankets, plaques, mousepads, surgical masks, calendars - you name it, it can be personalized. They really can print anything upon anything these days."

Taking the initiative, she picked up the corner table with one hand, carefully balancing it so that her sister ship didn't get knocked off the top and walked by the shelf.

"Tch, no. Those books are for show. Limited printings, good for display models, no? Everything is on ze Internet now, though, that's how we get subscribers to ze Tekka Net, you know. Of course, if you vant something to listen to when you work, you could always get ze audiobook where I read through some of them. But I myself an not one for reading such things. Zey are always... less interesting to read about experiences zan being able to live them out, no?"

She winked, and plucked the copy of Sun Tzu's book off the shelf as she passed by.

"This, though. This is required for any shelf. Is a reminder that some things are... universal."

She calmly sets it on the corner table, before resuming her walk.

"Perhaps you think I should just be grateful to be in ze exclusive club that gets to put things in your office then, yes?"

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"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
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Mar 9th 2021 at 7:45:02 PM

Chun-Li & Juri, Club Murciélago, 10 Years Ago

Juri simply rolled her eyes as the two argued over Chun-Li, but she kept quiet otherwise.

"Please, please... there's no need to fight," Chun-Li held up her hands to stop the two from arguing further. She looked over both of them, finding them both very attractive, "Mmm, you both are attractive... Perhaps if you tell me about yourselves. Give me a reason for me to choose one of you over the other."

She said this in a flirtatious tone. Chun-Li did want to learn more about both, and she could hopefully play this out... without violence, of course.

Maria, Adventurer's Guild Portal to Kaibadome

From out of the Portal that connected Akihabara to Camoa came Maria Renard and her entourage. They did have enough advanced science and magic to put them on par with other factions of Akihabara if only because of the need to at least match other powers on her own continent. She looked rather pleased at herself. The Camoans she had recruited were able to repeat the creation of a portal linked to Camoa's portal network. As some of her entourage went to establish the New Aljiba Embassy for Akihabara, she and the rest of them headed over to the Kaibadome. While her entourage remained outside, she checked out the VR chambers, before finding Tawna and Mokuba in one of them.

"This place has some... interesting technology, doesn't it?" Maria asked Tawna.

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Wizard Needs Food Badly
Mar 10th 2021 at 5:54:02 PM

Central City, Tucker Residence: Scratch is Definitely A Cat Person

Wake paid little attention to the pitter-patter of paws on the lawn; at least, not until that goddamn bear of a canine rounded the corner and galloped towards the visitors. All of a sudden the State Alchemist and the secrets he'd disclose didn't matter—Wake was back in the forests of Bright Falls, his heartnote  beating at a breakneck pace as he prepared to dodge a deadly blow.

"No, nooo, noooooooo."

Deaf to his pleas, the great Alexander leapt towards the finely-dressed man, as if he could somehow sense that the Chief Adviser was the least happy to see him; perhaps the mutt believed a few sloppy kisses would win the stranger over?

Still, Matador Wake was ready for this incoming bull. As the beast pounced, the visitor side-stepped Alexander's trajectory with such a narrow margin of error the onlookers might very well be in awe of his timing and agility. But the Chief Adviser wasn't done—as the mangy mongrel passed him at the peak of his leap, Alexander might feel a playful pat on the top of his head, as if to say "nice try." The petting hand was back in Wake's pocket by the time all of the pup's paws were back on the lawn, and the Chief Adviser shot the Tuckers a confident smirk. Turns out some people didn't need an Ultimate Eye to predict their opponent's movements.

...except Wake didn't actually dodge in time, because he was well over a decade out of practice. Alexander plowed into the Chief Adviser before he'd taken more than half a step out of the way, and drove Wake into the lawn like a blindsided quarterback getting sacked.

Sorry Alan, no more narrow-missed slo-mo escapes for you!

"Okay, could you—no, down. Down. Get—pttthhpt." Some of those well-intended "kisses" slobbered over Wake's lips, making a bad situation feel even worse. "A little help?!"

Assuming that Vicki and the Tuckers wouldn't abandon the poor man to some suit-ruining pupper playtime, Wake would soon find himself back on his feet...if a little dazed from getting thrown to the ground by a house pet that rivaled him in weight. Though once he was vertical again, Wake set immediately to brushing off the blades of grass and white shedding fur from his suit—not to mention wiping his lips clean with the back of his hand.

