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May 29th 2018 at 9:29:25 PM

It Begins

It was a new world. There was no other way to say what had just happened to those that would come to in this new location, a setting that was definitely and sufficiently different from their previous locale. It mattered not if it had happened to those that slumbered prior and now awoke or those that had blinked to find a completely different surrounding, the batch of individuals would most definitely find there was a drastic change to their perceptions.

Those that would come to their senses would find themselves situated on a verdantly grassy hill, the height of that particular topological elevation allowing them an unmitigated view of what appeared to be a city that was in the process of being reclaimed by nature. Concrete high rises and buildings were overrun with an encroaching emerald overgrowth, giving what had previously been an urban jungle an organic layering that made it more chaotic in feel, especially when one of the skyscrapers had transitioned into a particularly broad topped tree that became a living parasol over a good portion of the city.

The sky itself was a picturesque azure canopy, sunlight shining down onto the somewhat waterlogged area to illuminate its crystal clear waters to give it an even more picturesque atmosphere. Said comparison would be more proper when the newcomers found that there was seemingly no noise of human inhabitance whatsoever and that every sound heard was that of nature itself- the wind blowing the plants, the rippling and splashing of water, and the tittering of unseen birds. There was a peacefulness to this lulling atmosphere where tranquility had existed for so long without outside interference... up till this point.

Once a sufficient number of people were awake and in control of their faculties, a certain shape would exist where there had none been prior. Describing the object would be rather easy considering it appeared to be akin to someone dragging a two dimensional humanoid shadow up to fill out an actual part of three dimensional space, proportions that of a featureless but still ultimately humanoid figure that seemed to sit squarely on 'androgynous' in feel.

"Greetings, newcomers. It is to both my greatest pleasure and also sorrow that I welcome you all to the Frontiers... your new home. I apologize for the abruptness of this rather unorthodox situation but as it is, you have all been chosen by this new world to help further its evolution and growth by becoming its inhabitants." Respectfully clasping a hand to chest to perform a subordinate half-bow, the shadowy figure somehow gave off a feeling of pity and condolence despite there being a simple ovoid expanse where its face should be. Though I cannot do much, at the very least I can answer your questions and assuage your worries. Please, ask whatever is on your minds to your heart's content. It is the very least that one such as I can do for all of you..."

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May 29th 2018 at 10:43:22 PM

"Ugh... what happened?" One of the people on the hill asked.

Said person was a young man wearing what could be passed off as leather and metal armor with a helmet to match, stirred from his sleep when he looked around to see what can only be described as the oddest sight he has ever seen in his dreams.

What looked like square shaped rocks with holes in them and vegetation growing on them was everywhere in the landscape. In the distance, he could make out what looks like the largest tree he had ever seen, but instead of a trunk of bark, it was another one of the strange rock formations. This is definitely one of his more surreal and awe inspiring dreams he ever had, if not for one thing. This is not a dream. How could he tell? Because one is typically not sore all over their body in their dream. On top of Hiccup, a dark dragon about 26 feet (7.9 meters) in length was laying on top of the poor Viking.

"Toothless! Wake up!" Hiccup yelled at his larger friend, trying to push him off. Toothless stirred and yawned, slowly rising up and letting his smaller companion crawl out from under him.

"Where are we?" He said as he took in the environment. He look at Toothless hoping he might know, but the dragon seamed just as confused as he was. He then turns around and sees the others.

"And who are they?" The people in front of him looked human enough, but all of them wore the most unusual clothing he had ever seen, although some of them looked odd even outside of their fashion choices (does that women have blue skin?).

"So.. um... I guess we should we wake them up?" Maybe they had answers to what was happening, and they could definitely use that help.

Toothless agreed and walks over to the closest one and starts nudging them a bit. If that doesn't work he then tries licking them.

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I have a plan.
May 29th 2018 at 11:02:37 PM

Macbeth was quietly seated beside the fireplace in his private quarters, studying over various business notes he had collected over his years living in Manhattan. Now was a time to relax, because earlier that night, things were heated. In the guise of Lennox Macduff, Macbeth debated Margot Yale, the Assistant District Attorney, over the issue of the gargoyles who had "suddenly" arrived in Manhattan. Macbeth took the side of the gargoyles, knowing the creatures were not inherently dishonest, while Margot spewed forth paranoia and fear. Words were exchanged on live television, and the debate ended just before he could do something he'd regret the following day. But the show's ratings were high, and Macbeth hoped he left enough of an impression to turn the tide of bigotry and fear that rushed across Manhattan in the wake of the news. Knowing Goliath, he and his clan would survive past the temporary surge of excitement, and the quiet status quo would make a happy return.

