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GenericGuy2000 I’m here, I guess. from a generic place. Relationship Status: Abstaining
I’m here, I guess.
May 18th 2022 at 4:23:05 PM

Yeah Suki's BBC entry in particular made me feel a bit skeptical. I brought it here in case I was wrong but I couldn't really imagine that she'd have much of a vocal hatedom.

“Gen” is dead now. Just “Generic” is fine.
May 23rd 2022 at 6:26:57 AM

The following entries from The Last of Us have been hidden, with the argument that there is little indication that the characters earned BBC status. This game is rather infamous because its treatment of the lead characters instigated massive Flame Wars among players. Shall the entries be restored or deleted?

  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Joel, mainly after his decision to save Ellie from being operated on at the end of the game, killing anyone who tried to stop him at the end of the game. One camp strongly disapproves of his selfish actions, claiming that he doomed humanity and deserved to die in the sequel. Another camp acknowledges that his actions were selfish, but since the chances of the Fireflies creating a usable vaccine from Ellie were rather slim, and the chances of that vaccine making a difference were even lower due to factors that were largely the Fireflies' fault, Joel's actions were understandable, and saved Ellie from becoming a Senseless Sacrifice.
    • Some people like how completely frank Bill is about survival while others think he's too much of a hardass.

Wyldchyld Relationship Status: -not set
May 23rd 2022 at 4:15:40 PM

It's just written as if it's a "fandom disagrees, these are the positions" post, which isn't BBC. You said the subject causes flame-wars. That's what the entry needs to explain. It's not enough to state the incompatible positions, explain the way it breaks the fanbase every time it gets mentioned.

In short, the entry states "what" but doesn't say "how" — it's the "how" that matters.

The second bullet point is ZCE as well.

So, the answer to your question is neither — it needs to be rewritten.

Edited by Wyldchyld on May 23rd 2022 at 4:24:55 AM

If my post doesn't mention a giant flying sperm whale with oversized teeth and lionfish fins for flippers, it just isn't worth reading.
GenericGuy2000 I’m here, I guess. from a generic place. Relationship Status: Abstaining
I’m here, I guess.
May 23rd 2022 at 4:19:11 PM

Also that first sentence in Joel's entry is kinda Department of Redundancy Department with saying "at the end of the game" twice.

“Gen” is dead now. Just “Generic” is fine.
Jun 1st 2022 at 9:19:37 PM

[up][up] To chime in on those examples, Bill's example can probably be cut, as I've never heard of anyone making those complaints. Joel definitely was a controversial character when the first game came out, but with the recent events in The Last of Us Part II he's become a borderline Sacred Cow, at least from what I can tell.

KageTsuki88 Yorokobe Shonen from The hellscape that is Gacha and TV Tropes Relationship Status: That's rough, buddy
Yorokobe Shonen
Jun 7th 2022 at 2:12:26 PM

On May 30th, I've changed an entry on Spy X Family from Base-Breaking Character to Broken Base with my reasoning being its wording at the time only bringing up a character's specific trait as opposed to the character in his entirety. It was changed back on June 1st to BBC despite the wording being similar to when I made my edit. So I'm wondering if it does genuinely qualify for BBC or if it should be changed back to my original edit.

Edited by KageTsuki88 on Jun 7th 2022 at 5:15:50 AM

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Bullman The 15th Doctor Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
The 15th Doctor
Jun 7th 2022 at 3:18:00 PM

I found this entry on YMMV.Sleepy Hollow:

  • There is definitely a rift between those who love Katrina and those who think that she takes precious screen time away from the other actresses. So much so that the ratings began to plunge downward from "Deliverance" and onward as some frustrated viewers who disliked Katrina's takeover began to jump ship. It didn't help that, in season 2, she makes a series of bad decisions, most of them based around the possibility of somehow redeeming Henry and/or Abraham, only for none of them to pan out until the season finally culminates in her turning into a murderous enemy. (One of the people frustrated by the character, it turns out, was Katia Winter, the actress who played the part.) Basically, there weren't many complaints when Katrina bought it in the season 2 finale.

Maybe I am missing something but something seems off about this entry. Maybe it's how halfway through it becomes lopsided towards the negative. Like I feel like she fits the trope but am unsure on this write up. Is it just me?

Fan-Preferred Couple Cleanup
Jun 7th 2022 at 3:23:47 PM

Aside from a tiny reference in the beginning, there's nothing in that entry to suggest people "love" Katrina at all. The entry also just spoilers her death for no reason (it' snot necessarily for the example to work), so it definitely needs to be retooled.

