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Jan 25th 2017 at 4:57:19 AM

Oh, hello, hello! I am the Narrator, the leader of this game world! Perhaps you'd like the short version of everything here, then in which case, please, scroll to the bottom of my "post" and if you want the long version, then keep on reading.

You see, in the long amount of time that I've spent creating worlds...playing them out...I've grown rather bored of that. So, I thought to myself, "Why not have someone else control a world?" That's where you come in. Your goal is to guide an average American man through his everyday life in a city, which I'll fill you in about in a bit. However...I've done this experiment before, several times, so I will need to implement 4 simple rules. They're easy enough, don't worry.


1. No randomly killing people and committing crimes all of the time. Help the man out, don't put him in the line of police fire. If you get arrested, you'll take a large hit to your cash amount. (This means that you can commit crime, just don't try to make it the solution to everything, as the police will be quite competent in catching you.)

2. Also, just be sure to not to get the man killed or have him kill himself. It's kind of annoying to have to revive him so many times.

3. Keep it realistic in-game. Nothing out of this world, you might scare the guy.

4. I can make new rules over time, see this post for further updates.

That's all. Now, as I was saying...this man is no big success in life. Being a high school graduate, he's never been able to hold a really good job and as a result, he's been forced to live in the slums, in an old D-Class apartment. Your goal is to turn his life around, get him a good education and a good job. He's not a real big sloucher or anything, so he'll listen to anything you tell him.

Short Version: Help this guy out and get him a job and education by telling him to do things. Keep it realistic. That’s about it.

There’s plenty more to tell you about this world, but I should start with the most basic question first, what will his name be?

Main Information:


637 Dollars, in varying amounts of bills and coins.

City-wide Map.

Today's Newspaper.


24/7 Convenience Store. (Buy supplies, food and water at low prices.)

Garnish Grills. (A rustic burger shop that pays minimum wage.)

Lucky Cat Arcade. (Play a few arcade games at this local hot spot.)

Bryce's Beef Hotdog Stand. (Enjoy one of the city's specialty 100% beef hotdogs at a low price.)

Helping Hand Soup Kitchen. (If you're out of a home, stop by here during dinner time to get some free soup.)

Montana Draw. (You can get some nice chicken wings and fries here.)

10 Strikes Bowling Alley. (A nondescript Bowling Alley, with a nice chill setting.)

King&Queen Pawn Shop. (Sell stuff you find for some quick cash.)

Beggar’s Street. (It’s in the title, this is where people go to beg for money.)

Fresh Wash Laundromat. (Wash up your clothing here if you don't own a washing machine.)

Quests: (Check this area for new quests every day!)

Paying the Dues: Pay the weekly rent on your apartment. 10 XP.

A Start on Life. Get a job, anywhere and work for a day. 25 XP.

For the Sake of Convenience. Head up to 24/7 Convenience Store and get some food. 20 XP.

Beer Run: Head to 24/7 Convenience Store to begin this quest. 5 XP.

Taste Tester: Head to Garnish Grills to begin this quest. 20 XP.

STRIKE! Successfully get a strike during a bowling game. (Keep playing bowling to increase your skill at it.) 20 XP.

A Good Night's Sleep. Go to sleep after 8 PM in your apartment. 10 XP.

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Savaget1337 Flying Rat
Flying Rat
Jan 25th 2017 at 4:59:05 AM

>Rickyticky Bobbywobbin

I don't think you'll want to be alive for the things I'm gonna do to you.
anza_sb indefinite hiatus from nowhere Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
indefinite hiatus
Jan 25th 2017 at 5:10:14 AM

Count Benedict "Blerp" Stephenson, III

Jan 25th 2017 at 8:03:03 AM

OK, out of all of the answers received...Count Benedict Stephenson III, or rather, Benedict for short, is the name of this man. Before we enter, there is one last thing I should bring up.

  • Agreeing with Ideas.

Say, for example, that Benedict comes to an fork in the road and he can go left or right. If 2 people support going to the right, it'll greatly increase the chance that he'll go right instead of left. So, if you see an option that someone else posted that looks nice, go for it and feel free to support their idea.