That night, Macbeth had some important priorities. New operators had to be hired now that Banquo and Fleance were gone, and the mansion's defense systems were looking due for an upgrade in the wake of the various aircraft attacks hitting Manhattan. Somewhere in his notes, there were some promising contractors he could call...

Macbeth — The Frontiers

The warmth of the fireplace and the softness of his chair vanished in a second. Macbeth suddenly realized he was lying in the grass, and his mind was foggy. He didn't remember going to bed last night. Someone must have been insistent on raising him awake, as he felt something nudge him with some force. Slowly, Macbeth arose. His ordinary clothes had some stains from the moist grass, but that wasn't the pressing issue. Macbeth looked and immediately spotted a live dragon, flesh and all. It wasn't every day you saw one of those. Beside the dragon was a young man clad in a mishmash of leather and metal armor.

"Ach. Good morning, young man. I'm guessing you have a better grasp on the situation than I do. What is this, anyways?" Macbeth looked around, viewing his surroundings. He and the others were at the site of a city. It appeared that nature had made its mark on the urban jungle, as trees and overgrowth strangled the buildings. The area looked to be deserted.

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May 29th 2018 at 11:19:23 PM

Majima-Who the hell knows

Somewhere behind the two, a loud clapping could be heard from a particular man with an eyepatch and a snakeskin jacket.

"Alright, good job boys. You got me. It was about time one of you stepped up and pranked me. And I'm impressed enough that whichever one of you managed to pull this off is getting a promotion, long as you give me the number of whatever movie guy you hired to make this set."

He waited a moment expediently, waiting for some minion of his to step out from behind a curtain or something.

"Well? Come on, it's funny and all, but I do have a meeting at the Tojo Clan Headquarters in a few hours, so come on, hurry it up."

May 29th 2018 at 11:27:55 PM

Kokonoe- Wherever "Here" Is

This has not been a good month for her. Well, "Not Good" is putting it mildly. Between getting your master plan outwitted, the world you inhabit devastated, as well as voided of it's main energy resource, and having a soul-stealing orb over your head, it was clear

And now, of course she decides to finally go crazy. About damn time, but at the same point, why now?

At least, that's what she thought, as the pink-haired girl with cat ears adjusted her glasses. Would be the second rational explanation to, with a blink, move from "Fancy Refuge House" to "Hill Near a City that is in Desperate Need for Either Weed Killer or a Blowtorch". The first, a Phenomenon Intervention, seems unlikely, given the fact that you really couldn't do that anymore (another thing to add to the list of how screwed up her life has become).

However, with how she a.) hasn't had anyone snap her back to reality yet and b.) a scan of the... interesting (to put it a way) group of people/animals/robots/what-have-you revealed that Lambda also was here, there probably was something more to it. Though if Lambda's here...

"Tager. Come in, Tager... Damn it."

Okay, so it seemed to just be them, as far as she knows. Great. Freaking Amazing. This is the exact kind of shit she wanted to deal with right now. What's next?

Kat- Not In Hekseville Anymore

On the ground there was a girl, an unusual, space-coated cat, as if looking into a feline-shaped bit of the cosmos, besides her, nudging her. Said cat, when that didn't work, scurried out of the way of a dragon, staring at it, which proceeded to nuzzle her. When that didn't wake her up, she was licked on the face. This seemed to work, the girl waking up, though not without a mix of "ew" and "huh" on her face. The latter ended winning out as she woke up more and stared at the dragon and her surroundings, and she hopped to her feet.

"Uh... hey... good boy..." She said to the dragon, before glancing to the cat.

"Dusty, you're here?" She said, the cat shifting its attention to her and meowing in response.

"That's good, but where's Syd and Raven..." It was as this point she noticed two other people up and talking.

"Oh, Hello! Where Am I?" she the boy and the man near her, in outfits she's never seen before. "And would you have happened to see a girl with long, black and red hair, tall, big appetite, crow around her, or a man with silver hair who's probably lounging around right now?"

Dusty, meanwhile, continued to stare at the dragon.

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May 29th 2018 at 11:42:10 PM

Midway Atoll; 10:25 4th of June 1942

The skies abuzz with the noise of propellers, as dozens of aircraft swarm the skies, rapidly approaching 4 women skating across the surface of the seas. 2 foxes, 2 rabbits, along with there escort of of 2 cats strapped with down with guns bigger then they are, 4 oni in similar load-outs, 2 more oni in slightly lighter load-outs, and 12 smaller girls of various appearance... They weave and turn, as the sound of gunfire fills the air sound them.

