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Wheatleyfangirl The Witch Bard from Not telling you Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
The Witch Bard
May 20th 2020 at 3:38:10 PM

This is traffic light trio from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. They are main protagonists of the series with Red Guy arguably being the main one.

This is Sketchbook, the main antagonist of the first installment. They are my second favorite teacher. They don't have a gender per say so call them what you like. I use she/they pronouns for Sketchbook.

Next is Tony the Talking Clock. He's main antagonist of the 2nd installment: Time. He's my 2nd favorite teacher next to Sketchbook. He makes a return in the 6th installment where it's revealed that he's an A.I

This is Shrignold, the main antagonist of the third installment and the only teacher that's not an inanimate object. He's my third favorite teacher and one I consider to be kinda creepy due to the Fridge horror of his episode. the 6th episode reveals that he's also an AI.

Last but not least is Colin the Computer. He's the main antagonist of the 4th installment. He's my absolute favorite teacher as he was the reason I got into Don't Hug I'm scared. He also marks the turning point for the series as he made Red Guy's head explode resulting in freeing the latter from the lessons that would soon come back to bite him and teachers's ass in episode 6. He also absolutely hates being touched.

Yes, she is a witch and bard that functions like a magical girl
TroperNo9001 Toughest Fairy in the Universe from Fairy World Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Toughest Fairy in the Universe
May 22nd 2020 at 10:14:57 AM

Ralsei as done by Lazylonewolf of Cat Nine fame in one of his art streams.

And my current avvie's Jorgen von Strangle, the Toughest Fairy in the Universe. Whatever you do... do not break Da Rules.

Edited by TroperNo9001 on May 24th 2020 at 2:09:44 AM

"HAHAHA! stupid, pathetic fairies. HAHAHA...!"
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