"I take it the pet store was out of horses when you picked this guy up?" Shou would no doubt detect the light-hearted sarcasm in Wake's words, but the Chief Adviser realized too late that he might've made another misstep thanks to the presence of a child: Alexander might've been an alternative to the pony Nina had been begging for!

"May we come in? I uhhh, seem to find myself in need of a lint-roller." The Chief Adviser chuckled in good spirits, even as he buried the silent prayer to see that mutt struck dead by a passing truck.

This suit isn't cheap, you literal son of a bitch.

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Mar 10th 2021 at 8:39:11 PM

Nightingale - Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub

"... Are you jealous?" Nightingale asked as a matter of fact. And maybe slightly amused. "I won't mind, if I still have the space for it."

"And living your experiences is another matter. I'm open to them, but you won't find me accommodating." given what the Head Nurse was like everytime they're together, getting a reaction from her is an exercise in of itself.

The Art of War gets a pass. And in response to what the bote says.

"Yes. I can't rid of you that easily, for you to still want to stick by me. Might as well put you in the exclusive club of being under my personal watch and command."

"... I'm not one to turn down another helping hand, so yes, I am grateful for that too."

Saying such, Nightingale too gets to work, carrying anything that needs carrying.

Central City - Tucker Residence

"Nina, I told you to keep him tied up when we have visitors." Shou Tucker sighed that he didn't manage to stop Alexander in time, but he was quick to assist when the Advisor called for help, getting the mutt off of Wake(but not before the dog leaves a few slobbering licks in his wake)! Good news, Alexander likes you now!

Nina had also helped, hugging and ruffling the big white dog away with a 'Good boy!' She was even considerate enough to attract her pet's attention away from their guests, giggling at being licked and tickled to.

With the advisor and his news reporter friend spared from Alexander's further assault, Tucker ushers them in. "I'm so sorry for that. And of course, please, come on in!"

Once inside, Wake and Vicki would be welcomed to a well-to-do home. There were shelves, books, research papers strewn about though if they care to take a closer look(maybe while Mr. Wake is in search of something to clean up his suit), there were messes left disorganized and dishes yet to be cleaned in the kitchen.

"I apologize for the state of the house, didn't think I'll be expecting guests so soon. I've never been much of a housekeeper ever since my wife ran out, haha..." one awkward cough later, he then patted his daughter's shoulder. "Nina, dear, why don't you play with Alexander for a bit? Papa's got to talk about work."

"O-kaaaaay. Come on, boy!" And off, the two goes, with Nina riding onto the dog to parts unknown! They're certainly enthusiastic, if nothing else.

Leaving the adults to their business as Tucker prepared tea for the three of them, sitting down onto the table by the window.

"How embarrassing, to find out that I've been recommended as a certified expert." extending his hand to the two, the man finally introduced himself. "I'm Shou Tucker, the Life-Sewing Alchemist. I'm the leading authority in bio-alchemy and Chimera in general, though lately, it's embarrassing to admit that my work has not been going well..."

"Now, given what you asked, what do you want to know about, Mr. Wake? The basis of our Alchemy, the State Alchemists programme, the field that I specialized in? Since you're not a native to our world, I do believe that there's a lot to unpack here,"

"A post per day keeps the GMs away!"
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Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub - Akihabara

"Ha, jealous? No, no, merely... that is, I am well aware of ze shortcuts taken in mass manufacturing, if you were using a gifted mug I didn't inspect and approve of, it could quite easily shatter at ze gentlest of provocations, yes? When you spill hot coffee on your lap on your break, and then you must change, that is bad for your performance, and bad for your patients, no? So obviously I'll have to see about it when I have ze chance."

Eugen nods once at this. Of course. It made perfect sense. When the last of the items was loaded up a short bit later, as she walks to the truck, opening the door and resting her hand on the seat as she looks back, she put her other hand on her hip, giving the place a look around. Then shakes her head. And exhales, rolling her eyes.

"Vhat a shithole. I guess that is what happens when you bounce between so many warehouses, safehouses, ships, and bases, no? They all start to look like storage units in ze end. I swear, if I ever get ze clutter up too much, be sure to give me a good thrashing, no? The Feng Shui was terrible."

She subtly shakes her head for a long, solemn moment.