"This was supposed to be easy, we bait them in, and then box them in! What happened!" One of them yells out, though in the chaos it is hard to tell who.

"We were betrayed!, that has to be it!" calls out another, only to be cut off when an explosion rocks the oceans next to her.

"Enough both of you!" Calls out the fox in white, as she draws several paper talismans, bends over, and slams her fist into the water, a blue spectral flight deck appearing in the path of her hands. "I WILL NOT ALLOW THE FIRST CARRIER DIVISION TO BE LOOKED DOWN ON!" giving a glance over to the fox in black and red she finishes "Sister, it is time to take this seriously!" and goes to connect the talismans to the deck..... However in the process, the sky around her lights up with tracers, surrounding her with dancing lights, causing her to look up before she can do so only to be greeted with 27 aircraft diving at her, and explosions surrounding her on all sides... knocked back and down, with her clothes torn, and parts of her machinery exposed.... the fox in white began to sink below the waves.

"This pain...... I'll return it....." she started, but she was cut off... by the calmness, the stillness, surrounded on all sides by blue... she faded away.

Kaga - How am I not dead

The fox in white just lied there, relaxing on the hill, with her eyes closed but facing the sky, her damage was gone.... but she was still embraced by the stillness that she had just experienced, was that death was like? Total calmness, stillness, nothingness..... This was not her, this was not something she must be allowed to face again..... she struggled her way back to her feet, looked into the sky and just..... yelled, fully exposing her fangs, rapidly throwing off a couple talismans, but without going through the motions, the paper mostly fluttered to the ground in front of her.

May 29th 2018 at 11:50:55 PM

We cover the release of the biggest bomb in cinema history, Hearttron 9000: Cold Steel Love! UniVid Star Pat Mezzine drops by to show off his new sapient tumor! The hosts discuss the latest rumors about this month's installment in the ever-popular Star Wars film series! All of this and more, on tonight's episode of...

The crowd chants in unison, with every member of the several thousand strong studio audience shouting as one: "AMIDST! THE! STARS!"

Sweeping among the amphitheater-sized seating all converging around one talk show set, where a portly man somewhere in his forties lounges behind his desk in a suit. Behind him is a field of stars, seemingly leaking their light towards a black spot in the sky. In front of him is a bobblehead of himself. He waves to the audience, smiles brightly, and laughs.

"Oh, wonderful audience tonight, wonderful," he says, getting up from his seat and clapping his hands. "BHP3 is such a lovely place, isn't it? Isn't it? I was at the 'port on the way to my hotel today, and I didn't even need one of those sandwich boards reading 'Mr. Robiquet' on it. The staff lead me right to my people, like I was being waited on like some kind of king. I asked the officer next to me why they were doing this, and he told me the truth: he figured it out 'cause I was the only one without green skin on the whole flight."

Uproarious laughter. The host smiles, and waits patiently for the furor to calm down.

"...Yeah, great people. Very attentive. Now, normally we'd get in here with a little bit of a rundown of the week's events, but I'm afraid we've got a real timeslot-buster of a show tonight. I can't even waste time introducing my next two guests, our guest hosts this evening...but, for who they are, I don't think they need introductions. Music icons, the definition of celebrity...The Achtelnotes!"

He holds his hand out to the side of the stage, and the crowd goes absolutely nuts. They continue to go nuts for a solid 30 seconds, until it starts to become obvious that if the Achtelnote Sisters are here, they sure aren't coming in where the host was pointing at.

All is cleared up after a production member runs out and whispers in the host's ear: "...Well, I'm...really sorry to say this, folks, but it appears that the Maestros won't be...attending this evening. Apparently they...fell unconscious and...uhh...disappeared into thin air. Well, it happens, folks, it happens. Multiversal shenanigans are all the rage nowadays..."

"...Okay, well, moving on to this week's news: it turns out that singer-songwriter Domino Algassi was arrested this Friday on charges of—"

Onward to the Frontier!
Ionia was woken up by her sister, who wordlessly shook her awake.

The two of them came to in a group of complete strangers, each one unfamiliar and...well, Ionia came to the same thought as her twin, Aeolia, rather quickly.

She had seen something like this, all too familiar, and in very similar circumstances.

They turned to each other. Aeolia gripped her sister's shoulder, and nodded sadly. No words needed to be said.