Well, that's all I've got to say. If I'm ever going to speak to you again, I'll be sure to use () when I'm not giving narration. Good luck and I hope that Benedict's life will be quite successful.

You wake up in your bed as the daylight streams into your window. It's a warm summer day and you get up as usual, checking your pockets to see if there are any contents inside that you may have forgotten about. You find 500 dollars inside from collecting your unemployment check from last week, some of it that you'll have to put towards the weekly rent on your apartment. There's also a map inside of your left pocket, which you could take a closer look at. If you do, it'll show you all of the locations you can access.

Speaking of your apartment, it's not exactly the most grandiose thing, but it's not peeling or falling apart, save for a few chips in the paint. There's a bathroom on your left with the usual toiletries, alongside a storage closet on the right. In the main room, you've set up a twin bed by the window, plus a small stove for cooking some basic food and a chest of drawers in case you need to change your clothing.

Finally, considering that you're still cashing an unemployment check, maybe you should go get a job. There's a nice burger joint down the street known as Garnish Grills that you could check out, which offers minimum wage. It's not a franchised business, which means it's one of a kind. There's also a newspaper stand on the way there you can check out, which sells newspapers for only 2 dollars.

So, with 500 dollars and a whole day to spend, what will you do first?

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RandomWriter413 AM from On the ceiling, winking at you Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Jan 25th 2017 at 8:20:55 AM

>Get a paper.

>Be sure to smile and greet everyone, with a little bit of flirting towards the ladies.

Jan 25th 2017 at 8:56:09 AM

You leave your apartment and head downstairs, hearing the sounds of Stanley, one of the older people in the building, yelling that he's trying to eat in his apartment. You're pretty sure that he's gone a bit senile, but you still say "Hello," to him. After that confrontation, you head down to the bottom floor of the apartment, greeting the lady at the reception, Kate and then proceed to head out and buy yourself a newspaper. (497 dollars remain.) (Oh, and just in case you ever want a better apartment, ask her.) Glancing it over, you notice a few headlines on the front page, which go around for a paragraph each. You can check out the Sports, Classified, Real Estate and Stocks sections of the newspaper if you like.

"Crime Rate Skyrockets in the Slums."

After a small shooting by the slums last night, Mayor Bogard made an official statement on the rising amount of crime in the city. "This is not something that we can fully control," he stated towards the press. "but something that we must contain and keep track of. For now, we have no direct information that points towards someone being behind all of the organized crime and muggings....and we will try our hardest to increase police patrol in the area." The mayor is currently under minor controversy for his laxness towards the attacks. Minor online protests have also been telling him to take increased actions.

“Local Hot Dog Merchant Plans Eating Contest.”

It’s not as big as Nathan’s, but a hot dog vendor in the area has plans to set up a 5-minute hot dog eating contest right by the local arcade. “I want to show people that my hotdogs are truly the best and what’s a better way than to set up an eating contest with a cash prize?” When asked if free samples would be a better idea, he refused to answer the question. The eating contest will take place at later this morning and the vendor promises room for a total of 8 people.

“Replanting City Hall’s Lost Garden.”

Several volunteers have offered to replant flowers around City Hall’s horticulture room after a fire last week destroyed the flower garden. Seeds will be provided, with most of the volunteers being high school students, whom most of them replied “We just need volunteer hours.” The replanting will take place later this afternoon and for the next 2 days after that. Mayor Bogard may occasionally watch the progress.

Reading the Newspaper: 10 XP Gained! (10/50 XP to Level 2.)

Well, that’s about it for the newspaper as you fold it away into your pocket. In case anything catches your eye, you can participate in some of the activities seen here. On top of that, you open your map in your pocket, just to save a bit of time. At the moment, you can access these buildings, with more opening up as you level up.

(Ah, yes. I should explain leveling. Here's how it works. As you complete quests, work and do actions, you'll gain the fantastic thing known as experience points. Get enough and you'll level up, which'll unlock new events and scenarios, as well as buildings, such as the stock market, new items, a casino and much more! Trust me, it's well worth it. All the quests and buildings are now visible at the bottom of the first post and will update over time.)


24/7 Convenience Store. (Buy supplies, food and water at low prices.)

Garnish Grills. (A rustic burger shop that pays minimum wage.)

