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Now with a sandbox!

It appears that many Nightmare Fuel pages have problems, including:

1. Listing non-scary things that made the viewer feel slightly uncomfortable at worst.

2. Having spoiler tags on them (which is against the page's guidelines).

3. Listing Fridge Horror and fan theories.

And much more!

On a few occasions, people from outside the site's community have pointed out our overly lax usage of Nightmare Fuel to make fun of us, meaning that it can legitimately harm our reputation to let this go unchecked.

The TRS thread meant for redefining Nightmare Fuel started to become a place for cleaning up Nightmare Fuel pages in general, so we may as well move these discussions to Long Term Projects where they belong.

Here are the guidelines to determine whether something is Nightmare Fuel or not.

    Nightmare Fuel rules 
  • This is a page whose name is intended to be taken more literally than most. It's not enough for material to be scary; to truly qualify, it has to be frightening enough to legitimately unnerve/disturb the viewer, with actually being nightmare-inducing as the ultimate endpoint.
    • Good signs that something IS Nightmare Fuel include if:
      • It left you feeling shaken even after the credits had rolled, you turned the last page, or are otherwise done with the work.
      • You have a hard time falling asleep if you think about it at night, or have a literal nightmare about it.
      • You dread that episode, scene, level, chapter, or song during re-watches, and consider skipping it.
    • With that said, don't add something just because it happens to be your personal phobia. For example, spiders can be scary and many people have arachnophobia, but just because a spider happens to be in the work, it does not make a Nightmare Fuel entry. It needs to reasonably be scary to someone without the phobia.
    • Don't confuse tension with fear. If the hero is in trouble, but you know he'll make it out okay at the end, it's probably not Nightmare Fuel unless the threat is especially disturbing.
  • Explain WHY the entry scared you. Try to convey your sense of fear to your readers. Avoid putting up Zero-Context Examples.
    • Remember that Weblinks Are Not Examples, and neither are quotes on their own. You should explain the horror in your own words, rather than rely on others to do so.
  • Don't add things that might have scared someone. If it didn't scare you, and you don't personally know anyone else who was scared, you shouldn't be adding it to Nightmare Fuel.
  • Nightmare Fuel should stick to you even after you're done with the work.
    • If something is initially presented as scary but turns out to be harmless, it's most likely not Nightmare Fuel since The Reveal makes the scariness vanish.
    • Jump Scares are a good source of Nightmare Fuel, but not all of them automatically qualify: being startled is not the same as being scared.
  • Hypotheticals are not Nightmare Fuel:
    • Remember that Trailers Always Lie: a scene that is presented as scary in the trailer could very well turn out to be inoffensive in the finished work. Only add examples from unreleased works if they were especially terrifying in the previews.
    • Fan theories do not belong on the Nightmare Fuel page under any circumstance. No matter how much evidence they have to support them, don't add them until they've been officially confirmed. In the meanwhile, take them to Wild Mass Guessing.
    • Fridge Horror goes on the Fridge page, not Nightmare Fuel. Don't add it unless it's Ascended Fridge Horror.
  • Keep in mind the work's intended audience when considering whether or not something is Nightmare Fuel.
    • If something is normal or expected in the genre, it does not automatically qualify. Violence in a Fighting Series or gore in a horror movie must be especially disturbing or gruesome by the work's standards to be Nightmare Fuel.
    • Remember that Kids Shouldn't Watch Horror Films. If a work is rated PG-13 or higher but would only be scary to young children, it's not Nightmare Fuel.
    • The standards on what qualifies as Nightmare Fuel are especially stringent on works aimed at children and pre-teens: kids have hyperactive imaginations, so even something benign can give them nightmares.
  • Spoiler tags do not belong on Nightmare Fuel pages. Much of what scares us comes from inherently spoilery stuff such as death and the unknown, so finding spoilers on these pages should be expected.
  • Nightmare Fuel is an Audience Reaction, so it needs to be scary for the audience. Describing how the characters react to something scary isn't needed. Just because something scares them, that doesn't mean it scares us as well.
  • Nightmare Fuel is a No Real Life Examples, Please! page. Meta-examples involving the actors, production, or behind-the-scenes incidents are not allowed.

Guidelines when proposing cleanup of a page:

  • Some rules are pretty objective. If you see a Zero-Context Example, Fridge Horror, Real Life example, speculation, In-Universe reaction that isn't scary to the viewers, examples that explicitly describe themselves as not being very scary (including "mildly creepy", "somewhat unnerving", and other synonymous phrases), or examples that are just scene summaries without going into detail about why it's so scary, you can (and should) remove them immediately without coming here to ask.
  • You should also strip all spoiler tags from the page. Itty Bitty Wiki Tools has a tool for that, but it can cause problems, so if you use it be sure to preview the page and thoroughly look it over.
  • Once you've fixed the objective issues with the page, bring it here so we can look at the more subjective problems, such as examples that may not be scary enough to qualify. If a consensus is reached that a certain entry does not qualify, it can be removed.

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Sep 21st 2017 at 3:22:10 PM

Court Dogs has reverted the edits I made to NightmareFuel.We Bare Bears. In order to avoid an edit war, I invited them to this thread to discuss what does and doesn't belong on the page.

My thoughts on the subject: We Bare Bears is the kind of show where nothing bad can really happen to the characters. This means that not every scene of them in danger qualifies, since we all know they'll turn out alright in the end. Only the most serious scenes of peril, with a clear threat to life, should qualify.

Either way, spoiler tags don't belong on Nightmare Fuel pages, so they'll need to go.

Here's what I'd cut, with justifications:

    open/close all folders 
    Cut list 
Pilot Food Truck
  • The woodland animals becoming increasingly ferocious from desire for food. Eventually, they become intent on mauling the food truck owners (including the bears). -> They were trying to steal their food. The stakes are not high enough to be truly terrifying.
  • During the montage of the animals spreading news of the bears' calzone truck, there was a deer about to get Eaten Alive by a wolf. Thankfully, both of them get informed before any slaughter happens. -> Predators eating prey happens all the time in nature, plus it doesn't even end up happening anyway.
Everyday Bears
  • The killer Roomba. It's a Super-Persistent Predator that manages to effortlessly mow through grass, tree bark, and other materials-all in a pursuit of Grizzly, as he's trapped in the tree. -> It's also a Roomba. The threat is too ridiculous to take seriously.
  • Charlie's blurry, out-of-focus caveshare pictures. He looks like a demon. -> Then we meet him and he's super friendly. It's only momentarily creepy, the fear goes away once he shows up in person.
  • In a way, Charlie's whole situation. Imagine being relentlessly harassed and followed by a large group of people constantly trying to take your picture, with some of them even setting traps for you. They follow you so much, you can't even have a permanent home without them finding you again and again. Even worse? Charlie genuinely has no idea why these people follow him around all the time, and there's no telling how long they've been doing this. No wonder the poor guy hates cameras and avoids windows and doors...->Sounds more like Tear Jerker than Nightmare Fuel.
Occupy Bears
  • The second potential house the bears looked at was an extremely run-down apartment. Not only did a rat come out of the shower when Panda tested it, but when Ice Bear checks the fridge, it's filled with garbage...and something breathing in there.-> That was a single short scene, played for laughs.
Panda's Sneeze
  • After both Nom Nom and Panda lose the cute off Nom Nom begins selfishly stroking the trophy he "won" and the bears leave. Suddenly, all of the lights turn off, one layer at a time until its just a single spotlight on Nom Nom and his trophy. Nom Nom hears something and a bears' silhouette can be seen staring with glaring red eyes from the darkness, its the Robot Bear from earlier which grabs Nom Nom, smashes his trophy and kidnaps him for being cute. -> Nom Nom had it coming, so it's more satisfying than scary.
The Road
  • When cub Panda's cardboard box fort was falling apart towards cub Grizzly and cub Ice Bear, both cubs thought they were going to get hurt. Grizzly naturally reacted scared, but Ice Bear just closes his eyes, spreads his arms out, and just accepts being "crushed to death", which is horrifying. Think about it. A child trying to kill himself. -> That's just reading too much into it.
Chloe and Ice Bear
  • Chloe deciding that it's a good idea to climb into the pen of an alligator. Ice Bear's expression says it all. -> She's with Ice Bear, the most badass character in the show, so we know she's safe.