Ionia sure wanted to say some words, though. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" She leaped to her feet, and said "I've already gone through this useless insanity ONCE! And I WON! Do I need to go through it a second time?! Just how uninspired must fate be if it's going to push the same people into the same situations?!"

Aeolia did her best to ignore her sister, and unlike some, she managed to deduce a little something-something rather easily: who the man in charge was. Nobody else was floating thus far, and certainly nobody else was offering to answer inane questions, so she was quick and to the point.

Stepping forward to the shadowy figure as her sister fumed in the distance, she looked up and said to the thing "I'm terribly sorry, but we're really busy nowadays. We're booked up until the next month. much do we have to pay you to let us go back home? There's no upper limit, here."

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May 30th 2018 at 12:19:20 AM


Do you want to know what Naga the Serpent was doing just now? Do you? Well too bad!


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! OOOOOOHAHAHAHA! Don't make me laugh!" Naga said, after laughing incredibly loudly for a brief length of time after being conjured to this new world. She strolled up besides a pair of silly little blonde girls of no real note, her own majestic cape billowing behind her from a slight breeze. "What sort of pathetic ploy do you think that is? Attempting to bribe something capable of creating worlds? You won't ever be able to pay him enough, he can just make his own!"


"That's why you should pay me, the Great Naga the Serpent, instead!" she proclaimed. "Such a powerful foe requires the services of the greatest sorceress in all the land! So go on then, take out your gold, show me how much you're willing to pay to make this all disappear!" She placed one hand on her hip and held the other one out, sharply poking the air with her forefinger aimed right at Aeolia.

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
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May 30th 2018 at 12:37:37 AM

Daryl Jacobson—Frontiers— an Average guy with a 9 to 5 job.

Just behind Iona, Aeolia and near Naga was a rather dull looking dude. He was an American with a blue T-Shirt and a Dell Laptop in his armpit

“Look, I’m just an accountant in a job I hate. I think you all have made a mistake,” he said to the mystery voice. “I don’t want anything to do with this superhero business.”

He approached Naga. “I’ve not even finished paying my mortgage or my car insurance.“ He sighed deeply. Daryl opened his wallet and offered 10 bills to Naga. One dollar of value each.

”It’s all I have,” he said to Naga with an emotionless expression.

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Make your hearth shine through the darkest night; let it transform hate into kindness, evil into justice, and loneliness into love.
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May 30th 2018 at 12:38:51 AM


-Wulfrik blinks. In a second, the girl Jennifer is gone, as are the walls of their cage, as are all signs of the "Producers"'s machinations. Hope flares in his heart as he sees himself now in a ruined and empty city the likes of which he has only seen in the furthest stretches of the Chaos Wastes, and dies immediately as a living shadow arises to explain that he, and others still, are trapped within this world. Is he now cursed to be the plaything of unfathomable gods for eternity, rather than the plaything of the Ruinous Powers as is proper?-

-Yet courage returns as he listens to the shadow's words. Where his previous captors reveled in their superior power, took sadistic joy in explaining their prisoners' helplessness, this one seems regretful, even apologetic. And what was that about becoming the inhabitants of this world?-

-Others near him, as varied as the previous lot -is that a dragon?- are awaking, seemingly as lost and confused as he, some of them asking to be returned home. Their summoner does not yet appear hostile, perhaps he can be of use.-

Who- what are you? What is this place?

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Kaga - Assert Dominance

After getting the yelling out of her system, Kaga picked up her scattered talismans, and approached the shadowy figure with an almost bestial temperament, she looked him up and down, and even took a couple sniffs before she huffed up, and fanned out all 9 of her tails from there folded position that had looked like one. "You look like your the one in charge" she said with a blunt and matter of fact tone to the person floating off the ground, "So by that logic you must be the strongest one here" she continued.....


Before winding back her fist, and throwing a punch with all the force she could manage behind it right at him.

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Ionia and Aeolia
The refined appeal of Naga's voice wasn't lost on the Maestros, who immediately both reached for their ears and keeled in pain as she cackled. This Naga lady probably gets that reaction a lot, doesn't she?

Soon, though, once she had shut the fuck up, Aeolia finally uncovered her ears long enough to respond. She expected absolutely nothing from someone who decided to grandstand like that, but it's not like parting with a few dollars would hurt. "...It's just swell to meet you as well, miss."

"Wonderful," Ionia sarcastically remarked. She didn't seem to actually enjoy Naga's existence.