Lucky Cat Arcade. (Play a few arcade games at this local hotspot.)

Montana Draw. (You can get some nice chicken wings and fries here.)

10 Strikes Bowling Alley. (A nondescript Bowling Alley, with a nice chill setting.)

King&Queen Pawn Shop. (Sell stuff you find for some quick cash.)

Beggar’s Street. (It’s in the title, this is where people go to beg for money.)

Now after getting the newspaper, what do you want to do? The time is now 7:30 AM.

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Jan 25th 2017 at 9:47:37 AM

(I'll be back in around 2 hours. Just bumping the post, but feel free to watch and post on the page if you like to keep track of new posts to the game!)

(OK, I'm back. Keep the posts going, I'll be sure to update the story as it goes.)

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Jan 25th 2017 at 12:55:45 PM

Bump as usual, but feel free to make any posts, progressing the game in its' early stages is incredibly helpful.

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fdiaperhead Currently inactive from somewhere else Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
Currently inactive
Jan 25th 2017 at 5:24:49 PM

>Go to Garnish Grills to eat breakfast.

>Order a burger and a cup of coffee.

>Continue to look through the newspaper for job vacancies as you eat.

↳ Redirecting to Mvfl G.
RandomWriter413 AM from On the ceiling, winking at you Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Jan 25th 2017 at 5:26:25 PM


Jan 25th 2017 at 6:45:05 PM

>Go to Garnish Grills to eat breakfast.

>Order a burger and a cup of coffee.

>Continue to look through the newspaper for job vacancies as you eat.

You go up to Garnish Grills and proceed to open up the door, checking out the place. It has a nice, rustic feel to it, definitely maintained by the amount of brown used in it, making it feel less like a burger joint and more like a cafe. Stepping up to the counter, you present 10 dollars to the cashier and ask him for a burger and a cup of coffee, which he silently nods to as he takes your money and writes down your order, passing it over to the one guy in the back. (487 dollars remain.)

Quest: The Quickest Meal: Completed! +15 XP. (25/50 XP to Level 2.)

Several minutes later, you receive your food on a tray and begin to dig in. The burger's not that bad, containing 2 pieces of meat, some cheese and a piece of lettuce and tomato, which shockingly enough isn't soggy or old. As you sip some of your coffee and begin to look over the newspaper, you find several job vacancies, for various small jobs that don't seem to require any previous experience. You find that there are several openings, such as the following:

"Help Wanted at Garnish Grills! We're looking for a second chef in order to decrease the workload. You'll have to memorize a few things, but the job should be very easy and will be taken quickly. Pay is $10.50 per hour for 8 hours."

"We're looking for an alley cleaner at 10 Strikes Bowling. If you've got what it takes to clean out the pin setters for 8 hours, then head on down, we'll pay you $10.75 an hour for a 7 hour workday."

"Hello! We're looking for a cashier at our franchise of laundromats, known as the Fresh Wash Laundromat. The job is very simple, just tending to customers and making sure they pay. It's an 8 hour workday, but we're willing to pay $10.50 per hour from 9 AM - 5 PM. You may have to do an interview with the manager, but with proper skills, you'll get the job."

New Building Unlocked: Fresh Wash Laundromat.

New Building Unlocked: Bryce's Beef Hotdog Stand.


Closing up your newspaper, you just remembered about that hot dog eating contest by the arcade. Since you just had a regular meal, you're worried about your success rate, but nevertheless, you're still determined to win. Throwing away your empty cup of coffee and walking out the door, you begin to head over to the hot dog stand.

When you get there, you see a man with a clipboard and a red and white uniform. "Hello there! Are you interested in joining our local hot dog eating contest? We're offering a cash reward to whoever can eat the most hot dogs in 4 minutes, bun included!" Looking over at the competition, you can see a bearded trucker and a few teenagers who are just in it for the fun, but nothing too intimidating until you set eyes on a man with slick grey-tinted hair and wearing a red sports vest. He seems extremely prepared for the occasion, cracking his knuckles and eyeing the plate before him, almost in a snake-like stance.