Cupcake Job

  • While the scenes that play out are amusing, it is rather unsettling to see Ice Bear going around with an uncharacteristically wide smile, for his cupcake mascot job. This is reflected, in-verse, with people being understandably creeped out by or wary of Ice Bear running up to them, while wearing The Unsmile.-> Seems more like this inspires a mild creepy feeling than the horror required for Nightmare Fuel.
Slumber Party
  • Chloe ends up spooking the bears with a scary story about a "Slug-man." Things go From Bad to Worse when the power goes out, their phones are dead, and the gang starts hearing spooky noises...Thankfully, it's just a raccoon and Mr. Park.-> So in the end, it was all a harmless misunderstanding. Doesn't qualify.
Nom Nom's Entourage
  • Andy Bangs, for people who don't like Jump Scares.-> His "jump scares" are him jumping out while shouting "Bang!". They're treated as scary In-Universe, but they're not actually that startling to the viewers. And being startled isn't the same as being scared.
Grizzly: The Movie
  • In-universe example, the true details of the movie itself, a horror genre, depicting bears as violent savages, with the crew seeing nothing wrong with it.
    • It gets worse with the motion-capture editing showing a more realistic (and darker) version of a grizzly bear, savagely maiming its victim to death, compared to the events of "Primal". -> This is an In-Universe example, which isn't scary to the viewers.
  • Where to begin with this one? The way Warren and Faye act around Grizzly is unnerving. Grizz himself becomes paranoid to the point of believing they are bear hunters, and it later gets to Panda and Ice Bear as well.
    • A paranoid Grizzly trying to stay awake, but ends up having a nightmare about the dark silhouettes of the neighbors as one breaks into his room wielding an axe and the other grabs him from underneath his bed and drags him in.
  • Their RV, from stalker-ish photos of the bear trio, to bear bones including a complete skeleton in the closet.
  • In the end, the bears are caught in the act as their neighbors pull out a knife... but thankfully it turns out they actually make wooden bear carvings, and the bones were fake and used for model reference. -> The whole episode turns out to be a misunderstanding. Once we learn their true nature, it stops being scary.
Professor Lampwick
  • The professor himself looks and sounds pretty intimidating.-> "Pretty" intimidating doesn't quite cut it for Nightmare Fuel.
  • At the end of the episode, Professor Lampwick nonchalantly implies he has been kidnapped by his students for their grades before.->...and? That's really not scary at all, in fact it's kinda funny that he's been kidnapped so many times that he's used to it.
Charlie's Big Foot Citizen Tabes

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Sep 21st 2017 at 6:48:46 PM

Your cuts seem pretty legit to me

Gonna work on The Defenders (2017)

Some of those are pretty awful.



  • Alexandra's lines imply she's going to go after the heroes' dear ones.
    Alexandra: The more connections you have, the easier it will be to break you.
    • Which is better emphasized as we get shots of the heroes and their loved ones when Alexandra says this line in the last trailer: a guy threatening Jessica by pointing a gun at Malcolm, Luke and Claire "getting coffee", Colleen in a fight, Matt and Karen having a domestic moment...
  • The second trailer: Bakuto is back. And he wants a rematch with Colleen.
  • The second trailer shows how serious Alexandra is about going after the Defenders' loved ones: Colleen in a swordfight with Bakuto, Claire apparently under attack, Foggy and Karen having an emotional hug in Misty's precinct and looking genuinely frightened, Trish behind a police barricade seeing her car has somehow been slammed right through a sidewalk.
  • How frightening is Alexandra? Madame Gao is clearly afraid of her. Considering that Gao was the only person who could rattle Wilson Fisk, that says a lot.
  • Matt's Billy Club torture method is cool, there is some question as to whether he uses it to decapitate him. Because in a related scene, the interrogated guy is lying on the floor... and has been decapitated. Did Matt cross the line again, and confirm what Frank Castle said about "You're one bad day away from becoming me"? In the actual episode, it turns out Stick did the deed.

  • The earthquake producing those shockwaves. Doubly so when we see it through Matt's POV, he's alone in his apartment when everything starts to shake, then he takes to cover as best as he can. We also see it through Luke's POV as he's walking down the street and the ground starts to shake, sending rows of parked cars bouncing up and down and knocking down streetlights, one of which nearly hits Cole's mother had Luke not shown up to hold it up.

(Seriously, natural disasters in a work about super heroes? Whoever wrote this must have heart attacks watching Superman)

  • The danger the Hand pose is made clear when they have Cole killed in jail for talking to Luke.
    • On the Adult Fear side, his mother's breakdown after she gets the news. Losing one of your children to criminal violence is horrible enough, but all of them, only months apart, is unimaginable.

(One is on par for the work, the other is more a Tear Jerker.)

  • Jessica returns to her find John Raymond holding Malcolm at gunpoint because he's utterly afraid for his life and what the Hand will do to him. And then without any warning, Elektra suddenly breaks down the door and grabs Raymond, who quickly blows his brains out rather than let Elektra kill him. And Elektra then quickly overpowers Jessica before making her escape, all without saying a single word. The fact that Elektra doesn't say anything, and the way she breaks the lock, she seems like something right out of a horror film.
  • Jessica has a thick jacket in the NYPD files. As in, two bulging file folders. Like she said in her own series, it must be a crime to help people or making a living in the city.

(Second I don't even get. First is again a staple of the hero genre (a hostage).)

  • When Elektra shows up, she and Matt engage in a savage fight for several minutes. It's not until he's knocked down and takes a pause that Matt is able to tell who it is. Think about it; he can identify a person by heartbeat and smell yet he had no idea this was Elektra at first, meaning she truly has changed.
    • Also notice how when Matt senses her coming, he says "There's someone else coming. Something else," meaning he can't even register Elektra as human at first.
    • And the entirety of this Matt vs. Elektra fight is one because Elektra is wielding twin katanas and Matt is unarmed. Her swordplay is vicious enough that you spend the entirety of the fight fearing that Matt's going to get cut.