"A pleasure. But, if you insist, we can surely pay you a..."

Her hand had reached into her pocket, and found it sorely lacking. There wasn't anything to hand to this insane woman. Not even any lint, because the cleaners they hired for their outfits were very thorough. Aeolia looked over to Ionia, and asked "Ionia, you...didn't happen to bring your wallet with you tonight?"

"Of course I didn't! I'm not bringing it to a talk show of all things."

So it was official, as Aeolia recorded within her heart. Daryl over here was the richest man among them.

Aeolia turned back to Naga...and shrugged. "I guess we're not bribing you after all. Sorry."

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Lamb and Wolf
May 30th 2018 at 5:09:11 AM

Amaterasu and Issun

A great white wolf lay upon the ground, curled up in the grass. Her coat so pale as to put snow to shame, accentuated by swirling crimson markings and a flaming wheel upon her back. She seemed incredibly serene, as though she'd never known doubt.

"Oi, Furball, wake up!" A little sprite bounced on her head, and Amaterasu yawned and opened her eyes. "Looks like we got kidnapped again."

That was somewhat disconcerting, but at least it seemed this being had a greater purpose for them than entertainment. Okami Amaterasu was always ready to help those in need. "Hey, that musical lady and that grim-looking warrior are here too."

As Amaterasu rose and stretched, flowers blooming where her paws touched the ground, she nodded her head at Wulfrik and Ionia. Then she shot off like a rocket, turning into a white blur as she leaped between Kaga and their new 'host'. Kaga's fist impacted against Amaterasu's flaming Refector, and the wolf skidded back a bit but held off the blow.

"Hey hey," Issun bounced to get Kaga's attention, "Be careful. Last time this happened someone died doing that. Plus, it's rude to just punch people, y'know."

Never one... Without the other.
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May 30th 2018 at 6:52:11 AM

Lambda - Strange Places Stranger Faces

There was Darkness at first, it was familiar to Lambda. This cold blackness of being deactivated. To anyone else it would feel like the edge of death but to Murakumo Unit 11 it was slightly comforting. It meant there was nothing needing to be protected or destroyed, no tests to run, no threats to analyze. It was peaceful, restful.

But it wouldn't last, soon her sensors picked up the presence of her Master nearby and many other unknowns. Beside Kokonoe a robed blonde girl with impossibly long hair ties into a braid opened her ruby red eyes and allowed light to flood in.Along with it streams of information crossed her mind, she needed to process all this. Her smooth yet robotic voice chimed in, mostly to let Kokonoe have some interface with her. "Processing, All systems fully functional, Coordinates: Unknown, Multiple Entities detected, Threat Level:Unknown, Awaiting Orders Master Kokonoe." As she did this she interposed herself between Kokonoe by floating around her, the robe making her look almost like a ghost.

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May 30th 2018 at 10:10:44 AM

Siluca - Frontiers

Siluca awoke, wondering where she now was.

The last thing she had remembered was being in Theo’s arms. With all he had accomplished, he proposed something so unthinkable.

She would be his queen.

Siluca was only a mage in Lord Theo’s employ, bound by the contract she established. To think he would say those words.

Was that all still just a distant dream? Did someone take her from their castle in the Forest, and was the battle with Prince Milza still yet to come?

She remembered everything so vividly.

Who would have brought here here, to this new place? She sensed something sinister was afoot with the Mage’s Academy, and with the manner they performed their execution. Those words Jana said at the second summoning… did the Mage Academy have other witches at their disposal? Siluca did not know of any magic that could allow people to travel far distances, except that which could bridge the human and demon worlds.

The way the vines and roots crept all over the city’s ruins evoked a world still ruled by Chaos, yet if Chaos lingered she did not sense it. Something about the architecture of this site reminded her of Sistina’s capital, though she had never seen so many tall buildings gathered in one place.

Then, Siluca noticed the dragon.

Siluca instinctively reached for her wand. While she had never read or heard about any creature like that, it still looked about as big as any creature of chaos, though it somehow looked less menacing.

One man still seemed to be in disbelief.

Siluca’s attention then briefly turned to Kokonoe. It didn’t look like she had a wand or something like it on her person, but yet she still attempted to contact someone.

The words of Ionia and Aeolia then caught her attention. Had this sort of thing happened before?

This sort of feat, bringing all these people and beings together that defied all of Siluca’s preconceptions, was far from anything any Demon Lord or Mage could pull off, at least as far as she was aware.