"A day off soon turns into helping with ze furniture. Hooray, no?" She holds up a finger, twirling it in mock celebration. She cracks a small smile. "Of course, I certainly found the whole process of watching you clean things quite interesting. But beyond that, it is... nice. To just do things, yes? Things that are not work, and are not pure pleasure... even if I overpaid for some damn chowder.... But ze point I am trying to make, you are like... a walnut, yes? But it is nice. Not some soft fruit, one that is sweet and juicy for a day, but rots quickly and turns to nothing and is soon forgotten. A walnut though... ze shell may be thick and sharp, but it is strong, and lasting, and every now and then, for just ze slightest moment, you can see ze sunlight shining through ze ridges...."

She lingers for a moment, and then shrinks her shoulders back, settling into the seat.

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
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Mar 11th 2021 at 1:33:02 PM

Nightingale - Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub

"Of course." The look Nightingale gave makes it hard to determine whether she's convinced or not. Walking outside with Prinz Eugen in tow, she looked back at the warehouse.

"Fear not. I'll not ask for permission and will thrash you directly if it happens." Oh, there was another her living in it too. "Your other body will find the 'shithole' less cluttered, if nothing else. It's never wasteful, to take the time to clean things up."

Listening to the Prinz, Gale reached out into her jacket and got out a pocket watch. "Speaking of time, we have plenty yet. More, since we don't require sleep." And settled into her own seat. shoulders lightly touching Eugen. And an arm wrapped around hers.

"I'm... insensible. I'm inexperienced in anything that doesn't involve getting bullets out of a wound or holding unruly patients down. To be frank, it's been hard, trying to match your affection in both words and deeds."

"So consider this a reward, from an awkward walnut to her lascivious patient." Her shoulder then lightly touched upon Eugen, with an arm slowly wrapped around hers.

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Vicky Vale (Mystique)—From hot witch to hot reporter.

“Good morning Mr. Wake,” those would be the first words daring reporter would say to Mr. Scratch, as she watched him from top to bottom,

Unlike Naga, she dressed in a very formal yet professional way. And she was now a redhead

“Just before we start, you should know I don’t do wardrobe changes just for anyone, you know?” She would give him a smirk that would remain for a few seconds.

“Don’t think you are forgiven just yet. Once we are free I expect you to invite me for dinner, and we may call it even.”

During their trip, while Alan Wake had no comment on the. Vicky did narrow her eyes around the seemingly prosperous place.

“I know what you are thinking. It’s a lovely sight. No doubt. But Let’s not forget even Gotham as places as pretty as this, but we both know that place is a mess outside Town Hall. Crime alley for example? Truly you can only judge a place once you see how it treats those at the bottom. The poor. The old. The outcasts. Don’t you agree? “

Then when they came to the alchemist home. A cozy place. Perhaps not a palace, but one that still showed the local alchemist was among the privileged.

“Good afternoon,” she would say with a warm smile to their hosts. Her smile was especially wide to Nina and her dog. A rare sight of pure innocence for a spy like her.

“Quite a precious dog you have there, little girl,” Vicky would say to Nina. “Your father must be very proud of you.”

Her attention turned to Mr scratch, and before she knew it Alexander was already licking him with love. Truly love it was love at first sight. Vicky simply giggled, while covering her mouth with her right hand to muffle it.

“You shouldn’t be too harsh on dogs you know. For all their flaws, they... Instead of the loyalty cliche, she said,” Unlike humans, they never hid their true emotions. If a dog dislikes you they will let you know instead of hiding it with a smile.”

Once Mr. Tucket, made himself known, she would offer her hand to greet him.

“Pleased to meets Mr. Tucket. My name is Vicky Vale from the Gotham Gazette. And also a friend of Alan. Albeit my presence here is merely professional I assure you.”

That was a lie of course.

While Alan Wake might be more interested in the power of Alchemy, Vicky had other concerns. If anything she trusted Alan would be smart enough to get the juicy details of their powers before she had to intervene.

“I might disappoint you to hear this, but In a world where people fly, shoot lasers from their eyes, or control the weather with their minds, like the place were I come from, from, magic like alchemy is dime a dozen. What I am truly interested in in the politics of this place.”

She took her notebook and a pen to take notes.

“You will have to forgive my bluntness. It’s one of the blessings from my home. America does value Freedom of the press and freedom of expression, and I hope your Fhürer does as well, unlike his historical namesake.” She looks around. “Tell me, are your people fond of hierarchies? Of some people having more privileges over others? That sort of thing.”