  • The Reveal that the Hand has been around for centuries, possibly longer. Just like HYDRA, they have been pulling strings behind major historical events and catastrophes. Tony Stark's parents and the infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D. were among HYDRA jobs. Pompeii and Chernobyl were the work of the Hand.
  • When Jessica learns that the Hand are watching John Raymond's family, she attacks the guy spying on them and tells him that the family knows nothing about what Raymond knew. Jessica gets confirmation that the Hand knows that the family is no threat, but when she asks if the assassin is going to leave them alone, he gives a Slasher Smile and spits at Jessica. The Hand aren't going to just kill John Raymond's family because they're a threat. They're going to do it because they feel like it.

(Not event trying, speculation)

  • He also lists down each of the Defenders' failures: Danny's failure to protect K'un-Lun, Luke's failure to save Cole in jail and Jessica's failure to save Raymond and when that doesn't work, he mentions Kilgrave which understandably pisses her off to the point where she tries to deck him only for Luke to hold her back.

(The villain knows the heroes = nightmare fuel!)

  • Colleen's plan to stop the Hand once and for all: bring down Midland Circle on top of the leaders of the Hand, using the explosives John Raymond was going to use. Luke and Jessica are utterly horrified by what this could do to New York. The scary thing? Matt, the guy who spent his entire second season arguing with Frank Castle on not killing, is instantly on board. (though that was because there were no innocents in the building.
  • The Reveal of just what the Hand want in New York; why they had Fisk arrange the murder of poor old Elena Cardenas to get her building and dig such a massive hole under Midland Circle: the fossilized skeleton of a dragon... and it's gigantic! Danny is barely a spec compared to it.

(A fossil! That's scary!)

  • Just the simple fact that Colleen and Matt managed to talk Luke, Jessica, and Claire into the plan of blowing up Midland Circle to kill the leaders of the Hand. Claire eventually agrees that when the Hand does their thing, it's not just killing, but "horror movie... murdery shit". Jessica finally agrees because they went after their friends and families. Luke ultimately agrees as long as no innocents are hurt, instead just those "monsters". The Hand became such In-Universe Nightmare Fuel that the Defenders ultimately decided to subvert their no-killing rule.
  • When Karen and Trish are looking over the wall of crime scene photos, Trish says "They [the Hand] came after me, too. I thought Jessica was exaggerating, I didn't know it was this bad." To which Karen simply says, "Yeah, well it is" and even points out a photo from the hostage situation she was a part of. One can see just how much getting kidnapped by the Hand has impacted Karen, and she doesn't sound surprised, given all she's been through in her pursuits of Wilson Fisk and Frank Castle.
  • After being teased when she got shot by Diamondback in the hostage situation at Harlem's Paradise, this time Misty really does lose her arm in quite disturbing fashion: Bakuto is about to decapitate Claire and Misty makes a desperate lunge for him, resulting in his swords slicing through her arm both ways, which doesn't even look intentional on his part.
  • Remember how in "Nelson v. Murdock," Foggy said to Matt, "You're going to get yourself killed if you keep this up. You know that, right?" Here, Foggy gets to see his worst fears realized Matt is seemingly killed in the destruction of Midland Circle.

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Be sure to use the foldercontrol markup because otherwise there's no guarantee that people will be able to open your comment's folder. For example, I can't open Ghilz's folder...

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Sep 22nd 2017 at 3:30:39 PM

[up][up]I cannot seem to open the folder as well

The Dark Lord of the Sith
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Sep 23rd 2017 at 10:49:27 AM

I believe it's a problem with how folders work on the forum, not a problem with Ghilz's folders. Only the first folder on a forums page works, or something like that.

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To open Ghilz folder go up to Zuxtron's post and click on the folder control. It should open all the folders.

If you need contain a body of text into a collapsed collection in the forum, the Note mark up works better.

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"Who watches the watchmen?"
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Sep 23rd 2017 at 1:09:46 PM

Here are some examples in the Star Wars prequel trilogy that could be reviewed:

Phantom Menace

(I think the second bullet doesn't fit since it's a fan edit)
  • In the climax when the Nabooean pilots make off in their recently-liberated fighters, one of them takes a hit from a gun turret and loses an engine, plummeting helplessly to a fiery crash in the valley below. Imagine what those last moments had to be like for the pilot.
  • When Obi Wan and Qui Gon sneak up to find a battle droid army preparing for the invasion, there seems to be a eerie noise not unlike the kind you would hear in a haunted house. What doesn't help is that this same noise was recycled in TARKIN'S debut in Rebels. (The scene in question:

Attack of the Clones

  • The second to last scene of the film: the Clone Wars have begun, and the GAR is assembled for deployment. We're given a wide shot that not only shows the sheer scale of the army, but what would ultimately become the predecessors to the Stormtroopers and Star Destroyers of the original trilogy. Then we cut to Palpatine on a balcony overlooking the army. Cue the Imperial March. (This one seems more suitable for a crowning moment of awesome IMO)
  • There's just something about he scene where you see the clones that's a little chilling. For one thing there's ever present Uncanny Valley thanks in some part to Obi Wan being the only non-CGI entity, an environment so sterile that you forget that there's a raging storm going on outside, and lots of People Jars.
  • And then there's the utterly hostile Bread and Circuses vibe given off by the whole arena scene (which is obviously the point). Obi-Wan disarms and dismounts a Geonosian riding by on an orray so that he has a weapon to defend himself against the acklay. The Geonosian recovers just in time to see the acklay walking towards him and he gets stepped on by its spear-like leg. And the crowd cheers.

Revenge of the Sith

(All 3 second bullet examples feel off-topic)
  • In the video game tie-in, if you beat the final boss as Anakin, instead of going through what he goes in the movie, he manages to kill Obi-Wan. Then when Palpatine meets Anakin there, he hands his apprentice a new lightsaber... and Anakin stabs him with it. Can you imagine how different things would have been with Anakin as the Emperor?
  • Consider this: for many children, both Revenge of the Sith and The Empire Strikes Back are probably the first films they've ever seen in which the bad guys actually win; the heroes are either dead or have barely escaped with their lives.

The Dark Lord of the Sith
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Sep 23rd 2017 at 1:16:40 PM

Heres one for Rogue One

  • As the title appears in the D23 teaser, after seeing the Death Star looming over a lush world, a multitude of increasingly frantic voices are heard...and are suddenly silenced.
    • Just how close is the Death Star to that planet? Keep in mind, on the scale of spacefaring objects, it isn't that big — it's 120 kilometres in diameter (to put that in perspective, our moon is roughly 1/4 the size of Earth, yet appears smaller than a coin since it's more than 300,000 km away). And from the perspective of the camera, a significant portion of it is below the horizon. At the distances suggested, it would significantly affect the planet's gravity--at the very least, people would lose a significant amount of weight; at worst, there would be terrible tidal floods. Imagine waking up one morning, looking out the window...and seeing that above your head.
    • Another possibility is that the shot had been the equivalent of being taken with a very long (read: high magnification) telephoto lens, that compresses perspective a lotnote .
  • The Russian poster for the movie. In the background, it shows an army of Stormtroopers and AT-ATs advancing over the sea on Scarif, and in the foreground, a lone Rebel soldier's helmet lying in the surf...
  • The battle of Scarif, no doubt one of the most amazing battles in the franchise, also comes as terrifying as the staggering amount of lives from both sides being lost onscreen is shocking. Of particular note, the Hammerhead attack on the Star Destroyer. Before this, the most horrific combat we've seen was the death of the Executor. An A-Wing smashes the bridge, killing Piett and the bridge crew, then the ship nose dives into the Second Death Star. Here, we see the horrified reactions of officers and crews in the face of their impending deaths. Afterwards, as the two Star Destroyers ram each other, there are countless explosions and crews getting blown into space. If any moment of the film shows just how deadly space combat is, it's this.
  • (Second Bullet Entry about the Star Destroyer hovering over Jedha city)Worse, the mere fact this Destroyer is in atmosphere indicates (or at least implies) it is the smaller-but-no-less-deadly Victory-class Star Destroyer, which is designed for flight in a planet's gravity and is built for the primary purpose of a point-blank planetary bombardment. Imperial Star Destroyers have to aim from orbit. A Victory can park on top of its target and convert a city into a smoking ruin within seconds. note 

The Dark Lord of the Sith
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Sep 23rd 2017 at 4:07:14 PM

The following bullets are in order, so I won't number them. These are all in response to #57 and #58.

