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Mar 15th 2017 at 2:25:13 AM

Here are the rules:

  • Each example must begin with one of the following mediums (in bold, followed by either a colon [:] or an em dash []):
    • Anime and Manga
    • Film (both animated and live-action)
    • Literature
    • Live-Action TV
    • Video Games
    • Western Animation (TV cartoons only)
  • You must then choose a work, then use one of two tropes (examples from the respective pages are listed below them):
  • The next user to post on this thread must then guess what that work is. Perfect answers to both of the above examples would be:
  • After answering the last user's example, you must then give one of your own, and then another will have to guess it, and so on.

I will give the first example and then the first user to post here will have to guess it, then they will have to give an example of their own.


Here we go...

Literature: Tarzan meets The Walking Dead

edited 15th Mar '17 2:26:45 AM by AmourMitts

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