She had confronted overwhelming power before, helpless to prevent or stop it. Siluca had many questions, and while she wished to be by Theo Cornaro’s side once more, she instinctively knew it would be futile to ask this demon to return to Atlatan.

She knew it would be impossible to contact her friends and allies from here, but nevertheless, under some faint hope she might succeed, she drew out her wand, and brought it up to her ear.

The crystal glowed dimly.


The light faded. No response.

Her suspicions were confirmed. What the shadow-being said was so far true.

As Siluca began to contemplate the situation she found herself in, she winced in pain as she heard Naga’s shrill and overwhelming laugh, snapping out of her despair.

Her eyes turned angrily to Naga. This is no occasion to get angry. Any negotiations, allegiance, and friendships that could be made would only break down if she lost her composure now.

Still, the scantily-clad sorceress - not much different than herself and the other mages Villar once employed - also had a point. She was also fairly well-endowed, much like her friend Aishela - wait why was she thinking of that right now?

She would miss Aishela, and everyone else who was now gone.

Siluca growled a bit, her senses returning from thought, when Naga attempted to extort the two girls.

Wait, was that fox-girl trying to punch that formless demon?

Then she watched as the wolf jumped intercept. The wolf didn’t seem to talk, so it might not have been a werewolf, but it had a disk that seemed to float much like Siluca’s cape.

Like Ionia and Aeolia, the tiny-leaf man on the wolf’s back seemed to have experienced something like this before. The woman with the long braid also seemed to know Kokonoe.

Not wanting to get caught in whatever sort of retaliation the shadow-being might have made, Siluca circled to where Ionia, Aeolia, Naga, and Daryl were standing, slipping her wand back in her leg-strap. She wasn’t sure what Daryl was talking about earlier, or what the notes he handed Naga were. Surely slips of paper couldn’t have much value, otherwise…

Huh, what if they did?

“Excuse me if I must ask,” she said, directing her question primarily to Ionia and Aeolia, “but has something like this happened before?” It seemed like the most logical conclusion, based on what people seemed to be saying, though she still felt the need to confirm things.

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"I was kinda hoping you might know."

Well that's disappointing. After that second person woke up by Toothless starts asking what's happening.

"Sorry, I don't know the answer to either of those. Also, sorry about the dragon spit, that never washes out."

After that, more and more woke up. Some more strange the others. One had canine like features, another had human skulls over his body (might be best to keep his distance from him), and one was just a white wolf.

Then... something came out of thin air. What can only be described as a living shadow came in and said it will answer any and all questions. There where so many questions going through his head and the Viking starts unloading them.

"Yeah, I have a few questions. First, what and where in the nine realms is the "Frontiers"? Two, who are you and did you bring us here? And most importantly, how we get home?"


While his Hiccup was focused on the shadow person, Toothless was busy with something just as odd to him. In front of the dragon was a small mammal with the oddest of fur. He had never seen anything like it before, and yet, felt so familiar. Sitting down, he looks down at the cat with a tilted head.

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May 30th 2018 at 10:21:15 AM

Pink Diamond, Brave New World

The gem rebellion had been a success. After a long and hard fought battle, Pink's sisters Blue and Yellow agreed that the Earth's inhabitants would be spared and their planet would not be mined for resources. Many gems had been shattered in the fight to save the Earth, which sometimes made Pink question if she had truly done the right thing. She wouldn't have much longer to think about that, though, because fate had other things in store for her.

A woman about 12 feet in stature appeared suddenly atop the grassy hill. She looked humanlike enough, but it was pretty clear from looking at her closely that she was not an organic being. Her pink body and the diamond in her center were pretty clear giveaways.

She was understandably perplexed at the situation she now found herself in. What exactly were all these humans doing here? Well, mostly humans, anyway. At any rate, this certainly wasn't Homeworld.

"What... what is this place? Who are you people? I am so very confused right now..."

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chaos — Fontiers

"I'm afraid so," a regretful voice suddenly piped up from just next to Siluca, with no sign of its owner's approach.

A glance would reveal its origin to be what seemed to be a dark-skinned young man with his hands in the pockets of pants that were covered with far too many belts, and though his hair was far more white than it ought to be for someone of his apparent age, perhaps that particular detail wouldn't have been so unusual for the mage. He held himself with the easy assurance of an expert martial artist, and in fact seemed rather unusually calm in light of their situation. Possibly the most remarkable thing about his appearance, however, was his eyes. They were striking, sea-colored, almost fathomless pools, and yet they carried within them a serene tranquility, without any of the ocean's tempestuousness.