  • Phantom Menace:
    • Cut and move to Foreshadowing on the works page.
      • Cut because it's not part of the work.
    • Cut. That seems like a personal fear. Moreover, weren't there many more pilots that died in that movie? Why would this one instance be scarier (at the end of the movie) than any of the others?
    • "there seems to be a noise"? Cut for being a hypothetical, or hallucination...
  • Attack of the Clones:
    • The entry is not written as though the scene is scary. Cut. Move to Awesome/ or one of the others if it's appropriate.
    • "there's something about the scene"? Cut for being too personal (to the point where it isn't reasonably scary to anyone else). Maybe revise and put it on Uncanny Valley.
    • Cut and move to Bread and Circuses after revising for those other policy-breaking problems. It isn't written as though it scared anyone, and the tension was most likely intentional (that is, "a tense scene" rather than "a scary scene").
  • Revenge of the Sith
    • Cut. "Can be quite unnerving" does not mean "can be quite scary." Moreover, it doesn't seem like it would reasonably scare people who haven't seen "the previous movie."
    • "While not directly nightmarish" is admiting it's a shoehorn from the troper's POV; ergo, not scary to the troper who wrote it; ergo, cut.
    • Truth in Television is being misused here as a verbal tic. Also, one of the top causes for... everyone (?) is murder. Cut.
    • This is not written as though it scared the troper, just surprised them that "nothing is sacred to him." Cut.
      • This should be revised and moved to the page for The Clone Wars, assuming it isn't already there. Cut and move.
      • This should be revised and moved to the page for Rebels, assuming it isn't already there. Cut and move.
      • This should be revised and moved to the page for Rogue One, assuming it isn't already there. Cut and move.
    • Cut for not being present in the work.
    • Cut for... speculation?
  • Rogue One
    • I want to say "cut for not being present in the work," but it kind of is? idk
      • Cut and move to Headscratchers/ maybe.
      • Cut and move to Headscratchers/ maybe.
    • I want to say "cut for not being present in the work," but it kind of is? idk
    • Cut for not scaring the troper. "No doubt one of the most amazing battles in the franchise." Also, it's a war. There's a battle. People die in that battle. I'd think people should expect there to be deaths in this movie.
    • Cut. Whatever that person is talking about, it isn't present in the work. Maybe it's present in the franchise somewhere, but this isn't the page for the franchise, just Rogue One.

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Sep 24th 2017 at 5:27:34 PM

I found this massive example in the NF page for the Force Awakens. I don't know if this feels a little too much like a fan theory and Fridge Horror

  • Don't think about how much sense it makes that Kylo Ren sees injuring himself as perfectly acceptable. Like, he doesn't argue when Han tells him that Snoke will throw him away, destroy him, as soon as he's outlived his usefulness. The script tells us he knows this, deep down. And he doesn't rage against it; it appears to be something he accepted a while ago. Why is that? Why is he willing to live with the knowledge that he is utterly expendable to the person on whom he has hinged his entire life? Well, let's take a look back. We now know that Ben Solo felt abandoned as a child, that his parents split before he was sent away. And let's not kid ourselves about whether he realized that at least part of the tension inherent in his parents' marriage was due to him. Ben was Force-sensitive from birth; this is a kid who would have been intimately aware of people's feelings of unease around him. And what happens after his parents split, after his father leaves? He's sent away. Even a child who wasn't Force-sensitive would be able to put two and two together. There's something wrong with him (he isn't the child his parents deserve), he's got this great and terrible power, and there's this struggle inside himself that's tearing at him day and night and he's hardly old enough to understand any of it other than that he scares even the people who love him enough that they send him away. He's wrecked his parents' marriage, their lives, and inside his head is this voice, one only he hears, telling him that he's right, he did, of course they sent him away; they don't want him anymore. Maybe they never even wanted him at all. Confirming all his deepest fears and twisting reality and playing into the mental and emotional issues Ben is already struggling with. They don't want him, this voice tells him, but there's someone who does—him, Snoke. Snoke who takes an adolescent Ben Solo and tells him that he's the only one who can understand him, that he's special, his best and brightest pupil, his great weapon. This is literal child grooming, as well as blatant manipulation of Ben's own non-existent sense of self-worth. In his own mind, Kylo Ren has only ever been wanted as one thing: a weapon. A tool. That is the value Snoke has ascribed to him, and it's the only value Kylo Ren knows. And if your only worth is as a tool, well, tools are meant to be sharpened, aren't they? Honed in whatever ways their masters require. If Kylo Ren must drive his fist into his own wounds to intensify his power, his usefulness, well, it's hardly a question at all as to whether he'll do it. His pain is the cost of his usefulness, and that usefulness is well worth the price. Because make no mistake, for Kylo Ren, there is no worth as a person. He is a thing to be used, but even that is better than being not wanted at all.
    • The scariest part about this idea is that, at one point, Ben may not have been able to distinguish between his own inner voice and Snoke. Snoke would probably have used this to mold him into what he wanted him to be. This would have caused a traumatic psychological break. There was literally nothing anyone could have done. Not Han, not Leia, not even Luke. This was something that was happening inside Ben, that only he could hear, and it was slowly twisting his mind against him. There's a part of Kylo Ren that does know he's been manipulated, but what difference does it make anymore? It's too late. Too late to make up for what he's done, too late to go home, too late to ask for forgiveness. He has to believe that all his suffering has somehow had meaning, somehow been worth it, and that even a little of what Snoke has told him is true. Yet after he watches his father fall, and is not suddenly powerful with his own self-righteous anger, but weakened... he knows it's all been a lie. He's always been nothing but a tool, and so he might as well use himself as one. What difference does any of it make? It's too late.
    • On a similar note: This particular trial obviously has a lot of weight between Kylo and Snoke, and it had to be this specifically. Why? Not just because it destroys any family for Ben to go back to, but because Ben himself is clearly repulsed by having to do it. It's not just about being forced to show his loyalty, but that by doing it, Kylo is confirmed in his own eyes as, as Rey says, a monster. Perhaps Kylo assumed that monsters just don't care, but it's worse than that: a monster has no right to care. A monster is of no worth, is shameful, debased, and repulsive and lucky if he's tolerated by someone who finds him useful.