GenericGuy2000 I’m here, I guess. from a generic place. Relationship Status: Abstaining
I’m here, I guess.
Jul 22nd 2022 at 10:14:53 PM

So funnily enough this was actually the very first entry mentioned on this thread. On BrokenBase.Undertale:

  • Alphys. A lot of players find her character gimmick of constant messages and attempts to help more annoying than funny, especially on repeat playthroughs. And even though she has sympathetic reasons, the reveal that she's been experimenting on sick monsters to create the Amalgamates and manipulating the player to feel better about herself doesn't help, especially since she never directly apologizes for the latter.

Doesn't this lean too much on the negative opinions? What about the things people like about Alphys.

“Gen” is dead now. Just “Generic” is fine.
Jul 22nd 2022 at 11:29:58 PM

[up] Right, that's just a one-sided list of complaints.

Silverblade2 Relationship Status: I know
Jul 30th 2022 at 11:26:20 AM


  • Base-Breaking Character: Shawn himself due to his immaturity and childishness. He is either an entertaining Large Ham or an obnoxious jerk who treats the people around him poorly.

Not sure about that because Shawn is the main character and him being childish and irreverent to everyone is the prime source of comedy.

RandomTroper123 No, I'm a girl. from I'll let you guess... Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jul 30th 2022 at 11:29:11 AM

[up]I'm not familiar with the show's community, though it's possible for main characters to be controversial, if that's what you're getting at.

Aug 5th 2022 at 2:53:25 PM

This is on FIFA Soccer:

  • Base-Breaking Character: TOTY David Luiz in 15. He had a less-than stellar 2014, capped off with the infamous 7-1 loss against Germany during The World Cup. This caused him to be the least liked player on reference site Futhead, with over 8000 downvotes. Despite this, he is still used and quite a good player.

The entry indicates that fans overwhelmingly dislike David Luiz, so that would make him The Scrappy. However, the bigger problem is that this comes a bit too close to troping real life, since it's describing an actual football player and his uneven performance throughout his career. Keep or delete?

badtothebaritone Now's your chance to be a [[Clown Around Town]] from Somewhere Relationship Status: Snooping as usual
Now's your chance to be a [[Clown Around Town]]
Aug 5th 2022 at 2:57:55 PM

I'd say cut. I'm a little surprised the trope isn't NRLEP.

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RandomTroper123 No, I'm a girl. from I'll let you guess... Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Aug 5th 2022 at 2:59:15 PM

[up][up]I think it should be deleted.

EDIT: I revised this comment.

Edited by RandomTroper123 on Aug 5th 2022 at 2:59:44 AM

WarJay77 THE definitive cousin from The Void Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
THE definitive cousin
Aug 15th 2022 at 7:29:12 PM

Checked out YMMV.Ultimate Warrior, and found, uh... this.

  • Base-Breaking Character: One of the biggest. As if the Self-Destruction DVD, and the reaction to it, wasn't enough evidence.note 
    • The Ultimate Warrior is still regarded one of the worst workers ever; terrible attitude; held up Vince for money; an abysmal run in WCW; went on to make political speeches which amounted to homophobic propaganda (probably just to cash in on the pundit circuit like Beck and Coulter). During one address at the University of Connecticut, his appearance was met with protests and the speech itself was so offensive that the event was shut down prematurely. Did any of it matter in the long run? Nope. He touched wrestling fans — a fanbase he genuinely loved —in a way few ever do.
    • Arn Anderson said that Vince pushed Warrior even though he wasn't going to be a great wrestler and it worked. Interestingly, Arn said that Warrior, behind the scenes, kept to himself and was quiet and intense.
    • Ted DiBiase alone goes back and forth on the subject. DiBiase credits Warrior for trusting him to lead a match when they were both in Mid-South and says that Warrior was "tremendously dedicated to keeping his body in shape. That's about it." He says that Warrior was very calculating, rude to the fans, and repeatedly held Vince up for more money. This might explain Vince's reticence with putting the belt on wrestlers who reside outside of his inner circle.
    • "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, who first encountered UW in his Blade Runners days in Mid-South/UWF, said that Warrior was never happy.
    • The Honky Tonk Man said that, although Rick Rude taught Warrior how to do a 20-minute match, doing those matches killed Warrior's gimmick, as he was like a precursor to Goldberg's "spear, Jackhammer, 3-count" matches.
    • Harley Race said that Warrior "doesn't know a wristlock from a wristwatch," and that he used to tie Warrior to the ropes using Warrior's own tassels.
    • Bobby Heenan hated the man. Once, during an interview with WrestleCrap, RD Reynolds asked Heenan about Warrior. Heenan told Reynolds to bring the microphone with him and lead Reynolds into a bathroom. He asked Reynolds to say Warrior's name again and once he did Heenan flushed a toilet repeatedly. He then stated something along the lines of "that's what I think of that man."
    • Sherri Martel said "Jim" was a perfectionist who took great care not to botch or hurt anyone.
    • Virgil said that Warrior was a good guy but he wouldn't stick around long if he didn't get what he wanted.
    • Kevin Von Erich, who worked with him in his Dingo Warrior days in World Class, also said that Warrior was quiet, and a "very good guy."
    • Not one to forgive or mince words, "Cowboy" Bill Watts called Warrior "a real piece of shit."
    • The Bushwhackers said that they got along fine with Warrior because they knew him from the UWF, but that he would ignore fans who asked him for autographs when he was at the gym. They say that Warrior did that because he saw wrestling as a way to get paid for working out, and that he stopped after Vince told him that everybody signs autographs. They also give Rick Rude credit for helping Warrior learn how to work the right way.
    • The Road Warriors said that Warrior "couldn't wrestle or do an interview."