"Speaking only for myself, I and about two dozen others from various worlds were recently kidnapped and made to compete against each other in a reality television show," he continued, glancing thoughtfully at her attire, "If you're unfamiliar with the concept, maybe think of it like a series of gladiatorial games that can be watched remotely by a large audience. In any case, our kidnappers not only pitted us against each other, but also put innocent civilians from other universes in harm's way, and those innocents paid dearly for it. Even if this new place is a great unknown, I'm glad to be rid of my former situation, just to know I won't be part of that."

"My name is chaos, by the way," he finally introduced himself, extending a gloved hand in greeting, "Nice to meet you, even if the circumstances are... questionable."

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May 30th 2018 at 11:41:08 AM

"What? No money? You mean to say that you're just a pair of poor, short, flat-chested girls? Sorry girls, no deal," Naga remarked when Aeolia revealed that she was, in fact, totally broke.

"What, you think you can pay me with those green pieces of paper? You've got to be kidding! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA!" Naga laughed at Daryl's wallet.

It was that moment that her eyes turned to dollar signs - or they would have, if she were from a place that had dollars and signs for said dollars. She sucked in a sudden breath of sheer surprise and looked at the giant pink woman's stomach. She fanned herself with one hand to keep calm and maintain a semblance of sanity, then took a few sideways steps like some sort of crab until she was right in front of Pink Diamond, her head level with the woman's navel. Or more importantly, with the pink diamond where her navel would have been.

It was one of the biggest diamonds she had ever had the pleasure to look at. And pink, too! A coloration like that would only make the gem more unique, more... valuable.

"Why hello there, I'm the Great Naga the White Serpent! Surely you've heard of me and my junior adventuring partner, Lina Inverse, heroes extraordinaire!" she declared to Pink Diamond. "Just who do you happen to be, and where on earth did you ever happen to find a diamond like that!?"

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
May 30th 2018 at 11:46:31 AM

Ionia and Aeolia Discuss Recurring Motifs in Online Play-by-Post Roleplays
Ionia and Aeolia looked at each other, and came to the same conclusion: Naga was full of shit. Especially about the flat-chest part. They cringed some more once she started laughing again, and both collectively made a great effort to move themselves away from the purple-haired hack.

"I'm afraid our brown-skinned friend has it about right," Aeolia said to their fellow member of the blonde race. "We were kidnapped just to entertain the whims of multiversal audiences—"

"—and we were stuck there for a while," Ionia concluded, picking up her sister's sentence without missing a beat. "I'd say that we got the most out of it—"

"—considering we won and all—"

"—but I've got to say, I don't recognize you at all," Ionia finished, while pointing at lower-case chaos. "I even recognize the white, furry animal over there, but not you."

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The Frontier

A red machine ‘awoke’ on the hill, immediately raising a weapon in his hand as he regained his senses before lowering it upon realizing he was not in another active battle, at least for the moment.

“I’m alive? I thought I felt my soul leave my -“

The red machine looked down at its hands, staring at them intermittently as he then looked around at the others. It was a good thing for Char that his new body had no face, otherwise it’d show an expression of pure panic.

“I’m not in the Earth Sphere anymore, nor in my own body.”

The single green eye on the machine swiveled to focus on the shadowy figure as he saw the kitsune try to assault it only to be blocked by a wolf. He said that they could ask it any questions, and there was one at the fore front of Char’s mind right now after listening to what the shadow had said.

“This group seems a bit small to inhabit an entire world don’t you think?”

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"So in his own way, Cao Cao helped defeat the Nazis."
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May 30th 2018 at 12:15:27 PM

Pink, Meeting New Friends

Pink Diamond looked a tad unnerved by Naga's strange demeanor. Why was this woman so infatuated with her diamond? What, did diamonds have some sort of special value in human society? The idea sounded preposterous, but... well, regardless, it would probably be a good idea to learn about these people while she was here.

"My name is Pink Diamond, though I suppose you can just call me Pink. As for my gemstone, that's going to require some explanation. As you might have guessed, I'm not exactly human. I'm from a race of beings known as Gems This diamond is my gemstone, and I was born with it. All Gems have a gemstone that functions as something similar to your human... what do humans have again? A yes, a brain. So please, do not touch it."

She hoped this explanation would be satisfactory.

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May 30th 2018 at 12:19:09 PM

Daryl Jacobson—Frontiers—Just an average dude.