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The Dark Lord of the Sith
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Blapper of Water
Sep 24th 2017 at 5:57:39 PM

  • Implies it's speculation or hypothetical:
    • "it appears to be"
    • [rhetorical questions]
    • "And let's not kid ourselves about"
    • "this is a kid who would have been"
    • "and inside his head is this voice, one only he hears,"
  • Implies that this is not in the work itself (as shown on screen, which is effectively the same thing):
    • "The script tells us"
    • "We now know that"
  • Implies it's personal to the troper:
    • "There's something wrong with him (he isn't the child his parents deserve)"
    • (look at how much purple prose is here compared to what could have been said to describe it) "there's this struggle inside himself that's tearing at him day and night and he's hardly old enough to understand any of it other than that he scares even the people who love him enough that they send him away."
    • (how many times does this troper say this following line) "They don't want him"
  • This is just not scary. The whol paragraph — dissertation, whatever you want to call it — is about how a kid was groomed and brainwashed into thinking of himself as a literal object. That's sad. That isn't scary to people who don't, for whatever reason, have an irrational fear of it already. Also, I stopped read the paragraph at "A tool," because there's already enough in there for me to say that it's just a hypothetical

I'd also cut the sub-bullets if they're essentially about the same thing (since the head bullet wasn't in the work and was speculative).

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Sep 25th 2017 at 10:54:53 AM

NightmareFuel.Gran Turismo seems like an easy cut.

  • Failing a driving test or a certain challenge gives you a fading screen effects, either paled-down screen in 3, or in 4 or Tourist Trophy, shrinked, grayscaled screen with black borders around, with big "FAIL" written nearby.
  • In 3, if you don't have S-rank license, and you reach the last part of the Professional League's selection screen, a huge question mark appears on the checkered flag background with red instead of black. And red mysterious text. They prevent you from entering the series until you finished the S-rank license. Guess what after you got the said license? It is actually Formula GT race series which was unlocked there.
    • Said text says "Professional League".
  • In 4 and Tourist Trophy, if your PlayStation 2 doesn't read your disc or the disc is not in the console, there will be a red spinning clock (dots in TT) during the loading screens. It is stuck on the loading screen if the clock does not turn white again.
None of these are scary. At all.

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Words of a sage
Sep 25th 2017 at 11:06:24 AM

[up] um... wow. I'm not sure why that page even exists.

Sep 25th 2017 at 11:54:12 AM

I agree with the proposed actions on the various Star Wars pages above and with cutting the Gran Turismo page outright. The Rogue One stuff about the Death Star, I’d just cut.

edited 25th Sep '17 11:55:12 AM by Willbyr

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No, the other one.
Sep 25th 2017 at 12:38:54 PM

Not going to comment on the Star Wars stuff. For the Gran Turismo examples, seriously, words and numbers?

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Sep 25th 2017 at 5:46:11 PM

What the fuck.

Like, I still stand by what I said before about the possibility for this thread to go way overboard into policing people's opinions, but... there's nothing there that even makes sense as being "scary." I'm honestly, totally baffled.

Sep 25th 2017 at 6:35:17 PM

The introductory paragraph on NightmareFuel.Rick And Morty is very long and focuses entirely on the existential horror aspect of the series, which is a bit too specific since there's plenty of other types of scares in the show as well.

My suggested replacement:

Rick and Morty is a very dark show. From the existential dread of knowing you're only one disposable version of yourself amongst nearly-infinite universes, to the Villain Protagonist's frequently cold and brutal solutions to his problems, there's plenty to disturb you and keep you up at night.

TuefelHundenIV Watchman of the Apocalypse from Wandering Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
Sep 25th 2017 at 7:42:24 PM

Zux: I like that one better. It cuts straight to the point and tells us what is going on.

Need some opinions on Trigun mangas..

Obviously the spoilers need to be removed and assorted entries need a little work There are also a few sinkholes in the examples that can be trimmed out.

The first Section is the original Manga, Maximum is continuation of the original story line, and the anime is based on both. The very first entry is a bit problematic because it is reliant on a scanalation which is prone to errors and mistakes. The only thing I can find specifically is that the gang may have instead been slavers. Otherwise they are given very little mention.

Vash ultimately kills Legato not knives and he isn't crushed into a ball but has his neck and limbs broken but recovers because of powers he posesses. He dies by gunshot to the head in both the Manga and the Anime. This one can be rewritten to mention the mangling and his entombment in a coffin like contraption to recover.

For Max The very first entry is off screen and I can't find any actual info on it and several other entries are a bit vague or outright ZCE's.

The Anime Section, they tell us Legato is horrible but short of mentioning forcing one guy belonging to a violent gang who just happens to have a Mugging the Monster moment and Legato forces him to ram his hand into his own chest until he falls dead we aren't given much else. The majority of the entry is more or less cruft and the second bullet has nothing to do with this series at all.

Vash is feared in universe because he unintentionally destroys a city and there are a significant number of tall tales about how horrible he is. However in reality the character is goofy, kind, helpful, and caring even to the bad guys and does his absolute best to avoid killing anyone if he can help it. The second manga reference bullet point is effectively a ZCE and can be chopped.

Ok so thoughts and suggestions?


  • The true business of the Roderick Gang (at least according to the fan-scans), censored in the anime: organ harvesting.
    • The way Legato kills Johnson. The anime pulls a Gory Discretion Shot but the manga shows it in all its glory: Johnson is forced to rip out his own heart.
  • The men who attack Wolfwood in the Church. Under their masks, their mouths are sewn shut & they have screws in their eyes! Their jackets also resemble the Roderick's...
  • Right after Knives makes his grand entrance, Legato sees Vash and orders the Gung-Ho Guns to "Kill him!!" Cue Knives crushing Legato into a ball, shattering his spine. Only after that does he speak.
    "Who said you could kill him?!"

Trigun Maximum

  • TriMax opens with the (offscreen) gang rape and death by torture of a girl whose family had a long feud with another over rights to a Plant.
  • The opening of Volume 2 (Chapter 7). First, Gray the Ninelives impales Descartes on his own boomerang, then Legato forces all of the prisoners to pack themselves into a tiny tanker truck so tightly that they crush themselves to death as their blood begins pouring from the outtake valve.
  • Leonof's Villainous Breakdown. It starts with him tearing his cheek, then his Fin Gore when defeated. plus his cases full of human viscera, Brad did not approve.
    • The fact that Leonof not only killed most of the Ship's inhabitants (including Sensei) and replaced them with perfect-likeness puppets just to mess with Vash, but he intentionally left one real girl in the middle of the melee, who ends up accidentally shot by Vash.
  • Grey the Ninelives. In the anime he's indistinguishable from a robot; but in the manga he's actually nine midgets piloting a giant fleshy golem. It still bleeds High-Pressure Blood and sheds tears. Its mouth is… disturbing. When its arm is severed, the arm crawls to the door release so the main body can resume the battle.
  • Literally everything about Tessla. Check out the Tearjerker page for more explanation.
  • In Maximium Chapter 23, the giant Chinese-themed bandit attempts to rape a woman. "You will be my 13th wife", "The other 12 are all broken", and "You will join them in heaven now" are just a sampling of some of his creepier quotes. Oh, and he have a metal pipe for a dick. Good thing Meryl and Millie didn't approve.
  • The unnamed giant aiding Legato. It proves Not So Stoic & started flashing its deformed mouth.
  • Rai-dei's massacre of the town he guarded combined with Tear Jerker.
  • Wolfwood blowing off all of Razlo's face near the end of their fight.
  • Legato's Venom-esque tongue that he flashes when Razlo and Chapel first appear. It's a borderline Big-Lipped Alligator Moment since it never pops up again, but the single image of it alone is incredibly freaky, especially since that's what's used to close the chapter out.