(So I see you've decided to walk up to the hot dog eating contest. Good choice! Just keep in mind, you might not be able to win, but the most important thing is that cash prize, not to mention the XP you'll receive for participating. Since the man on the clipboard neglected to tell you about it, the grand prize is a whopping 500 dollars, while 2nd place will get you 150 dollars and 3rd place will score you 50 dollars. That's not to mention the incredibly high amount of hot dogs you'll get to eat during the contest.)

Your careful observations are temporarily halted as the man with the clipboard lightly prods you. "So, sir, would you like to join the eating contest?" It's the moment of truth. Do you choose to join the contest?

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fdiaperhead Currently inactive from somewhere else Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
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Jan 25th 2017 at 9:18:01 PM

> Fuck yes. Join that contest.

>Afterwards apply for that job in 10 Strikes.

↳ Redirecting to Mvfl G.
Jan 26th 2017 at 3:44:06 AM

You decide to stop worrying about the man and instead sign the clipboard as Benedict Stephenson, before sitting on one of the chairs next to the long table. It looks there's only 5 people that decided to join, but nevertheless, you'll have to give it your all.

A small crowd grows as the time ticks nearer and nearer until the man holding the clipboard sets it down and begins to speak. "Hello, ladies and gentlemen!" he announces using a microphone. "You're watching the first ever Bryce's Hot Dog Contest, so before we get started, let's get to know our contestants a little!" He lists out the names of all of the contestants, as you wait for your name to be cleared. When it is, you give a small wave to the audience.

"Now, this is a 4 minute timed contest," the man continues as the plates of hotdogs are being served out. "Each plate comes with a set of 10 hotdogs." As the last plate is served, the announcer eventually says the words you've been waiting for. "On your mark...Get set...Go!"

(Here, let me give you a quick heads up on how this whole contest works. There'll be 4 rolls, one for each minute, ranging from 1 to 18. There is also a required roll number, which you need to hit to stay in the game. At the end of each round, the roll you got is subtracted by the minimum roll and that's how you get your amount of hotdogs for that minute. Don't worry, it's all automated.)


Teenager 1: Rolls from 1-10.

Teenager 2: Rolls from 1-13.

Trucker: Rolls from 1-16.

You: Rolls from 1-18.

Sports Jacket Man: Rolls from 1-20.

Minute 1:

Required Roll: 3.

You: Rolled 12—>9 Hotdogs Total.

Teenager 1: Rolled 6—>3 Hotdogs Total.

Teenager 2: Rolled 8—>5 Hotdogs Total.

Trucker: Rolled 10—> 7 Hotdogs Total.

Sports Jacket Man: Rolled 16—> 13 Hotdogs Total.

By the end of one minute, the competition appears to be pretty fierce. The teenagers aren't posing any threats and the trucker is a little behind you, but the prime competition would have to be the man in the sports jacket, carefully eating his hotdogs with precision. However, you note him dipping his hotdogs in water and decide to try the same tactic next round.

Minute 2:

Required Roll: 6.

You: Rolled a 15—> 18 Hotdogs Total.

Teenager 1: Rolled a 5—> Out of the Competiton.

Teenager 2: Rolled a 10—> 9 Hotdogs Total.

Trucker: Rolled a 12—> 13 Hotdogs Total.

Sports Jacket Man: Rolled a 13—> 20 Hotdogs Total.

Halfway through the competition, one of the teenagers call it quits and sits back, probably not built for this, while the other one just manages to hang on. The trucker is still keeping up at his own pace, but he's noticeably falling behind the pack. Dipping the hotdogs in water has helped you out a bit for some reason, but the man in the sports jacket didn't notice that you were catching up to him and immediately starts doubling his efforts.

Minute 3:

Required Roll: 9.

You: Rolled a 13—> 22 Hotdogs Total.

Teenager 2: Rolled a 8—> Out of the Competition.

Trucker: Rolled a 12—> 16 Hotdogs Total.

Sports Jacket Man: Rolled a 17—> 28 Hotdogs Total.

By this point in the match, only the real players, with the trucker even beginning to show signs of struggling on each hotdog. You also begin to weaken a bit, not being able to stomach eating all of the meat, but you press on as the man in the sports jacket reconfirms his lead. It's only a matter of what happens during this final round that will decide the winner.