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Mar 11th 2021 at 7:49:38 PM

Central City, Tucker Residence: And In Other News...

In response to Vicki's claim that unlike dogs, humans can hide their true feelings behind a smile, Wake shot her an even brighter grin.

"Suppose they beat cats." he shrugged. "Never know when those little hairballs are gonna turn on you."

Now welcomed inside the Tuckers' home, Wake was surprised to find the house in a disorganized state. The sight felt like quite a contrast to the neatly-mowed lawn and fresh paint of the house's exterior. This wasn't exactly cheap real estate, either; couldn't Tucker hire a housekeeper to get rid of this clutter?

"Before we get started, mind pointing me to the facilities? Might as well try to get rid of..." he gestured to the distinct white hairs dotting his jacket's ink black sleeves. Once directed, Wake would walk towards the facilities until he was out of sight, then snag one of the loose papers strewn about the house to read in a little privacy. Judging by the crest stamped at the bottom, he guessed it was an official's letter.

Well. This is why you should keep better care of your mail, Mr. Tucker. Somebody's curiosity might get the better of them. With the rest room as a means for a minute's privacy, Wake would skim through the letter to see if it held any useful details about their host—or perhaps the writer.


After a few minutes of meticulously wiping his suit clean with a damp rag, Wake wandered through the first floor (being sure to return the letter to its approximate location) before he came across the table where Vicki and their host sat. Taking a seat beside his associate in the press, Wake gratefully accepted the tea...only to nearly spit it back out as Vicki turned the topics to societal injustice and "historical namesakes."

"I think we're dealing with entirely different Führers, Miss Vale. More 'alternate timeline,' less 'historical inspiration.' And to be clear, Mr. Tucker: Miss Vale here is speaking only for herself and her readers," here, he turned to look Vicki eye to eye, "and we can certainly cover the kingdom in a broader scale for the Gazette, but let's not dump a massive socio-economic lecture on our poor host's lap. I love the First Amendment as much as the next American, but maybe it'll be easier for everyone if we stick to what Mr. Tucker knows best."

Smiling from Vicki to Shou and back again, Scratch felt like he had a good chance of establishing himself as the mediator (and/or "Good Cop") in this dynamic. King Bradley hadn't been wrong about being "surrounded by sharks" back at the portal—Mystique was just the hungrier fish.

"I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about our home—a city called Gotham—as they come up. You're soon going to find more than a few strange foreigners coming into Central City; we were just lucky enough to be among the first, having made a friendly acquaintance with the Führer. Think of us as visitors from a faraway land, here to sit with wise men and learn what we can about Amestris!

"Regarding Miss Vale's point about hierarchy and privilege, I assume you had to work incredibly hard to earn your position here; a title like 'the Life-Sewing Alchemist' isn't something to sneeze at. To my ears, mixing alchemy with biology sounds like miracle cures in the making: the blind can see, the lame can walk, limbs are regrown in full, the devastating costs of strokes, heart attacks, Alzheimer's and cancers become a thing of the past. What sort of success stories could you share with us, Mr. Tucker?"

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Tekka Ascendancy Air Hub > Frontiers Medical Center - Akihabara

"Lascivious...." Eugen gulped quietly, leaning into the touch. "I believe I am going to write zat one down. But I'm not exactly like that with just anyone you know...."

It took her a good minute to remember that she had to, well, drive. But she eventually remembered that tiny fact, even if she was very slight with her movements to avoid moving any limbs off as she went through the process of twisting knobs and moving the wheel. She didn't reach for the radio herself, either.

"She doesn't really... stay there, you know? I sent her back to work once we were done. I just had that one show up ahead of us because I thought... well, ze wine, ze dress, it was no match for ze dirt, yes? Next time, though. Next time I'll see if it works better in a cleaner environment...."

One trip back to the Frontiers Medical Center later, the delivery truck came to a stop outside once more, though this time with a far different load than it had earlier, and a far different purpose.

"Vell, here we are. Time to move in and what not, yes?"

She kept her hands on the wheel, squeezing it slightly as she thought for a moment.

"As far as labels go, though. I think assistant is perhaps, just ze teeeeniest, smallest bit vague, don't you think?" She took one hand off the wheel, holding it up with her thumb and pointer finger a centimeter apart for emphasis. "After all, such an important figure, you have many assistants, no? Maybe.... Concomitant? Adjutant? ...Sidekick? Companion? First Mate?"

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.

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