  • Legato in the anime was already a scary man. The manga however cranks it up even more. He's a cynical and depraved individual, all but outright stated to be a cannibal and by the end of the manga becomes a complete raving lunatic. Sprouting massive slasher smiles and laughing insanely all while making Vash's life absolute hell. What makes it noticeable is that unlike the anime, Manga Legato doesn't just come off as evil. He comes off as mentally sick where any possible good in him has been destroyed leaving only a deranged monster who finally forces Vash past the breaking point. Everyone else valued their lives or had some sort of morality. Legato was just too far gone in his own insanity to have any sort of morality whatsoever.

The Anime

  • Legato Bluesummers. A personification of nihilism combined with the relentless drive of the Green Goblin, and telepathic powers that can make a person claw his heart out, shoot himself dead, or just turn them into puppets for him to speak through. His goal, his voice (in both Japanese and English), his theme (which sounds like a demonic stereo system) is one of the most chilling 4:34 minutes of dissonant noise ever recorded, his ability to turn any potential kindness into cruelty—everything about this guy is absolutely terrifying. Only Legato can make eating sweets downright creepy.
  • Vash the Stampede himself. If you never meet him, if you're just simple townsfolk who never get to know the guy, you'd be terrified to death of a name known as The Humanoid Typhoon. Let's not forget that as good-natured as Vash can be, when he's absolutely enraged he becomes too much for anyone to handle. Don't believe me? Just ask Monev The Gale.
    • Then there is his transformation in the manga.

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"Who watches the watchmen?"
Sep 26th 2017 at 4:20:37 AM

I'm good with the rewrite in 67. Recusing myself from the Trigun discussion as I never could get into the anime and have never read the manga.

edited 26th Sep '17 4:20:47 AM by Willbyr

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No, the other one.
Sep 26th 2017 at 6:52:23 AM

NightmareFuel.Rick And Morty rewritten decription looks good.

I only saw the Trigun anime, and that was when it was reasonably new. I can offer some scattered comments on what's written, though. If you read carefully, you might notice a theme.

"Organ harvesting" is not enough context.

What Knives does lacks context. Why is injuring someone NF?

Likewise, "rape" and "torture" isn't much context either.

Literally everything about Tessla lacks context.

"Deformed mouth" isn't enough context.

Rai-dei's and Wolfwood's examples lack context. The latter might be enough in some softer works, but not this one.

The two anime examples are character examples, not NF examples. They need to be rewritten or removed.

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Watchman of the Apocalypse
Sep 26th 2017 at 10:24:54 AM

Another Duck: More or less what I was thinking. I have only seen parts of the first manga though so I can't comment overly much on the Max print. I am not sure if what out of those examples is actually salvageable.

edited 26th Sep '17 10:29:59 AM by TuefelHundenIV

"Who watches the watchmen?"
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Sep 26th 2017 at 3:14:43 PM

I'll also be abstaining from Trigun and The Defenders. I, too, would like to burn the Gran Turismo page to the ground. And I'm good with the Rick and Morty change.

So NightmareFuel.Kingdom Hearts exists. I'll be systematically going through these. IMO, all of the quoted examples here ought to be cut, but before I do that (it's a lot), I'd like some feedback.

The foldercontrol thing will push this down the page a bunch, so click it if you can't open the folders otherwise.

    open/close all folders 

    "In General" Page 
One example — the one about Deep Jungle (the redundant example is quoted here) — from the page has been omitted because I think it's more or less fine.

"Didn't scare the troper"

  • The Japanese version of Axel's kamikaze death was bad enough that it had to be censored for Western audience. Axel's element is fire, so he essentially burned himself alive.
    • Similarly, Axel executing a kneeling Vexen from behind after Vexen begged him to stop in Chain of Memories could be upsetting. The modifications made to that scene in Re:Chain of Memories made it even worse by immolating him on-screen as Sora watched in horror.
    • Zexion's death, like Vexen's, was made much more horrifying in Re:Chain of Memories. Instead of having the life drained out of him off-screen, Riku-Replica holds him by the collar as he begs for his life, and the camera watches from behind as he stops resisting and his feet are left to dangle lifelessly.
    • Larxene's death isn't as graphic, but when she realizes she's fading away, she starts desperately grabbing at the pieces of her being, trying to keep them in. It may be worse in the Japanese version because her voice actor sounds absolutely terrified while it's happening.
  • Neoshadows, more powerful version of Shadows, made their debut in - Sequel Hook trailers aside - the Japan-only updated re-release of the first KH game. While their Chain Of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II counterparts behave like regular enemies, their original selfs are more cunning, as they actually plan during battle. One of their most unsettling tactics involves a Neoshadow pinning Sora down while the others do the rest.
  • Some of the little details in the way dying or pained characters are animated are pretty upsetting upon closer inspection. Among the worst include Roxas involuntarily twitching as Ansem-Riku choked him into unconsciousness, Zexion's feet swaying around like a hanged man's as the life was drained out of him, Riku-Replica looking very much like a corpse when his heart was broken, and Master Eraqus falling forward towards the camera with unblinking eyes when he was killed in Birth By Sleep.
  • Deep Jungle was a peculiar case when its villain deaths are taken into account. Sabor's final confrontation ends with the leopard struggling to to both stand and see, and then the cat just sort of, gives up and dies, earning you one of its teeth as a trophy. The boss against Clayton ends similarly, only this time it's the Stealth Sneak, and then it's full weight crushes Clayton, who still had some of his sense of self left, and they both disappear together.
  • There's a section in the End of the World called the World Terminus. You go through, fighting through small sections of the other worlds in the game, all familar areas (The Third District, Rabbit Hole, Agrabah etc). Then you come to Hollow Bastion, and access what is implied to be the freak-lab where most of the Original Generation villains' Start of Darkness happened. Just for context, here's a Let's Play showing said lab. [Note: It's a weblink.]
    • Other frightening locations include The Heartless Manufactory and the secret basement laboratory operated by Xehanort and his fellow apprentices. The Manufactory is a location in Kingdom Hearts II where the MCP starts mass producing Heartless in order to invade Radiant Garden, and is also, according to KH 3 D the place some of the original members of the Organization lost their hearts. The basement laboratory contains a prison-like area in which the doors are chained shut, which is implied to be where Xehanort's human test subjects were held, as well as the Chamber of Repose, in which Aqua's armor is placed. Xemnas is not to be disturbed while he is down there, under any circumstances.
  • Bonus Boss, Sephiroth's Unflinching Walk towards Sora makes him quite intimidating, since it implies he doesn't see the latter as a threat to him in the slightest.
    • He returns as a Bonus Boss in Kingdom Hearts II. He's no better the second time.
  • A small manner of nightmare fuel, but nightmare fuel all the same: in the first game, one of the first worlds you come across is Tarzan’s, Deep Jungle. The final boss fight against Clayton and an invisible Heartless commences. The Stealth Sneak is a giant, bipedal lizard-like Heartless that can render itself completely and utterly invisible. It’s unsettling to think that a Stealth Sneak could essentially sneak up on you and starting beating you to death and you would never know how big it really was or even what it was, unless you managed to retaliate just enough to knock the sense out of it and render its camouflage useless. Creepy.