Minute 4:

Required Roll: 11.

Trucker: Rolled a 15—> 20 Hotdogs Total.

You: Rolled a 17—> 28 Hotdogs Total.

Sports Jacket Man: Rolled a 13—> 30 Hotdogs Total.

In the last minute of the round, you slowly begin to pull ahead as everyone else watches the last 3 players, most importantly you and your main competition, the man on the right. As the clock ticks down, you continue eating but it just wasn't enough, as you come 2 hotdogs shy of winning. "And that's the time!" the man yells out, waving his microphone, sending out some feedback. "Oof...sorry about that," he apologizes as he begins to speak again. "Let's have our top 3 contestants walk up to the podium!" he continues as you step up to a simple, white podium, stepping on the second highest block.

"In third place...Tim Limbuagh!" he begins, by passing 50 dollars over to the trucker. "In second place...Benedict Stephenson!" he continues as he passes you a rather nice amount of money, 150 dollars to be exact. "And in first place...Michael Henderson!" he finishes, passing him the biggest sum, as he thanks the audience. "That's all for today's competition, I hope you enjoyed watching it," he stops as he begins to pass out various coupons, as you get up and leave. (Balance: 637 Dollars.)

Hot Dog Contest 2nd Prize: +25 XP!

You are now Level 2!

You've unlocked the following:

Helping Hand Soup Kitchen.

New Quest: Taste Testing. You can begin this quest at Garnish Grills.

New Quest: Beer Run. You can begin this quest at 24/7 Convenience Store.

Quest Complete: The Very First Dollar. +10 XP.

10/62 XP to Level 3.

You start walking down the street until you find 10 Strikes Bowling Alley, a nice 80s or 90s type bowling alley. Opening the doors, you enter the building, wanting to speak to the manager about getting a job. "Oh, you're here for the job application?" one of the people at the register ask you, almost telepathically. "You'll need this," he continues passing you a clipboard with a piece of paper and a pen. "Just fill it out and pass it back, there's no interview needed."

Easily enough, you fill out most of the information on the sheet, until you get to a column that's labeled "Special Skills.", probably meant for things that separate you from other people. Racking your brain for answers, that do you choose fill in for that column?

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Jan 27th 2017 at 7:13:48 AM

Bump as usual. I'll bump the thread whenever it hits the bottom of the forum page.

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RandomWriter413 AM from On the ceiling, winking at you Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Jan 27th 2017 at 10:30:56 AM


>I'm also charismatic, diligent, and obedient.

Jan 28th 2017 at 8:30:37 AM


>I'm also charismatic, diligent, and obedient.

You fill in the paper with that amount of information, making sure to take note that you can consume a fairly large amount of hotdogs, alongside your other characteristics. You're still very stuffed after eating that amount of food, so you take your time passing the paper over to the man at the counter. "Erm...well, we'll pass this off to the manager," he continues, setting down the paper and bringing it to the back.

After a long period of silence, the man walks out, with the paper and a small check in the bottom right. "It looks like you managed to get the job. Apparently the manager watched your performance on the local news network this morning, so he's pleased to have you on the team. Since you'll be cleaning up pins in the back, you won't need to wear a uniform. Follow me." He motions you over to the back, where the pins are.

"It's simple enough," the cashier tells you, as he shows you the back of the lanes. "All you need to do is just set up the pins, with 1 pin at the front, 2 at the next row and so on, for a total of 10 pins. It's tedious work, but it'll get you some money. Now, what's important is that there are a few people who come to this bowling place very often. Make sure you put in your best effort for them, as we can't afford losing those customers, alright?" He motions you out of the back.

"Your work begins tomorrow, at 9 AM to 4 PM. Make sure you're ready, as you'll only be able to get a 15 minute lunch break at noon. That should wrap up the orientation," he finishes as he walks up to his cashier spot, about to give a few people some bowling shoes. Now that you've got a job that you'll be working at tomorrow, you could go up to the 24/7 Convenience Store and get some food to eat, since you'll be working for 7 hours straight tomorrow and you'll have to eat a good breakfast. Or maybe you could give a shot at playing a round of bowling, although you haven't played real-life bowling in years. It's free, since you work at the place.

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