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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

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agent-trunks from Every-where, but there
Aug 25th 2019 at 7:52:13 PM

To pull it back to MVCI, we know past MVC games were cofinanced by Capcom and Marvel. MVCI was not. Capcom financed the game by themselves and Marvel pulled all support once the public opinion on the game soured.

Yea, that's on Marvel than on anyone else.

Also MVC 3 was fiance by both of them?

That being said, considering ultimate alliance and a plan to include the Fantastic 4 in the mcu, You guys think Infinite would be expanded or would you guys prefer the weirder but more fighter focused games of yore?

The latter, but honestly I don't even know if I want an MVC 4.

I originally wanted it because I wanted to rub it in the FGC, but all these inside petty squabbles is just so annoying. It's gotten in the way from so many tv shows, comics, & now my favorite medium. I don't hate the MCU & I personally think it would be stupid if they didn't capitalize on that success, but I am so friggin done with the MCU getting in the way with damn everything Marvel related now.

As ok game Ultimate Alliance 3 is (& apparently the real successor the MVC series according to our own wiki) I really thought this meant we can go on & not worry about it for the time being but the whole Spider-Man debacle makes me very skeptical about that.

Aug 25th 2019 at 7:57:01 PM

If thereís one thing Iím conflicted about for 4 is the idea of Miles & Gwen being playable as their own characters.

They donít exactly fight any differently much compared to Peter.

People were worried about Wolverine and X-23 being in the same game, but it turned out giving them different movesets was pretty easy.

4tell0life4 Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
Aug 25th 2019 at 9:09:02 PM

[up] that's "functions" for ya

To the intellectuals, ignorants are slaves.
agent-trunks from Every-where, but there
Zeromaeus Mighty No. 51345 from Neo Arcadia
Mighty No. 51345
Aug 25th 2019 at 11:14:16 PM

People rag on him for the functions thing, but it's not like he could say "Doom and Magneto are gone because Marvel are being uncooperative dick weasels," now could he?

Mega Man fanatic extraordinaire
CountofBleck I COME IN WITH THE GOONS! from A world of lies and deception Relationship Status: TV Tropes ruined my love life
Aug 25th 2019 at 11:55:32 PM

Guess nit many people watched the vidni linked whoops. That was like a whole bit where max and matt ecplain how capcom couldnt explicitly state that it was marvels fault less they damage relations.

Zeromaeus Mighty No. 51345 from Neo Arcadia
Mighty No. 51345
Aug 26th 2019 at 12:19:40 AM

You cant assume people have the time, interest or ability to watch videos. I've been trying to sprinkle that info here, though. It was very informative.

Mega Man fanatic extraordinaire
agent-trunks from Every-where, but there
Aug 26th 2019 at 12:23:11 AM

No, I know what the function is meme is about, I just don't know what does that have to do with Laura & Logan.

And for the record, I did watched Matt's video. A lot of things I already knew about, but I'm really glad the video isn't spiteful & pointing out the obvious. I guess should known that since Max was there.

Although, I did forget that Juggernaught for MVC 3 was considered before Marvel rejects for some reason.

4tell0life4 Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
Aug 26th 2019 at 5:31:33 AM

[up] When you say that Wolverine and X-23 comes out differently, it's because they have different movesets. Thus different functions.

To the intellectuals, ignorants are slaves.
Aug 26th 2019 at 5:44:35 AM

Wtf Miles literally has two more powers than Peter has. How is that still debate? Lol Gwen is the hard one tho. But if Team Ninja can do it why couldnít Capcom?

35 year old white man.
Aug 26th 2019 at 5:56:40 AM

[up]Iíd argue that the structure of an RPG lends itself much better to similar character classes in the vein of the Fighter, Mage, Thief dichotomy. Maybe you want more characters that play a certain way. Less so with fighting games.

"That's right kid. Never play an ace when a two will do."
Aug 26th 2019 at 6:03:06 AM

Well fighting games don't have different archetypes per say but they do have characters that are meant to have different play styles

35 year old white man.
tms_forever1 Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Aug 26th 2019 at 7:43:48 AM

With Miles and Gwen they could always go the shotoclone route, like theyíre the Ken and Sakura to Peterís Ryu.

Give them a couple unique moves (Miles could do a lot with his taser webs and invisibility) and unique supers and I donít think theyíd be out of place on a big roster.

Zeromaeus Mighty No. 51345 from Neo Arcadia
Mighty No. 51345
Aug 26th 2019 at 8:14:48 AM

They could lean into the fact that Spider Gwen still has her Gwenom symbiote for some stuff.