"Not contained in the work at hand"

  • Xehanort/Rikunort stabs Lexaeus in the stomach to murder him post Riku/Lexaeus battle. Not only is this change MUCH different than the previous version (GBA Co M Lexaeus basically sets his own darkness loose)Lexaeus was no longer a threat to Riku at that point. Rikunort went out of his way to do this. And the only other person this has happened to? MASTER ERAQUS. [Note: This concerns two games and two different versions of one of those games. I think this is an example of Call-Forward.]

"Probably Tear Jerker rather than Nightmare Fuel"

  • Nobodies, despite all their claims to feel nothing, often seem as if they actually do have emotions, but only negative ones, such as anger and fear. It turns out, THEY ALL HAD HEARTS.

"Probably normal for the genre of action RPG video games"

  • Many of The Disney Villains can still be Nightmare Fuel when you fight against them, like Giant Ursula, Maleficent in her Dragon form and others. Just cause you've gotten older doesn't mean they still can't scare you like they did when you were a kid!

Zero Context Example:

  • Not that this needs to be said, as he's the image for this page, but Master Xehanort. Literally everything about Master Xehanort.

    Kingdom Hearts 1 
"Didn't scare the troper"
  • After his friends vanish, Winnie the Pooh starts wondering how he can "say goodbye to Pooh" when he disappears too. It comes off as a metaphor for death, which is rather disturbing given the source. [Note: I wasn't sure about this one until I re-read "given the source," which makes it seem like it didn't scare the troper on its own, or that it was personal to the troper.]

"Not contained in the work at hand"

  • In the topmost room of Hollow Bastion, the Princesses of Hearts' lifeless bodies are put out on display in crystal containers in the wall like trophies. The game never fully addresses how or why they're in there, but it's implied that some of them have been kept this way for years. With Birth by Sleep later confirming that at least Aurora has been in there for a decade. [Note: The game does explain how and why these characters are there.]

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Watchman of the Apocalypse
Sep 26th 2017 at 4:13:56 PM

When I get some time I will throw up the rough draft for some proposed changes and salvage what I can.

"Who watches the watchmen?"
Sep 26th 2017 at 9:52:01 PM

Yeah, the ones you quoted make sense to cut. They're pretty weak, and in some cases more tearjerker material than scary (the deaths, mainly.)

I started scanning where you left off. Thoughts: (most spoiler tags, external links and potholes have been left off because I'm lazy)

    open/close all folders 
    Kingdom Hearts I 
"Potentially upsetting" or personal issues
On the night Destiny Island is destroyed, Sora sneaks outside only to find a storm, invulnerable Heartless devouring the whole world and Riku being swallowed by darkness. Even after he obtains a Keyblade capable of destroying the Heartless and defeats the giant being of darkness that towers over his islands, he's blown away as the world gets destroyed.
Dying can be rather startling. When the HP bar reaches zero, several things happen in rapid succession — Sora groans, the camera zooms in and circles around him, the screen fades to white, and the Game Over screen appears. In future games, it's slowed down, which makes it come as less of a shock.
  • In the Game Over screen itself, Sora is dead, floating limp in complete darkness, with his heart floating outside of him.
The Heartless. They could pop up anywhere at any time and start viciously attacking you. In a hotel room? Yep. In a local bazaar? Yep. In an African jungle? You betcha. Almost nowhere was safe in this game . Imagine what the inhabitants of the various worlds had to go through, Getting so much as a good night's sleep meant letting down your guard and leaving yourself open for a possible heartless attack. You would have to constantly be on the defense. Your heart would be an automatic homing beacon for every heartless in the vicinity and they would come at you relentlessly and even if you managed to fight them off they would come back again eventually.
  • Ever notice how there aren't many local residents in the game? The masses were probably purged through heartless attrition shortly before the events of the game.
More appropriate for Tearjerker or What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?
Sora commits suicide. He does it for the sake of his friends, and it was all that saved Hollow Bastion, but a young boy still picks up a sword and slams it through his chest, entirely on-screen. And unlike most other Keyblades, the one Sora uses actually ends in a point.
More appropriate for Fridge something-or-other or Squick
You can travel from Monstro's bowels to his mouth in one passage. Cheers for that image, Square Enix.
People fighting each other in a video game? Bonus bosses being difficult? Shock and horror!
(top-level bullet is describing the creepy atmosphere of Xemnas's Early-Bird Cameo fight)
  • Made even worse by the fight itself, where he has a penchant for lightning spells and possesses ludicrously agile attacks, jumping around like a deranged Sith Lord.
  • Xemnas's electric shock attack is nightmarish in its own way, but it becomes worse in Kingdom Hearts II when he uses it again in an attempt to take Sora's heart.
In Neverland, while traversing through Hook's ship, Sora is attacked by multiple doppelganger Heartless known as Shadow Sora - jet-black, no weapons, flies through the air, dances until it deems you worthy of receiving of an attack. When you defeat it, the experience point display reads Tech 150p. "Tech" points are normally rewarded when Sora parries an enemy strike. Then it hits you: Riku isn't just sending out clones of Sora; he's actively attacking him.
Not to mention the secret boss of Neverland, known as "The Phantom". It has a fitting ghost-like appearance, is difficult to beat, and has a special attack that instantly takes out your allies one by one, until going after you.
Just weak examples/makes tropers look comically timid
The image on the right depicts some ghostly, ethereal place in the midst of an abyss of total darkness. And that's just the tutorial level.
The mysterious final station of the World Terminus, where you enter a pillar of fire to find a mysterious lab with an even more mysterious message: (cut for length but it's basically just a prophecy describing the events of the game)
After defeating Chernabog, you must venture into the now abandoned Bald Mountain. Inside, you'll find murals on the walls showing the wreckage of several Disney worlds, largely just the destroyed Princess worlds. Among them you'll find the animate trees from Snow White, just another casualty of the darkness. I'm uncertain of whether to count Chernabog himself as an example. His name definitely comes up a lot in "which Disney villains scared you most as a kid" type conversations. The example about him does need natter cleaning, though
The Final Rest is a peaceful, pretty cave that has a Megalixir in a chest and the ominous door you encountered in the tutorial. If you try to enter the door, you're stopped, and Sora claims to hear a voice. It's the same voice from the tutorial (now known to be Mickey), who appears via the usual subtitle captions across the top of the screen (in a text box-based cutscene), with a dire warning.
Careful. This is the last haven you'll find here. Beyond, there is no light to protect you. But don't be afraid. Your heart is the mightiest weapon of all. Remember, you are the one who will open the door to the light.
The intro to the game itself is disturbing enough to keep you from playing through it AT ALL. From the unreal music to the all-consuming darkness surrounding your stained-glass prison of a tutorial space. The silence and lack of a voice or many other sound effects in the first stages doesn't help either. This all culminates with a massive shadow monster that you're expected to defeat, alone.
Speaking of Ansem, his "true" form actually looks like a downright Satanic Archetype — especially his Scary Black Man-like skin combined with his sheer Supernatural Gold Eyes.
  • And his One-Winged Angel form just takes that Up to Eleven by converting his "simple" Supernatural Gold Eyes into full-on Red Eyes, Take Warning. Even in one-winged angel form, he looks human. It's the ship he's attached to at that point that's surprisingly gnarly.