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RandomTroper123 No, I'm a girl. from I'll let you guess... Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Aug 15th 2022 at 7:43:33 PM

[up]Ngl, that entry was awful.

WarJay77 THE definitive cousin from The Void Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
THE definitive cousin
Aug 15th 2022 at 7:44:24 PM

IDK what to do with it. Cut all but the first bullet? But that bullet implies the actual fanbase likes him? But doesn't elaborate why?

Current Project: Uncanny Valley
RandomTroper123 No, I'm a girl. from I'll let you guess... Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Aug 15th 2022 at 7:56:01 PM

I agree with you; I'd combine the first part and the first bullet yet cut the others. However, I think it should be commented out until further elaboration is given as to why fans like the boi.

ChrisX ..... from ..... Relationship Status: Singularity
Aug 29th 2022 at 3:55:07 PM

Excuse me. Long ago I made this Sandbox page about Broken Base and Base-Breaking Character on BlazBlue. I would like to know if they are actually fitting or not. It's been a damn while since I touched the franchise and I'm not very sure where the fandom swings right now. I want to know if the entries count or not.

Because if they don't count, then I will notify the Abandoned Sandbox Cleanup thread that they're free to nuke it. If they fit, then I will proceed with ironing out the page to make it more proper.

Thank you.

Edited by ChrisX on Aug 29th 2022 at 5:57:19 PM

ssjSega Relationship Status: -not set
Sep 4th 2022 at 11:51:29 AM

[up]Having read through them, I don't think any of them count.

While I don't know what's up with the BlazBlue fandom these days, none of the entries read as legitimate Broken Base or Base Breaker Character entries and feel too...complain-y or skewed or something of the sort.

If you'd like more feedback, I can also recommend the Broken Base clean-up thread. Link here.

ChrisX ..... from ..... Relationship Status: Singularity
Sep 4th 2022 at 9:31:03 PM

Yeah. I would've guessed. It's been awhile since I've been into the BB fanbase to make sound judgment on that. I'll just save it to my own Google Doc (for backup purposes) and ask the other thread to nuke the Sandbox if the Broken Base thread says 'nuke it' too.

Edited by ChrisX on Sep 4th 2022 at 11:31:52 PM

Zuxtron Berserk Button: misusing Nightmare Fuel from Node 03 Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Sep 5th 2022 at 9:46:32 PM

From YMMV.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean:

  • Base-Breaking Character: Pucci is divisive amongst the fanbase. One camp likes him for being a genuinely sympathetic villain, who surprisingly gives a degree of humanity to DIO, of all people, not to mention the various stands he possesses. On the other hand, other fans dislike him for Jumping Off the Slippery Slope and lose sympathy for him once he unlocks Made In Heaven and kills off most of the main cast. Not to mention the fact that his actions led to Stone Ocean's controversial ending.

The reasons given for disliking Pucci here aren't about him being a poorly-written character, but about him doing evil deeds (he's the Big Bad, what do you expect?) As far as I know, Pucci is considered one of the best JoJo antagonists, with his detractors being a small minority.

GenericGuy2000 I’m here, I guess. from a generic place. Relationship Status: Abstaining
I’m here, I guess.
Sep 5th 2022 at 10:10:12 PM

As a Jojo fan myself, I have never heard of Pucci having a vocal hatedom. So I’m leaning towards cut as well.

“Gen” is dead now. Just “Generic” is fine.
RandomTroper123 No, I'm a girl. from I'll let you guess... Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Sep 5th 2022 at 10:26:33 PM

[up][up]For the evil deeds part, I guess whether or not you should mention stuff like that (in situations like this, at least) depends on the character.

However, I feel this should be cut since (at least to my knowledge) Pucci is mostly well-received.

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