Mega Man fanatic extraordinaire
Aug 26th 2019 at 8:43:45 AM

Fighting games definitely have different character archetypes, from your Shotoclones to your grapplers, to your zoners and rushdown characters...

and since developing even one character is expensive, if they could find a way to re-use Peter Parker's assets in a different way for Miles and/or Gwen (I kind of doubt both of them would be in the same fighting game as Peter), I think they'd be all for it. People mostly care about the characters at the end of the day, they're not going to mind too much that a lot of Gwen's normals look like Peter's.

Aug 26th 2019 at 10:16:27 AM

IIRC, Ultimate Alliance 3 differentiated them by having Peter be good at everything, Miles be good at locking down and damaging specific targets, and Gwen be good at Crowd Control.

You canít do that specific thing Iím a fighter, but that doesnít mean you canít differentiate. Just think about how many super soldiers or flying bricks MVC has, while making them all reasonably distinct.

Or, hell, think of how many people in Street Fighter have what are essentially the same powers, expressed differently.

Edited by KnownUnknown on Aug 26th 2019 at 10:16:41 AM

"The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense." - Tom Clancy, paraphrasing Mark Twain.
Emperordaein Grant us eyes from Australia Relationship Status: Hugging my pillow
Grant us eyes
Aug 27th 2019 at 2:30:25 PM

And of course, the 3 Gokus in Fighter Z, not counting Goku Black, GT Goku or the Fusions.

A corpse should be left well enough alone...
Zeromaeus Mighty No. 51345 from Neo Arcadia
Mighty No. 51345
Aug 27th 2019 at 7:39:56 PM

Ehhhh. The way ArcSys does things, even clone characters are hard to do if they dont literally look identical.

Mega Man fanatic extraordinaire
agent-trunks from Every-where, but there
Aug 27th 2019 at 11:12:47 PM

I already thought Gwen should just be an female alt for Spidey.

It's Miles that they can be a bit more creative with.

Aug 28th 2019 at 4:18:24 AM

[up][up][up] Fighter Z isn't a great example because of how system based it is. Pretty much everybody in Fighter Z fights more or less the same, just slightly better or slightly worse in certain areas: characters with unique styles that stand out are the exception there.

Then again, MVC is like that too, albeit not nearly to that extent.

Edited by KnownUnknown on Aug 28th 2019 at 4:19:49 AM

"The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense." - Tom Clancy, paraphrasing Mark Twain.
Aug 28th 2019 at 6:52:36 AM

Marvel characters have had a whole lot more going for them than the game that thought it was a brilliant idea to limit everyone to 3 specials with fireball motions only, even if their viability tends to boil down to how readily and efficiently they can zero to death you.

eligram Relationship Status: In denial
Sep 21st 2019 at 9:33:32 AM

So, I just had an idea for a posible story mode that is so budget friendly and adequate for being a Marvel game that I'm surprised it wasn't used for Infinite.

Comicbook style cutscenes.

Here are two games that have used them, Folklore

And Gravity Rush

As long that as they focus in the writing, make the visuals of the characters be as comicbook as posible (something akin as Spiderverse), and all dialogue be voice acted, we could have a pretty amazing storymode.

agent-trunks from Every-where, but there
Sep 21st 2019 at 8:02:49 PM

Maybe it'll be nice aesthetics but it's not gonna mean squat if nobody enjoys the story.

Which, quite frankly I feel like a lot of people are actually underestimating how hard that might be when it comes to a crossover game.

RodimusMinor Not actually a minor
Not actually a minor
Sep 21st 2019 at 8:36:44 PM

Whatever comes next I think it'll eschew the story mode, and everything else from Infinite for that matter like 2v2 and Tag Assists.

Sep 21st 2019 at 8:37:29 PM

It's not any harder than writing any other ensemble work with a group of characters from wildly different backgrounds.

Though that said, I'm unclear on what exactly people didn't like about MVCI's story. I've never really heard anything beyond general "it was bad" reactions.

[up] In the post-Infinite world, it's easy to forget that people actually wanted that story mode, or at least gave Capcom the impression they did. I remember that being one of the big things people asked for when MVC 3 was current.

It's not the fault of the idea that the execution was shitty.

Edited by KnownUnknown on Sep 21st 2019 at 8:42:24 AM

"The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense." - Tom Clancy, paraphrasing Mark Twain.

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