    Chain of Memories 
I straight up cut one giant wall of text and spelling errors that basically amounted to "if you really think about it, Castle Oblivion is scary and also sad." Reading too much into it
Naminé is deathly afraid of her captors, Marluxia and Larxene. Larxene is known to revel in cruelty, and Namine's reaction suggests that it may not all have been shown on-screen. Even more disturbing is her obvious terror whenever Marluxia is around. The way she jerks away when Marluxia touches her on the shoulder just makes it worse. Dude, it's an E10+ rated game. They were absolutely not trying to imply what you're implying with that pothole.
This game in general is far Darker and Edgier than the previous game, and in fact arguably outstrips every other game in the series. There's a lot of violence, and Sora slowly loses his mind with his obsession for Naminé, and outright abandons Donald and Goofy when they ask him to stop and think about it.
Zero-Context Example
The final floor is pretty darn terrifying, with the eerie music and it being The Very Definitely Final Dungeon and all.
Fridge Horror, relies on player extrapolation
Although a little more minor, near the end of the Halloween Town stage, Oogie Boogie drinks a potion that is supposed to unlock one's "true memories". Immediately after drinking it, Oogie starts to panic, going so far as to shout at the party to get away from him. Just what did that potion awaken inside what is essentially the boogieman that terrified even him?
Relies on knowing an entirely unrelated canon to understand as written, and a massive exaggeration at that
Larxene. The woman's sadism is essentially a kid friendly version of Ramsay Snow's, not to mention Naminé's terrified reaction to seeing it in action.
Just makes tropers look timid
Marluxia's third form (pictured above) looks like something straight out of a horror game; the music and the arena we fight that thing in doesn't help either. The music is grandiose and suitable for a heroic struggle, not particularly creepy.
Also, there are examples about Vexen and Zexion's deaths again, which were already addressed by Water Blap.

    Kingdom Hearts II 
"Potentially upsetting" or personal issues
Also potentially frightening is the fact that Organization members are constantly threatened with being turned into one of the aforementioned Dusks as a punishment.
The lead-up to the boss fight is quite unnerving, especially if you've seen The Lion King. So Simba throws Scar off of Pride Rock, as happened in the movie, and thus that's the end of Scar, right? He's hyena food now, right? But then he starts crawling back up the side of the cliff, and the major boss theme "The Encounter" starts. No doubt most players thought "Uh-oh, this didn't happen in the movie...."
Since the manga portrays Demyx in a slightly more positive light, you'd expect they'd also make his death relatively painless, right? Only if you consider getting impaled by a crapton of falling icicles "painless". Bloodless Carnage is, naturally, in full effect, but that's got to hurt.
More appropriate for Tearjerker
The game starts with Roxas essentially losing his own individuality, forced to re-join Sora in spite of his desire to be his own person.
Fridge Horror, relies on player extrapolation
This was mentioned on a Fridge Horror page: none of the Organization members question Xemnas' apparent ability to turn them into Dusks, or assume that he is lying to bring them to heel. How are they so sure that he can do this? Have they watched him do it before?
Scar. Not only does he commit every monstrous action he did in his movie of origin, but he turns out to be so evil that he is the only character in the entire series who manages to retain his normal intelligence and body after becoming a Heartless, something that not even Xehanort could do without possessing Riku. It was never stated that that was why he still looked like himself as a Heartless.
Normal for the series/difficult boss fights? shock and horror!
Xemnas's OHKO attack: he's trying to forcibly tear away Sora's heart.
Terra's Lingering Will in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix would be scary enough without any dialogue due to being a nigh-unstoppable force of destruction in battle, but he becomes far more unsettling because, presumably due to being a living armor, the guy's voice sounds like a distorted, metallic echo. Witness the fight here.
Just not great examples/makes tropers look timid
Saďx, during his boss battle, tends to yell "All shall be lost to you!" with the voice of a complete psychopath. The guy's pretty much The Berserker, mostly due to his moon-based powers inflicting him with literal lunacy.
The final boss from the first time you go through Beast's Castle, Shadow Stalker/Dark Thorn, actually (temporarily) eats Sora during the fight. I feel like "non-graphically swallowed whole temporarily" isn't really enough to be nightmare fuel, especially in a series that has a recurring Swallowed Whole Womb Level.
One of Sora's transformations, Antiform, is essentially a Heartless.
  • Oh, and to make it even better, it's completely random when Antiform will activate; you'll just be selecting another power-up, quite possibly one you desperately need to finish a long and difficult fight, and then suddenly Sora basically transforms into a Heartless with no warning, complete with a nightmare-inducing sprite in the HP bar.
Right after Sora and Riku are left stranded in The World That Never Was, the entire world they are in begins essentially caving in on itself.
  • The final part of the final battle takes place literally nowhere, in a place that doesn't exist. Go with it.
  • Slightly mitigated by the fact that the next time you visit The World That Never Was, it's more-or-less intact, meaning that it either got better or the world caving in on itself was actually Organization XIII's Kingdom Hearts.
While the manga is only thinly connected to the games and is VERY cartoony, one scene in particular had a huge case of Mood Whiplash. In the game, when Shan-Yu is defeated, he just passes out. In the manga, once Sora defeated Shan-Yu, he is on the ground and is approached by Xigbar. Shan-Yu begs for more power, and what does Xigbar do? He shoots him! In the head! The manga is rated E. This part might be on to something because of the unusual mood whiplash factor, but the sub-bullet is just weak.
  • Most of the chapter has normally happy-go-lucky Sora being pushed beyond his limits. He looks absolutely pissed that Shan Yu, The Heartless and Xigbar are keeping him from finding Riku. Well, at least until the above happens.
Saix's berserker state wouldn't look out of place in Bleach.
The 2.5 HD Remix version of "One-Winged Angel" somehow managed become more terrifying, especially with the choir sounding like they're being held at gunpoint and the Psycho-esque sounds at the beginning.
Seeing Radiant Garden Tron being bound to a wall and tortured by Sark is horrifying enough on it's own, but considering what happens to the real Tron, especially after Sora defeats him in KH 3 D...
  • Regardless, seeing any character[[note]] that doesn't deserve it getting tortured by electrocution is horrifying. The main trio even go through with it, with the torture victims being Donald and Goofy in the game, and Sora in the manga.
  • And near the end of the arc, when Sark is grown to a giant, he grabs Tron and tries to crush him. Just looking at Tron's face as he screams in pain over being crushed is enough for one's spine to freeze. Anyone who saw TRON: Legacy or played Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance would really find this to be just too upsetting. Note that the manga examples are the only part of the page to use spoiler tags.

That's a lot we can probably cut from the first three games alone, and I'm being generous.

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