“What’s wrong with the money? It’s more than minimum wage, you know.” Daryl said to Naga with a frown. “You could use it to—-He kept staring at Naga’s body with his mouth open— “buy some decent clothes.” He grinned at her. “Trust me, appereances can be deceiving.”

Then with the arrival of Pink Diamond and Siluca, he smiled at them. “Quite a pickle we have gotten ourselves into, haven’t we? I am Daryl, Daryl Jacobson,” the “accountant” introduced himself,” to Pink Diamond, and Siluca while offerring his right hand at them.

In particular he kept staring at Pink Diamond. “You’re huge! Miss Pink Diamond” He said while being forced to move his neck up just to be able to see her face.” You wouldn’t be one of those mutants by any chance would you?”

Then after Naga made her comment about the music sisters, said, “for the record I think you’re a pair of atractive young ladies. Booked you said? Are you musicians by any chance? I don’t think I’ve heard of you before. If you ever need someone to do your taxes, I am your guy.“

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May 30th 2018 at 12:25:00 PM

Siluca - Frontiers

When chaos explained himself, Siluca was about to ask what he meant by a “reality television show” though her question was quickly answered.

“That sounds…” Siluca began to say, lifting her hand to her mouth, though she quickly lowered it, her expression turning somber.

She had heard of such games, perhaps in the far off lands of the Nords, Dartania, and perhaps Khilis, but she had rarely seen such a thing for herself. It was not for her to judge the customs of other nations, except when they so blatantly oppressed the people or caused the lands to fall into decay.

Still, who was she to speak of such things? Though fighting for bloodshed seemed pointless and unnecessarily cruel when there were no rules in place to prevent slaughter in those games, in truth that sort of fighting was not all that different from the countless feuds that existed on her world. Until her world was united under one imperial Crest, that cycle would forever continue. Now that Siluca was no longer there to guide him, would Lord Theo manage to realize his ideals?

Maybe, as this man said, this place would be different.

However, when he introduced himself, an intense, perhaps hostile look flashed on Siluca’s face, as she began to reach for her wand, only to subside after a moment’s reflection. It was only a name, she reassured herself. People’s names could derive from words that once meant different things, but why his name would come from something with such a negative connotation was anyone’s guess. Did Chaos as she understood it exist from where he was from? She did not sense that dark energy coming from here, but she did not sense it anywhere in this new world.

A foreboding thought.

Siluca brought her right hand to her collarbone, “My name is Siluca Meletes.”

When Daryl introduced himself, she let her hand down and nodded.

Would she introduce herself by trade or title? Her wand and cape might mark her as one with magical ability, though she did not know whether others would recognize this. There was no need to mention her advisory role to Theo, nor her informal queenly status. There was no ceremony so it was hard to call it legitimate, and declaring herself with such a title without the power to back it would only draw enmity and unwanted attention.

Still, there was no need to mention her training just yet. If someone managed to ascertain her status, she would mention things then, otherwise there was no need to reveal what powers she had at her disposal just yet.

Siluca winced again when Naga made her big laugh, but at least she was talking to… someone gigantic. As big as a Demon Lord at least.

The two girls then confirmed what chaos had said.

“It would be strange if you did,” Siluca said to Ionia and Aeolia, “because I have no memory of this competition. The last thing I remember was returning to my bed.”

There was no need to mention just what her last memories or dreams were before coming here. That was a private affair between her and Theo.

“So out of all of us here, how many were forced into that?”

Siluca also briefly glanced at Daryl's mention of "mutants," another concept she was unfamiliar with, but it was probably something from wherever he was from.

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chaos — Frontiers

The flash of ill feeling in Siluca's eyes did not go unnoticed by chaos, and he withdrew his hand a little sheepishly. After many years of negative and curious reactions to his name, however, he was used to it. Still, the sheer sense of hostility that she had briefly sent his way hinted at something deeper, and he made a note to broach the topic later.

"Well," he replied to her, putting a hand to his chin, "seeing as you weren't a participant in all that, I suppose we all come from a smattering of different circumstances. I don't see too many of the people here making signs of recognition, after all."

"I don't recognize any of you, either," he pondered, turning his attention to the Achelnote sisters, "but seeing as you won the whole thing, I suppose you all must have been brought on board some time later, after the point that I was pulled from. They called the show Nemesis, right? Which team ended up winning, out of curiosity?"

There was a particular feeling of caution to his question. chaos had never put much stock in the whole designation of "heroes vs. villains" that the Producers had set up, but it was undeniable that some of the people on Team Villain were decidedly unhinged, so it would be good to get a feel for who he was dealing with here.

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