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Looking back, did the things go as planned?

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Feb 25th 2017 at 8:03:15 AM

Heard an advice long ago saying that it's useless to make life plans, 'cause they never go smoothly in next 5-10 years or so. Can attest to that. From a business course that was planned since high school, but became a STEM student less than a year in the uni. Life's weird, huh.

Ain't got much experience and wisdom, though, due to my age. Was hoping to get insights from other people with their own stories and experiences from this here forum. Maybe we can all learn a life lesson or two. :)

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TuefelHundenIV Watchman of the Apocalypse from Wandering Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
Mar 10th 2017 at 4:02:26 PM

Yeah you can say that. My plan was to become a history professor or work in a Museum. Then some assholes crashed some planes into some towers and lots of things happened.

"Who watches the watchmen?"
InverurieJones '80s TV Action Hero from North of the Wall. Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
'80s TV Action Hero
Apr 6th 2017 at 4:54:18 PM

Not at all.

I was aiming to be a palaeontologist until bad juju went down and I went funny in the head and suddenly decided I had to suit up and save the world. That went out the window only a few years in to a planned 25 after taking a figurative arrow to the knee, so bounced around every other uniformed organisation that would take me until I ended up here; in the middle of selection for a specialist law enforcement agency and putting fires out on the side.

Somewhere along the way I picked up a wife and made two kids that I'd been hoping for but I never did get to dig up any dinosaurs.

'All he needs is for somebody to throw handgrenades at him for the rest of his life...'
Apr 19th 2017 at 2:27:27 AM

[up]That's awesome! grin I bet that that's as fun, right? Again, congrats!

[up][up]Damn. Well, I do hope things will go up for you, planned or no. How are things nowadays?

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Cata Damn Fine Troper from Nottingham, UK Relationship Status: How YOU doin'?
Damn Fine Troper
Apr 19th 2017 at 2:58:51 AM

Things didn't go to plan and I couldn't be happier.

I was all set to go into the games industry - got my degree and everything. I was going to continue to sit on my arse and stuff my face and have what I assumed would be a dream job in front of a screen.

I'm now working administration and stuff like that, which is boring but low, low stress. But I got off my arse and took up professional wrestling. I fixed my diet, fixed my life, got personal training qualifications and am looking to lead a healthy and active life from here on in.

"Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don't plan it. Don't wait for it. Just let it happen."
InverurieJones '80s TV Action Hero from North of the Wall. Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
'80s TV Action Hero
May 25th 2017 at 3:56:51 PM


Not great. I'm clinging to the hope that things aren't working out to keep the decks clear for something better that's on the way, but I don't really believe it.

'All he needs is for somebody to throw handgrenades at him for the rest of his life...'
ThriceCharming Where's the beef? from Texas Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
Where's the beef?
Jun 9th 2017 at 10:04:57 PM

No. Life so far is an unmitigated disaster. I can't get ahead no matter how hard I try. I haven't had a paying job since January of last year. I can't even escape the prison of my parents' house.

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BrutallyHonest former eternal loser from out of the mental trap called time
former eternal loser
Jun 11th 2017 at 7:02:02 PM

I was in a similar situation.

You think it's you who need the system, but it's the system that needs you.

The law was made for you; not the other way around. I had to abandon everything I had to find out that there are literally infinite possibilities to and from each "present" moment. I realized death was always a lie meant to keep us, the masses, afraid. Fear, which Lucifer controls through electromagnetism (incidentally, fluoride is the most electronegative element).

I drove south, as far away from the civilization and the false love I found with it as I could, and discarded my belongings and abandoned everything I had. I left my car on the side of the highway, I left my phone and wallet in it, and threw off my clothes. The police found me out in the middle of nowhere in what felt like less than 5 minutes.

What absolutely convinced me was this video that showed that 'Jesus' was actually a pseudonym to keep the masses unwittingly worshiping Saturn/Lucifer (the liar and father of lies, the god of civilization and the harvest).

But the harvest can't outgrow nature.

The past has been altered somehow (or we have memories that no longer match the collective consciousness). Revelation 22:16 even reads that Jesus is Lucifer for some reason. That's still our truth, what we were raised with.

I found that the pineal gland scientifically represents what free will we have to escape from the mental trap called time (the dimension of lies; it tells people where they need to be, what they need to be doing, etc.). Even Satan doesn't control time and electromagnetism completely, and even he was forgiven.

The secret is to not condemn others (nor yourself); by doing so, you let good karma reward you. I was a fool for thinking 'good shouldn't feel good,' you know.

The reason it looks like there's a difference between the way things are and the way things should be from your perspective is because you were always told everyone's dying, and that life is nothing but a massive, unfulfillable wish.

Reality is formed by the collective consciousness, and, due to 'death,' little bubbles of consensus are being dissolved. People aren't witnessing the same things anymore. There is no singular universe; reality is made out of waves, constantly moving—not predestined.

The secret is that God is chaos. Just trust that everything will change for the better, regardless of what "science/knowledge" tells you. I hope you don't have to run away from everything and end up running naked in as dire self-inflicted pain as you can withstand to absolve your guilt and realize this. I see you're fundamentally a well-meaning person. Your heart's in the right place. Don't condemn help.

The truth I found is that we're all crawling out of the hellfire. That Gehenna and what I once considered life were the same. It's not a singular universe sung to the tune of agony.

God doesn't condemn good just for being 'weak.'

All of these I found were lies: death, entropy, and heat death.

Death is a lie—a fabrication meant to keep the masses afraid.

Greed is alright; there is no lack.

I found freedom from guilt in that absence of pride and rejection of self. I thought I was going to die out in the middle of nowhere, but even in that despair, I found peace.

I later found that no one blamed me for being an expense anymore, like all my ties to the world through money evaporated.

Peace in Darkness Steel Beams Don't Melt Dank Memes It's not you who need the system, but the system that needs you.
Nith_Striker All 'bout that good karma / former eternal loser from possibilities (out of Nástrǫnd)
All 'bout that good karma / former eternal loser
Jun 11th 2017 at 7:08:25 PM

Also of note was that I took about 1,000 chlorella tablets before I fled, but that could've just been a placebo effect.

Incidentally, I also found the statement that "nothing is faster than the speed of light" was a lie.

I also dismissed the Mandela effect as insignificant until I found out what it actually was.

Anyways, I think you'll find fluoride's a hate plague. And I mean true hatred. If you've heard about the law of attraction, that's exactly why it looked like nothing ever changed for the better.

But don't discuss it around those who don't know any better.

If you've heard of the Serenity Prayer, you'll find out that patience and confidence are different expressions of the same thing, but confidence has been partitioned and warped into the basis of pride, and, with it, hatred (the desire for others to suffer). "As a man thinks, so is he," which is why I reject that pride, instead choosing to trust the "I am."

Also: food is information, everything is alive (made out of the background energy of the universe), and the scientific explanation for what's been happening is CERN using quantum superposition to get different universes to act similarly (and the quantum effect is how plants grow at such an astonishing rate—by getting different wavelengths of light to converge).

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Gratitude Trust in Chaos It's not that it's impossible for me to have pride; it's just not true that I have it.
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